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Nikki: Connie, any word from Victor? All right. No, no, no, you go ahead. You go home. Iíll probably stick around longer. Okay. Bye. Well, whatever came up, I guess was important. I canít wait any longer. I have people to see.

Larry: Well, look whoís back all the way from Brazil.

Nikki: Mr. Warton.

Michael: Oh, hi. This pile, cases pending waiting for your undivided attention.

Alex: Iím no stranger to hard work.

Michael: Not after working for the infamous Victor Newman. What have you got for me?

Alex: I was looking for Weber -- for damages we have to find --.

Michael: Newman Enterprises? The folder?

Alex: Itís my deal memo. I forgot to get rid of it.

Michael: May I?

Alex: Be my guest.

Michael: All right. Alex Perez. Wow.

Alex: It was a good offer.

Michael: Alex, this is a spectacular offer. I canít believe you walked away from this.

Alex: Money isnít everything.

Michael: Thereís no way I could compete with this.

Alex: You donít have to. I turned them down.

Michael: I still donít understand.

Alex: I have my reasons.

Michael: You didnít want to be trapped in the corporate environment.

Alex: I have to practice the kind of law that inspires me.

Michael: We both know itís much more than that.

Malcolm: Yo, man. Neil, you have to help me out.

Neil: Whatís wrong?

Malcolm: Michael Baldwin is wrong. What is Alex thinking about? Working with that low life is crazy.

Neil: Your fiancťe doesnít think so.

Malcolm: You have to help me through this.

Neil: How?

Malcolm: Make her another offer.

Neil: I canít do that.

Malcolm: Why not?

Neil: Sheís not interested.

Malcolm: I just want her to be happy.

Neil: She is happy.

Malcolm: For now. You know Michael Baldwin will do what he does best and pull a fast one. He will have her tied up in a deal, and you know it. Wait a minute. Neil, thatís it, man.

Dr. Thompson: Careful. That herbal tea is really hot.

Sharon: I appreciate this, Doctor. I was afraid you would find something on the ultrasound.

Dr. Thompson: You can strange twinges. Your baby is perfectly fine.

Sharon: I need to relax.

Dr. Thompson: Thatís never good, especially with a little one inside you.

Sharon: I didnít know I was pregnant until the second trimester.

Dr. Thompson: And everything appears to be normal. Sharon if there is anything you need, you can always get in touch with Ė [pager beeping] thatís me. I have to go. Sharon, stay calm.

Tricia: Sharon, what are you doing here?

Sharon: Doctorís appointment.

Tricia: Routine check up, I hope.

Sharon: Yes.

Tricia: Thatís good.

Sharon: May I sit?

Sharon: You here to see your father? Howís he doing?

Tricia: Heís still in a coma.

Sharon: Iím sorry to hear that.

Tricia: My dad hardly had a sick day in his life. I should have known when he had those headaches. I talk to him and pray that he hears me. He just lies there. I am grateful for one thing though. Your father-in-law has been a godsend.

Brittany: Looking good.

Sean: What are you doing here?

Brittany: I found out you were slaving away down here so I came.

Sean: Donít you have homework?

Brittany: Did it in study hall.

Sean: So diligent.

Brittany: I can be when I want to be.

Sean: You can stick around but I donít have time to entertain you.

Brittany: Donít worry. I can find ways to entertain myself.

Katherine: Mackenzie, are you sure you donít want something else to eat?

Mackenzie: Iím not hungry. [Cell phone ringing] I have to take this call.

Katherine: Darling, how can you --?

Esther: What is it, Mrs. C.?

Katherine: Is it my imagination or is she upset again?

Esther: I didnít notice.

Katherine: I hope everything is all right. Are you finished?

Esther: Mm-hmm. All done.

Katherine: Good. Shall we? Are you coming, Esther?

Esther: Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.

Katherine: Well, well, well, Jillís here all by her lonesome.

Esther: She doesnít look too happy either.

Katherine: It would be rude not to say hello.

Esther: Mm-hmm.

Katherine: Hello, Jill. Dining with all your friends I see?

Mackenzie: You havenít heard anything?

Ned: Afraid not. Colleenís backpack is gone.

Mackenzie: Where could she be? Ned, Iím scared.

Ned: I wish I knew. I wish I had better news for you.

Mackenzie: Thanks for checking in.

Rianna: Mac, what is it?

Mackenzie: Iím dealing with something.

Rianna: We talked the other day. Iím sick and tired of his I-donít-care attitude. It went better than expected.

Mackenzie: Raul listened?

Rianna: He was going to call it quits. I asked him to give us more time.

Mackenzie: Iím sure he'll realize how much he misses you.

Rianna: I canít find Jack Abbott.

Mackenzie: Why do you need to find Jack?

Rianna: I decided to work at the boutique.

Mackenzie: Thereís no way you're going to be able to talk to Jack right now.

Rianna: Still canít find Colleen? What this is doing to Billy and his family?

Mackenzie: I donít want to talk about that right now, okay? You wonít be able to talk to Jack. Why donít you call Sean at the boutique? Iím sorry. Iím a little on edge right now.

Rianna: You sure you donít want to talk about it?

Mackenzie: No, I canít.

[Phone ringing]

Sean: Brittany, can you get that please?

Brittany: Sure. Boutique.

Rianna: Brittany, is that you?

Brittany: What do you want, Rianna?

Rianna: Iím looking for Sean.

Brittany: Iíll give him a message.

Rianna: Will you tell him I decided to stay on at the boutique?

Sean: Who was that?

Brittany: Rianna. Sheís decided to work at the boutique after all.

Sean: Great. Thatís good news for a change.

Brittany: You notice a light bulb's missing?

Sean: I guess the janitor missed that.

Brittany: Iíll replace it.

Sean: You donít have to.

Brittany: I want to. Itís not brain surgery. I think I can handle changing a light bulb.

Sean: Careful, careful.

Brittany: I got it. Oh, there we go.

Sean: Got it?

Brittany: Itís all screwed in there now.

Sean: You're good at that stuff. You all right?

Brittany: Yeah, lucky me.

Phyllis: Nice touch, the kiss.

Katherine: I loathe being alone, donít you, Esther? Come on, Jill, why donít we keep you company?

Jill: Iíd rather be the last person on earth than dine with you two.

Katherine: You are dining alone and not with Sean. Enjoying the single life again?

Jill: Get this woman out of my face before I say something I regret.

Esther: Itís about time for a change.

Jill: Stop it, you dimwit.

Katherine: Jill, if you're really playing the field, you would be a lot better staying at the bar.

Jill: You canít sit at the bar, you drunk.

Katherine: Chasing after a young, young man.

Phyllis: Brittany, you're such an amateur, falling off the ladder.

Brittany: I donít know what you're talking about, Phyllis.

Phyllis: Make sure you look both ways before you cross the street.

Sean: She could have hurt herself, Phyllis.

Phyllis: Big, strong Sean was there to save the day. Donít do that. Donít look at me like that. She may not be jailbait, but sheís dangerous.

Sean: Are you here for a reason?

Phyllis: As a matter of fact I am.

Sean: Nice rock.

Phyllis: I take it you already heard.

Sean: Heard it through the grapevine.

Phyllis: Too bad you had to leave the party early. Rumor has it you had enough of your drama going on when Jill saw you dirty dancing with the teen queen.

Tricia: I know what you're thinking, why Iím staying at your father-in-lawís.

Sharon: You're a grown woman. You canít live on your own?

Tricia: Not after whatís happened to Dad. When he went into the hospital --.

Sharon: You turned to Victor.

Tricia: Heís been a lifeline. I donít know what I would have done without him. It surprised me too the way he reached out to me.

Sharon: You know why.

Tricia: He and Mr. Newman are a lot alike.

Sharon: Is that so?

Tricia: Strong, successful men. He meant so much to my dad. When I sit with my father, I talk about Victor and everything heís done for me. I doubt he can hear me.

Sharon: You told him anyway.

Tricia: I know how happy it would make him. You donít blame me. You donít believe me.

Sharon: I donít know what to believe, Tricia.

Tricia: I ask you to give me a chance like Mr. Newmanís doing. I better get going.

Larry: So how was your trip?

Nikki: Fascinating. Frustrating. But worth every minute.

Larry: Did you get what you were after?

Nikki: I believe I did.

Larry: New stuff to put into your makeup, huh?

Nikki: You know, donít take this personally, but this is confidential.

Larry: Oh, no problem. Is the boss man around?

Nikki: No, not at the moment. Larry, very few people know that I came back.

Larry: Donít worry, they wonít hear it from me. Promise.

Nikki: Thanks. Now that you're here, you can explain something to me. This is Newman Enterprises. What are you doing here?

Larry: I wanted to check in with big daddy.

Nikki: Why? What could you and Victor possibly have to discuss?

Sean: Watch it, Phyllis.

Phyllis: Did I hit a nerve?

Sean: Be a friend and offer me advice. Stop ragging on my relationship, not that it matters anymore.

Phyllis: Wait. Are you saying --?

Sean: Jill broke it off with me.

Phyllis: She has to be crazy to break it off with someone like you. Usually I say do whatever you can to sweep the woman off her feet much. But in this case --.

Sean: She blew me off. I know she cares. What am I doing? Nothing. Not anymore.

Phyllis: You can do so much better.

Sean: Stay out of it.

Phyllis: Itís Jill Abbott.

Sean: You deal with your love relationship. Let me deal with mine.

Phyllis: Okay. Donít say I didnít warn you.

Sean: I wonít. You have to fly. Thanks. Bye, thank you.

Phyllis: Jill Abbott.

Sean: Hey, zip it.

Katherine: It may hurt now, Jill, but in the long run I think you will be happier.

Jill: I have no idea what you're talking about.

Katherine: Iím talking about you and Sean. First, people were mildly amused. But, Jill, it was beginning to get a smidge tasteless.

Esther: Iím not even dumb enough to fall for that.

Esther: Au contraire, Esther. I think the woman is showing real emotion for a change. I think maybe we should leave you to your own thoughts, Jill.

Jill: Stop it. Stop. What a fool I was. Katherineís right.

Larry: I donít know if you've heard about Tricia.

Nikki: That sheís living with Victor? I have heard that. I canít believe it.

Larry: The man works in mysterious ways.

Nikki: What does this have to do with you?

Larry: Your ex has been trying to get a fix on this ditzy chick. Since I knew her, he asked if I could help.

Nikki: How?

Larry: It was my idea. I could tell everyone was starting to freak out a little bit so I offered to lend a hand.

Nikki: Thatís kind of you. I donít understand what you could do.

Larry: Victor set up this accidental meeting between Tricia and me.

Nikki: Why?

Larry: To see how she would respond. Maybe he was hoping I would scare her out of town or something.

Nikki: Obviously that didnít work.

Larry: Obviously.

Nikki: You havenít told me why you're here.

Larry: Curious how things are going. If I was smart, I would stay as long as possible.

Nikki: I think you're safe at the moment.

Larry: Do you know if heís coming back soon?

Nikki: I have no idea.

Larry: Thanks. I guess Iíll be heading off.

Nikki: Now that we're here, how are things going with your life?

Larry: Smooth sailing, as far as I know.

Nikki: Thatís what I hear. I checked up on you while I was gone.

Larry: Busy lady like you?

Nikki: I have a vested interest.

Larry: Your neck is on the line.

Nikki: Those are your words, not mine.

Larry: I always had a hard time staying out of trouble. So far so good.

Nikki: You seem to be doing just fine.

Larry: Itís basically a no-brainer. I get up, go to work, go home, watch a little tube and sack out.

Nikki: So you havenít spread your wings a little bit, going out with co-workers?

Neil: Malcolm, whatís going on in that head of yours?

Malcolm: We know Michael Baldwin is sleazy. We have to get Alex to realize that.

Neil: How do you intend to do that?

Malcolm: I will dig up all the sleaze I can.

Neil: Thatís a waste of time. If you keep pushing, you'll mess things up.

Malcolm: Thatís easy for you to say. You're not the one thatís in love with the lady. Look, bottom line, Michael Baldwin cannot be trusted, not even a little bit. Look what he did to Christine. You remember that situation.

Neil: Apparently, you donít know the whole story. Christine forgave Michael. Sheís a big part why he got his license back. She believes he was a changed man.

Malcolm: Her marriage is down the tubes. I believe Michael Baldwin had something to do with that.

Neil: I know you donít like the guy. You canít blame him for everything.

Malcolm: Did Alex get along with Victor?

Neil: He has a lot of respect for Alex, yes.

Malcolm: Neil, there has to be someone she has a problem with around here, something. Maybe thatís why she turned down the job.

Michael: Thatís quite a sacrifice, all this for your future brother-in-law. Iím even more flattered that you've come on board.

Alex: It wonít affect my work.

Michael: I have absolute faith in your abilities, Alex.

Alex: Why are we discussing this?

Michael: I couldnít help but notice how irritated you were with Malcolm this morning.

Alex: Malcolm is the most wonderful, spontaneous man. Sometimes he drives me nuts. This is my first day on the job and he barges in raising hell.

Michael: Man of action.

Alex: Thatís what Olivia said in court.

Michael: Yeah. Acts first, thinks later.

Alex: Sometimes thatís the problem.

Neil: Malcolm, I really think that you might be reaching here.

Malcolm: Wait a minute, Neil. Work with me here. Maybe itís not the job that turned Alex off, itís somebody around here. Neil, it is possible, isnít it?

Neil: Anything is possible. Alex is working with Michael Baldwin now. You charge over there and start ranting and raving, you will be in a heap of trouble. The way I see it, you have two options. You live with the lady and the choices she makes, or you can kiss that relationship goodbye. No way you'll be able to control her, and Iím not about to help you try.

Malcolm: What does that mean?

Neil: If you launch a smear campaign Baldwin, it'll backfire. She made her decision. You told her how you feel. Now I suggest you deal with it.

Malcolm: All right, all right. Neil, I hear you. I do. But I donít like it. I donít like it at all, man. Fine, fine. I wonít fight her on it. Since you're so sure itís not going to do any good.

Mackenzie: Great.

Rianna: You're concerned?

Mackenzie: You know whoís going to be there.

Rianna: I can handle J.T.

Mackenzie: What about Raul?

Rianna: I told him J.T. and I hardly cross paths anymore. I donít want to see things get even more complicated.

Mackenzie: Be careful.

Rianna: I will. I had a really good time working at the boutique this summer, the first half anyway. I really donít want to let the Abbotts down. If Raul would only change his mind.

Mackenzie: Give him time. I have a feeling he'll come around. If anybody can get through to him, itís you.

Tricia: Victor agreed it would be best for everyone if I just stayed here for a while.

Sharon: So this was your idea.

Tricia: I didnít want to go back to my house because thatís where my father had the stroke, and I couldnít stand the idea --.

Sharon: Please, please, donít explain this. I donít buy a word for it. If you chose to be here itís because you have something up your sleeve. I want to know what it is.

Tricia: Mr. Newman and I have an agreement. If he tells me to leave, then I will.

Victoria: Sorry, I didnít know you were -- I thought you were home.

Sharon: Victoria, what are you doing here?

Victoria: Are you okay?

Sharon: Yeah, you startled me.

Victoria: Miguel said you were out.

Sharon: I just got back.

Victoria: Where were you?

Sharon: The hospital.

Victoria: You okay?

Sharon: Iím not sure. I ran into Tricia.

Victoria: That would upset anyone.

Sharon: Have you seen her lately?

Victoria: Not since she moved in with my father. Why?

Sharon: She seems relaxed, calm. Maybe itís the drugs.

Victoria: She talks a good game.

Sharon: She said itís her father.

Victoria: Is he still in a coma?

Sharon: Yeah. It doesnít look good for him. She also went on about how grateful she is to Victor.

Victoria: She should be.

Sharon: The question is do I believe her.

Victoria: What was your take?

Sharon: She seems sincere.

Victoria: You're not letting your guard down.

Sharon: Our talk was reassuring.

Victoria: I would love for Tricia to get better. The fact that Ryan's psycho ex-wife is roaming the streets is not comfortable to me.

Sharon: I was seeing my obstetrician.

Victoria: Thereís nothing wrong.

Sharon: The babyís fine. Iím being paranoid.

Victoria: The worst thing you can do --.

Sharon: I know, stress myself out. The doctor said so too.

Victoria: Were you listening?

Sharon: The babyís fine. Iím not going to go looking for trouble.

Victoria: Good. You have to try to put this whole situation with Matt Clark behind you.

Victoria: Iím sorry, Sharon, I donít mean to put you on the spot.

Sharon: Something hit me when I was talking to Dr. Thompson. I am my worst enemy. Itís time for me to put my past behind me and move on.

Victoria: Iím glad to hear you say that.

Sharon: You donít think I can do it? Victoria, you are the one person I confided in about this baby and Matt Clark. Right now I want you to forget.

Victoria: Is that what you're going to do?

Sharon: I will put that evil bastard out of my mind once and for all. He already did enough damage. I will not let him spoil this pregnancy. I will not let him take away one more moment of happiness away from me.

Victoria: Sharon, you know I will do anything to help you.

Sharon: Never mention Matt Clarkís name again.

Victoria: Okay.

Victoria: Listen, Iím sorry. I have to run. Take care and call me if you need anything.

Sharon: Okay.

Jill: Great. I really need this. Sean, what --.

Lionel Ritchie: Hi, Jill. Iím Lionel Ritchie. Sit down. The show's about to begin.

Jill: Lionel Ritchie?

Nikki: Excuse me, Mr. Warton.

Larry: Have you ever heard the saying, it's none of your business? Look, Iím sorry. I donít mean to mouth off to you.

Nikki: You are still so defensive.

Larry: Look. My life is a lot better than it used to be.

Nikki: Good. Why don't you build on that? Thereís a big, wonderful world out there.

Larry: Let me ask you something. Why do you care?

Nikki: I want to you live up to your potential.

Larry: You want, you want. What about what I want, huh? You will not change me into somebody else.

Nikki: Who said anything about changing you?

Larry: Iím not the guy who will feel comfortable sitting around stuffed suits talking about the stock market okay? Just drop it.

Nikki: You're a real snob, you know that?

Larry: Iím a snob?

Nikki: Yeah, yeah. You have everybody figured out and nobody's worth your time.

Larry: You don't understand that Iím -- I just want us to stay cool, okay? Actually, you're the closest thing I have to a friend in this town. But Iím not, and I repeat, not your pet project.

Nikki: That's fine. Iím not going to push, but I do have one very important piece of advice for you.

Larry: What's that?

Nikki: Until you can learn to get that chip off your shoulder, the best thing you can do it stay far away from Victor Newman.

[Phone ringing]

Doctorís office.

Sharon: This is Sharon Newman. I have to speak with Dr. Thompson right away.

Iím sorry. She's in delivery.

Sharon: Do you know when she's back? Something's wrong. I can't wait. Iím going to come in right away.

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