The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 10/24/02

By Matthew
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Nicole

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Itís time for the Bold and the Beautiful!

All the kids hug Taylor, but Ridge says that they need to let her rest so they should go. Thomas protests, but Stephanie says they can stay longer tomorrow. Taylor asks for another kiss from the kids. Taylor tells them God is taking care of all of them and is in control of all things. She adds that the kids should listen to Ridge, Stephanie, and Eric. They should all take good care of each other. In spite of what happens, her love is always with them. Hmm, donít Ridge and Stephanie see that something is wrong?

Out in the waiting room, this odd looking woman is sitting next to Bridget, but gets up as we begin the scene. Bridget appears to be worried and when she sees Mark, she asks what Taylorís condition is. She explains that while she was visiting, Taylorís EKG was moving all around. Mark clarifies that what she is talking about is arrhythmia. Basically, itís a short in the heart that causes the odd rhythm. Bridget wonders about surgery options, but Mark says that is too dangerous right now. He adds though, that if anyone can get through this, itís Taylor, and things appear to be going well. Mark goes to work on another patient.

Ridge, Stephanie, and the kids leave Taylorís room and see Bridget. Ridge says Taylor is looking better all the time, but Bridget notices that Stephanie is worriedly looking into Taylorís room. Inside, the EKG monitor reads 102-103 BPM. Doh! Taylor is in tears probably realizing a heart attack is looming. She looks at a picture of her and Stephanie from her most recent wedding (1998). She then flashes back to a time before this, probably when Ridge and Taylor were married the first time. Stephanie looks younger and her hair is longer, and Taylorís hair is much bouncier. I think Taylor has actually gotten prettier the older she is. Anyway itís a Christmas memory between Taylor and Stephanie. ďGreensleevesĒ plays in the background. The flashback involves Stephanie giving Taylor a pretty necklace that was in her family for 3 generations since now Taylor is her daughter-in-law. I wonder why she wouldnít give that to Felicia or Kristen. Well, she and Kristen werenít getting along, but Felicia? Taylor is taken aback by the gift. Back to the present, Taylor is in tears. Stephanie comes in, and asks Taylor if she is okay. Taylor looks at her in tears.

Taylor tells her she was thinking about Stephanie. Stephanie laughs and questions, is that what made her cry? Slowly, Taylor gives Stephanie back the necklace. She explains that she needs her to give it to either Steffy or Phoebe because she isnít sure she will be there.

Bridget says Hi to the kids. Eventually, Brooke wanders by and wonders what is going on out there after the kids and Bridget are a little loud. Bridget offers to take the kids out for hot chocolate, so Ridge can stay with Taylor. The 4 march out to the parking garage. Brooke notes how well Bridget is around the kids.

Bridget serves the kids their drinks at Insomnia. She asks CJ if he has anything to write on and with for the kids to draw. He does. CJ asks how Taylor is doing. Bridget says they repaired the valve, but sheís still arrhythmic. She knows that Mark is still worried. CJ gets hot and asks if Mark, specifically, requested for Taylor like he did for Bridget. Bridget counters that Taylor is lucky to have such a respected doctor working on her. Meow.

Brooke peers in Taylorís room, and asks Ridge about her condition. He says she is fine and very relaxed. Brooke apologizes for setting off the chain reaction the night before. Ridge says it isnít her fault. Brooke knows Taylor will get through this and be stronger than ever.

Stephanie tells Taylor to not talk like this. Taylor tells her that her situation is not good, though she isnít afraid. She is worried for her family and how they will deal with this. Taylor admits she can feel something is wrong, mainly the arrhythmia. Stephanie thinks the medication will work on that, but Taylor says it isnít working. Anyway, she wants someone to be prepared for the worst.

Ridge says Taylor has some kind of glow about her like when she was giving birth to the twins. He marvels at her courage and strength, as well her faith. He notes that she told the kids to say their prayers and be thankful for everything they have. In particular, she didnít ask them to pray for her recovery. Interesting. Brooke notes that Taylor isnít angry or bitter about what happened.

Stephanie thinks Taylor is tired. Taylor explains that she wants to get better, but admits there are complications. Like what? There is too much damage to her heart and the operation couldnít repair all of it. Also, the medication isnít working. Stephanie gets a little upset and tells her she must give it time to work, but Taylor doesnít know how much time she has. Stephanie breaks into sobs and Taylor tells her itís okay, and she isnít scared, though she is crying. She loves Stephanie like her own mom. Stephanie tells Taylor to be strong and to fight this, but she admits she isnít prepared for this. Just then, Taylor starts to have problems breathing, like when Bridget was in the room, only worse. She then glances up to the monitor and dammit, itís at 118, then 119, and maxes at 124. Then, an alarm starts to go off. Stephanie panics and wants to know what is wrong. Taylor asks Stephanie to get Ridge right now.

Looks like tomorrow could be Taylorís last day.