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Amanda: Hello, Mackenzie It's been a long time. Too long.

Mackenzie: What are you doing here?

Amanda: I didn't mean to startle you. I thought I'd call but I didn't think you'd see me.

Mackenzie: You're right, I don't want to see you.

Amanda: I have things to say.

Mackenzie: Didn't you just hear me?

Amanda: It's important for both of us.

Katherine: Mackenzie, what's going on? For heaven's sake --.

Amanda: You must be Mrs. Chancellor.

Katherine: And you are?

Amanda: Amanda, Mackenzie’s mother.

Michael: Excuse me, a little favor?

Yes, sir.

Michael: I'm trying to get a bottle of champagne up to Miss Brogna. She and a friend are staying here. I would like to know if they've arrived yet.

A little while ago, sir.

Michael: Both of them?

Shall I get you the wine list?

Michael: On second thought, I better bag that idea. Right now might not be the best of times.

Isabella: Paul, please. What's wrong?

Paul: Nothing.

Isabella: I can tell when something's bothering you.

Paul: You're imagining things.

Isabella: I don't think so.

Paul: Sorry. I guess I'm just distracted.

Isabella: It's more than that. Can't you trust me? Whatever's going on, I want to know.

Paul: All right. Something came up in my meeting with Victor. Something that had to do with Chris.

Good night, Francis. Drive carefully. Did you guys enjoy the party?

Colleen: I had a wonderful time. Dancing with you was worth the wait. I know where I got my talent.

Brad: A regular Fred Astaire.

Colleen: You shouldn't be shy here.

Brad: If you keep up with these compliments, I will have to hire an agent.

Ashley: Abby is sound asleep, cuddling her teddy bear.

Brad: I don't think my wife would share your thoughts on my dancing.

Ashley: Don't be modest. You know you're a wonderful dancer.

Traci: It's time for you to go to bed.

Colleen: I don't think so.

Traci: Colleen.

Colleen: All right. Thanks again, Brad. I had a terrific time.

Brad: Good night, sweetheart.

Ashley: Good night, Colleen.

Colleen: Huh? Oh, good night.

Ashley: Good night.

Traci: Good night.

Neil: Sure you don't mind stopping for coffee? You said you wanted to go straight home.

Olivia: I said I didn't want to go partying. But sharing coffee with a good friend is a different story.

Neil: Glad you feel that way.

Olivia: I don't want you to think I didn't have a good time tonight because I did. I was relieved Malcolm and Alex left before I got there. That made the evening more bearable.

Malcolm: Alex, baby, I'm sorry I pulled you out of the party the way I did.

Alex: Forget it.

Malcolm: You're not too bummed out, are you?

Alex: You're worried about Phyllis and the situation with Jack.

Malcolm: I haven't been too much company this evening now, have I?

Alex: Hey, see this? That means we're in this together. If you're in the dumps, I want to do everything I can to make it better.

Michael: Fancy meeting you here.

Alex: Hello, Michael.

Malcolm: Well, well, Michael Baldwin. I guess you got what you wanted.

Michael: Beg your pardon?

Malcolm: You said Jack and Phyllis would never be together; it would never last.

Michael: So?

Malcolm: You said next time you see Phyllis, you will see you got what you wanted.

Michael: Your boyfriend enjoys hassling me, doesn’t he? Let me give you some news. I visited Phyllis while she was checking out of the hospital and I talked her into going to the party.

Malcolm: Get out of here.

Michael: Partly because of the conversation we had. You made a good case for Phyllis being devastated by losing Jack.

Malcolm: Baldwin, what are you saying? She went to the party?

Michael: I escorted her there myself.

Malcolm: And what happened?

Michael: It's a shame you left early. You missed all the drama. It was a little tense at first. Phyllis pretending to be the happy, carefree, Jack sulking in the corner. Long story short, Jack ended up proposing to Phyllis all over again right there in front of everybody.

Alex: What did Phyllis do?

Michael: You know, she was on the spot, didn't answer. But then she and Jack went upstairs and were never seen again. Now I take that as a good sign, don't you? Enjoy yourselves.

Alex: You too, Mr. Baldwin.

Jack: Whoa.

Billy: Hey, Jack.

Jack: Hey, Billy. You get Mac home okay?

Billy: Yep. Safe and sound. You've got the munchies.

Jack: I suddenly realized I hadn't eaten anything all night.

Billy: You did a great job. Everything is delicious.

Jack: I happen to agree. What?

Billy: I don't know. I'm just trying to figure things out. You come downstairs by yourself but you're in a good mood. Does that mean congratulations are in order?

Jack: I believe they are. You're looking at an engaged man.

Billy: Awesome, man. That is so great. I'm really happy for you.

Jack: At least one member of my family is happy for me.

Billy: Don't worry. They'll come around.

Jack: I suppose ultimately yes, the family will support me. That's what families do.

Billy: That might be the case for the Abbots. Not for every family.

Katherine: Why did you come and what do you want?

Mackenzie: I told her to leave but she won’t.

Amanda: I realize my being here is upsetting to you. Please, there are some things I need to say to Mackenzie.

Katherine: If I allow you to come in, it's on one condition. You say what you have to say, and then you will leave.

Amanda: Fair enough.

Katherine: All right, Mackenzie?

Mackenzie: Fine.

Amanda: It's a lovely place you have here, Mrs. Chancellor. I'm so glad Mackenzie has such a lovely home.

Katherine: Would you please come to the point?

Paul: You see that look? That's exactly why I don't want to get into this.

Isabella: You can't stop now.

Paul: You sure you want to have this conversation?

Isabella: Of course I do.

Paul: Apparently, Victor ran into Chris when she was here, and she told him the reason for her visit.

Isabella: And?

Paul: She wanted to make one last attempt to save our marriage.

Isabella: So that's it? Obviously this had quite an effect on you. I have to ask why.

Paul: Because I had no idea Chris even thought there was a chance to save our marriage.

Isabella: Does it matter?

Isabella: After all that's happened, the divorce papers, you, me, this matters to you?

Paul: Isabella, I don't want to talk about it. It's history.

Isabella: Why did it bother you so much? You can't get Christine out of your system, can you?

Paul: That's not true. That's not true.

Alex: Better?

Malcolm: Yeah. Yeah, I am.

Alex: Sounds promising.

Malcolm: Yeah, I'm going to keep my fingers crossed for them. Now I feel even worse spoiling this evening.

Alex: What do you mean? You didn't spoil anything. Besides look at the bright side. We have the rest of our lives to make up for it.

Ryan: I am so glad we decided not to go home.

Victoria: Me too. Are you sure you don't have an ulterior motive for bringing me here? It is an inn. And inns have rooms. Are you sure you're not looking for a romantic getaway?

Ryan: I'm not because every night with you is a romantic getaway.

Victoria: You’re sweet.

Isabella: This is wrong.

Paul: Isabella.

Isabella: I can't do this under these circumstances.

Paul: All I want to do is make love to you, okay?

Isabella: Stop it, please. Just stop it! It wouldn't be making love. It would be just having sex. And using me to get over Christine? How do you think that's going to make me feel?! I will not be used, Paul! Not by you and not by anybody!

Paul: Isabella, you're wrong.

Brad: You're upset.

Ashley: Drop it, Brad.

Brad: I can't even talk to you?

Ashley: About what?

Brad: I tried to get through to you at the party. You took everything I said the wrong way.

Ashley: We're both tired and I don't want to get into this right now.

Brad: We should continue to let this fester. You're content to leave these walls between us.

Ashley: Of course not. The reason I won't talk to you is because you won't listen to me. You don't listen to me, Brad.

Brad: Ash, that's not true.

Ashley: It is true.

Brad: This goes back to Traci not siding with you about whether or not Colleen should stay with us.

Ashley: It isn't about that anymore. What Colleen's presence is doing is between you and me.

Brad: How?

Ashley: Consciously or unconsciously, Colleen is building a family unit with you, Traci and herself.

Brad: She's going through a difficult time.

Ashley: She's making me feel like I'm an inconvenience in my own home. Can't you see why that would be upsetting to me?!

Brad: I understand your feelings are hurt.

Ashley: This is Colleen's state of mind. Aware of it or not, she may not be -- why do I even bother with this? I keep repeating myself and you're still not listening to me.

Ryan: We can always find room for dessert.

Victoria: What a weird night.

Ryan: Couldn't even find our host or hostess to say good night.

Victoria: I'm not letting you off the hook.

Ryan: What are you talking about?

Victoria: I want to know why Neil is so interested in Olivia.

Ryan: Neil confided in me and I don't want to discuss it with anyone.

Victoria: Since when am I anyone?

Ryan: This goes in the vault, you hear me?

Victoria: Yeah, fine.

Ryan: Neil's behavior has nothing to do with Olivia. It has to do with Alex Perez.

Jack: What are you talking about? Mackenzie has Katherine.

Billy: I'm talking about her mother.

Jack: You never know. Life might bring the two of them together.

Billy: Mac wants nothing to do with her mother, and I don't blame her.

Jack: You heard a chapter of her story we haven't.

Billy: Mac had to get the hell out of St. Louis. I can't say anything more.

Jack: Don't worry. I won't ask. I do think it's terrific she has you to talk to, though. It says nice things about your relationship.

Billy: Yeah. I don't think she'll ever get over what happened. At least her mother's out of her life for good, I hope.

Amanda: I will get to the point. It's just that there are the things I have to say, well, they're difficult.

Mackenzie: Look, if you're trying to force me to leave with you, there's no way! I will never go with you! You know what? I don't have to. Katherine is my legal guardian now. You have no hold on me.

Amanda: Mrs. Chancellor is your legal guardian?

Katherine: Yes, I am. And since Mac has been with me, it's been very clear she has good reason to leave your home. She now has good reason now not to return. That's why I've taken the legal steps to make sure she's not dragged back there.

Amanda: Well, I don't dispute what you've done. I can't, sorry to say.

Mackenzie: This is pointless. What could you possibly have to say to me?

Amanda: Mackenzie, I now know how wrong I was. About the things going on in our home, about not believing you. It's the worst mistake a mother could make. And I will regret it until my dying day.

Neil: You know, Olivia, I completely understand. Having your ex and his lady at the same party to you is not conducive to a good time.

Olivia: Especially since everything that happened between Malcolm and me. I'm curious as to why they left early.

Neil: Maybe Malcolm was worried about Phyllis. She and Jack are having problems.

Olivia: Really?

Neil: Tonight want the first time Jack proposed to Phyllis.

Victoria: I don't get it. What's Alex have to do with this?

Ryan: Neil's really hung up on her. Malcolm and Alex are engaged.

Victoria: When did this happen?

Ryan: A few days ago.

Victoria: Oh, well obviously that's why Neil is so interested in Olivia. He needed a distraction.

Ryan: Unfortunately, it's a little more complicated than that.

Victoria: Why, does Alex have feelings for Neil?

Ryan: Not directly.

Victoria: What does that mean?

Ryan: Malcolm has been pursuing Alex for some time now. Several times their relationship has been in trouble. The only reason it hasn't been in trouble, take Malcolm's proposal. Alex said she needed time.

Victoria: That's a normal reaction.

Ryan: Malcolm didn't think so. He flipped out. He was on the verge of walking away from everything.

Victoria: Well he didn't.

Ryan: Neil explained why. She had personal issues. He told Malcolm to give her some space and not take it personally.

Victoria: So you're saying because of Neil, Alex accepted Malcolm's proposal?

Ryan: I know for a fact. I was in the room when Alex told Neil that Malcolm's sensitivity and understanding about why she had to wait made all the difference in the world. I wonder how long it's going to take for her to find out.

Victoria: Wow.

Ryan: There have been others, enough to make one thing clear to me.

Victoria: What?

Ryan: Neil is definitely more compatible with Alex than Malcolm is. The only reason he hasn't told her how he feels is --.

Victoria: Because she's engaged to Malcolm.

Ryan: It's a little complicated.

Paul: Isabella, we need to talk. You are overreacting. Would you listen to me please?

Isabella: You listen, Paul! You let me get more and more involved with your life for what? You can't get over your precious Christine?

Paul: It caught me by surprise. It doesn't mean anything! I told you I didn't want to talk about this!

Isabella: What Victor told you was a little bit of information.

Paul: So what?

Isabella: A picture, a place you have been together. A fleeting memory. You will be rocked to the core. Then what's going to happen to me, huh? Admit it, Paul, I will always be a distant second to Christine!

Paul: It's not true.

Isabella: She will always come between us. And I can't live like that. I won't.

Paul: Isabella, don't leave like this.

Isabella: Don't try and stop me. Let me leave while I still got some self-respect.

Brad: Ash, look at me. You said I don't hear you. The truth is you don't hear me. I've told you that there's a huge hole in my heart, and there has been for years.

Ashley: Because you can't be a father to Colleen.

Brad: Now I have an opportunity to heal that wound. Why would you begrudge me that?

Ashley: I am not begrudging you that.

Brad: Yes, you are. Where is this lack of faith in me and my lack of devotion for you? Where is it coming from?

Ashley: So this is my fault?

Brad: There is nothing that will shake my devotion for you.

Ashley: It's the truth.

Brad: I cannot bond with Colleen the way that I need to. Frankly, Ash, I resent it.

Ashley: You make it sound like I have no reason to question your faith when I do. Why don't we put it on the table?

Brad: I wish you would.

Ashley: The reality is Abby is not your biological daughter, Brad, and Colleen is. You know damn well that does make a difference.

Brad: When have I treated Abby like anything less than my own flesh and blood? I can't believe you're throwing this in my face. This isn't about Abby meaning less to me because she's not my biological child. It's not my blood flowing through that little girl's veins. Damn it, Ash, that hurts. That hurts.

Colleen: What is it, Mom?

Traci: H'mm? Oh, nothing. Just -- well, I'm sure you've noticed the tension between Ashley and Brad?

Colleen: No, I haven't picked up on anything.

Traci: You haven't?

Colleen: Why, are they having problems?

Traci: It's nothing serious.

Colleen: We have been having a good time, haven't we?

Traci: Well, you have. And that's important. You see, that's the thing about being a mom. If you're having a good time, then so am I.

Colleen: But you are enjoying yourself more than you were in New York, right?

Traci: I suppose.

Colleen: Mom, I was just wondering.

Traci: What's that, sweetie?

Colleen: When you're having a good time like this with Brad, do you ever wish you hadn't gotten a divorce?

Traci: Colleen, why in the world are you thinking about something like that?

Colleen: I was just curious.

Traci: Well, case closed. Time for you to get to bed. Come on.

Mackenzie: You think you can apologize and everything would be all right?

Amanda: No, sweetheart. Nothing I ever do will make everything all right.

Mackenzie: No kidding.

Amanda: Has she told you what happened?

Katherine: No, and I never asked. I don't need details.

Amanda: I didn't believe you back then. I didn't want to believe you. That is my shame.

Mackenzie: Do you have any idea how I felt? My own mother didn't believe me. You said that I made everything up.

Amanda: Of course I do. Of course I do. I hurt you so bad, you ran away. But I stayed in denial. I wasn't able to accept what you had told me.

Mackenzie: And now you do?

Amanda: The blinders are off. You don't have to know how that happened. But it's true. And I saw the reality that's been there all along. It just took me some time to build the courage to come here to you.

Mackenzie: Well, I wish you hadn't. All it does is reminds me what happened and it brings back bad memories.

Amanda: Mackenzie.

Mary: Why are you home from the party so soon?

Isabella: I don't want to talk about it, Mary.

Mary: Where's Paul?

Isabella: I don't know and I don't care. I'm leaving town tonight.

Mary: What on earth happened?

Isabella: I don't want to talk about it.

Mary: It can't be that bad. Maybe I can help.

Isabella: You can't help, Mary, no one can.

Mary: At least let me try.

Isabella: I was just kidding myself. It never would have worked. I'm glad I found out before I got in any deeper.

Mary: Isabella, don't leave this way. At least give yourself time to think about it, whatever it is.

Isabella: I can't, Mary. I have to go.

Olivia: What happened the first time Jack proposed?

Neil: The engagement got called off.

Olivia: He proposed in front of all those witnesses? That is so romantic.

Neil: Malcolm wasn't there to see it. He only knew Phyllis was miserable. As far as he knew Phyllis wasn't going to show up tonight. I know that look on your face. What are you thinking about?

Olivia: I don't want to tell you.

Neil: Oh, come on. Please.

Olivia: You're just going to throw it in my face.

Neil: I won't. I promise. I wouldn't do that.

Olivia: It's just that, well, hearing about Malcolm and concern for Phyllis, it just reminded me of some of his good qualities.

Neil: So you remember the man you fell in love with.

Olivia: Maybe being in love brings out the best in Malcolm. If that's the case, then you and I better hope for that relationship he has with Alex.

Neil: Mmm.

Olivia: I think that being in love brings out the best in most people. And I'm here with you again for the first time.

Victoria: I see what you mean. Did you talk to him about this?

Ryan: Yeah. But he's pretty touchy though. He says nothing's changed. With or without his help, Alex would still be in love with Malcolm.

Victoria: You don't believe him.

Ryan: I think he should bite the bullet and tell her how he feels.

Victoria: Any hope for that?

Ryan: He was starting to think he could but then this engagement happened. He thought it closed the door.

Victoria: Whenever I have seen Malcolm and Alex together, they seem pretty happy.

Ryan: We're talking long term. If she goes through with this wedding, she's marrying a man who is not all who she thinks he is. I wonder how long it's going to take her to find out.

Malcolm: Hey, there she is. That little trip to the ladies room took a while. You okay?

Alex: I'm fine.

Malcolm: Hey, baby, you seem a little out of it. Something wrong?

Alex: No, no. Nothing's wrong. I'm just. I'm just suddenly feeling tired.

Malcolm: I can shake what my mama gave me on the dance floor. That might perk you up. Seriously, I think I owe you that much. I don't want this evening to be a total bust.

Alex: I'm just really not up to dancing.

Malcolm: Okay. What do you want to do? You want to go home?

Alex: Would you mind?

Malcolm: Home it is.

Amanda: I hoped it would make a difference to Mackenzie, finally after so long to know that her mother did believe her.

Katherine: I really think it's time for you to leave, Amanda.

Amanda: I know my daughter mistrusts me completely, which I understand. But please try to assure her that I have no intention of ever bothering her again.

Katherine: Yes, I think that would be best.

Mackenzie: Is she gone?

Katherine: Yes, she's gone.

Mackenzie: Grandma, how did she find me? Of course, the website. The Glow by Jabot House. That's got to be it.

Katherine: She said she wouldn't bother you again.

Mackenzie: Grandma. I don't want to go up to my room right now. I really don't want to be alone.

Katherine: Oh, darling, you never have to be alone. I will never, ever let you be alone again. No, my baby. No, no, no. Not ever. Not ever.

Mary: There's no point going up there, Paul. Isabella's packed and left.

Paul: Do you have any idea where she was going?

Mary: It was clear from the state she's in she didn't want you to know. What's wrong, Paul? Why was she so upset?

[Cell phone ringing]

Michael: Isabella, pick up, pick up. I need to know what's going on.

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