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Intercom: Father Matthews, please call extension 4249. Father Matthews, please call extension 4249.

Nikki: No. Olivia, no. No. No.

[Nikki cries]

Olivia: We did everything we could. The damage was just too great.

Victor: Where's Victoria?

Olivia: She -- she wanted a moment alone.

Victor: Okay.

Olivia: I'm so sorry.

[Nikki cries]

Nikki: Oh, baby, I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry.

Victor: Sweetheart. Sweetheart. Sweetheart, I'm going to take you home now.

Intercom: Father Matthews to room 223. Father Matthews to room 223.

Tricia: Where are we going? Here? It all doesn't make sense. Not at all what I envisioned.

Orderly 1: No?

Tricia: I mean, I know Ryan wants to surprise me, but I guess I just thought you'd be bringing me someplace different, you know, like a beautiful hotel suite or maybe the airport or something.

Orderly 2: Go on that honeymoon you've been talking about?

Tricia: Then again, that's part of the reason I love Ryan so much. Not only is he the most thoughtful, romantic man in the world, he's also very creative. I mean, any minute now, he'll be walking through that door, his arms full of gifts, a beautiful peignoir, champagne, first-class tickets to some amazing place. I just feel really blessed to have him in my life again, and I know this time, it's going to last forever.

♫ I've said it

Time and time again ♫

Lauren: You got quiet on me.

Paul: I'm sorry. I just didn't realize we were going to end up here.

Lauren: The lodge? I love the crŤme brŻlťe here.

Paul: It's not that. No, the food's excellent.

♫ This is my

last romance

if the curtain falls

on this affair

the lights will glare

on a stage that is bare ♫

Michael: Let's go.

Isabella: I haven't had dessert yet.

Michael: We can have it at your hotel room.

Isabella: Room service?

Michael: Yeah, what else?

Isabella: You're anxious to get back to my place.

♫ There are many safer games ♫

Michael: Come on. Let's go now.

Isabella: Ooh, the man's in a hurry.

Ned: You're Mackenzieís mother?

Amanda: Yeah. Now you know why I didn't want to see her.

Ned: Obviously, Iím in the dark here.

Amanda: Oh, come on, Ned. I'm sure she must have told you about what went on in our home.

Ned: She never gave me any details. I never asked. I assumed it wasn't a good situation, or she wouldn't have run away.

Amanda: Yeah, well, you got that right.

Ned: It wasn't my place to ask questions.

Amanda: I failed her, Ned. Mackenzie left because she felt threatened, and with very good reason. I didn't protect her. I didn't want to believe that what she said was happening. I turned a blind eye.

Ned: Well then, it was nothing that you did to her directly.

Amanda: But doing nothing is just as bad as hurting her myself. Ned, it's inexcusable, and if I live to be 100, Iíll never forgive myself.

Mackenzie: What do you want from me, Billy?

Billy: Mac --.

Mackenzie: I did what you told me. I heard my mom out, and nothing she said made a damn bit of difference. Now you're trying to make me feel guilty.

Billy: I think it would be a big mistake if she left town.

Mackenzie: You're wrong. I want you to stop this.

Billy: Mac, Iím only pushing because I care about you. I don't want you to have any regrets.

Mackenzie: So you think I have all these feelings that I haven't dealt with?

Billy: When you thought she was gone, you were bummed. But now, you know she's still in town. I mean, you have a second chance.

Mackenzie: To do what, relive all those painful memories and get hurt again?

Billy: I don't know what would happen. If you just took the risk, reached out to her a little -- all right. If that's the way you want it, fine. I understand. But don't close any doors with your mom or anyone until you're sure you know what you want.

Mackenzie: I know you mean well.

Billy: Mac, Iím not trying to upset you, okay?

Mackenzie: I know, and to be honest, what you said is true. I did feel a little bit of regret when I thought that my mom was gone for good, but a very little bit, okay?

Billy: All right. Well, whatever you decide, I will support. But when your mom said that she just wanted to stay in town without you knowing about it sounded true to me. I mean, she even admitted that she just wanted to be near you.

Mackenzie: Maybe, maybe not. I can never tell with my mom. But nothing she said made me believe that she changed.

Billy: Okay. All right. If that's really how you feel --.

Mackenzie: It is.

Billy: Are you okay?

Mackenzie: Yeah.

Billy: I'm going to take off.

Mackenzie: Okay.

Intercom: Dr. Grace Sindell, please report to neurology. Dr. Grace Sindell, please report to neurology.

Neil: I can't believe he's gone.

Olivia: I'm so sorry.

Neil: Ryan was the best. He was so happy. Oh, God.

Olivia: What is it?

Neil: It's Phillip. Phillip doesn't know about his dad yet. I'm not sure what to do. I don't want to overstep, but someone has to tell Nina. I called before to let her know what happened at the church. Maybe Victoria or the Newmans would want to let her know.

Olivia: You know what I think? They have enough on their plates already. I don't think it would be inappropriate for you to break the news to Nina. It's not going to be an easy call to make.

Neil: You're right about that.

[Neil sighs] Ryan, I'm going to miss you, man.

Lauren: Cheers.

Paul: Cheers.

Lauren: So are you going to tell me why you're acting so strange about being here?

Paul: Oh, I thought you were going to forget to ask.

[Lauren laughs]

Lauren: Nope.

Paul: Well, this is the place where I put the final nail in the coffin of my relationship with Isabella.

Lauren: Here in this restaurant?

Paul: No, upstairs, the night of the Abbott party. You see, Isabella booked a room here.

Lauren: That was very smart. She brought you to neutral territory equipped with a king-sized bed.

Paul: Yeah, I guess that's one way to look at it.

Lauren: I suppose I should tell you that I spoke to her the night of the party. She seemed confident that it was going to be a night to remember. But from what you've just said, it looks like it turned out to be a night you'd just as soon forget. I'm really surprised. I'm surprised she let the moment slip after she orchestrated things so perfectly.

Paul: Well, she didnít.

Lauren: Really? Well, I don't want to pry. Of course I do. What happened?

[Paul sighs]

Mackenzie: Oh, I thought you went to bed.

Esther: I couldn't sleep. So when I heard your voice --.

Mackenzie: Chamomile?

Esther: Huh? Your favorite.

Mackenzie: Sold.

Esther: Oh, boy. It has been quite a day.

Mackenzie: Yes, it has.

Esther: There you go.

Mackenzie: Thanks.

Esther: You want to talk about something, Mackenzie?

Mackenzie: No, thanks.

Esther: How about if I go and see if Mrs. C's asleep.

Mackenzie: No, no, no, no. No, I don't want to wake her. I'm okay, really.

Esther: I can tell that something's bothering you.

Mackenzie: It's just something happened today, and I'm not sure if I did the right thing. No, you know, I did do the right thing. I know I did.

Esther: Okay. Good night.

Mackenzie: Good night.

Esther: Sweet dreams, honey.

Mackenzie: Thanks.

Amanda: My little girl, not safe in her own home, and it was all my fault. She chose to live on the streets. That's how frightened she was, how threatened she felt, and I did that to her, Ned! Me!

Ned: The man who sent out those flyers, Ralph, he was the problem?

Amanda: Yeah, and I never want to see his face again.

Ned: That's why you're so afraid of him finding you. Amanda, I've dealt with situations like this before. In many cases, the women involved, the mothers, they're victims, too.

Amanda: Oh, no. I'm not going to make excuses for myself. I mean, if you're any kind of mother, you protect your child, and I didn't do that. You wondered why I was so motivated to help Colleen.

Ned: You saw the connection between her and Mackenzie.

Amanda: It just made me want to get through to her that much more.

Ned: I remember you said something about making amends.

Amanda: Yeah. Yeah, that's right. And now look what I've done. I've gone and hurt my daughter all over again. I should have just left earlier. Why didn't I just get the hell out?!

Paul: All right. It all started with Victor.

Lauren: Victor? What does Victor have to do with Isabella?

Paul: Well, he called me when I was still at the Abbott party, and he wanted to speak with me.

Lauren: About Tricia?

Paul: Right. So I told Isabella that we would hook up here later.

Lauren: Yeah?

Paul: Well, while I was in my meeting with Victor, somehow, the subject of Chris' trip came up. Evidently, they ran into each other, and she decided to confide in him.

Lauren: About what?

Paul: Well, she told him that her trip to Genoa City was not just for business. She wanted to find out if our marriage could be salvaged. And see, what you have to understand, up until that point, I honestly believed that Chris had given up on us. And then, to find out that not only did she have hope for our marriage, but she came all the way here, only to walk into our apartment and find me in the arms of another woman. So much for my hot, steamy night with Isabella.

Lauren: Yeah. That pretty much derailed things, didn't it?

Paul: Yeah.

Lauren: Okay. So then, you come back here, and you tell Isabella what Victor told you?

Paul: Well, I didn't want to, but she could obviously see something was bothering me.

Lauren: Well, now that I know the whole story, I can see what you mean about trying to get over two women. However, I am not going to spend the rest of the evening singing the blues with you. Honey, enough is enough.

Paul: That sounds like an ultimatum.

Lauren: Oh, well, yes, it is, because we came here to have fun, and that's what we're going to do. So do you see that dance floor over there?

Paul: Yeah.

Lauren: Yeah, well, maybe holding me for awhile will take your mind off the others. It better.

[Miguel prays for Ryan]

Victor: Hello, Miguel.

Nikki: Honey, you must be hungry. You want to go in the kitchen with me and see if something looks good?

Victor: Why don't you do that, okay?

Nikki: Come on.

Sharon: We saw the car pull up.

Nick: Are you here alone?

Victor: No. Victoria and Nikki are with me.

Sharon: Oh, no. Oh, no! No, no.

Nick: I thought Ryan was going to make it.

Victor: So did I.

Sharon: Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

Isabella: Well, you've certainly changed your attitude where I'm concerned. Is that why you hustled me out of the restaurant? Have I become an inconvenience for some reason?

Michael: Before you begin jumping to the wrong conclusions, let me just say that I saved us both from a very close encounter.

Isabella: What are you talking about?

Michael: Paul Williams was at the lodge. He walked in while we were dancing.

Isabella: And you didn't want him to see us?

Michael: Hell no.

Isabella: Why? Do you think Iím gonna fall apart? I wish you would have told me he was there.

Michael: What possible good would that have done?

Isabella: What if he caught me scurrying out of the restaurant? Then he's going to think Iím afraid to face him, and I still have my pride, Michael.

Michael: Well, you can keep that. Me, I will cling to my survival instincts.

Isabella: Meaning that he didn't see us?

Michael: I know he didn't, thankfully.

Isabella: The way you say that, you make it sound like you're more concerned for yourself than for me.

Michael: Where do you get that?

Isabella: Because if Paul sees us together, he might figure out that you and I conspired against him and his precious Christine, and that could cause you trouble down the road.

Michael: Paul Williams does not intimidate me.

Isabella: No, of course he doesn't. Why would he? We had our alibi. We met at the Abbotts' party. We hit it off. We started dating. There's a very little chance that Paul would figure out our true connection.

Michael: Still, the better part of valor is to avoid the man completely.

Isabella: For my sake?

Michael: Yes.

Isabella: That's such bull, Michael. There is one reason you don't want Paul to find out about us, and I know damn well what that is.

Ned: Billy?

Billy: Hey, you got a minute?

Ned: Of course. Come on in. What's on your mind?

Billy: I don't know if you know, but Mac had a run-in with a woman named Amanda who lives here.

Ned: Yes, I know her.

Billy: I'm not sure if you're aware, and I don't want to "out" anyone, but she's Mackenzieís mother.

Ned: So Iíve been told. I also understand Macís very upset.

Billy: I'm really worried about her, Ned. I want to learn more about this Amanda.

Ned: Billy, you know our policy.

Billy: I know, and I feel really weird about getting in the middle of this, but the stakes are so high, I don't think I have a choice.

Ned: What do you mean?

Billy: Well, Amanda came to see Mac in September. She wanted to apologize for all her mistakes she made back at St. Louis, and this is before Mac ran away from there.

Ned: How did Mac respond to that?

Billy: Well, she freaked out. She wanted nothing to do with her. But since then, I've gotten the impression that Mac has had second thoughts, and it's eating at her.

Ned: Tonight she wasn't any more receptive.

Billy: No, no. It was more of the same. I mean, she cut her mom off, demanded that she leave.

Ned: Amanda told me that much.

Billy: Ned, I am really afraid that she is going to regret this, just like she did last time, and maybe even mess up her life because of it.

Ned: This really is Macís call, you know.

Billy: Ned, she's making up her mind in the heat of the moment without having even talked to her mom for years. If Amandaís in a homeless shelter, then stuff must have happened, you know?

Ned: How can I help?

Billy: Well, you can give me your take on the woman.

Ned: Billy --.

Billy: What is your instinct, Ned? Do you honestly believe that she's sorry for what she did?

Ned: For what it's worth, yes, I do.

Billy: See, I felt that way, too, even now, just meeting her. I guess it doesn't matter. Mac thinks that she's just talking big and nothing's changed. So why spend any more time on her? What?

Ned: I don't know if I should be telling you this, but hearing how Mac feels -- well, I think there's something you both should know about Amanda.

Tricia: Who are you?

Dr. Condell: I'm Dr. Condell.

Tricia: Well, what do you want?

Dr. Condell: I'm here to see how you're doing.

Tricia: When's Ryan coming?

Dr. Condell: I'd like to take your pulse. Could I have your wrist, please?

Tricia: Is it really necessary?

Dr. Condell: I just want to make sure you're all right.

Tricia: Well, I just told you I'm not! I'm getting a little impatient.

Dr. Condell: Well, just bear with me for a minute.

Tricia: What's that thing?

Dr. Condell: Okay, look up. Look down. Look straight at me.

Tricia: Oh, why are you doing all these things? No, no. You're not giving me a shot. Huh-uh. Nope.

Dr. Condell: This is just going to help you relax.

Tricia: No, I don't like needles! Where's my husband? What's going on?

Nurse: Shall I get the orderlies back in here, doctor?

Tricia: I should probably just be patient, because Ryan set this all up, and he wouldn't let anything bad happen to me. I do feel a little anxious, so maybe -- maybe I could just --.

Dr. Condell: That's fine, Ms. Dennison. Let me see that arm again, please. Okay. This won't hurt a bit.

Tricia: Ryan?

Matt: Nope. Just me, babe. Trick or treat.

Mackenzie: You went to Ned?

Billy: Mac, you left me no choice.

Mackenzie: Why can't you leave it alone?

Billy: Can we come in, please?

Mackenzie: You're wasting your time.

Billy: Ned told me something.

Mackenzie: If it has to do with my mother, I don't care.

Billy: Mac, you need to hear this. Before you decide anything, at least listen to what he has to say.

Mackenzie: Fine. Talk. It won't make a difference anyway.

Ned: I think it might, Mackenzie. The woman who helped Colleen and insisted on remaining anonymous -- that good Samaritan was your mother.

Mackenzie: So you're telling me that my mom talked Colleen into going home strictly out of the goodness of her heart?

Ned: I wish you weren't so skeptical, Mac.

Mackenzie: Ned, my mom is an incredibly self-serving woman. I wouldn't put it past her if she told you that story just to get to me.

Ned: Well, she's not taking credit after the fact, believe me. I knew about it at the time. I watched the two of them together.

Mackenzie: Really?

Ned: Amanda worked very hard to gain Colleen's trust. In fact, if it weren't for her influence, Iíd have to seriously question what might have become of that girl.

Billy: Then after doing that good deed, she didn't tell anybody about it. Think about that, Mac.

Ned: Your mother was adamant. I never understood why. But then tonight, when I learned of your connection, it all fell into place.

Billy: She didn't want to take the risk of you finding out, breaking her promise to stay away from you.

Ned: There was something else that didn't make sense. When I asked Amanda why she was so adamant about helping that particular runaway, she said it was to make amends for something that she'd done in her past. I had no idea what that meant at the time, but I do now. She was heartbroken, Mac. The last thing she ever wanted was to hurt you again. Now, Iíd like to make it clear why I'm telling you all this. After talking with Billy, I felt it was information you needed in order to make an informed decision. However, I realize, and so does Billy, that your relationship with your mother is very personal and private. Whether or not you pursue it is entirely your call. I appreciate you hearing me out. I'll be on my way.

Billy: Thanks, Ned.

Ned: Good night.

Michael: I thought we both agreed we didn't want Paul knowing.

Isabella: You mean Christine, don't you?

Michael: Christine who?

Isabella: Don't deny it. I'm not a fool. You are terrified that Paul is going to blab to his ex-wife that you and the "scarlet woman" are keeping company. That's why you ran, not because of my feelings.

Michael: You know, I think we better table this and just try to enjoy the rest of the evening.

Isabella: Why did I think you would be there?

Michael: Isabella, I'm here.

Isabella: God, I trusted you, Michael. I figured if one person wouldn't do a number on me, it would be you! And you did. You are just like Paul. You are both obsessed with this damned fantasy woman!

Michael: I think we both need to calm down.

Isabella: So much for our so-called "friendship."

Michael: You have got me all wrong.

Isabella: Like hell I do! Just don't worry. Your secret is safe. I'm going to be leaving soon, and in the meantime, thanks for nothing!

Michael: Ciao.

Billy: I'm sorry if I was out of line for going to Ned.

Mackenzie: I'm not angry.

Billy: You know, we debated coming here, but I thought you should know what a good thing your mom did for Colleen.

Mackenzie: Yeah, I agree.

Billy: That doesn't change what happened in the past, prove that Amandaís suddenly this good person.

Mackenzie: No. But you were right. It does make a difference.

Billy: Really?

Mackenzie: Yeah. Maybe I shouldn't be so quick to pass judgment, and maybe when Iím less rattled, I should hear her out a little more.

Billy: So you might want to go and talk to her?

Mackenzie: I'll sleep on it.

Billy: Well, she's leaving in the morning.

Mackenzie: Yeah, I remember.

Billy: Good. Then Iíll pick you up early.

Mackenzie: Thank you for not giving up on me.

Billy: Never.

Mackenzie: It's too late. Morning will be soon enough.

Clerk: Yes, ma'am?

Amanda: I'd like a ticket, please.

Clerk: To where?

Amanda: I don't care. Anywhere. Someplace far away.

Victoria: Ryan still wanted to marry me.

Victor: What, sweetheart?

Victoria: He still wanted to marry me before he died.

Nick: Sis, can we get you anything?

Tricia: "Trick or treat"? That's cute. My little ghosty.

Matt: Miss me?

Tricia: You wish.

Matt: He wonít. Only you can, babe.

Tricia: That's right. How silly of me.

Matt: Anyway, not to worry. I'm not going to crash your little wedding night. I just popped in to say good-bye.

Tricia: You're leaving?

Matt: Yeah. I think the time has come. It's not like you need me anymore.

Tricia: I guess you're right. Things have kind of fallen into place, exactly like I wanted them. I've never been happier.

Matt: Yeah, I know. I'm happy for you, Trish. You know, after everything we've been through since you conjured me up, it's a real kick seeing you like this.

Tricia: There were times I wasn't sure this was going to happen at all, but you were there for me every time, giving me encouragement and keeping me going.

Matt: Just reminding you of what you knew yourself.

Tricia: Yeah, I guess that's true, isn't it? But in any case, Iím grateful for all your help. I guess you're right. It's time for you to go now. This is really a fairy tale ending, isn't it?

Matt: Yeah. Yeah, I'll say.

Tricia: You've been such a good friend, a good figment. I'm going to miss you.

Matt: I'm going to miss you, too, babe. Bye, Trish. Good luck.

Tricia: Thanks, but I don't need it.

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