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Nicholas: All right, so what are you telling me? What does all of this mean?

Sharon: I am honestly not sure.

Nicholas: You said you didn't think you could put all of this behind you. Is that some kind of a threat?

Sharon: It's not a threat.

Nicholas: You could have fooled me.

Sharon: I'm telling you how I feel.

Nicholas: Let me tell you how I feel. We buried our child together. It kills me our little girl died. What are you doing here? What are you trying to prove with this paternity test?

Sharon: It's our child. That poor little girl died for no reason!

Phyllis: Lucky we made it to the appointment on time.

Jack: You like to push the envelope.

Phyllis: I didn't hear you complaining.

Jack: The day I complain about my wife wanting to jump my bones --

Phyllis: That fertility clinic runs like clockwork.

Jack: How did it go?

Phyllis: Good, good. If I act weird.

Jack: I will chalk it up to hormone treatments.

Phyllis: I hope I don't turn into a freak.

Jack: Hormones or no hormones will be a problem for me.

Phyllis: You have to go to work?
Jack: It's about something else.

Phyllis: Another surprise?

Jack: It could be.

Phyllis: Isn't the romantic dinner in the private dining room enough? (Knock on door) I wonder who that could be.

Jack: Gee, I wonder. Just in time.


Phyllis: What a day! Wow!

Diane: You feel badly for me? What a crock.

Nikki: I realize it's difficult for you to believe, but it's true. I do feel a certain responsibility for your situation.

Diane: What situation is that, Nikki?

Nikki: Having a child whose father wasn't who you expected. Are you happy?

Diane: Oh, I see. You're hoping that I'll ease your conscience. Well, what makes you think I would want to do that. If your conscience is bothering you, it should.

Nikki: I had bitterness toward you too. Life goes on. Now there's an ocean between us, I don't feel a need to be so protective.

Diane: Of Victor.

Nikki: I'm willing to let go of my anger toward you.

Diane: Oh, wow. That's big of you.

Nikki: I'm truly concerned.

Diane: Save your sympathy. Like I told Victor, I'm peachy.

Nikki: I'm happy to hear that.

Diane: Yeah, right.

Nikki: And your son?

Diane: What about him?

Nikki: Is he peachy too?

Billy: So, you say everything went okay with your mom?

Mackenzie: Yeah, weed.

Billy: About what?

Nikki: Jack and Phyllis' wedding, my job here and at the boutique.

Billy: So what's that smile about?

Mackenzie: I was just thinking how proud my mom was that I want to earn my own spending money, even though I don't have to work.

Billy: Well, it sounds like you two had a pretty good talk. Are you going to see each other again?

Nikki: Yeah, but after the holidays. Actually we were discussing that when things got really weird. It's almost like she expected to see me before then.

Billy: I don't see why she would. The holidays are practically over.

Mackenzie: Yeah, maybe I was misunderstanding.

Billy: You can clear it up with her the next time you see her.

Mackenzie: I will.

Billy: I got you a present.

Mackenzie: Billy, you already got me so much stuff.

Billy: Well, I would have got you this instead of the other thing if I'd known --

Mackenzie: Known what?

Billy: Here, open it. You'll see. Think of it as an early birthday present.

Mackenzie: Billy, it's beautiful.
Billy: Lift the top.

Larry: Hello again.

Amanda: Hi.

Larry: It's been a long time, huh?

Amanda: Yeah.

Larry: I thought I would take a chance and you'd still be here, and bingo. How did things go between you and your daughter?

Amanda: All right, I guess.

Larry: Look, I'm sorry. There I go nosing around again where I shouldnít.

Amanda: Larry, wait. Please don't go.

Brad: John, I want to talk to you.

John: Bradley, I want to --

Brad: I didn't want to get into this at Jack's wedding. I'm concerned as anybody.

John: And you feel we're shutting you out.

Brad: The way you flew off.

John: I heard the anguish in her voice. I had to do something right away.

Brad: All Iím asking, am I being kept in the loop? Please ask my daughter to consider me an ally, not an intruder.

John: Traci is having a hard enough time with Colleen's rebellion. I can't communicate for her ex-husband. If you think she should be disciplined with a harsh hand.

Brad: I didn't mean that.

John: As far as your involvement in this thing, that is entirely up to Traci. (Phone ringing) Excuse me. Hello. Traci. I'm glad you called.

Mamie: You've been fed and you're dry. What is this? You're just not happy this morning. Tell Aunt Mamie what's going on.

Ashley: Look who's here, Abby. It's Colleen.

Colleen: She seems pretty fussy.

Mamie: She's done very well all morning. I don't know what happened. Do you want to try to quiet her down?

Colleen: Okay. Hey, Abby, what's wrong? What's all the fussing about?

Mamie: Well, I'll be. Girl, you have the magic touch.

Victor: What in the world is that?

Victoria: Bargain. You wouldn't believe the after Christmas sales.

Victor: You decided to go shopping?

Victoria: Yeah. You whisked us off on that around-the-world tour. I didn't have time to finish.

Victor: I didn't expect anything from you this year.

Victoria: I know. I wanted to shop for everyone. It makes me feel normal.

Victor: It makes you feel better?

Victoria: Yeah.

Victor: What are you doing for New Yearís Eve?

Victoria: I haven't thought about it.

Victor: You want to have dinner together?

Victoria: Yeah, sure.

Victor: I would love it.

Victoria: I was thinking, with mother coming home and Nicholas and Sharon hopefully working out their problems, we should have our Christmas celebration.

Victor: Your mother isn't coming home. She just phoned.

Victoria: I thought Aunt Casey was getting better.

Victor: Aunt Casey is fine.

Victoria: Why isn't she coming home?

Victor: She was very secretive. I don't know.

Victoria: Does it worry you?

Victor: Why would that worry me? It's her decision to extend her stay. Far from me to try to stop her.

Diane: Why wouldn't everything be all right with my son?

Nikki: I'm sure you weren't expecting things to turn out this way.

Diane: Not knowing the identity of my child's father? Think, think --

Nikki: That must have been a bitter pill. I know you told Victor all is well. You didn't mention your son at all or to Jack.

Diane: So. What does it have to do with you? There's a bunch of people on the street. Why don't you worry about their lives?

Nikki: I don't feel responsible for their lives.

Diane: And you do me. You manipulated a situation that's none of your concern. You cause a child to be born without a father, and you want me to tell you it's okay? I'm sorry, Nikki, I'm not going to do that. You'll just have to live with your guilt.

Nikki: Well, I'm a mother too, Diane. I'm not all that concerned about you. But I do think about your son.

Diane: I get it. Because I didn't mention him to Jack or Victor, you assume Iím neglecting him, abusing him maybe?

Nikki: I'm not saying anything.

Diane: What does my life or my son's life have to do with you?

Diane, bring me your present plans, would you?

Diane: Duty calls. Feel free to leave. As far as Iím concerned, your pointless visit is over.

I was looking for Ms. Jenkins.

Nikki: She just stepped out. I don't think she'll be very long.

I will be right back. Here, baby.

Nikki: Are you his nanny?

Is. He's a wonderful boy.

Nikki: Do you live with Diane?


Nikki: You are with him full-time.

She worked at home full-time. She loves him -- he misses her so much. They are very close. Ah, this is the perfect night.

Mamie: Jack and Phyllis have visitors. I don't know who they are. They went up the back stairs.

Ashley: Looks like Abby has a new friend.

Colleen: You want to take her?

Ashley: She looks perfectly content with you, unless you're tired of holding her.

Colleen: Oh, no. I think she might want some juice. Can I get her some?

Ashley: Sure.

Mamie: Those two absolutely adore each other.

Ashley: Colleen is doing much better.

Mamie: I'm glad to see her come downstairs. She's barely come out of her room since Christmas. She came right down asking to help.
Ashley: It was successful, huh?

Oh, there. You feel better now.

Phyllis: I'm tingling all over. Yeah, I do. I feel very soft like warm butter.

You next, sir?

Jack: No. Another time, thank you very much.

Phyllis: Come on, Jack. You should get a massage too. Or did you have something else in mind? Hey, why don't you give me some of that oil. I'll work on Jack.

Jack: That's a lovely offer. We don't have time for that.

Phyllis: Why?

Jack: Because you have another appointment in five minutes.

Larry: So I'm guessing that talk you had with your kid didn't go so good.

Amanda: It went better than I expected.

Larry: Really. Then what's with the long face? Did she say something to upset you?

Amanda: It was more like what she didn't say.

Larry: What do you mean?

Amanda: Remember, I told you her birthday was coming up.

Larry: Yeah.

Amanda: Maybe it was a mistake, but I fished around to see what her plans were and I got nothing.

Larry: Maybe because she's not doing anything.

Amanda: No. I always made a big deal about her birthday, particularly since it's so close to Christmas.

Larry: Oh. And you didn't want her to feel cheated.

Amanda: We didn't have much then, Larry, but we still manned to have fun parties. I was certain she would be celebrating this year. She has a new family, friends. Money is definitely not a problem. But despite all my hinting, she didn't -- all my hinting, she didn't mention a word.

Larry: Now you're feeling all left out.

Amanda: How can I hope she'll let me back in her heart if she doesn't want me around for her birthday?

Larry: Maybe you should have given her your present. Then she would have known you're thinking about her.

Amanda: No. I didn't want it to look like I was angling for an invitation.

Larry: You're her mother. That gives you a right to ask for anything you damn well please.

Amanda: I don't think she considers me her mother.

Larry: Will you stop with that talk? It doesn't change anything. You're just bagging yourself.

Amanda: Anyway, she's still here. She's in the other room with her boyfriend. It's just as well I didn't give her this.

Mackenzie: You are the most wonderful boyfriend. I can't believe you went out and got this for me.

Billy: After you told me how much the one back home meant to you. So, you like it?

Mackenzie: Billy, how could I not?

Billy: Why do I get the feeling something's not right? Oh, okay. I get it. As cool as this music box may be, it's not the one you had when you were a kid. That one was special because it came from your mom.

Phyllis: I feel like warm butter.

Jack: Funny, I feel hot as toast.

Phyllis: We're a good pair. (Knock on door)

Jack: You think?

Phyllis: My next appointment.

Jack: It could be.

Phyllis: You owe me one.

Jack: I'll mark it in my book. I owe my gorgeous wife one, big, wet -- how are you? This is from the most popular spa in all of Genoa City. You know what? I'll take care of it from here.

Thank you very much, sir. Enjoy your meal.

Phyllis: Thanks. Bye. You wouldn't join me for a massage, but maybe you'll join me for a lovely meal.

Jack: Absolutely. Absolutely.

John: Brad's here with me, honey. I'll put you on the speakerphone.

Traci: Sure, dad.

John: Are you okay?

Traci: I'm fine. How's Colleen?

Brad: She's still pretty withdrawn, Trace.

John: We haven't made much progress since we spoke the other day. Have you and Steve had any luck with your school search?

Traci: We narrowed it down to two schools. We have to check them both in person. Once we've made a decision, we will come and pick up Colleen. Dad, I don't think it'll be until next week. Is that all right?

John: Of course.

Traci: Daddy, Iím --

John: What is it, honey?

Traci: I know these schools are very professional and they come highly recommended. But I'm really uncomfortable trusting strangers with my daughter. I'm feeling trapped. I guess we don't have any choice, do we? Listen, I need to go. I love you, dad.

John: I love you too, sweetheart.

Traci: Bye, Brad.

Brad: Let me know if I can help, Trace.

Ashley: Thanks for helping me get Abby ready to go. I'm changing the wallpaper in Abbyís nursery. I was wondering if you want to look at samples with me? I'm having a heck of a time picking out a pattern.

Colleen: I don't think so. Grand dad expects me to stay here until he comes back.

Ashley: I think it'll be all right for you to come with me.

Colleen: I don't know.

Ashley: I won't get you in any trouble. I promise.

Colleen: Okay.

Ashley: Good. Do you mind putting Abby in the car seat?

Colleen: Sure.

Ashley: Wish me luck.

Sharon: You know, I hate it when you walk out on me.

Nicholas: I didn't like where the conversation was going. I had to get some air.

Sharon: I remember the last time you did that.

Nicholas: You're not going to let this go, are you?

Sharon: I have tried. I don't know why I can't.

Nicholas: Maybe you don't want to.

Sharon: What does that mean?

Nicholas: Maybe you need someone to blame.

Sharon: I don't want to feel this way, Nicholas.

Nicholas: You just can't help it.

Sharon: I didn't say that.

Nicholas: You didn't have to. I hear it in every word you're saying.

Sharon: Maybe it's your own feelings talking.

Nicholas: My own feelings of guilt? Is that what you're getting at?

Sharon: Your words, Nicholas, Not mine.

Ashley: Do you see what I mean? There are too many choices.

Colleen: They're all nice.

Ashley: I know which I like. I'm trying to get inside Abbyís head. She has to live with this for quite a while. What do you think?

Colleen: I don't know.

Ashley: I picked out these three.

Colleen: Why don't we put them in front of Abby and see how she reacts.

Ashley: That's a good idea. This one? This one? Or this one?

Ashley: I think it was the second one. That was pretty easy.

Colleen: She picked a good one too.

Ashley: I know. If you don't like it when you're older, it's tough luck because it's all your own fault.

John: Such a shame.

Brad: I look back and I wonder how we ever got to this point. It wasn't that long ago Colleen was on top of the world.

John: Finding out Steve was less than perfect hit her pretty hard.

Brad: Then she feels rejected by me.

John: She turns to me as a last resort and feels betrayed because I'm siding with her parents.

Brad: I realize she's going through a rough time. Why compound it by getting involved with drugs? She's smarter than that. It wolfs my mind.

John: Her behavior is a symptom of what's bothering her.

Brad: She has a terrific family that wants to help.

John: She can't see that because she's too upset. With teenagers, emotions override logic.

Brad: John, I realize that. There are a lot of kids going through teen angst, but they don't get kicked outing drugs on campus.

John: I realize that. Don't you see the pattern? She blames it on Steve, then you and finally me. She feels we let her down. She can't see there are good reasons for the poses we've taken, so she feels abandoned.

Brad: Okay. Let's suppose you're right. What's the answer? What do we do?

John: We have got to find a way to make Colleen realize that she's part of this family.

Brad: We have been telling her that for months. How do we get through to her if she won't hear us?

Jack: Come in, ladies. The queen awaits.

Phyllis: What am I awaiting?

Jack: Well, a facial, a manicure and a pedicure.

Phyllis: Great. Jack, you know --

Jack: Sit down and enjoy it.

Phyllis: Okay.
Jack: When it's all over, I am all your body and soul.

Phyllis: I'll take the first one.

Jack: Body?

Phyllis: Mm-hmm.

Jack: It's a deal. She's all yours, ladies.

Phyllis: Hi, Cassie. I'm Phyllis. Nice to meet you.

Just sit back and relax.

Phyllis: Relax?

Mackenzie: I hope you don't think Iím ungrateful.

Billy: No, not at all. I should just realize there are some things that can't be replaced.

Mackenzie: I still really love you for trying.

Larry: I wish there was some way I could put a smile back on that pretty face.

Amanda: Sorry.

Larry: Hey, how about I take us out for a bite to eat.

Amanda: That's really sweet of you, Larry, but I'd be terrible company. How about another time, okay?

Larry: Yeah, sure. No problem at all. Another time. See you later.

Amanda: Okay. Bye.

Billy: I didn't realize she was still here.

Mackenzie: Neither did I.

Billy: Well, now's your chance to check out that weird feeling you had when you talked to your mom earlier.

Mackenzie: Yeah, maybe. Is that for me?

Amanda: It's a birthday present.

Mackenzie: Well, weren't you going to give it to me?

Amanda: Well, you made it pretty clear you didn't want to include me in on your birthday celebration.

Mackenzie: Where'd you get that idea?

Amanda: I'm sure you're having a party. When I asked you about your plans, you didn't mention it.

Mackenzie: That's why things got weird at the end of our talk.

Amanda: Don't worry, I understand.

Mackenzie: No, you don't. A couple years ago, I didnít have my party until February, and I liked it. So it's been like that ever since.

Amanda: So you could have some distance from Christmas.

Mackenzie: Yeah.

Amanda: Which is what you always wanted anyway.

Mackenzie: Right.

Amanda: Oh, cool. Glad we got that cleared up.

Mackenzie: Me too.

Amanda: You can have it now if you like. I feel kind of funny giving it to you.

Mackenzie: Because of our misunderstanding?

Amanda: No. I just don't feel you're thinking it's very special.

Mackenzie: If you don't want me to have it.

Amanda: No. It's not that, Mackenzie. All right. Here. Just to let you know that I haven't forgotten.
Ashley: So, Iím going to call the paperhanger and make an appointment for after the first of the year. Now, can I ask you something?

Colleen: Sure.

Ashley: Brad and I weren't planning anything for New Year's Eve and we thought it would be nice to enjoy an early dine someplace. I was wondering if you weren't doing anything. Do you want to watch Abby?

Colleen: Me? I'm surprised you'd ask.

Ashley: You watched her lots of times.

Colleen: That was before. I can't believe you would still trust me.

How was that, Mrs. Abbott?

Phyllis: Great. I feel like a new woman.

Jack: Careful, careful, I love the old one.

You have beautiful feet, Mrs. Abbott.

Phyllis: Thank you.

Jack: Trust me, she has beautiful everything. Thank you, ladies. You're practically glowing.

Phyllis: Thanks to you, I feel so pampered.

Jack: That was the idea behind the whole thing.

Phyllis: Really, Jack, I'm overwhelmed you would do all this for me.

Jack: Oh, don't be. I can always pay people to pamper you. It's what we do for each other that counts.

Phyllis: Yeah, tell me about it.

Jack: You know something? Iím worried that Iíd made a mistake that maybe we should have gone away on a traditional honeymoon, just the two of us. I'm glad we didn't.

Phyllis: Why?

Jack: Well, those honeymoons come to an end. This one never has to.

Diane: You're still here?

Nikki: I was talking to your sop. [canít understand what that word means]

Diane: Could you please take him out for a moment? We're almost through here.


Diane: I don't buy for one minute you give twos about me or my life. Drop the act, Nikki. Tell me why you're really here or get out.

Nikki: This is so like you, Diane. I come here and offer you an olive branch and you just spit on it. I told you before; I came here because I was concerned. But thank you for giving me such a good reason not to be.

Diane: Good. I'd rather you just forget I exist.

Nikki: Oh, I will. And you can forget that I was ever here and just go back to your little life.

Diane: I intend to, Nikki. You can rest assure of that.

Nikki: Ciao.

Victor: You know, Iíve never doubted your brother's love for his wife. And Iím absolutely certain they can get beyond this point.

Victoria: I hope so. Love doesn't conquer all. Look at you and mom. Look how much you love each other.

Victor: [someone else deleted this line]

Victoria: I know.

Victor: I don't know if a man can really understand what Sharon went through.

Victoria: Canít. It's impossible. I mean, when you're pregnant, you feel the child inside of you. You bond with it. That bond is all that matters. It's impossible to explain it to someone who's never experienced it.

Victor: You understand how your brother feels. Imagine how he would feel if that baby was fathered by that psychopath?

Victoria: She wanted Nicholas to believe that too. She wanted Nicholas to put Matt Clark out of his head.

Victor: You understand why Nicholas couldn't do that.

Victoria: I do understand. I have to see this from Sharonís point of view. She had already bonded with her baby.

Victor: Now the child is gone, what do you think opened up this whole issue again?

Victoria: I don't know. I can tell you one thing, I bet Nicholas wishes now he never asked for that paternity test.

Sharon: You're not saying anything.

Nicholas: I'm trying very hard to be patient. Losing a baby is a horrible thing to deal with. Not just for you, for both of us. Things were getting better, you know? Then you throw this paternity test in my face, a test I didn't even know you had. I'm going to ask you again, what are you trying to prove? Are you trying to hurt me?

Sharon: Was thinking back to a time when we were happy. I remembered something. A letter that Cassie gave the baby before she was born.

Nicholas: Don't bring all of that up again.

Sharon: I remember Cassie told the baby that we would all be looking out for her, that we would all take good care of her. You remember the letter, right?

Nicholas: Yes, I remember.

Sharon: Well, that is the way it's obsessed to a family looking after that innocent life. You weren't even sure you wanted the baby, not if it was Matt Clarkís.

Nicholas: We're back to this again. I helped that baby as mine.

Sharon: Our baby had to die for you to take that stance. I accepted the baby as ours. I knew the baby was ours. That wasn't good enough for you. You had to be certain.

Nicholas: That makes me a villain now?

Sharon: If you had just listened to me, we wouldn't have argued, I wouldn't have fallen and the baby would still be alive.

Nicholas: That's how you really feel?

Sharon: All of the arguing, it was just unnecessary?

Nicholas: Yes, I wanted to know the truth. You have to know that.

Sharon: I know that if you had just accepted that little girl as yours, she would still be alive today. But you couldn't accept it. And that's why she's dead.

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