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Brad: Ash?

Ashley: Hi.

Brad: Sorry, I didn't mean to startle you. You all right?

Ashley: Um, I've been better.

Brad: Why did you want to see me? My secretary said you left a message.

Ashley: I thought we should meet here if we wanted to.

Brad: Ash, I'm really not up for a fight.

Traci: What are you doing here, Steve? I didn't realize you were coming.

Steve: I kept thinking I would hear from you. Time is getting short.

Traci: We're on a deadline to resolve our issues?

Steve: Not for us but for Colleen.

Traci: Oh, my gosh. You're talking about school.

Steve: Our daughter is going to be a freshman. A totally new school for her.

Traci: And she shouldn't be late getting back.

Steve: Time has gotten away from you.

Traci: You can't understand how that happened.

Steve: When you left New York and said you had to come to Genoa City, I didn't think you would be gone this long.

Traci: Neither did I.

Steve: I felt we were making progress before, which is why I came here instead of calling.

Traci: I'm sorry, I guess I don't follow.

Steve: I've taken the week off. I realize nothing is certain, but I believe we're close to putting our life back together. I think we can do that now. We can go back to New York as a family.

Colleen: No way. I'm not going back there. And neither is Mom.

Paul: Where do I sign?

Right here.

Isabella: You're covering the medical expenses?

Thank you, Mr. Williams.

Paul: Sure. You seem surprised to see me.

Isabella: I am.

Paul: Why? You're the one that hadn't call me. So you didn't think I would show up after what happened between us last night?

Isabella: I don't want to talk about that.

Paul: If this wasn't a money issue, you never would have told me about your accident.

Isabella: It wasn't that serious. They only kept me overnight for observation.

Paul: Even so --.

Isabella: Look, Paul. I made up my mind. I'm leaving town.

Paul: There's no more to talk about.

Isabella: My decision is final.

Paul: You're wrong, Isabella. I do agree. It is time for you to leave.

Katherine: I thought I heard someone come in.

Lauren: Surprised it's not Jill?

Katherine: If I ever see that woman further through the front door, it would be too soon. How was your day?

Lauren: It was busy productive.

Katherine: You are spending a lot of time at work these days.

Lauren: You know, it's my flagship store. It's important I fine-tune things when I'm in town.

Katherine: I have to wonder if there's a reason you're focusing so much on business.

Lauren: I know what you're really asking. It's true. I have been thinking a lot about Paul and the new woman in his life.

Katherine: And?

Lauren: And you know that conversation I had with her at the Abbott's party was surprising. I hadn't expected her to be so confident about their relationship.

Katherine: At the time you said that didn't dissuade you from your own pursuits. Are you telling me you're having second thoughts now?

[Cell phone ringing]

Phyllis: Hello.

Jack: Hi, sugar. It's me.

Phyllis: Hey, how are you?

Jack: Can you get your cute toosh over here? I have a surprise for you.

Phyllis: I have to walk in the lion's den.

Jack: A meeting with the moustache?

Phyllis: I have to run something by him.

Jack: I have the perfect antidote for time wasted with what's-his-name. Get here as soon as you can, okay?

Your fiancée?

Jack: She will be here shortly.

Well, Mr. Abbott, if I do say so myself, this is going to make her whole day.

Brittany: Don't be coy. We both know what I wished for when I blew out my birthday candles.

Sean: Brittany, get real.

Brittany: I wished you would stick around and we'd get to know each other much, much better.

Sean: That's two. You only get one.

Brittany: Are you saying I don't get the second one until my next birthday? The question is what's holding you back?

Sean: Where do I begin?

Brittany: It can't be my age.

Sean: You're young enough to be my --.

Brittany: Not your daughter, that's for sure. Jill Abbot is old enough to be your mother. What you've got going on with her proves you're not hung up on who's older or younger. I would much rather talk about you and me.

Sean: There is no you and me.

Brittany: There might be if you stop fighting it.

Sean: Putting aside what I may or may not want, why would you want to get involved with me?

Brittany: Sean, I know you think I'm coveting what I can't have.

Sean: What is it then? You are young, still in high school. You're smart. You can have pretty much any guy you want, beside Billy and Raul. You think anybody over 20 years old has one foot in the grave.

Brittany: I'm not like most girls.

Sean: You're 18 now. Wow, that's old. You've done the sex thing. You've probably done the drinking thing, feeling pretty adult. I was 18 once, too. I had a lot to learn so do you, little girl.

Billy: Wow. Can you believe it? This is our last week before school starts.

Mackenzie: Here we are at Gina's, dancing the precious hours away.

Billy: I would have liked to have taken you to the Colonnade Room. That's where I wanted to take you on our special date. But someone insisted it would be too much.

Mackenzie: Anywhere I'm with you is special. Besides, this is a good compromise. Awesome food. I especially like the guy I'm with.

Billy: What's so great about me?

Mackenzie: How long have you got?

Billy: He must be a great guy.

Mackenzie: And he's all mine. It's like we're in our own little world when we're together.

Billy: Maybe not.

Phyllis: I need to see you about something.

Victor: I'm busy right now.

Phyllis: If this could wait, that would be fine. I have to take care of this right away.

Victor: Is this concern --.

Phyllis: I think we should act on this as quickly as we can, in my opinion.

Victor: Why are you giving this to me? This pertains to Brash & Sassy. Therefore you should show it to my daughter who runs the division.

Phyllis: I know. She's out of the building right now. I don't have access to the main frame. You know without the access, I can't do anything, otherwise I'd take care of it myself.

Victor: This part of the plan was a success?

Phyllis: This part.

Victor: Here you are.

Phyllis: You know, Victor, this is rather demeaning. It's like asking for the executive key to the john every time I need to use it. I think with all the time I’ve spent with your company, you'd trust me by now.

Victor: Are you finished?

Phyllis: Yes, I am.

Victor: Is that an engagement ring you're wearing?

Phyllis: Yes. Jack and I are engaged.

Victor: I see.

Phyllis: You know, I know that you're feeling this proves your point keeping me on a short leash. I've said it before and I'll say it again. I don't let my personal life intrude on my work. Not that you'll ever believe that.

Victor: Are you finished?

Phyllis: Yeah. Thank you.

Victor: No, no, no, don't go yet.

Ashley: I was going to suggest we go out this evening. Obviously, you're not into that.

Brad: Why would you say that?

Ashley: You think the only reason I dragged you in here was to fight with you.

Brad: You know, it's like we have become a couple of children just chipping away at each other. Every time we talk, we push each other's buttons.

Ashley: Why has it become so difficult for us to talk to each other?

Brad: Because we're on totally different wavelengths. Ash, I'm going through something very meaningful in my life. You can't or won't accept it.

Ashley: So it's still me. I'm the problem.

Colleen: Mom, what is he doing here? Why didn't you tell me he was coming?

Steve: Your mother didn't know. Honey, I missed you so much.

Colleen: Don't touch me.

Steve: Sweetheart --.

Colleen: Didn't you hear me? Mom and I are not going back to New York!

Traci: I never said we're not going back to New York.

Colleen: I've said it more than once.

Steve: I promised to do everything in my power to make up for it.

Colleen: You can't, ever.

Steve: I understand how someone so close to you can let you down this way. Parents aren't perfect.

Colleen: I know that. But Brad would never do what you did to Mom. He would never betray her the way you did.

Steve: Why are you bringing up Brad?

Colleen: Because he's been good to me and Mom. I trust him not to hurt us. Why don't you go back to New York and leave us alone? We don't need you.

Lauren: No, I'm not having second thoughts. I will always be interested in Paul. We were husband and wife once.

Katherine: And now he's involved with a beautiful Miss Brogna.

Lauren: Well, you know, it's a rebound relationship.

Katherine: Yes, I know. And I know there's still a very close relationship between you and Paul. Listen to me, the man has been through a great deal.

Lauren: Do you think this relationship means more to him than I realized?

Katherine: Darling, I am very concerned.

Lauren: Don't be. I promise to be careful. I'm not going to do anything impulsive to hurt Paul or me. I have never been one to shy away from a challenge.

Isabella: Well, well, well, we finally see eye to eye on one thing anyway.

Paul: Isabella, don't misunderstand, I hate the way things ended in the hotel room. I'm just glad I had the chance --.

Isabella: Paul, don't. The last thing I want to do is drag it up again.

Paul: You have every right to be upset with me. I was acting selfishly. I have issues with Chris that I am not able to resolve as quickly as you would like. You need me to be over her, and that's fair. What isn't fair is me stringing you along. Isabella, I have very strong feelings for you. But I cannot act on them. I'm not free to act on them. And that has caused me to do things that I have come to regret.

Isabella: Like making love to me? We both know how much you regretted that.

Paul: Look, I never meant to hurt you. I know you won't believe this after everything that happened last night, but I did want to make love to you. And you were right. If I had, it would not have been with all of my heart.

Isabella: Well, you're not the only one with regrets, Paul. Even now, I regret I wasn't able to leave town when I wanted. I regret that my delay has allowed you this final opportunity to hurt me. At least I know this time I know it's the last time, and I can find solace in that. Goodbye, Paul.

Phyllis: I know this news doesn't exactly thrill you, but with all due respect, Victor, nothing will shake the faith of the man I love.

Victor: Miss Summers, I'm not in the habit of warning people more than once. If you choose to ignore my caveats as regards Jack Abbott, then that's your problem. However, I'd like to know if your engagement is public knowledge.

Phyllis: We threw a party. We announced our nuptials to one and all.

Victor: Is the Abbott family aware of this as well?

Phyllis: Yes, they are aware. Your daughter was invited along with Ryan and Neil.

Victor: Thank you, Miss Summers. That'll be all.

Brittany: We're not through.

Sean: Yes, we are.

Brittany: No, we're not! Sorry. I know you think I'm shallow to ever examine my feelings, but you're wrong.

Sean: You're young. That's not a crime.

Brittany: Sometimes I don't think I have anything in common with people my own age. It's never worked. I always do things I shouldn't. It's like I have this vision of how things should be. And I try to make people fit into that vision whether they want to or not.

Sean: Why do you think that is?

Brittany: I'm not sure. Maybe I'm bored. Maybe what I really need is someone in my life who forces me to be honest about myself.

Mackenzie: This is our last official date before school starts; we want to make it official.

Jill: I am not about to intrude on your date.

Billy: Mom, relax, that's not what I meant.

Jill: Sorry, that's not what I meant. It's been one of those days. I heard you're keeping the boutique open?

Mackenzie: Sounds like a good idea.

Jill: I think it's a huge mistake, not that anyone would listen to me. People have their agendas which is why we're continuing a campaign throughout the year that would be better in small doses.

Billy: What agendas?

Mrs. Abbott, your table's ready.

Jill: Suddenly I'm not hungry anymore. I'm just going to go.

Billy: Mom. Mom!

Phyllis: I have plenty of time. There's traffic and I have to get back -- hi. I didn't know you were with someone.

Hello, Miss summers.  I’m Maximum Even.

Phyllis: Should I know you?

Jack: She's one of the sought after wedding planners. I flew her in today.

Phyllis: A wedding planner. We haven't picked a date.

Jack: We agreed it won't be a long, drawn-out engagement.

Max: I can understand you being caught off-guard. This is a preliminary meeting, no pressure. I will find out what you have in mind. I will get back to you in more detail. This is a little overwhelming but not to worry. I'm here to visualize the wedding of your dreams.

Ashley: Okay. You say we're on different wavelengths. Let's do something about it.

Brad: I would love to. You have something in mind?

Ashley: Yes, actually I do. We have another baby.

Brad: Another baby.

Ashley: Yeah. You know, a few months ago we talked about starting to have a child?

Brad: Ash, we can barely carry on a civil conversation. Now you want to start getting pregnant?

Ashley: I want to do something. I hate what's happening to us.

Brad: So do I. I can't believe you're suggesting this now.

Ashley: You're turning me down?

Brad: Sweetheart, the family we already have is in turmoil. The last thing we need is another child.

Ashley: I wasn't sure if you would go for this, but I didn't expect your rejection to be quite this harsh.

Brad: What you're suggesting is a desperation move. You think that if we have a child together that somehow I'll be distracted and lose interest in Colleen.

Ashley: It's not about Colleen! It's about you and me and what I thought we shared!

Brad: If you believe that. You're insecure about Colleen. You thought if we have a child, one that I actually fathered that it would hold our family together.

Ashley: If this is about reassuring me. Months ago you couldn't wait to have a baby with me. I suggest it and I'm crossing the line because I'm insecure?

Brad: Circumstances have changed, Ash!

Ashley: Have they ever!

Brad: Would you listen to me?!

Ashley: I think you should go!

Brad: Why can't you understand --.

Ashley: My husband just said he doesn't want a baby with me. I think you better get the hell out of here before we dig ourselves in deeper.

Brad: If I thought in a million years it would be this difficult for you to accept my relationship with my daughter --.

Ashley: You know something? This isn't about Colleen anymore, Brad.

Brad: What is that supposed to mean?

Ashley: You're a bright guy. Figure it out for yourself.

Steve: Traci, I would like to spend some time with you alone.

Colleen: Mom, don't. He's only going to try to --.

Traci: It's okay. I need to talk to Steve.

Steve: Colleen, you heard your mother. We'll call you when we're through.

Traci: It's okay. Go.

Steve: You know, I knew she felt strange with me but listening to her now, exactly how much bonding has gone on between Brad and my daughter?

Traci: Wait a minute, are you accusing me of somehow dropping --?

Steve: Nobody's blaming you. You should have been a lot more careful.

Traci: You can't come down on Brad either. He didn't want this. Steve, now that it's happened, I don't know if it's necessarily harmful.

Steve: What? Are you telling me you're glad Colleen and Brad are getting so close?

Traci: Look, I know that you are very upset about Colleen. I'm really sorry. How dare you point a finger at me or at Brad. If you want somebody to blame, you look in the mirror, because you started this whole ugly mess by having an affair!

Steve: Okay. I'm sorry! All right. I know that it's not your fault. My daughter doesn't even have a kind word for me. You don't seem terribly concerned about it, Traci.

Traci: That is not true!

Steve: Okay. Then tell me this. What if you and I do get back together? Not only is Colleen very antagonistic, she's looking at Brad as though he's her father. That complicates things a little bit.

Traci: I realize that.

Steve: The bonding going on between Brad and Colleen, how is it affecting Brad and Ashley?

Traci: It's been a very stressful time for everybody. Why are you looking at me like that?

Steve: I never doubted you wanted Colleen to be secure, loved. I have to wonder if you're not thinking she's going to get that security somewhere else.

Traci: I have no idea where you're going with this.

Steve: I realized how far you had come to get past Brad and agreed to be my wife. Now for the first time, Traci, I asked myself that maybe you never did get past him.

Billy: I wonder what that was all about.

Mackenzie: I don't know for sure. But do you remember back in the boutique, when this came out, this was Sean's idea.

Billy: I can't imagine she would object to that.

Mackenzie: She could be having trouble. She did act weird when his name came up. Do you think Brittany is a part of this?

Billy: With the way she's been flirting with him.

Mackenzie: What if he's interested in her?

Billy: Come on, Mac. I can't believe Brittany would get anywhere with Sean. There has to be another reason why the relationship is on the skids.

Mackenzie: Let's not jump to conclusions, okay? We don't know your mother and Sean's broken up or he's even hurt her. And he's sticking around, right? He has a reason to stay in town. What else could it be besides your mom?

Brittany: You haven't said anything, Sean. Thinking my interest isn't so shallow or foolish?

Sean: This is all very manipulative.

Brittany: Excuse me?

Sean: Figuring out the reason you're interested in me.

Brittany: Fine, being interested in someone else and trying to get their attention? You were right. I do have a lot to learn. What if I said I wanted to learn it from you?

Sean: Look, your mind works in mysterious ways. You are very attractive. You know what --.

Brittany: Is that your way of telling me you want to see where things are going with us?

Sean: Why don't we say wrong place, wrong time. You have to excuse me because I have to close up.

Brittany: That time you did kiss back.

Phyllis: I'm afraid I haven't given you much to go on.

Max: It's difficult when you have a wedding to plan.

Phyllis: That's not what I was going to say.

Jack: My wife-to-be is feeling a little overwhelmed.

Phyllis: I am not overwhelmed, Jack. I'm fine. I'm fine. It's just I haven't had time to think of any of this. It's thrown me.

Max: You will find a portfolio of my past weddings helpful. I will overnight that to you along with information on gowns and table settings and cakes. Tell me what appeals to you. We'll be in church.

Jack: Thank you, Max, for flying out on short notice. What did you think, you liked her?

Phyllis: Jury's still out. Just as soon as I manifest more and get my creative juices --.

Jack: Give me a break. She's very, very good at -- you should see her client list. Reads like a who's who.

Phyllis: This means more to you. I'll give it a whirl.

Jack: That's my girl. Thank you.

Phyllis: You know, part of me says we should elope.

Jack: No, no. We stand in front of everyone we know, friends and family, and say our vows like they never heard.

Phyllis: It's like an open casket at a funeral so everybody can say --.

Jack: You joke. I know there's a romantic streak a mile wide. Tell me you wouldn't love gliding down the aisle watching them ooh and gawk at your beauty.

Phyllis: No, no. You think you know me so well.

Jack: You said you have wishes how you want your wedding to go. I want to make those wishes so true. Nothing means more to me than your happiness, now or ever.

Katherine: Well, my darling, no one can accuse you of lacking confidence.

Lauren: If things don't work out, there's always Sean. Do you think Jill can handle the competition?

Katherine: Don't ask me to go there.

Lauren: On second thought, maybe I should call Paul and see how things are going. Even better, I should drop by his place and see for myself.

Katherine: Come on, do you think that's wise?

Lauren: Katherine, my instincts aren't infallible. But they're pretty darn good. They are telling me right now that Paul is not going to be unavailable for long.

Paul: I wish we didn't have to part this way.

Isabella: Well, we do. Dr. Walker, perfect timing. Do you have my release papers?

Reese: Right here.

Paul: Goodbye, Isabella.

Isabella: If you'll excuse me, I'd like to get dressed now.

Reese: There's one more thing.

Isabella: The bill's been paid.

Reese: It's not that.

Isabella: What then?

Reese: When we were checking on your injuries in the E.R., we did some routine blood work.

Isabella: Yes, I remember. Obviously nothing is wrong or you wouldn't be releasing me.

Reese: That's true. In fact, I'm not sure if this is news to you.

Isabella: What, Dr. Walker?

Reese: Well, you're pregnant, Miss Brogna.

Ashley: No, I don't want to.

Victor: You don't want to what?

Ashley: Never mind. I mean honestly, it's the wrong time for you to stop by.

Victor: What is wrong?

Ashley: What are you doing here?

Victor: I just heard some news. I wanted to see if you're all right. Obviously you're not.

Ashley: What news?

Victor: That doesn't make any difference right now. Something is obviously weighing very heavily on you.

Ashley: I don't want to get into it.

Victor: All right. If that's what you want. What's wrong?

Ashley: You can't help me.

Victor: What's going on?

Ashley: I feel like I'm on a runaway train and nobody can help me right now because nobody can stop it.

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