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Nikki: I checked on Sharon. She's still asleep.

Victor: She's been through an ordeal. She needs the rest.

Nikki: Oh, good you're still here. What can you tell us?

Olivia: The child made it through the night. As you know premature babies face a number of challenges. Sharon's fall presented additional complications.

Victor: What are the chances for the baby?

Olivia: All I can tell you is we're doing everything we can. I will tell you more if the situation changes.

Nikki: Thank you.

Matt: Morning, Sunshine. Since when are you a computer whiz?

Tricia: It's Daddy's laptop. He did research on it all the time.

Matt: Is that what you're doing?

Tricia: Yes, so go away. I'm busy.

Matt: I'm still wondering about your plans to bring down Newman, bring the old guy to his knees. What's this? Not even responding to compliments now? You're acting pretty cool.

Tricia: Why shouldn't I be?

Matt: I don't know. I thought you would be worried since the old guy didn't come home last night.

Tricia: So?

Matt: He could be having some hot affair. What if he walks in with some chick? Might spoil your plans.

Tricia: I have to get this done before my therapy session.

Matt: A little bit of medical research before the big revenge?

Tricia: Now I know exactly what I need to bring Victor Newman to his knees.

Victor: I wonder where Victoria and Ryan are.

Nikki: I don't know. I've tried to call them a million times.

Victor: I would like to know what's going on. You know, I think I'm going to go back to the apartment and see Tricia before she goes to her therapy session.

Nikki: I know you've been uncertain about trying to convince her to change doctors. Now you seem concerned. Why?

Victor: Something happened last night, something unexpected. And I think it might mean that things have taken a turn for the worst. Okay. Let me check up on her.

Sharon: I want to hold my daughter. Victor, Nikki, will one of you tell them to bring the baby in? Where's my baby? I want to hold my little girl!

Nicholas: Sharon? Hey, wake up. Wake up. Hey, you were having a bad dream.

Sharon: I was having a dream that nobody would bring the baby to me. It's only a dream. Why are you looking at me like that?

Mackenzie: Ned's back early? That's great. If he's in a meeting, I don't want to disturb him. I'll stop by on my way to school. Thanks, bye.

Katherine: Shelter?

Mackenzie: Ned was out of town. I'm anxious to talk to him.

Katherine: You want to ask about the woman that helped Colleen?

Mackenzie: She stopped her from running away. I want to thank her.

Esther: I just finished baking a banana bread. You want to bring it to her?

Katherine: Something else wrong?

Mackenzie: Ned couldn't be away at a worse time.

Katherine: Why do you say that?

Mackenzie: What if the woman's gone and I never get to thank her?

Ned: Oh, you again. I hope you reconsidered about -- Macís on her way in.

Amanda: She's coming here?

Ned: I know you seemed uncomfortable accepting an award or accepting some help. I'm sorry. I didn't want it to seem Iím putting a price on your good deed.

Amanda: No, I didn't think that.

Ned: Still, I can see why it made you shy away. These are really good people. You did a wonderful thing. You should take credit for it.

Amanda: There's something I haven't told you. When I saw that girl for the first time, I realized she was more than just a stranger in need. There's a connection between us. A real important connection.

Tricia: Good morning. Just in time.

Victor: Just in time for what?

Tricia: I was on my way to my therapy session.

Victor: Were you?

Tricia: Yes. Are you all right?

Victor: Why wouldn't I be?

Tricia: The way you rushed out of here last night.

Victor: It's a personal matter. How about you?

Tricia: I'm fine. After you left, I just went to bed.

Victor: No thoughts about what happened last night?

Tricia: What?

Victor: Don't pretend you don't remember.

Tricia: Actually I was trying to put it out of my mind. I owe you an apology. I'm very embarrassed and was way out of line.

Victor: I'm glad you realize that.

Tricia: There's only one explanation.

Victor: Which is?

Tricia: I wanted to feel closer to you.

Victor: Is that so?

Tricia: It's not uncommon for patients to fall for their therapists.

Victor: I'm not your therapist.

Tricia: No, but you've been very supportive. All I can say is Iím very sorry, and it will never happen again.

Victor: I certainly hope not.

[Knock on door]

Dr. Burns: Hello, Tricia. You're right on time.

Tricia: Hi, Dr. Burns.

Dr. Burns: Have a seat. How are you today?

Tricia: I didn't sleep very well last night.

Dr. Burns: I'm sorry to hear that.

Tricia: I wondered maybe you could give me a sedative or something? I need my sleep.

Dr. Burns: I agree. I don't think a sedative is the answer.

Tricia: Are you sure? Something to help me relax. I've been kind of restless.

Dr. Burns: Tricia, I can't just hand out sedatives because you had a restless night. It's far better to get at the cause of the problem. What do you think caused the insomnia?

Tricia: I don't know.

Dr. Burns: Could it have anything to do with our session yesterday? It was rather tense at times.

Tricia: Victor was here? You're upset he came.

Dr. Burns: I wasn't aware to the extent which he was involved. Him watching you take your medication, for example. This is highly irregular.

Tricia: He's just looking out for my interests. He's the only support I have.

Dr. Burns: Are you certain you're comfortable with his involvement?

Tricia: He gave me a place to stay when I had nowhere else to go.

Dr. Burns: That's not what I asked.

Tricia: How can I doubt someone who has been so good to me?

Dr. Burns: You trust him completely.

Tricia: Yeah, I do. There is one thing.

Dr. Burns: What's that?

Tricia: When we left here and went back to the apartment, Victor suggested that I switch therapists who would be more accepting of his role in my life.

Dr. Burns: How did you react to that?

Tricia: I've grown to trust him. He's a very persuasive man, as you know. But when he doubted your ability to help me --.

Dr. Burns: I hope you don't share his concern.

Tricia: No. I can't imagine where I would be without you.

Dr. Burns: Did you argue with Mr. Newman about this?

Tricia: Victor doesn't like people arguing with him. But I was thinking about what you said about it not being appropriate for him to be here and watch me take my medication. You know, I think maybe you were right. It made me feel like I wasn't being trusted. Although I know he has a right to be skeptical of me.

Dr. Burns: Because of his personal connection to the people affected by you when you were young.

Tricia: Yeah.

Dr. Burns: I don't want to overreact, Tricia. Seeing this and how he treated you yesterday, it makes me wonder about Victor Newman.

Tricia: I know what you mean. I've been wondering about him too.

Nicholas: You remember that she came sooner than she should have.

Sharon: I know. I know I can't hold her right now. But couldn't they just wheel the incubator in here or can't I go and see her? Have you seen her? Is she beautiful?

Nicholas: Yeah, she's beautiful.

Sharon: I have to go and see her. I want to go to the nursery.

Nicholas: No. The doctors want you to stay here and get your rest, okay? You need your strength back. You've been through a lot.

Sharon: Honey, I know you think Iíll get upset. Noah was premature too. I know what to expect.

Nicholas: I know. Just stay in bed, okay? At least until Olivia comes by.

Sharon: Nicholas, you're scaring me. Is there something wrong with our little girl? Is there?

Nicholas: They're not sure she's going to make it.

Sharon: What?

Katherine: Thanking this woman is very important to you, isn't it?

Mackenzie: Yeah, Grandma, it is. I'm glad she stopped Colleen from taking off again. It would have created a huge mess between Billy and me.

Katherine: I'm sure he would have realized what kind of dilemma you were in. I'm just so grateful things are well between the two of you again. They are all right. I mean, things are well, are they not?

Mackenzie: Yeah, they couldn't be better. I feel so close to him. Weird, I think back a couple of years ago; I had no one I could trust. I have you and my dad and Billy. It's so great to have people you love who love you back. What? What is it, Grandma?

Katherine: Did you ever have that kind of relationship with your mother?

Mackenzie: Not for a long time.

Katherine: Towards the end you didn't. But I'm talking about when you were little.

Mackenzie: I wasn't very old when she married my stepdad. Before that yeah, I guess we were close.

Katherine: I would imagine she was since she was the only person raising you at that time, Hmm?

Mackenzie: I trusted her. We used to talk about all sorts of stuff. Whenever I had problems she was there with an answer, with a hug. Something to make me feel better. Then she met my stepdad. You know what happened after that.

Katherine: Mackenzie, Iím sorry, I didn't mean to upset you.

Mackenzie: That's okay. She chose a man over her own daughter, took his side. That's when I realized she really didn't care about me. I'm just glad she's out of my life.

Katherine: Oh, darling.

Mackenzie: Grandma, why are you looking at me like that?

Katherine: Because I know you are still hurting over this. I think you have been totally devastated by what's happened.

Victoria: Oh, boy, I feel like I can take on the whole world.

Ryan: The planet?

Victoria: Because of your romantic mood, Iím way behind on the wedding plans.

Ryan: You have a one-track mind.

Victoria: I have things to do. I promise, I won't let my planning get in the way of my job.

Ryan: Ready?

Victoria: As I'll ever be.

Ryan: I hereby let the world beckon into our lives. [Phone ringing]

Victoria: Well, the world didn't waste any time.

Ryan: Be my guest.

Victoria: Hello. Hey. Mother, what is it? What's wrong?

Nikki: We've been here all night. We're waiting to hear. I'll check in with you later.

Victor: Did you hear anything?

Nikki: No, not yet. How did it go with Tricia?

Victor: I tried to diffuse the situation.

Victoria: What happened? Where's Sharon?

Victor: Sharon had a fall. As a result of the fall, the baby was born prematurely.

Ryan: Is everything all right?

Nikki: I don't think we should disturb them. I don't know if Sharonís grasped what's happened.

Victor: Let's wait for Nicholas to tell us.

Sharon: I don't understand. Are you saying that our baby --?

Nicholas: Look, Sharon, she's a fighter, all right? She's hanging in there.

Sharon: Oh, God. This is because of the fall? I can't believe this is happening again. After what we went through with Noah, I vowed I would be more careful if I ever got pregnant again. How did I fall?

Nicholas: I don't know. I left to go for a drive. I got in the car and I didn't go ten feet and I blew a tire. I came back in and you were on the floor.

Sharon: I want to see her.

Nicholas: You are in no shape to go right now, okay?

Sharon: I want to see her right now. I have to.

Nicholas: No, not now.

Sharon: Nick, you have to take me to see her. Remember before when I wanted to see Noah and you didn't want me to, but then I did? Remember how we looked in on him. Maybe he felt us close to him and the love we were sending him. Maybe that's how he pulled through. I want to do that for our little girl.

Nicholas: I'll take you to see her, but not now, but in a little while.

Sharon: I want to go right now. I'm going.

Olivia: I'm so sorry, Sharon.

Sharon: Oh, no. Oh, no! Oh, no! Oh, God no.

Dr. Burns: Has Mr. Newman done something else?

Tricia: I don't know how to say this. It could be my imagination.

Dr. Burns: It's very important to your therapy that you're open with me.

Tricia: You know how I've come to see Victor as my father for looking after me.

Dr. Burns: Yes, go on.

Tricia: Lately Iíve felt his eyes on me when we're alone. I've even turned and caught him --.

Dr. Burns: Doing what?

Tricia: Looking at my differently.

Dr. Burns: Are you saying you think the man is attracted to you physically?

Tricia: Like I said I think I could be wrong. He hasn't made any moves or done anything. But those looks, they make me feel self-conscious and uncomfortable.

Dr. Burns: I'm going to give you serious advice. I think it's a mistake to stay under Victor Newmanís roof any longer. I can arrange a place for you.

Tricia: You're right.

Dr. Burns: I could do it today.

Tricia: I owe it to Victor to talk to him. I could be way off base.

Dr. Burns: If you still think this after talking to him.

Tricia: Then I will move tomorrow.

Dr. Burns: We're out of time. I have another patient. The nurse will be here any moment with your medication.

Tricia: Thank you, Dr. Burns.

Dr. Burns: Please give a lot of thought to what we discussed.

Tricia: I will.

Tricia: You only think you're prescribing this. What's that drug Daddy used to take?

Mackenzie: She hurt me horribly. That's why I'm glad she's gone.

Katherine: Oh, Mackenzie --.

Mackenzie: I wouldn't want her here. Why would I after what she did to me? Every time I think of her it brings me back to that time and it creeps me out. I don't want to think like that.

Katherine: I'm not saying you should have a relationship with your mother.

Mackenzie: Then what?

Katherine: She comes up in your conversations.

Mackenzie: That's because you and Billy keep bringing her up.

Katherine: Do you think of her on your own? If she didn't show up in town, this wouldn't have been an issue, but she did.

Mackenzie: I wasn't happy about that.

Katherine: That raises questions in your mind that your mother wasn't here long enough to answer. Wouldn't you have liked to have spent more time than that?

Mackenzie: I have to go. I'll see you tonight, okay?

Katherine: All right.

Mackenzie: I love you.

Katherine: I love you too, Mackenzie. I love you too.

Tricia: This is getting to be too easy.

Matt: Way to go, babe. You have the doc hanging on your every word. I can't wait until this whole thing hits the fan.

Tricia: Yeah. Now I've got this.

Matt: That's great. What about the last piece of the puzzle, the final ingredient to the drug cocktail?

Tricia: Do I have to spell everything out to you? Where are we?

Matt: Your doctor's office.

Tricia: And her office is where?

Matt: In the psychiatric hospital. Your doctor won't prescribe that one for you. Where will you get it?

Tricia: I will take a page from your book, my friend.

Sharon: Oh, God. Oh, God. She was just alive. How could she be dead?

Olivia: Sharon, Sharon, I'm going to give you a sedative.

Sharon: No, I don't want anything.

Olivia: I'll come check on you soon, okay?

Victor: You told her?

Olivia: She may be in denial for a while. I told you before there were complications from the fall. Sharon suffered a placenta disruption, which caused a shortage of blood to the baby; that and the fact that the baby's lungs, they were marginal at best. The poor girl was so weak. I'm sorry. I'm so very sorry. Stay here as long as you want. I'm sure Nicholas will come out when Sharonís up to see you.

Nicholas: Maybe you should lie down; get some rest for a while.

Ryan: We're not going to stay. We're going to go. We don't want to be in the way.

Nikki: Okay.

Sharon: Victor. I want to see the baby.

Nicholas: I don't know if that's such a good idea right now.

Nikki: If Sharon wants to see her child, she should see her.

Sharon: Thank you, Nikki.

Nicholas: Come on.

Ned: A connection between you and Colleen?

Amanda: I'm acquainted with people close to the girl.

Ned: You mean you know some of the Abbotts? If you're aware of the kind of people they are, why wouldn't you want to take credit for wanting to bring her home?

Amanda: It's complicated, Ned. I once made a terrible mistake. This was just sort of my way to start making amends. Anyway what Iím trying to say is --.

Ned: You would rather virtue be its own reward.

Amanda: No, I just think it's better to keep it to myself. You never know how people are going to take things. It's better to keep a low profile and just stay out of trouble.

Ned: Your way of telling me to keep your name out of this?

Amanda: Yeah. I'd really appreciate that.

Mackenzie: Hey.

Ned: Hey, Mac, nice to see you.

Mackenzie: I'm great. I'm glad that you're here. I didn't get the name of the woman that helped Colleen. I want to know who she is.

Ned: Afraid I can't help.

Mackenzie: Why not?

Ned: She wants to remain anonymous.

Mackenzie: She said that? Why?

Ned: You know I don't want to probe too deeply into areas they don't want to. All I can say is she has her reasons.

Mackenzie: Did this happen just recently?

Ned: Does it matter?

Mackenzie: Is she still here?

Ned: If you're thinking of tracking her down on your own, let it go. You know as well as I a lot of people come here just wanting to be left in peace.

Mackenzie: You're saying that's how it is with this woman?

Ned: She did a good thing. She's glad she was able to help. She wants it to be left at that.

Mackenzie: I don't understand why she doesn't want anybody to know who she is. I got in a lot of trouble keeping my mouth shut and not telling anybody where Colleen was. If she hadn't convinced Colleen to go home -- I really owe her.

Ned: Mac, she knows everyone is grateful. I urged her to at least accept your thanks but for some reason she doesn't want to do that.

Mackenzie: Okay. I won't go poking around where Iím not wanted. Still hearing this about her, it makes me wish all the more I could meet her face to face.

Tricia: Indicated in cases of male erectile dysfunction. Perfect.

Victor: Are you sure it was wise for them to go?

Nikki: That baby was a part of her. She needed to see her. Say goodbye.

Sharon: Cassie and Noah spent the night at my mom's. They don't know.

Nikki: Don't worry about it. I'll take care of that.

Nicholas: I'll do it.

Sharon: Why doesn't somebody bring the kids here, at least Cassie?

Nicholas: I think we should wait until you get home.

Sharon: Nick, she's going to know something's wrong.

Victor: Is there anything we can do, anything at all?

Nikki: We love you both so much.

Sharon: We love you too, Nikki.

Nicholas: You want something to help you sleep?

Sharon: No. I wish I didn't take the sedative last night.

Nicholas: You really needed it. You were in a lot of pain.

Sharon: I never got to see our little girl alive. I never got to tell her I love her, and now she's gone.

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