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Phyllis: Thanks, I have been waiting all day.

Michael: Somebody picking you up?

Phyllis: I'll take a cab.

Michael: No, you won't.

Phyllis: Perfect timing.

Michael: You ready?

Phyllis: I can't wait to get out of this place.

Michael: Someone sounds feisty this evening.

Phyllis: Yes, I am.

Michael: Good, I have a suggestion. See this bag before you? Itís a dress.

Phyllis: I had no idea, Michael.

Michael: For you.

Phyllis: Are you taking me out?

Michael: A mutual friend is having a little shindig.

Phyllis: No, no, no.

Michael: You're going to go there whether you like it or not!

[Doorbell sounding]

Katherine: I'm coming. Well, come in, come in.

Billy: Thank you. Thank you.

Katherine: My, my, my, aren't you the handsome, young lad?

Billy: Thank you, Mrs. Chancellor.

Katherine: You didn't have to come all the way here. Robert would drop her off.

Billy: I wanted to do the honors. Is Mac ready?

Mackenzie: Am I ever.

Billy: You look --.

Lauren: Incredible, radiant, beautiful?

Mackenzie: It was Lauren. She picked out the dress. It's beautiful.

Lauren: Sweetheart, you're perfect. The dress is just an accessory.

Katherine: Well put.

Billy: We better get going.

Mackenzie: Are you coming?

Katherine: We'll be along shortly.

Mackenzie: Bye, guys.

Lauren: That's a great couple.

Katherine: Indeed. To be young again.

Jill: Dream on, you old bag of bones.

Brittany: Someone's looking good.

Sean: What's up, Brittany?

Brittany: You tell me.

Sean: Soiree at the Abbotts.

Brittany: Pretty fancy. What's the occasion?

Sean: I don't know.

Brittany: You aren't the least bit curious?

Sean: I'll find out when I get there. Business, I 'm sure.

Brittany: A shame, all dressed up. If you're looking for someone to keep you company.

Sean: I have to stop by the office first. Later.

John: Jackie.

Jack: Hey, Dad.

John: I was looking for you. You ever made it into work today, huh?

Jack: I had a lot of things to do. A lot on my mind. Did I miss anything?

John: Nothing that won't hold. Your talk with Baldwin earlier, I really didn't like his attitude.

Jack: He meant well.

John: You mean that?

Jack: He cares about Phyllis in his own peculiar way.

John: That may be, but he can't come in here making allegations. Do you really want to go through with this party?

Jack: What chance do I have?

John: Cancel it.

Jack: Too late. Everyone's on their way here. At least we canít at any time tell everyone this is supposed to be an engagement party. If we told everyone that, I don't know how we'd make it through the night.

Sharon: My daughter, the daredevil.

Cody: Welcome back.

Sharon: Thank you.

Cody: Nick said you had a great trip.

Cassie: It was awesome. Even went water skiing.

Cody: Blueprints. Crimson Lights three?

Sharon: We're doing some work at home.

Cassie: I'm getting a new bedroom. Mommy, Larry's here, can I show him the drawing?

Sharon: Ah, sure.

Larry: Cassie, what's shaking?

Cassie: Look at my new bedroom.

Larry: Nice and big, huh.

Cassie: Hmm.

Larry: What's going on here?

Cassie: A skylight.

Larry: Someone's excited. What's up?

Cassie: The baby is getting my room. It's across from Mommy and Daddy's.

Larry: You're giving up your room? That's awful nice, Cassie. Wow. Big changes, huh?

Sharon: What about you? How's it going?

Larry: You know me. I can't complain.

Sharon: You say that, but --.

Larry: Actually, Sharon, I've been thinking about Tricia. She's still keeping a low profile, right?

Sharon: As far as I know. No news is good news, right?

Tricia: Maybe you do have cameras pointed everywhere, Victor. There's one place you can't spy on me: inside my head. What if I were to so ever innocently drop something in your drink? Would you realize it before it was too late? You don't know who you're dealing with. You have no idea.

Lauren: Crude as ever, Jill. Some things never change.

Jill: Oh, stuff it, Lauren. What are you doing here anyway?

Lauren: Enjoying my visit, in spite of you.

Jill: Are you going out?

Lauren: I'm going to the Abbott party, looking forward to seeing old friends.

Katherine: And making new ones.

Jill: Thank you so much for picking up my dry cleaning, Esther. I am a member of this household, you know. What am I supposed to wear now?

Esther: If you bothered to look you would see your stupid dress hanging in the closet.

Jill: Oh.

Esther: You're welcome.

Larry: Sharon, I owe you.

Sharon: Larry.

Larry: Listen to me. I understand you're bothered that Tricia has been let out of the loony bin and back on the street.

Sharon: There's nothing we can do.

Larry: Maybe not. Then again, maybe there is. She's scared of me. Maybe somehow we can use that.

Sharon: Larry, you're on probation.

Larry: Look, I 'm not going to cross any line.

Sharon: What would you do?

Larry: I would have a little talk with the chick and convince her that it's best to hit the road.

Sharon: I don't know.

Larry: Look, It's worth a shot, isn't it?

Sharon: I'll call Victor and run by him first.

[Phone ringing]

Larry: No answer?

Sharon: He must have gone home already. That's okay. I'll stop by his apartment. Cody, I have to run an errand.

Cassie: Where are you going?

Sharon: Don't worry, sweetie. I'll be right back.

John: Wow. This is beautiful. Well, if it isn't the Newman contingent.

Neil: Hi, John.

John: A pleasure to have you here. And you too, Ryan. You must be Miss Perez. Your reputation precedes you.

Alex: Thank you. Nice to meet you.

John: And you too.

Alex: We came straight from work.

John: Malcolm is in the dining room with Mamie.

Alex: Do you mind?

Neil: No, not at all.

John: Miss Perez is dating your brother?

Neil: They're engaged. You remember Ryan.

Mamie: It's been such a long time.

Ryan: He's always singing your praises.

John: Why not? She's always doing wonderful things.

Neil: That she does.

Malcolm: Alex, now that you're here, everything is very, very cool.

Alex: Okay.

Malcolm: Well, well, well, I see the host has arrived.

Jack: Malcolm, thanks for being here.

Alex: Hi. I'm Alex Perez.

Jack: Jack Abbott. Nice to meet you.

Alex: Where's Phyllis?

Jack: Excuse me.

Alex: That was weird.

Malcolm: Alex, you don't know the half of it.

Neil: There he is. I guess congratulations are in order.

Alex: They saw my ring at the office this morning.

Neil: Malcolm, couldn't be happier for you.

Malcolm: Thank you, my man. That means a lot.

Neil: So I saw Jack. Where's Phyllis?

Malcolm: She's not coming.

Neil: Is she still in the hospital?

Malcolm: She's getting released today.

Alex: Why isn't she at her own party?

Malcolm: I think that is a question for Jack.

Neil: And what is that supposed to mean?

Malcolm: They were supposed to announce their engagement this evening.

Neil: Were?

Malcolm: It's off. Alex, I 'm thirsty. Let's go find us something to drink.

Alex: Okay.

Neil: What's up with my brother?

Ryan: What's up with you? How can you stand watching your brother and Alex?

Neil: I'll tell you this for the last time. Not another word.

Lauren: I do not know how you put up with Jill living in your house.

Katherine: It wasn't by choice, I assure you.

Lauren: Why don't you tune her out?

Katherine: She hasn't been a pain as of late.

Lauren: Because of this new man in her life?

Esther: Maybe Sean has come to his senses and dumped her.

Katherine: I suppose that could be one explanation.

Esther: If only it could be true.

Katherine: Esther, please go sit in a tub of cold water.

Lauren: Is this Sean that hot?

Esther: He's so sweet and charming.

Lauren: So what is he doing with Jill?

Katherine: One of life's mysteries.

Lauren: Could be a moot point.

Katherine: I always thought that relationship was doomed at the outset.

Lauren: Yet she's managed to hold on to him longer than you expected. They haven't broken up or are having a lover's spat, I think it'll make tonight's party very interesting.

Billy: Hey, Dad.

John: Billy boy, look at you. You're looking sharp.

Billy: Thanks, Dad.

Gina: My dear, you look gorgeous. That's the most beautiful dress.

Mackenzie: Thank you. Courtesy Lauren Fenmore.

Gina: Oh.

Mackenzie: Did I say something wrong?

Gina: We go back a ways.

Mackenzie: She's coming with my grandmother.

Gina: Well, I guess I have to promise to be on my best behavior.

Billy: Don't worry about it.

Mackenzie: Okay. You know, your Dad was right. You look great.

Billy: Oh, well, I have to keep up with you.

Mackenzie: Last time you rented a tux was the night of prom.

Billy: You look more beautiful.

Brittany: Hi, guys.

Billy: Brittany, what are you doing here?

Brittany: I left my bikini in the pool house. What's going on?

Billy: My brother's having a party.

Brittany: Oh, well, sorry to interrupt. I really need my suit.

Billy: Go for it.

Mackenzie: She desperately needs her bikini at this hour?

Billy: Yeah. She just happened to be dressed up.

Sean: It's my fault. I ran into her at the coffee shop. I mentioned the party.

Billy: Why would she crash?

Mackenzie: Who knows? One thing's for sure, she always has an agenda.

Sean: Oh, boy.

Neil: I told you to stop bugging me.

Ryan: You are passing up a great opportunity. When your brother proposed, she had to think about it.

Neil: So?

Ryan: She wasn't sure.

Neil: Are you watching the same movie I am?

Ryan: The only reason she changed her mind is because of you.

Neil: They're in love. They're engaged.

Ryan: But there's still time. They're not married. If you love this lady as much as I think you do --.

Neil: You better drop this right now or you'll put a serious strain on this friendship. You got that?

Larry: Really? Cool. What about the carpet?

Nicholas: Cassie showing off her new room?

Cody: Looks great, boss.

Cassie: I would make up some new drawings. Want to see?

Nicholas: Yeah. What have we got here? Wait a minute. Forgot that triangle window we talked about.

Cassie: That's okay.

Nicholas: If you want that window, you're getting that window.

Cassie: Thank you, Daddy. You're the best.

Nicholas: No problem. He did a good job though.

Larry: How's it going, man?

Nicholas: Larry. What's how's it going, man?

Larry: Good. Can I speak to you for a second?

Nicholas: Sure. Thanks, Code.

Larry: I was talking to Sharon earlier about something. I figured I should tell you about it too. It's got to do with Tricia.

[Knock on door]

Sharon: Victor? It's me, Sharon. Are you home?

Katherine: Jill, aren't you ready yet?

Jill: I was just in the shower. Have there been any calls?

Katherine: For you? No, sorry.

Lauren: We're on our way to the party. You want to come with?

Jill: No.

Katherine: Suit yourself. I think it looks better without it.

Esther: You're still here?

Jill: There were no messages on the machine.

Esther: So?

Jill: Did you happen to accidentally erase them?

Esther: Off course not. If you donít get any messages it's because they don't want to speak to you, and I don't blame them.

Sean: Hey.

Billy: Hey.

Sean: How's it going, Billy?

Billy: Okay.

Sean: Where's your mom?

Billy: I don't know.

Sean: I thought she would be here by now.

Billy: You would know better than I would.

John: This food is delicious. It's so good.

Gina: Glad you like it.

Billy: Dad, you seen Phyllis?

John: Not so far.

Gina: Where's Mackenzie?

Billy: Powdering her nose. Where's Jack? I saw him a minute ago. You don't think she bailed on her own party, do you?

Michael: You're the host.

Phyllis: Don't you think I suffered enough?

Michael: The man loves you and you love him.

Phyllis: How do you know that?

Michael: I talked to him.

Phyllis: What? Michael.

Michael: I needed some answers, and I got them.

Phyllis: What did he say?

Michael: You and Jack were engaged.

Phyllis: Oh, yeah. I was going to tell you that.

Michael: Tonight at the party.

Phyllis: We're not dropping that bomb.

Michael: Since you gave him back the ring.

Phyllis: I didn't give it to him. I threw it at him. He picked it up and left. It's over, Michael.

Michael: You're nuts about the guy.

Phyllis: Where's this coming from? Last I spoke to you, you wanted me to dump Jack.

Michael: I see things differently.

Phyllis: What are you saying, I'm supposed to get dressed, go to this party and humiliate myself?

Michael: I know you are hurt and confused.

Phyllis: You have no idea how I feel. I trusted Jack. He wanted to marry me. He told me it wasn't about kids, but it is. He wants a family, Michael. I can't give that to him.

Brittany: Hi, Jack.

Jack: Hey.

Brittany: Bet you're wondering what I 'm doing here. I thought I left my bathing suit in the pool house but no luck. Great party. What's the occasion?

Jack: If you want to stick around, knock yourself out.

Brittany: Really?

Jack: Yeah. Somebody ought to have some fun here.

Do you take requests?

Sure. What would you like us to play?

John: Ashley, honey, you look just beautiful.

Ashley: Thank you, Daddy. You look handsome.

John: You come alone?

Ashley: I was at the office. I changed there and came over.

John: And your husband?

Ashley: He's probably waiting for Traci and Colleen.

John: Things are still tense. You know, I don't think it's a good idea for Colleen and Traci to be living with you and Brad.

Ashley: Daddy, please.

John: You know I'm concerned.

Ashley: I know, but I'm okay with the situation. Where's Jack?

John: He's upstairs, but before you go -- Ash.

Alex: Malcolm, what is wrong? I thought Jack was your friend. You gave him the cold shoulder big time.

Malcolm: He's lucky that's all I gave him.

Alex: All right. What's wrong?

Malcolm: All right, baby, look. When I went to see Phyllis in the hospital this morning, I learned just how much of a snake Jack can be.

Alex: Malcolm, come on --.

Malcolm: That relationship is over because of him. I just don't understand how he can be so insensitive.

Alex: Well, you sure you know the whole story?

Malcolm: Look, I don't want to get into all the details right now.

Alex: You're upset.

Malcolm: Yeah. Yeah, I am. You know what? Standing around here really isn't helping.

Alex: You want to leave?

Malcolm: Baby, If I cross paths with Jack again, I -- yeah, yeah, would you mind? Let's get out of here.

Alex: Okay.

Ashley: Knock, knock.

Jack: Enter at your own risk.

Ashley: Where's Phyllis?

Jack: I wouldn't know.

Ashley: I spoke to Dad earlier. He said you and Phyllis might be having problems. I don't know what's happening. If you're not up to this whole thing. I haven't seen Phyllis.

Jack: Don't hold your breath.

Ashley: What's going on?

Jack: This party tonight was supposed to be a surprise party.

Ashley: For whom?

Jack: For everyone. Phyllis and I were going to drop the bomb tonight, announce our engagement.

Ashley: Oh.

Jack: Don't worry. It's off.

Ashley: You sure?

Jack: Yeah, I 'm sure. Phyllis wants nothing to do with me.

Sharon: What are you doing here?

Tricia: I'm staying here.

Miss Dennison, I fixed that light for you.

Tricia: Thank you.

Hi, Mrs. Newman.

Tricia: I see you know each other?

Sharon: What's going on?

Tricia: He's looking after me, taking me to my therapy sessions.

Sharon: Is that true?

Yes, ma'am. I'll be right outside if you need me.

Tricia: So what did you come to see Victor about?

Sharon: How the hell did you pull this off?

Tricia: Care for a drink?

Nicholas: So you talked to Sharon about Tricia.

Larry: Yeah. I thought of a way to deal with the chick.

Nicholas: I'm listening.

Larry: She's scared of me, right? Let's use that to get her to back off, maybe leave down.

Nicholas: What did Sharon think about that?

Larry: She seemed pretty interested. She wanted check with your old man first. She called him at the office but she went over to his place to ask him.

Nicholas: Sharon went to my dad's place alone?

Larry: Yeah. What's the problem?

Nicholas: Cassie, stay with Cody.

Katherine: It won't go away.

Lauren: Are you listening to me?

Mackenzie: Hey, you guys made it.

Lauren: Hi.

Katherine: Have we missed anything?

Mackenzie: Things are just getting started.

Lauren: Perfect.

Mackenzie: You should see the pool area. It looks so cool.

Billy: The place looks good.

Katherine: Is something wrong?

Billy: It's weird. Jack's barely been around and Phyllis isn't here at all.

Lauren: Yeah, that is very strange.

Mackenzie: It's still a cool party. Even the band, you should hear it.

Billy: That singer. That almost sounds like --.

Mackenzie: No, no, it couldn't be.

♪ And waves so gentle that when he passes each girl he passes goes Ahh... ♪

Mackenzie: Brittany?

♪ Oh, I watch him so sadly how can I tell him I love him? Yes, I would give my heart gladly but it's as he walks to the sea call and young and handsome the boy boy was walking when he passes I smile but he doesn't see no, he doesn't see [Applause] Ö ♪  

John: That was quite a performance.

Gina: Is that a challenge?

John: What do you think?

Katherine: Unbelievable.

Lauren: She's really tearing up the dance floor. Who's her partner?

Katherine: That's Sean.

Lauren: That's who's interested In Jill? You're kidding.

Ashley: I'm awfully sorry.

Jack: Yeah, so am I.

Ashley: I wished you'd come to me.

Jack: There's nothing you could have done.

Ashley: It does help to talk things through.

Jack: You know how much having a family means to me?

Ashley: You love Phyllis.

Jack: I do. I'm afraid I would have walked away from her.

Ashley: It's screaming out to me she's the best thing that ever happened to you, Jack. Don't you dare let her get away.

Ashley: You might have a choice.

Jack: Well, I can't accept that.

Ashley: You know, Jack, marriage is an amazing experience that you go into with all these hopes and expectations. You never know what the future holds.

Jack: Your point?

Ashley: Before you make that serious commitment, you have to ask hard questions making sure the two of you want the same thing.

Jack: We do. We have.

Ashley: Really? I mean really? You said you wanted a child and Phyllis reluctantly agreed to that. She found out she couldn't have a baby and she pulled away. When she gave you back the engagement ring and you took it, it may be the best thing for you.

Jack: I can't accept that.

Ashley: I know you say the two of you love each other. Is the love strong enough to overcome such a volatile issue? As painful as it is better to end it now, Jack. Let her go. Let her go.

Phyllis: You talk about Jack and me, how much we mean to each other.

Michael: You deny it?

Phyllis: You know what, Michael? Love doesn't conquer all. You should have seen the look in his eyes when I gave him back the ring. He was relieved.

Michael: You sure about that?

Phyllis: Yes, I'm sure. It's over, so drop it.

Michael: What you and Jack have is too special.

Phyllis: Not anymore.

Michael: You hit a bump in the road.

Phyllis: It's a dead end. I put on my party dress and all of a sudden my troubles will miraculously --.

Michael: Go to the party and --.

Phyllis: You think if I go to the party he will express his undying love for me? I don't think so.

Michael: You know, Phyllis, you're not a quitter. You never walked away from a battle in your life. So why not go to the party? Show those folks what the real Phyllis Summers is made of.

Phyllis: Ok. You Win. I'll go to the party. But this isn't about Jack, It's about me. How I make my exit. And believe me, I'm going out with a bang.

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