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Victor: We're almost home.

Victoria: Thank you. It was a great trip.

Victor: I'm glad you liked it.

Nicholas: Good morning, sleepy head.

Cassie: Where are we?

Nicholas: Getting close to Genoa City.

Cassie: Already?

Victor: You're not ready to go home yet, are you?

Cassie: It's such a neat Christmas. I had the best time.

Victor: Our journey may have come to an end, but that doesn't mean we're through celebrating.

Noah: We're not?

Cassie: Because of Nikki not being able to come with us.

Victor: That's right.

Cassie: We get to have another Christmas party!

Noah: Yeah!

Victoria: Have you talked to mom?

Victor: I talked to her earlier. She will probably be home today.

Nicholas: Aunt Casey must be doing better.

Victor: Yes.

Victoria: Good.

Victor: When we land, why don't we all go to the ranch together?

Sharon: No! That doesn't work for me.

Malcolm: This was great. You made breakfast, I can clean it up.

Alex: No, no, I’ll do dishes later. Honey, it was such a terrific Christmas, especially for Nate. It was nothing like seeing the holidays through the eyes of a child.

Malcolm: Yeah.

Alex: I never knew he was so good with his hands. It's really nice.

Malcolm: That's something special, isn't it?

Alex: In case you're wondering, I love my necklace.

Malcolm: I notice you haven't taken it off.

Alex: I wore it to bed last night. Of course you wouldn't notice. You conked out right away.

Malcolm: Sorry, baby. It was a long day.

Alex: Yeah, it was. Honey, I'm starting to feel a little strange. I feel like I'm fishing for compliments. You like the car?

Malcolm: Of course I like the car. It's great.

Alex: Why do I get the feeling something is bothering you? (Doorbell sounding)

Malcolm: I'll get it. Oh, Mamie, Mamie.

Mamie: Merry Christmas, Malcolm.

Malcolm: Merry Christmas right back at you.

Mamie: Merry Christmas, Alex.

Alex: Merry Christmas, Mamie.

Mamie: Forgive me, I know I'm a day late.

Alex: That's okay. You're here and that's all that matters. Right, Malcolm?

Paul: Christmas lull I guess.

Lauren: Turkey sandwiches and all that. Don't look so glum. I know why you needed a rain check on Christmas night.

Paul: I needed a rest, that's all.

Lauren: I know, Isabella.

Paul: It's hard for me to believe. Isabella's pregnant.

Lauren: Your mother is right. It must have come as quite a shock.

Paul: You've got no idea.

Lauren: I think I do.

Paul: I don't see how something like that can happen.

Lauren: Paul, you should know.

Paul: Just the thought of it makes me want to kill him.

Lauren: What are you talking about?

Paul: It's one thing that Isabella’s pregnant but by Michael Baldwin?

Michael: Good morning, Chantal. How was your Christmas?

Chantal: Great, how was yours?

Michael: A welcomed respite.

Chantal: Good, because... I'm having trouble with the messenger service. I will run these documents to the courthouse myself.

Michael: I will hold down the fort while you're gone. I'm sure it won't be long.

Michael: How was your Christmas? [not sure if this is a different scene]

Isabella: Peachy.

Michael: I assume you said a prayer for me at mass.

Isabella: I went.

Michael: Was it uplifting?

Isabella: And very interesting. I even pick a church where no one would recognize me.

Michael: That's very thoughtful.

Isabella: And as fate would have it, you'll never guess who I ran in to. The Williams family. One look and Paul’s mother knew.

Michael: Knew what?

Isabella: That I'm pregnant. Wasn't that incredibly perceptive of her? And guess what. Paul knows too.

Amanda: Hey, it's so good to see you today.

Larry: Always running downtown. Excuse me, lady, but we have to stop meeting like this.

Amanda: Larry, what are you doing here?

Larry: I was hoping to find you. Would you mind if I took a little load off?

Amanda: No, please. How was the rest of your Christmas?

Larry: Not bad.

Amanda: It was so cool of you to help out at the shelter.

Larry: Hey, I really enjoyed it. It was fun. Besides, at any time, I really don’t have much else going on.

Amanda: Yeah. I know what you mean.

Larry: Your daughter? Look, if you don't want to talk about it, it's okay.

Amanda: That's okay.

Larry: So did you get to see her?

Amanda: No.

Larry: See, that's what I don't get. You're the kid's mother, right? You should be able to call the shots.

Amanda: I gave up that right a long time ago. Besides, I don't want to tell her what to do. I just wish I could get to know my girl again. That's all.

Katherine: Esther, enough. Mackenzie is my granddaughter.

Esther: She doesn't have a right.

Katherine: Yes, she does.

Esther: Then ask her.

Mackenzie: Ask me what?

Katherine: Esther and I are having a vast difference of opinion.

Esther: About your birthday.

Katherine: It's only a few days away, dear. I would like to know what you would like to do.

Mackenzie: Wait until February like we did before.

Esther: Your 18th birthday is special, Mac.

Katherine: What Esther is trying to say, Mackenzie, would you prefer to celebrate your birthday on your actual day of birth?

Mackenzie: With the holidays, I just want to wait.

Katherine: It's settled. You have two months to bake a cake. No weeds, no car rob. You understand?

Esther: I say let Mackenzie decide.

Mackenzie: It sounds like a plan.

Katherine: I really do not know why I keep that woman around me. I do not know why.

Mackenzie: Because you love her, grandma.

Katherine: I suppose. Well, you seem to be in a very good mood. Compared to mine, you're in a very good mood.

Mackenzie: Well, I am on vacation, you know.

Katherine: You're having a wonderful time, right?

Mackenzie: The best. That dress you got me was totally gorgeous.

Katherine: I'm so glad you liked that, young lady.

Mackenzie: I wish I could do something for Colleen.

Katherine: I admire you caring for Colleen as you do, but right now you have a lot on your plate.

Mackenzie: You're talking about my mom.

Nicholas: Sharon, what's wrong? Why don't you want to go out to the ranch?

Sharon: I had a really great trip but I told my mom I would meet her at the coffee house.

Victor: Why don't we pick her up at the coffee house and bring her to the ranch?

Nicholas: Everyone wants to keep hanging out. Let's do this.

Sharon: Nick, we don't even know when Nikki will be home.

Nicholas: Does that matter?

Cassie: I want to see Grandma Doris.

Victoria: Why don't we get Doris?

Sharon: I don't want to do that. If the kids want to go with me, that's fine.

Lauren: Isabella is pregnant with Michael Baldwin’s child?

Paul: They had a fling. I don't know what the hell she was thinking.

Lauren: I don't either.

Paul: Just the thought of that scum with Isabella makes pea sick to my stomach. You're wondering if I still have feelings for her?

Lauren: Do you?

Paul: Maybe if I handled things differently, maybe she wouldn't have turned to him. Maybe she did it to spite me. Whatever the reason, she's paying the price now.

Lauren: So is Michael. I'm sure he wasn't prepared to be a daddy. Are they still together?

Paul: Evidently he's supporting her until the baby comes.

Lauren: But you don't believe that?

Paul: I'm going to make sure that he does.

Lauren: How?

Paul: I'm just going to not let Michael Baldwin take advantage of her.

Lauren: So what happens now?

Paul: I know Isabella is subletting his old apartment.

Lauren: Then, Paul, go to her. Talk to her.

Paul: Say what? Watch out for that bastard?

Lauren: You have feelings for her.

Paul: What if I do? What difference does it make now anyway? I mean, she is pregnant with his baby. Do you have any idea at all what that does to me? I'm going to get some air.

Michael: Paul knows you're pregnant.

Isabella: Michael, we all knew this day would come.

Michael: I hope you handled it.

Isabella: Things are fine.

Michael: You were able to stonewall him.

Isabella: Not exactly.

Michael: What does that mean?

Isabella: I was forced to tell the truth.

Michael: That you're pregnant.

Isabella: And that it's yours.

Michael: We had a deal, Isabella. Did he torture you, pull out your fingernails?

Isabella: What was I supposed to do?

Michael: For months you have avoided the man and you have an attack of --

Alex: Aroma therapy bath oil. That's perfect, Mamie, how do you know?

Mamie: I was told you like to soak in the tub.

Alex: Now I’ll never get out. It's perfect. Thank you.

Mamie: Is that a new necklace? It's beautiful.

Alex: Yes. Malcolm gave it to me.

Mamie: The man does have good taste.

Alex: I like to think so.

Malcolm: Maim I, you will never believe what Alex got me.

Mamie: Well, that new sweater.

Malcolm: No, no. This is from last year. She got me a brand new sports car.

Mamie: Malcolm, you big kidder.

Malcolm: I'm not lying at all. It blew me away too. It's sitting right downstairs in the garage.

Alex: If you'll excuse me, I'm going to go get dressed.

Mamie: You’re a lucky man, Malcolm. You have a great son, a beautiful fiancée and a hot set of wheels.

Malcolm: Let me ask you something. Don't you think it's a little extreme?

Mamie: Extreme? Well, why would you say that? Is there something wrong, Malcolm?

Malcolm: Mamie, it's just this new car thing, she's got me tripping a little bit. I mean, when somebody does something so -- it's over the top, don't you think? A brand new car? It makes me wonder if she's making up for something.

Mamie: Why would you say that, Malcolm?

Malcolm: Mamie, things have been so weird around here lately.

Mamie: You're having a problem with Alex, spending what looks like a little too much money on you. Honey, that's what people do when they're in love.

Malcolm: Yeah, I guess you're right. I mean it was an amazing gesture, wasn't it? After all, why go looking for trouble, right?

Mamie: That's right. The two of you are going to be married. I agree it might have been a bit extravagant. That just goes to show how much this woman cares about you, unless there's something more you're not telling me. Well, here she is. Wow, look at you. Looks like you're all dressed up Antsy to go.

Isabella: Go where?

Malcolm: Thought I would take ourselves for a test drive. Mamie, you up for it?

Mamie: Not this time.

Malcolm: (Clucking like a chicken)

Mamie: I am a chicken but I have to be going now.

Malcolm: We'll walk you out and me and sister here are going to take a little cruise.

Alex: Mamie, my gosh, my present.

Malcolm: Now Mamie, shh. I'm cool, okay? I'm cool.

Victor: Here we are.

Victoria: Where's Nicholas?

Victor: He went to the house to check something. Would you like some orange juice, honey?

Victoria: No thank you. Thanks again for the trip.

Victor: Did you enjoy your trip?

Victoria: Yeah.

Victor: Did it help you get over Ryan?

Victoria: It helped. I wish it did the same for Nicholas and Sharon.

Victor: He confided in me earlier.

Victoria: What did he say?

Victor: Losing their baby is obviously very traumatic for Sharon. I think their problems go deeper than that. He told me that he regrets having asked her for a paternity test.

Victoria: What did you tell him?

Victor: I told him I understood why he asked for the -- I -- I told him I understood why he asked for the paternity test.

Victoria: Do you know if Nicholas is talking to Sharon about this?

Victor: Son, we're a little concerned about you and Sharon. Victoria was asking if you had talked to her about the paternity test.

Nicholas: Sharon hasn't said anything about it, but there's a good chance it's bothering her.

Victor: Sorry to hear that.

Mackenzie: You're talking about my mom, aren't you?

Katherine: Are you still planning to see her today? Well, how do you really feel about that, Mackenzie?

Mackenzie: I'm not freaking out. You're worried about me, aren't you?

Katherine: You sure you want to do this?

Mackenzie: Do you think it's a bad idea?

Katherine: No, no, sweetheart. I support you 100%. Do you prefer to meet her some place, some place more private?

Mackenzie: Where?

Katherine: Here. Esther and I can leave the house and you have the whole thing to yourself.

Mackenzie: I don't think so. I don't know.

Katherine: Listen to me. This is your home, sweetheart.

Mackenzie: That's my problem. I don't know if I'm ready for that yet.

Larry: Look, I'm no expert on this, okay? But this thing between you and your daughter, it seems --

Amanda: Larry, it's complicated.

Larry: So complicated that you can't see your own kid at Christmas. If I was an old man, I would take her over my knee and show her who's boss.

Amanda: I don’t know -- I'm not sure that would work.

Larry: When are you two going to hook up?

Amanda: Actually today. We're meeting in a little while.

Larry: Meeting? It kind of sounds like some business thing.

Amanda: It's more like a getting re-acquainted thing.

Larry: So it's been that long, huh?

Amanda: She's changed a lot. First she left home, we weren't in a very good place.

Larry: That sounds like a two-way street.

Amanda: Yeah, it was until I --

Larry: Whoa, whoa, take it easy, all right? We all make mistakes, all right? Look at me. Do yourself a favor and cut yourself some slack there kiddo.

Amanda: Okay.

Larry: So, is that present for me or your daughter?

Amanda: My girl. It's her birthday.

Larry: Wow, 18. That's a big one.

Amanda: I will never forget the first time I held her in my arms. It's like suddenly everything made sense. I had a purpose, you know?

Larry: Whoa, whoa, hey, it's okay, all right?

Amanda: Yeah. I just would like to celebrate with her.

Larry: But you're not sure if that's what she wants, huh.

Amanda: I'm not sure she wants anything from me.

Larry: What about your present?

Amanda: We'll have to play that by ear.

Larry: Oh, she's on her way?

Amanda: Yeah.

Larry: Tell you what. I'm going to get out of your hair. I don't want to interrupt that. I really wish you the best on this. So good luck on it, all right?

Amanda: Yeah.

Larry: Take it easy. Ah, this is the perfect night.

Doris: Here you go, Sharon. -- Here you go, Sharon. Okay. Guys, the secret ingredient. Sharon, you phoned me for me to meet you here, said you had to talk.

Sharon: Maybe that was a mistake.

Doris: I'm your mother. If something is troubling you, I want to help.

Sharon: You can't help.

Doris: You won't even give me a chance.

Sharon: I can't explain how I feel. I'm not sure myself.

Doris: Maybe if you just start talking.

Sharon: When Nicholas called me here and asked me to meet him at the airport, that's the last thing I wanted to do.

Doris: Still, you thought being with your family might help.

Sharon: I will never forget what Victor did. It was an incredible adventure for the children. Nicholas was trying so hard.

Doris: He knows something is wrong?

Sharon: He knows I wanted to talk to him, but I was afraid.

Doris: Of what?

Sharon: Of what might happen if I did.

Doris: You have been through difficult tombs. Nicholas loves you.

Sharon: And I love him. I love the life -- I love the life we've made together. I want to know a way out of this but I'm not sure what it is.

Doris: Girl, you don't want to talk to me, that's fine. But you have to talk to your husband.

Sharon: I don't think I can, Mom.

Doris: Sharon, you have to. You leave the children with me. Go home and talk to Nicholas now.

Alex: God, that was some ride. I'm freezing.

Malcolm: Girl, let me tell you something. You need your bottom spanked because you are a bad, bad girl. You went and bought me my dream car. Did you see the way that bad boy handled on the road? It was smooth. I couldn't believe how fast we were going.

Alex: I hope I haven't created myself a monster. Some men think a fast car is sexier than a woman.

Malcolm: Guess what, I'm not some man.

Alex: Really?

Malcolm: As much as I love my speedy little car with the v-8, I will take your engine under your hood.

Alex: You can warm up this engine right now.

Malcolm: You need a tune-up, Hmm?

Katherine: Mackenzie, I didn't mean to upset you. Your mother is evidently a very sensitive subject.

Mackenzie: You remember when you were talking about my birthday? Said I didn't want to do anything until after the holidays? It wasn't always like that. My Mom would always try to make it special. So it's hard.

Katherine: Christmas and your birthday, that's a very busy time.

Mackenzie: She always made a big deal about it. It wasn't just my birthday. It was hers too. She says life didn't start until I was born.

Katherine: I know what she means. It sounds like you have a few lovely memories.

Mackenzie: I have to go. I'll see you later.

Lauren: I don't mean to upset you.

Paul: Look, Lauren, do us both a favor and drop this.

Lauren: You don't want to see Isabella?

Paul: You know, it's a bad idea.

Lauren: I'm not so sure.

Paul: Why are you pushing this?

Lauren: Because I think there could be more going on than you know.

Paul: It seems pretty obvious to me.

Lauren: Just go to her, talk to her and don't be afraid as to where the conversation may lead.

Paul: Wait a second. She is having another man's baby, a man I despise. That's it. Why can't you get that through your head? Even if I tried to talk to her, she wouldn't listen to me.

Lauren: How can you be so sure?

Paul: Because she doesn't want to listen to what I have to say. She's made that perfectly clear.

Lauren: There are a lot of lives at stake here. Just go talk to her. You have nothing to lose.

Paul: I can't do that. But there is something I can do.

Victor: Obviously, son, there's a problem between you and Sharon.

Nicholas: If I observable knew what was going on.

Victoria: She just lost a baby. Let me tell you, losing a child leaves a hole in your heart for a long, long time.

Nicholas: Wouldn't you share that with your husband?

Victoria: Maybe not. It's not that black and white. Sometimes when you're in pain, you do things that don't make sense. After I lost Eve, I was mad at the whole world.

Nicholas: I don't see why she would shut me out like this.

Victor: Victoria has a point.

Nicholas: I know my wife better than anyone. There's something that's upsetting her that she doesn't want to share with me. Hey, where are the kids?

Sharon: They're with my mom. Any word from Nikki?

Victor: No. I'm not sure when she'll be home. I have to go to the office.

Victoria: You know what? I'm going to go with you. Might as well keep up.

Victor: All right. See you tomorrow, all right?

Mackenzie: How long have you been waiting?

Amanda: I was early. Anxious I guess. Sit down. Would you like anything?

Mackenzie: No, no.

Amanda: Coffee, my morning fix. So how was your holiday?

Mackenzie: Good.

Amanda: Did you do anything special?

Mackenzie: I went to a wedding.

Amanda: That's nice.

Mackenzie: Billy's brother Jack got married.

Amanda: And Christmas?

Mackenzie: Christmas was good too. How was your Christmas?

Amanda: It was nice. We had a wonderful dinner at the shelter. It felt just like family.

Mackenzie: Yeah, that's what the holidays are all about.

Amanda: Yeah ma’am -- Yeah, family.

Isabella: Talk about lies, if you didn't suck me into this scam --

Michael: What the hell are you thinking? I can barely believe you told Paul you were pregnant.

Isabella: I did. We met at Jack and Phyllis' engagement party. We had a brief fling. You're taking care of me. Christine doesn't know the lengths you went to destroy her marriage. I'm reminding you how complicated things can be. Squirrel your way out of this and get back into her good graces.

Michael: This isn't about Christine. I have a reputation to uphold. Like it or not, we had a deal, Isabella.

Isabella: Well, it's over, and you should be glad.

Michael: What are you talking about?

Isabella: Paul was bound to find out. Now it's out in the open, we can put it behind us.

Michael: That's easy for you to say. (Knock on door)

Paul: Baldwin, I want to talk to you. Are you in there?

Isabella: Paul, come in. We were just talking about you.

Nicholas: So I'm glad we have some time alone. Look, I know there's something bothering you. We've been through a lot. But this is different. I need you to talk to me.

Sharon: I don't know what to say.

Nicholas: On the plane, you all but admitted something has happened. Look, this is killing me, okay? This distance is absolutely killing me.

Sharon: Well, I'm sorry.

Nicholas: I don't want you to apologize to me. Baby, I want you to tell me what is wrong. What is this?

Sharon: Test results.

Nicholas: Test results? Wait, this isn't --

Sharon: Yeah, it is.

Nicholas: Paternity test?

Sharon: I had it done on the baby after she died. She was our little girl, Nicholas. Just as I thought all along. The baby was ours. 

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