The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 10/21/02

By Matthew
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Nicole

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Amber talks with Mark about Taylorís condition, in her room. He says that at this point there is no reason to believe that Taylor is in getting worse. Huh? He says they are just happy that she made it through the surgery. Yeah, that was good. He leaves her alone with Taylor. Where is Taylorís dad? The heart monitor continues to beep all through the scene. Amber tries to say something, but begins to sob. She says Hi to Taylor once she has regained her composure. She wishes she was awake now because she has so much to tell her. For starters, she spent her first night at home. She remembers how Taylor said it would happen. She also describes her reunion with her son. She tells her she will recover from this.

Ridge makes it home and looks wiped. He goes in the living room and sees the twins and Thomas with Catherine. Catherine looks a little different, but itís the same actress. They ask about Taylorís ďaccident.Ē Oh, so thatís what weíre calling it? Ridge explains that Taylor is no longer in pain because of medicine, and that she is asleep. He came home to get some things to make her more comfortable. Phoebe wants to go to the hospital, but Ridge would rather they didnít until Taylor wakes up. Catherine suggests they all make cards for their mom. The kids run off to do that, and Catherine and Ridge talk about Taylorís condition. Ridge says that all the doctors say itís okay that his wife hasnít woke up yet. Catherine goes to help the kids.

CJ and Bridget frantically run into the hospital looking for Brookeís room. Bridget gets frustrated when they canít find the room, and CJ tells her to calm down. Her mom is fine and everything will be okay. The hug and coincidentally as they start Mark comes out of a doorway and sees them and looks a little too disappointed.

Mark calls over to Bridget, and asks if she is there to see her mom. Um, yep. Bridget introduces the two gentlemen in her life, and CJ looks a little uncomfortable. Mark points her in the right direction to Brookeís room, but CJ decides to stay behind. CJ explains to Mark that he owns Insomnia, where Bridget works. Mark notes that CJ will probably end up hating him, because he is the one who will steal Bridget away. Uhhhh, I know he meant in the med-school kinda way, but thatís got such a transparent double meaning. CJ smirks as Doc Maclaine is paged away.

Ridge looks like he has a pillow and brings it into the living room where the kids and Catherine had been playing Monopoly. The gang comes in and says that cards werenít big enough so they made a semi-poster for their mom. Catherine has some flowers for her. The poster says ďWe Love our Mom.Ē It has all of her favorite things on it: rainbows, books, flowers from the garden, and angels (Thomas added that one). In fact the angel has bowling shoes. (See a recap from around 2 weeks ago). Ridge says it looks wonderful and is about to leave, when Steffy comes out with her gift. Wow itís Stinky! Itís the old blanket she would never let go of. Ridge wonders if sheíll be scared without her mommy or blanket, but Steffy says if Taylor has to be brave, then so does she.

Back to Amber. She explains to Taylor that Stephanie got a hold of James, and he is coming back to LA to get Erica. They are releasing her into his custody. Amber thinks she should rot, but feels that if anyone can turn that girl around, itís James. James has the right to try to anyway. Amber says that Taylor did that for him through all of her trust in Amber. All these miracles have come out of the nightmare. She thanks her again for believing in her all these months. Amber says she will never forget what Taylor has done for her. Amber says they just need one more miracle now, and she wonít give up on Taylor since she never gave up on her.

Wow, a close up of a fat cheeked Baby Hope, and I think weíre back to the regular one. I could swear the one we saw last week was a double for this one. Brooke kisses her daughter as she recovers in bed. Stephanie is with her and takes her from her to let Brooke gets some rest. Stephanie and Brooke are both worried about Taylor. Bridget comes in the room as Stephanie wheels Hope out. Bridget can barely hold back her tears. Bridget asks about exactly what happened last night, but then apologizes for making her relive the horrible moment. Bridget is shocked to think she could have lost both of her parents last night. Ray of sunshine in Brookeís eyes to be called a parent again.

Ridge comes to Taylorís room and sees Mark. He says that Taylor has been stable for well over 6 hrs now, and that is a really good sign. Amber gives Ridge a hug as she leaves and he comes in. Good to see those two are friendly now. Ridge begs Taylor to come back.

Brooke says she hasnít talked to Ridge yet and doubts he wants to talk to her. After all, she indirectly caused Taylor to be shot by startling Sheila. Even I would say thatís a little too indirect and is really more like horrible luck. So you canít really blame Brooke for this one. Bridget tells her that it isnít her fault. Sheila was a nut job. Bridget says that in spite of their problems, she would never wish harm to come to her mother. She tells her to focus on getting better.

Ridge tells Taylor that the kids are fine, and that he didnít explain everything to them. He thought they should wait until she recovers. He shows her the poster they made and jokes that they didnít add Ridge as one of Taylorís favorite things. We find out that Taylor has a love of reptiles. He also points out the angel Thomas drew. Ridge starts to break up a little as he pulls out Steffyís blanket and then totally loses it and has to get up and walk to the corner to sob. Taylorís eyes start to move and then her right hand starts to twitch. She clutches Steffyís blanket and then utters ďStinky,Ē which is both precious and hilarious at the same time. Ridge comes over and tells her what Steffy did for her, and is so happy to see Taylor up, Well, barely.

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