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Sharon: Nicholas, Iíve said all Iím going to say. If you think you can drag me back there and force me to take that paternity test, Iím not going to take it.

Nicholas: I'm not going to do it. We can do it later.

Sharon: I am not changing my mind.

Nicholas:  I am sorry I upset you.

Sharon: Yeah, you did.

Nicholas: I'm sorry about that but we have to look at this rationally.

Sharon: I am.

Nicholas: Actually you're not, Sharon. You're freaking out.

Sharon: You're freaking out. You're demonizing this child and turning it into a monster before it's even born.

Tricia: Dinner is served.

Victor: It smells wonderful.

Tricia: I'm glad you decided to join me. I have a feeling this is going to be a very special evening.

Brad: Hi.

Ashley: Hi.

Brad: I thought you'd be here.

Ashley: You did?

Brad: Of course I did. How's your day?

Ashley: Nothing to write home about.

Brad: Problems?

Ashley: Just deadlines, same old same old.

Brad: How's Abby?

Ashley: Wonderful. She's sleeping.

Brad: Ash, I feel the tension between us, the walls. Is there anything we can do to get past that?

Phyllis: Spoken by a true lawyer.

Alex: Meaning what?

Phyllis: You wiggle things around.

Alex: I haven't lied about anything. I love Malcolm very much.

Phyllis: You have feelings for his brother. Are you going to tell him or am I?

Malcolm: Alex, do you have a second? Phyllis, what are you doing here?

Neil: Mm-hmm, yeah. Hi, I will have --.

Olivia: Hi. You wanted to speak to me?

Neil: Yeah. You didn't need to come all the way down here. I was going to drop by later.

Olivia: It was no trouble. I was in the neighborhood. Is this about what we were discussing earlier?

Neil: I know I asked you to give me some time.

Olivia: You have no idea how difficult this has been for me. I open up my heart to you, make love with you and you tell me you're confused. How's that supposed to make me feel?

Neil: Hold on a minute. You don't understand.

Olivia: It's like you want me to stay in limbo while you make up your mind. I don't know if I can live like that, Neil.

Neil: You don't have to, Liv. I've been doing a lot of thinking and I've come to some conclusions.

Malcolm: So, ladies, what's going on in here?

Phyllis: I came to see Michael and he'd already left for the day. I saw Alex was here. I thought we could chat.

Malcolm: Chat about what?

Phyllis: This and that.

Malcolm: Phyllis.

Phyllis: Wow. Look at the time. I have to go. We'll talk later, all right?

Alex: Thanks.

Phyllis: Don't thank me yet.

Malcolm: Okay. What was all that about? Phyllis giving you a hard time?

Alex: Nothing I couldn't handle. Actually, I'm glad we talked.

Malcolm: You are.

Alex: Yeah. She had a bone to pick with me. Feels like I don't appreciate you. And sheís right, I donít. Let's sit down. I owe you an apology. I have been holding back trying your patience. Not on purpose and Iím not playing any games. But I do have some commitment issues.

Malcolm: Alex, you're just now realizing that?

Alex: I didn't want to admit it, and that's not fair. Instead of dealing with my feelings, I kept them buried. The trouble is they kept bubbling to the surface whenever you wanted to take another step in our relationship.

Malcolm: That's what all this is, all this hesitation?

Alex: Are you upset?

Malcolm: Alex, no. I just wish you'd been straight with me sooner.

Ashley: Interesting you should ask that question. I've been thinking about the distance between us and it wasn't that long ago we were really close.

Brad: I want to get that back, Ash.

Ashley: You don't think I want that too, Brad?

Brad: I don't know. I'm not sure how you feel.

Ashley: Frankly, I don't know how I feel either.

Brad: Can we talk about it?

Ashley: Last time we tried to sort things out, you were all over me.

Brad: I don't get another chance?

Ashley: I don't want to fight with you anymore.

Brad: Why does it have to be a fight?

Ashley: That's the way it seems to go. Every time we try to talk about the distance between us, it just turns into an argument.

Brad: So we avoid those topics altogether.

Ashley: That's right.

Brad: That's not very healthy.

Ashley: I know. I have to tell you, Iím still feeling very bruised about this whole Colleen thing.

Brad: I know you are. And I understand. Ash, I've tried to apologize for it. I didn't see things as clearly as you did. That was my mistake.

Ashley: There's something else that's still bothering me.

Brad: Let me guess. It has to do with Victor.

Nicholas: Sharon, if the worst happens and it turns out that baby is not mine, I will do whatever it takes to make sure it gets a good home and a loving family.

Sharon: Nick, if you really think this baby could turn out to be some kind of monster, why push it off on some unsuspecting adoptive parent? The baby could be dangerous. Maybe we should put it in jail after birth.

Nicholas: Let's not get carried away.

Sharon: This baby is an innocent child no matter whose father it is. It starts out with a clean slate.

Nicholas: I guess you're a better person than I am. Sharon, if there's a possibility that baby is Matt Clarkís and you think I can deal with that day in and day out?

Sharon: It wouldn't just be Matt's. It would be mine.

Nicholas: I'm sorry, I can't say that I can find some way to live with this, Sharon. I don't think I could. I need answers!

Sharon: And if you get your answer but it's not what you want to hear --.

Nicholas: Sharon, you said yourself there's almost no chance of that.

Sharon: Almost.

Nicholas: Look, this isn't good for the baby. Let's stop arguing. Sharon, just do the test, all right? Chances are it's going to give us peace of mind.

Sharon: And if it doesn't?

Nicholas: Then we're going to have a very difficult decision to make.

Sharon: It sounds like --.

Nicholas: I want to know if this baby is mine or not! I have a right to know that. Why are you fighting me on this?!

Ryan: Hey, girl. I have something for you.

Victoria: Oh, what do you have? A bride magazine.

Ryan: I thought it would come in handy. There's an article I think you should read now.

Victoria: Okay. Where is it?

Ryan: It's marked.

Victoria: Outdoor weddings. Um, Ryan, we're getting married in November. Do you know what I went through to get the church?

Ryan: I was hoping you would read the newspaper clipping.

Victoria: It's a house for sale.

Ryan: You like it?

Victoria: Yes.

Ryan: It's your favorite style.

Victoria: You know it is. You want us to live here?

Ryan: Before you answer that, read the listing.

Victoria: Three bedrooms, three baths. Space to add on.

Ryan: Perfect if we expand our family.

Victoria: 20 wooded acres with pool and paddock.

Ryan: I know how much you love riding.

Victoria: Where is this place?

Ryan: About a ten-minute drive from the ranch.

Victoria: Sounds like paradise.

Ryan: Yeah. Uh-oh. It says here there's a gourmet kitchen. You know what? That's okay. We can have a gourmet microwave installed.

Olivia: You've come to some conclusions?

Neil: You know how much you mean to me. You've been a huge part of my life for such a long time. I hope and pray that it never changes.

Olivia: Just tell me what it is you want to say.

Neil: Truth is, I should never have allowed our relationship to go where it did. Making love, Iím afraid it was a mistake.

Olivia: A mistake. It's a good thing that came out now. Spare me the humiliation of telling you that I would wait until you figured things out just to hear thanks, but no thanks.

Neil: Olivia, Iím sorry.

Olivia: How long have you felt this way?

Neil: How long? Why are you asking me that?

Olivia: Something has happened because you and I went through a rough patch and then we were fine as friends. And then you started to pursue me. You were asking me out. You were calling and coming over. Where the hell did you think things were headed? I don't understand. You do a 180?

Neil: I can't stand to see you in pain. I can't deny I was the one taking the initiative. Olivia, when we made love, it clarified things.

Olivia: Really? So you thought you wanted to make love to me and then you made love to me, but I just wasn't your cup of tea?

Neil: That's not what I'm saying.

Olivia: I'm sorry I didn't measure up to your standards.

Neil: You're taking it all wrong.

Olivia: Please set me straight. You're making me feel used right now.

Neil: You're determined to feel insulted here.

Olivia: Don't I have that right? What are you doing? Did you just want to be the big lady's man? Was that it? Was I just another score that you mark down in your little black book?

Neil: Olivia, stop it! You know me better than that!

Olivia: I thought I did, Neil. Clearly, I didnít.

Phyllis: Sorry Iím late.

Jack: Hi, baby. Give me three minutes and Iím all yours. What's wrong?

Phyllis: I had an unpleasant evening.

Jack: Oh? You want to talk about it?

Phyllis: Yeah. I ran into Malcolm at Ginaís. He and Alex are having problems again.

Jack: I thought they just got engaged.

Phyllis: She's totally not with the program. She won't even discuss planning the wedding.

Jack: He's worried she's getting cold feet?

Phyllis: Poor guy, he's so in love with her. He just wants to marry her.

Jack: It seems to me you weren't eager to plunge into holy matrimony.

Phyllis: We're different.

Jack: Why?

Victor: That was a very good dinner.

Tricia: Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Would you like a wine now or maybe something stronger?

Victor: I tell you what, after a wonderful meal like this, I have a special cognac. I'm going to have a little glass of it now.

Tricia: Maybe we can talk a bit.

Victor: Maybe we could do that.

Tricia: Why don't we sit on the sofa?

Victor: All right. Let me get the cognac and I will join you.

Ashley: You totally overreacted over a few conversations I had with Victor.

Brad: You're saying a man that hates my guts, a man waiting in the wings for our marriage to fall apart, and you can't understand why I would be upset about that.

Ashley: I didn't say I didn't understand.

Brad: You don't see the danger.

Ashley: Hearing you talk proves how little you trust me. I have to ask over and over, if we don't have trust, what do we have. You have to think about that. Could you watch Abby for a minute?

Brad: Yeah. Where are you going?

Ashley: I have to go to the lab. I forgot something.

Brad: Ash, we're in the middle of something.

Ashley: I know. I said I didn't want to fight anymore and Iím sorry. We're not ready to have this conversation yet.

Sharon: I know that it's different for you. This baby isn't growing inside of you. It isn't a part of you like it is for me.

Nicholas: Sharon, you are such an amazing woman. When I think what he did to you, what he put you through, all that violence and terror and that may have caused this pregnancy? That doesn't impact how you feel about this child? My God, Sharon, if it were me, I just couldn't do it.

Sharon: Well, Nick, it's not you. I think the difference here is you cannot separate the baby from Matt Clark.

Nicholas: And you can.

Sharon: Nothing that's happened here is the baby's fault. In fact the baby is as much a victim as I am.

Nicholas: I can't separate the baby from Matt Clark. I need you to take that test.

Sharon: Stop with that. I can't do it.

Nicholas: What do you mean you can't do it?

Sharon: Because if it turns out this baby is Matt's I know you expect me to give it up. And I've done that. I went through that with Cassie when she was born. I never even saw her. I didn't even know if I had a boy or a girl. That was the most horrible time I have my life. I can't go through that again. I won't go through with it.

Nicholas: I know it will be tough, it will be terrible but --.

Sharon: I can't do it. It will kill me.

Nicholas: It would be only on the chance that the babyís not mine and we know that's probably not the case.

Sharon: Why can't you just accept that?

Nicholas: It's not enough! I need to know the truth! I can't live with this uncertainty, Sharon! Please, please you cannot ask me to be a father to Matt Clarkís child.

Sharon: I would never do that.

Nicholas: Okay. Then you'll have the paternity test.

Sharon: No, that's not my point. I think that you and I should just accept this baby as ours and never give Matt Clark another thought.

Alex: You know what? I should have been straight with you. When you said to make changes to your apartment I said decorating is not my thing.

Malcolm: What, that's not true?

Alex: I wouldn't go that far. But I should have been happy, instead I acted like you did something wrong when you have been nothing but wonderful to me. I'm sorry I blindsided you.

Malcolm: We talked about this, your old man running out on you the way he did, your baggage as a child. I understand you're going through a lot lately. I'm sure your new job has got to be stressful.

Alex: This has been a very difficult time for me. I am trying my best to get through this. From now on I promise to be more open. I have an idea.

Malcolm: Okay. Hit me.

Alex: How about we go shopping for furniture?

Malcolm: You're serious?

Alex: Yes. Oh, gosh, think the stores will still be open?

Malcolm: I don't know. I'll make a couple of phone calls and I'll find out.

Victoria: It's amazing. It's like my dream --.

Ryan: Dream house?

Victoria: Yes. Where did you find this?

Ryan: I was flipping over the real estate section over breakfast. It jumped out at me and I went to work and made a call.

Victoria: Leave it up to you to find a house while we're planning our wedding and honeymoon.

Ryan: The wedding is important. The honeymoon is important. I am thinking about the rest of our lives together. I just wanted everything to be perfect.

Victoria: I'm so lucky to have a guy like you. What if it's already off the market?

Ryan: You don't have to worry about it.

Victoria: It's a wonderful piece of property. What if somebody snapped it up?

Ryan: I put down a deposit. It's ours.

Victoria: You bought me a house? I can't wait.

Tricia: Victoria and Ryan are getting married?

Victor: Mm-hmm. Does that upset you?

Tricia: I'm not really surprised. Ryan should move on with his life. Of course it's a lot easier when you have someone special to move on with.

Victor: All the more reason for you to get well as soon as possible. Have you found another doctor?

Tricia: You mean one that's not suspicious of your intentions?

Victor: Don't you feel it's important to feel comfortable?

Tricia: I don't feel comfortable with Dr. Burns anymore. I'm seriously considering another therapist. Can I make a suggestion?

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Tricia: I would like not to talk about my therapy session any longer tonight. I just want to have a normal conversation. We could play a game. Do you like Scrabble?

Victor: Is that what you played with your father?

Tricia: Used to.

Victor: Don't think like that.

Tricia: I have to think positive. Tonight is supposed about you, thanking you for all you've done.

Victor: You getting well is all the thanks I need.

Tricia: I know you want that for me. There must be some other way I can repay you, if you'd be willing.

Victor: What do you have in mind?

Tricia: Well, I could massage your back and your shoulders and help you relax. Shall I? I'll take that as a yes. Why don't you take off your coat?

Victor: It feels good on the shoulders because they're sort of sore from working out, you know?

Tricia: I bet.

Neil: Olivia, I know you're hurt.

Olivia: You claim our making love meant something, that it wasn't just a one-time thing. But you're standing here brushing me off. I don't understand why you reached out to me in the first place.

Neil: I made a mistake.

Olivia: There's something more. Something doesn't add up. Are you seeing someone else?

Neil: You've asked me that before.

Olivia: You ducked out of it. Are you seeing someone else, Neil?

Neil: No, I am not.

Olivia: Is there someone else you want to see?

Neil: Like who?

Olivia: I don't know like someone who was not available and now they are so you're passing time with good ole Olivia? It doesn't add up. That's the only thing that springs to mind.

Neil: You know how deeply I care about you.

Olivia: Please!

Neil: Well, it's the truth. Olivia, I treasure our friendship, you hear me? I hate to think that I jeopardized what we share.

Olivia: Well, you have. Maybe forever, Neil.

Brad: You are so beautiful, yes, you are. You are. How's my baby girl. What? What? You know what? More and more you are starting to look just like your mama. What? Hi. We're so lucky to have you. Yeah, we are. Yeah, we are. ShhÖ

Phyllis: Alex didn't deny she had feelings for Neil. She said nothing has happened yet between them. So I don't know, she even turned down a permanent gig at Newman Enterprise.

Jack: There was an opportunity for an office romance and she passed on it. Now that you know this information what will you do with it?

Phyllis: I want to tell Malcolm everything. I want to send Alex Perez packing. Given how much he loves the woman.

Jack: It would upset him unnecessarily, particularly if she can put her feelings for Neil aside.

Phyllis: I don't know if she can do that. She doesn't know if she can do that.

Jack: How did you leave things with Alex?

Phyllis: Malcolm walked in and interrupted us.

Jack: At least you didn't do anything hasty. It's a tough position for you to be in. Sorry.

Phyllis: Don't worry about me. I feel sorry for Malcolm.

Jack: If Neil and Alex can put their feelings aside for one another, maybe it will go away. It's possible. They haven't crossed a line yet.

Phyllis: That's what they claim. Let me tell you something. I'll hold my tongue for now. I promise you, Jack, I'll keep my eye on her. One false move, I'm going right to Malcolm.

Malcolm: I know exactly where you are. We have two hours before you close. That's plenty of time for us to do our damage. I'll see you. Thanks. I appreciate that. Well, baby, we're in luck.

Alex: You found a furniture store that's still open?

Malcolm: Right down the street, it is. What do you say? Let's blow this joint.

Alex: Let me grab my purse. Malcolm?

Malcolm: Yo.

Alex: Do you really feel better about things?

Malcolm: Yeah. Yeah, Alex, I sure do. Hey, I love you.

Alex: I love you too.

Malcolm: Now that is a good thing. Come on, you. Let's go build ourselves a little nest.

Alex: Okay. All right.

Tricia: How does that feel?

Victor: It feels very good.

Tricia: Good.

Victor: I'm going to turn in. That's very relaxing, thank you.

Tricia: So soon?

Victor: I have to get up early in the morning. I have to go to work.

Tricia: I'm not finished yet.

Victor: What do you have in mind?

Nicholas: Have you heard anything Iíve said?

Sharon: I've heard everything.

Nicholas: And it means nothing to you.

Sharon: I just think that we're on different wavelengths.

Nicholas: Why are you determined not to take this test?

Sharon: It's your baby. It's our baby. It's that simple.

Nicholas: It's not that simple for me, Sharon!

Sharon: I'm sorry about that.

Nicholas: Let me see if Iím getting this. You have bonded with this child and you're determined to raise it no matter whose it is, whether it's Matt Clarkís or mine. That's what you're saying to me. Sharon, don't do this. You know what it will do to us.

Sharon: It doesn't have to, you know. It doesn't have to be that way, not if we don't let it. Nick, we're having a baby.

Nicholas: Are we?! Huh?! That's not good enough! Are we having this baby?!

Sharon: Nick, come on. Don't go! Nick?

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