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Traci: If we had known she was in town. If Mac had found that out one hour before she left that shelter. She was so close to us. It means she was torn about leaving, right? She was debating about what to do. But she left anyway. We havenít heard anything from her. Oh, my God. She could be gone for good, Billy. We could have lost her all over again.

Billy: Traci, come on. We'll find her.

Traci: What are we going to do?

Colleen: Mom?

Traci: Oh, Colleen! Oh, Colleen! Oh, my God! Oh, thank God. Oh, my God, I thought I would never see you again, honey. You're home. Are you all right? Are you hurt? You all right?

Colleen: Iím fine.

Traci: Do you have any idea what you put us through?

Colleen: Iím so sorry.

Traci: I know. You tell me what you were thinking.

Colleen: I was so angry and I needed you to understand how I felt.

Traci: Colleen, running away was no answer.

Colleen: You wouldnít listen to me. No one would listen.

Traci: Sweetheart, Iím just so thankful that you're here, that I can see you and touch you.

Billy: Hey, things are going to pick up around here.

Ashley: Oh, my God.

Brad: Colleen.

Billy: This whole time you knew where Colleen was and you didnít say anything?

Mackenzie: I wanted to.

Billy: Okay, I get it. You didnít want to break a confidence, right?

Mackenzie: I didnít have a choice. If Iíd broken that promise, she'd taken off.

Billy: You can rationalize it all you want. Anything happens to her, it is on your head.

Jack: Mackenzie, are you all right? You're worried about Colleen, join the club.

Mackenzie: You know how frantic everyoneís been.

Jack: Thatís why I came here. Iíd hoped she would have stopped by. What is it? I have never seen you look so down.

Mackenzie: I feel terrible.

Jack: What happened?

Mackenzie: You'll probably hear from Billy, so I might as well tell you. Iím really sorry, Jack. You'll probably hate me for this. I donít know if you'll ever understand.

Neil: Now that we've had our good night kiss, what do you say we work on our good morning kiss?

Olivia: Iím going to be late for work.

Neil: Me too.

Olivia: What a coincidence.

Neil: What do you mean?

Olivia: Is it warm in here?

Neil: Yeah, itís warm. Itís definitely very warm.

Malcolm: All right, Alex, if you donít want to change the apartment stuff, fine. The only reason I suggested it is I thought you would want to make your mark on the place.

Alex: I didnít mean to make such a big deal about it.

Malcolm: You did. Iíve just got to wonder why.

Alex: Do we have to keep talking about this?

Malcolm: Alex, what do you want to talk about? You donít want to talk about our wedding either.

Alex: Why are you doing this?

Malcolm: Baby, Iím trying to get you to open up.

Alex: About what?

Malcolm: Something is bothering you.

Alex: Why do you keep saying that, Malcolm?

Malcolm: You know what I think?

Alex: What?

Malcolm: That maybe your heart is no longer into this whole thing.

Alex: What whole thing?

Malcolm: Us, Alex, you and me.

Miguel: Some unusual items.

Nikki: You wonít have trouble finding them, will you?

Miguel: I should be able to do it.

Nikki: This is very important to me, Miguel.

Miguel: May I ask what this is --.

Nikki: No. It will be clear soon enough. Why are you smiling?

Miguel: Iím glad to see you back, head of the household, taking charge.

Nikki: I wasnít gone that long though.

Miguel: Yes, I know, but the thought of you being on the Amazon River made us worried.

Nikki: Itís very comforting knowing you were here to take care of everything.

Miguel: You can always count on me for that. If you'll excuse me, I need to get the mail.

Sharon: Iím glad I ran into you. I wondered if you heard when Nikki would be returning.

Miguel: I have it on very good authority sheís already here.

Sharon: What? Nikki?

Nikki: Hey, honey!

Sharon: Itís so good to see you.

Nikki: You, too. My God, look at you.

Sharon: I know. Itís for real.

[Knock on door]

Victoria: Hey.

Nicholas: Hey.

Victoria: Donít act so thrilled to see me.

Nicholas: Sorry. I guess Iím a little out of it today.

Victoria: Is that why you stood me up this morning?

Nicholas: What?

Victoria: We had a meeting at your house? You were going to meet me there for my ride?

Nicholas: I totally forgot about that, sis. Sorry.

Victoria: Thatís okay. You're forgiven. Iím not sure I should get into this, but Sharon told me what happened last night. Iím here if you want to talk about it.

Nicholas: Sis, Iím a total mess. The situation has totally thrown me. I donít know how to handle it.

Traci: Iím supposed to give you a big hug.

Brad: The news obviously made Steveís day.

Traci: He was so relieved that he was almost in tears.

Brad: Heís not the only one.

Ashley: Sweetie, the family was worried about you.

Brad: You put us through hell, young lady.

Ashley: So when did you get here?

Colleen: A few minutes ago.

Traci: She just showed up.

Brad: Where have you been?

Colleen: At the homeless shelter. There are nice people there, Mom.

Ashley: So you never left town?

Colleen: No. Should I have?

Ashley: Iím going to change the baby. When Iím up there, Iím going to call everybody that needs to be called, okay?

Traci: Thank you, Ashley.

Brad: So what made you decide to come back?

Colleen: I realized how much Mom would worry.

Brad: Well, Iím just glad you came back to your senses.

Colleen: I did it for Mom.

Traci: Colleen, Brad and Ashley went all the way to New York with your father to help look for you. You need to be thanking them, Colleen.

Brad: Traci, itís okay. Let it go for now.

Traci: I think it would be best for everyone if we went immediately back to New York. I will call and try to book us a flight. I would like you to change and pack all of your things, okay?

Brad: Iíll help you.

Colleen: Iím not going to run away again.

Billy: Come on, Cece. Iíll go upstairs with you.

Traci: I guess we'll just have to give her some time.

Brad: Yeah.

Mackenzie: And now Billy will never speak to me again.

Jack: You're in a tough position.

Mackenzie: I canít break the confidence.

Jack: You're not even an employee there.

Mackenzie: Are you saying I wrong?

Jack: Iím saying it wasnít an easy call.

Mackenzie: I made a promise. Maybe I should have broken it. I didnít want to push Colleen further away. If I was wrong -- if anything happens to her, I donít know what I will do. Iím sorry, Jack. Iím really sorry.

[Cell phone ringing]

Jack: Yeah. Sheís there right now? That is excellent. Okay. Iím on my way. Mac?

Alex: Malcolm, where is all this coming from? We're engaged, and Iím wearing your ring. What more commitment do you want?

Malcolm: A ring is a piece of jewelry. You can put it on and you can take it off.

Alex: What is that supposed to mean?

Malcolm: The commitment, thatís something that comes from your heart.

Alex: You donít think Iím committed.

Malcolm: Iím not sure right now. Iím picking up a vibe that thereís something youíre not telling me.

Alex: Thatís all in your mind.

Malcolm: Why does it bother you to talk about our future, our wedding, and our apartment? Baby, that is our life.

Alex: Wearing this ring is something I donít take lightly. I thought long and hard before I accepted your proposal. Why are you minimizing it?

Malcolm: I have a feeling something is eating you inside. Now what?

Alex: Malcolm, I mentioned this earlier when you were talking about matchmaking for Neil. You want everybody to live your rules. You need to give people a little room to be themselves.

Nikki: Now sit down, relax. Tell me how you've been.

Sharon: Iím fine. Tell me about your trip.

Nikki: What an adventure. But I am so glad to be home.

Sharon: You're going to take it easy for a while, arenít you?

Nikki: Thereís so much I have to do. I have to have meetings with the board, with research and development. There are so many things to do.

Sharon: You know, I want to say thank you for the shower gift you sent to me. You were so far away.

Nikki: Honey, you're welcome. Iím sorry I couldnít be there in person.

Sharon: Thereís something else I should tell you about the gift.

Nikki: Victor sent you the same thing. Both your husband and Victoria told me about it.

Sharon: Nick told you. It sounds like more than a coincidence to me.

Nikki: What can I say? Both Victor and I have excellent tastes. So Nicholas didnít tell you I was back? That shows you how much I was missed.

Colleen: Donít worry. I meant what I said. I wonít run away again.

Billy: Hey, Iím not worried.

Colleen: Iím sorry for scaring everyone. Nothingís changed. My life still sucks.

Billy: Colleen, give it time. You will look at things differently.

Colleen: Donít bet on it.

Jack: Hey, I heard the good news and rushed right over. Welcome home!

Colleen: Thanks. Iím so sorry for scaring everyone.

Jack: I am just happy that you're okay.

Billy: Whatís up?

Jack: I was at the coffee house when I got the call about Colleen.

Billy: So?

Jack: She disappeared before I had a chance to tell her the news.

Billy: Where'd she go?

Jack: The poor kid is sick about all this.

Billy: She screwed up big time. If you want to call her and tell her, thatís cool. Iíll give you her cell phone number. I donít want to see her right now.

Jack: I think you're the one that ought to call her. Think about it.

Colleen: Billy, can I talk to you for a minute?

Billy: Yeah?

Colleen: I heard what you said.

Billy: So, was it a secret?

Colleen: I wish you wouldnít be angry at Mac. It wasnít her fault. I made her promise not to tell anyone. I told her I would take off the minute she said a word to the family. Please donít blame her. Iím home now. Actually, I owe her a lot.

Billy: Did she really help you out?

Colleen: Yeah. Her promise kept me around long enough to get to know this woman at the shelter. She talked to me a lot. She said some things that made me realize that I couldnít do this to Mom. Like I said, I already wonder if it was a mistake.

Nikki: Oh, please. I was just joking.

Sharon: Iím sure the reason he didnít mention it to me is he has a lot on his mind.

Nikki: Something I should know?

Sharon: There was a problem with the baby.

Nikki: What?

Sharon: There was some spotting, but itís stopped.

Nikki: What did the doctor say?

Sharon: She was very reassuring.

Nikki: I had the same problem with Victoria and everything turned out okay. Now I can understand why Nicholas didnít tell you I was home. He was focused on you, as he should be. Honey, are you sure you're all right?

Sharon: Yeah, fine.

Nikki: You still seem concerned.

Sharon: I shouldnít have mentioned the spotting to Nick.

Nikki: Why not?

Sharon: Because it really upset him. Last night he was restless. This morning he left and hardly said two words to me.

Nikki: Honey, thatís just concern. If anything, it proves how much he loves you and wants this baby. He canít bear the thought of anything going wrong.

Sharon: Yeah, he really has been supportive.

Nikki: Being father like son is a good thing most of the time.

Sharon: I wish I hadnít acted the way I did this morning.

Nikki: What happened?

Sharon: When Nick didnít ask me how I was feeling, I called him on it. I feel stupid. I know how much he cares.

Nikki: Honey, he totally understands. Listen, you canít be stressing over all these tiny things. Right now your job is to be healthy and strong and think of that precious little baby inside you.

Sharon: I know. I will.

Nikki: I know you will. All right. I have to go to work.

Sharon: Okay. Once again welcome home. It is so good to have you back.

Nikki: Thanks, honey.

Victoria: Listen, I know Sharon told you about the pills that Matt may have given her that night. But you already knew about that.

Nicholas: Yeah. You know, Sharon is worried to death those damn drugs may have hurt the baby.

Victoria: Thatís a battle you both have been fighting for a long time.

Nicholas: True. I could kill that --.

Victoria: Itís a little late for that. It seems like thereís something else on your mind.

Nicholas: You know when Sharon told me she may have been pregnant the night Matt came to our place, it really threw me. Iíd always assumed she got pregnant right before I was arrested. Now I guess it was sooner than that. And I didnít want to freak out about it because I didnít want to make Sharon more upset.

Victoria: Your wife was just with me for a while.

Nicholas: What does that mean?

Victoria: Well, she confided in me a while back about the pills that Matt may have given her.

Nicholas: She told you? Victoria, you are my sister! How could you keep something like that from me?

John: Trace, honey, I rushed over as soon as Ashley called. This is wonderful news for you and everyone.

Traci: I am just so grateful and relieved.

Ashley: Okay. I let everybody know. I let Paul know the good news.

Brad: Did you call the police?

Ashley: Yes, I did. Itís over.

Traci: Itís not over for Colleen. Iím worried about her state of mind.

Brad: There will be rough days ahead.

Traci: Sheís safe and Iím taking her home. Dad, I need your help with something. Can I speak with you for a moment?

John: Of course.

Brad: Iíll bet you're anxious to have the circus move on so you can have your home back.

Ashley: Have I complained even once?

Brad: Will you relax? I wouldnít blame you. Iím anxious for it to be over too.

Ashley: Why do you put it on me?

Brad: I give up. Howís Colleenís packing coming along?

Jack: Sheís making progress.

Brad: Iíll go check on her.

Jack: Hey, sis, thanks for calling me. Glad to have you home.

Ashley: Thanks.

Jack: Whoever said allís well that ends well sure nailed it.

Ashley: Thank goodness for happy endings.

Jack: How are things with you and Bradley? Things seemed tense.

Ashley: I donít want to talk about it. [Abby crying in background] Duty calls.

Neil: Hey. Found one of my shirts, I see.

Olivia: It was right where you said they'd be.

Neil: Liv, I love the way this shirt looks on you.

Olivia: Thank you.

Neil: You know what? Iím going to go fix us a little bit of coffee.

Olivia: No, no, donít go yet.

Neil: Something wrong?

Olivia: Iím just not ready to let you go yet.

Neil: You okay? Hmm?

Olivia: Okay? Iím fine, Neil. In fact, I am overwhelmed.

Neil: I just wanted to be sure.

Olivia: I have waited so long for this to happen. I just never thought it would.

Neil: So you're saying?

Olivia: Iím saying it was well worth the wait.

Neil: You're sure, right? No regrets?

Olivia: First of all, physically, it was incredible. But it was more than that. It was just so, oh, my God, everything just felt so right. Donít you think so? I havenít been happy like this in a very long time. Wait a minute. Iím getting a weird feeling here. Are you worried that this was a mistake?

Billy: Cece, you're going to be okay.

Colleen: Am I?

Billy: Yes, you are. Heck, I remember being 14 years old. You feel like you can make your own decisions and everybody treats you like a kid. They want you to be responsible. They want you to grow up. But they want to make the choices.

Colleen: You sound like one of them.

Billy: No way. I just want to tell you're not the only one thatís gone through this. For the most part, your parents really do know whatís best for you.

Colleen: They send you up here to tell me this?

Billy: No, I swear. You will be old enough to make your own decisions in a couple years.

Colleen: Tomorrow would be fine enough for me.

Billy: You have to go back to New York. You have to go to school. You have to take care of business. Steveís not a bad guy.

Colleen: I donít want to hear that.

Billy: You could do worse.

Colleen: Next you'll tell me things are complicated. Then I know you're getting old.

Billy: Okay. Iíll stop. I just think you're a great girl. I want you to be happy.

Colleen: Run away with me. You can drive.

Billy: I canít. I have to go to school. Otherwise, Iíd think about it.

Brad: Hey, howís the packing going? Need any help?

Billy: Iím going to split. All right. You hang in there, huh?

Colleen: I will.

Billy: Call me any time.

Colleen: Okay. Bye.

Billy: Bye.

Brad: Have you got a minute to talk?

Colleen: About what?

Brad: I am going to stay a part of your life. I hope you believe that.

Colleen: Whatever.

Brad: Colleen, Iím sorry for anything I did that hurt you.

Colleen: Donít worry about me. You made your choice. Iíll deal with it.

Brad: Choice?

Colleen: You chose Abby over me. Sheís not even your own child.

Brad: Colleen, she is my child, and so are you.

Colleen: Like I said, you made your choice.

Jack: Let me drive you to the airport.

Traci: Jack, I called a cab.

Jack: Iím much cheaper and much more entertaining. Whoa, kiddo, hold on. Iíll get it.

Colleen: Thank you.

Traci: All right, sweetie. Iím not very good at goodbyes, but I think itís time.

Colleen: Bye, Abby, Iíll miss you, sweetie. Maybe your mom and dad will send pictures. I love you.

Brad: I guess itís that time, huh?

Traci: Iím afraid so.

Jack: Well, kiddo, you have a safe trip.

Colleen: Thanks, Uncle Jack.

Jack: We're always a phone call away.

Traci: Thank you so much for helping me through this.

Jack: Iím your big brother. Iím supposed to help you through this.

Traci: Thank Phyllis for me. She was a real comfort.

Jack: Yeah, yeah, I will do that.

John: Itís going to be okay. Call me when you're in New York.

Traci: I will. I absolutely will, Dad.

John: You be strong. You, my little lady, I am going to miss you.

Colleen: Iíll miss you too, Granddad.

John: Call me now and then.

Colleen: Oh, I wonít forget. You're the only person here I can trust.

Traci: You guys, I want to thank you very much for everything you've done for us. Thank you.

Brad: Everythingís going to work out, Trace.

Ashley: Keep in touch? Be good to your mom.

Brad: If thereís anything you ever need --.

[Horn honking]

Colleen: Thatís the taxi. Letís go, Mom.

Brad: Iíll help you with your bags.

Victoria: Calm down and listen to me, please. You have to calm down about this. I didnít mention any of this to you because Sharon made me promise I wouldnít. I wasnít going to break her confidence. Besides you already knew --.

Nicholas: I didnít know Sharon knew. You should have told me that.

Victoria: You didnít tell Sharon what Matt told you. Why? Because you were trying to protect her like she was trying to protect you.

Nicholas: She is my wife. I should know what sheís going through.

Victoria: No one knows what happened that night. No one knows when Sharon got pregnant. I didnít say anything because it would have raised a lot of questions that have no answers.

Nicholas: Everything is out in the open now and I need some answers.

Mackenzie: I know you donít want to talk to me so Iíll just go.

Billy: Mac wait. Jack told me that you were here. So I came by to tell you that Colleen showed up at Brad and Ashleyís house.

Mackenzie: Is she okay?

Billy: Yeah, sheís fine.

Mackenzie: Thanks for letting me know. What?

Billy: Come here. Iím sorry. Okay? Colleen told me what a tough position you were in and I shouldnít come down on you like I did.

Mackenzie: Forget it. Itís okay.

Billy: I canít. I was being a jerk. I was just so damn upset about Colleen --.

Mackenzie: Hey, I didnít handle things very well either.

Billy: You forgive me?

Mackenzie: You forgive me?

Billy: Yeah. Come here. You know as awful as the thing was, what was worse was having to go through it without you.

Mackenzie: Letís make a pact, okay? We can never let anything come between us again.

Billy: If it starts, we give each other the benefit of the doubt.

Mackenzie: Okay. I love you.

Billy: I love you, too. Itís you and me together forever, right?

Mackenzie: You can count on it.

Neil: Olivia, how could making love to you ever be a mistake?

Olivia: So you donít feel that way?

Neil: I feel wonderful.

Olivia: You know, itís no secret that Iíve wanted to be in a relationship with you for some time, Mr. Winters.

Neil: Oh, really, is that right?

Olivia: Thatís right. We're just never in the same place.

Neil: Mmm-hmm. Yeah. Always just playing hit and miss. Itís been like that, hasnít it?

Olivia: You know, when I thought that we lost our friendship, it was one of the lowest points of my life.

Neil: Itís all behind us now.

Olivia: Because of you. Remember the day after the hearing when Nate was spending the night over at Malcolmís? And you came and you asked me to dinner, and you wouldnít take no for an answer. Because you knew I needed a friend. I canít tell you how grateful I was to you. I didnít dare hope for what we just did this morning.

Neil: Iím so sorry for all the time we missed.

Olivia: I have to believe that this happened when it was supposed to happen. You believe that, donít you, Neil?

Victoria: Nicholas, what other answers are you looking for?

Nicholas: I went to see Sharonís doctor this morning to find out what I could. Exactly when did Sharon get pregnant.

Victoria: And?

Nicholas: She doesnít give me a precise date. The best they could was narrow it down to a few weeks. That is not good enough.

Victoria: Why donít we say what you're worried about? You're worried not because of the drugs Matt gave Sharon but because he might have raped her. Nicholas, no one knows what happened that night. Chances are the baby will be fine.

Nicholas: If that did happen, everything is up for grabs. Yes, Iím worried if Sharon was pregnant that night. What if she wasnít and Matt Clark raped her. I mean, do you see? Do you see what Iím getting at?!

Victoria: You canít believe --.

Nicholas: I donít know anything for sure. This pregnancy has been weird from day one. What happened that night could change everything.

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