The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 10/25/02

By Matthew
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Nicole

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Okay, today was a very emotionally-charged episode. It consisted of three scenes: Thorne and Brooke, Stephanie and Eric, and Ridge and Taylor.

Brooke and Thorne:

Brooke walks into Forrester after Eric leaves, and meets up with Thorne, who is left to do the work. They talk about the fright Brooke had and of Taylorís condition. Brooke is sure Taylor will pull through, and says they must pray for her recovery.  After all, that is what Taylor would do. Not much new material here, but a touching moment between Thorne and Brooke. Isnít it amazing how he isnít bitter at all?

Stephanie and Eric:

Stephanie rushes out of Taylorís room in search of Ridge, per Taylorís request. She runs off, and in the meantime, the doctorís visit with Taylor after her alarm goes off. The alarm is turned off and Taylor is given bad news. A surgery to correct this heart arrhythmia would be so dangerous. Basically, her whole heart is out of sync.  It's so bad that the device would have to constantly shock the heart, and it would be more than her body could take. But, it is an option. If they do nothing, her heart rate will continue to rise, and once it reaches 160 (itís well over 120 now) sheíll go into cardiac arrest. Thereís some special term for it in the transcript.

Ridge finally bumps into Stephanie, and she tells him to get into Taylorís room right now. She explains her  monitor went off, and she needs him. He rushes in. In the meantime, Eric shows up and Stephanie explains to him how Taylor gave her back the necklace she gave her. Also, she explains the alarms. Eric tries to comfort a distraught Stephanie.

Ridge and Taylor:

Ridge enters Taylorís room to see all the lights out and monitors off. All her machines are turned off and IVís are out. Ridge is shocked and wants to know why she took them off. She tells him her doctorís know about it, and she asked them too. Ridge takes this as good news, that she will be home soon. Taylor sadly tells him she will not be coming home. Ridge doesnít understand what is going on. Taylor explains her prognosis and is visibly having trouble breathing. (Less blood is filling the heart chamber because itís pumping so fast.) Ridge cries that they can still help her, but Taylor tells him there is no other option. She tells him to take care of the kids and keep the family together. Then, as her last request, she asks him to stand her up and support her and hold her. He lifts her off the hospital bed and stands her up, and they say their ďI love youísĒ and goodbyes. Taylor closes her eyes and exhales once more. Ridge cries, and they sink to the floor where he holds her in his arms and sobs as the camera pans out.

How terribly sad.

Well, I hope you all have a good weekend.