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Nikki: Oh, Katherine, come in.

Katherine: Thank you, thank you. Is this a bad time?

Nikki: No, no.

Katherine: It's freezing out there. It feels so good, so good. Where's Victoria?

Nikki: She's out for a walk.

Katherine: How is she doing?

Nikki: Doing her better to get through each day.

Katherine: Like her mother, I imagine?

Nikki: Katherine, you have to idea.

Katherine: Is something wrong?

Nikki: I found something out today, something totally mind-boggling. I have to tell you, but it has to stay between us.

Katherine: Of course.

Nikki: I know who is the man who unwittingly fathered Dianeís baby.

Katherine: How did you find out?

Nikki: Stop, stop. This is way beyond whether it's a man that will take responsibility for the child. Way beyond that.

Katherine: Darling you're frightening me. Oh, God, who is it?

Nikki: It's Jack Abbott.

Phyllis: So, are we going to have a treat?

Jack: Do you have a problem with that?

Phyllis: I can take it or leave it. It's the mistletoe that I like.

Jack: Listen, while we're getting in the holiday spirit, I have a little something for you.

Phyllis: Jack, I thought we were going to open presents on Christmas Eve.

Jack: I can't have you open this in front of my family. They'd just gawk.

Phyllis: Does this have to do with the baby? Is that why you don't want me to open it in front of your family?

Jack: Just open the gift, will ya?

Phyllis: I think your expectations are too high.

Jack: That's the third time you said that to me. My answer hasn't changed. I have no expectations. Expectations no, hopes yes. When I tell you that I love you, it's about us. It's not about babies.

Damn it!

Victor: There you are.

Neil: You been looking for me?

Victor: For some time now, Neil.

Neil: Yeah. It's about Victoria, right?

Victor: It has nothing to do with my daughter. I got a rather upsetting phone call this morning asking why New York had not received our bid to buy out Wheaton Kelly. The deadline was seven, Eastern Time.

Neil: Yes, I'm aware of that.

Victor: Who is responsible for that screw-up?

Neil: That would be me, sir. It was my responsibility, my mistake.

Malcolm: I was just at Neilís, Alex.

Alex: You seem upset.

Malcolm: I still can't believe what I just heard.

Alex: Tell me.

Malcolm: Well, for starters, my brother was drunk. That kind of threw me for a loop. But what came out of his mouth --.

Alex: If he was drunk, can you take the man seriously?

Malcolm: As much as I want to say it was the booze talking, it had a certain ring of truth to it.

Alex: What do you mean?

Malcolm: What he said about the two of you.

Mackenzie: Make a dent in your Christmas list?

Raul: Hauling Brittany around?

Mackenzie: Not your price range. You splurge on it for your mom?

Raul: It's not mine. It's Brittanyís.

Mackenzie: I'm heading over to the boutique to meet Billy. You want to come with me?

Raul: I don't think so.

Mackenzie: You can use my discount and get some really good bargains.

Raul: Okay. I have to finish up my shopping anyway.

Mackenzie: Cool. What about the sweater? You can't just leave it here.

Raul: All right. Sharon, will you hold on to this? It's Brittanyís. If she doesn't come by and pick it up, I'll pick it up later.

Paul: Santa's little elf.

Lynne: You like the robe?

Paul: My mom will love it. Toasty warm. I probably should have picked it out myself.

Lauren: You are a terrible son.

Paul: What are you doing for Christmas?

Lauren: I have a standing invitation at Katherineís unless you have a better offer.

Paul: I'm going to midnight mass with my mother unless you want to join us.

Lauren: What about Christmas Day.

Paul: I'll be at my mom's, you're welcome to join us there.

Lauren: Thanks but no thanks. I don't want to drain all of her Christmas joy.

Michael: We could have done this at my office.

Isabella: If you don't want to be seen with me in public, why don't you wear a phony beard and dark eyeglasses next time.

Michael: I got the message about you finding a place.

Isabella: It's a sublet. I went out of my way to save you money. I was thinking of you.

Michael: I'm sure you're thinking of me.

Isabella: Just remember it's first and last month's rent, plus the security deposit.

Michael: Here it is, your blackmail.

Isabella: Michael, you're such a sourpuss. It's depressing. You should lighten up.

Billy: Hey, welcome back.

Raul: Came to pick up some stuff on sale.

Billy: Okay. That's fine.

Raul: We're going to have to talk, aren't we?

Billy: Having a conversation with us is an ordeal now?

Raul: I feel bad I hardly see you. It's like whenever Iím around you guys it's like you're disappointed.

Mackenzie: We're worried. We want to help.

Raul: You can't, especially by harping on what's supposedly good for me. I have two parents at home. I don't need two more. Understand?

Sharon: Hey, you two. Did you clean out the stores?

Nicholas: She totally cleaned up.

Sharon: This is just like yours.

Cassie: Except he's yours.

Nicholas: Spoken like a true collector.

Sharon: You can't find these now.

Cassie: Since Noah likes playing with planes so much, I decided to get him that so he has one of his very own.

Nicholas: You know I'm totally jealous, because he's going to like that much better than anything we get him.

Sharon: I agree. He's going to go crazy over this.

Cassie: I'm mad at him playing with my things. He'll be upset.

Sharon: He's going to like this. You two can play together and he won't have to borrow.

Cassie: I hope so.

Nicholas: Is there something else bothering you, squirt?

Cassie: It's just mostly girls like these horses. Do you think he'll be bothered by that?

Sharon: Sweetie, I don't think so.

Nicholas: Are you looking for things to worry about?

Cassie: No. I just want him to be happy, that's all. Never mind.

Alex: What in the world did he say to get this angry?

Malcolm: He said the two of you have feelings for each other, strong feelings that you all have been hiding for me.

Alex: Oh, my God.

Malcolm: It kind of blindsided me too. All these months, Alex. Why couldn't I see this, huh? Oh, my God. The way that he used to talk about you for all the times I was messing up with you. He acted like he knew exactly what was going on in your heart. I took it at face value. I never suspected it would be anything like this. Damn it, how could I be so blind? It's bad enough he has the nerve to look me in my eye and say he's checking you out. I don't give a damn if he was drunk. He starts talking like that, I want to tear his head off. Who is he to come at me like that?

Alex: You didn't believe him.

Malcolm: Baby, you and I, we're engaged. Where does he get off saying you lying to me?

Alex: I can understand why you're so angry.

Malcolm: My brother is jealous of me. He even claimed you turned down the job at Newman Enterprises. I suppose it a might have a ring of truth to it.

Alex: Why?

Malcolm: Baby, could you tell he was having these feelings for you? Is that why you didn't want to work with him?

Isabella: I was expecting a check.

Michael: I'm sure your landlord will be delighted to get cash.

Isabella: You want a receipt?

Michael: No.

Isabella: I thought you wanted to keep track of every nickel in case you need a refund.

Michael: I'm keeping track in my head.

Isabella: Why did Christine hightail it out of town so fast?

Michael: She was here to attend a funeral.

Isabella: She's paid her respects and --.

Michael: Isabella, you're so transparent. You want to know if she saw Paul. You want to know if anything happened. And the answer is... Certainly not enough to keep her in town.

Isabella: Thanks for the update.

Michael: At least the lady is smart enough to know when to cut her losses.

Isabella: Meaning?

Michael: Why are you staying? There's no future for you and Dick Tracy.

Paul: Christmas is really one day I need to spend with my mom.

Lauren: All right. I'll be at Katherineís. You be with your mom. Maybe we can hook up in the evening.

Paul: Now that's a deal.

Lauren: Okay. Good.

Paul: Why is it the women I get involved with always seem to be at war with my mother?

Lauren: Well, not all of them. I heard that wasn't the case with Isabella.

Paul: To answer the question you have not asked yet, no, I have not found her because I have nothing to say to her.

Lauren: How about why is she still in town?

Paul: None of my business.

Lauren: You don't think you're a factor why she stayed in town?

Paul: She can contact me too. I have a phone number.

Lauren: Maybe she's having trouble reaching out. It could be the talk she had with Mary was a way of sending you a message.

Malcolm: Alex, please talk to me. Is Neil right about this? Is that why you quit?

Alex: How many times do I have to say it? I took the job at this firm because of what it offered to me.

Malcolm: Not because my brother has feelings for you. I can't believe Iím standing here questioning you if you love me.

Alex: I don't blame you for being confused.

Malcolm: I'm tripping, Alex. I don't care if he is my brother. I'm not about to deal with this type of garbage. Baby, how are you supposed to deal with being around is this man from now on? I have to sit back and wonder what type of no good is going on in his head.

Alex: Baby, I want you to just relax. It's been a long, stressful day. Just --.

Malcolm: Oh, my God. You just reminded me. I have a photo shoot. It's a last-minute Christmas thing. I'll be damned if I want to take anybody's picture.

Alex: Reschedule.

Malcolm: I canít. Come here. Baby, I know it would be really insecure of me to even give a second thought to what my brother said.

Alex: I love you, Malcolm. I love you.

Malcolm: I've got to go.

Victor: I find what you're telling me very hard to believe.

Neil: Well, it is true. It is my screw-up.

Victor: Are you protecting someone's behind?

Neil: I'm not trying to protect anyone. It's my mistake. I had a bad night. I had a terrible night last night. This morning -- it was one of those -- it just slipped my mind.

Victor: You didn't look at the calendar.

Neil: Victor, I just got here.

Victor: You realize we could have made this deal for pennies on the dollar.

Neil: I know. There's no excuse. I can say Iím sorry and I have been going through a very difficult time.

Phyllis: You're right. Our love for each other is not about babies. It's just the icing on the cake.

Jack: What an amazing cake it is.

Phyllis: Okay. I'll open this. Here it goes.

Jack: Yes.

Phyllis: All right. Pretty, pretty paper. Did you wrap it yourself? Oh. Oh! Okay.

Jack: If you don't like it, at least I know I will.

Phyllis: Oh, this is great.

Katherine: The whole thing is unbelievable.

Nikki: I had no idea Jack had dealings with that lab.

Katherine: Obviously the man has a few secrets left.

Nikki: Of all the samples that could have been switched with Victorís. I set this whole thing in motion. It's all my fault.

Katherine: Surely you're not feeling guilty.

Nikki: When I heard she was back, I got worried all over again. She didn't have the child with her. She didn't even mention his existence to Victor or Jack.

Katherine: You're taking that as proof she's an unfit mother?

Nikki: It's not proof. Don't you think that's odd?

Katherine: It certainly started to motivate you to try to find the father all over again. How ironic is that?

Katherine: Does he know?

Nikki: No.

Katherine: You have not decided how to handle this.

Nikki: I have played with too many people's lives already. It would be bad enough if I showed up on somebody's doorstep saying, "surprise, you have a child with a woman you never met."

Katherine: If Diane Jenkins is an unfit mother, what a perfect solution for Jack. It's a prayer answered.

Nikki: Katherine, Jack is about to get married.

Katherine: Diane Jenkins is a part of his past he would rather forget.

Nicholas: I hate seeing her so down.

Sharon: I really hoped she would be feeling better by now.

Nicholas: I made some hot chocolate for the both of us.

Nicholas: Excuse me. Can I help you?

I'm looking for Raul Gutierrez.

Sharon: He hangs out here. He should be back.

I'll just wait.

Sharon: Great. Let me know if I can get you a menu or something.


Nicholas: Look what Iíve got for you. There's a lot more where that came from. Don't tell your mom. She has a lot more than one -- I have a lot more than one.

What's that? A horse? They're great with cattle and great with little children too.

Cassie: Yeah. Did you know this is where they were in the mountains to help the Indians hundreds of years ago?

Something tells me you don't just get that out of a book.

Cassie: My family has horses. I ride.

I ride too. I've been working on this ranch in California the last few years. I rode one of my boss's. The horse knew what I wanted before I did.

Cassie: Really?

Mmm-hmm. I'd think, Hmm, I better check the hollow over there and see if the big brown cow had her calf over by the trees. Before I touched the reins Charlie would head that way.

Cassie: I hope my brother gets to meet you.

Your brother? It's almost Christmas. Is that horse for him?

Cassie: Mmm-hmm.

He's going to love that.

Cassie: You think so?

I know when I was his age, that would have been one of my favorite presents.

Raul: You two are supposed to be my friend.

Billy: We are, Raul.

Raul: Back the hell up.

Billy: You have helped us through tough times. Why won't you let us help you?

Raul: You keep insisting Iím upset because Rianna and I broke up. I almost died twice this year because of this disease I have. If you come that close to death, it gives you a new angle on things.

Mackenzie: Are you worried it will happen again?

Raul: If I'm careful it probably won't.

Raul: I have to be the perfect son.

Billy: You know your parents are proud of you.

Raul: Sure. That used to make me feel great. Now it's a huge weight on my shoulders.

Mackenzie: Because they expect so much.

Raul: I have to make people happy without knowing what I want, let alone getting it.

Jack: Oh, this has been delightful, so delightful; I actually have another present for you.

Phyllis: Really? Is this the last one?

Jack: Let's see. This has your name on it.

Phyllis: It's your name. Oh, Jack.

Jack: You have to marry me first.

Phyllis: This is perfect.

Jack: Oh, believe me it is. This is the most gorgeous and deep in the forest next to this picturesque little town. You have the biggest room in the place, two fire places, one with a whirlpool next to it.

Phyllis: That's great. I didn't think we were going to have a honeymoon.

Jack: Because of the in vitro?

Phyllis: We're starting the next phase.

Jack: What better way to get away for a long weekend together.

Phyllis: Right. It's a great distraction, only --.

Jack: Only what?

Phyllis: The date. It's at the same time as the holidays. And I just figured you wanted to spend that with your family. I can't believe I said that.

Jack: What?

Phyllis: Choosing family over romantic vacations. I think I'm starting to lose it.

Jack: I think you're starting to get it. And I, for one, am very, very grateful.

Billy: We haven't talked like this in so long. I had no idea things had gotten this bad for you.

Mackenzie: What can we do, Raul?

Raul: Nothing.

Billy: You sound overwhelmed, man. I can relate to that. Maybe it would help to focus on one thing. We're almost at the finish line. Just send in your application.

Mackenzie: Do your essay.

Billy: Then you can relax, take it easy the next semester. This way you won't screw up your future.

Raul: Hear what you're saying? The same thing Iím fed over and over. I keep preparing my whole life for tomorrow. What if there is no tomorrow? You say if I write this essay, I can have a little break? Then there's college and the whole thing starts over again.

Mackenzie: You might feel differently by then.

Raul: Or maybe I wonít.

Mackenzie: Okay. You know what? All this stuff is on sale. With my discount it comes to $12 even.

Raul: At least I can cross off a couple more people. I'm going to go, okay?

Billy: I'm done here.

Mackenzie: You know what? Me too. The cleaning crew will just close up. We'll go with you.

Victor: I understand that Ryanís death has affected all of us. I know that he and you were close friends.

Neil: I understand that that's no excuse.

Victor: It is not just about the money, Neil. I need to be able to rely on you, especially now. You're my second in command. You cannot make a mistake of this magnitude again.

Neil: Victor, I can assure you that I will not. It will not happen again.

Victor: It damned well better not. You're very important to this company, you got that? Why don't you finish what you have left on your desk and take some days off, all right? Leave the rest. Spending time with your family can be restorative. What's really bothering you, Neil?

Neil: Nothing. Victor, you're absolutely right. I just need some time off. You're absolutely right.

Katherine: Now if Jack is involved with that child --.

Nikki: He would have to deal with his mother again.

Katherine: This is so fraught with danger.

Nikki: I tell myself over and over again, should I tell Jack?

Katherine: You need to find out what kind of life that child has.

Nikki: Do you think it's possible the child is okay?

Katherine: Of course. Because you and Diane Jenkins despise each other doesn't mean she's a horrible mother.

Nikki: If Jack knew he was the father, he would want to be involved. You think Iím letting my guilt get in the way of my judgment?

Katherine: There are lives and futures at stake here.

Nikki: You're right. But how do I get the information I need out of the woman who loathes me? All I know is somehow Iíve got to get it.

Jack: Phyllis, what's keeping you? Phyllis?!

Phyllis: Did you miss me?

Jack: What's with the robe? I thought you were going upstairs to --.

Phyllis: Get a present?

Jack: Yeah.

Phyllis: Merry Christmas, Santa.

Jack: Ouch.

Phyllis: I take it you approve?

Jack: Of everything except the setting.

Phyllis: It's not private enough for you?

Jack: I'm afraid my dad's going to walk in here.

Phyllis: What's the difference? We're all family. It's okay.

Diego: That's your daughter, I assume.

Nicholas: Yep.

Diego:  She's great. She knows a lot about horses.

Nicholas: So do you from what I heard.

Sharon: Are you new in town?

Diego:  I grew up here. I'm home for the holidays.

Nicholas: Does it look the same to you?

Diego:  Pretty much.

Sharon: How do you know Raul? Are you friends of the family?

Diego: Actually --.

Raul: Diego. I can't believe it, you finally made it, man!

[Phone ringing]

Neil: Winters.

Alex: Neil, it's me. Are you alone?

Neil: Alex.

Alex: I'm coming over.

Neil: No, wait. This isn't a good time.

Alex: I'll be there in a few minutes.

Neil: Alex, will you --.

Michael: You're avoiding my question.

Isabella: I'm not interested in talking with you about Paul.

Michael: I understand why you don't want to go to some place where you're broke and alone. Now you're forcing me to support you, why are you sticking around?

Isabella: And you say I'm being transparent?

Michael: I'm the first to admit I don't want the wrong people to find out about our connection about you --.

Isabella: Me what?

Michael: You're taking your frustrations out on me. I'm warning you, if you don't leave you're going to pay.

Isabella: How am I going to pay?

Michael: It's obvious you still have feelings for the guy. How are you going to get on with your life? You have to make a clean break.

Isabella: You don't have any advice for me, Michael, would you?

Michael: Dream on, Isabella. If you can get pregnant accidentally, why couldn't it have been by Paul?

Isabella: Unlike us, Paul and I were together only once, and he was a lot more careful than you, obviously.

Michael: I have to go.

Isabella: Thanks for the money. I'll keep in touch.

Michael: I can't wait.

Paul: All right. Just for the sake of argument -- thank you -- let's say that you're right and assume Isabella does want to see me. I still have a problem. Chris was just here. You said yourself I was in a lot of turmoil.

Lauren: I know that.

Paul: The reason we broke up in the first place is because I was unwilling to let Chris go.

Lauren: Okay. But don't you feel the knee to clarify things?

Paul: And how would you suggest I do that?

Lauren: You find Isabella and talk to her. That's the only way you will resolve your issues.

Paul: Oh, you think?

Lauren: Yeah, I really do. Okay. I'll talk to her.

Paul: No, you wonít. But thanks for the offer.

Lauren: I have to go to the ladies room.

Paul: Listen, I better run to the office. I'll call you about Christmas Eve.

Lauren: All right. Fine.

Paul: Bye.

Paul: Isabella.

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