The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 1/2/02

By Matthew

Happy new year!

Rick is livid that Stephanie called Brooke a whore in her own office, behind her back. Stephanie tries to smooth it over by talking to Rick. Taylor apologizes that Rick heard that. Stephanie apologizes as well. Even she knows when she has crossed the line. I don’t think Stephanie was completely inaccurate in all of her descriptions of Brooke, but I know she wouldn’t want to hurt Rick. Rick wants to know why the bed’s gone. Stephanie feels it’s inappropriate, but Rick disagrees and wants she and Taylor out of there. Stephanie gives him a look like “I’m a grownup and you aren’t.”

Stephanie refuses to leave and tells Rick they should talk. Rick says that both she and Taylor should appreciate the wealth that Brooke has brought them and the company. He claims that this kind of garbage is what is causing Brooke’s craziness. Rick wants the bed back in there. We get a big NO from Stephanie. Rick asks her if she knows what the bed represents. Taylor stops Stephanie from making a bad comment. Rick says that Brooke is unique and successful and Stephanie should be thankful. Rick warns the two of them to not trash Brooke again. Ridge walks in and wants to know what’s going on. Rick storms out and tells him to ask “his mother and his wife.”

Ridge says they should have known better. Taylor explains how they didn’t know Rick was listening. Stephanie thinks he’ll cool off. Stephanie wants the bed to stay in the trash. I thought it was going to storage. Ridge wants them to bring it back and wants to know why Stephanie making such a big deal about a bed. Stephanie says it’s not just the bed, but also everything in there. She goes on to say that Brooke has given the company a smutty reputation. Ridge says that Brooke has made them a heap of money. We get a pimp and prostitute metaphor that makes me Taylor crack up. After a look from Ridge, she stops laughing. Ridge says that he and Eric have been thinking about getting to the classic era of Forrester. Taylor agrees that Forrester Creations is becoming a trashy company.

Taylor and Stephanie both try and convince Ridge to turn the company around. Stephanie says she’ll take care of Rick. She says the power is in his hands. Ridge says he’ll talk about it at the board meeting later. He leaves to go prepare for it. Taylor thinks he’ll change the things in the company. Stephanie is determined to get rid of Brooke’s filth. Taylor promises to back up Stephanie 100%.

Out at Spa Ojai, Brooke is in “sweats” and looks pretty miserable. She recalls one of her “nights o’ passion” with Deacon, as I call them and wonders when this madness will stop. Susan, who I guess is a worker at the spa, comes in and tells Brooke she has a visitor. It’s Bridget of course. Bridget is in tears and is happy to see her. Brooke tries to act like she’s feeling better, but Bridget sees through it. Brooke reveals she is working through her shame. Bridget wants to know why she’s ashamed, but Brooke changes the subject to avoid it. Bridget informs Brooke that Deacon is worried about her. This surprises Brooke.

Bridget wishes Brooke and Deacon could be closer. Brooke says that’s a bad idea. She wants the two of them to stay as far away as possible. Brooke wants to talk about something else. Bridget wants to talk about Forrester Creations.

Brooke asks how things are going at Forrester. She knows that Stephanie must be loving her absence. Bridget thinks that Forrester needs Brooke and vice versa. Bridget says that Brooke should be proud of herself for all she’s done for Forrester. She says that the girls she knows always talk about the bedroom line a lot. She says that’s the best thing that has happened to the company and so is Brooke. Bridget tells Brooke to focus on herself and get better and leaves Brooke. All Brooke can do is look at her ever-expanding belly.

Amber is sitting on the stairs in Brooke’s house (well it’s kind of hers now) and goes into dreamland AGAIN. She’s been doing that a lot. To sum it up quickly, she’s a successful designer and this Asian assistant named Scott tells her that the “Ambrosia” line is Forrester Creations’ top line. There are models in the room as well as Amber asks them how the clothes feel. Good of course. Never a need for alterations. Rick comes in and is the CEO and is dressed to fit the job. Everything is hunky dory. They share a special moment as the models and Scott exit. Back to the real world. Amber marvels at how cool that would be. In the opening theme, they do something a little different at the beginning of the music, but you probably didn’t hear it, so it’d be hard to explain. It does annoy me that sometimes, the music is a little behind where the people’s pictures should be. Eh, maybe someone drank too much the other night.

Rick comes home and explains what happened at the office. Amber says that Stephanie has never been a huge fan of Brooke’s, but Rick says that is no excuse. Rick says he’s going to have to keep an eye on things until Brooke returns.