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Check this guy out.

Looks like you made a wrong turn.

Nice suit.

Looks expensive.

Probably costs more than I stole last year.

You know, my buddies and I were admiring your outfit. Reggie thinks he's making you look bad. As a gesture of -- what do you call it?


As a gesture of brotherhood, you should give him your suit. Of course we have to make some alterations.

We can do it while he's still wearing it.

Why aren't you saying anything?

Charlie, I think he's ignoring you.

Is that what you're doing? Hmm? Hey, Iím talking to you!

I'm going to break some head.

Hey, knock it off!

Victoria: Dad?

Ryan: Doesn't look like he's here.

Victoria: Tricia was supposed to be moving out. I wanted to congratulate him. You don't think --.

Ryan: What?

Victoria: Oh. Hallelujah.

Ryan: Her stuff is gone?

Victoria: One step closer to erasing her from our lives.

Ryan: You want to wait here for your dad?

Victoria: You have to get back to the office?

Ryan: I can wait here for a while. I think I will. Have you picked out a dress?

Victoria: Yes.

Ryan: You want to give me a preview?

Victoria: No.

Ryan: You're no fun.

Victoria: What about you?

Ryan: Don't worry. I made good use of my time.

Victoria: Wow, you finished it. How did it turn out?

Ryan: I'll put it on and you can judge for yourself.

Victoria: All right.

Ryan: What the heck is this?

Victoria: Police tape.

Paul: Hi. What are you guys doing here?

Victoria: What are you doing here?

Ryan: We just found this.

Paul: I take it John Silva hasnít called you?

Victoria: No. What's going on?

Paul: There's no easy to tell you this, Victoria. Your father's been arrested.

Victoria: What?! For what?!

Paul: Tricia has accused him of rape.

Ashley: You'll miss it. I know it's a little inconvenient and sometimes embarrassing. I forgot the people in France are so much more enlightened. As soon as you start getting used to it's time for the bottle and the whole separation process begins. I was a basket case. I was like, my God, she doesn't need me any longer. I cried. I did, I cried. Can we maybe talk about this a little later? Something has kind of come up. Okay, great. Yeah. After the holidays we will connect. Bye-bye, oh, my God.

Brad: Private call on company time?

Ashley: It was a lab in France. Stop it. It's true. I don't want you to stop.

Brad: Hi.

Ashley: Hi. I'm drawing up a meeting and the phone rang.

Brad: Got to go.

Ashley: Suddenly I can't remember.

Brad: You smell fantastic.

Ashley: Really?

Brad: Yeah.

Ashley: I was testing some fragrances and some fell on me.

Brad: I like the combination.

Ashley: You don't think it's too strong?

Brad: You stumbled on to something. You know what that makes you?

Ashley: Clumsy?

Brad: And a genius.

Ashley: How do you figure?

Brad: They're always making discoveries.

Ashley: I'm a regular Thomas Edison.

Nikki: Well, hello, Mr. Warton.

Larry: Hey, how are you?

Nikki: Have you seen Nicholas?

Larry: Nope.

Nikki: So how are you?

Larry: Fine. You're probably wondering why I didn't call you regarding you helping me with my socializing thing.

Nikki: That's all right. I don't need an answer right now.

Larry: Don't get me wrong. I'm interested. It's just that --.

Nikki: You're worried about looking foolish.

Larry: Did I say that?

Nikki: No, you didn't.

Larry: Would you like to sit down?

Nikki: Sure.

Larry: I heard about Nick and Sharon. I thought you would want to spend some time with your family.

Nikki: Well, that's thoughtful.

Larry: Life's a bitch, isnít it?

Nikki: Yep. Sometimes it is.

Larry: It's hard to make sense of this. It's too bad too, because the kid would have had a great life. Not like some people. There's Nicholas.

Tricia: Victoria Newman to wed Ryan McNeil. They don't waste any time.

Matt: You knew they would get hitched eventually.

Tricia: But not so soon.

Matt: What's wrong?

Tricia: The date wedding.

Matt: Yeah, so?

Tricia: It's a day after the waiting period. Couldn't they wait a week or two?

Matt: This went into the papers before you nailed Victor. The family's probably freaking. Maybe they'll postpone the wedding. What are you thinking?

Tricia: Nothing.

Matt: You want to go after Victoria Newman.

Tricia: She deserves this.

Matt: You're public enemy number one. There's no way in hell you're going to get near them. You got your revenge. Walk away. Be smart about this.

Victoria: Tricia is accusing Dad of rape?

Ryan: That's outrageous.

Victoria: He would never, never --.

Paul: Tricia made a convincing case at least to the Assistant D.A.

Victoria: Where is he now?

Paul: He's in jail.

Victoria: When will he get out?

Paul: His bail hearing is tomorrow.

Ryan: I'm so sorry.

Victoria: It's not your fault.

Ryan: I feel Iím responsible.

Victoria: It's not your fault. It's Triciaís. Are you coming?

Ryan: No, I think Iím going to stay here and help Paul.

Larry: Let me know if there's something I can do.

Nikki: Thank you, Larry.

Nicholas: Hey, Mom.

Nikki: Hi, baby. How are you?

Nicholas: Hanging in there.

Nikki: I hear Sharon got released from the hospital.

Nicholas: This morning.

Nikki: She must be relieved to be home.

Nicholas: Physically, yeah. But emotionally she's still a wreck. It's like we were a part of each other. Now she's pulling away from me.

Nikki: Give it time.

Nicholas: Your support means a lot. I had a nice talk with Dad too.

Nikki: He told me.

Nicholas: I'm glad I could lean on him.

Nikki: Sweetheart, he'll always be there for you. I will too.

Ashley: Sweetie, as much as I am enjoying this --.

Brad: No, no, no. You have to go back to work?

Ashley: Rain check?

Brad: I suppose I can redeem it tonight.

Ashley: Absolutely.

Brad: When do you want to talk about the holidays?

Ashley: Aren't you jumping the gun a little bit?

Brad: We have big plans to make. The next couple of months will be hectic, starting with our little girl's birthday. She's turning one.

Ashley: Quite a milestone. One.

Brad: Last Christmas she couldn't enjoy anything. She was too young. This year it's going to be great. I can put her on Santaís lap --.

Ashley: You're so cute. You're looking forward to this, aren't you?

Brad: Yeah, it's the best time of the year. Especially through the eyes of a child.

Ashley: You're thinking about Colleen, aren't you?

Colleen: You are my real father. I was born in this house, you delivered me. He proved he didn't give a damn about either of us. I don't want to go back to the way things were.

Brad: I don't either. Honey, I want to be part of your life, and I will be. But we're not going to be a family.

Colleen: But you and Ashley are having problems. Marriages don't always last. Look at you and Mom, her and Steve. Maybe all of this happened for a reason?

Brad: Whoa, whoa, sweetheart. I need you to listen to me. Sit down. This has gotten way out of hand. I had no idea you were feeling this way. I'm going to make this as simple as I can. I love you. And I care a great deal about your mom. But Ashleyís my wife. She and Abby are my family. So any thoughts you have about your mom and me, don't. We're not going to be a family.

[Phone ringing]

Colleen: Hello? Really? Okay. Cool. I'll see you. Bye.

Traci: Hi, sweetheart. Who was that on the phone?

Colleen: A friend.

Traci: I wanted to make sure you're ready for dance class.

Colleen: Don't worry. I won't be late.

Traci: I wanted to make sure you had everything you needed.

Colleen: I'm not a little kid. You don't need to hover. I can take care of myself.

Traci: Colleen, does it have to be like this?

Colleen: Like what?

Traci: I was hoping we could talk a little.

Colleen: Well, that's what we're doing.

Traci: Sweetie, we used to share everything. You don't have to go through this alone.

Colleen: I'm not alone.

Traci: I just hate the distance between us.

Colleen: Why? You have him to keep you company.

Traci: Do you mean Steve, your father?

Colleen: He's not my father.

Tricia: Just walk away?

Matt: Sounds good to me.

Tricia: Where will I go?

Matt: Where do you want to go?

Tricia: I have no idea. This whole time I have been consumed with one thing.

Matt: Payback.

Tricia: I never thought what would happen after I got it.

Matt: Now you have. This should be a real exciting time.

Tricia: I have plenty of money.

Matt: You could buy a one-way ticket to anywhere.

Tricia: I always wanted to go to the Caribbean.

Matt: Let's do it. Get a boat, sail from island to island. It would be heaven on earth.

Tricia: I would be alone.

Matt: I would be there.

Tricia: What good are you? You're only a light in my mind.

Matt: Trust me, doll. It's not going to be that way for long. You have luck. You have great back. You'll be beating guys off with a stick.

Tricia: That doesn't interest me. I want a man I can love, who will love me in return. We each have one perfect match. If that's true, Iíve already found mine. I'm going to be alone forever.

That's enough. Now break it up! Newman, you have a visitor.

Victor: The guy took me off-guard.

Nicholas: You're telling me my dad's been arrested?

John: I just came from the police station.

Nikki: I knew this would happen. That's why I asked him to come to the ranch last night.

Nicholas: None of us saw this coming.

John: Victor hasn't done anything wrong.

Nicholas: Is he out on bail?

John: Not today.

Nicholas: Why not?

John: The Assistant D.A. is playing hardball.

Nicholas: When's the hearing?

John: Tomorrow. The D.A.'s office is going strictly by the book.

Nikki: Can he have visitors?

John: Yes. I know he would love to see you. I have to make some other calls.

Nicholas: Let's go.

Larry: Nick, I couldn't help overhearing they're keeping your old man locked up overnight.

Nicholas: Yeah.

Larry: You don't see guys like Victor Newman in the slammer too often.

Nicholas: What's your point?

Larry: He's bound to have company in his cell, not the kind he's used to.

Nicholas: Thanks for reminding me.

Larry: Sorry, man. It's just the first thing I think about. I thought it would be for you too.

Victoria: Dad.

Victor: Hi, sweetheart.

Victoria: I can't believe this is happening.

Victor: John Silva told you?

Victoria: It was Paul. I knew Tricia Dennison was devious, but I had no idea she would go to these lengths.

Victor: Neither did I, sweetheart, neither did I.

Victoria: Give me five minutes alone with that lunatic and I will get the truth out of her, even if I have to choke it out of her.

Victor: It's impossible now. Tricia Dennison left town.

Victoria: That must prove her accusations are ridiculous.

Victor: That's what I think.

Victoria: The police don't see it that way?

Victor: The police say it proves I planned to attack her.

Victoria: Making her look more like a victim. That settles it. I'm postponing the wedding.

Victor: You're not. Sweetheart, you're not going to postpone the wedding. I will be out of here in time to walk you down the aisle.

Victoria: There's no harm in waiting.

Victor: No, I will be out of here to walk you.

Ashley: It won't upset me if you're thinking about Colleen.

Brad: I'm worried about her.

Ashley: Have you spoken to her lately?

Brad: I called last night. She still won't talk to me.

Ashley: Sorry. At least Traci and Steve can keep you in the loop.

Brad: Yeah. Colleen's grades are slipping. Transition to high school can be bumpy.

Ashley: That's true.

Brad: How was it for you?

Ashley: What?

Brad: High school? It wasn't that long ago, right?

Ashley: Of course not.

Brad: So did you go through these changes?

Ashley: Gosh, no. I was perfect.

Brad: That's what I always heard.

Ashley: Because you heard it from Traci.

Brad: Yeah.

Ashley: That was Traciís point of view. I was the perfect one. I never had difficulties. Everything came easy for me. I never had a bad thought or a single moment of anxiety.

Brad: You're saying that wasn't the case.

Ashley: I had it better than some kids, probably a lot of kids. I remember being angry too.

Brad: About?

Ashley: I had responsibilities, Brad. I was supposed to be the perfect one. Everybody had high expectations and I was supposed to live up to it and I resented it. I had a couple cigarettes once. Big deal. I was thinking to myself, Iíd show them. I can be a bad kid too. I got so sick; I was green for a week.

Brad: Smoking is not a good way to rebel.

Ashley: I don't know if I can relate to Colleen. Everybody's experience is different. But my parents were divorced. And I did not have a great step-parent like Colleen does. I pulled through and I think she will too.

Brad: You know, what really concerns me is how she's cutting herself off with her old friends.

Ashley: She's making new friends. She's a good kid, honey.

Brad: Yeah, she is. You're probably right. It's just a phase she's going through. I'm sure she's going to be fine.

Traci: Sweetheart, we have issues to sort through. We have always been able to talk about things before. I really wish we could do that now. Honey?

Colleen: I have to go.

Traci: This is important.

Colleen: I might as well stay home.

Traci: Well, what is your teacher working on with you?

Colleen: Combinations.

Traci: Your winter recital is coming.

Colleen: Why are you asking so many questions?

Traci: I'm interested. I'm your mother.

Colleen: Fine Iíll stay home. They won't let me be in the recital.

Traci: Fine, you can go. But you have to be better than this.

Victor: Sorry to put you through all of this.

Nicholas: Don't mind us. We're worried about you.

Nicholas: How could anybody believe Tricia given her history?

Victor: She has woven a very, very intricate web.

Nicholas: Does Paul know about this?

Victor: I wanted him to speak to the surveillance technician.

Nicholas: I'm sure that will give us the evidence we need.

Nikki: Will these tapes be admissible in court?

Victoria: The police have to pay attention to them when they exonerate Dad. Maybe he'll be out tonight.

Victor: Maybe not.

Nicholas: How is it in there for you?

Victor: You know how it is.

Nicholas: You're more high profile than I am.

Victor: I'll be fine.

Visiting time is over.

Victor: See you tomorrow.

Victoria: We love you, Dad.

Nicholas: Don't worry. I'll look after things out here.

Victor: I know you will.

Matt: Who are we talking about here?

Tricia: Who do you think?

Matt: Ryan? You have to be kidding.

Tricia: You don't know. Ryan was so warm and loving. He made me feel good about myself. He was the first man I made love with.

Matt: I may not know how your fairy tale started but I know how it ended.

Matt: He let you down over and over. When you needed him, he was not there.

Tricia: It was in the end and I deserved it.

Matt: You're making excuses for him.

Tricia: I behaved horribly. Like when I tried to break up Tony and Megan.

Matt: Running down Tony with your car.

Tricia: I thought everybody was ready to hang me. Not my husband. He arranged for us to go to Seattle and be together to get some distance and try to heal. What did I do? I didn't want to get help. He showered me with love and I spit in his face and ran off to England.

Matt: To be with your dad.

Tricia: He still stayed true to me. I remember this letter he wrote me. After months of no communication he wanted to give our marriage one more chance. Finally I saw the light.

Matt: But it was too late.

Tricia: The gulf was too wide.

Matt: Enough with the walk down memory lane here. You had your chance and you blew it.

Tricia: You're trying to make me feel better?

Matt: You think you want to be with him because you can't have him.

Tricia: You don't know a thing about true love.

I just thought of something.


That dude in the suit, cop called him Newman.


That's Victor Newman. You know, the big tycoon, the guy who runs Newman Enterprises. Yeah, right.

Joey, you heard of Victor Newman?

Sure. Why?

I think that guy is him.

No way.

I seen his picture on TV.

What's he doing here?

Beats me.

He probably came to push you around. Did a pretty good job of it too.

Hey, hey, hey. That rich guy surprised me. I am not taking any more from him.

Big talk Charlie.

Yeah, Charlie, he shut you down real good.

Yeah, well next time I will be ready.

Whatever you say.

You going to keep flapping your gums or do you want to hear my plan? Because I got something in mind for Mr. Money Bags.

[Phone ringing]

Traci: Hello.

Ashley: Hey, Trace, it's Ash. I'm with Brad. We're on speaker phone.

Brad: Hey, Trace.

Ashley: We wanted to know how things are going.

Traci: I'm glad you called. I'm at the end of my rope.

Brad: What happened?

Traci: I'm trying to get her to talk about anything. She throws all of her walls right back up.

Brad: Sorry to hear that Traci.

Ashley: How are things otherwise?

Traci: I think high school is a hard change.

Ashley: She's making new friends?

Traci: That's the rumor. The old friends were great kids. The new friends, I don't even know their names.

Brad: Maybe she's afraid to bring them to the apartment.

Traci: I hate to think of that. Maybe you're right. One thing's for sure, we cannot go on this way.

Dan: This is everything for the last few weeks.

Paul: Thanks, Dan.

Dan: Where do I start?

Paul: Last night.

Dan: Keep your fingers crossed we'll find something.

Paul: Victor says he came home and went straight to head.

Dan: Our tape isn't going to show that. Tricia went upstairs too.

Paul: What? You had specific instructions. Victor was to be notified.

Dan: I didn't see the need.

Paul: Why not?

Dan: He was with her.

Paul: That's not possible.

Dan: See for yourself.

Paul: Something's not right here.

Dan: What makes you say that?

Paul: Look at the way he's walking. Unbalanced.

Dan: She asked to come with him. He didn't say no.

Ryan: Are you saying Victor wanted to be alone with Tricia?

Dan: What was I to think? Tricia is a beautiful young gal. Mr. Newman wants to go upstairs with her, that's his business. You think that's disturbing. Wait until you see this.

Ryan: What?

Dan: An hour or so later.

Ryan: She looks terrified.

Dan: Like a woman --.

Paul: Don't say it. Don't even think it. It didn't happen. I don't care what's on the tape. You can go, Dan. Thanks. Leave the tapes, please.

Tricia: Ryan looks so handsome in this picture.

Matt: Babe, you just stuck it to the Newmans. This is no time to get sentimental.

Tricia: And Lauren Fenmore will help the bride choose the gown. Reception at the Colonnade Room.

Matt: Stop torturing yourself. I wish you had never seen that paper.

Tricia: I'm glad I did. I was about to make a huge mistake and walk away from the most wonderful man I had ever known. I realize it's not too late.

Matt: Tricia.

Tricia: Ryan and I were meant to be together. I feel it in my heart. There's still time to make him see it too.

Ashley: Traci, I'm not trying to minimize what you're going through. All kids pull away from their parents as they get older.

Traci: I suppose.

Ashley: Try not to blame yourself.

Brad: Ash is right. You and Steve are doing the best you can. At some point in time, you have to chalk it up to teen angst.

Traci: Thanks, guys. I needed a pep talk.

Brad: Where's Colleen now?

Traci: She went to dance class. She hasn't missed one since we've been back. It's a comfort. It's a comfort knowing that dance is still some kind of a refuge for her.

Make it loud and crazy.

Hey, babe, welcome to dance class.

Colleen: Yeah, right.

You sound ticked.

Colleen: My mom tried to have another one of her heart to hearts with me.

I hate that.

Parents are so lame.

Colleen, you're not alone. My mom's always raging on me about something.

Colleen: How do you handle it?

By ignoring her. I figure eventually she'll get the hint. Leave me alone.

Colleen: I wish my mom would.

You two are in such good moods, something tells me you'll like what I have waiting.

Colleen: I'm counting on you. That's why Iím here.

Just the thing to put a smile back on your face.

Nikki: What was that look your father gave you when he said he would be fine?

Nicholas: He doesn't want you to worry.

Nikki: Nicholas, if you know something we don't, please don't try to protect us.

Nicholas: Look, I don't want to alarm you.

Nikki: But what?

Nicholas: Rules are different in there. Okay? On the outside Dad pretty much calls all the shots. But in there --.

Nikki: Other people make the rules.

Now, are you both clear how we're going to do this?

Yeah. And when it comes back, I'll distract him.

As soon as he's looking the other way.  Iíll grab him from behind.

Good, good.

What happens then?

Yeah, then what?

Newman thinks he can push us around like his flunkies at the office. He's about to learn this ain't no board meeting.

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