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Sharon: When you found out about Cassie, you weren't too thrilled.

Nicholas: All right. What are you getting at?

Sharon: I know much you have come to love her.

Nicholas: Yes, I do, like she was my own. You cannot make a comparison here, Sharon. You can't do that.

Sharon: Why? Why, Nicholas? Is it so different?

Victor: Have you taken your medication?

Tricia: Yeah, just a second ago. I should have waited. Sorry. There's no harm done, right?  

Dr. Burns: Mr. Newman, what are you doing here?

Victor: Hello, Dr. Burns.

Tricia: Victor always comes at the end of my session.

Dr. Burns: Does he?

Tricia: To watch me take my medication.

Dr. Burns: Is this true?

Victor: Yes, Tricia and I discussed the possibility of me sitting in on one of her sessions.

Dr. Burns: I'm sorry but I have a real problem with that. 

[Knock on door]

Michael:  Someoneís upset. I take it, um, things didn't go well with Paul?

Isabella: I didn't see him. I paid Miss Department Store a visit instead. That bitch, Lauren, took me under her wing and gave me all of this advice. She denied anything by doing me a favor keeping me from leaving town.

Michael: Lauren talked you into sticking around? Why would she do that?

Isabella: I don't know. All part of her scheme I'm sure.

Michael: Isabella, you're not making any sense. Why would Lauren Fenmore want to keep you in Genoa City?

Nikki: Well, Iím still waiting.

Ryan: Vicki and I thought it would be nice to meet here for coffee.

Victoria: Hi. Sorry I'm late.

Ryan: Hey, perfect timing.

Nikki: I've just been pumping Ryan for information.

Victoria: Oh? About what?

Nikki: This thing, get-together. What's going on?

Victoria: Well, we do have some news.

Nikki: You're engaged.

Victoria: Mother, thanks a lot for stealing my thunder.

Nikki: Do you have a ring?

Victoria: Mm-hmm.

Victoria: Well, are you going to say anything?

Nikki: Am I supposed to be surprised?

Victoria: Maybe "I'm happy for you" would be nice.

Nikki: I'm not happy.

Ryan: You're not?

Nikki: I'm thrilled!

Victoria: I knew it.

Nikki: You have a date?

Ryan: Next November 12th.

Nikki: Obviously it will be family and a few friends.

Victoria: We're going all out.

Nikki: How can you have a big wedding in a few weeks?

Victoria: No problem.

Malcolm: No, you can't have chocolate pudding. Boy, we just came from the dentist and you don't have cavity.

Nate: I'm still hungry.

Malcolm: I lied. You don't have a cavity, it is right here, your stomach, you glutton.

Gina: Did I hear somebody say something about dessert? Why don't you come with me? I think I can find something to fill that tummy of yours.

Nate: Can I?

Malcolm: Why, I ought to. Please keep the sugar to a minimum.

Gina: I'll try.

Phyllis: That's one happy boy.

Malcolm: What are you doing here?

Phyllis: I came here for a pick-me-up.

Malcolm: I thought that was Jack's job.

Phyllis: May I? You're a terrific father, Malcolm.

Malcolm: Thank you for that. I hope my son's doing okay.

Phyllis: Did you see that big smile on his face?

Malcolm: Yeah, and in spite of his dear old dad.

Phyllis: What?

Malcolm: I guess it doesn't show.

Phyllis: What doesn't show?

Malcolm: Phyllis, I think I lost all my patience.

Olivia:  You're upset.

Neil: I wouldn't say that.

Olivia: Clearly, something is weighing on you, and I think I know what it is. You think we're going too fast, don't you? Neil, look, I know when we made love, it was unexpected. But we've known each other for a very long time. There's this connection between us. To throw myself at you is pathetic.

Neil: Don't say that.

Olivia: No, Neil, we have to decide. Are we in this or not?

Dr. Burns: Mr. Newman, you're not family. You're not Triciaís doctor. You have no right --.

Victor: Dr. Burns, I thought you and I could talk about this in private.

Dr. Burns: I'm not talking about my patient's case. That would be highly inappropriate.

Victor: Have you asked Tricia? Do you think there's anything wrong with my reviewing your case with Dr. Burns?

Tricia: I didn't realize you wanted to talk to her alone. If that's what you want, Victor.

Dr. Burns: I am Triciaís therapist. I will decide what is best for her.

Victor: Dr. Burns, she is living in my home.

Dr. Burns: Which I am questioning more and more.

Victor: Do you agree with the doctor's assessment?

Dr. Burns: You don't have to answer that, Tricia. In fact, it's time for us to continue our session, if you'll excuse us.

Tricia: Dr. Burns, I would like to go home.

Dr. Burns: Aren't you feeling well?

Tricia: No. I'm kind of tired.

Dr. Burns: Fine, we'll pick up tomorrow.

Victor: Why don't you wait for me outside, all right?

Dr. Burns: I realize you're a major benefactor of this hospital. I'm sure you think that entitles you to involve yourself in Triciaís case. You're wrong, Mr. Newman, to interfere this way.

Victor: Dr. Burns, in this case, I think you're wrong.

Olivia: I need an answer.

Neil: You're right, you do. Oh, Liv, it's not what think.

Olivia: Why are you so miserable?

Neil: I'm confused. Don't get me wrong, all right? It was wonderful. You were wonderful.

Olivia: It's just not you want. Is there another woman?

Neil: What?

Olivia: I can't believe I asked you that.

Neil: You don't honestly think I would make love with you when Iím involved with somebody else, do you?

Olivia: No, no. I feel there's something getting between us. I don't know. Is this moving too fast for you? Am I coming on too strong?

Neil: Well, I admit I was caught off guard.

Olivia: This was a surprise to me too.

Neil: Maybe we should just slow things down a bit. Liv, believe me, it's not you. You're a beautiful, sexy lady.

Olivia: Then what's the problem?

Neil: The problem is me.

Olivia: You? Wow. Didn't seem like you had a problem the other morning. In fact, you were wonderful. And I hope Iím not being too frank.

Neil: No. No, you're not. Thanks for saying that. It's not exactly what I meant though.

Olivia: Neil, we are two adults and we are not devoted to anyone else.

Neil: Very true.

Olivia: Then help me understand. I don't know what it is that you want.

Neil: Olivia, shouldnít we just slow things down? We both need to be in the same place.

Olivia: I don't understand what that means.

Neil: So find out. That's my point.

Olivia: I think your point is I should just stay around until you figure things out?

Neil: Hold on. I know it's asking a lot.

Olivia: It's asking a lot and I don't think I can do it. I'm going to need time to think about this.

Neil: All right. I'll call you.

Phyllis: Thank you.

Malcolm: Thanks.

Phyllis: All right. What's wrong?

Malcolm: Alex and I have hit another bump in the road.

Phyllis: Did you tell Nate you were engaged?

Malcolm: Yeah, I told him. He's not the reason Iím bummed out. Phyllis, listen to me. Me and Alex, we've had a few issues lately.

Phyllis: Like what?

Malcolm: For starters, I practically had to beg the woman to move in with me.

Phyllis: She's an independent woman. She needs her space.

Malcolm: It's more than that. Every time I bring up the wedding, and I do mean every time, she doesn't want to hear it.

Phyllis: What do you mean?

Malcolm: Wedding plans, picking a date. Phyllis, she's flat out not interested.

Phyllis: I can see how that would be disconcerting.

Malcolm: To top it off, I want her to feel at home. I talk about redecorating the apartment. I say knock it out, go crazy. Make it your own place.

Phyllis: She passed.

Malcolm: "Decorating is not my cup of tea," or so she says.

Phyllis: What are you going to do to handle it?

Malcolm: I thought of going to my brother. He's given me good advice in the past.

Phyllis: What's stopping you?

Malcolm: Come on, Phyllis. I'm a grown man. I don't need to run to my brother every time my woman and I donít get along.

Phyllis: You want my opinion?

Malcolm: You have an opinion?

Phyllis: Since when don't I have an opinion about my men and their love lives?

Isabella: Nothing about Lauren Fenmore makes sense.

Michael: Except you're certain she's after Paul. You saw them talking and laughing at Ginaís. They were married to each other. It's possible for divorced people to remain on friendly terms.

Isabella: This is more than friendly.

Michael: You're going to blame Lauren for playing mind games.

Isabella: She knew exactly what she was doing.

Michael: You went to her hotel room to give her a piece of your mind?

Isabella: That's not all I did. I slapped her.

Michael: That's great. Aggravated assault. Please tell me it didn't turn into a brawl.

Isabella: I was able to restrain myself, barely.

Michael: Good. Well, given the friendly relationship Paul has with his ex, I doubt that will endear you to him.

Isabella: I couldn't help myself.

Michael: Well, on second thought it shows passion, fire. Who knows how Paul will react --?

Isabella: It doesn't change anything.

Michael: How do you know?

Isabella: Because Lauren told me. It doesn't matter. It's over. Michael, what was I thinking coming back to this town again?

Michael: Maybe you were looking for closure.

Isabella: I got it all right. Not only have I lost Paul but he's turned to another woman. I thought he cared about me.

Nicholas: Why would this child and Cassie be in question?

Sharon: I have been carrying this child in my body.

Nicholas: I want more than anything for this child to be mine.

Sharon: Even if it doesn't, it's still mine.

Nicholas: Cassie's father was a man you loved or thought you loved. It's a different situation.

Sharon: Still, there's a child growing inside of me, Nicholas, a child that I already love.

Nicholas: You have to suspend your emotions.

Sharon: I can't do that.

Nicholas: Don't get any more invested in this baby until we find out who the father is.

Sharon: You're a man and you will never know what it's like having another life growing inside of you. You have no idea what it is like for a woman when they take your baby away before you've even seen it. A baby you've carried around with you for nine months and suddenly it's gone. I went through that with Cassie.

Nicholas: Listen to me, okay? It's not the same. It's not the same. If it's true and this bastard raped you and drugged you and attacked you sexually, and you want to compare the product of that and Cassie? To mention them in the same breath is ridiculous.

Sharon: You won't hear me, will you?

Nicholas: We have to get this test and get on with our lives and relax.

Sharon: We don't know for sure.

Nicholas: No, baby, we donít. That's why we have to do this. This paternity test is the answer. I will call the doctor and see how soon she can get us in.

Tricia: Victor, is something wrong?

Victor: To be frank with you, I was rather surprised by your attitude in Dr. Burns's office. I thought you and I agreed I would sit in on one of your sessions to help you.

Tricia: Dr. Burns didn't think it was a good idea.

Victor: It must have been surprising to you to hear Dr. Burns turn down my request. Are you feeling that she's right?

Tricia: Some of the things she said were kind of strange.

Victor: You realize she's mistaken.

Tricia: Just that she's been my life-line for so long and now -- I think she's wrong.

Victor: You know I only want what's best for you.

Tricia: Yeah, I do.

Victor: Why didn't you say anything?

Tricia: I just didn't see the point.

Victor: Meaning what?

Tricia: If she doesnít think you're good for me, as much as I hate to say it, I should question whether I should continue to see her.

Victor: Are you considering ending therapy?

Tricia: No, of course not. I mean, I would find another doctor. One who knows how important you are to my recovery. Your support means so much, Victor, and I don't want to lose it.

Victor: I appreciate that.

Tricia: Do you have to go to the office now?

Victor: I'm going to change and then Iím going to work out.

Malcolm: Okay, Phyllis, you got something to say? I'm all ears.

Phyllis: First of all, any woman who doesn't realize how lucky she is to be with you, Malcolm --.

Malcolm: Thank you, Phyllis, thank you. Baby, I appreciate that. I'm not about to lay that on her. Phyllis, we are hardly talking. I came home late last night. She left early this morning. You see, the worse part is worrying about my son.

Phyllis: You're afraid he's going to pick up on something?

Malcolm: Thank you.

Phyllis: Thanks. Thank you.

Malcolm: Phyllis, after everything that little boy has been through, I doubt Iím going to lay this on him. He thinks Alex and I are going to get married. What if that doesn't happen?

Phyllis: Wait, wait, I think you're jumping the gun a little bit, don't you think?

Malcolm: I am doing the right thing. Damn it, I don't like having to second-guess myself all the time. You're right. I love Alex. We'll get through this.

Phyllis: Of course you will.

Malcolm: I have to keep it real. I don't like that I have to beg my fiancťe to get happy about our future together. If that woman doesn't get with the program, I don't know what Iím going to do.

Alex: Neil.

Neil: Yeah.

Alex: Sorry, I should have called first. I left some personal files on the computer.

Neil: No problem. Come on.

Alex: You busy?

Neil: Oh, yeah. Crazed.

Alex: Yeah, me too.

Neil: But happy, right? I'm sure Malcolm is on cloud nine.

Victoria: We told Dad this morning.

Nikki: No cuts and bruises.

Ryan: Actually, it went smoothly.

Victoria: He's happy for us, much like you.

Nikki: Well, I am happy. The timing can't be better.

Victoria: Not too late for a double wedding.

Nikki: That's not what I meant. I'm just happy for the whole family. Great things are happening. Well, unlike Newman Enterprises, we work at Jabot.

Victoria: Oh, boy.

Nikki: Take care of her, okay?

Ryan: I will.

Victoria: Come on. I'll walk you out.

Nikki: Bye.

Victoria: You're happy for me, right?

Nikki: Yes, sweetheart, of course. Why wouldn't I be?

Victoria: I was getting the impression you thought I was making the same mistake.

Nikki: Ryan and Victor are very different people.

Victoria: And we're older and wiser.

Nikki: And nothing has changed.

Victoria: I know in my heart we were meant to be together.

Nikki: I can tell.

Victoria: Thank you.

Neil: You want some coffee? I'm going to get some coffee.

Alex: No thank you.

Neil: You and Malcolm are having problems, huh?

Alex: Sometimes your brother makes me so crazy. He gets something in that thick head of his and he won't let up until he gets his way.

Neil: What did he do?

Alex: He wants me to redecorate his apartment.

Neil: Oh, redecorate, huh? So?

Alex: I told him it wasn't my thing.

Neil: Right, right. Malcolm wouldn't listen, huh?

Alex: He thinks because I wouldn't want to change the drapes I don't want to stay in the relationship. The point is it's his way or the highway.

Neil: I'm sorry things are so strained. My brother, he's a free spirit.

Alex: It's about time, Neil.

Neil: Maybe he's trying to do things directly. Asking you to redecorate, think about it, settle down, getting domestic with him. He sounded serious about something.

Alex: What are you telling me, Neil?

Neil: Would it kill you to pick out some wallpaper or get excited about a couch?

Alex: I told you that's not my thing.

Neil: I know you're not Susie Homemaker. But Malcolm has made some serious concessions.

Alex: You're talking about Michael and me working together.

Neil: The way I see it, Malcolm is trying to make his home your home. What's wrong with that? See what Iím saying?

Alex: Yes, Neil, I see exactly what you're saying. You know, it really gets to me the way you're always reading things, not just Malcolm but me too. Don't look at me like you don't know what I'm talking about. We both do.

Tricia: I'm sorry. I should have knocked. I've heard that you worked out in here. I was just curious.

Victor: I see.

Michael: Well, how about something to settle your nerves?

Isabella: There's juice in the mini bar.

Michael: I was thinking of something stronger.

Isabella: That'll only make it worse.

Michael: Here. Bottoms up.

Isabella: You don't have to babysit me.

Michael: Isabella, you're upset. I want to help.

Isabella: There's nothing you can do.

Michael: I can be here. What are friends for?

Isabella: We're friends?

Michael: I think so.

Isabella: You did me a favor. I paid you back.

Michael: This isn't about balancing books. I admit we haven't had the most traditional relationship. I feel guilty about throwing you in the middle of --.

Isabella: Don't. It's not your fault. There are so many times I could have walked away. I allowed myself to get in deeper and deeper.

Michael: What?

Isabella: I was thinking back to something you said once. If only Iíd fallen for you instead of Paul.

Alex: I'm not trying to make you feel uncomfortable.

Neil: I don't know what you're getting at.

Alex: Yes, you do. We both do. All right. The night of the Abbottís party, we went to the lodge afterwards and Victoria and Ryan were there. On my way from the ladiesí room I overheard them talking about Malcolm and me.

Neil: What'd they say?

Alex: Back when I wasn't sure if your brother was the man I want to spend the rest of my life with, some of the things he said made it seem like he knew exactly was in my heart didn't come from Malcolm. They came from you, Neil.

Neil: Brotherly advice, that's all.

Alex: No, it went way beyond brotherly advice.

Neil: We really shouldn't be talking about this.

Alex: There was something else I couldn't get out of my mind. Ryan said you had feelings for me. Strong feelings. Is this true, Neil?

Tricia: You really give that bag a workout. Were you ever a fighter?

Victor: Thank you. I'm just sparring.

Michael: If only you'd have fallen to me instead of Paul.

Isabella: It would have been much simpler.  Iíve made such a mess of things with Paul.

Michael: We all make mistakes.

Isabella: You don't understand. I never felt so alone, Michael.

Michael: You're not alone.

Isabella: I know. It won't solve anything. There's no future for us. Right now I don't care about the future.

Nicholas: Thanks for getting back to me, Dr. Thompson. Have you been able to schedule us for the paternity test? Oh, great. Okay. We'll be in as soon as we can. Thank you. It's all set. Results from the test.

Sharon: Maybe you're right. We don't have to think about what we're going to do. We just need to find out. There's no need to make a decision until we know.

Nicholas: Dr. Thompson is waiting for us. Let's not keep her waiting. Baby, we've got to do this, okay? We have to learn the truth. I'll get the elevator.

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