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Ashley: You wanted me to look at the product evaluation, data? Here are my notes.

Jack: Did things get chilly in here. Hold on. What's going on?

Ashley: As if you didn't know.

Jack: I don't know. I am concerned about you. How are things going on with you and Brad?

Ashley: So you can mess up my life more? How could you bring up the subject of Victor Newman with Brad? Things were bad enough and now you made things much, much worse.

Lauren: I believe the eggplant parmesan was always your favorite?

Brad: Good memory.

Lauren: May I join you?

Brad: Absolutely. So you're here.

Lauren: I just came to get a bite to eat.

Brad: Genoa city. You have been visiting a lot these days. This is your second trip home in the last couple of months?

Lauren: Actually I never left.

Brad: Oh, really. Who's the guy?

Lauren: I beg your pardon?

Brad: You have been hanging around this long, it has to do with a man.

Nicholas: So how long will these paternity tests take?

It's not lengthy. We will monitor the baby's position. A needle will be inserted into the uterus and we'll withdraw two ounces of amniotic fluid. There may be some discomfort.

Sharon: I don't care about that. What are the risks to the baby?


Sharon: How minimal? Could it cause a miscarriage?

The risk of very small. 1 in 500.

Sharon: There is a risk to the baby.

Nicholas: Sweetie, it's very small.

Sharon: I want to think about this. I just need to think about this.

Matt: Back in one piece. Hallelujah. What are you doing?

Tricia: No cameras.

Matt: It doesn't make sense. Newman's inner sanctum. So we can talk.

Tricia: Yeah, but I go first. There are some new rules around here.

Matt: Such as.

Tricia: I'm off the drugs again. Thank God.

Matt: No, thank me.

Tricia: While you were gone I realized while you're yelling at me, I don't function well. If I want peace and quiet, I know how to find it.

Matt: What will you do, fog your brain again?

Tricia: I just need a more supportive environment.

Matt: What am I, your shrink? Hello.

Tricia: I'm the boss here and I need to be able to concentrate. You understand? Which means you're not going to attack me anymore. You can be appreciative and offer helpful advice. No ranting, no screaming. Do you understand me? Do you hear me?

Victor: Do you want me to get on a plane and fly over there? Well, that's what I may have to do. You call me back.

Nikki: I hope that doesn't mean you were going to leave the country.

Victor: Don't worry about that. Sometimes one has to kick some butt and keep them on their toes.

Nikki: I know. But I don't want you going anywhere.

Victor: Why not?

Nikki: Have you forgotten your daughter's wedding?

Victor: I won't miss that.

Nikki: I know but you could scream in at the last moment. I want you to -- to enjoy all of it.

Victor: Women enjoy weddings. I find them mostly boring.

Nikki: I'm looking forward to it, especially after the conversation I had with Victoria.

Alex: Something said as if he knew what was in my heart didn't come from Malcolm. They came from you, Neil.

Neil: That's brotherly advice, that's all.

Alex: It went way beyond brotherly advice.

Neil: We really shouldn't be talking about this.

Alex: There's something else I couldn't get out of my mind. Ryan said you had feelings for me, strong feelings. Is that true, Neil?

Neil: Ryan, huh? I can't even believe he said that.

Alex: He did to Victoria at the lodge. I couldn't help overhearing. So is it true?

Neil: You say you heard this after the Abbott party, right?

Alex: Yeah.

Neil: But before you left here and took that job with Baldwin.

Alex: If you're asking what I overheard impacted the decision to turn down the offer you made? Of course it did.

Neil: Because you didn't want to work with someone who might have had some feelings for you based on some gossip you heard in a restaurant.

Alex: All right. Perhaps I should have talked to you first about what I heard.

Neil: But you didn't.

Alex: You're not denying what Ryan said. Well, I guess since it's all out on the table, what do we do with it, Neil?

Victor: So you were talking to our daughter about what?

Nikki: Oh, the Ryan, the wedding, how happy she is. Interesting how things turn out, isn't it?

Victor: Well, you know, not everyone gets it right the first time.

Nikki: Are we still talking about Ryan and Victoria?

Victor: Remember, you had a theory once that you were afraid that Victoria might be following in our footsteps as far as relationships were concerned.

Nikki: It's a pretty bumpy road as I recall.

Victor: I remember mostly beautiful times. They were beautiful, weren't they?

Nikki: Oh, yes.

Victoria: Am I interrupting you?

Victor: No. No, too late for calls to Europe and too early to get in contact with the Orient. So perfect time.

Nikki: Well, --

Victor: What's going on?

Nikki: I wonder if something is wrong with Sharon?

Victor: Why would anything be wrong with Sharon?

Nikki: It's like a vibe I pick up from Ryan and Victoria. Have you felt anything?

Victor: Come to think of it, now that you mention it, when they told me of their plans to get married, I asked naturally if Sharon would be the matron of honor. Their reaction sort of struck me as rather strange.

Nikki: So what do you think it means?

Victor: I have no clue. Until we know, we shouldn't worry.

Nikki: Yeah, you're right. If it's something serious, I 'm sure we'd know about it.

My nurse will be in shortly to prep you for the paternity test, Sharon.

Nicholas: Okay, sweetheart, what's on your mind?

Sharon: Nick, I don't have a good feeling about this.

Nicholas: Baby, you said you think that's a very small chance that's not my baby, right? I mean you said it yourself. Let's go ahead with this. Let's eliminate the doubt.

Sharon: That's it. The more I think about it the more honestly I feel this is your child.

Nicholas: But you can't be sure.

Sharon: Nick, listen to me. I really think it's best if we do not have this test and we just accept this baby as ours.

Jack: Hold on. I never said a word about Victor to Bradley.

Ashley: Stop. You got Brad upset with the cryptic remarks about the trouble I might be --

Jack: I know you don't think of Newman as trouble in your life.

Ashley: I had conversations with Victor. You let your paranoia run wild. You made Brad feel we have serious trouble. Because of your interference I had no choice but to tell Brad what you were upset about.

Jack: You told him this was about Newman?

Ashley: It was better than the thoughts he was conjuring up in his mind.

Jack: What do you mean you thought?

Ashley: I could just wring your neck. The last thing I needed was more tension in my marriage.

Jack: I did not mean to make matters worse.

Ashley: You wanted to help. You throw up red flags left and right.

Jack: I was trying to let him know his wife needed more attention.

Ashley: He's doing that.

Jack: This will blow over now that your rendezvous with Newman are history. They are history, aren't they?

Ashley: You honestly think I will confide in you after the mess you made?

Jack: How bad is the damage?

Ashley: Things aren't great before this.

Jack: It's about Colleen.

Ashley: That's where it started.

Jack: But not where it ended.

Ashley: There's a lot of residue.

Jack: I assumed things would get better once Colleen moved back to New York.

Ashley: You know what really got to me? Brad did not give my concerns the time of day. It was obvious this was a little girl that was hurting and vulnerable and was looking for a father substitute. But Brad had to make me wrong. He had to make it be my insecurities and I was looking for problems that didn't exist. He blamed me. What kind of a marriage do I have?

Neil: You know, Alex, if nothing else we cleared up certain things. Which doesn't change the facts. You're engaged to my brother.

Alex: Yes, I am.

Neil: And you love him.

Alex: Yes, I do love him.

Neil: Right.

Alex: So I guess this confirms we did the right thing.

Neil: You know what Iím glad about? That we got it all out in the open especially since one day we'll be in-laws.

Alex: Yeah.

Neil: Yeah.

Alex: I'm glad we talked, Neil.

Neil: I am too.

Alex: I need to get back to the office.

Lauren: Thank you.

Brad: Thank you.

Lauren: So you actually think some man has me under his spell?

Brad: It could be the other way around. It usually is.

Lauren: Speaking from experience?

Brad: So, it's not me. Jack's off the market. Who's the lucky guy?

Lauren: Would you mind if I didn't tell you? The situation's kind of up in the air. I just wish there weren't so many complications. You can relate I take it? Katherine told me that Colleen had run away. It must have been terrifying.

Brad: Yeah, it was.

Lauren: It must be a big relief that everything is back to normal. Did I speak too soon?

Brad: Can we just change the subject?

Lauren: Brad, there's obviously a story there and you know you can talk to me. Is there anything else going on with Colleen?

Brad: I'm not just worried about my daughter, Lauren. I'm worried about my marriage.

Ryan: Hey, hey, have I got news for you. Victoria and I are getting married three weeks from today. Isn't that wild? What's wrong?

Neil: Why the hell couldn't you keep your mouth shut?

Alex: Hi, Chantal.


Alex: Is Michael around?

Chantal: I'm not sure where he is. Did he mention anything to you about going to court?

Alex: No, he didn't.

Phyllis: If it isn't my favorite female lawyer.

Alex: Excuse me?

Chantal: Why do you keep barging in like this?

Nikki: So any plans for tonight?

Victor: Spending time at home.

Nikki: Because of your houseguest.

Victor: Yeah, she seems to trust me more every day.

Nikki: Have you persuaded Triciaís therapist to sit in on a session?

Victor: Let's say she and I talked and she's not going to be very cooperative.

Nikki: That's not a surprise. What does Tricia think about all of this?

Victor: Interestingly enough, she suggested getting another therapist. She seems to trust my opinion a great deal.

Nikki: Wow. You really have made progress with her.

Victor: Yeah, but with her you can never be safe. You can't be safe to assume anything.

Tricia: Those are the ground rules. I'm in charge, got it?

Matt: Listen, doll, the minute I start taking -- taking -- all right. Like you said, you're in charge.

Tricia: Good. I'm glad we have that settled.

Matt: Can I at least ask if you have a new plan so I can be properly appreciative?

Tricia: You'll find out soon enough.

Matt: I'm serious about it's soon. The longer you're under Newmanís roof, the more he's going to have a chance to --

Tricia: That's enough. I have a plan all right, very clear plan. Those drugs made me see Victor Newman in a whole new light.

Matt: As as -- as a substitute father.

Tricia: It's true. I did see him that way. Whatever, Victor Newman is a very strong man, but stronger. He won't leave me like my father did.

Matt: He's not your father.

Tricia: Yeah, I know. I realize that now. When I saw him working out earlier, all that strength and power, it made me see things much more clearly.

Matt: Tricia, where are you going with this?

Ryan: Kept mouth shut about what?

Neil: Ryan, the night of the Abbott party, I understand you went to the lodge.

Ryan: Yeah, afterwards. We grabbed a bite of dessert.

Neil: You opened your big mouth and blabbed to Victoria about my feelings for Alex.

Ryan: I needed to talk to someone about it. So I told Victoria in the strictest confidence. Don't tell me she came and talked to you about this.

Neil: No, she didnít. Alex did.

Ryan: What?

Neil: She overheard everything. She was there. See now Iím exposed. I am screwed!

Ryan: I swear I had no idea.

Neil: The damage is already done.

Ryan: How did she react?

Neil: Like I should tell you anything. Don't you dare tell anyone about this. You're right; she left Newman because of this.

Ryan: She was uncomfortable knowing you had feelings for her. Or was it more than that?

Neil: What are you talking about?

Ryan: Could it have been she had feelings for you too?

Chantal: Miss Summers.

Alex: It's okay, Chantal. I'll talk to her. You want to see me.

Phyllis: Damn right I do.

Alex: What's with the attitude?

Phyllis: What's with the attitude? When we spoke earlier, I seriously questioned your relationship with Malcolm. You're not committed to him at all.

Alex: Based on little conversation you were just having w (? don't know this word)

Alex: Right.

Phyllis: You see I was about to deliver a report to Neil when I overheard everything you two were saying to each other. I know everything, Alex. So are you going to hear me out or do I go directly to milk

Nicholas: What do you mean don't have the test? Sharon, that is not an option. It's when we have the test, not if.

Sharon: Well, maybe you haven't been listening to me. But I told you I want us to rethink all that.

Nicholas: Are you seriously suggesting we never find out whose baby that is?

Sharon: Nick, the chances are so slim that it's not yours. We're not sure Matt Clark raped me. He told you on his deathbed because he knew it would haunt you.

Nicholas: We go ahead with the test and it's not a problem.

Sharon: Even though it probably didn't happen, you're still willing to risk the baby?

Nicholas: The risk is so minimal.

Sharon: I don't care. That's still a risk. You know what's happening here? Matt Clark even from the grave, he is still poisoning us. You know why? Because we let him.

Nicholas: We destroy his poison proving that is not his child.

Sharon: Nick!

Nicholas: All the logic points to having this test. I don't know why you're fighting me on it.

Sharon: For me it's not a matter of logic, okay? It's a matter of heart. The baby is growing inside of me. It's part of me. Maybe that's not good enough for you.

Jack: Sure I can't pour you something a little stronger than water?

Ashley: That's not going to help.

Jack: I can understand you being real upset right now. Can you cut me some slack? I am on your side.

Ashley: You have a strange way of showing it, Jack.

Jack: Look, I'm going to risk saying something here, at risk of you taking my head off.

Ashley: Never stopped you before.

Jack: I know I have always had issues with your husband. I honestly believe he's dedicated to your marriage.

Ashley: You do?

Jack: I do. I am very sorry for any part I played in making your problems any worse.

Lauren: All of this happened when your daughter moved in?

Brad: It caused a lot of tension. And Victor was only too pleased to take advantage of the situation.

Lauren: Victor Newman? You mean he and Ashley --

Brad: It's not happened yet. He's hovering. If that's who my wife is turning to.

Lauren: I know you're upset and it's obvious the two of you are having trouble communicating. There is no doubt in my mind that you will work it out.

Brad: You're that confident.

Lauren: You bet.

Brad: Why?

Lauren: You ready? Dr. Lauren will tell you how to get rid of that heartache.

Nikki: We're getting back to the topic, can you believe the timing? I offered to pay. In the meantime I have a little announcement for the newspaper here.

Victor: Victor Newman and Nicole Newman announce the engagement of their daughter Victoria Nicole to Mr. Ryan McNeil of Genoa city. The couple is planning a November wedding. Well, that's short and sweet.

Nikki: Just seems more real when you see it in print, that's all.

Victor: It'll be a happy day for our family.

Nikki: Only if you are there, Victor

Victor: Don't you worry. I will not be traveling.

Nikki: I am talking about the danger of having Tricia Dennison under your roof.

>>Victor: Things are under control, don't you worry.

Nikki: Yeah, famous last words.

Alex: You were eavesdropping on a private conversation.

Phyllis: Please don't take the high and mighty tone with me. I notice you're not anything.

Alex: Well, whatever you think you heard, you obviously misunderstood.

Phyllis: I think I understand perfectly. It's poor innocent Malcolm that's left in the dark. When I saw him at Ginaís earlier he was desperate to figure out why you won't commit to the relationship. The whole time he's beating himself up and I was thinking about you. You're the problem. After what I overheard in Neilís office, now I know Iím right.

Alex: What are you telling me?

Phyllis: I kept quiet long enough. Now that I have proof, there's no holding back.

Neil: Right, I want you to stop right there. I have told you everything I know. I want to you promise you won't breathe a word of this to anyone ever.

Ryan: I won't tell a soul. I promise. I'm sorry if anything I said caused any trouble. Although I still wonder --

Neil: Ryan, spare me the bit about it's better the truth came out.

Ryan: I won't say it. So you and Alex talked? That's it?

Neil: How do I explain this to you, man? She's engaged to my brother. She loves him. End of discussion.

Ryan: Look --

Neil: Look, I have a phone call to make. So if you'll excuse me --

Ryan: Neil, look --

Neil: Yeah, I know. I'm sorry too. (Phone ringing)

Olivia: Hi, this is Olivia. Leave it a message for Nate or myself and Iíll get back to you.

Neil: Olivia, it's me. I need to see you.

Alex: Phyllis, wait. Don't do this until you hear my side of things.

Phyllis: How can you possibly defend yourself?

Alex: Nothing has happened to Neil. We're not having an affair and we haven't crossed any lines.

Phyllis: Yet.

Alex: I have done everything to keep my distance including taking this job at a pay cut.

Phyllis: I have to ignore this because you managed not to jump your fiancť's brother's bones?

Alex: I love Malcolm and he loves me too. Unless you're out to devastate the man, it would serve no purpose to go to him. If you care about him as much as you claim, then I would think long and hard, Phyllis, before telling him that. Because if you speak now, you'll destroy him.

Nicholas: Sharon, I want you to take a second and think about what Matt did to me. Think about what he did to you.

Sharon: We're talking about an innocent baby. Now I think that we should forget about all of this ugliness, forget about the past and move on with our lives.

Nicholas: And raise that child?

Sharon: Yes. (Knock on door)

Excuse me. Are you ready for the paternity test?

Sharon: No, we're not ready. And we're not having the test.

Ashley: You never cease to amaze me.

Jack: How do you mean?

Ashley: As soon as I think you don't have a sensitive bone in your body, you catch me off-guard.

Jack: Dare I say one more thing?

Ashley: Sure. You're on a roll.

Jack: I think this situation with Colleen was unique, unusual. Bradley has no relationship with his daughter at all and sees this opportunity to build one. And I'm just saying if there's a point where forgiveness is appropriate, this might be it.

Ashley: The problem is it's not about forgiveness, Jack. It's about -- it's about understanding. It's about trust. And so many things were said and done that were very hurtful. Now there's this huge rift between Brad and me.

Jack: One that can be bridged though, right?

Ashley: I don't know. I truly don't know.

Brad: All right, doc, hit me. Tell me you why you're can have didn't we will patch things up? (can't make this out)

Lauren: One, you love her deeply. From what you said to me and especially from what you haven't said. And second, I know your history with Victor Newman. He is a threat, you whatever it takes to keep from losing your wife to him. (can't make this out)

Brad: You're damn right about that.

Lauren: Your ex-wife Traci comes to town and has a fantasy about you and Ashley gets concerned about a connection to her sister.

Brad: She never had a thing to worry about.

Lauren: Neither do you. It's a matter of perception. You just went through something that illustrates that perfectly. My question is: Why are you prolonging the agony? Go home and straighten things out.

Brad: You know what? That is exactly what Iím going to do.

Lauren: Forget about the bill. I'll take care of it. Just go home and be happy. Bye.

Brad: Thank you.

Lauren: Mm-hmm. Sure.

Victor: Dinner was very good.

Tricia: I'm glad you enjoyed it. I just wish there was some other way I could thank you.

Victor: I just want to you get well. That's all the thanks I need.

Tricia: I know you want that for me, and I want it too. But I think there might be some other way I can repay you, if you'd be willing.

Victor: What did you have in mind?

Tricia: Well, I can massage your back and shoulders, help you relax. Shall I? I'll take that as a yes.

Tricia: How

Victor: It feels very good. It feels very good.

Tricia: Hello, Victor.

Victor: You made dinner again, didn't you?

Tricia: I made enough two. But if you can't join me, I understand.

Victor: I haven't eaten yet.

Tricia: Great. I made a roast. Would you like some wine to start with?

Victor: Thank you.

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