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Nicholas: Hey.

Victor: What's happening?

Nicholas: I just wanted to talk to someone.

Tricia: I can see this is personal.

Victor: Thank you, Tricia.

Nicholas: I know it's late. You must be exhausted.

Victor: What's on your mind?

Nicholas: I'm dying inside, Dad. This is tearing me apart. I want to be strong for Sharon. It's getting harder and harder.

Victor: I'm sorry, son. I'm sorry.

Katherine: I took the chance that you would be home. Something I really want you to see. All right?

Nikki: All right.

Katherine: Tell me what you think.

Nikki: It's very nice.

Katherine: I want it to be special.

Nikki: Katherine, Iím so tired. What are you talking about? What is this Bible for?

Katherine: My God, no one told you. I was asked to be godmother to Sharonís baby. I know she's not due for a couple of months but I thought it would be a nice gesture, a nice gift. What is wrong?

Dr. Thompson: The paternity test now? Sharon, I really don't think that's wise.

Sharon: Please don't argue with me. Just do the test. I need to know who the father was.

Dr. Thompson: I know that was an issue between you and your husband.

Sharon: It wasn't just an issue. It was the reason we argued. It was the reason why I fell. Nicholas and I were arguing about the paternity test. He got so upset, he walked out. If he hadn't got in the car --.

Dr. Thompson: Sharon, this is a tragedy. I can understand why you want to see what led up to it. Blaming your husband won't help a thing.

Sharon: That's what Nicholas said. Just now when you came in, it reminded me that there was a life inside of me that was snuffed out for no good reason. I don't think I can move beyond this unless I know everything.

Jill: Why did you lock the door, Sean?

Sean: So we could have some privacy.

Jill: You didn't have any right to do that.

Sean: Please, it's important. I have been thinking about this a lot.

Jill: Have you?

Sean: I don't want this to be over, and neither do you.

Jill: Oh, you're so convinced you know what I want?

Sean: Please stop shutting me out. We're not communicating.

Jill: That's not the reason.

Sean: Don't tell me it's the age. That's not an issue for me.

Jill: The whole world revolves around you.

Sean: You are throwing away a killer relationship because of your image.

Jill: That is ridiculous.

Sean: I'll say.

Victoria: Hey.

Ryan: Hey, you're home. Any more word on Sharon?

Victoria: Well, I talked to Nicholas earlier. Physically she's doing all right. Emotionally --.

Ryan: Sure. They're hanging in, right? It's no picnic having to deal with Sharon on top of everything else.

Victoria: Dad's not going to have to deal with Tricia anymore. He's moving her out of his apartment tomorrow.

Jack: There she is, special delivery for Uncle Jack. Hello, sweetie, how are you? Nice to see you. Is this your bottle? There you go. Listen, we're looking forward to it, right, sweetheart?

Phyllis: Absolutely.

Brad: What time do you want us to pick her up?

Jack: Leave her here. You're waking her up to let her sleep at home.

Ashley: That's really sweet of you guys.

Jack: You want to thank us, have a good time tonight.

Ashley: Mommy loves you.

Ashley: As you can see she's eaten.

Jack: Be gone. Be gone.

Ashley: Bye. Mommy loves you.

Jack: Mommy loves you. You know what? I probably should have cleared that with you before I made that offer.

Phyllis: That's okay. I have no problem with it. Really.

Jack: That's my girl. My two girls. You know what? I think one of you needs to have her diaper changed.

Phyllis: I'm sure it's her.

Jack: I'm sure. Be right back. Oh, here we go. Come on, you. Come on, you. How you been?

Katherine: So how are Nicholas and Sharon doing?

Nikki: They're holding it together.

Katherine: They are holding it together. You on the other hand?

Nikki: Victor and I were at the hospital all night and didn't get any sleep. It's been difficult for all of us.

Katherine: Yes, in times of tragedy, it's time for family. You know that. That is how you see them through.

Nikki: Yeah.

Victor: What's going on, son?

Nicholas: I just feel so empty inside.

Victor: Considering what you've been through, that's not so surprising, is it?

Nicholas: Nothing compared to the pain Sharonís feeling.

Victor: Men suffer losses as well. We're emotionally invested in this.

Nicholas: Dad, I didn't want this to happen.

Victor: You made it sound like you had something to do with what was happening.

Nicholas: It's just a bad, bad, complicated situation.

Victor: I didn't know it was that involved.

Nicholas: There's a lot more. Sharon is pulling away from me. She won't let me help her or support her.

Victor: Why won't she do that now?

Nicholas: It's a long story. It's about Matt Clark.

Dr. Thompson: It's disturbed your husband very deeply thinking you were raped.

Sharon: It went beyond that. It went beyond me.

Dr. Thompson: How?

Sharon: I was revolted by the thought that man may have fathered my baby. It wasn't the baby's fault.

Dr. Thompson: Certainly it wasn't.

Sharon: That changed my feelings but not Nickís. He needed to know if it was his or Mattís. If it was Matt's he was planning on giving it up for adoption. He wanted to have it taken away from me right after birth and he kept hounding me, even though I reminded him how awful it was for me to give up Cassie.

Dr. Thompson: I can't imagine Nicholas being so insensitive.

Sharon: Well, he was. He could barely touch me. He couldn't bring himself to comfort me, not until he was sure the baby I was carrying was his or Mattís. He pulled away from me when I needed him most. That's why I need to know was there any justification for that behavior?

Dr. Thompson: Establishing paternity now can be more destructive.

Sharon: That's what I told Nick before all of this happened. I told him it didn't matter what any test said. He wouldn't accept that then. I can't accept that now!

Dr. Thompson: Have you talked to Nicholas about this?

Sharon: No, and Iím not going to.

Ryan: Your dad is making Tricia leave? Why?

Victoria: I guess he figured it was time.

Ryan: All right, all right. Spill. Am I missing something here?

Victoria: Let's just say the experiment is over, and that's a good thing.

Ryan: I still feel like you know something that I don't.

Victoria: I don't want to talk about Tricia any more tonight.

Phyllis: It's a horse. Meow.

Phyllis: That's good.

Jack: Is it me or do you seem a bit preoccupied?

Phyllis: I'm thrown by your attitude toward Brad and Ashley.

Jack: I am not in love with Brad Carlton but my sister is, and I have to accept that. Besides he's Abbyís father and it gives me time with this little girl. Look at you standing up. Yes. Look at you.

Brad: You know I would have to say you have outdone yourself. I've heard of room service before but never quite like this.

Ashley: I guess that means you approve?

Brad: On a scale of 1 to 10, I give you a 25.

Ashley: You said I've outdone myself.

Brad: The night's still young.

Ashley: There's so much more to come, so much more.

Nicholas: Sharon's having a very difficult time dealing with this.

Victor: I bet she is. Your mother and I sensed though that something was wrong between the two of you.

Nicholas: I didn't want to drag you into it.

Victor: I understand.

Nicholas: Dad, this is far from over.

Victor: Is she blaming you for any of this?

Nicholas: We argued and she fell. She lost the baby. That's just the way she sees it.

Victor: And the argument before she fell?

Nicholas: It was bad.

Victor: What was it about?

Nicholas: I wanted a paternity test.

Victor: I see.

Nicholas: I wanted to know whose baby she was carrying. If that bastard raped her and that baby was his, I don't think I could be a good father to that kid.

Victor: Sharon didn't agree?

Nicholas: She'd already bonded with the child. She's been carrying it for months. She thought it was best to just not find out and for me to just raise the kid as if it were my own. Dad, was that wrong of me?

Victor: No. Son, I was just about to say I completely understand why you wanted a paternity test. I would have wanted to find out. I think that's a very natural reaction on your part. I don't understand why she's upset about that. I guess that's a moot point now.

Nicholas: Not for Sharon. She is heartbroken and extremely upset with me. I can already feel the walls going up.

Victor: Sorry to hear that, son. I certainly understand why you'd want a paternity test considering all that happened. Anyway having said that, it is obvious you and Sharon love each other. All I can tell you is that any marriage goes through difficult periods. The love that you feel for each other will pull you through. It'll all work out. She'll come around. Just be patient.

Dr. Thompson: Sharon, I really feel you must discuss this with your husband.

Sharon: No. I don't want him to know. You're my doctor. Not his. Don't you dare say anything to him about this.

Tricia: I can't believe it. I can't believe what I just heard.

Matt: Incredible.

Tricia: What are you doing here?

Matt: You sent for me. How beautiful is this? Dead six months and Nick and Sharon still can't get rid of Matt Clark. Oh, man oh, man, how much do you love it? They think I could be the father of this kid.

Tricia: You're not Matt Clark, you're just a figment.

Matt: I know, I know. I'm as much trouble dead as I was alive.

Tricia: I said shut up. You're talking about a child that didn't make it.

Matt: Oh, right. You lost a child.

Tricia: Everything would be different. Everything if that hadn't happened.

Matt: Does this change things? Are you too upset to go ahead with your plans?

Tricia: No. Nothing's changed where Victor's concerned.

Jill: Just the way you're badgering me about this is an example.

Sean: Of what? We have a lot in common. You can't tell me we haven't had some really good times.

Jill: Sean, there are a million reasons why we never would have worked.

Sean: Name one outside of age.

Jill: If you could just imagine how many ways I have pictured myself being humiliated.

Sean: You can't let that garbage run your life. I could be worried about so many different things. I could be run over by a bus, bitten by a shark.

Jill: You're mocking me.

Sean: Am I? How about this one? My wildest dreams and I win you back only to have you dump me for another man, an older man.

Jill: Oh, for God's sake.

Sean: It could happen. Who knows what the future holds. That's why we have to live in the present.

Jill: In the present, I have heard that again and again.

Sean: Look, we have the real thing. And if you're as wise and mature as you claim to be, you ought to know better than to turn your back on this.

Nicholas: I should be getting back to the hospital.

Victor: Why don't you stay here, sleep here, get up in the morning and go to the hospital from here?

Nicholas: That's tempting but I should be there just in case she needs me.

Victor: Okay. Son, it'll all work out, okay?

Nicholas: I hope so.

Victor: Keep your chin up.

Nicholas: I will.

Victor: I know it's a difficult situation but it'll all work out. Say hello to Sharon for me.

Tricia: Nicholas left?

Victor: Yes.

Tricia: He seemed very upset.

Victor: Yes, he was that.

Tricia: I'm sorry. Here's your tea.

Victor: Oh, thank you.

Tricia: Go ahead and drink it. I think it'll help you relax.

Victor: Well, if you say so.

Brad: We have to remember this moment.

Ashley: We certainly do. But the way you say that.

Brad: I just love you so much, Ash. I don't ever want walls between us.

Ashley: There won't be ever again.

Brad: I don't think it could happen again and be so blindsided.

Ashley: I don't think so either. Don't you think we'd see the danger signs?

Brad: Well, even if I didn't, Iíd hear your warnings. And this time Iíd hear them.

Ashley: Experience is really a wonderful teacher, isn't it?

Brad: It is. So why don't we do -- uh-oh. Am I losing you?

Ashley: I was thinking how lucky we are. I wish all couples in love could be so lucky.

Brad: You're thinking about your brother and Phyllis.

Ashley: He's really mellowed as far as our relationship is concerned, hasn't he?

Brad: As you say, he vastly prefers me to the alternative.

Ashley: I think in all fairness I should give him a break where Phyllis is concerned.

Brad: She does make him happy.

Ashley: I can't think of when he was so alive. He really does want a family and Phyllis can't give him that.

Brad: No. That is a terrible disappointment. But your brother seems to have come to terms with it. What he cares about most is being with the woman that he loves.

Ashley: Yeah, for now. What about in the long run? I mean, even if Phyllis is the most perfect wife in the world, is that going to be enough for Jack? I don't know, honey. I just kind of wonder about it sometimes, that's all. Sorry.

Brad: It's okay.

Jack: There's a fax you might be interested in.

Phyllis: Who's it from?

Jack: The wedding planner. Phyllis you failed to respond on the color and floral schemes.

Phyllis: I told her I would make that decision.

Jack: And you haven't gotten around to it?

Phyllis: I made the decision weeks ago.

Jack: And you haven't had time to call her.

Phyllis: She's been hounding me so much, Jack. I just wanted to string her along. You know that faxes from wedding planners make amazing paper airplanes.

Jack: If she bugs you that much, let me take over. I'll bring you in on all the major decisions.

Phyllis: I'm having too much fun torturing her.

Jack: I'm getting the faxes from now on.

Phyllis: Believe me, she'll thank us. I'm being ungrateful.

Jack: I actually feel bad. I'm heaping all these millions of details on you. I feel Iím dampening your enthusiasm for the wedding.

Phyllis: I can see this is important to you.

Jack: If this isn't what you want, let's talk about it.

Phyllis: Okay. Listen, I would be happy marrying you in a gunnysack at City Hall.

Jack: A see-through gunnysack?

Phyllis: I don't have a problem with this.

Jack: You'll give Maxine a call in the morning.

Phyllis: Okay. I can't help remembering the beautiful things you said to me, standing up in front of all our friends and declaring our love for each other. If a wedding planner falls into Lake Michigan, I don't mind eloping.

Jack: Should I be alerting the Coast Guard?

Tricia: Would you like some more tea?

Victor: No thank you.

Tricia: I should probably be going to bed too. I have a big day tomorrow. Move into my new apartment. Maybe I'll go shopping and do some decorating or something. Of course I don't know what the place looks like. I don't know what colors to pick out. I should probably see it first. Maybe I should come up with you, make sure you're okay.

Jack: Look who woke up?

Phyllis: She probably felt you breathing on her.

Jack: Did I wake you up? Did I wake you up? You have my glasses. Don't eat those. I was thinking if we delay our wedding to springtime, there is one possible perk.

Phyllis: What's that?

Jack: Abby could be walking by then. She could be our flower girl.

Phyllis: Wouldn't that be sweet?

Jack: Would you like that? I tell you, people could say babies are little angels. She is in every way an angel. Yes, you are. And it is amazing how she looks like Ashley. I normally don't see those things. You look so much like your mommy. You should see pictures of Ashley when she was a little girl. It's extraordinary. It must be pretty amazing. Ashley, this little baby walking around in her image.

Jill: If what we had was so good, Sean, why was I constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop?

Sean: Because you can't.

Jill: It's because being with you brought out every single insecurity I have.

Sean: If any woman in the world had no business being insecure.

Jill: You keep saying that. Why didn't I feel it?

Sean: What would the plan be?

Jill: What are you talking about? What are you doing?

♫ I said hey, little darling, take a drive in my car

I got a brand new engine

and Iím sure gonna drive you far

well, you know I love you, baby

you know you been on my mind

you know I love you, darling

I think about you all the time

So come on, let's take a drive

Iím sure we're gonna find a good time

Well, I was up and down that highway

North and south and east and west

Back in my hometown is the place I love the best

I said hey now little darling

Take a drive in my car ♫

Jill: I can't believe you're doing this! You're standing in your skivvies in my office! No, no.

Sean: It's your turn.

Jill: What? No.

Sean: Yeah. I'll help you.

Nikki: That was good; I didn't realize I was hungry.

Katherine: You have to take care of yourself.

Nikki: I know. I have just been concerned about the kids.

Katherine: Sharon, will she be able to --.

Nikki: The doctor said she will have more children. That will be helpful in their healing process.

Katherine: There's a plus on their side, their love for each other.

Nikki: That's true. Any couple less solid, less committed --.

Katherine: This kind of loss can be very devastating to a relationship.

Nikki: Nicholas and Sharon are close.

Katherine: That will be the difference. That really will make the difference.

Dr. Thompson: Sorry for the interruption. I asked the nurse to give us a little more time. Sharon, you should be in bed.

Sharon: Fine. But please don't get me to change my mind about Nick. I'm not going to.

Dr. Thompson: You need to tell him what your plans are.

Sharon: He never took my feelings into account.

Dr. Thompson: He has to be told.

Sharon: Why?

Dr. Thompson: We need a sample of his blood to run the test.

Sharon: Nicholas told me that he gave blood when I was in the operating room. That blood should still be in the bank. You can use that.

Dr. Thompson: Oh, can I?

Sharon: Doctor, he told me he gave that blood specifically for me. That makes it mine, doesn't it?

Dr. Thompson: You can look at it that way. I'm not sure the people at the blood bank will.

Sharon: Convince them. Please.

Nicholas: Is everything okay?

Dr. Thompson: Nicholas, your wife is fine.

Sharon: So you're back.

Nicholas: Yeah. Your mom's watching the kids. I got a room down the hall so I could be near you.

Sharon: Oh.

Nicholas: It kind of threw me seeing the doc still here. Did I walk in on anything?

Sharon: No. We were just going over some things.

Nicholas: Really? You're sure.

Sharon: Yeah. Everything is fine. I'm just Iím kind of tired.

Nicholas: Okay. I'll let you get some rest.

Victor: You got me.

Tricia: Why do you think that?

Victor: Why did you drug me?

Tricia: It won't be that terrible.

Victor: Why?

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