The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 1/3/02

By  Matthew

Deaconís walking around the beach house looking as stressed as ever. Of course, itís because heís worried about Brooke. Oh wait maybe it was because he was worried about Bridget. She just walked got in from her visit from Brooke. I guess it takes a while to drive to Ojai. Deacon asks how Brooke is. She isnít doing well and Bridget doesnít know why. Deacon tells her to give Brooke her space and sheíll come around. Bridget thinks itís more serious and is really concerned.

Deacon is sorry to see Bridget like this. She wants to believe it will all work out, but isnít sure. Deacon says that Brooke is overreacting to everyone that has happened. Bridget doesnít understand why she would be upset now after all these months. Bridget believes something else is going on and they have to figure out what it is.

Bridget explains how Brooke does not want her discussing Brookeís problems with Deacon. Bridget is hurting for Brooke. Deacon leaves Bridget alone for a while. Brooke is asleep on the bed and dreams about the few moments before her first sexual experience with Deacon. Itís not a sweet dream, instead more like a nightmare and she wakes up with a scream.

Susanís with Brooke now. She asks her if she has taken advantage of all the programs they have to offer at the spa. Nah, Brooke doesnít feel like being around people. She just feels lonely. Susan suggests that she see a psychotherapist guest, named Dr. Isabel. That might help her through this. Brooke explains she has sinned and whatís worse is she enjoyed herself. Brooke cries that she is a horrible mother.

Deacon calls Brooke from the bedroom phone. Man I just noticed Brookeís phone is on a table that ISNíT next to the bed. That means you have to get up off the bed to answer it. How annoying. Deacon tells her he is worried about her. Deacon asks her if this has to do with what went on between them. He tells her not to feel guilty. She asks how their marriage is going. Itís going good and Bridget is happy and so is he. Brooke says that is good and hangs up. All Brooke can do is look down at her midsection.

In Ericís office, well I guess itís doubling as the boardroom, Eric tells everyone how proud he is to have Ridge running things. He turns it over to Ridge. By the way Taylor, Thorne, and Megan are also there. Ridge says heís excited to run things and gets down to business. Why is Taylor there? Sheís just standing around doing nothing. According to the figures in front of them, sales were not great this past year, but the bedroom line was up 10%. Sounds good to me, but what I didnít know is that 70% of the marketing budget went to that line. Eric says they expect returns of AT LEAST 10%, even in a bad year, when they do that. Ridge wants to discuss the future of the bedroom line. Uh-oh. Say bye-bye bedroom line!

Taylor realizes she doesnít need to be there and tells Ridge sheís going to go. Ridge wants her to stay. In fact, she gets the head chair. Ridge asks Thorne how he feels about it. He thinks it is extreme, but it is making money. Ridge wants to change the line, but his change includes eliminating the line completely. We get a smile from Taylor, Eric, and Ridge and shocked looks from Megan and Thorne.

Thorne is shocked that Ridge is suggesting this. Ridge explains how he wants to change the face of Forrester. Thorne knows Brooke will go psycho when she hears they sold her line. Ridge wants to know if he agrees with the proposal.

Thorne thinks this is a huge decision. Ridge says their expanded lines have hurt them. Their best customers are gone. They take a vote and eventually Thorne goes their way. Thorne says they better pray for their souls once Brooke finds out. Iím more worried about Rick. Heís a little firecracker. Megan doesnít say anything, but is in total disbelief of what has happened. We get a sequence of looks from everyone. Thorne, Ridge, Eric, Taylor, Megan, and back to Ridge. Stephanie knocks on Massí apartment door. Heís having dinner alone, and thereís nothing wrong with that. Stephanie came by to tell Mass that Ridge has been made CEO of Forrester. Yay! Stephanie explains how Brooke left, temporarily, and put Ridge in charge. Stephanie admits that Ridge does take after Mass in the leadership department. Mass wants to know if Stephanie is making any big changes in her life. Hehe, what a devil.

She apologies for not being more sympathetic to Mass earlier. She realizes that he is alone and how hard it must be to deal with the fact that he and Ridge canít be together. Mass adds that he canít be with the woman he loves (Stephanie). None of his wealth means anything without someone to share it with. He says he was a fool to let her slip away all those years ago. She admits she loved him back then and now too, but nothing will come of it. Mass thinks that Ridge being CEO is great, but unimportant, because once Ridge starts changing things, the mess will hit the fan and then he wonít have his power anymore. However, with Massí company, he would have that power.