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Carol Chen: Mr. Newman, Iím Carol Chen, Assistant District Attorney.

Victor: I would like to speak with Glen Richards.

Carol Chen: He's out of town. I will be handling your case.

Victor: There is no case.

Carol Chen: Would you like to wait for your attorney?

Victor: I came here to settle this matter right now.

Carol Chen: That's what we would like to if an immediate resolution is possible.

Victor: Let me make this clear. An immediate resolution is possible. There was no rape. If Miss Dennison claims there was, she's outright lying or deluding herself. Let's settle this right now. Come here. Tell me what's going on.

Nikki: I really am pleased for you, Jack.

Jack: Oh, Nik.

Nikki: I take a certain amount of pride in what's happened.

Jack: How's that?

Nikki: I'm not one of Phyllis' greatest fans, when I saw how crushed you were.

Jack: You told me to hang in there, to fight for it, to make it work.

Nikki: I'm glad everything is working out.

Jack: Yeah, yeah it is.

Nikki: Hey, before you know it, the two of you are going to have your own beautiful baby.

Jack: Maybe it's not best to jump to conclusions.

Nikki: I'm sure you and Phyllis are starting to family as soon as possible, aren't you? Jack, what? Talk to me.

Jack: Yes, we were planning on starting a family as soon as possible.

Nikki: What do you mean you were?

Jack: Plans have changed. It's not going to happen. It turns out Phyllis can't have kids.

Michael: Here you go. Anything for me?

Chantal: Four messages and two people are waiting for you.

Phyllis: Hey, you have a few minutes?

Michael: I'm very, very busy.

Phyllis: It's only a few minutes.

Michael: Chantal, hold my calls.

Chantal: Michael.

Michael: You heard the lady. She's only going to be a few minutes.

Phyllis: So, counselor, how are you?

Michael: Fine, fine, you?

Phyllis: Besides wanting to throttle the wedding planner Jack has hired, Iím great.

Michael: Well, why are you here? I trust you didn't just drop by to tell me how perfect your life is.

Olivia: If you're going to gloat, Iím not interested in continuing this conversation.

Malcolm: I don't have a clue what you're talking about.

Olivia: Stop playing these games. Why don't you admit it?

Malcolm: Admit what?

Olivia: You don't know anything. You don't know Neil and I aren't together anymore.

Malcolm: Get outta here.

Olivia: I thought you would have heard something.

Malcolm: Judging from the way you're acting it obviously wasn't your decision.

Olivia: I'm sure you think it's my just desserts.

Malcolm: I really am sorry to hear this.

Olivia: Of course you are.

Malcolm: Olivia, I have been doing my best to get past the ugly stuff that went on between us. Olivia, the last thing I want is for you to be unhappy.

Alex: Johnny, can I get a cappuccino to go please?

Johnny: Sure.

Neil: Hey there.

Alex: Oh, hi. How are you?

Neil: Fine. How about you and Malcolm?

Alex: Well, we bought some new furniture. I guess you can say we're settling in for the long haul.

Neil: Couldn't have happened to two nicer people. It sounds like everything is going great.

Alex: Well, almost.

Mr. Newman, there will be no direct conversation between the accuser and the accused, especially in a rape case.

Victor: I am telling you again there has been no rape. Are you telling these people that I raped you?

Leave her alone. Come with me please. We need you to make an official statement. This officer over here will take notes. Tell us your story, just like you did before back at your doctor's office, okay?

Tricia: I'm not sure I can go through with this.

Victoria: Do you know how long ago? Great. Thank you so much. Hi. I thought you were at work.

Ryan: I stopped by Ginaís and saw Neil. I decided to go back to the office and I decided I missed you more than I missed work. So I made an executive decision and came home.

Victoria: I love a decisive man.

Ryan: Who were you on the phone with just now?

Victoria: I called the hospital. Sharon's been released.

Ryan: Maybe we should call them and see how they're doing.

Victoria: I don't want to bother them.

Ryan: They're family. I thought you wanted to talk to them about postponing the wedding until they are over the shock of losing the baby.

Victoria: I know we have plans for the wedding.

Ryan: It's your call.

Victoria: I think we should proceed as planned. If we have to call it off, we'll do that.

Ryan: Are you sure you're okay with that?

Victoria: Planning the wedding is keeping me sane. That's one positive thing over everything else.

Ryan: Speaking of holding on to something, come here.

You're retracting your earlier statement, Miss Dennison?

Tricia: No, of course not. Just seeing him again, that look in his eyes reminds me of how he looked at me last night.

I'm sorry you had to see the man again.

Tricia: What if I make a statement and he convinces the district attorney I'm lying? It's my word against his.

Tricia, itís not his word against yours. The physical signs by the doctor go support your claim. There will be other evidence, won't there?

Tricia: It started last night. Victor came home. And I was in the kitchen.

Michael: Come on, sweetheart. Tell Daddy everything.

Phyllis: It's probably nothing. Jack and I were baby-sitting his niece Abby last night.

Michael: That's easy. I insist you get a few bucks an hour.

Phyllis: He was looking down at her with this longing in his eyes.

Michael: He's trying to make you feel bad.

Phyllis: He's very direct with me.

Michael: He never brought up having kids since your second engagement of yours.

Phyllis: He's sweet and attentive.

Michael: Then why are you here?

Phyllis: I keep on telling myself Jack can accept a future without children. But --.

Michael: But what? If you thought it was succeeding, you wouldn't be talking to me about it.

Nikki: Abby delivered back to her mommy?

Jack: Yeah. Safe and sound.

Nikki: It must have been very difficult for you last night, baby-sitting.

Jack: Abby's a joy.

Nikki: Of course she is. Still.

Jack: She's a reminder -- a reminder of everything I'm missing in my life. I suppose.

Nikki: How did you find out Phyllis can't have children?

Jack: Phyllis had an ectopic pregnancy. Her tube ruptured. Her other tube was so badly scarred there's virtually no chance of her getting pregnant again.

Nikki: That's heartbreaking.

Jack: It's one of those things.

Nikki: I know you're sounding blasť, but deep down it must be killing you.

Jack: There's nothing that I can do about it.

Nikki: There must be some option. Have you heard of in vitro?

Jack: Of course. It's a very rough road. I love Phyllis. I want her to be my wife. Going through extreme measures, I don't think I could put pressure on her to do something like that.

Nikki: Wouldn't it be something that she would --?

Jack: I'm saying you and I have talked about this enough.

Nikki: I don't think so.

Jack: I do. Please drop it.

I'll get back to you. How can I help you?

Paul: I'm Paul Williams. This is John Silva, Victor Newmanís attorney. Can you tell someone we're here?

John: I'm glad you called, Paul.

Paul: Victor made it very clear he didn't want to waste your time with this.

John: You did the right thing.

Paul: That's unbelievable.

John: I was worried about this from the beginning, Victor letting that woman stay with him. Look at the risk. Do you think itís possible that somehow last night things got out of hand?

Paul: I can't believe that.

John: How did those bruises get there?

Tricia: Is that all?

As far as the statement we need, yeah. Is there any -- Tricia, what is that?

Tricia: Those men work for Victor.

They won't get near you.

Tricia: How are you going to protect me? Victor has had me under surveillance. God knows what he will do next.

What do you mean?

Tricia: I have a bodyguard; he's been with me since my father went into the hospital.

This bodyguard?

Tricia: Hired by Victor Newman.

He's overstepped his authority. I don't care who these men are. I don't care who he thinks he is. He's gone way too far.

Tricia: This is a nightmare.

It's okay. You're safe now, Tricia.

Sorry to interrupt. There's a volunteer from the rape crisis center in the conference room if you want to speak to her.


Tricia: Yeah, Iíll talk to her.

Paul: Thank you.

Carol. Chen: Mr. Newman, thanks for your cooperation. The results of your blood work and fingernail scrapings will speed up the investigation.

Victor: I certainly hope so.

Carol Chen: I would like to hear your version of what happened.

Victor: I told you nothing happened.

Carol Chen: You have been accused of rape.

Victor: I am telling you again it's a ludicrous charge.

Carol Chen: Do you deny you and Miss Dennison were together last night?

Victor: She lives with me. She stays on the first floor of my apartment. I stay on the second floor.

Carol Chen: Why don't you start from the beginning?

Victor: I'm beginning to resent this, you know. Okay. From the beginning. Tricia Dennison and I last night were discussing her moving out. Then I went upstairs to my bedroom and went to sleep alone.

Carol Chen: Is that all that happened?

Victor: Did you hear me what I said?

Carol Chen: Your memory's clear on that.

Victor: Miss Chen, I just told you what happened, all right? I think it might behoove you to ask me why I think she made those charges against me.

Carol Chen: You have a theory, I suppose.

Victor: Miss Dennison is a seriously ill lady. She's in intensive therapy. She's taking anti-psychotic medication as we speak.

Carol Chen: You maintain that she's imagining things.

Victor: She is lying. I wish your colleague Glen Richards was here, because he would confirm what Iím about to tell you. Tricia Dennison has an enormous hostility toward my family, a very dangerous hostility.

Carol Chen: Mr. Newman, you have her living under your roof --.

Victor: I want to observe her. I want to keep an eye on her. I know what she's capable of. She's not stable when she's not on her medication.

Carol Chen: I have a report from Triciaís therapist, Dr. Burns. She feels Tricia was making progress and your involvement has been detrimental.

Victor: Obviously Dr. Burns failed to notice this in Triciaís demeanor.

Carol Chen: You're not a psychiatrist. Unless you have expert testimony.

Victor: I don't need expert testimony, all right?

Carol Chen: So you say. Mr. Newman, Iím afraid everything Iíve seen so far is consistent with a picture of manipulating a young, fragile, vulnerable woman.

Victor: Are you trying to be tough with me, Miss Chen? Obviously you and I see this from a different perspective. I think we should end this discussion. Once this discussion is over with, you will see Iím innocent of all charges.

Carol Chen: For your sake, Mr. Newman, I hope so.

Victor: And then, Miss Chen, you owe me an apology. Otherwise you can expect a lawsuit.

[Doorbell sounding]

Ryan: You expecting someone?

Victoria: No, not me.

Ryan McNeil?

Ryan: Yeah, that's me.

For you, sir.

Ryan: There you go. For you.

Thank you.

Victoria: I can't believe this got here so soon.

Ryan: You know what this is?

Victoria: Yeah, yeah, it's a wedding present. Now that it's here, you might as well open it.

Ryan: You are too much.

Victoria: It is such a beautiful picture of us laying in the hammock, looking at the stars. I wanted to do my part.

Ryan: It's a wonderful present. Thank you.

I need to get the clothes you were wearing last night. Are they in Mr. Newman's apartment?

Tricia: Yes.

While Iím there I will pick up your belongings and bring them back for you. You should be safe for now.

Tricia: That's probably best. Um, on second thought, I think maybe I should go with you.

There's no need.

Tricia: I know where everything is and I just want to get my stuff out of there.

Are you going to be okay?

Tricia: You'll be with me, right? I should be okay.

Okay. Let's go.

Ted: Paul Williams, I just got an order from the Assistant D.A. Chen, she wants the surveillance of Miss Dennison immediately. Call off your men or a restraining order will be issued.

Paul: Hey, Ted.

Ted: Paul, how's it going?

Paul: Can't complain. What's new?

Ted: Working for Newman again?

Paul: He's accused of rape.

Ted: I know.

Paul: The woman has already been examined.

Ted: So?

Paul: I'm sure the results will exonerate Mr. Newman. Unless you've heard otherwise.

Ted: Come on, Paul. You know I can't tell you anything. It'll all come out in due time.

Paul: Yeah.

John: Victor, I realize you didn't feel the need for an attorney.

Victor: Actually I'm very glad you came by, John. Maybe you will have better luck talking sense into this lady.

John: Hello, Miss Chen.

Carol Chen: Mr. Silva, good to see you again.

John: I assume the department has a rape kit on Miss Dennison?

Carol Chen: The evidence has already gone to the lab.

John: Good. I'm sure the truth will be out very soon.

Olivia: You really didn't know anything about this.

Malcolm: For the last time, no.

Olivia: You didn't pick up on anything. Neil didn't say anything.

Malcolm: Pick up on what, like stepping out with another woman?

Olivia: Maybe he was interested.

Malcolm: This is Neil we're talking about. That's not his style.

Olivia: What other reason could he have for calling it quits?

Malcolm: I don't know. You have to get that idea out of your head.

Olivia: I knew you would stick up for your brother. Maybe you're forgetting something.

Malcolm: Like what?

Olivia: Like you haven't always been so quick to defend him and you certainly don't know everything that's gone on in his social life.

Malcolm: Olivia if you're talking about what's going on between you and my brother when we were still married, I haven't forgotten about that and I never will. That's ancient history. My brother and I had gotten past that, and I really thought you had too. I'm not interested in digging up the past. I have better things to do with my time like go to work. I think it's best that you leave.

Neil: Alex, what do you mean by almost?

Alex: Well, your brother got it into his head that we all should go out together.

Neil: You and Malcolm --.

Alex: And you and Olivia.

Neil: That wouldn't be a very good idea, now would it?

Alex: Unfortunately, I don't know how to talk him out of it.

Neil: The two of us should be able to figure something out.

Alex: I'm sure we can.

Neil: Especially since we have been able to clear things up between us.

Alex: Well, we should give each other a lot of space.

Neil: For a while. I agree.

Alex: Right.

Neil: That way there's no chance my brother can pick up on any awkwardness.

Alex: That could open up a can of worms.

Neil: We definitely don't want that to happen.

Alex: Definitely not.

Neil: I'm happy I ran into you and we had a chance to talk about this.

Alex: Me too.

Neil: So we're good.

Alex: Yes, Neil. What?

Neil: Nothing, just a crazy thought.

Alex: Tell me.

Neil: I was wishing there could be two of you.

Alex: That would sure make one heck of a double date.

Neil: I'm going to miss you.

Johnny: One cappuccino to go.

Alex: Yes, yes. Um, here, um, just keep the change. Oh, God.

Neil: What's wrong?

Alex: I just remembered I left something at the apartment I need for work. Bye, Neil.

Neil: Bye. Alex.

Alex: Yes?

Neil: I'm really glad about your new furniture and all that.

Alex: Yeah. Thanks.

In the master bedroom. Mr. Newman said it's okay to search the entire apartment.

I'll check it out.

Where are the clothes from last night? Tricia?

Tricia: My dress and underwear are in the bathroom closet in my bedroom.

Paul: What have you got there, Tricia?

Ryan: Now that you given me such a wonderful gift, it's my turn.

Victoria: You have a gift for me? I want to see it.

Ryan: It's not that kind of gift.

Victoria: I can't see it?

Ryan: No, but you can hear it.

Victoria: Oh, you're going to sing me a song.

Ryan: Not just any song. It's our song. I wrote it just for you.

♫ I don't want to go on

The way we have been

Just got to move on

Keeping it in

Sad goodbye

I don't want to throw it away

I'm so glad we had this time

To come and say

That you've got my love

Youíve got my mind

You got my shoulder when you want to cry

Got my heart

The way you make it shine

You are my friend

Until the end of time

Time is moving on now

You and me

Still to know what's to be

I hear you call my name

It makes me feel so good inside

Iím here to stay

Youíve got my love

Youíve got my mind

Youíve got my shoulder when you want to cry

You got my heart

I know you make it shine

You are my friend

To the end of time

To the end of time ♫ What did you think?

Victoria: I can't believe you wrote that for me. It's the most beautiful, wonderful gift Iíve ever received. I love you so much.

Nikki: Jack, you surprise me giving up on this so easily.

Jack: Don't do this.

Nikki: I know you don't want to pressure Phyllis. Have you even suggested alternatives?

Jack: How could I do that without looking like Iím pushing?

Nikki: Maybe it hasn't even occurred to her.

Jack: I'm asking you to stop. Nikki, you're my dear friend. This is the last place I want you involved in my life.

Nikki: I'm thinking of you.

Jack: Don't worry about me. Worry about your own family. Please don't intercede here. You will only cause damage. I'm asking you to please stay out of this.

Nikki: All right. I promise. I still think you're giving up too easily.

Jack: Look at the positive. I didn't think I would ever have that romance in my life again. A woman I could wrap my whole life around. I have that with Phyllis. Please don't worry about me. I'm okay. I'm a happy man. I'm in love. My life is full. My heart is full.

Phyllis: That episode last night made me wonder all over again --.

Michael: I know how devastated you would be if somewhere down the road Jack decides to not live without kids.

Phyllis: I'm afraid I will have moments like I did last night that somewhere down the road I realize I can't give the man I love what he really wants.

Michael: That's not your fault. Jack keeps insisting he doesn't mind having kids.

Phyllis: I believe him and he believes it too. I'm afraid my loving him isn't enough.

Michael: Maybe you should discuss this with Jack.

Phyllis: I canít. He already told me how he feels; he will think I don't trust him.

Michael: What are the alternatives?

Phyllis: I have to wait, look for signs.

Michael: Oh, yeah like last night.

Phyllis: I have to look deeper into Jack's heart than he has.

Michael: Phyllis, I don't think that's a good idea.

Phyllis: Why?

Michael: Because I'm concerned about you. What if you do that and you don't like what you see?

Malcolm: Hey, baby.

Alex: Hi, honey. I left some papers I need for the office.

Malcolm: I think I saw them over by the stereo.

Alex: Oh, thanks. Are you okay?

Malcolm: No. No, actually I'm not.

Alex: Well, what's wrong?

Malcolm: I had a really weird encounter with Olivia just now.

Alex: Olivia was here?

Malcolm: Yeah, yeah.

Alex: Something to do with me?

Malcolm: No, no, no.

Alex: So what?

Malcolm: Do you have any idea if Neil is interested in another woman?

Paul: You put something in your purse.

Tricia: Leave me alone.

What's going on here?

Paul: I believe this woman is withholding evidence. Check her purse. What are you doing in Victor's workout room?

Mr. Williams, I think you should leave now.

Paul: I will, as soon as you look in her purse.

Are you interfering with this investigation?

Tricia: Thank you.

Is this your dress?

John: Miss Chen, unless you're prepared to file charges right now, I want my client released immediately.

Carol Chen: Not so fast please. The initial results of Tricia Dennisonís exam and rape kit show forceful penetration and semen. Are you blood type A-positive, Mr. Newman?

John: You might as well answer.

Victor: Yes.

Carol Chen: Mr. Newman, You have a right to remain silent. Anything you say, can and will be used against you in a court of law.

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