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Rianna: Cody, hurry.

Cody: Drink the juice.

Rianna: You need it. You're having an insulin reaction. Did you have insulin today?

Raul: What do you care?

Rianna: Drink it. You'll start to feel better. Cody, stop him!

Raul: Let me go!

Katherine: All right, Miguel, are you certain Nikki knew I was coming over tonight?

Miguel: Yes.

Katherine: She is expecting me.

Miguel: May I get you anything?

Katherine: No, no, Miguel, thank you.

Nikki: No thanks.

Katherine: Heard you were back. Welcome home.

Nikki: I have been so busy. What is that look about?

Katherine: I could have sworn I saw Victorís car heading to town.

Nikki: If you are curious.

Katherine: Of course I am. If I interrupted anything, I --.

Nikki: No, you didnít.

Katherine: Victor just left and you are fresh out of the shower and I didnít interrupt anything.

Nikki: Actually, Iím quite pleased with myself.

Katherine: Nikki, come on, whatís going on?

Nikki: Letís just say I gave Victor a taste of his own medicine.

Victor: Hello.

Tricia: Hi. I didnít hear you come in.

Victor: Thatís because you were rather engrossed in what you were doing.

Tricia: You said it would be okay to cook you dinner sometimes. I hope I havenít overstepped.

Victor: Oh, you cooked dinner for me. Iím sorry. Iíve already eaten.

Tricia: Oh. Oh.

Victor: I donít think we specified the day, did we?

Tricia: No. I donít know what I was thinking. I should have called to make sure you were free first. I wanted it to be a surprise.

Victor: Thatís very nice. I appreciate that. Tell you what, why donít you go ahead and eat dinner and I will join you for dessert. Howís that?

Tricia: That would be good. You know, actually Iíve kind of been tasting everything to make sure itís right. Iím kind of stuffed. What if I put everything in containers for leftovers and we have dessert right now?

Victor: Thatís fine with me.

Cody: Take it easy. Cut it out, man!

Raul: I donít need sugar and I donít need your help! I am not going to talk to you or you! Leave me alone! Leave me alone!

Rianna: He went into shock. Someone call 911. Put him down. Put him down.

Victoria: So am I. Thank you.

Ryan: Who was on the phone?

Victoria: We are having our wedding when we wanted, where we wanted. Mr. Ben Dorman and his bride-to-be were very cooperative.

Ryan: You got these people to change their minds?

Victoria: They're having the wedding the same day. I told them I would have invitations mailed out immediately.

Ryan: You must have twisted their arm somehow.

Victoria: Not really. Well, I did buy them a honeymoon. A really nice honeymoon.

Lauren: Okay. Out with it.

Paul: What?

Lauren: You have been in and out this entire evening. Whatís going on?

Paul: I guess I would like to know what you and Michael Baldwin were talking about this evening.

Lauren: He wanted to know what my intentions were.

Paul: Why would he give a damn? And how would he know we were even in contact.

Lauren: He said heís Christineís good friend.

Paul: Even if that were true, it doesnít give him a right to meddle in our lives. So what the hell does he want?

Katherine: You whisked Victor Newman away from his office by helicopter?

Nikki: Nice catch, huh? We had Brazilian music. It was quite the evening.

Katherine: I bet. I canít help it. Did you --?

Nikki: Letís see, what would you be interested in? We went skinny-dipping.

Katherine: You and Victor skinny-dipping.

Nikki: I see that delights you.

Katherine: Oh, God, I hope it delighted you.

Nikki: Victor was very surprised but donít read too much into it. Iím going to change. Iíll be right back.

Victor: Thank you. Mmm. My compliments to the chef.

Tricia: Really, you like it?

Victor: Itís wonderful.

Tricia: That makes me happy. I noticed your hair was wet.

Victor: Mm-hmm. I went swimming.

Tricia: Out at the ranch?

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Tricia: They must keep the pool heated. That must be nice for you. Thereís something so wonderful being in warm water when itís chilly out. Donít you think?

Victor: Yes.

Tricia: I remember being in a hot tub with all the snow around me. It was the first trip I took with Ryan. God, it seems like I had everything back then. Well, I have no one to blame but myself for losing it all.

We need to get these finished tonight and make the presentation tomorrow.

It shouldnít take too long.

Mary: Looks like I missed Paul.

Lynne: Iím sorry, Mrs. Williams. Heís left for the evening. I donít expect him back.

Mary: I see. Itís probably just as well. He was so angry with me last time we saw each other.

Lynne: You havenít spoken since that argument?

Mary: He called once or twice. He felt it was a duty, I suppose. Heís so formal with me. So how is he?

Lynne: Heís much better. Heís getting back to his normal self.

Mary: Iím glad to hear that.

Lynne: I think itís quite possible Lauren Fenmore has left town.

Lauren: I wish you wouldnít give Michael Baldwin another thought.

Paul: I hope you didnít tell him anything.

Lauren: Heís not someone I would confide in.

Paul: I meant it when I said stay away from the guy. Heís nothing but trouble.

Lauren: Donít worry.

Paul: We are stirring up interests in other quarters as well.

Lauren: Really? Tell me.

Paul: Kay Chancellor stopped by the office earlier for a visit.

Lauren: Really? What did she want?

Paul: She claimed she needed my help for a benefit she was planning. She claimed to be interested in my personal life and the trouble Iím in. She didnít hesitate to mention our history.

Lauren: For two friends trying to get re-acquainted, we certainly are kicking up a lot of dust.

Paul: You're a breath of fresh air, you know that?

Lauren: You are the second person to say that to me today.

Paul: Well, it must be true. Itís good to see you. You should come around more often. Itís been a long time.

Lauren: Iíll drink to that. Itís been way too long, Paul. For the record, I feel exactly the same way. Can I ask you something?

Paul: It depends on what you want to know.

Lauren: We havenít had a chance to talk since Isabella left. How are you doing, really?

Paul: Like I told Katherine, Iím hanging in there.

Lauren: Is it really over?

Paul: Whatís the point if something happened with Isabella? Even if I had second thoughts, sheís long gone.

Ryan: You just wonít take no for an answer.

Victoria: Not when the stakes are this high. We have the church. We have the Colonnade Room.

Ryan: Do we have to do this tonight?

Victoria: We have less than a month to pull this wedding together. We have a million things to do.

Ryan: If anyone can pull this off last minute, itís you. Why kill yourself doing it? I am saying no matter how smart you are, no matter how much energy you have, itís going to be a hassle. Letís slow things down, push it back a few weeks. What do you say?

Paul: You're being a great friend. That means a lot to me.

Lauren: I remember a time when I was much more than a friend.

Paul: Oh, yeah. We were married, werenít we?

Lauren: Yeah, we were. You know, your mother hated it.

Paul: Oh, boy. Some things never change.

Lauren: Yeah. We sure had some good times.

Paul: I remember when you used to sunbathe nude on the roof of our building.

Lauren: That was your memory?

Paul: It was one of my pleasant memories.

Lauren: I think you were worried about neighbors in tall buildings or something.

Paul: See how I mellowed.

Lauren: Oh, yeah. This is fun.

Paul: This is fun, isnít it?

Lauren: I can think of a place where we can have a whole lot more fun. You ready to call it a night?

Mary: Lynne, you're right, that is good news. The last thing Paul needs after everything heís been through is Lauren Fenmore.

Lynne: You can rest easy. Lauren Fenmore is history.

Mary: Which does leave my son very much alone.

Marissa: He really is getting stronger.

Mary: Marissa, I believe you. I was so wrong about that relationship with Isabella.

Lynne: I know you felt she was good for Paul.

Mary: She seemed to pull him out of his misery. Paul is so devastated about the end of his marriage; heís not ready to commit to anybody. Better for both of them in the long run. Theyíll just to go their separate ways.

Lynne: I am so glad to hear you say that.

Mary: I am still so worried, Lynne. It wonít be easy for Paul to get over Christine with no one else around to distract him.

Lynne: He needs his family for now until he gets his bearings. Paul definitely needs your support right now.

Mary: Iím not so sure about that. Maybe the fact that he hasnít been here twice now is a sign that I should keep my distance. Heaven knows he hasnít reached out to me. I do not want to push myself on him.

Billy: I donít see him. We blew off our movie for nothing.

Cody: Glad to see you.

Raul? Wake up. Raul? How are you feeling, son?

Raul: Where am I?

You're in the emergency room at the hospital.

Rianna: You went into insulin shock at the coffee house.

You're okay now. Your blood sugarís normal. Do you remember taking your shot today?

Raul: At lunchtime, yeah.

Did you eat anything afterwards?

Raul: I canít remember.

Rianna: He couldnít have.

How much insulin did you take?

Raul: Wait a minute. I wasnít sure if I had taken the shot.

So you took another one.

Raul: I must have. I had a lot on my mind.

Let me tell you something, buddy. You're lucky Rianna was there to help you out. This was a very close call.

Cody: I'd never seen anything like it. He was totally out of control and then he went into convulsions.

Billy: How the hell did this happen?

Cody: Iím glad Rianna was here. She really took over.

Mackenzie: Iím going to call the hospital from the office, see what I can find out.

Billy: This happened out of the blue? Raul suddenly started having a seizure?

Cody: I wouldnít say that.

Billy: What do you mean?

Cody: Iím not sure if the two are related, before he went into shock, he and J.T. got into it a little bit.

Billy: I knew that creep had something to do with this.

Nikki: Iím finished.

Katherine: Nikki, you know when it comes to you and Victor, Iím always --.

Nikki: I know. No oneís rooting for us more.

Katherine: Which I suspect wonít give me one iota more of information.

Nikki: Nothing to tell really.

Katherine: Well, you seem to be rejuvenated from your Brazilian experience.

Nikki: I am.

Katherine: Trip successful?

Nikki: Oh, Katherine, you know I canít talk about it yet, but the potential is incredible.

Katherine: So you prove once again what a valuable asset you are to Jabot. A really gutsy call on your part going to the Amazon rain forest.

Nikki: I have a contribution to make and I will make it.

Katherine: Remember the personal side of that equation, my dear. From what I heard tonight, I donít think you need to hear that.

Victor: No sense dwelling on past mistakes. Iím sure Dr. Burns has told you that.

Tricia: Yes, she has. Coming from you, it means so much more that you would be so kind after everything thatís happened.

Victor: Itís because I want you to get well. And I think you should keep moving in that direction, no matter how long it will take.

Tricia: You know, Iím beginning to think that fate brought us together. I mean, I know how skeptical you were when I first came here. I never would have guessed how supportive you would be. How close I would feel to you.

Victor: Well, if you didnít expect a positive outcome, then why did you ask to move in with me in the first place?

Tricia: Iím not sure. I donít know.

Victor: You just donít know?

Tricia: I know that I didnít want to be alone after my father had a stroke. But why I would want to come here and be with you --.

Victor: Yeah, why indeed.

Tricia: You know, I canít answer that.

Victor: Think back. Do you have trouble remembering what happened in the last couple of weeks?

Tricia: No, but further back itís a little vague. Do you think maybe it has something to do with my medication?

Victor: Yeah, maybe it does. But you havenít been off that medication ever since you left the hospital, now have you?

Tricia: No, how could I have been? Iíve been taking it. Victor, is there some reason you're asking me this question?

Victoria: Forget it. I want to marry you the moment you're available. You got a problem with that?

Ryan: No. I guess Iím still wondering why you changed your mind, decided to have a big wedding.

Victoria: Remember our first wedding? We drove down to Chicago and went to City Hall and practically had to beg the judge to marry us.

Ryan: It wasnít exactly ideal, was it?

Victoria: No one we cared about was there. No one was there to throw rice or say congratulations or have a piece of cake. And I guess maybe in the back of my mind, I kept on thinking maybe it was some kind of omen.

Ryan: We were just kids then. We are two different people now. And no matter how we choose to tie the knot, itís going to be nothing like it was back then. Thereís going to be no sneaking around. Everyoneís going to support us and be there for us and be happy for us. And you just remember that this time, itís forever.

Victoria: I want our family and our friends there. I want to see their love and their happiness and look for them to celebrate with us.

Ryan: And support us.

Victoria: Yes.

Ryan: You know what? I understand where you are coming from. So if you want to invite the whole entire town, I say go for it. Whatever is going to bring you the most joy, all right?

Rianna: I called your parents. They're on their way over.

Raul: I feel so stupid. What a huge mistake. I could barely remember what happened. You were trying to get me to drink juice and I wouldnít take it.

Rianna: You were pretty impossible.

Raul: Iím sorry.

Rianna: Itís okay. Iím glad I was there. You were stressed out. Thatís why you took another shot. And thatís because of me.

Raul: Rianna, this is not why. I have to handle things better.

Rianna: Raul, we have to find a way to get past this.

Raul: Hi, Mom. Itís okay. Iím fine now.

Cody: Hey, Billy, chill man. Itís not worth it.

Hey, Cody, how do I do these coupons again?

Cody: Iíll show you. Come on, relax.

J.T.: What are you looking at, Abbott?

Billy: The biggest piece of scum I know.

J.T.: Whatís this about? Trying to protect your little buddy, Raul? Let me tell you something, Iím looking out for Rianna. None of her so-called friends are. Heís doing everything to make her life miserable.

Billy: Like you care about Rianna.

J.T.: More than your buddy Raul.

Billy: You donít know what you did to him.

J.T.: That scuffle. Did he come crying to you about that? Why donít you tell him to grow up and get over it? Get your hands off me.

Victoria: I donít know about that group. Then there are people from the office. I donít want our wedding to look like a work function. Whatís that?

Ryan: This? Oh, I was about to, uh, give it to you before. We kind of got derailed.

Victoria: Well, give it to me now.

Ryan: I donít know. We're in the midst of these wedding plans and busy, busy.

Victoria: Why are you teasing me? Whatís in the bag?

Ryan: All right. All right. I guess I can show you now.

Victoria: Oh. Um, you're wrong. The timing is perfect.

Ryan: Thereís just one more thing. Victoria Newman, will you marry me?

Victoria: I think you know my answer.

Ryan: I need to hear you say it.

Victoria: Yes.

Ryan: What? That was my bad ear.

Victoria: Yes, yes.

Ryan: Did I hear you say yes?

Victoria: Yes.

Mary: Well, girls, I have taken up enough of your time. Thanks for listening.

Lynne: Any time. Iíll let Paul know you stopped by.

Mary: Please donít. Bye, Marissa.

Marissa: Bye, Mrs. Williams. Not that I blame Paul for being upset.

Lynne: I feel bad for her, too.

Marissa: I wish there was something we could do?

Lynne: We just have to find a way to get those two talking again.

Marissa: How?

Lynne: How hard can it be? Invite Mrs. Williams to lunch. I invite Paul to lunch. I just donít tell the other is invited.

Lauren: Sheís still in Toronto with Steven. They're having a very good time.

Paul: Thatís wonderful. Well, I had a great time tonight.

Lauren: Me, too. It doesnít have to end, you know.

Paul: I want to thank you for the way you handled things. I know I was pretty harsh when I found out that Isabella was staying with you. I know you're just trying to help. You're good for me. You know that.

Lauren: Yeah.

Paul: Listen, I should be going.

Lauren: Should you be?

Paul: I should.

Gina: I didnít realize you were still in town. Are you all right?

Isabella: No, Gina, itís not all right.

J.T.: Get the hell off me, man.

Billy: Get the hell out of here if you want to keep your teeth.

J.T.: You got a problem.

Mackenzie: What happened? Cody said J.T. was here.

Billy: He was. I couldnít stand hearing another word.

Mackenzie: You got in a fight?

Billy: Not after what J.T. did to Raul. J.T. was pushing Raul when Raul fell apart.

Mackenzie: Come on. Sit down. Let me get you some ice for that. Did you call the emergency room?

Mackenzie: I talked to Rianna.

Billy: And?

Mackenzie: Heís okay. Heís stabilized. He has to stay overnight for observation.

Billy: We should head over there.

Mackenzie: His parents are there. We should wait until tomorrow morning. It sounds like Raul dodged a major bullet.

[Speaking in Spanish]

Raul: It wonít happen again.

Reese: Mr. and Mrs. Gutierrez

Mrs. Gutierrez: Is he all right?

Reese: It was a close call. We have him stabilized but we are keeping him overnight for observation.

Mr. Gutierrez: We still donít understand why this happened, doctor.

Reese: I have to check his vitals but then I will be happy to give you an update. But outside, please. Raul needs his rest.

Mr. Gutierrez: Of course.

Rianna: He gave us a scare.

Mrs. Gutierrez: My heart.

Rianna: I havenít called in a while.

Mrs. Gutierrez: Raul hasnít said much. We thought a little quarrel.

Rianna: Try a big quarrel.

Mrs. Gutierrez: We figured you kids could work it out.

Mr. Gutierrez: We are so grateful you were there today.

Mrs. Gutierrez: We will never forget it, Rianna. Our son owes you his life.

Mr. Gutierrez: Should we go for a little walk?

Mrs. Gutierrez: Coffee.

Mr. Gutierrez: It could be long night.

Mrs. Gutierrez: If the doctor comes out.

Rianna: Iíll tell him you'll be back shortly.

Katherine: Well, my dear, I should let you get some rest. You had quite an evening.

Nikki: Actually I feel exhilarated.

Katherine: Iím not at all surprised.

Nikki: Katherine, I told you not to get carried away.

Katherine: I know, I know. Please, I just canít help hoping, you know --.

Nikki: You donít know whatís going on. Victorís life is very complicated right now.

Katherine: What do you mean?

Nikki: Well, he has Tricia Dennison living with him.

Katherine: Oh, for heavenís sakes, you canít be serious.

Nikki: Iím very serious. Itís not romantic.

Katherine: I certainly hope not.

Nikki: He feels itís the best way to protect the family. Heís watching her. Heís got surveillance over her. When I think about it really, what harm can come of it?

Victor: You seem concerned.

Tricia: I just feel confused.

Victor: Is this confusion something new? Perhaps itís the medication. Did Dr. Burns adjust the dosage?

Tricia: Iím sorry. I canít give you a clear answer. I know there must be a reason you're asking these questions. And I wish I could answer them for you because you've been so good to me. I'd do anything I could for you.

Victor: Well, Iím glad that you're accepting my support. I want you to know that whatever I advise you to do, I have your best interests at heart.

Tricia: Do you think it would be okay if I cleaned this up tomorrow? Iím feeling tired all of a sudden.

Victor: Yes, of course. Why donít you go to bed?

Tricia: Yeah, I think I will. Good night, Victor.

Victor: Good night, Tricia.

Tricia: Thank you.

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