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Jack: Any word from Colleen?

Traci: Nothing yet.

Jack: We have our bases covered. Paul is on top of the situation.

Ashley: You stopped by Crimson Lights?

Jack: Billy's there. I filled him in. Where's Brad and Steve?

Ashley: Steve went to New York to talk to Colleen's friends.

Jack: And Brad?

Ashley: He's holding down the fort on business.

Traci: If he's still here, she's bound to reach out to him.

Ashley: Just hold on, okay? She's not gone that long. She can turn up at any moment.  

Traci: Okay. Thanks.

Ned: It was perfect timing, you stopping by tonight. We have a new arrival. You might be the best person to relate to right now. Oh, here she is.

Mackenzie: Colleen?

Colleen: Mac?

Ned: You know each other? [Phone ringing] Yes, June. I'll be right there. Excuse me, an emergency.

Mackenzie: Colleen, what are you doing here?

Colleen: I was about to ask you the same thing.

Mackenzie: Ned thinks you're a runaway. He is confused, isn't he?

Colleen: I don't want to talk about it. You didn't tell me why you were here.

Mackenzie: I volunteer here a couple days a week.

Colleen: I had no idea.

Mackenzie: Colleen, something is obviously --.

Colleen: I'm only at the shelter because I couldn't leave tonight.

Mackenzie: Where are you going?

Colleen: I can't stay here.

Mackenzie: Why not?

Colleen: Because you'll tell my family.

Mackenzie: So it is true. You are running away

Rianna: Hi.

Raul: I'm looking for Jack.

Rianna: He's not here.

Raul: You know where he is?

Rianna: No.

Raul: I got a message Mr. Abbott wants to see me.

Rianna: He doesn't want to see you, Raul. I do. We have to talk.

Raul: Everything's already been said.

Raul: I'm out of here.

Rianna: I know we're both hurting. Don't you think we can get past this?

Raul: We are not Billy and Mac.

Rianna: I know we said things that we can't take back.

Raul: You think this is about what we said? The last day of the summer campaign, you were in the pool house making out!

Malcolm: My turn? You sure about that? I think you made an oopsy. One, two. King me. Somebody said he wasn't tired.

Nate: I'm not.

Malcolm: Do you want me to put the checkers up and have you go to bed?

Nate: Can I stay up until Mom gets here?

[Doorbell sounding]

Malcolm: Saved by the bell. You had that planned, didn't you? Hello, Olivia. Come in.

Olivia: Thank you.

Nate: You brought it.

Olivia: First day of school, you have to have your favorite lunch box.

Malcolm: I was about to put him in bed. Go up and brush your teeth.

Nate: Stick around and tuck me in too, Mom?

Olivia: Sure, sweetheart.

Malcolm: See you in a minute, partner.

Olivia: You really don't mind?

Malcolm: Seems to be better for the boy, Olivia.

Olivia: He's the happiest when we're getting along.

Malcolm: Olivia, I'm not going to make waves.

Olivia: I am? Actually I wanted to thank you.

Malcolm: You wanted to thank me for what?

Olivia: For keeping Alex away when he's over here. Wait a minute. She's not here, is she?

Malcolm: Alex, baby, this is really serious. Have you thought about what you're getting yourself into? You haven't. He's greedy. He's dishonest and full of himself.

Alex: Calm down and look at the situation rationally.

Malcolm: There are a gang of attorneys out there.

Alex: I'm glad it is me. I want this job.

Malcolm: Alex, the last thing I want to do is argue with you.

Alex: No, you just want me to turn down Michael's offer.

Malcolm: Yes, I do.

Alex: You still haven't given me a valid reason.

Malcolm: I have a bad feeling.

Alex: I have a good feeling, and it's my career.

Malcolm: That's it? Huh? End of discussion?

Alex: I love you, Malcolm, and I respect you, but working for Michael is what's best for me. And you'll have to accept it. Where are you? What's keeping you?

Gina: The mystery guest has arrived.

Neil: Pardon me?

Gina: Alex's dinner companion. I understand you're talking about business.

Neil: Sorry, you have the wrong guy.

Gina: Sorry. Open mouth, insert foot. I'll take you to a table.

Neil: First I'm going to go say hi. Hello, counselor.

Alex: Neil.

Neil: Gina thought I was joining you. She said you were here for a business dinner? Must not be waiting on Malcolm.

Alex: No.

Neil: Don't tell me you're interviewing.

Michael: Actually she already got the job.

[Doorbell sounding]

Ashley: Victor.

Victor: May I come in?

Ashley: Of course. You've come at a difficult time.

Victor: I know. I understand your niece is missing.

Ashley: How did you hear that?

Victor: I overheard Jack talk to your brother, Billy.

Ashley: She couldn't handle it so she ran away so she didn't have to go to new York.

Victor: How long has she been gone?

Ashley: Not long. But you know a girl her age, alone.

Sharon: Honey? There you are.

Nicholas: I didn't know you would still be here.

Sharon: We weren't going to leave without you.

Cassie: Guess who dropped off a present for Victor? It was so funny.

Nicholas: Why?

Cassie: He got the same thing that Nikki did.

Sharon: It's amazing. Those two are thousands of miles away and still in sync. It makes me wonder.

Nicholas: What?

Sharon: If it's inevitable that they will end up together.

Malcolm: Olivia, no, Alex isn't here. It's just that there's something I've been meaning to tell you. Alex and I are engaged.

Olivia: Wow. When did that happen?

Malcolm: A few weeks ago.

Olivia: I'm the last person to know?

Malcolm: Actually you're not. I didn't tell Nate either.

Olivia: Why not?

Malcolm: I didn't want to be the first to tell him. I didn't want you to be blindsided. I didn't think it would be good for you or Nate.

Olivia: Thank you.

Malcolm: You're welcome.

Olivia: When is the big date?

Malcolm: We're not sure.

Olivia: Are you planning to make big changes?

Malcolm: Are you asking if we're planning to move in together, the answer's yes. Are you having a problem with this?

Olivia: Nate is an impressionable young man. I won't fight you on this.

Malcolm: I do appreciate that.

Olivia: Although there is something I'd like to say. Believe it or not, I'm happy for you. After the Abbott party the other night, Neil told me how supportive you were of Phyllis, and it reminded me how loyal you can be, one of your better qualities. So I'm glad you found Alex. Perhaps she'll bring out the best in you.

Michael: Please, Neil, join us.

Neil: Is this true?

Alex: Yes. I'm working at Michael's firm.

Neil: What made you choose Baldwin, Williams?

Alex: Michael and I had conversations in the past.

Michael: We got to know each other personally, respect each other professionally.

Alex: We both happened to be here the other day and I am aware of the heavy workload. We talked, discussed particulars.

Michael: And I made Miss Perez an offer she can't refuse.

Neil: Is that right? I only have one question. Does Malcolm know about this?

Billy: Thank you. All right. Hey, any news?

Jack: Afraid not. How about you?

Billy: Talking to some friends.

Traci: Do they know Colleen?

Billy: They've seen her around. They will help get the word out.

Phyllis: What's going on?

Jack: Colleen has run away.

Phyllis: I'm sorry.

Jack: Paul Williams has his people out in force. I don't think Mrs. Martinez knows about this.

Billy: I'll let her know.

Jack: I'll get a hold of Dad in case Colleen tries to get a hold of him on his cell.

Phyllis: If there's anything I can do. Maybe you want to be alone.

Traci: Actually, Phyllis, if you don't mind, I could really use the company.

Sharon: Time to head home. Ready, Nick?

Nicholas: What?

Sharon: It's getting late. We should be leaving.

Nicholas: Yes, definitely.

Cassie: Can I get a muffin for the morning?

Sharon: Sure, honey. Why don't you grab one for Noah, too?

Cassie: Okay.

Sharon: All right, you. Spill it. I know what you're thinking.

Nicholas: You do?

Sharon: You're wondering if I talked to your Dad about Tricia.

Nicholas: Did you?

Sharon: Now that he's taken over I don't feel like I have to worry. Wipe that frown off your face.

Nicholas: Yes, ma'am.

Cassie: Ready.

Nicholas: Let's do it. You lead the way.

Rianna: It was one kiss, Raul.

Raul: You happened to be in a lip-lock with the guy that broke us up. Actions speak louder than words, Rianna. You think there's something we need to talk about here?

Rianna: I was really down that day.

Raul: You turned to J.T.

Rianna: It was a one-time thing.

Raul: Like when you slept together?

Rianna: I was hurt and lonely. You were treating me like dirt.

Raul: All of a sudden this is my fault. Get this straight, Rianna. There's no way in hell you will keep me around while you figure out what's going on with that jerk.

Rianna: That's not what I'm doing. Because you're so jealous you can't see straight. This has nothing to do with J.T. I'm not dating J.T. I've barely spoken to him since then.

Raul: You haven't?

Rianna: No. Raul, I didn't let him kiss me. It didn't mean anything. I've been so confused, I feel I'm totally numb. Something tells me you might feel the same way.

Phyllis: Here's a little chamomile tea. It'll calm you.

Traci: Thank you.

Phyllis: Sure. Traci, it's okay. You can let it all out.

Traci: Oh, I -- I had no idea that Colleen was really upset. I knew that but I had no clue. I'm just very scared for my baby.

Phyllis: You have such an incredible family. You have so many people who love you and support you. I don't know Colleen very well, but I have to believe that strength as a family will draw her back home.

Traci: Phyllis, I hope you're right. Thank you.

Mackenzie: Colleen.

Colleen: Leave me alone. It's late.

Mackenzie: You want to sleep on the streets?

Colleen: Nobody can help me.

Mackenzie: It may seem like that now.

Colleen: You don't understand.

Mackenzie: I understand.

Ashley: Okay. Well, keep me posted. Good luck, Brad. Bye. Brad calling from the plane. He and Steve are on their way to New York.

Victor: Looking for Colleen?

Ashley: She's already contacted one of her friends there. Maybe she will try to get back to New York.

Victor: I'm sure Brad appreciates your support.

Ashley: He's concerned. It's very scary.

Victor: It certainly is.

Ashley: None of this would be happening if they listened to me. This is a direct result of Brad getting too involved with her too damned soon.

Victor: I understand how you would be bitter with that.

Ashley: My niece is in jeopardy and I'm saying I told you so.

Victor: You love her and you're very upset about this.

Sharon: Hey. Is that your poem, honey?

Cassie: It was going to be. I couldn't get all the words to rhyme so I turned it into a letter to the baby.

Sharon: That's so sweet. I can't wait to hear it at the shower.

Cassie: I'm not sure I want to read it in front of all those people. It's kind of personal.

Sharon: Well, would you like to read it to just me?

Cassie: Here it goes. "Dear baby, my name is Cassie. I'm going to be your sister. I know you're growing inside Mommy and every day you get bigger. I can't wait for you to come out and be with us. We all want to hold you and hug you. I gave you my room, and we're making it really nice for you. You'll be close to Mommy and Daddy so they can watch over you all the time. Noah will be your brother, but he's too little to help. I'm old enough to change your diapers and give you a bath. I'll be careful, I promise. We'll all take really good care of you. I'm counting the day to your birthday on New Year's. The whole family is. We love you so much already and we'll love you even more when you're here. Love, Cassie.” So what do you think? Mommy, what's wrong?

Sharon: Nothing, honey. I'm fine.

Cassie: Then why are you crying?

Sharon: I think what you wrote is beautiful and I love it, honey.

Nicholas: Where would you like all this stuff?

Sharon: Just put it anywhere.

Nicholas: How about right here? This is quite a haul. You really cleaned up today.

Sharon: You have to get Cassie to read the letter in the morning.

Nicholas: Best gift of all, huh?

Sharon: It brought tears to my eyes. It was that special.

Nicholas: You had a good day.

Sharon: Guys don't like baby showers, but I think you would have had a good time at this one.

Nicholas: I'll take your word for it.

Sharon: I'm serious. Everybody is excited about the baby.

Nicholas: They're not the only ones.

Sharon: I'm going to hold you to that.

Nicholas: What's that supposed to mean?

Sharon: I know you have been distracted today. I thought maybe you were worried about me. Now I found the real culprit.

Nicholas: You have?

Sharon: Work. I told Victor that once this baby gets here, I don't want you putting in any more 12-hour days.

Nicholas: I'm sure that went over big.

Sharon: It did. He agreed. He thinks family comes first.

Nicholas: Of course he does.

Sharon: You are the sweetest. I love you.

Nicholas: I love you, too.

Sharon: Honey, is something else on your mind?

Nicholas: What else could possibly be on my mind but you and your hot body.

Sharon: Am I supposed to say I'll slip into something more comfortable? Nick, you're worrying me. Does this have to do with Larry Warton?

Nicholas: Larry?

Sharon: When you were talking earlier, did he say something to disturb you?

Malcolm: Well, that's the nicest thing you've said to me in ages, Olivia.

Olivia: It's true. Being in love seems to bring out the best in you.

Malcolm: Still blows me away a little bit.

Olivia: You think I would resent Alex? She and I are hardly friends. Neil speaks highly of her and I believe she's made a believer out of Mr. Newman.

Malcolm: What are you talking about?

Olivia: The job offer, of course.

Nate: You going to tuck me in?

Malcolm: Yeah, tough guy. Give us a second. We'll be right there.

Olivia: It seems a long time since we've heard that.

Malcolm: It's up to you.

Alex: Yes, Malcolm knows. I told him this morning.

Neil: What was his reaction?

Alex: He was surprised.

Neil: I'm sure that was an understatement.

Alex: It was a bit of a shock. He had no idea I had taken a job.

Neil: Let alone with Mr. Baldwin.

Alex: Of course he had issues being he represented Olivia in the custody case. In the long run, he will realize it's my call.

Neil: Whatever you say.

Alex: You disagree now?

Neil: The company you keep is totally up to you.

Michael: Alex knew your brother wouldn't be thrilled. She had no choice but to come on board.

Neil: She didn't?

Michael: You put your best offer on the table. I'm sure it was better than I could have proposed.

Neil: Why did you accept?

Michael: Other factors intervened.

Neil: Such as?

Michael: Her heart. It's in private practice. It's not corporate law. Helping people fight for the underdog. That's why she became a lawyer. Isn't that true, counselor?

Alex: Yes.

Neil: You two have some business to discuss I'm sure. Congratulations. Good luck.

Alex: Thank you, Neil.

Michael: You seem upset.

Alex: I had no idea what you were talking about. All that talk about my heart.

Michael: Just filling Neil in. Look, Alex, regardless what I think is going on between you and your future brother-in-law, I'm a professional, highly discreet.

Alex: You're saying I can trust you?

Michael: You have no choice if we're going to have a successful business relationship. Though I feel Neil had understated Malcolm's reaction to working together. It was that bad?

Alex: It was a bit tense, but he will accept it.

Michael: What if he doesn't?

Alex: Do you have those cases for me to review or not?

Michael: By all means, by all means. There you go.

Alex: Thank you.

Nicholas: Larry and I were just talking.

Sharon: It looked pretty heavy. You said it was about work stuff, his job at Jabot?

Nicholas: Larry is going to be fine. Why are we talking about Larry Warton right now?

Sharon: I get the feeling he said something that upset you.

Nicholas: Baby, I'm not upset.

Sharon: Promise you're okay?

Nicholas: I will be more than just okay in a few minutes.

Sharon: Oh, yeah? Wait, wait. Let me change my clothes. I've been wearing this all day.

Nicholas: Yeah, get out of those clothes. 

Rianna: Raul, do you feel the same way that I do?

Raul: It hasn't been a happy time for me, if that's what you mean.

Rianna: I'm not trying to solve our problems overnight. If we could talk about them.

Raul: Every time we get together, it's a disaster.

Rianna: It doesn't have to be. Raul, say what you want. I know you still care about me.

Raul: It doesn't matter. It's no use, Rianna, all right? All we ever end up doing is hurting each other. Maybe it's just time we end this.

Rianna: Maybe I was wrong. Maybe it's too soon. Just don't slam the door. Give us a little more time.

Traci: Phyllis, I'll make some more tea.

Phyllis: I'm doing it.

Traci: It's okay. I'll do it. I need something to do. Thanks.

Jack: You are an amazing lady, Phyllis Summers.

Phyllis: How long have you been standing there?

Jack: Long enough to know I am a very lucky man to have you in my life.

Phyllis: I feel for your sister.

Jack: We all do. Thank you for reaching out to her.

Phyllis: I wish I knew this was going on earlier.

Jack: What do you mean?

Phyllis: I ran into your sister Ashley.

Jack: What happened?

Phyllis: It's not a big deal. I turned the other cheek. She whacked it. No blood was spilled.

Jack: You couldn't have known. You reached out to her. You made the effort. What you just did with Traci really counts.

Phyllis: I hope we find Colleen soon.

Jack: Yeah, yeah.

Colleen: You lived here?

Mackenzie: That's right. You read it in the chatrooms online. I'm from St. Louis. My mom and I --.

Colleen: You just took off.

Mackenzie: Ended up here in Genoa City.

Colleen: Weren't you looking for your grandmother?

Mackenzie: Yeah, that's a long story. I couldn't find her at first so I stayed here.

Colleen: You know what it's like.

Mackenzie: Yeah, I do, Colleen.

Colleen: My parents were going to force me to go back to New York with them, pretend it was the way it used to be.

Mackenzie: You won't do that.

Colleen: I can't. I won't.

Mackenzie: Look, it's late. You should get some rest. You'll be safe here. This is a good place with good people. You'll be okay.

Colleen: You really do know what I'm going through. You won't tell anyone where I am? Promise, Mac?

Mackenzie: Yeah, I promise.

Ashley: Colleen is a girl that led a sheltered, upper middle class life. No way she's prepared to be alone like that. A young girl on the streets, even for a short period of time all these things could happen to her.

Victor: I understand you're frightened, Ashley. Regardless of what other feelings you have about her, you care very deeply.

Ashley: Of course. I love her. I don't want anything to happen to her. It would be devastating for everybody in our family.

Victor: Of course it would be. I don't like to leave you like this. Would you like me to stay for a while?

Ashley: Thanks. But I think maybe you should leave.

Victor: You don't mind if I call you tomorrow?

Ashley: Of course not.

Victor: Let me know if anything happens that I should know about.

Ashley: Thanks again.

Billy: Hey.

Jack: Hey, you talk to Mrs. Martinez?

Billy: Yeah, I let her know what was going on. Anything else I can do?

Jack: Get to bed. You have school tomorrow.

Billy: Tell Traci I said good night. Damn.

Jack: What?

Billy: I'm supposed to meet Mackenzie.

Jack: Give her a call. She'll understand. Good night, buddy.

Billy: Good night.

Phyllis: I think I'm going to head up. If you need anything. Um, Traci, good night.

Traci: Good night.

Traci: Jack, you can go up to bed.

Jack: No, no. You're staying up. I'm staying up.

Ned: Lucky you got her to stay.

Mackenzie: I doubt Colleen feels that way.

Ned: What do you mean?

Mackenzie: I told her I wouldn't say anything to her parents. But --.

Ned: But nothing. You know how we operate. Confidentiality is key around here.

Mackenzie: I have to keep this to myself?

Ned: It puts you in a tough position, but that's the way it's got to be.

[Cell phone ringing]

Mackenzie: Excuse me. Hello.

Billy: Hey, Mac, listen, I am so sorry.

Mackenzie: Billy.

Billy: You're probably wondering where I am.

Mackenzie: I'm still at the shelter.

Billy: You're not going to believe what's happened. Colleen's run away.

Mackenzie: How's her mom?

Billy: She's freaked out. It's killing her she doesn't know where Colleen is. I wanted to let you know what's up.

Mackenzie: Thanks for calling. I'm sorry, Billy.

Billy: I hope we find her soon. I'll see you tomorrow morning, okay?

Mackenzie: Okay.

Sharon: Is that enough for you?

Nicholas: Baby, you are so hot. I can't believe how sexy you are. I swear, I don't know how I got you. You mean everything to me. You and the kids, you mean everything to me. This calls for a toast. No champagne for you. The mom-to-be will hit the sparkling water. Only one glass, because you know we both have to work tomorrow. There you go. Sharon?

Matt: Hey, rich boy.

Nicholas: Where is she? Did you do something with her?

Matt: Yeah, I've done something. You going to kill me? Too late, sucker.

Nicholas: You are dead. This isn't real!

Matt: You better tell that to Sharon. Remember the last thing you said to me in the hospital? You said that I lost, right, rich boy? Guess what, I won. I won!

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