The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday  10/23/02

By Matthew
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Nicole

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Hey itís B&B time!

Todayís show starts off at showing Taylorís heart monitor at 82 BPM. Thatís still under 90 which the doctor says was something critical to be watched these first few days. The camera pans around her room to show her hand clutching Stinky. Mark and Dr. Cooper enter the room and assume Taylor is asleep. Dr. Cooper asks how she is doing. Mark says she is stable, but Cooper wants another round of lidacaine to be administered. Apparently, Taylor has been having some V-Tech runs occasionally, which worries Cooper though he says they may have it under control. He comments that he has never seen heart damage like that before, and that they did everything they could to repair the valve. Mark notices her rhythm is a little high, but itís steady. Cooper says they need to keep it that way, otherwise the next 2 days could be critical. Mark says that Taylor is a survivor, and points out she made it through the surgery and getting shot. Cooper hopes he is right for the sake of her children and husband. Um, and yeah for the sake of Taylor, too, I hope? The doctors leave and Taylor opens her eyes. She appears uneasy after hearing what they said. She glances up at the heart monitor and recalls what Mark had said about it being critical, that it stays under 90. Just then, Bridget walks in. Taylor says she would love some company.

Ridge asks Thomas if he has the box they prepared for Taylor ready. Yeppers. All the kids are dressed nicely and Ridge doesnít have 5 bottles of mousse in his hair, so he looks pretty good, too. Stephanie is with them as well and suggests they bundle up because it is chilly outside. Chilly in LA? What is that the marine layer? I donít know much about the Beverly Hills area.

Sally has great news for Mass. She says that Spectra has already exceeded their earnings projections, two weeks into the season. Mass isnít all there. She gets mad that he isnít listening, but he denies he is somewhere else. She goes on to say that all this doesnít take into account Ridgeís couture line, which she is assured will do well, also. Then she slips in some ideas about next seasonís line: burnt orange tutus, leopard skin thigh high boots, etc. It takes Mass a minute to realize what she really said, proof enough that he really isnít all there. Mass admits he is afraid for Taylor. He hopes to God she makes it.

Sally isnít worried about Taylor. She knows how strong Taylor is. Mass argues that Taylorís heart is severely damaged, and that sometimes you need more than the will to live. Sally counters that the entire family is supporting her, including ďQueenĒ Stephanie. Mass doesnít like that reference, but Sally says that at least she is being positive. Mass says he doesnít want to think bad things, but they need to be prepared for the worst. Sally gets upset, and says this isnít helping anyway and tells him to can it or go home. She says that just because he canít come up with a solution, doesnít mean there isnít one.

Bridget asks how Taylor is and what the doctors said. Taylor says that no news is good news at this point, but admits she is in a little pain, although she is happy to be feeling anything. The topic moves to Brooke, and how she was really worried about Taylor. Taylor asks how they are getting along. Pretty good. Taylor tells her to always cherish her mom. You never know how much time you have together. Suddenly, Taylor starts having problems breathing and freaks out Bridget, who doesnít know what to do. Sheís only an undergrad!

Stephanie tells Phoebe that Hope is staying behind to nap and Catherine will watch her. Ridge explains there are all kinds of trinkets in there. Stephanie wonders if there is something they havenít told her, but Ridge assures her that Taylor is out of the woods. Ridge goes over proper etiquette while in the hospital room with the kids. Stephanie wants to hit the road, so they leave, but not before Stephanie gives a worried look, that no one sees.

Bridget asks Taylor what the problem is. Taylor weakly glances to the monitor and sees her rate has gone up to 92. Yikes! But then, it slows back down to 84. Maybe part of what we saw was Taylor wincing in pain. I donít know enough about why the rate canít be above 90, except that maybe the heart needs to heal some. Taylor relaxes and says that itís a problem sometimes when your heart wonít do what itís supposed to do. Taylor says she heard about the pre-med scholarship. Bridget says that she really has been meaning to talk to Taylor, the only doctor in the family, about it. Taylor asks why she didnít. Ehh, the problems with Rick and Amber and Ridge deterred her from it. Taylor tells her to come by the house more, and to not let anything divide the family anymore. Taylor tells her the kids are coming for a visit soon. Bridget tells her sheíll leave to not make her tired before the kids get there. Taylor tells Bridget that love is too precious to withhold from anyone, and that she shouldnít let old hurts stand in her way. Wow. Bridget tells her to get rest and leaves. One more glance at the heart monitor tells us Taylor is up to 87. The beat sounds a little faster, too.

Mass explains that he isnít trying to upset her, but this is his family they are talking about. Sally tells Mass about all the other things Taylor has been through and what she has made it through. Thatís why she thinks itíll take more than a nut job like Sheila Carter to get rid of her.

Another shot of the heart monitor: 87, then 89, then 90. Doh! Taylor tries to calm herself down when the family arrives. Taylor takes a kiss from Ridge and all the kids. She then tells Phoebe that she isnít sick anymore, just resting. She tells them she is feeling much better now that they are here. The kids get on the bed, but Stephanie asks if that is a good idea. Taylor says it is okay, but to be careful of the wires. She explains how she has an IV line, and thing over her index finger is to check if her blood is strong. Taylor tells Thomas her blood is top shape. Then Phoebe asks about the heart monitor. Okay, why does Steffy have no lines today? Taylor explains how it works and why they are monitoring it. Taylor adds that her heart is saying that she loves them all so much right now. The music gets sad as the kids all hug their mom. Taylor then glances at the heart monitor which is now up to 92 then 94. Stephanie and Ridge notice her glance, and do the same, but only Stephanie notices something might be wrong.

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