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Victoria: Nicholas, you donít really believe --.

Nicholas: How do we know? The pregnancy has been weird from day one. What happened that night could change everything. Sharon. What are you doing here?

Sharon: I just wanted to see you.

Nicholas: Oh, Vic and I are just wrapping it up.

Sharon: You were talking about my pregnancy?

Victoria: Yeah. We've both been kind of worried about you.

Sharon: Why?

Victoria: Thereís been a lot of confusion.

Sharon: About what?

Nicholas: Vicki was telling me sheís got to run. So --.

Sharon: Yeah, go ahead, Victoria.

Victoria: Okay. Take care.

Nicholas: What do you say we head on home?

Sharon: We're not going anywhere, not yet.

Nicholas: Sharon.

Sharon: What do you mean when you said it could change everything?

Nikki: You're sure. Everything has been arranged.

Miguel: It will be ready on time.

Nikki: Thank you, Miguel. You're wonderful.

Miguel: Thank you. I would say Mr. Newman is in for a big surprise.

Sean: I got here as soon as I could.

Nikki: Before I get the boardís approval, I want to be ready on a number of fronts.

Sean: Marketing will be key.

Nikki: Especially on the Internet. I want to be ready to go.

Sean: I'll look at some ideas.

Nikki: Good. Sean, is everything okay?

Sean: Why do you ask?

Nikki: I donít know. You just donít seem your fireball self.

Sean: Sorry. I may not look it, but I am excited.

Nikki: I donít mean the project. I understand Jillís out of town.

Sean: Yeah, thatís right.

Nikki: Any idea when she'll be back?

Sean: Not a clue.

Nikki: I'm sorry. Donít mean to be nosey. I guess I hit a sore spot.

Sean: Nikki, I know you're one of my bosses, but, yes, at the moment you are being nosey.

John: Nikki, you're back. Sean, I just read this. I'm very impressed. This is quite a coup you pulled off.

Nikki: Thank you.

John: Did I interrupt something?

Brad: They're gone. Ash, you were right. I was wrong, and I should have seen it.

Ashley: You should have, Brad. You were so sure I was caught up in my own insecurities.

Brad: Well, the crisis is over. And our lives can get back to normal.

Ashley: I'm trying to remember what normal was.

Raul: I donít see you as a geek really.

Brittany: I was hoping to run into you. I want to learn more about web pages.

Raul: Are you serious?

Brittany: I want to learn as much as I can as quickly as I can.

Billy: Hey, howís it going?

Rianna: I'm hanging in there.

Phyllis: Jack, I got your message. You have word?

Jack: Colleen is home safe and sound.

Phyllis: That is amazing.

Jack: I would leave it on your voice mail. I wanted to tell you in person.

Phyllis: Traci must be so relieved.

Jack: Speaking of Traci, she wanted me to thank you for your support. You really helped her through this crisis. What?

Phyllis: Nothing.

Jack: What?

Phyllis: Itís hard to believe a member of your family sees me as a positive force.

Jack: You are selling yourself short. You are terrific with everyone. Traci appreciated it and so do I.

Phyllis: Thank you. I guess Colleen and Traci went back to New York.

Jack: First flight back.

Phyllis: Good. Allís well that ends well.

Jack: Yeah.

Phyllis: Isnít it?

Jack: For most of my family. I'm not so sure about Ashley.

Brad: Abby down for a nap?

Ashley: Yep. I guess sheís tired out from all the excitement.

Brad: Thank God we're home.

Ashley: I want you to know it, Brad. I care about her.

Brad: And you're very glad she went back to New York with Traci.

Ashley: Donít you think all of us should be happy that those three people have a chance to rebuild their family, Brad?

Brad: You're still bitter.

Ashley: I'm not bitter. I'm hurt, and Iím disillusioned. I think a lot of what we went through could have been avoided.

Brad: You know something, Ash? I agree.

Sharon: You still havenít answered me.

Nicholas: There are no easy answers.

Sharon: Nick, you're scaring me. Just tell me the truth about that night or whatever that meant. I still have no idea.

Nicholas: Baby, look, I really think itís best that we go home.

Sharon: No, I'm not going anywhere until you tell me what you were talking about.

Nicholas: Sorry. I didnít want you to hear it this way.

Sharon: Hear what? Just tell me. It canít be any worse than what Iím already thinking.

Nicholas: I'm not so sure.

Ryan: Hey, perfect timing. I was on the Internet and I found the most perfect place to stay in Greece. Wait until you see it. You're going to love it. Tah-dah. What? Sweetheart, whatís wrong?

J.T.: Any news on the battlefront?

Rianna: No.

J.T.: Rianna, Iím thinking about you.

Rianna: I know, J.T., I appreciate it. I just canít give up yet. [Cell phone ringing] Hello. Mac, whatís going on?

Brittany: Do you have time to talk to me?

Raul: About websites.

Brittany: How about this afternoon? Please? I think you will be amazed to see how motivated I am.

Raul: Yeah, okay.

Rianna: Mac just called. Colleen just came home.

Raul: Thatís great. I'm glad she is home safe.

Brittany: Where should we go?

Raul: Coffee house. Thereís a computer lab there.

Rianna: Raul, do you have a second?

Raul: Now?

Rianna: I was hoping we could talk.

Brad: I made a mistake. I admitted that. I already apologized.

Ashley: One mistake.

Brad: I misread Colleen.

Ashley: Because you wouldnít hear everything I was telling you, Brad. You chalked it up to my insecurities and suddenly everything was my problem, and I do resent that.

Brad: I donít think we should get into resentment. I have a few of my own.

Ashley: Letís just put it on the table. Colleenís not here anymore.

Brad: I acknowledged I made a mistake misreading Colleen. You questioned my commitment to Abby.

Ashley: How could you --?

Brad: She is my daughter. I had every right to reach out to her.

Ashley: When I asked you to be cautious you attacked me. I was reading the situation correctly, and when I warned you it could be dangerous to let her bond too closely, her relationship was so important, you let her develop those feelings for you and not only that, you encouraged them until it was too late.

Brad: You're not saying I'm the reason she ran away.

Ashley: I think you were a big part of it. Colleen was convinced she could have a home with a different father. She'd never have to go back and face Steve. And you opened up those feelings for her.

Brad: I canít believe you're blaming me. Colleenís family was falling apart because Steve cheated on Traci.

Ashley: I know that. Look. I think each of us had a part to play in pushing her out the door, Brad. I say a lot of what we went through could have been avoided if you listened to me. I donít get it. How could you question my desire to help?

Brad: How could you feel that Abby meant less to me because of Colleen? I will never understand that, Ash. Never.

Ashley: Here we are right back where we started. How are we ever going to things back to where they were?

Rianna: For a little bit.

Raul: Okay.

Rianna: Do you want to go to the coffee house?

Raul: How about we stay here.

Rianna: All right.

Raul: Just give me a minute.

Brittany: You said you would help me.

Raul: Brit, you know, actually, Horace here knows more about websites.

Horace: Yeah, why?

Raul: Brittany needs tutoring.

Raul: If you're serious about getting up to speed in record time, heís your man.

Brittany: All right. Fine. Whatís your name again?

Horace: Horace.

Raul: Why did you want to talk to me?

Rianna: Look, Raul, I know I promised I wouldnít push. Itís been a while since we talked about us.  I was hoping to get an idea where your head is.

Raul: I'm still not sure, Ri.

Rianna: Can I make a suggestion?

Raul: Go ahead.

Rianna: Look, Raul, I know we will not just get back together. Donít you think it would help you to give us a chance if we could just talk as friends? Doesnít that sound like a reasonable suggestion?

Sharon: Does this go back to Matt Clark?

Nicholas: Yeah.

Sharon: God. Even from the grave heís still haunting us.

Nicholas: I never told you what he said to me on his deathbed.

Sharon: I never wanted to know. Everything that happened at the cabin, Victor told you.

Nicholas: Not in the cabin. Another night.

Sharon: Then the night of the margaritas and maybe the drugs, if Matt was telling the truth.

Nicholas: He said that you werenít really drunk that night. And I didnít really get home in time. While you were in that stupor just before I got back, he, uh -- he said, he--.

Sharon: That he raped me? Is that what he claimed? That he raped me?

Nicholas: Yeah.

Sharon: God.

Nicholas: Baby, we donít know for sure. He was a lying son of a bitch.

Sharon: He was a lying son of a bitch.

Nicholas: I wanted to try to find a way to tell you gently.

Sharon: Thereís no gentle way to tell me that Matt raped me. How could this be? How could this happen? I mean, how could I be so stupid?

Nicholas: Baby, donít do that, okay? This was not your fault. He was a psychopath. We had no idea what we were dealing with.

Sharon: You're right. I have to pull myself together. I canít freak out. I'm not going to do that to the baby. Matt is dead. Itís all in the past. Itís over.

Nicholas: I'm not positive about that. I'm not sure it is over.

Brad: I think a big part of getting beyond this is whether you want to get beyond it.

Ashley: Now you're questioning my commitment to our marriage?

Brad: I didnít say that.

Ashley: Not in so many words, Brad, but I think I know where you're coming from.

Brad: Through this whole difficult time, thereís one thing that hasnít changed; I love you, and I love our daughter. And I'm committed to both of that we've built. And thatís the truth. I just donít know whether or not you can see that or believe it. I've said and done everything I can, Ash. Frankly, I think the ballís in your court.

Phyllis: Why are you worried about Ashley? Is this about her marriage? I know things have been tense with Brad.

Jack: Thereís an understatement.

Phyllis: I figured after everything that happened. Whatís going on?

Jack: You have to swear to me you will keep this one in the vault.

Phyllis: Are you kidding me? Scoutís honor. What is it?

Jack: In a word, Newman. He knows Brad and Ashley are having problems and knows why.

Phyllis: Heís a busybody.

Jack: Do you think I would be this upset if thatís all it was?

Phyllis: What are you saying, that heís coming on to Ashley? Sheís married.

Jack: Do you think he cares?

Phyllis: I donít think Victor would cross that line.

Jack: Donít underestimate he sweeps in as a vulture. Heís the black knight in shining armor.

Phyllis: This is weird. The guyís loaded. He could have any woman except for me, of course. I'm just saying he has a lot of options, thatís all.

Jack: Case in point, Nikki. I donít see him chasing after her. She finally has direction in her life. Ashley has a few questions.

Phyllis: Heís made inroads? Ashley has confided in him.

Jack: Every time I confront her, the wall goes up.

Phyllis: Does Brad know?

Jack: I donít want to tell him.

Phyllis: He has to know.

Jack: He will only push her into Victorís loving arms. I have to be very careful how I handle this from here on out. I could make things worse than they are.

Ryan: Better? Why are you so upset?

Victoria: I came from Nicholas's office and Sharon walked in. I just canít believe whatís happening. I just pray that itís not true.

Ryan: This has something to do with the baby?

Victoria: I'm sorry, Ryan, I canít tell you. I canít. Itís too personal.

Ryan: Vicki, you know I wouldnít repeat anything.

Victoria: I know. I've already said too much. Please understand.

Ryan: I do. I do. I just hate seeing you like this.

Victoria: It canít be true. If it is, it is --.

Ryan: You're this upset about something that may not have happened?

Victoria: You're right. You're absolutely right. If we donít know anything for sure, I should think positively. You know, letís just get off the subject. Why donít you tell me about that place you found? Where was it again?

Ryan: Mykonos. One of the Greek islands we both wanted to see.

Victoria: A private villa.

Ryan: Itís incredible. An amazing view.

Victoria: Tell me more.

Ryan: Itís fully stocked, has a sailboat with its own crew. We can go from one island to the next, every day if we want.

Victoria: You're kidding.

Ryan: You know the best part? The people that were going to be there just cancelled. Itís ours if we want it. We have to move fast.

Victoria: Letís grab it.

Ryan: I can put down a deposit?

Victoria: Yeah, go for it.

Ryan: This will be so great. This will be the happiest time of our lives.

[Phone ringing]

Victor: Yes.

Ashley: Hi. Itís me.

Victor: Ashley, you donít sound too good.

Ashley: Everything is great. Colleenís been found.

Victor: Thatís good news. Is she all right?

Ashley: Physically. Emotionally, who knows?

Victor: Whatís the matter?

Ashley: Nothing. I wanted to call and let you know she was found because I know you were concerned.

Victor: Is there anything I can do?

Ashley: No, but thanks. Bye-bye.

Horace: Itís actually getting a lot easier. You had to build the site yourself. Now they have really good tools --.

J.T.: Look, I have to talk to Brit.

Horace: I'll be right back.

J.T.: Whatís with the tech geek?

Brittany: I should be asking whatís not up with you and Rianna.

J.T.: I lost Mac to Abbott. Abbott had to hit you over the head to get rid of you.

Brittany: Fine. See what happens with Rianna. Raul is moving in on your territory.

Horace: We werenít finished. Where would you like to work, the computer lab?

Brittany: I've had enough for today. Letís go to Crimson Lights.

Horace: Really? You'll go to the coffee house with me?

Brittany: Yeah. Bring your laptop.

Horace: Sure. I've got it right here.

Brittany: Great.

J.T.: You're right about one thing, Brit; itís time to do something.

Rianna: Raul, I've missed you.

Raul: Friends?

Rianna: Donít put a label on it. Letís hang out and see what happens. Could we try that?

Raul: What exactly do you want from me?

Ryan: Thatís it. We're locked in. The place is ours.

Victoria: Great.

Ryan: You know what just hit me, though? This trip is coming up so soon and if we do decide this is going to be our honeymoon.

Victoria: We have some fast planning to do.

Ryan: You donít think itís cutting it too close?

Victoria: Being itís our second time around, it doesnít have to be huge. Probably should be spontaneous, given all the curves life can throw you. Last time we talked about this, my family was so happy. Things were so different for Nick and Sharon. Why couldnít they have stayed that way?

Sharon: You're not sure itís over? How can you say that? Of course it is. Matt Clark is dead.

Nicholas: I wish it were that simple.

Sharon: Nicholas, we have been trying so hard to put that bastard and everything he did out of our minds. We may never really know what happened that night. But if Iím willing, if I was the one who was attacked, if Iím willing to let it go, please, please.

Nicholas: Donít you think I would let it go if I thought I could?

Sharon: Matt Clark is dead. Heís an ugly part of our history. Donít you think he would be laughing right now if he knew we were talking about him? Letís not do him the honor, okay? Matt Clark is dead and gone. Gone, gone, gone!

Nicholas: Baby, itís what he left behind that Iím worried about.

Nikki: I've been filling Sean in on the new ingredients. Should we decide to move forward, I wanted a head start on the Internet campaign.

John: Thatís a good idea.

Sean: I'll put together some ideas to run by the board.

Nikki: Okay. Thanks. Thank you, by the way, for your enthusiasm. Itís music to my ears.

John: Well, you deserve it. I donít mean to mitigate your accomplishment. Itís partly because my granddaughter came home.

Nikki: What do you mean? Where was she?

John: Were you away? She was upset at a family matter more than any of us realized, and she ran away.

Nikki: My God. How long was she gone?

John: A few days. It was terrifying.

Nikki: Of course.

John: Sheís back. We're all breathing a sigh of relief.

Nikki: Thereís nothing more terrifying than a child missing.

John: Everything is fine and sheís on her way back home with her mother, thank goodness.

Nikki: Thatís wonderful.

John: Not to change the subject, but did I notice a little tension between you and Sean?

Nikki: My mistake. I made the mistake of bringing up Jill.

John: That is a sore subject.

Nikki: I guess things fell apart while I was gone. I never understood that relationship anyway.

John: A lot of us share that opinion. Any idea how that ended?

Nikki: Jill ended it.

John: Really?

Nikki: Itís not what I would have expected here. The way he was acting, I donít think he saw it coming.

Rianna: Raul, I told you what I want. I miss you. If we're ever going to have a chance to --.

Raul: I heard that. You want to talk to me but you wonít tell me what about.

Rianna: What about college? I'm sure you've thought about that, right?

Raul: Some.

Rianna: Not me. I'm totally in denial and we only have a couple months before applications are due. I bet you've done all kinds of research.

Raul: What are you asking me?

Rianna: Well, maybe you can tell me what schools you think I might like. That would help me a lot.

Raul: Yeah. Yeah, all right. I guess we could do that. So you want to go to the coffee house?

Rianna: I'd love to. You know, I'm supposed to work at the boutique for a couple hours. You can come with me and we can talk there.

Raul: Who do you work with today?

Rianna: I donít know. I have my schedule. [Sighing]

Raul: J.T.? I'll take a pass.

Rianna: Maybe after that.

Raul: I donít know.

Rianna: Maybe tomorrow after school.

Raul: Maybe.

Rianna: I guess I better be going.

Raul: See ya.

Rianna: Bye.

[Doorbell sounding]

Ashley: Victor.

Victor: May I come in?

Ashley: Okay.

Victor: I'm concerned about you.

Ashley: Okay.

Victor: I'm glad everything worked out with Colleen.

Ashley: We're all very relieved, of course. Traci and Steve certainly have their work cut out.

Victor: How are you holding up?

Ashley: I'm fine.

Victor: Why do I get the impression that you're under a lot of strain? Everything all right in your marriage?

Ashley: I donít think we should talk about that.

Victor: Mmm-hmm. Am I right I am to assume the trip to New York didnít solve anything? The trip for Bradís daughter caused a lot of strain in your marriage?

Ashley: I think everything will work out.

Victor: Letís hope so, if thatís what you want.

Brittany: If I wanted to, could I add some midi files in the background?

Horace: Sure.

Brittany: How would I do that?

Horace: Linking the code.

Brittany: Like this?

Horace: When someone visits or comes to the page, bingo, music.

Brittany: So if you link a music file, can you also link a video file?

Horace: Thatís right. You catch on fast.

Brittany: Surprised?

Horace: No, just surprised you're interested in this stuff.

Brittany: I have my reasons.

Horace: If you look here, these are the different options you have for the kind of file you want to link to. I donít know what --.

Sean: Hey, Brittany.

Brittany: Hello, Sean. What a coincidence. I was just thinking about you.

Phyllis: I can see you're really worried about Ashley.

Brad: Sorry. I didnít know were you busy.

Phyllis: Oh, hey, Brad. I just got the news about Colleen. You must be ecstatic.

Brad: Itís a big relief.

Phyllis: I prayed really hard she would come home safe.

Brad: Thanks, Phyllis. We all did.

Jack: I donít want to keep you from your work.

Phyllis: Thatís okay. I'm finished.

Jack: I'll meet you at home, all right?

Phyllis: Oh, okay. I'll see you later.

Jack: Thanks.

Phyllis: Bye, Brad.

Jack: So whatís on your mind?

Brad: Third quarter report.

Jack: Sorry Iím late with that. I've had a few things on my mind lately.

Brad: No problem.

Jack: I couldnít help notice that thereís a little tension between you and Ashley.

Brad: That is personal. I donít want to discuss it.

Jack: Itís my sister --.

Brad: You're meddling, okay?

Jack: Letís leave the hostilities at the door for once.

Brad: Why do you care about my marriage?

Jack: I'm worried about my sister.

Brad: I donít buy it, Jacko. Whatís really on your mind? Spit it out.

Victor: Are you upset with me?

Ashley: I feel like you're scrutinizing me, Victor, like you've put me under your microscope.

Victor: You know thatís because I'm concerned about you.

Ashley: I donít want you to be concerned about me, okay?

Victor: All right. It will be hard not to do that, but Iíll try.

Ashley: You know, this is probably my fault because I shouldnít have turned to you during this time.

Victor: All right. Well, just know that I'm here, okay?

Sharon: I know what you're thinking, that I might have already been pregnant that night and the baby might have been affected.

Nicholas: We have always been uncertain about the timing of this pregnancy.

Sharon: I know. So what are you getting at?

Nicholas: I always thought it happened the night before I was arrested.

Sharon: Yeah, we thought it happened the night we were thinking about our trip about the Caribbean.

Nicholas: The doctor said sheís not sure when it happened. She said thereís a chance you might have been pregnant before then.

Sharon: I'm aware of that possibility.

Nicholas: That makes all the difference.

Sharon: Iím praying wasnít pregnant the night of the margaritas.

Nicholas: Maybe thatís not what you should be praying for.

Sharon: What are you telling me?

Nicholas: Donít you see what I'm getting at? If you werenít pregnant that night and that bastard raped you the way he said he did?

Sharon: Oh, God. It may not be your baby, that it might be Mattís?

Nicholas: We canít be positive what happened that night.

Sharon: No, no, no. No, that canít be. It canít be, Nick!

Nicholas: Thereís only one way to find out, okay? You have to do it. We have to know for sure.

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