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Phyllis: Here you go.

Nikki: Thank you.

Phyllis: Sure.

Nikki: Mmm. Good coffee.

Phyllis: Oh, thanks. I brewed it myself. One of my hidden talents. So I heard Diane Jenkins was in town.

Nikki: I know.

Phyllis: You can imagine how it made my day when Jack told me he was blessed by a visit from her. I'm sure it made your day, too.

Nikki: What do you mean it "made my day"? Did Jack say something?

Phyllis: Oh, no, he didn't say something. It was just I heard that she popped in on Victor, too.

Nikki: Oh, yes, she did. One of those unpleasant surprises.

Phyllis: Right. I can't imagine how that woman would think that bygones would be bygones after everything she pulled.

Nikki: Well, that's Diane in a nutshell -- delusional.

Phyllis: Yeah, I didn't realize how far gone she was, but I'm sure there was no doubt in your mind, after all that business with Victor and her baby.

[Doorbell rings]

Neil: I thought I told you -- I don't have anything to say to you.

Malcolm: Hey, Neil! Hey, open this door. Neil! Yo, you trippin', man. Come on, open the door. You better open this door, man. Neil! What's wrong with you?

Neil: I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Malcolm, Iím just not in the mood for visitors right now, okay?

Malcolm: Yeah, well, tough luck, you got one right now. Man, you got nerve slammin' the door in my face. What's goin' on with you?

Neil: Nothing. All right? I had a long night at the office, okay? I've been working all night long! I came home, I'm gonna get showered, changed and I gotta go back!

Malcolm: Hey, hey, hey, hey. This is me here. No offense, man, but you look like you need more than a nap. Come on, man, it was a bad idea staying up all night at the office, don't you think?

Neil: Do I tell you how to run your business, Malcolm?

Malcolm: All right, look, Neil, listen to me. You're pushing yourself way too hard. And I think I got a pretty good idea why.

Rianna: Are you ready for all your finals?

Girl: I know. I need to study. I'm gonna go right now, though.

Rianna: Okay, Iíll see you later. Bye.

J.T.: Hey, beautiful.

Rianna: Hey.

J.T.: You ready to go?

Rianna: Your folks aren't home?

J.T.: I told you they wouldn't be. The coast is clear.

Rianna: Okay, well, I can't leave just yet.

J.T.: Why not?

Rianna: I have this lab assignment that I need to finish.

J.T.: Rianna, we've put this off a couple times already.

Rianna: I know. And I won't be long, I promise. We can go to your house when Iím done.

J.T.: You're not into this, are you?

Rianna: I didn't say that.

J.T.: Look, I am not planning on jumping you the minute we're alone.

Rianna: I know.

J.T.: All I want is for us to spend a little time together. If we get real close again, well, that's what I'd like, but only if you're ready.

Rianna: You always say the right things.

J.T.: That's 'cause I mean 'em.

J.T.: So, we're cool?

Rianna: I will meet you at your house.

J.T.: All right.

Brittany: Well, look on the bright side -- at least you're not holding hands anymore.

J.T.: What are you, some kind of voyeur? Why don't you get a life, Brit?

Brittany: It's much more fun watching you try to wear down poor Rianna's defenses.

J.T.: Poor Rianna? Where do you get that? She wants me.

Brittany: Well, you think you're gonna get somewhere with her, say, before summer?

J.T.: Try this afternoon.

Brittany: Well, for your sake, I hope you do. Then you can drop this "nice guy" act. It's too weird watching you.

J.T.: So don't watch.

Brittany: Okay, so let's say you do get lucky. Then you're just gonna move on, right? You're not gonna be stuck with just one girlfriend.

J.T.: What do you think? Why are you looking at me like that?

Brittany: Look, even though Rianna and I aren't really friends anymore, I feel kind of weird seeing her get used by you again.

J.T.: She's a big girl. Don't lose any sleep over it. Besides, it's not like it's her first time.

Brittany: What are you saying? She's been around?

J.T.: No, but she knows what she's doing. She likes me. She likes the way I operate. And I don't need to post a sign that says "warning, danger ahead." That's not my job.

Brittany: Even if you know something she doesn't?

J.T.: What's that?

Brittany: That this whole "hey, babe, you're the greatest" routine is just an act.

J.T.: Hey, I mean what I say when I say it.

Brittany: You truly believe you're not doing anything wrong.

J.T.: She's hot for me.

Brittany: J.T., you've got to know what this is going to do to Rianna. This all may be a game to you, but it's love for Rianna. So you can lie to her, but don't lie to yourself.

[Olivia laughs]

Olivia: Oh, okay, enough about me. I want to hear about you and Brad.

Ashley: We're wonderful.

Olivia: That's excellent.

Ashley: Well, Brad's going through a little bit of a rough time.

Olivia: Why?

Ashley: Well, you knew that Colleen went back to New York, right? Unfortunately, she's not adjusting to high school as well as Traci and Steve hoped.

Olivia: And your husband's upset.

Ashley: No, he can't find out what's going on, that's why.

Olivia: Traci doesn't tell him? I mean, after all, he's the girl's biological father.

Ashley: That's true. But she wants to handle this problem, whatever it is, by herself.

Olivia: It's probably for the best.

Ashley: How can you say that?

Olivia: Because she's there, he's here.

Ashley: So what?

Olivia: Look, this is no reflection on Brad. It's just the most well-intentioned gesture from someone who's not involved can be intrusive rather than helpful. Believe me, I know.

[Doorbell rings]

Traci: Daddy! What in the world are you doing here?

John: What kind of greeting is that for your old dad?

Traci: I'm sorry. Please, come in.

John: I was hoping I could help.

Traci: You mean that you flew all the way from Genoa City because you think I needed help?

John: I sense you needed me and I was worried.

Steve: John? I didn't realize you were coming to New York.

John: Well, I realize that the trip is no longer possible, but whatever is going on, I think I can help. Now, Colleen called me.

Traci: I just wish that you had asked me first, Dad.

John: Are you saying you'd like me to turn around and go home?

Jill: For you.

Jack: What are you doing?

Jill: Thinking about jumping.

Jack: Too bad that window doesn't open.

Jill: Oh, what a trip that would be.

Jack: You're spooking me. Get away from the window.

Jill: Oh, Jack, Iím not talking about suicide. Life is way too exciting for that.

Jack: Well, I couldn't agree more. Life is just great, but what has you in this unusually good mood?

Nikki: You know, I don't even like talking about Diane. Let's just hope her visit is over and we never have to deal with her again.

Phyllis: Oh, amen to that. I'm sure if you saw her in the street, you'd be able to handle her, wouldn't you, Nikki?

Nikki: Let's talk about something more pleasant.

Phyllis: Okay. My wedding, perhaps?

Nikki: Yes, I haven't had a chance to congratulate you. I hear it's next week.

Phyllis: It is, it is. We haven't gotten the invitations out. It's mainly family. But since you're such a good friend of Jack's, I would love for you to come.

Nikki: Hey, if you don't mind an ex-wife in the peanut gallery.

Phyllis: Absolutely not. I'd love you to be there. So would Jack. Something wrong?

Nikki: Do you mind if I bring up something personal? And if Iím out of line, just tell me.

Phyllis: Okay. If you're going to give me conjugal tips, Iíd just as soon muddle through myself, thank you.

Nikki: No, no, no. I'm sure you have that covered. Um, it's kind of a sensitive subject.

Phyllis: Okay, let me guess. You want to talk about Jack and me having children, or in this case, not having children.

Nikki: Can you indulge me just a moment?

Phyllis: If you insist.

Nikki: Have you and Jack talked about having children since you've been engaged?

Phyllis: Our relationship doesn't really revolve around having kids, Nikki.

Nikki: Well, I know how much he loves you. And because of what happened to you he doesn't want the subject of children to derail your engagement.

Phyllis: Your point?

Nikki: Just because he hasn't said anything doesn't mean it's a dead issue.

Phyllis: Have you been talking to him about this?

Nikki: Oh, I'm sorry. You feel like I'm interfering. I'm sorry.

Phyllis: No, why don't you answer me?

Nikki: Well, I did try to talk to him a little. He says he doesn't think about it anymore.

Phyllis: Although, you're here talking about it with me right now.

Nikki: Because his happiness matters to me, Phyllis. I know how important it is to him.

Phyllis: So important you think our relationship is doomed without a child? Isn't that what you want to say, Nikki?

Rianna: Hey, Mac.

Mackenzie: Yeah?

Rianna: Have you seen J.T. around?

Mackenzie: No, not since lunch.

Rianna: Okay, if you see him, tell him Iím running a little bit late, but we're still on.

Mackenzie: Sure. So things are going good with you guys?

Rianna: You're not going to nag me about Raul?

Mackenzie: No. If things work out with you and J.T., that's great. I just thought that stuff that happened in the past was --.

Riana: No, Mac. We're way beyond that. It's like I'm dating the guy for the first time, only better. He's been a perfect gentleman.

Mackenzie: Almost sounds too good to be true.

Rianna: He's changed, Mac.

Mackenzie: Really?

Rianna: Remember last summer how I said that I regretted what happened between J.T. and me?

Mackenzie: Rianna, you said that you wished he'd never been your first.

Rianna: I don't feel that way anymore.

Mackenzie: He's changed that much?

Rianna: You don't believe me?

Mackenzie: Sure, if you say so.

Rianna: Yeah, well, Billy wonít.

Mackenzie: I don't think that Billy is ever going to change his opinion of J.T., but maybe we can give him a little push.

Rianna: How?

Mackenzie: We'll just start out slow, meet sometime after school for a little while. Well, what about today? You want to meet us at the coffee house later?

Rianna: I can't.

Mackenzie: Why?

Rianna: We have plans.

Mackenzie: Oh, something special? Oh, Ri, you're not telling me that --.

Rianna: No, no, no. J.T. just wants us to be alone. That's all. No pressure. If something happens, it's because I want it to happen.

Mackenzie: Are you sure you're ready for this?

Rianna: I don't know. I guess we'll see. Anyway, I need to go, okay? I'll see you.

Malcolm: Look, man, I know what you're doing. Trust me, it ain't gonna work. You don't deal with stuff by burning yourself out, Neil. You gotta talk to somebody.

Neil: Malcolm, that's not gonna change a damn thing.

Malcolm: Maybe it will, maybe it won't. But, Neil, you gotta put your stuff on the table, man, you can't just bury it.

Neil: What exactly are we talking about here?

Malcolm: You lost your best friend. I don't claim to be a shrink, but I know you've got to deal with it head-on.

Neil: Yeah. Right, right.

Malcolm: Listen to me. You're a lot like me in that respect. We get macho at the worst times. A strong man, he's smart enough to know when he's down and out and needs to lean on somebody. So all Iím saying is that I'm here for you. All right? I've got some really wide shoulders. You hear me? Huh?

Neil: Yeah.

Malcolm: Come here.

Ashley: I'm not sure I agree with you. I think Brad could help Traci.

Olivia: How so?

Ashley: 'Cause he understands Colleen more than Traci thinks. Maybe it's because they don't have that history, you know? Anyway, let's drop it. I suppose you heard that Jack's getting married next week. Did you hear that?

Olivia: I thought it was next year.

Ashley: You know Jack. He's not the most patient person.

Olivia: Well, how do you feel about that?

Ashley: I don't know. Do I have a choice in the matter?

Olivia: Who's coming?

Ashley: Don't get offended, okay? It's gonna be a very small wedding.

Olivia: I am not offended, really.

Ashley: Although, you'd probably want to sit in the front row and watch me play matron of honor, wouldn't you?

Olivia: No, you're kidding! I would pay money to see that. You gotta get me a copy of that video.

Ashley: I could have thought of a thousand reasons to say no, but I want to make Jack happy.

Olivia: You are one good sister.

Ashley: I know. Also, it makes Phyllis happy to see somebody in the family making nice about the wedding, you know? And the Abbott house is a lot more peaceful now.

Olivia: You know, it's strange. But you and I are in a similar position.

Ashley: Yeah? How so?

Olivia: Not giving in to negativity.

Ashley: You're talking about Neil?

Olivia: Who else?

Steve: Hold on. Colleen called you and you knew about this?

John: Yes, she asked me to take her side in the argument.

Steve: Yeah, well she's completely in the wrong.

John: Just relax. I didn't give her any specifics and I backed you 100%.

Steve: John, we appreciate it, okay, but I think --.

John: Look, the fact that she called me has to stand for something. Now, the family feels like I do. Things are going from bad to worse.

Traci: Oh, great, great. So now everybody's got an opinion about how we're supposed to be handling this.

John: Traci, that's because we all care about you and the situation. All I'm asking for is an opportunity to talk to my granddaughter, or we can discuss it together. But obviously, there's something serious going on around here.

Steve: You're right, there is. Our daughter is trying her best not to take responsibility for her actions. That's all the more reason that Traci should be the one to handle it.

Traci: Steve, wait a minute. It is true that communication has broken down so badly with Colleen. Maybe it's worth a shot for Dad to sit in with us.

John: Good.

Steve: I'll leave it up to you, sweetheart.

Traci: I can't deny, Daddy, we're desperate. Just walking Colleen to school this morning --.

John: What happened?

Traci: She's just so cold.

John: Sweetheart, kids can freeze you out when they're upset.

Traci: Okay, but not this kid. I have no experience dealing with this.

John: Just don't read too much into it, please.

Traci: Oh, that's easy for you to say.

Steve: Traci and I are worried. You know, this is a time when kids and their parents go in different directions. It's sad to say, sometimes they never find each other again.

John: I realize that's possible.

Traci: So you can understand why we're so terrified. We feel like we've really done the right thing. But at what cost? So, Daddy, if you think that you can help, then we need to go for it.

John: All right. I would like to talk to her tonight, if there's no objection.

Steve: No. It's fine by me.

John: Look, Iím very willing to go into this cold, but it would probably help if I knew what the problem was.

[Phone ringing]

Steve: Hello? Yeah. Now? Yeah, all right. We'll be there. It's Colleen's headmaster, Mr. Edwards. He wants to speak with us right away.

Traci: Oh, no!

John: Well, did he say anything more than that?

Steve: I'm afraid not.

John: Traci, I'll be right here.

Traci: Okay.

Jill: You know, I would really like to tell you what has me in such a good mood, but you'd probably spoil it.

Jack: You know, you're probably right. I would, if I had the time.

Jill: Well, let's just say that Iím feeling very good about myself.

Jack: And you think you can fly?

Jill: I know I can fly.

Jack: Sweetheart, I don't know what you're on, but I've got to get back to work.

Jill: You're pretty chipper yourself this morning.

Jack: Well, thank you for noticing. Yes, Iím getting married soon.

Jill: That's old news.

Jack: Well, the new news is we have moved the wedding date up. I will be marrying Phyllis next week.

Jill: Really? Funny, I didn't get my invitation.

Jack: Oh, no, you're not going to get one. It's a very intimate celebration.

Jill: Well, that's good. Save me the trouble of having to buy you a gift or pretending to be happy for you. Besides which, your engagement party was such a bore, I can't imagine the wedding would be much better.

Jack: I knew the crusty old Jill was underneath that smiling exterior.

Jill: Would you just tell me one thing, please? What has you in such a rush to walk down the aisle? Have you knocked Phyllis up and you're trying to save her honor?

Jack: No, Phyllis is not pregnant.

Jill: Oh, too bad. I know you're eager to start a family. I know how much you want kids.

Jack: Actually, we're up in the air about that.

Jill: Meaning Phyllis doesn't want kids?

Jack: Meaning this is none of your business.

Jill: You know what? You really should try to convince your bride-to-be that lust will not sustain a relationship, no matter how hungry she is.

Jack: And you would know that, wouldn't you?

Billy: Guess who?

Mackenzie: Brad Pitt?

Billy: Better. How you doing?

Mackenzie: Good.

Billy: So, any second thoughts about letting your mom stick around?

Mackenzie: No, I'm still okay with it.

Billy: Okay.

Mackenzie: Actually, I'm looking forward to spending some time with her over the holidays.

Billy: Just know I'll here as much as you need me to be, or Iíll keep my distance. It's up to you.

Mackenzie: You're never in the way.

Billy: If you say so.

Mackenzie: Billy, there's something on my mind, but you have to promise to hear me out before you get upset.

Billy: Mac, I don't like the sound of this.

Mackenzie: Promise me.

Billy: Okay.

Mackenzie: It's about Rianna and J.T.

Billy: Oh, Mac --.

Mackenzie: You promised.

Billy: Fine, I'm listening.

Mackenzie: Rianna and I were saying how much we miss hanging out, but with the way you feel about J.T. --.

Billy: He's a jerk.

Mackenzie: I just wish that there was a way for me to get you guys to get along.

Billy: Mac, it ain't gonna happen, all right?

Mackenzie: Please? Come on, it'll be fun. Will you do it for me? Come on, please?

Brittany: Hi.

Raul: Hey.

Brittany: I saw the way you reacted to that big kiss between J.T. and Rianna. Whatever you say, it seems to be affecting you.

Raul: You're the one who keeps talking about them. You jealous?

Brittany: Oh, come on. You know that doesn't make any sense.

Raul: Makes about as much sense as me pining over Rianna. That's ancient history, Brit.

Brittany: Yeah, right. Whatever.

Raul: Hey, I saw the way you ran over to J.T. as soon as Rianna took off.

Brittany: And you're dying to know what we talked about, aren't you?

Raul: Not really.

Brittany: Actually, it wasn't that interesting. What's that?

Raul: It's my Christmas list.

Brittany: Things you want from Santa?

Raul: No, Iíve got to buy gifts for all these people. I've taken care of most of them, but there's still a few I need to get.

Nikki: I would never suggest such a thing, Phyllis. I just want you to know that there are options for people in your situation.

Phyllis: You know, this was such a pleasant conversation, but you insist on harping on this. I'm not stupid. I know my options, Nikki.

Nikki: Well, good. I'm glad. I just want to help.

Phyllis: You know, it sounds like you think that Jack is secretly longing for a child. What, do you think you can read my fiancť better than I can? What's next? You think you could satisfy him better than I can?

Nikki: What the hell --.

Phyllis: You know, I'm not a betting woman, but I would wager my marriage to Jack lasts a hell of a lot longer than yours.

Nikki: You are unbelievable. It's time for me to go.

Phyllis: I couldn't agree more.

Nikki: You know -- good-bye. Good luck!

Jill: You really should listen to me. You know, I'm giving you good advice.

Jack: You know, save it.

Jill: See, after you've been married for about eight or ten months, the passion wanes. It's kind of like when you wear an outfit all the time. You get bored with it. A good marriage needs children.

Jack: Children didn't lead to happily ever after for you.

Jill: Maybe Phyllis is the one I should be giving this perspective to. 'Cause if she thinks that body of hers can keep you happy forever, she's sadly mistaken.

Jack: You stay away from Phyllis. I don't want you discussing any of this with her.

Jill: Fine, just trying to help. It's up to you if you want a family or not. Frankly, Iím too happy to care.

Jack: Okay, thanks. That was easy.

Jill: Okay, Iím going back to work now. Oh, Jack, where are you going on your honeymoon?

Jack: Actually, that, too, is up in the air.

Jill: You should try camping. It's very sexy.

Jack: Camping? Jill camping? No. No way.

Billy: Look, you can spend time with Rianna, just not with J.T. and me.

Mackenzie: We're connected at the hip, right?

Billy: I hope so.

Mackenzie: And they're getting to be that way, too.

Billy: Well, maybe Rianna will wise up and dump the creep.

Mackenzie: I don't think so. From what I've been picking up, those two are getting closer than ever. Hey, J.T., I got a message for you.

J.T.: Yeah?

Mackenzie: Rianna said she's running late, but you guys are still on for tonight.

J.T.: Thanks, appreciate it, Mac.

Mackenzie: Oh, she also said that it'd be really cool if the four of us hung out sometime.

J.T.: I'll hang out you with you anytime, Mac. But your boyfriend, forget it. And I know the feeling's mutual.

Billy: So I heard you and Rianna are getting real cozy.

J.T.: So what?

Billy: I just don't believe it. That's all.

J.T.: Who cares what you believe?

Mackenzie: Guys --.

Billy: You know, I'm surprised you care about anybody. You just use people.

J.T.: I will never understand what you see in this guy.

Mackenzie: Well, that certainly didn't help.

Billy: I'm sorry, but you are wrong about J.T. The guy might believe his own b.s., but at the end of the day, he couldn't care less about anybody but himself.

Mackenzie: Rianna says he's changed. And he's been a good friend to me. If you would just give him a chance, you would see that.

Billy: Now he's got you believing it? After your best girlfriend gets her heart broken again, we'll talk, okay?

Mackenzie: You're so sure that's going to happen?

Billy: Look, tell me something. When he messes her up again and tosses her aside, are you still gonna stand by him?

Mackenzie: J.T. wonít do that. I believe in him, Billy. I trust him.

J.T.: Mac, why'd you have to say that?

Rianna: There you are.

J.T.: Hey. I thought you were meeting me at my house.

Rianna: Yeah, well, now we can go together. You ready? You haven't forgotten, have you?

J.T.: No, no. No way.

Rianna: Good. Let's go.

J.T.: All right.

Brittany: Wow, that's a long list.

Raul: Yeah, Iíve got a big family. My grandparents, a lot of aunts and uncles, cousins. I have to buy everybody presents.

Brittany: Well, immediate family, yes. But distant relatives that you barely know?

Raul: Yeah, well, they're all gonna be there on Christmas Day, giving out presents. Got to give 'em back.

Brittany: Well, I guess if you get something from everybody, you'll make out okay.

Raul: Yeah, but it still gets to me. I try to budget myself, but I end up spending everything Iíve earned during the fall. And even then, I don't have enough money to get anyone anything good anyway, you know? Same with the gifts that we get. No one has much money. My mom's the worst, though. She starts shopping in January at tag sales and outlet stores and she ends up getting ten gifts for each of us. It's cool to open that many gifts when you're a kid, but now I wonder what the hell the point is, you know. I wish I could just get everybody cards and buy what I really want for myself.

Brittany: Well, so much for the spirit of giving. I can't believe I'm saying this, but isn't it the thought that counts? I'm sure that's what your mom believes.

Raul: Yeah, she does. It makes her happy, usually. But this year --.

Brittany: What?

Raul: I don't know. She's kinda bummed. My older brother, Diego, was supposed to come home for Thanksgiving but he never showed up.

Brittany: Any idea why?

Raul: Didn't even call. He always does this. My mom always falls for it. We all do.

Brittany: Well, it sounds like your mom could use some cheering up. I'm about to go shopping for my mom. How about you come with me?

Raul: Yeah, like we would shop at the same stores.

Brittany: Hey, I am a fantastic shopper, if I do say so myself. I know where all the best bargains are. Trust me on this. Come on, it'll get you out of this mood.

Raul: You think so, huh?

Brittany: Hey, it's one thing to be down about school, but Christmas? Please. I am not gonna take any more of this gloom and doom from you. At the very least, you'll get your mind off Rianna.

Raul: Look, my mind is not on Rianna, Brittany.

Brittany: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Come on.

Edwards: Thanks for coming, Mr. and Mrs. Connelly. Colleen should be joining us shortly.

Traci: Can you tell us what this is about, Mr. Edwards?

Edwards: Please, have a seat. Um, let's wait for your daughter. Have a seat, Colleen. This is a very difficult situation for all of us. Colleen, would you like to explain to your parents what happened? Very well. This morning, Colleen and her friend, Ricky, were found behind one of the school buildings.

Traci: No, Colleen, you werenít. You weren't!

Edwards: They were smoking marijuana.

Traci: Oh, my God.

Edwards: I'm sure you can imagine how much I regret this.

Traci: As do we. Mr. Edwards, you have to understand, we only recently became aware of this problem and --.

Steve: We're just now beginning to take steps. Evidently, they haven't been very effective, but we've just begun.

Edwards: Well, I'm glad to hear that, Mr. Connelly. It's an admirable attitude.

Traci: What about Colleen's friend?

Edwards: Well, Rickyís parents became very defensive. They refused to accept what he had done. They insisted that he was innocent and they tried to blame Colleen. I'm very glad, Colleen, that your parents are taking this seriously. You know, denial is the worst thing in a situation like this. The school has a list of therapists and counselors we'll make available to both of you.

Traci: Thank you. We appreciate that.

Steve: We're gonna do everything in our power to make sure that Colleen never does this sort of thing here again.

Edwards: Well, of course, she wonít.

Steve: What are you talking about?

Edwards: Well, it's right in the school handbook. While we frown on substance abuse of any kind at any time, we have a zero tolerance policy where the use of drugs on campus is concerned.

Traci: Mr. Edwards, what exactly are you saying?

Edwards: I'm sorry, but it's the only way we can expect to run this school and protect the other students. Ricky has been expelled and, Iím afraid, so has Colleen.

Jack: There was no answer at all? Okay, then obviously they're closed. I'm out of here. If Phyllis calls, I'm going to a meeting on my way home. Thank you, Jennifer. Good night.

Nikki: Hi.

Jack: Oh, there you are.

Nikki: How's it going?

Jack: I think I have this figured out.

Nikki: Good. Now would be the perfect time to go.

Jack: You sure you want to go through with this?

Nikki: Yeah, I'm kind of excited about it, actually.

Jack: You know, we could get in a lot of trouble.

Nikki: We're not gonna get in trouble. It's for a good cause.

Jack: God, I hope so. Come on. Now's as good a time as any.

Nikki: Well, wait a minute. You sound reluctant.

Jack: Well, Iím just worried this could become a case of the curiosity killing the cat.

Nikki: You worry too much. Come on, kitty, kitty.

Ashley: Well, I know about your "other woman" theory. Does this mean that you've given up tracking her down and you're letting go of Neil?

Olivia: I was trying, but Iím right. There is another woman.

Ashley: Really? Who?

Olivia: I can't get into specifics.

Ashley: So is Neil with her now?

Olivia: No.

Ashley: Why not?

Olivia: It's complicated.

Ashley: Why? Is she involved with somebody else? Is she married? That doesn't sound like Neil.

Olivia: I know, it doesn't, and yet --.

Ashley: Wow.

Olivia: Yeah, it's a messy situation.

Ashley: But you didn't blow the whistle?

Olivia: No. I still care a great deal for Neil. It's probably one of the reasons that Iím backing away, because knowing what I know, I could cause that man a great deal of grief. And I couldn't bring myself to do that.

Ashley: Well, if the other people involved find out, Neil will get hurt.

Olivia: I know. And I really hope it doesn't come to that for everyone concerned.

Malcolm: Here, drink this. Neil.

Neil: Yeah?

Malcolm: Drink this.

Neil: Thanks. Listen, I'm sorry about that.

Malcolm: Don't worry about it. Look, the reason I came over here -- I want to invite you to my place for Christmas Day.

Neil: Malcolm, I don't --.

Malcolm: No, no, no, no, no. I'm not taking no for an answer, Neil. And just to be sure you're gonna be there, I told your little nephew that you were stopping by and he jumped through the roof.

Neil: He did?

Malcolm: Come on. You know he worships his uncle Neil. Hey, hey, check this out. You are not gonna believe what my little boy went and did.

Neil: What'd he do?

Malcolm: He wants to give some of his Christmas presents to the kids who lost their parents in New York and D.C. Can you believe that?

Neil: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I can. I can believe that 'cause obviously he's understanding what Christmas is all about.

Malcolm: Yeah, he is. He is. You know, Christmas is also about family, man. That means you. So don't fight me on this, okay? Look, Alex and I are looking forward to it. Don't make it a big deal. We're thinking of goin' traditional -- instead of turkey, we'll do goose. All the trimmings, you know.

Neil: Ah, Malcolm --.

Malcolm: And you might want to call me crazy on this one, but I invited Olivia.

Neil: You did?

Malcolm: Yeah. Yeah, I did. She turned me down, though. I wasn't about to fight her on it. You know, I don't know, she might be on the verge of coming around when it comes to you, man. I mean, this might be wishful thinking, but it sure would be nice if we all got along again, you know? Hey, hey, hey, what are you doing?

Neil: I'm having a drink. What does it look like Iím doing? Would you care to join me?

Malcolm: No, I'm not joining you. It's a little early, don't you think?

Neil: You know, it's 6:00 somewhere else in the world, isn't it?

Malcolm: Well, obviously, this isn't your first, is it?

Neil: No, and it is definitely not gonna be my last.

Malcolm: Yes, it is. Give me that.

Neil: No, come on! What are you doing?!

Malcolm: No, you listen to me! Drinking is not the answer. Wise up, man!

Neil: It's just one drink! Why are you trying to make a federal case out of it?!

Malcolm: Calm down, all right? I know what you're going --.

Neil: No, you don't!! You don't know what the hell Iím going through, Malcolm!

Malcolm: Neil, come on, man. Look, I know you lost your best friend. I'm sorry that Ryanís gone. But life --.

Neil: Shut up! Just shut your -- you -- you talk too much, man! It's so easy for you, isn't it?

Malcolm: You shut up! You listen to me. This is not easy for me. You're my brother. I love you. I hate seeing you go through this.

Neil: No, no.

Malcolm: But you've got to get a grip!

Neil: No, you don't get it. You just -- you don't get it! This isn't about Ryan! This is about Alex! This is about the feelings that we have for each other! This is about the feelings that we've had to hide because of you, man!

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