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Tricia: You're back.

Victor: I have a meeting this afternoon. There are some papers I have to take along.

Tricia: Really.

Victor: You don't believe me?

Tricia: Maybe you just needed an excuse to check up on me.

Victor: That I assure you is not why I'm here. Since you brought it up, how are things going?

Tricia: Fine.

Victor: Anything in particular?

Tricia: I told you before he gave me drugs and raped me.

Victor: Yes, I remember.

Tricia: That's what Nicholas was asking me about.

Victor: Did he say why he was asking you about it?

Tricia: Matt hurt a lot of people, Nicholas included. Maybe talking to other victims your son can put this behind him once and for all.

Nicholas: They were on my desk when they came in.

Victoria: It's amazing Dad let us approve these plans without his input. Just having trouble letting go of reins. Nicholas, you with me?

Nicholas: What?

Victoria: Have you listened to a word I've said?

Nicholas: Yeah, I just -- say it again? What was it?

Victoria: Do you think Dad's giving us too much to handle?

Nicholas: No. No, actually I was thinking about Matt Clark.

Victoria: Why? Nicholas, the guy is dead. You have to forget about him.

Nicholas: Believe me, I wish I could. Look, if I tell you something, you promise it'll stay between us?

Victoria: Yeah, of course.

Nicholas: Have you heard of the date rape drug, rohypnol?

Victoria: Yeah, what about it?

Nicholas: Before he died, Matt had some in his possession.

Billy: Hey, Mac.

Mackenzie: Hi, Billy.

Billy: Where have you been?

Mackenzie: I was going to call but your family is going through a lot. I didn't want to bother you.

Billy: You wouldn't be.

Mackenzie: Have you heard anything from Colleen?

Billy: No, nothing.

Mackenzie: How are you guys holding up?

Billy: We all got about ten minutes of sleep. The more time goes by, the more worried I get.

Amanda: Look what I found.

Colleen: Thanks.

Amanda: Name is Colleen, right?

Colleen: Mm-hmm.

Amanda: Are you from Genoa City?

Colleen: I was born here. We moved to New York when I was young.

Amanda: New York, wow. That must be exciting.

Colleen: I guess.

Amanda: So what grade are you in?

Colleen: I'll be starting high school this year.

Amanda: That makes you, what, 15?

Colleen: 14.

Amanda: Math was never my best subject. So Colleen from New York City starting high school, do you have a boyfriend?

Colleen: Why are you asking me so many questions?

Amanda: I thought I would get to know you better.

Colleen: Are you a counselor or something?

Amanda: Not exactly.

Colleen: Then why are you at the shelter?

Amanda: At the moment I am homeless.

Paul: I promised Traci I would keep checking in. Any news?

Jack: I was hoping you would have something for me.

Paul: I'm afraid not.

Jack: Colleen has been missing more than 12 hours now.

Paul: We are doing the right things. The police have been notified. My men are posted at the bus and train stations. You look exhausted.

Jack: I didn't sleep last night. I'm trying to make up for it with coffee. You want some?

Paul: Yeah. I know Steve and Brad are in New York. Where's everyone else?

Jack: Traci couldn't stand it any longer. She's driving around herself.

Paul: What about Ashley?

Jack: She went to New York to be with Brad.

Paul: Somebody should be over there.

Jack: I was heading over there myself.

Paul: I have my best people on this and I am personally supervising every detail.

Jack: I'm aware of that. I appreciate it. I have to tell you, I'm surprised. I know you have other clients.

Paul: Right now finding Colleen is my top priority. To tell you the truth, Jack, I could really use the distraction.

[Phone ringing]

Isabella: Hello?

Michael: Why didn't you call me?

Isabella: Michael? You told Paul I was in the hospital!

Michael: I thought the two of you needed to talk. Was I right?

Isabella: He paid my medical bill.

Michael: And?

Isabella: And nothing.

Michael: Does that mean you're still in town?

Isabella: I'm not in the mood for your questions.

Michael: Isabella, wait, wait. Damn it!

Phyllis: Michael, Michael, come out, come out, wherever you are.

Chantal: You can't just barge in here.

Phyllis: This is where you're hiding.

Chantal: Sorry, I couldn't stop her.

Michael: Few people can. It's okay, Chantal. What are you doing here?

Phyllis: I was in the neighborhood and I thought I would come by.

Michael: Chantal told you I'm busy as hell.

Phyllis: I wanted to hear it from you.

Michael: As much as I want to roll up my sleeves, spending the day chit-chatting with you, it's not going to happen.

Phyllis: Okay, okay. What's with the boxes?

Michael: Those are case files.

Phyllis: Why are they in Christine's office? Oh, please, please tell me the little blond bug is not home.

Lauren: Glad to see you still here.

Isabella: Worried I would sneak out in the middle of the night?

Lauren: I trust the accommodations are okay?

Isabella: Quite.

Lauren: I see you ordered room service.

Isabella: I put it on my credit card.

Lauren: You could have put it on mine.

Isabella: As soon as my car's fixed, I'm leaving Genoa City.

Lauren: Without a word to Paul.

Isabella: There's no paint dragging him into this.

Lauren: You are carrying the man's child.

Isabella: He made it very clear he's not over Christine and never will be. He will insist on being part of his son's or daughter's life. He might even ask me to marry him but not out of love but out of obligation.

Lauren: Where did you plan to go?

Isabella: I don't know. Somewhere where nobody knows me.

Lauren: I don't think you thought about this. Have you thought about what it's like to raise a child without a husband, without money?

Isabella: Are you going to make good your threat? Are you going to tell Paul I'm pregnant?

Lauren: I have to go.

Isabella: Where?

Lauren: A breakfast meeting that maybe can shed light on Paul. You sit tight, and I'll be in touch.

Matt: Your dad's upstairs, everybody knows how tired he's been.

Tricia: I couldn't do that.

Matt: Like you couldn't murder Tony? If you're too weak, I'll be there.

Tricia: I can't.

Matt: It's not murder. It's survival. Are you willing to spend the rest of your life drugged up in a hospital? That's where we're headed, Tricia. It's him or it's him or us... it's him or us... It's him or us... Him or us... It's him or us...

My God, I can't believe that was me.

Victor: Something bothering you?

Tricia: No, I'm fine.

Victor: Anything I can get you before I leave?

Tricia: No thank you.

Victor: You seem very preoccupied with something.

Tricia: I've just been thinking about my dad.

Victor: I'm sure you miss him.

Tricia: I realize how much I took him for granted, how I was always focused on what he could do for me instead of what I could do for him.

Victor: Mm-hmm. I understand when your mother died that you took over the household and helped raise your sister.

Tricia: Who told you that?

Victor: Your dad.

Tricia: I was a lot stronger back then.

Victor: I think you underestimate yourself.

Tricia: I wish he were here so I could tell him how much I love him and how much I appreciate everything he's done for me. I'm sorry for that.

Victor: Sorry for what?

Tricia: I haven't been a good daughter recently.

Victor: Have you paid him a visit in the hospital?

Tricia: I talked to the doctors but I can't bring myself to go in there.

Victor: Why not?

Tricia: Selfishness. I know my father needs me. Seeing him lying in that bed hooked up to all those machines.

Victor: Experts say people in a coma are helped by relatives who spend time with them, with relatives.

Tricia: On some level they can hear your voice and they know you're not alone.

Victor: Why don't you go visit your dad?

Tricia: Well, I do have some time before my therapy session. Would it be ok if the guard took me to Memorial?

Victor: Sure. I'll come along.

Victoria: How do you know Matt had roofies?

Nicholas: The D.A. confirmed it.

Victoria: Didn't Matt and Tricia live together?

Nicholas: It didn't make sense to me either. I was at Dad's apartment. I asked Tricia myself.

Victoria: What did she say?

Nicholas: She wanted to work things out with Ryan. I guess Matt used the roofies to help loosen her up.

Victoria: I don't understand what this has to do with you.

Nicholas: The night Matt died he said the reason Sharon was so drunk is because he put a roofie in the margarita.

Victoria: Do you think he was telling the truth?

Nicholas: Who knows for sure?

Victoria: He was a horrible human being. Maybe he knew he was going to die and wanted to stick it to you one last time.

Nicholas: That's not all he said. He told me that night before I got home that he raped her.

Victoria: Nicholas, you don't think that's possible.

Nicholas: That guy was a monster. He's capable of anything.

Victoria: I stopped by your house that night. Sharon was fine. You came home not long after me.

Nicholas: You're saying there wasn't time for him to do anything

Victoria: Maybe he drugged her but he did not rape her.

Nicholas: How can we know for sure? Sharon was so out of it, I had to practically carry her upstairs.

Victoria: Nicholas, listen to me. You're alarmed and I understand that. We will never know what happened that night. Dr. Thompson is very thorough. She said Sharon is just fine. So there is no indication of any residual problems if something did happen. If you need reassurance, then talk to your doctor. I think the best thing is to erase this from your memory. I mean, by drawing on it, you're letting Matt win.

Nicholas: Maybe you're right. Even if what Matt said is true, everything is behind us. He can't hurt us anymore.

Victoria: You agree not to get into this with your wife.

Nicholas: I hate keeping secrets from her.

Victoria: You vowed to protect her. You have to help her get past this.

Nicholas: This would be a whole lot easier if I wasn't having nightmares about the guy myself.

Mackenzie: Colleen hasn't been missing that long.

Billy: That's no consolation to my family. Maybe you could help us.

Mackenzie: Me?

Billy: You ran away from home.

Mackenzie: My situation was completely different.

Billy: It was a lot worse. Put yourself in her shoes. Where would she spend the night?

Mackenzie: It's hard to say.

Billy: When you left your mom's house?

Billy: Mac, why are you acting so strange? Don't you want to help us find Colleen?

Amanda: I know what you're thinking. I don't look like a person that lives in a shelter; you have a picture of what a homeless person looks like.

Colleen: Is that bad?

Amanda: No, no. You mention a homeless person and you think of a bag lady or a drunken bum. If you hang around here long enough, the majority of us aren't like that. We all have a different story. What's yours?

Colleen: What do you mean?

Amanda: Why did you run away?

Colleen: I'm tired of adults telling me everything is complicated. Whatever they don't want to explain is complicated.

Amanda: Was there drinking, fighting?

Colleen: No, none of that.

Amanda: You just didn't feel you could --.

Colleen: You know it’s like one of those bad dreams that you're screaming for help and nothing comes out. I couldn't take it anymore. I had to go.

Amanda: How long has this been building?

Colleen: It's been pretty tense for a while. But yesterday it all came crashing down.

Amanda: You know, I haven't been out on the road for that long but I know it can be pretty rough out there. How are you handling it?

Colleen: Okay I guess. I pretty much came straight here and haven't had to deal with anything scary yet.

Amanda: You came to a good place. The people are cool. It's clean and safe. But you can't stay here forever, okay? Where will you go?

Colleen: Somewhere where there are people I can trust. I'm going back to New York.

Lauren: I'm sorry. I hope I haven't kept you waiting too long.

Mary: I just sat down.

Lauren: You got coffee. I'm glad. I could really use a cup. Before I forget, Fenmore's is having a winter sale. I'm letting some friends in early. I thought I could put you on the list.

Mary: That's thoughtful. I'm not much of a shopper.

Lauren: Maybe next time. Did you hear Jack Abbott got engaged?

Mary: Yes.

Lauren: I was at the party. I saw Paul and the woman he's seeing. She's lovely.

Mary: Is that why you invited me here and offered preview of the Fenmore's sale, to see if it's true? I'm insulted.

Lauren: I had ulterior motives but inviting you to the sale was a nice gesture, certainly not to bribe you.

Mary: No?

Lauren: No. I realize you're not one of my biggest fans. Paul and I have remained friends since our divorce. I like to think if the situations were reversed and Paul were in a position to help, he would.

Mary: Tell me exactly how you feel you can help my son?

Jack: I might be one of the last people you want to confide in, but I've my share of painful break-ups. If you want to talk, go ahead.

Paul: It couldn't help to get an outside perspective. Everybody close to me feels comfortable giving me their two cents. I ask you, could your opinion be any more annoying?

Jack: Who was the knockout you brought to our party the other night?

Paul: Isabella Brogna.

Jack: You looked like you were having a good time with her.

Paul: I was.

Jack: Maybe the beginning of a new chapter?

Paul: Well, I had high hopes.

Jack: What happened?

Michael: Settle down, Phyllis. Christine is still in Australia.

Phyllis: What's with all the boxes?

Michael: My new associate is moving into this office.

Phyllis: You hired someone new. Bravo.

Michael: I take it that pleases you.

Phyllis: You finally grew a backbone. It's time you hired somebody.

Michael: She's generating all sorts of income for this firm.

Phyllis: Does she know you hired someone new?

Michael: Of course.

Phyllis: She's not upset someone is treading on her territory?

Michael: Not the least. I considered renting more office space. She wouldn't hear of it.

Phyllis: Sounds like she's not coming home any time soon.

Michael: I'm sure it breaks your heart.

Phyllis: Oh, no. I'm sure it breaks yours. It makes you wonder what's going on Down Under. A rancher is keeping her warm.

Michael: Knock it off, Phyllis.

Phyllis: Is it too painful thinking of Christine with anybody but yourself? Sorry. I'm not going to rub it in. Anyway, I don't want to talk about Christine. I want to talk about Paul and his new babe.

Michael: What about her?

Phyllis: She's a hottie.

Michael: Your point is?

Phyllis: Mr. Warm and Friendly is getting over her, too. I think it's great. Who wants to be with someone so frigid?

Michael: The woman you're referring to left town.

Phyllis: You know that how?

Michael: I have that on good authority. Can we please drop this?

Tricia: Hi, Dad. It's me, Tricia. I brought you some flowers. They're daisies, Mom's favorite. I'll put them right here. I'm sorry that I haven't been to see you, but I've been thinking about you. And I pray for you every night. I remember when I was a little girl, you used to tuck me in at night. You said that there were angels watching over me, keeping me safe. I know they're watching over you now and they're not going to let anything bad happen to you. Dad, I love you so much. I need you. I already lost Mom and I can't lose you. You come back to me, okay? Just squeeze my hand or something. Just give me a sign. Please squeeze my hand.

Lauren: Thank you. I'm aware Paul and Isabella are no longer seeing each other. Can you shed any light on the situation?

Mary: You know, I -- somehow I feel I shouldn't behaving this conversation with you.

Lauren: Your son is suffering. You're refusing help from me?

Mary: Well, if you talk to Paul about Isabella, I'm sure he gave you an earful about me.

Lauren: Actually, your name never came up.

Mary: I find that hard to believe. The last time, Paul accused me of having an inappropriate interest in that relationship.

Lauren: You're saying you're not?

Mary: I'm fond of Isabella. She's good for Paul. She makes him happy after all those months of distraction from some very hurtful things.

Lauren: Sorry, I didn't know.

Mary: Not as sorry as I am.

Lauren: Paul's relieved it's over?

Mary: My son wants nothing more to do with that woman.

Lauren: Do you have any idea what happened?

Mary: None. I just know I'm better off if I let Paul fight his own battles. He made it very clear to me that I should remain on the sidelines. Will you excuse me? I just remembered I have something to do.

Lauren: That's interesting.

Phyllis: You missed a golden opportunity.

Michael: Why do you say that?

Phyllis: You were at the party, too.

Michael: I believe I was your date.

Phyllis: You must have seen how close Paul and --.

Michael: Isabella.

Phyllis: Isabella were.

Michael: So?

Phyllis: You are a counselor of sorts. You could haven't counseled her and convinced her to stay?

Michael: There's nothing I could have done to keep those two together. If you're finished, I have to get back to work.

Phyllis: You missed your chance.

Michael: I'll live.

Phyllis: It would have solved your problems if you found Paul a distraction.

Michael: Phyllis, please, please.

Phyllis: All right. Okay, okay. I'm leaving.

Paul: My situation with Isabella was a very complex one. It was a very confusing time. I wasn't speaking with my wife. She was halfway around the world. I really had no idea where my marriage stood.

Jack: So you went ahead and jumped into a relationship with Isabella.

Paul: The truth is when I thought things were finally coming together, they just fell apart again.

Jack: I have a feeling if you have a chance to do it over --.

Paul: I can't do that, Jack. She's out of town. She could be anywhere.

Jack: Dare I suggest the obvious? Paul you're a private investigator. If you want to find Isabella or anybody else, you can do it. I hear it on good authority sometimes we get a second chance in life. I have to get over to Brad and Ashley's.

Paul: I'll walk out with you.

Jack: Why don't you stay here? It seems to me you have a phone call to make.

Paul: Yeah, this is Paul Williams. I'm trying to locate someone. I'd like to run a credit card check. Isabella Brogna.

[Phone ringing]

Michael: Baldwin.

Isabella: It's me.

Michael: Did you call to hang up on me again?

Isabella: No, I didn't.

Michael: We haven't had a chance to talk since the hospital.

Isabella: You said plenty that day.

Michael: When I threatened to tell Paul about our connection.

Isabella: Stop, stop, this doesn't concern me any longer. Everything's changed since then.

Michael: How so?

Isabella: Do you know Lauren Fenmore?

Michael: Yeah, why?

Isabella: Is she trustworthy?

Michael: I can't honestly say. I don't know her that well.

Isabella: She wouldn't tell me who she was going to see. What if it's Paul?

Michael: Are you still in town?

Isabella: Yes, if I stay any longer --.

Michael: Let's get together and talk. I won't push you. We will sort through this together.

Isabella: I have to go.

Michael: Isabella, just tell me where you are.

Isabella: How can I leave? How can I stay?

Mackenzie: Of course I want to help you find Colleen.

Billy: Why are you dodging my questions?

Mackenzie: I'm not.

Billy: Wait, wait, I get it. I know what's going on.

Mackenzie: You do?

Billy: Yeah. Can we go in there?

Mackenzie: Billy, I have to --.

Billy: Please?

Mackenzie: All right.

Billy: I'm sorry. I should have been more sensitive talking about you running away must have brought back horrible stuff about you being at home.

Mackenzie: How's Traci?

Billy: She's a wreck. I know Colleen is upset and angry, but she has to know how frightened we all are. Mac, if anything happens to her --.

Mackenzie: Billy, don't.

Billy: It's just that I can't -- I don't even want to think about the people she could run into.

Mackenzie: Colleen's smart. Hey, she's a New Yorker like you. She's made of tough stuff.

Billy: You're just trying to make me feel better. No one can be sure if Colleen's safe, nobody. It's tearing me and my family apart.

Amanda: New York City, huh? How do you intend to get there?

Colleen: I'll take a bus or a train.

Amanda: I doubt you'll get very far.

Colleen: How come?

Amanda: I'm sure your parents have the stations covered.

Colleen: Well, then I'll hitchhike.

Amanda: Definitely not a smart move.

Colleen: Why?

Amanda: I'm sure you heard of the horror stories that happen to hitchhikers, especially young girls like yourself.

Colleen: Then I'll find another way.

Amanda: All right. Say you do manage to get to New York. What then?

Colleen: I can stay with some friends.

Amanda: And I'm sure they will be willing to help you. But how do you keep their parents from contacting your parents?

Colleen: Well, I have some money in the bank. I could get a hotel room.

Amanda: That's a problem too.

Colleen: Why?

Amanda: A kid your age? They'll probably get suspicious and call the police. Look. I know you didn't ask me my advice, but maybe New York isn't the best place for you. You really can't stay with friends. You'll be all alone in that huge city. I'd sure hate to be in that position.

Colleen: It won't be that bad.

Amanda: All right. If you say so.

Tricia: I don't think he can hear me.

Victor: It's your first visit. You shouldn't force it.

Tricia: I will come everyday and keep talking to you and talking to you. Maybe it'll do some good. It just seems so unfair because it wasn't that long ago I was in the hospital and you were so strong. You helped me get better. Why can't I do the same?

Victor: I have to get back to the office. So as you like. My driver will take you to your session, all right? I'm sorry. Take care.

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