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[Missing beginning]

Victoria: Ö for hours, just the two of us. We'll look up at the night sky. We'll count the stars.

Ryan: Thousands of them, millions, all shining for you and me.

Victoria: They'll always shine for us, won't they, Ryan?

Ryan: Of course, Victoria. Of course they will -- always.

[Phone ringing]

Neil: Is there any word?

Nikki: Ryan's vital signs have stabilized.

Neil: Thank God.

Nick: You were in with him a little while ago. How's he doing?

Neil: He still has his sense of humor.

Sharon: That sounds like Ryan.

Nikki: How's Victoria?

Neil: She's very determined to be strong.

Nikki: That poor thing, what she must be going through.

Silva: Hello, everybody. Victor, I'm sorry to interrupt. I just came from the police station.

Victor: What did they say?

Isabella: Why are you staring at me like that?

Michael: You look very lively this evening.

Isabella: My physician will be happy to hear that.

Michael: I thought I was your physician. "Dr. Feelgood."

Isabella: That you are. So what are you in the mood for?

Michael: I'm not sure I should say.

Isabella: You're insatiable.

[Michael laughs]

Michael: All right. I was surprised you wanted to come here.

Isabella: This is my favorite restaurant. I'm not going to stay away just because Paul and I had our last hurrah upstairs.

Michael: Is that really what you'd call it?

Isabella: Okay, our break-up.

Michael: Wasn't your first.

Isabella: No, it wasn't. Looking back, I could say we probably had more bad times than good.

Lauren: Hey.

Paul: Hey, Lauren. Hi.

Lauren: Did you talk to the police?

Paul: Well, Iím just wrapping it up right now.

Lauren: What a wedding, huh?

Paul: Yeah, you can say that again. So what are you doing here?

Lauren: I came to give my statement.

Paul: Did the police call you in?

Lauren: No. No, but I thought they'd want to talk to me.

Paul: I don't think they will, at least not now, anyway.

Lauren: Why? What's going on?

Paul: Well, they've already taken Tricia Dennison away.

Lauren: Oh, that's a relief. What about Ryan?

Paul: Well, last I heard, he's out of surgery and hanging in there.

Lauren: Are the doctors optimistic?

Paul: I'm not sure.

Lauren: Who would've thought that a day that started so perfectly would end like this? I feel so stunned and shaky.

Paul: I know. I feel the same way.

Lauren: I'm not looking forward to going home alone tonight.

Paul: I don't want to go home, either.

Lauren: What's wrong?

[Paul sighs]

Mackenzie: What are you doing here?

Amanda: Please, Mackenzie, don't be angry.

Billy: Who is this woman?

Amanda: I'm her mother.

Billy: You're Amanda?

Mackenzie: I thought you said that you were leaving town.

Amanda: No. No, I said that I wouldn't bother you anymore.

Mackenzie: So you've been here in Genoa City this whole time?

Amanda: Yes.

Mackenzie: In this shelter?

Amanda: Well, I didn't have many options.

Mackenzie: Next thing you're going to tell me is that you didn't know that I volunteered here.

Amanda: No, I knew that you worked here.

Mackenzie: Oh, so you were just waiting for the right time to surprise me? Is that it?

Amanda: Honey, no. No, that was never my intention.

Mackenzie: Look, maybe I didn't make myself clear before, so Iím going to say it again -- I don't want to see you, not now or ever again! Got it?

Victor: So what happened?

Silva: I have some good news. The charges have been dropped. The police won't need any more statements.

Nikki: Oh. Did Tricia confess?

Silva: Yeah, to everything.

Neil: Where is she now?

Silva: The psychiatric ward at the county jail. She's under close observation and being questioned. She'll have to give the assistant D.A. all the details about how she stole the drugs and manufactured the evidence, and when she does, that will prove once and for all that these rape charges were bogus.

Victor: I told that prosecutor that she owes me an apology.

Sharon: I still can't believe everything she did to set you up, Victor.

Victor: She'll pay the price for it now.

Nikki: Yeah, or will she plead insanity and get off?

Silva: Well, whatever happens, Tricia is going to have a very long and hard road to recovery.

Sharon: I doubt that she'll ever recover.

Victor: I agree with you. Sane or insane, Tricia Dennison will always be a dangerous woman -- a very dangerous woman.

Billy: Mac, come here. Do you really want to push your mom away again?

Mackenzie: Whose side are you on?

Billy: I'm on your side, Mac. But at least you could hear her out.

Mackenzie: I don't want to hear anything that woman has to say.

Billy: Why? What's it gonna hurt? At least you won't be left with a bunch of unanswered questions, huh? Like you were last time. Amanda -- so was there reason why you stayed in Genoa City?

Amanda: Yeah. There were several. I didn't have any money. I had no place to go. Ned let me pitch in around here to earn my keep.

Billy: Well, Nedís a good guy.

Amanda: Yeah, he's the best. I can relate to him. Before I came here, I went through a really difficult time.

Mackenzie: Am I supposed to feel sorry for you or something?

Amanda: I hadn't been long on my own when I came to Genoa City, so being here at this shelter, it made me feel safe.

Mackenzie: Couldn't you have gone to some other shelter in another city?

Amanda: Yeah, but I admit, I had another incentive for staying.

Mackenzie: What?

Amanda: It's comforting, being close to you. Sweetie, you have no idea how sorry I am for everything.

Mackenzie: You had no right to catch me off-guard.

Amanda: Believe me, I tried to avoid that.

Mackenzie: I don't believe you.

Amanda: It's the truth. I mean, I would check the volunteer list every day to see if you were working, and up until now, I've managed to keep my distance.

Mackenzie: Until now.

Amanda: I swear, I had no idea that you would be helping out today.

Billy: We weren't scheduled.

Mackenzie: I don't care what you say. You knew this was gonna happen, and you wanted it to happen.

Amanda: Yeah, well, maybe deep down, I suppose I did. But after seeing you earlier, I realized the risk that I was taking, and I made a decision. I'm leaving town.

Mackenzie: When?

Amanda: In the morning.

Mackenzie: Well, good.

Amanda: Mackenzie, can't --.

Mackenzie: I want you to leave, and I'm glad that you're leaving. Don't ever come back to Genoa City, 'cause as far as Iím concerned, I don't even have a mother.

Paul: Have I told you how great it is just to have you around?

Lauren: Not recently.

Paul: Well, it has. You're a real lifesaver, especially now.

Lauren: So talk to me.

Paul: I just feel so badly about what happened to Ryan.

Lauren: Everybody does.

Paul: It's different for me.

Lauren: Because you were working on the case?

Paul: This whole situation with Tricia had been building for months, and just when we thought we had something, she'd find a way to cover it.

Lauren: It must have been very frustrating.

Paul: Yeah.

Lauren: Is there something else?

Paul: I wish I had been at that church.

Lauren: Where were you?

Paul: I was trying to gather evidence to prove that Victor did not rape Tricia.

Lauren: She accused him of rape?

Paul: He was arrested a couple of days ago. It's a very long and twisted story.

Lauren: You can tell me another time.

Paul: I just can't stop thinking that if I had been there, maybe, just maybe, I could've gotten that gun away from Tricia.

Lauren: Then what, you could've been shot instead of Ryan?

Paul: It's my job to protect people.

Lauren: You can't beat yourself up for that. Life must go on.

Paul: Yeah, I know that. I know. Such as it is anyway, huh?

Lauren: You're talking about your personal life?

Paul: My messed up personal life.

Lauren: You can't blame yourself for that, either.

Paul: Tell me, who should I blame?

Lauren: Just acknowledge your mistakes and move on.

Paul: Well, that's what I normally do.

Lauren: Well, I know it's not that easy.

Paul: This whole year, this past year, has left me so confused. I always thought I was somebody who could handle anything.

Lauren: Until your marriage fell apart.

Paul: I mean, I was having a hard time, and then, Isabella came into my life, and I thought my life was beginning to turn around, and then, that relationship went south, too.

Lauren: What? Wait a minute. I mean, I understand you being broken up about Christine. Really, wasn't what happened with Isabella inevitable?

Isabella: I really am okay, Michael.

Michael: Look, there are plenty of restaurants. There are plenty of good ones you can go.

Isabella: I picked this one as a test. I've been having such a terrific time with you, and I wanted to see if our little fling has made me forget about you know who.

Michael: Well, let's face it. What you and Paul had was certainly more --.

Isabella: -- More trouble than what it was worth. I won't lie to you. I have some scars from Paul. But coming here has been an important step. I'm glad that you were along with me to see me take it.

[Monitor beeping]

Olivia: Victoria, I have to take a closer look at Ryan. Can you give us a moment?

Victoria: All right. I'll be right outside.

Olivia: How are you holding up?

Ryan: The pain's pretty bad. I don't want Victoria to know.

Olivia: I can give you something stronger for the pain.

Ryan: No. No, I don't want that. But there is something you can do for me.

Ned: Did you get some dinner? Amanda, what is it?

Amanda: You said Mackenzie had left.

Ned: Didn't she?

Amanda: She was serving meals, Ned. I should have left. I should have left when I had the chance.

Ned: It was a difficult encounter?

Amanda: Very.

Ned: I still don't understand. Why were you trying to avoid Mackenzie?

Amanda: I already told you.

Ned: You said you didn't want credit for helping Colleen. But the way you're acting goes way beyond modesty. Now, come on. Obviously, you and Mac have crossed paths before.

Amanda: You could say that.

Ned: So you share a history.

Amanda: Let's just say I am not her favorite person.

Ned: Well, did you tell her you're the good Samaritan she was looking for?

Amanda: No, I didn't mention it.

Ned: Why not?

Amanda: 'Cause that wouldn't have made any difference.

Ned: Look, Amanda, around here, people's private lives are kept private. If you don't care to discuss this --.

Amanda: I don't.

Ned: I can see how unhappy you are, I know that hearing that you're the one who convinced Colleen to go home would change Macís opinion of you.

Amanda: I can't be certain of that.

Ned: Look, why don't you just tell me what happened? Maybe I can help.

Amanda: Ned, there's no point.

Ned: But if Mac doesn't know what you've done --.

Amanda: There won't be any difference!

Ned: How can you be so sure?

Amanda: Because I know, all right? I know because -- I'm her mother!

Mackenzie: Hey, Esther.

Esther: Hey.

Billy: Hey, Esther. You okay?

Esther: Not really.

Billy: How was the wedding?

Mackenzie: Yeah, why aren't you at the reception?

Esther: There wasn't one.

Mackenzie: Why not?

Esther: Ryan McNeil was shot.

Billy: Oh, my God. What happened?

Esther: It was terrifying. Ryan's ex-wife, Tricia, showed up acting completely crazy, and she was wearing a wedding gown that looked exactly like Victoriaís, and nobody knew it was her until she got to the altar. She lifted up her veil. That's when she pulled out the gun.

Mackenzie: Where was Victoria?

Esther: Tricia knocked her out cold, and she tied her up in the bridal room.

Mackenzie: Oh, my --.

Katherine: Esther, I want you to get a hold of yourself here.

Esther: You know, I was just telling Billy and Mac about the wedding.

Katherine: I heard, I heard you.

Esther: I still can't believe it, Mrs. C. Look at me. I'm shaking.

Katherine: Esther, it is over. It's over. Now, why don't you go upstairs and run yourself a nice, hot tub? It's very relaxing.

Esther: Do you think that will help?

Katherine: I'm sure it will. You crawl into a comfortable bed.

Esther: All right. Thank you, Mrs. C. Thank you. Okay. Good night, everyone.

Mackenzie: Good night, Esther. Is what Esther said true?

Katherine: Yes, darling, I'm afraid so.

Mackenzie: Well, were you in any danger?

Katherine: No, no, not really. Victor got us out of the sanctuary before there was any shooting.

Mackenzie: I'm so grateful that you're okay.

Billy: Yeah. Me, too. How's Ryan?

Katherine: Well, the last time I called Memorial, they said that he would pull through.

Billy: That's good news.

Mackenzie: Yeah.

Katherine: Oh, how did things go at the holiday dinner?

Mackenzie: I'm going to go get some water.

Katherine: She seems upset. Why?

Billy: She kind of had a rough day, too.

Katherine: Did something happen at the shelter?

Billy: Her mother was there.

Paul: I know what you're thinking.

Lauren: You always did.

Paul: You're thinking that Isabella was just a distraction, a diversion, something to help me get over Chris.

Lauren: And was I wrong?

Paul: I don't know. I would think if that were the case that I would be over her by now.

Lauren: And you're not? You still think about her?

Paul: Sometimes I wonder if I was an idiot to let her go. Talk about your two-time loser.

Lauren: You're not a loser.

Paul: Oh, yeah?

Lauren: No way.

Paul: Then what do you call it? It's not bad enough that I have to get over losing one woman. I have to get over losing two.

Lauren: You know, this room is getting to me. Let's go somewhere else?

Paul: Where do you want to go?

Lauren: Well, we have to eat.

Paul: You're asking me out to dinner?

Lauren: I am. Are you interested?

Paul: You're on.

Lauren: All right.

Paul: Well, we have to decide where we're going to go.

Lauren: Wherever you like.

Isabella: Michael, this is exactly what I needed.

Michael: Being here with me?

Isabella: I can't remember the last time I had so much fun.

Michael: I'm glad to hear it. Frankly, though, Iím feeling a little selfish.

Isabella: Why?

Michael: I know we said "no strings attached", but --.

Isabella: Well, after what I went through with James and then Paul, this is refreshing. It's not the first time I haven't been emotionally involved with anyone, and it's quite liberating.

Michael: Well, I've enjoyed your company, too, Isabella. But I wonder if I'm keeping you from getting on with your life, since if you stay in this town, eventually, you're gonna cross paths with Paul.

Isabella: You think Iím going to do something to humiliate myself?

Michael: Why risk it?

Isabella: Especially since I have no ties to Genoa City.

Michael: There is nothing keeping you here whatsoever.

Isabella: Are you dumping me, Michael?

Michael: Hey, you want this thing to continue? I'm game if you are. I've just cleared my conscience. I'm not going to say anything more. I will be back.

Isabella: Where are you going?

Michael: Quick phone call. Be back in a second.

Isabella: Then again, Michael, maybe you're right.

Sharon: Victor, what do you think pushed Tricia over the edge?

Victor: I'm not totally sure. I think it may have to do with the fact that I asked her to move out of the apartment.

Nikki: Like you said, when you're dealing with somebody that demented, you can't safeguard yourself.

Nurse: Excuse me. Mrs. Sharon Newman?

Sharon: Yes?

Nurse: You have a phone call at the nurses' station.

Silva: I should get back to my office. I've got some paperwork to wrap up. I'll be in touch.

Sharon: Sweetheart?

Cassie: Is it all right that I called?

Sharon: Of course it is. Is Noah with you?

Cassie: No. He's asleep. Is everything okay over there?

Sharon: Yeah. Everything is fine.

Cassie: I was worried.

Sharon: I know, honey. It's late. And you should be going to bed.

Cassie: Are you coming home soon?

Sharon: I'm not sure, but Grandma Doris and Miguel are there if you need anything. Honey, you'll be just fine. Now, it's getting late, and you should run off to bed.

Cassie: Okay, Mommy. Good night.

Sharon: Cassie, I love you.

Cassie: I love you, too.

Nick: Who was that?

Sharon: Cassie.

Nick: Is something wrong?

Sharon: No, not really, but she was scared, and I could tell that she was trying hard to be brave.

Nikki: Honey, you should go home and be with her.

Sharon: Well, she said she was going to bed.

Nick: Is she going to be able to sleep?

Sharon: Probably not.

Nikki: You should go. You should both go.

Nick: All right. Call us, you know, if anything --.

Victor: We'll be in touch, son.

Neil: I'm going to get a cup of coffee down at the cafeteria. Do either of you want one?

Nikki: I would. Thank you.

Victor: Nothing for me, Neil. Thank you.

Nikki: I saw you talking to Olivia. Did she tell you anything about Ryan?

Victor: All we can do now is hold on to hope.

Nikki: Victor, no --. [Whispering]

Victor: Yeah.

Nikki: No.

[Michael clears throat]

Michael: What are you thinking?

Isabella: That maybe you're right. Maybe it is time for me to hit the road.

Michael: Oh, you don't sound too sure of yourself.

Isabella: The idea's very frightening.

Michael: And exciting. You're moving to a brand-new city, starting a whole new life.

Isabella: Where am I going to go?

Michael: Wherever you want.

Isabella: And what about money?

Michael: You'll find work.

Isabella: Doing what?

Michael: You're a smart girl. You present yourself well. I know you haven't had a real job in a while --.

Isabella: Well, nothing I can put on a rťsumť, anyway.

Michael: You're not going to let that stop you.

Isabella: I wish I had your confidence.

Michael: Yeah, well, I'm in your corner 100%.

Isabella: Does that mean you are going to write me a letter of recommendation based on my performance?

Michael: Well, yeah, baby. Look, I have connections in a lot firms all over the country. I can make a few calls.

Isabella: Your friends would do that, train me to be a paralegal?

Michael: Yes, ma'am. You could do worse.

Isabella: What cities are we talking about?

Michael: You think of places you want to live, and I'll see if I have the connections.

Isabella: Thank you. That's very sweet of you, Michael.

Michael: I'm happy to help.

Isabella: So I'll give you the list tomorrow.

Michael: Whenever. There's no rush.

Isabella: You know me. Once I make a decision, I like to act quickly.

Michael: I'm beginning to regret having said anything.

Isabella: Why?

Michael: I'm going to miss having you around.

Isabella: Well, let's not think about that. Tonight, I am here.

Michael: And we still make a very good fit. I have said it time and time again ooh, listen to that?

Isabella: The music?

Michael: Yeah. Ms. Brogna, would you care to dance?

Isabella: Oh, I never really --. [Isabella squeals]

♫ This is my last romance

If the curtain falls on this affair the lights will glare on a stage that is bare

No more a slave to the spell I have played my last farewell there are many safer games to choose ♫

Intercom: Dr. Reese Walker, please call extension 4249. Dr. Reese Walker, please call extension 4249.

Nikki: Thank you.

Neil: Is Olivia still in there?

Nikki: Yeah. I don't know if that's good or bad.

Neil: That's good. It has to be, right?

Victor: Neil, Iím glad you're here.

Nikki: Me, too. It means so much to Ryan.

Neil: Hey, he's my best friend. Olivia, what's going on?

Olivia: Do you have the wedding rings?

Neil: Yeah, I got them. Why?

Olivia: Could I have them, please? Ryan's asking for them.

Neil: Maybe I should bring them in?

Olivia: I think it would be better if I did.

[Nikki cries]

[Monitor beeping]

Victoria: Baby, I can tell you're in pain. I'm going to get Olivia. You shouldn't be suffering like this. [Door opens] Good, you're here. Ryan needs something for the pain.

Ryan: Did you get them?

Olivia: Yes.

Victoria: What? Get what?

Ryan: Our wedding rings. I want to marry you now.

Katherine: Amanda was at the shelter?

Billy: Mmm-hmm. She's been living there.

Katherine: Billy, she was supposed to leave town.

Billy: Well, apparently, she didn't get very far.

Katherine: Oh, damn that woman! Just damn her!

Billy: Maybe you shouldn't be too hard on her.

Katherine: Oh, please. After everything she has put Mackenzie through?

Billy: She seemed genuinely sorry for upsetting Mac. She gave a few reasons.

Katherine: Dear, God. So she and Mac had a talk?

Billy: Yeah, a little bit. I'm not sure if Mac really listened.

Katherine: Billy, what's your impression of Amanda?

Billy: I don't really have one. I don't know her at all.

Mackenzie: That's right, Billy. You don't know her, but I do.

Billy: Mac, listen, you're dealing with a lot of emotions right now.

Mackenzie: I'm angry at her because of what she did!

Katherine: Darling, no one is arguing with you. Now, stop it. Billy said Amanda seemed remorseful, and she is your mother.

Mackenzie: In name only.

Billy: Mac --.

Mackenzie: You know what? I can't talk about this.

Katherine: All right. I'm going to retire. Good night, you two. Good night, Mackenzie.

Mackenzie: Good night.

Katherine: Don't stay up too late.

Mackenzie: Well, this is good. Now you have my grandma defending her, too.

Billy: We're not defending her.

Mackenzie: That's what it sounds like.

Billy: Look, Amandaís going to be gone tomorrow.

Mackenzie: Good.

Billy: I disagree.

Mackenzie: How can you say that?

Billy: If Amanda leaves, it would be the worst thing for you, Mac.

[Monitor beeping]

Olivia: Shall I get the chaplain? God bless you both.

Ryan: Vicki, listen to me --.

Victoria: No, I think that -- I think you need to rest. You need to save your strength, okay?

Ryan: I want you -- I want you to know how much I love you.

Victoria: I do. I do know that, Ryan. I love you, too.

Ryan: These past few months, I've never been happier in my life.

Victoria: I didn't know I could be so happy.

Ryan: I want you to hold onto that.

Victoria: Ryan, we will. We will, as soon as you get better, when you come home. We just have to get over this hurdle, and then -- for right now, I think you should just rest. You just need to rest right now.

Ryan: I'm going to marry you. I'm going to -- the first time. I want to marry you.

Victoria: But how? We can't right now. We're going to get married soon.

Ryan: No, no.

Victoria: Ryan, we canít. How?

Ryan: The rings.

Victoria: I, Victoria, take you, Ryan, to be my wedded husband.

Ryan: I love you.

Victoria: I love you, too. Please, don't go.

Ryan: Forever. Forever. Now and forever.

Victoria: Please, don't go. Please, don't go. [Monitor flatlines] Oh, God. Oh, God, please, don't go. Please, don't go.

[Victoria sobbing]

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