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Nicholas: Where is the doctor?

Sharon: Nick, we just got here.

Nicholas: I called her from the car. I told her we had an emergency. I told her to meet us here.

Dr. Thompson: I understand there are problems? What's happened? Talk to me. Tell me what is wrong.

Nicholas: It's a long story, Dr. Thompson, long and sickening.

Raul: Hey, Mac, what are you still doing here?

Mackenzie: I had some stuff for Mr. Kramer. What about you?

Raul: Got my homework done in the computer lab.

Mackenzie: Already?

Raul: Mr. Kramer is the best. I had him last year.

Mackenzie: I actually don't mind calculus. If I could only get turned on about chemistry.

Raul: What are you doing?

Mackenzie: Billy missed a few classes.

Raul: Because of the whole mess with Colleen?

Mackenzie: I'm grabbing some books.

Raul: Colleen is all right, isn't she?

Mackenzie: She has a few issues to work out but she should be all right.

Raul: What the Abbots must be going through.

Mackenzie: They all went through a lot.

Raul: At least Billy had you there. What's the matter, Mac? Did I say something wrong?

Mackenzie: When Billyís family was freaking out, I was caught in the middle. Big time.

Raul: Talk to me, Mac.

Jack: Bradley and I were having a little discussion.

Ashley: Sounded more like an argument.

Brad: Your brother is trying to make trouble.

Ashley: Is that true?

Jack: Of course.

Brad: Going on how concerned you are about --.

Jack: I was trying to give Bradley advice.

Ashley: About what?

Brad: What's going on in that pointed head of yours?

Jack: You're messing this up.

Brad: No, Jacko, you are.

Jack: You're dumber than I thought you were.

Ashley: Knock it off. Brad, we're out of here.

Brad: We're not finished.

Jack: You're finished. Just remember what I said, okay?

Rianna: Here's your jacket.

Thanks. Bye.

J.T.: Rianna, what's up?

Rianna: What do you know; we're closed.

J.T.: Sorry I was a little late.

Rianna: We really were not busy.

J.T.: Nothing exciting happened?

Rianna: Hardly.

J.T.: Closing time. Before you log off, hit the books, check out  Rianna. "A" student. Glow by Jabot Cosmetics.

Rianna: Cute, J.T., cute.

Sean: So you were thinking about me, huh, Brit?

Brittany: Horace is teaching me how to design web pages.

Horace: She's a fast learner.

Sean: She is?

Horace: We should get back to it.

Brittany: I've had enough for one day.

Horace: Tomorrow?

Brittany: We'll see.

Sean: I didn't know you were such a techie.

Brittany: There's a lot you didn't know about me, Sean. There are careers out there. I have to think about this at some point.

Sean: Why are you doing this?

Brittany: Why do you think? Because of you.

[Knock on door]

Victor: Come in.

Wally: Hello, Mr. Newman.

Victor: Wally, what are you doing here? I didn't send for you.

Wally: I came to pick you up.

Victor: What do you mean?

Wally: Helicopter's on the roof, ready to go.

Victor: To go where?

Wally: I can't tell you.

Victor: Wally, I don't like surprises. What's going on?

Wally: I understand that, Mr. Newman. I was instructed to bring you with me.

Victor: Whoever instructed you, they better contact me and then I will go.

Wally: It will spoil the surprise.

Victor: You know I don't like surprises and I don't take orders from anyone.

Wally: We all take orders once in a while.

Victor: I have a feeling a woman put you up to this, am I right?

Wally: I didn't dare say no.

Victor: Now I'm really worried.

Wally: Don't be. Come with me, please.

Mackenzie: I couldn't say anything.

Raul: Why not?

Mackenzie: I promised Colleen.

Raul: If she was planning to take off again.

Mackenzie: I spoke to Ned at the shelter. He reminded me how important it is for people to trust us, confidentiality and all that stuff.

Raul: How did Billy find out?

Mackenzie: He overheard me talking.

Raul: Wow. Everything is cool now?

Mackenzie: Colleen got through to him somehow. What matters is she's okay.

Raul: When did she come home?

Mackenzie: A woman at the shelter talked to her and changed her mind about running away.  I want to go over and thank her myself.

[Knock on door]

Jack: I'm busy.

Lauren: Too busy for an old friend?

Jack: Lauren Fenmore. What are you still doing in town?

Lauren: Invite me in and I may tell you.

Jack: Get yourself in here. Believe me, you are a breath of fresh air today.

Lauren: Having a bad day, huh?

Jack: Don't ask. What are you still doing in town?

Lauren: I have a few things to take care of. Kay told me Colleen is back. You must be so relieved.

Jack: That's such a weight lifted.

Lauren: Why aren't you on top of the world? She wasn't hurt, was she? Want a drink?

Jack: I'm fine. They are on their way back to New York as we speak. I'm sure they will get something back on track.

Lauren: Something's not on track. What is it, Jack? Victor Newman?

Brad: Who the hell does he think he is getting involved in our personal lives?

Ashley: He thinks he's being a good big brother.

Brad: Are you defending him now? Blowing smoke when the last thing he cares about is our marriage.

Ashley: How did you get into that?

Brad: I don't know. I don't know. He said he was warning me, something about you walking into some dangerous territory.

Ashley: He told you that?

Brad: That's part of it. What was he talking about?

Ashley: Look, I agree with you completely, Brad. Jack is way off base.

Brittany: Remember the other day when I fell off the ladder?

Sean: I happened to be there to catch you.

Brittany: I felt very stupid.

Sean: Don't be too hard on yourself.

Brittany: I'm not a bimbo. I have a brain. I know how to put together a simple website.

Sean: Okay, okay. You're a budding expert. Seriously, did you learn all this today?

Brittany: Actually, I am taking an advanced class at school.

Sean: Good for you.

Brittany: Can I be honest with you?

Sean: You can try.

Brittany: Phyllis wasn't completely wrong.

Sean: What do you mean?

Brittany: I do send out a certain image.

Sean: And what would that be?

Brittany: I like to flirt. Big deal. Sometimes I overdo it.

Sean: Yeah, I noticed.

Brittany: I have a lot more going for me than my looks, and I will prove it to you and everybody else.

Sean: You don't have to prove it to anybody.

Brittany: I had fun making guys want me.

Sean: Now you're past that.

Brittany: Yes, because of you.

Sean: Me?

Brittany: You have been such a good influence on me, Sean. I know just how to thank you.

Dr. Thompson: There you go.

Sharon: Thank you.

Dr. Thompson: I warned you about upsetting your wife.

Nicholas: I tried. I did. How do I get into this?

Sharon: My husband thinks the baby might not be his.

Dr. Thompson: What?

Nicholas: You know I have had a lot eating at me.

Dr. Thompson: We talked about that. It wasn't anything like this.

Nicholas: You told me you weren't sure when Sharon got pregnant. Since then Iíve had a terrible thought.

Dr. Thompson: You wanted to know the exact date of conception. We narrow it down as much as we can. Why would you think it wasn't yours?

Nicholas: What you don't know is that the night Matt Clark died he told me some awful things.

Dr. Thompson: This is the deviant that may have given Sharon the drugs.

Nicholas: Yeah. What Sharon didn't know either, what I just told her is that the night Matt Clark used the drugs on her, he told me he also -- he told me he also raped her.

Dr. Thompson: Oh, my God.

Sharon: But I don't know, I don't know if that's what happened. I don't remember. I don't remember anything.

Dr. Thompson: You weren't -- there was no injury of any sort?

Sharon: No, not that I noticed. And I just -- I can't think that he would have raped me and I had no idea. But I can't say that it didn't happen either because I just because I don't know. I don't know.

[Sound of helicopter]

Victor: What's going on here?

Miguel: Welcome to the festivities, Mr. Newman.

Nikki: Which I suggest we begin.

Victor: I'm so glad you're back safe and sound.

Nikki: Me too. That's why we're having this little get-together.

Victor: Oh, yeah? Do the children know you're back?

Nikki: Mm-hmm.

Victor: They do? You told them to hold this from me?

Nikki: A page out of your own book.

Victor: It is, isn't it?

Nikki: I've been thinking about you.

J.T.: Need a hand?

Rianna: I'm almost done.

J.T.: Despite all that's going on in your life, you look great.

Rianna: Looks did can be deceiving.

J.T.: Talking about Raul? I saw you talking in school. You didn't seem very happy.

Rianna: Very perceptive of you, J.T.

J.T.: If you don't want to talk about it. Things are bad?

Rianna: They've been better.

J.T.: But you're not giving up. How long are you sticking it out?

Rianna: As long as it takes.

J.T.: Don't do this to yourself, Rianna.

Rianna: Would you stop it? You said you wouldn't push.

J.T.: I'm not. I care about you. It's ticks me off when I see how that guy's been treating you.

Rianna: If you don't like it --.

J.T.: All Iím saying is, I know I can make you happy. If Raul is what you want, I'll back off. Bottom line, you deserve better. I think back to how I blew it. I'm sorry, Rianna. I really am.

Rianna: What are you doing with this?

Raul: I wish you had come to me, Mac. You know I wouldn't have said anything.

Mackenzie: I have to think about school. I have to check out campuses first. We should all go together.

Raul: What do you want to visit?

Mackenzie: Madison, Milwaukee. Madison.

Raul: Too rich for my blood.

Mackenzie: With your grades? You're scholarship city. I'll talk to Billy and Rianna and see if we can get together.

Raul: Rianna wanted to run some colleges by me.

Mackenzie: You guys are talking?

Raul: A little.

Mackenzie: Is there any progress?

Raul: I'm not going to lie. I miss her.

Mackenzie: She misses you too, Raul.

Raul: Still, I don't know. I don't know if there's any point.

Mackenzie: Can I say something, please? You don't seem angry anymore. I think you guys are going to work through this. I really believe that. Billy and I are getting together tonight. You should join us.

Raul: Mac.

Mackenzie: No pressure. Just the four of us hanging out. What do you say?

Raul: No thanks.

Mackenzie: Is it Rianna? She would be into it.

Raul: I know she would be. She wanted to hook up later.

Mackenzie: You turned her down. You two belong together. All you have to do is take the first step. You're going to do that tonight.

Dr. Thompson: This is a devastating thought.

Sharon: He was such a monster.

Dr. Thompson: Whether or not he did what he said, to even say such a thing.

Nicholas: That's the problem. We don't know if he did it or not. We don't know if she was already pregnant that night or not. We don't even know whose baby she is carrying. There is a chance it's Mattís.

Sharon: This is making me sick.                     

Nicholas: It's killing me. Look what it's doing to my wife. You have to help us. There has to be a test, something. Anything.

Nikki: Do you approve?

Victor: Indeed, I do.

Nikki: Well, you couldn't come to Brazil to me so I brought Brazil to you.

Victor: You look gorgeous. Are we having dinner?

Nikki: Among other things.

Victor: I'm intrigued.

Nikki: I certainly hope so.

Miguel: Excuse me. Mrs. Newman?

Nikki: Thank you, Miguel.

Victor: Thank you, Miguel.

Miguel: Enjoy.

Nikki: Do you know everything?

Victor: You know the answer to that. Tell me about your trip.

Nikki: It was so amazing. It is beautiful, mysterious, everything.

Victor: Did you stay --?

Nikki: Where it meets the Amazon.

Victor: Did you get to see the Iguazu Falls?

Nikki: You know, I know you've been everywhere in the world. But can you not ruin my story?

Victor: Forgive me.

Nikki: No, I didn't get to the falls.

Victor: Because you were on business.

Nikki: You know I can't talk about that.

Victor: Is that a trade secret? Are they still cutting down the trees in that beautiful place?

Nikki: The destruction is slowing in some places but it has to stop altogether.

Victor: Yes, it does.

Nikki: I did get more nervous the farther we moved up the river. Everybody was so warm and friendly. I had a fabulous guide.

Victor: I was worried about you.

Nikki: You were?

Victor: Well, I have been up the river a few times myself, you know.

Nikki: I know. Well, you survived. Why'd you worry about me?

Victor: Why'd you think?

Miguel: Excuse me, Mr. Newman. If you have a seat, dinner is served.

Nikki: Shall we?

Victor: After you.

Jack: What makes you think my mood has anything to do with Victor Newman?

Lauren: Some things never change, Jack.

Jack: Meaning what, exactly?

Lauren: You're always at each other's throats.

Jack: You got that right.

Lauren: Are you having trouble in paradise?

Jack: Between Phyllis and me? Things haven't been better.

Lauren: I should be happy for you. You off the market, that's so unfair.

Jack: You'll survive somehow.

Lauren: Then again, you're only engaged.

Jack: Don't get any ideas.

Lauren: Why not?

Jack: There is only one man in Genoa City for you. How is Paul anyway?

Lauren: Not much to tell.

Jack: Not much to tell yet?

Lauren: Well, there are a few obstacles.

Jack: Lauren Fenmore is giving up?

Lauren: Not my style. This is your lucky day. Because Iím unattached, I am planning on staying here, cheer you up.

Jack: Not that I don't appreciate the offer.

Lauren: You are taken. I'm happy for you. She loves you so much.

Jack: Thanks. Boy, do I love her.

Lauren: Will you tell me what's going on?

Jack: I'll survive this somehow.

Lauren: I'll get out of your hair.

Jack: Meaning you won't waste any more of your time on ineligible men.

Lauren: Jack, you are never a waste of my time.

Jack: And you were always so good for my ego.

Lauren: I'm so good at many other things if you just give me a chance. Okay. See you soon.

Ashley: New York State. You came up with the perfect trade-off. Thank you. Bye-bye.

Brad: You needed the interruption.

Ashley: I didn't plan that phone call.

Brad: We were talking about your brother. I have to say I'm pretty curious now. What do you feel he's way off base about?

Ashley: I won't say one more word on the subject.

Brad: I want some answers. My brother-in-law is suddenly giving me marital advice because of something going on with you.

Ashley: He likes to meddle like you said. He doesn't want to see another marriage of mine go sour.

Brad: He seems to think whatever he's so bugged about is worse than you and me being together.

Ashley: My brother is overreacting.

Brad: You do know what he's referring to!

Ashley: I had a couple conversations with Victor and Jack has made a federal case out of it.

Brad: This is about Newman?

Ashley: I knew you would freak out.

Brad: What did you expect?

Ashley: Jack was irrational and now you are.

Brad: I can't believe you act like it's no big deal.

Ashley: It's no big deal. Brad.

Brad: If you believe that, Ash, you're burying your head in the sand.

Sean: You don't have to prove anything.

Brittany: You have been so good for me, helping me see the big picture.

Sean: Which is?

Brittany: I was coming on to you.

Sean: I thought you were being friendly. Now you're changing tactics.

Brittany: I'm changing, period. So Iím still in high school, it doesn't matter. Age isn't everything.

Sean: I never said it was.

Brittany: I'm tired of playing games. I want something real, a relationship that where I can talk and hang out and just be myself.

Sean: Who else would you be?

Brittany: I just feel there's this role I have to play.

Sean: The girl every guy wants.

Brittany: Don't make fun of me.

Sean: I'm not.

Brittany: Why are you laughing?

Sean: I think your take on things is a trip.

Brittany: Thanks, I think.

Sean: I should be thanking you. I had before this been having a pretty rotten day.

Brittany: I changed that?

Sean: You helped.

Brittany: Good, Iím glad.

Sean: I've got to run.

Brittany: Sean, do you think we can do this again sometime, just talk, hang out, and be ourselves?

Sean: Why not?

Brittany: Talk for now.

Victor: That smells delicious. Let me guess --.

Nikki: Don't you dare.

Victor: You want to surprise me.

Nikki: I'm trying.

Victor: You're succeeding. What in the world is this?

Miguel: Would you like me to explain the meal tonight?

Nikki: I will do the honors. This evening we are having feijoada.

Victor: What is that?

Nikki: It's a traditional Brazilian dish created centuries ago by the slaves. They used to cook their own discarded meat in a big clay pot with black beans and originally used it to feed the animals.

Victor: That doesn't sound appetizing.

Nikki: It became a very popular dish and it was served all over Brazil.

Victor: And now Genoa City.

Nikki: Mm-hmm. What do you think?

Victor: Delicious.

Rianna: That bracelet, where'd you get it?

J.T.: When we were going out, remember?

Rianna: I didn't think you still had it.

J.T.: Even though I never wore it.

Rianna: You kept it anyway?

J.T.: I don't know. It seemed like a chain, that I belonged to you.

Rianna: God forbid.

J.T.: I couldn't throw it away. If it bothers you, I'll take it off.

Nikki: You like it?

Victor: It's delicious.

Nikki: Good.

Victor: Do you know what it means?

Nikki: No, but I bet you do.

Victor: You're still a country girl.

Nikki: Well, that ain't me.

Victor: Did you --?

Nikki: No, I didnít. I'd like to now.

Victor: You would?

Nikki: Want to?

Victor: I'd love to.

Victor: I missed you. I missed you a lot.

Ashley: I am not burying my head in the sand.

Brad: Victor Newman, this man from your past, this man who's interfered in your life so many times and you expect me to believe this means nothing.

Ashley: I haven't been able to talk to you recently, Brad.

Brad: You can to him. You can talk about our marriage to Newman.

Ashley: You wouldn't hear me.

Brad: But Victor would.

Ashley: He's my friend.

Brad: He's your friend? He's not your friend. He's nobody's friend. Certainly not yours. He wanted you. He still does. You're telling me you don't notice the way he looks at you? Come on, Ash. This is a man who wants women he can't have, and now you're with me. And he hates that.

Ashley: I'm not going to listen to this anymore.

Brad: You are going to listen to it! What, am I hitting too close to home? You can't believe this doesn't mean a big deal. You know it is.

Ashley: I know you're making it a big deal!

Brad: I wonder why. Years ago we were nearly engaged. You were on the verge of saying yes. Who tears us apart? Newman. All these years later we found our way back to each other. On our wedding day, who shows up on your doorstep? Newman. You can't understand why this bothers me. You're confiding in him. You are turning to him. Open your eyes, Ash!

Ashley: Brad, I married you.

Dr. Thompson: Nicholas, I understand your desire to know. Why are you determined to know now?

Nicholas: If this is the result after rape from this monster, then we don't want to have this baby.

Sharon: Nick, wait. I'm in my third trimester.

Nicholas: It's too late. God, it's too late. Well, what do we do now?

Dr. Thompson: I'm not sure you should do anything at the moment.

Nicholas: Can we still have the paternity test?

Dr. Thompson: It is possible to test for the child's paternity but there is some risk to the child.

Nicholas: Let just do it.

Dr. Thompson: I'll say it again. Why are you in such a hurry?

Nicholas: So we can know. So we can plan on what to do next.

Dr. Thompson: Why not wait; wait until the baby is born.

Nicholas: Sharon has a child growing inside of her. We don't know if it's mine or some monsterís. We have to know!

Dr. Thompson: It would be best for you and your child to wait, wait until the baby is born. I will give you two some time alone. I will be in my office.

Sharon: Will you take me home? Nick, will you take me home?

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