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Billy: Can she ever not be the center of attention?

Lauren: Why don't you two get out there?

Katherine: Go on.

Mackenzie: Grandma, I don't --.

Billy: Come on, Mac. Letís go.

Mackenzie: All right.

Katherine: Jill doesn't seem very happy.

Lauren: I think I'll go say hello. Do you care to join me?

Katherine: No, no, she's all yours.  

Lauren: He's quite a dancer. I'm sure if you ask nicely, she'll let you cut in.

Sean: It is for me.

Brittany: But you said you --.

Sean: Stay here! Jill, Jill, wait. Let me explain.

Jill: There is no explanation for that.

Sean: You'd rather make a snap judgment.

Jill: What are you going to tell me? She dragged you on the dance floor?

Sean: You're being childish.

Jill: She is a child.

Sean: Your behavior is very unattractive.

Jill: So is yours.

What's up with Jill?

Sean: You know her. It's always something.

Traci: I wonder what that was all about.

Brad: I don't think I want to know.

John: Hello, everyone. Colleen, I'm glad you could join us.

Colleen: I have Jack and Phyllis to thank for inviting me. I don't know what the occasion is.

John: Since when do we need a reason to gather family and friends?

Brad: I saw my wife's car.

John: She's out back.

Colleen: I love this music.

John: I forgot to tell you Jack hired a salsa band.

Colleen: How fun.

Traci: Daddy, what's on your mind?

John: I'm curious how your living arrangements working out?

Traci: Just fine.

John: You and Colleen continue to stay with Brad and Ashley?

Traci: At their invitation.

John: You realize there could be some complications.

Traci: I know you want to talk about this but could we do it another time? I would really like to enjoy the party.

John: Okay. We'll talk later.

Traci: Okay.

Billy: I wonder where Jack is.

Mackenzie: It is kind of strange that he's missing his own party.

Billy: It's awfully quiet. I haven't seen Phyllis at all. I hope everything's okay.

Jack: That's your advice: Walk away from Phyllis and end it like that.

Ashley: It's not easy to accept. Personally, I don't think your feelings for her are strong enough.

Jack: Don't you pretend to know what I'm feeling. This relationship is real. I can feel it in my head. I can feel it in my heart. I can feel it in my soul.

Ashley: You took back the engagement ring.

Jack: I picked it up off the floor. She can have it at any time she wants it.

Ashley: That's my point.

Jack: I mean she didn't want it at the time.

Ashley: I think Phyllis is being a lot smarter about this than you are.

Jack: You're congratulating her for dumping me?

Ashley: I wish you would open your eyes and see this is really for the best.

Jack: I have to check on my guests.

Ryan: It's about time you showed up. Where were you?

Victoria: I got caught at the office. Where were you?

Ryan: Things are a little off.

Victoria: What do you mean?

Jack: Ryan, Victoria.

Ryan: Jack. A nice night for a fiesta.

Jack: If things continue to cooperate.

Victoria: So what's the --.

Jack: I have to mix and mingle.

Victoria: He does seem a little down.

Ryan: Especially for a guy throwing a surprise engagement party.

Victoria: What?

Neil: What are you whispering about?

Victoria: Does he know?

Neil: The reason we're summoned? Yeah.

Victoria: Who is the surprise for?

Neil: He's popped question.

Ryan: And Phyllis said yes.

Phyllis: Hi, everybody. Excuse my tardiness. I hope you haven't been having too much fun without me. Hey, I want one of those. Cheers. Cheers.

Tricia: Would you like something to drink, Sharon?

Sharon: No.

Tricia: Are you sure? There's soda, tea. I could put on a pot of coffee for you.

Sharon: I said I'm fine.

Sharon: You know, you seem to feel rather at home here.

Tricia: I'm just following Victor's instructions. He said while I'm living with him I should make myself comfortable.

Sharon: You never did tell me how you pulled this off.

Tricia: You make it sound so calculated on my part.

Sharon: Wasn't it?

Tricia: No. Actually it's a very sad story. My father is at Memorial. He had a stroke.

Sharon: Oh, well, I'm very sorry to hear that. That still doesn't answer my question.

Tricia: Well, um, these last couple of days have been very difficult for me. So Victor agreed it would be best for everyone if I just stayed here for a while.

Sharon: So this was your idea.

Tricia: I didn't want to go back to my family house because that's where my father had the stroke, and I couldn't stomach the idea --.

Sharon: Please, please, I'm not buying a word of it. If you chose to be here, it's because you have something up your sleeve, and I want to know what it is.

You have to try this.

Gina: Make sure there's plenty of cocktail napkins.

Yeah, sure.

Isabella: If I close my eyes, I swear I'm in my grandmother's kitchen.

Gina: Thank you, Isabella. Coming from you, that's a real compliment.

Paul: So do you know how to salsa?

Isabella: A little.

Paul: How would you feel about teaching a boy from Wisconsin how it's done?

Isabella: I thought you'd never ask.

Lauren: Paul looks good. Oh, don't worry. We're friends -- for now.

Katherine: Lauren, you wouldn't.

Lauren: No. It looks like senor and senorita have something very serious going, unless something happens.

Katherine: What am I going to do with you?

Lauren: I have an idea. I was thinking with all these handsome men running around, would it be okay if I extended my stay?

Katherine: Not at all. Not at all.

Brad: Hi. I was wondering where you were.

Ashley: When did you get here?

Brad: A while ago. I made a detour. I wanted to get something at the tour.

Ashley: Colleen having a good time?

Brad: Yeah, she's having a blast. Good music, great food. What's not to like? Talk to Jack?

Ashley: Why do you ask?

Brad: I sense tension between him and Phyllis.

Ashley: They were going to announce their engagement tonight.

Brad: That's big news.

Ashley: It's not going to happen now.

Brad: How's Jack taking it?

Ashley: Not well.

Brad: I can see how you feel.

Ashley: I don't like to my see my brother suffer. It takes a lot to have a marriage get off on the right foot. Sorry.

Phyllis: You guys are hot.

Paul: Phyllis, Isabella Brogna. Isabella, this is Phyllis Summers.

Isabella: This is a lovely party. Thank you for inviting us.

Phyllis: I hope you're enjoying yourself. Paul, I'm sure you are.

Michael: How much longer do you plan to keep this up?

Phyllis: I'm having a good time. Please tell me you're not pooping out on me. I'm just trying to have fun. It'll all be over soon enough.

Michael: Back to reality?

Phyllis: I can go back to being miserable tomorrow.

Michael: All right.

Phyllis: Let's dance. Okay. Here we are.

Brittany: Hey, Billy, have you seen Sean?

Billy: No. Have you checked the --.

Mackenzie: What's up with her?

Billy: Come on, Colleen.

Colleen: Where are we going?

Billy: Come on.

Lauren: Is that Colleen?

Esther: It sure is.

Lauren: Isnít she cute?

Esther: Mrs. C. You're home. I want to hear all about -- it's only you. Are you back from the party?

Jill: No, you dim witch, I'm still there. You're sleep walking.

Esther: Did you have a good time?

Jill: Do I look like I had more fun?

Esther: If you were nicer, you might have fun.

Jill: Look at you. You're nice. You're at home reading trashy romance novels. [Doorbell sounding] There's somebody at the door.

Esther: Get it yourself.

[Doorbell sounding]

Sean: Jill. Jill!

Neil: Leave it to Olivia Winters to be fashionably late.

Olivia: I got here as fast as I could. Where's your brother?

Neil: He and Alex already left. That means you can relax and enjoy your entire evening here. Shall we dance?

Ryan: What do you say?

Victoria: I say I'm hungry. Let's eat.

Michael: Are you okay?

Phyllis: I'm fine. I'm a little tired.

Michael: You want me to get you a drink?

Phyllis: Sure. Thanks.

Michael: All right. Be right back.

Jack: Hi.

Phyllis: Hi.

Jack: You look stunning.

Phyllis: Thank you. So do you. Great party.

Jack: It was your idea.

Phyllis: You ran with it.

Jack: I'm a little surprised you showed up.

Phyllis: Does my being here bother you, Jack? What would people say if I didn't show up to my own party?

Jack: I think there's another reason you showed up.

Phyllis: I like grand gestures. I thought it would be a great way to say farewell to our relationship. Or should I say, adios.

Jack: Listen --.

Phyllis: Um, don't.

Lauren: You know, I think I monopolized your time on the dance floor.

Billy: Mac won't mind.

Lauren: I know women. She will.

Billy: Okay. I'll go find her. Thank you. Thank you.

Jack: Sorry, it's just that you're beautiful.

Isabella: What's wrong?

Paul: Nothing. It's just we said we would take things slowly.

Isabella: You said that. I made no such promise.

Paul: Maybe we should go outside.

Isabella: I did something earlier. I wasn't going to mention it, but now I'm having second thoughts.

Paul: What did you do?

Isabella: I booked a room for tonight. For us.

Tricia: I don't know what you're suggesting, Sharon.

Sharon: You're not here because it's your only option. You're up to something.

Tricia: Mr. Newman and I have an agreement. If he tells me to leave, I will. Until then, you're out of line.

Sharon: Nicholas.

Nicholas: Is everything all right?

Sharon: How did you know I was here?

Nicholas: Larry Warton told me. I got here as fast as I could.

Sharon: You knew she was staying here?

Nicholas: I just found out today.

Tricia: You share your wife's concern. When I'm living in this apartment I have one objective. That's to continue my recuperation.

Sharon: I don't believe that.

Nicholas: Let's talk about this later. Let's get out of here.

Sean: Jill, open the door! I'm not leaving until we clear this up! If I have to, I'll stay here all night. I'm warning you, I will huff, and I'll puff, and I'll blow this big old mansion down.

Jill: God, you are so cute.

Sean: May I come in? This is silly. Nothing happened between Brittany and me.

Jill: I know what I saw.

Sean: It was just a dance. It wasn't like we ran upstairs and started tearing each other's clothes off.

Jill: Maybe you would have if I didn't walk in.

Sean: I feel nothing, zilch for Brittany Hodges. The way you keep obsessing like a jealous, insecure school girl, it's getting very tedious.

Jill: I know. I don't blame you for feeling frustrated with the way I've been acting. I hate what this is bringing out in me. So there's only one solution. Whatever this thing is between us, I'm ending it.

Katherine: I was just telling Mamie all about your father.

Mamie: I understand he's in Louisiana.

Mackenzie: Yeah, building houses for the homeless.

Mamie: That's admirable. I have to make a phone call, if you'll excuse me.

Katherine: Okay. Talk to you later, Mamie. That reminds me. I got a call from your father earlier. He's been asked to head the project. That does mean he has to extend his stay in Louisiana, and he would only do that if it was okay with you.

Mackenzie: I miss him a lot. But I know it's important, so I think he should stay as long as they need him.

Katherine: All right, Mackenzie. What is it?

Mackenzie: I was just thinking that it was good he was away this summer.

Katherine: Why?

Mackenzie: Because of my mom.

Michael: I saw you speaking with Jack earlier. I was thinking of the situation.

Phyllis: There's nothing to rethink.

Michael: You talk a good game.

Phyllis: I'm not talking, Michael. Our relationship is dead.

Michael: Iím not talking about the rest of the family. I'm talking about Jack.

Phyllis: Stop, stop, please. I don't want a lecture right now. I just want a friend. Please be a friend.

Ashley: It's a small world, Jackie. Try to remember that, okay?

Nicholas: Hey, Dad, you got a second?

Victor: I thought you left for the day.

Nicholas: I did and I went to the coffee house and found out Sharon had gone to your apartment.

Victor: What happened?

Sharon: Nothing except I got the shock of my life when Tricia opened the door. Why on earth are you letting her live with you?

Victor: I have my reasons. One thing puzzles me.

Nicholas: What's that?

Victor: I instructed security to keep a watch on my apartment. How the hell did you make it up there without them notifying me? That's very upsetting. I will rectify that right now.

Paul: You booked a room for us?

Isabella: Yes.

[Cell phone ringing]

Paul: Paul Williams.

Victor: Paul, this is Victor Newman.

Paul: Victor, what can I do for you?

Victor: Kindly come to my office as soon as you can.

Paul: Now?

Victor: Something has come up. I need to discuss it with you as soon as I can. Okay?

Paul: All right. I'll be there as soon as I can. So where is this room?

Isabella: At the lodge under my name.

Paul: I'll meet you there in an hour.

Katherine: What does Amanda have to do with anything?

Mackenzie: Remember the day I was so worried what happened at the chat room?

Katherine: The girl gave out your full name.

Mackenzie: People have been talking about it ever since. If Dad found out, he would be upset.

Katherine: I hope you are not still afraid your mother could stir up trouble.

Mackenzie: I'm not. I know nothing could happen to me. All that information about me is yesterday's news. The Glow by Jabot House is over for the summer. I'm sure everybody's forgotten about it by now.

Excuse me.

Cody: What can I get for you?

I heard a lot of the local kids come by here.

Cody: It's usually a little more crowded than this.

I'm looking for somebody. Maybe you know her.

Cody: Okay. What's the name?

Mackenzie Browning?

Cody: And you are?

Paul: Well, I can see why you're alarmed, Victor. Your security team shouldn't have dropped the ball.

Victor: Will you take over the case?

Paul: I will have men on the premises tonight.

Victor: Thanks, Paul, I appreciate it. Thank you.

Sharon: Victor, I know you don't do things without a reason but I have to say it again. I think letting Tricia live with you is a huge mistake.

Victor: I appreciate your concern.

Sharon: I have had more experience with Tricia than anyone else in this family. She's completely out of her mind.

Nicholas: My Dad knows what he's doing. Tricia running around on the loose. That's even more dangerous.

John: There's one thing, but don't overreact. You're in front of my family.

Gina: This is the perfect audience because they're going to love you, no matter what.

John: What's that supposed to mean?

Gina: You know the song, right?

John: Yes.

Gina: You have officially run out of excuses. Our public awaits us.

John: Okay. [♫] Quiet nights and quiet stars floating on the silence that surrounds us quiet thoughts and quiet dreams quiet walks by quiet streams and a window looking on mountains then I see how lovely this is where I want to be here with you, so close to me until the final flicker of life's embers I was the one who was lost and lonely believing that life was only a bitter, tragic show until I found in you the meaning of a distance oh, my love this is where I want to be here with you so close to me until the final flicker of life's embers I was lost and lonely believing life was only a bitter, tragic until I found in you the meaning of existence oh, my love oh, my love oh, my love [♫]

Tricia: How do I handle you, Sharon? You're too suspicious. I need a new strategy. If I can't get revenge on all the Newmans at once, maybe it's more clever to focus on only one of them. Who better than the family patriarch? Kill the snake then body dies too.


Phyllis: Can we leave?

Michael: You're upset.

Phyllis: Yes, I am upset. Please, the only reason I stopped by is tell Jack Iíve showed up. I want to go gracefully, with every little bit of dignity.

Jack: Ladies and gentlemen, can I have your attention please? Phyllis, could you stick around? I'd like you to hear it. First of all, I'd like to thank you all for being here tonight. Phyllis and I invited you all here for a very special reason. You see, this was to be the happiest night of our lives. And we wanted to share it with the people we cared most about. However, something happened recently that affected us both very deeply and caused me to lose sight of what's truly important in life. Phyllis, we've been through a lot. So much so that I think we both questioned whether our love was strong enough to get us through this. I'm here to tell you it is. It is. And that is why in front of all of these witnesses, I'm asking you to give us another chance. To give me another chance. I'm asking you to marry me. I want you to be my wife.

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