The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday  10/22/02

By Matthew
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Nicole

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Yay! Taylor is back up, but for how long?

Ridge is thrilled to see his wife talking and moving. He admits to her that he was so wrong about Amber and that he will forever listen to her good sense on humans. Taylor jokes that she will keep him to that. She’s looking a little better than before. Ridge lets her know that she was out for 12 hrs, and wonders why she went over to Eric’s place. Taylor explains that she knew that Sheila would visit him, and when she got there, she couldn’t leave his dad alone. She almost had Sheila talked down, but… well, you know the rest. Taylor asks about the kids, and he explains that they are fine and busy, but worried about her. He also adds that Steffy gave up Stinky for her. Taylor wants to talk to her doctor and does so as Ridge goes home to get the kids and grab a shower.

Dr. Maclaine explains to Taylor her condition. Remember, she was also another kind of doctor while Caroline was sick, so she knows the medical jargon. Mark explains that the bullet severed her septal artery. In the process, they did an arterial graft (yuck) and repaired the mitral valve. Taylor asks what her ejection fraction was (from blood being pumped back into the atrium from the left ventricle.) 11%  Taylor is floored, and says she could have had a stroke, which Mark admits was a concern of the doctors. Taylor figures it’ll be a while before they know if she will make a recovery. Mark explains that if her heart rate stays below 90 for the next 48 hrs, and doesn’t go out of control, she’ll make a full recovery. Okay, see I would get nervous just hearing that fact, and then I’d keep checking out my heart rate, which is exactly what Taylor does after Mark goes to get Dr. Cooper.

Brooke gets her discharge papers from Dr. Bloom, and says she will hire a nurse to take care of her, but Rick and Amber will have none of that. They will take care of her. On her way out, Brooke says she has to see someone, presumably Taylor.

Brooke visits with Taylor and it’s actually kinda nice. Brooke admits she feels guilty about setting Sheila off, but Taylor says that wasn’t her fault. Taylor admits though that Brooke has plenty of other things to feel guilty about. Brooke confesses that she realizes that all her chasing after Ridge was wrong and she sees now that Taylor and Ridge are perfect together. She’s embarrassed about the way she acted. Taylor agrees they had their moments together. Brooke thinks that if she had been hurt as bad, the outpouring of sympathy would have been less, but Taylor reminds her that she has kids who need her. Taylor has seen a good change in Brooke and knows she is a better person.

Ridge tells the kids that Taylor is up and it’s partly due to Steffy’s blanket. Stephanie is with them, and asks him what the prognosis is. He explains what I mentioned earlier, and Stephanie admits that she didn’t realize how scared she was until now. She helps the kids get dressed, and says she’ll call Jack to let him now.

The show closes with Taylor eyeing her ever-increasing heart rate. It isn’t over 90 yet, but you can tell it’s getting there, and that’s how the story will progress. Question: Wouldn’t Taylor worrying about her heart rate make her rate go up that much more?  Eh, whatever. See you tomorrow.