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Nicholas: Hey.

Noah: Daddy!

Nicholas: Hey, what's up? Where have you guys been?

Cassie: After school we went to check out the new exhibit at the museum. They have these cool dinosaur bones.

Miguel: They were a big hit with Master Noah.

Noah: Where's Mommy?

Nicholas: She's busy right now.

Miguel: I believe they have a play date tonight.

Nicholas: We'll do it another time, okay?

Noah: They promised.

Nicholas: We'll call his mother and reschedule, okay?

Noah: Why, isn't Mommy coming home?

Nicholas: Not right now. Why don't we get a smoothie?

Nicholas: Thanks, Miguel.

Cassie: Daddy, is something wrong with Mommy?

Nicholas: No, she's okay.

Cassie: Then where is she? What's going on? I want to see her.

Nicholas: She'll be home soon.

Cassie: When?

Nicholas: Sweetheart, I don't know, tonight or tomorrow.

Cassie: You don't know? I can tell something's wrong. What is it, Daddy? What happened to Mommy?

Dr. Thompson: Sharon, Iím sorry I wasn't here earlier. I conferred with Dr. Winters and there's good news. There's no reason why you can't have more children.

Sharon: I wasn't careful enough. I shouldn't have fallen.

Dr. Thompson: What happened last night?

Sharon: I don't know.

Dr. Thompson: You don't remember?

Sharon: Nick went out for a drive and he got a flat tire.

Dr. Thompson: Is that when he came back and found you? Do you recall anything before that? You and your husband came to see me in my office yesterday afternoon. You left rather abruptly.

Sharon: The paternity test.

Dr. Thompson: Did you change your mind?

Sharon: I did. Nick didn't.

Dr. Thompson: He wanted to go through with it.

Sharon: We went back home. We were both really upset.

Dr. Thompson: Is that when Nicholas left? Is that when it happened, Sharon? Is that when you fell?

J.T.: Snow White on ice? Isn't that jazz or something? You like that kind of stuff?

Brittany: I do now.

J.T.: Meaning you're trying to impress the web man. I thought you weren't making headway.

Brittany: I am.

J.T.: He treats you the same way he treats me. Another corporate lag.

Brittany: Mrs. Abbott doesn't have anything to do with this.

J.T.: She's your competition.

Brittany: She dumped Sean.

J.T.: And took off. What do you have to show for it except for a couple tickets to a stupid concert? Don't blow it.

Billy: Hey, I was hoping Iíd run into you.

What's up, man?

Billy: Congratulations.

Mackenzie: On what?

Billy: Surviving another day of senior year.

Mackenzie: Hardly. So I went by the shelter this morning.

Billy: Oh, yeah? Did you meet the woman that helped Colleen?

Mackenzie: No luck. She wants to remain anonymous.

Billy: Why?

Mackenzie: Some people at shelters like it that way.

Billy: She seems like a pretty cool lady.

Mackenzie: I really owe her.

Billy: We all do.

Mackenzie: I hope I can repay her some day.

Billy: Anyway, what's going on for tonight?

Mackenzie: Homework.

Billy: You didn't finish it all in study hall?

Mackenzie: I still have physics to do.

Billy: Get to it. Let's go out.

Mackenzie: Where?

Billy: Anywhere, as long as we don't talk about college.

Mackenzie: Are we still on for Madison this weekend?

Billy: It's cool.

Mackenzie: What about Raul? Should we invite him?

Billy: Now's our chance.

Victor: Can I get you anything?

Nikki: No thank you. I wish there was something more we could do.

Victor: I guess we have to believe that Sharon and Nicholas will get through this. You're tired.

Nikki: I am. I'm going to go home and take a nap. You should too. You've been up all night.

Victor: I canít.

Nikki: Your houseguest.

Victor: Speaking of which. Connie, would you have the real estate agent come see me right away?

Nikki: Why do you want to meet with the realtor?

Victor: Tricia Dennison is no longer going to live with me.

Matt: I wouldn't do that if I were you. Tricia, you're on Candid Camera.

Ryan: You know, you don't have to go to the office.

Victoria: Work might help.

Ryan: It might take your mind off things.

Victoria: This morning everything was so perfect.

Ryan: How quickly life changes.

Victoria: I know what Sharonís going through.

Ryan: Eve?

Victoria: It'll be three years next month since I lost my little girl.

Ryan: Sweetheart, I know your heart is breaking right now. Mine is too. But if there's any way that I can help.

Victoria: It's just -- there's so much going on. I mean Nicholas and Sharon; they have been so concerned about this baby.

Ryan: Was she sick?

Victoria: We don't know. That's what Sharon feared.

Ryan: What do you mean?

Victoria: Sharon thought Matt might have hurt the baby.

Ryan: How?

Victoria: Months ago before anybody knew about Carter Mills, Sharon had him over for dinner, and he --.

Ryan: Oh, God.

Victoria: And Sharon thought that maybe he harmed her child.

Ryan: Terrifying.

Victoria: That's not it, Ryan. Before that bastard died, he was alone in the hospital room with Nicholas and he told Nicholas he raped Sharon that night. That's the sick, twisted animal he was.

Ryan: He didn't believe him.

Victoria: Not at first. But then he found out that Sharon might have gotten pregnant around that time. He didn't know what to think.

Brittany: Looking for me, Sean?

Sean: I have next month's schedule at the boutique. So let me know if there are any conflicts. Brit, what's the matter?

Brittany: I heard on the radio this morning Pat Metheny is coming to Chicago.

Sean: Tonight.

Brittany: Are you going?

Sean: No.

Brittany: Why?

Sean: Are you into jazz now or something?

Brittany: I checked out a couple of CDs.

Sean: I can't go. I have work to do. Nikki Newman has a new product. I'm putting together an internet proposal. If it's a go, we jump right in.

Brittany: I have been studying websites. I would love to see a pro in action.

Sean: Nothing's a done deal yet.

Brittany: So?

Sean: It's speculative and you would be bored out of your mind, trust me.

Brittany: You're that crazed, too busy to see Pat Metheny.

Sean: I have other plans.

Brittany: Let me guess. Jill Abbottís back in town.

Billy: Hey, Raul, man what's up?

Raul: Not much.

Billy: Can you believe it, man? We're to get our mid-term marks next week. You probably blew through it over lunch.

Mackenzie: We're going to Madison this weekend. You want to come with us?

Raul: I don't know.

Billy: You applied, didn't you?

Raul: It's in state, of course I did.

Mackenzie: You'll come.

Raul: I'll get back to you. I didn't double-dose on my insulin if that's what you're worried about, Mac.

Mackenzie: It's Rianna, isn't it? Raul, I know you said it's over.

Raul: Mac, I don't want to hear this, all right?

Billy: Come on, man. We're friends.

Raul: Well then back off. Maybe I screwed up letting J.T. get to me. But I was freaking out. I almost killed myself. No more.

Mackenzie: What are you saying?

Raul: It's time to look out for number one.

You're in luck, sir. Right here in Newman Tower.

Victor: When is it available?

Next week.

Victor: Make it tomorrow.

Yes, sir. It will be ready tomorrow morning.

Victor: Thank you.

Nikki: You're not wasting any time.

Victor: I can't afford to. I just wish I had time to install the surveillance system tomorrow as well.

Nikki: You will have it done at when sheís at therapy.

Nikki: The sooner she's out from under your roof the better.

Victor: We're in agreement on that.

Nikki: You still haven't told me what happened.

Victor: She came on to me.

Matt: You're wearing that?

Tricia: I have to be careful.

Matt: Better not show too much. Very smart. The pills you snagged from the pharmacy. And the prescription you filled for yourself off of Dr. Burns' prescription pad. Better safe than sorry, even if it is start of the century.

Tricia: And now what do I do with these?

Matt: Hide them until you need them.

Tricia: Where?

Matt: In the living room, someplace convenient. Just be careful.

Tricia: I know, the cameras.

Matt: It'll be so perfect. Victor shut you down last night. It'll be a different story tonight, thanks to the wonders of modern medicine. Anything's possible.

Dr. Thompson: Sharon, you've been through a trauma. If you don't feel comfortable talking to me or your family about it, I can arrange for you to see a counselor. Miscarriages, are quite common in the third trimester. Sharon, Iíll come back later.

Cassie: Why are you in the hospital?

Sharon: Sweetie, Daddy didn't tell you?

Cassie: Only that you wanted to see me.

Sharon: Okay. Sit down. Last night I had an accident.

Cassie: You're all bruised. Did you hurt yourself?

Sharon: Not too badly.

Cassie: What about the baby? Is it okay?

Sharon: Sweetie, she didn't make it.

Cassie: What happened?

Nicholas: Well, I went for a drive last night and I was pulling down the driveway, I got a flat tire. I went back in the house and I found Mommy lying on the floor.

Cassie: You fell?

Sharon: We rushed to the hospital. The baby was born but she just couldn't hold on.

Cassie: Why not?

Sharon: Because she came too early, and she just wasn't ready.

Cassie: Are you okay, Mommy?

Sharon: Yeah, sweetie, Iím fine.

Cassie: Really?

Sharon: Dr. Thompson just said so.

Cassie: You said she didn't make it.

Nicholas: Yeah, it was a little girl.

Cassie: I had a sister. I would have had a sister.

Cassie: I don't understand. Why was the baby born now?

Sharon: Oh, sweetie, it was a really hard fall. And it's just one of those things.

Cassie: You said you went out for a drive and got a flat tire.

Nicholas: I was going down the driveway too fast, I hit the curb.

Sharon: Nick, we're having a baby.

Nicholas: That's not good enough! Are we having this baby?!

Sharon: Nick, come on, don't go! [Sound of tires screeching]

Cassie: You came back and found Mommy.

Nicholas: Yeah. So I grabbed the keys to the other car and drove Mommy to the hospital as fast as I could.

Cassie: Sorry, Mommy. I know you're sad, I wish I could do something.

Sharon: Oh, sweetie, come here.

Nicholas: Look, Miguelís here, okay? Let's let Mommy get some rest, okay?

Cassie: When are you coming home?

Sharon: Soon, baby.

Cassie: I love you, Mom.

Sharon: I love you, too.

Ryan: Are you saying Sharon was carrying Matt Clarkís child?

Victoria: We don't know.

Ryan: Just the thought must have driven Nicholas crazy.

Victoria: It just started to eat away at him and he had to find out.

Ryan: He wanted a paternity test.

Victoria: Which meant telling Sharon.

Ryan: She must have lost it.

Victoria: Do you blame her?

Ryan: Man, those two have been through hell.

Victoria: Last time I saw them things were pretty tense. It just worries me. It makes me wonder if Sharonís accident and my brother rushing off like that are connected. Even after his death, Matt Clark is responsible for Sharon losing her baby.

Nikki: Tricia came on to you?

Victor: Which is why she will move out --.

Nikki: What about tonight?

Victor: The apartment won't be ready until tomorrow morning.

Nikki: Get her a hotel room.

Victor: I can't risk alienating her.

Nikki: You will talk to her tonight.

Matt: I have to hand it to you, Trish. You're one twisted little puppy.

Tricia: You have no idea.

Matt: There are lots of ways you can play it out.

Tricia: I have been thinking about that, each one more fascinating than the next.

Matt: My, my, my, aren't we the wicked little girl.

Tricia: You should know.

Matt: Victor, the poor guy won't know what hit him.

Tricia: Delicious, hmm?

Matt: There's more to this. You have something else in mind.

Tricia: Do I?

Matt: Don't you?

Tricia: You'll have to wait and find out.

Matt: Come on, you got me going here. I can only imagine what you have in mind here. Whatever it is, I'm sure you're going to blow me away.

Tricia: You've got that right. I will have my revenge.

Brittany: Well, Sean, is Billyís mom back?

Sean: She should be.

Brittany: Figures.

Sean: What's that supposed to mean?

Brittany: I'm sure you're dying to see her.

Sean: There are things we have to discuss. What's with the attitude?

Brittany: You going to kiss and make up?

Sean: Cool it. I thought we had an agreement.

Brittany: You're the boss and I'm the lowly peon.

J.T.: You two on for tonight?

Brittany: Sean has plans.

J.T.: Sorry about the tickets.

Brittany: I didn't mention them.

J.T.: Why not?

Brittany: Because I didn't, okay?

J.T.: You can't win them all, Brit.

Brittany: You want to go with me?

J.T.: Jazz? No thanks. Besides Iím going to hook up with Rianna later.

Brittany: Hot date?

J.T.: We'll see.

Brittany: Raul's out of the picture and you can't score.

J.T.: Because Mr. Computer Geek dumped on you, don't take it out on me.

Brittany: If he wants to see Jill, that's his problem.

J.T.: You're bumming, I can tell.

Brittany: You know what bums me out? Genoa City Academy. I can't wait to blow this town.

J.T.: What are you going to do with the tickets?

Brittany: Toss them.

J.T.: Give them to Brandon.

Brittany: He went two years ago.

J.T.: Beggars can't be choosers, Brit. See ya.

Hello, Raul. How are you feeling?

Raul: Better.

How's that essay coming?

Raul: I'm working on it.

You're already a week late. I need it by Monday.

Raul: Wait. I'm supposed to go check out the University of Wisconsin this weekend.

Oh, I guess you'll have to do it tonight. Raul, I realize you've been in the hospital. I'm not trying to come down on you --.

Raul: It's cool. I understand.

You have always been on top of your assignments, if there's something --

Raul: I said Iím fine.

Nicholas: You all right?

Cassie: I'm sad, Daddy.

Nicholas: Sweetie, we all are. It's okay to be sad.

Cassie: I know.

Nicholas: But you're trying to be strong for Mommy, huh? Look, your Mommy and I just want you to tell us how you really feel.

Cassie: I'm angry too.

Nicholas: Because you lost your little sister?

Cassie: It doesn't do any good to be angry. It's not anyone's fault. Besides, I don't want to make Mommy more upset.

Nicholas: Come here. You are such an amazing little girl. I love you. I'm so proud of you. Look, you want me to take you home?

Cassie: No, you have to stay here with Mommy. She needs you.

Nicholas: Okay. Thank you, Miguel.

Miguel: You need anything, you let me know.

Nicholas: Thanks, my friend. See you at home, okay?

Nicholas: Sharon, what is it? Why are you looking at me like that??

Mackenzie: Calf full moon jolt?

Billy: Thanks.

Mackenzie: Thinking about Raul?

Billy: This whole thing with he and Rianna is such a drag.

Mackenzie: Maybe we can do something about it.

Billy: Like we know better?

Mackenzie: We should have had a Halloween party.

Billy: You think they would have come?

Mackenzie: They might have. Maybe we shouldn't get involved.

Billy: Afraid we'll make things worse?

Mackenzie: You heard Raul. It's over.

Billy: He's still hung up on Rianna.

Mackenzie: It's messing with his head. We're too old for a Halloween party. What we should start thinking about is the rest of the holiday season. Before we know it, Thanksgiving and Christmas will be here. I hope we get to spend a lot of time with each other.

Billy: So do I. I know I'll be stuck doing the family thing.

Mackenzie: Yeah, me too. Not that I mind being with my grandma or my dad, if he's back by then.

Billy: You're right, Mac. We do have to find time to spend with each other. The holidays won't mean anything if Iím not with you.

Nikki: I'm very worried about you.

Victor: Please don't be. I can handle it. Besides, that Tricia Dennison apologized last night. Said it would never happen again.

Nikki: You believe that?

Victor: It's one more night. I have to handle this very carefully. If I don't go home tonight, it will send the wrong message.

Nikki: Make her understand she is leaving.

Victor: I promise I will do that.

Nikki: I hate having that woman living with you. The sooner she's out of your home, the better!

Matt: Yo, babe. You're blocking me out. Come on, doll, after everything we've been through? You're still not going to tell me what's going down? Okay. Okay. Have it your way. Revenge on the man that did you wrong. It's going to be real sweet.

Ryan: You sure you want to go to the office?

Victoria: I need the distraction.

Ryan: You know, we may never know why Nick and Sharon lost their baby.

Victoria: Nicholas rushing out at that hour.

Ryan: Maybe they weren't arguing.

Victoria: You know they were arguing. Matt Clark is dead and he's still messing with my family.

Ryan: Sweetheart, you're getting way ahead of yourself here. Nick and Sharon love each other.

Victoria: They lost their child.

Ryan: I have to believe facing this together, it'll bring them even closer.

Nicholas: Sharon, what is it?

Sharon: I was just thinking back. Remembering what happened before I fell. We were arguing about the baby.

Nicholas: Sharon, we can talk about this later.

Sharon: We were arguing. And then you took off. You said you had to get out of there.

Nicholas: I didn't want you to get more upset.

Sharon: You were upset too.

Nicholas: That's why I left. I didn't want things to get out of hand.

Sharon: That's when you got in your car. And you blew a tire.

Nicholas: Yeah. I wasn't paying attention.

Sharon: Because you were so angry.

Nicholas: Sharon, we've been through all of this.

Sharon: Your tire blew. It sounded like an explosion and I thought that you'd been in an accident or something. That's when I started toward the door. That's when I tripped. That's when I fell, Nick. Because you ran out on me. Because we were arguing, and you ran out on me, and that's why I lost my baby!

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