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Victor: Thanks for the report. My driver should be taking care of the problem soon. Stay with her, all right? Yes, stay with her. Thank you.

Victoria: Who was that?

Victor: It was someone following Tricia Dennison. She's still at her father's house.

Victoria: Will you talk to me now? Why are you letting Tricia move in here.

Victor: I think I explained all that.

Victoria: No, you didn't.

[Doorbell sounding]

You wanted to see me?

Victor: You're from the surveillance company. Come in. This is my daughter, Victoria.

Nice to meet you, miss.

Victoria: How do you do.

Victor: Your firm put in a surveillance system at the Dennison apartment.

Is there a problem?

Victor: It was deactivated some time ago. I want it all put back in place, cameras, listening devices, everything.

Yes, Mr. Newman. I'll get right on it.

Victor: Thank you for coming by.

Victoria: What is this all about? Why are you doing this?

Victor: Very simply, my darling, because I consider Tricia Dennison a threat.

Victoria: I understand that. Don't you think there's a better way to keep an eye on her?

Victor: No. No, there isn't. I have more authority to make sure she goes back to the hospital. I think she's a threat to my family, I will do everything in my power to protect those that I love. You understand it now?

Tricia: Don't say it.

Matt: What?

Tricia: Any minute now you're going to tell me I lost it.

Matt: I was trying to come up with the right words to express my admiration.

Tricia: I bet.

Matt: I'm serious. I wished I came up with it. I guess I did in a way. Moving in with Victor Newman, right into the lion's den.

Tricia: Give credit where it's due. You reminded me I'm being watched like a hawk. My options are limited.

Matt: You got this idea to get on the inside. With Dad in the hospital, nobody watching you.

Tricia: Victor would have been on the phone to Dr. Burns in a minute.

Matt: We know where that would have led. Right back to the nuthouse.

Brittany: Sean, this is so good.

Sean: Glad you like it.

Brittany: Want a piece?

Sean: No thanks.

Brittany: This is sweet for you to do this. Two layers? You outdid yourself.

Sean: Two layers looked better on camera.

Brittany: Is that the only reason you made it more special?

Sean: Brittany, stop.

Malcolm: Sorry I'm late, beautiful.

Alex: No problem. I treated myself to some appetizers.

Malcolm: What did you do, skip lunch again?

Alex: Guilty.

Malcolm: You know I can't have my beautiful baby wasting away. I got to have my woman looking fit, okay? I need a little something to hold on to. So other than a grumbling stomach, how was your day?

Alex: Fine. But I missed you.

Malcolm: Really. Well, I missed you too.

Alex: Well, this is a nice place. I haven't been here before.

Malcolm: You like? I wanted to come to some place special because it is truly a special night.

Alex: Meaning?

Malcolm: Meaning it's always special when I'm with you.

Alex: Malcolm, you're acting awfully mysterious.

Malcolm: Me mysterious?

Alex: You said you were leaving the studio to come straight here and that was an hour before I left my office.

Malcolm: Time sure does fly. I had to run a little errand.

Alex: What did you have to do?

Malcolm: Later. Right now I want to enjoy a little vino. Excuse me, waiter.

Ashley: I can't believe what you just said. We agreed if Colleen and Brad got too involved, it would not be a good idea.

Traci: I changed my mind.

Ashley: Have you forgotten what the negative impact could be? Steve is the man that acted as that girl's father since she was a little child. If things keep going with Brad, that could destroy that relationship.

Traci: There's no reason why that has to happen.

Ashley: You have a daughter that doesn't want to see or hear from Steve again.

Traci: Building a relationship with her biological relationship with Brad tonight doesn’t mean she has to turn her back on Steve.

Ashley: She wants to turn her back on Steve. Why can't you see that?

Colleen: How embarrassing.

Brad: What can I say? I guess I wasn't as mature as you are. What are you thinking about?

Colleen: I'm really glad I've gotten to know you better.

Brad: Me too, sweetheart. It means the world to me. [Phone ringing] Excuse me.

Colleen: Mm-hmm.

Steve: Brad, is that you?

Brad: Yes, who's this?

Steve: Steve Conley.

Traci: Ashley, Brad has given me his word. He promised he will do everything in his power to encourage Colleen --.

Ashley: It's not going to work. Your daughter is looking for a substitute father. She's angry and hurt and she's lashing out. You have her biological father waiting in the wings ready, willing and able to fill the void. That's a perfect way for her to close the door on your husband.

Traci: Ashley, you're not being fair.

Ashley: Would you please hear me out? I believe Brad wants to help bridge the gap between Colleen and Steve. He can't do that because his presence is broadening the gap. The only person who has most to lose is your daughter.

Traci: I have been watching Brad and Colleen. It's wonderful to see them relating. What it's doing for Colleen. She's happy again. She's enjoying her life. I can't ignore that. I can't take Brad away from her now.

Steve: Brad, you still there?

Brad: Yeah, I'm here. What's up?

Steve: I have been calling around. I got the Jabot switchboard, I guess they routed me through.

Brad: You're looking for Traci.

Steve: Is she with you?

Brad: She was. She'll be back in a few minutes. She's going to pick up Colleen.

Steve: Colleen's there?

Brad: Yeah. Hold on a second. Come on, honey. Talk to him.

Colleen: No.

Brad: He sounds really down. Please.

Colleen: Hello.

Steve: Hi, sweetheart, how are you?

Colleen: Fine.

Steve: I've missed you. If I can persuade your mom to come back, I'd love it if you came back with her, maybe stay a few days. What do you say?

Colleen: I don't think so. I have to go now.

Brad: Sweetheart, I know you're angry with him. You have to remember that the issues are between your dad and your mom, not between your dad and you. There's no reason the two of you still can't have a great relationship.

Colleen: Yes, there is. I hate him and I never want to see that man again.

Why don't you log on in about an hour?

Mackenzie: Okay.

Brittany: Good cake, isn't it?

J.T.: It's okay.

Brittany: It's the best birthday present anybody could have given me.

J.T.: It's not like your boyfriend baked it with his own little hands.

Brittany: I'm in a good mood.

J.T.: You're bummed about losing the all-nighter and now you're smiles. What's the deal?

Brittany: I have a naturally sunny disposition. You should know that by now.

Billy: Hey.

Mackenzie: Hi.

Billy: I just got finished checking out the chat room. The good news is they're not talking about personal stuff anymore.

Mackenzie: That's the last thing I need, somebody probing about my mother.

Billy: The fight Raul and J.T. almost had. They grilled me online.

Mackenzie: What did you say?

Billy: I didn't know what to say. Let somebody else explain it. I'm going to get a soda. Do you want one?

Mackenzie: No, I'm okay.

J.T.: What was that about? Abbott saying stuff on the net?

Mackenzie: Somebody blabbing about him being an Abbott and said harsh stuff about Brittany too.

J.T.: Anything about you?

Mackenzie: Yeah about my grandma supposedly adopting me.

J.T.: That's nothing to worry about.

Mackenzie: Then everybody started asking about my parents too.

J.T.: So?

Mackenzie: So it's none of their business, that's all.

Matt: Now instead of Newman measuring you for a straightjacket, you'll be right there in the bosom, so to speak.

Tricia: You don't believe me?

Matt: You want to live in the lap of luxury. As soon as you get the opportunity, you know Newman won't give you an opening.

Tricia: What is your problem? Can't you see the opportunity living with such a rich, powerful man?

Matt: What kind of opportunities are we talking about exactly?

Tricia: You'll have to figure it out.

Matt: It takes one to know one.

Tricia: It would be interesting, no doubt.

Matt: You think you can charm the old boy?

Tricia: Too risky.

Matt: I bet you can.

Tricia: No, smart. Remember the fantasy I had? About poisoning  Ryan and Victoria? How I should think of ways to get to the Newmans? Getting in the Newman apartment doesn't get much better than that.

Matt: Keep talking.

Tricia: It might be a chance to get all the Newmans around the dinner table. You know how important family is to Victor.

Matt: You know what I wish?

Tricia: What?

Matt: That I could give you a big hug right now.

Tricia: Given our history, you should be glad you can't.

Matt: See you there.

Victoria: I want to you understand that I'm worried about you.

Victor: No need, my darling.

Victoria: You think you're indestructible. If Tricia is going to be living here under the same roof, she's capable of God-knows-what. What if something happens to you?

Victor: Nothing will happen to me. I promise you. Nor am I taking this lightly. It must be done, okay.

Victoria: You cannot watch her every second. What about when you're asleep?

Victor: The surveillance system I have in this apartment is excellent. Any wrong move she makes, any step she takes up the stair at night, I'll be alerted.

Victoria: It scares me.

Victor: Don't be scared anymore. This is something I have to do. I'm concerned for all of your safety. This woman is responsible for the murders of two men, okay? The authorities are not taking care of it. The hospital isn't keeping her. I have to do something. It's the only viable option I've come up with. I'll be all right. I can take care of myself. I need you to support my decision. When she comes in here, I want you to do something for me.

What's wrong?

The no-smoker already got cigarette burns on the corporate.

People can be such pigs. Are you on the internet again?

Yes, I am.

Boss finds out, you will be in big trouble, girl.

It's my work's done.

I don't know what's the big deal.

The shopping. I need eye shadow and eyeliner. I will go to a cosmetic site and have them mail it to me right to my door.

How about Jabot?

Hazel, come on. Their stuff costs a fortune.

No, it won't. They're having a sale, 20% off. Today only. Click on this little icon. Sale's only for the kids line. Glow by Jabot.

You're the pro shopper, all right. Enjoy your purple hair dye.

The file on the numbered disc.

Where is it?

Sean: In the house. I'll show you.

J.T.: Now I know where that good mood's coming from.

Brittany: What do you mean?

J.T.: Personal stuff about Mac online. Anything that upsets Mac makes you tingly inside.

Brittany: Other people had worse things said about them.

J.T.: She mentioned something about you being slammed.

Brittany: That has nothing to do with my mood.

J.T.: The all-nighter is canceled, you're slammed online and you're perky like a cheerleader.

Malcolm: Yeah, yeah. Did you notice the flowers here, they're really, really fresh. Oh, good. Perfect. Thank you. Well, talk to me, beautiful. Do you like being engaged?

Alex: Actually it's nice being spoken for.

Malcolm: The shock's worn off already?

Alex: Don't go changing your mind, Mr. Winters.

Malcolm: You hush your mouth. That won't happen in a million years.

Alex: I think I owe you an apology.

Malcolm: For what?

Alex: For making you wait for an answer when you proposed.

Malcolm: Sweetheart, you're a lawyer. You've got to check the pros and cons. That's what you do.

Alex: Seriously. I know that I hurt you.

Malcolm: Alex, you need a little more time. That's okay.

Alex: I wasn't sure why. I just felt that I did. But you knew. You understood my issues, and that made them go away.

Malcolm: They're really gone?

Alex: Yeah. And the thought of spending my life with someone as wonderful as you, it gets better all the time.

Malcolm: You mean that?

Alex: Yeah. I am glad you hung in there with me.

Malcolm: Alex Perez, I'd hang in there with you any time, any place.

Alex: You've made me very happy, Malcolm. What?

Malcolm: Well, I was just wondering when the moment would be right. And I think you just handed it to me.

Alex: There you go acting mysterious again.

Malcolm: Okay. Enough is enough. You and I have been doing a lot of talking about our engagement, right?

Alex: Yes.

Malcolm: I seem to think something is missing here.

Alex: What?

Malcolm: All right. See this centerpiece you love so much. Did you really, and I mean really check it out?

Alex: Yes. They're lovely, Malcolm. Why, are you the subject?

Malcolm: I asked if you took a good look at the roses.

Alex: Yes, they're beautiful. What's going on?

Malcolm: Alex, stop and smell the roses, and you just might find out.

Alex: They smell wonderful.

Malcolm: Slower. Slower.

Alex: I still don't get what you --.

Malcolm: The roses.

Alex: Oh, my God! I can't believe it!

Malcolm: That is your engagement ring, baby, yes, it is. You know what that means?

Alex: What?

Malcolm: That makes it official. Happy engagement, baby.

Ashley: Traci, I never suggested you tear Brad away from Colleen. It's good they're getting to know each other better. I think it's long overdue.

Traci: You don't act like that's how you feel.

Ashley: Your daughter is vulnerable now and she should not be living under the same roof as Brad, that's it.

Traci: You want us to move back over to Dad's.

Ashley: I think that's best for everybody, especially your daughter.

Traci: How about Brad? How about how he feels?

Ashley: This is your decision, Traci. We all agreed with that.

Traci: And you will live with whatever I decide?

Ashley: Of course.

Traci: But I haven't convinced you.

Ashley: We're talking about a child's emotions. Right now it's very volatile. What Colleen thinks she wants is not necessarily what's right for her in the long run.

Traci: I hear you. There is a degree of risk in letting them build a relationship. But there's risk either way.

Ashley: You've made your mind up, haven't you?

Traci: Bottom line, I'm her mother. You're the aunt. It ends up on my shoulders. Ashley, I'm making this decision the best way I know how. If I make a mistake it's on my head.

Ashley: Enough said, huh?

Traci: If you're uncomfortable with us staying at your place, we won't impose any longer.

Ashley: I'm not going to ask you to leave.

Traci: Are you sure?

Ashley: We don't agree on this, Traci, but you are my sister and Colleen is my niece. I will not kick you out. That will cause more problems between Brad and me, and I don't want that.

Traci: I want you to know that I really appreciate the respite you have provided. I'm really sorry about the problems this has caused.

Ashley: A real Catch-22, huh?

Traci: Yes. I guess your next question is you want to know how much longer it will take for Steve and I to decide things one way or the other.

Ashley: Do you have any idea?

Traci: None. All I have is a bunch of mixed feelings.

Ashley: It's your decision. It's a big one. I don't want to you rush it, so take as much time as you need.

Sean: Mind coming with me to the pool house? There's something we need to discuss.

Brittany: Sure. Alone at last.

Sean: Something I need to say to you.

Brittany: Something you need to say to me or something you need to do to me?

Sean: Knock it off. This is serious. I overheard your conversation with J.T. a few minutes ago.

Brittany: I should be blushing.

Sean: You are a bright, beautiful young lady.

Brittany: I'm not so young anymore. As of today, I'm 18.

Sean: Cool it and listen to me. What you said to J.T. about not putting all your irons in one fire.

Brittany: What are you getting at?

Sean: If something doesn't work out, you drop it and try something else.

Brittany: Sounds like you've been studying me, Sean.

Sean: You need to make some changes or you will never be happy.

Brittany: You sound pretty judgmental.

Sean: I see a girl who walks around acting like life is so wonderful. I just know that's not the truth.

Brittany: If it isn't, you're offering to help me?

Sean: If you're willing to talk I think would be great to find out what's going on with you. I know you like to be in control but that's not been the case for a while.

Brittany: Didn't you say you're not going to help me anymore?

Sean: You've been flirting with me like crazy today.

Brittany: I have?

Sean: You need to get your head on straight.

Brittany: You know, Sean, I have to wonder why what happens to me even matters to you. Summer's ending. You'll probably never see me again.

Sean: Your point?

Brittany: You say you're not interested in me. So why are you reaching out to me now? Think about it.

Brittany: Excuse me. I need to get my purse.

Raul: It'll be great not having the eyes of the world on us anymore.

Mackenzie: I was just telling Billy that earlier.

Raul: Will you tell me something honestly?

Billy: Yeah.

Raul: I was thinking back to last summer when I first started falling for Rianna. How the hell did I get so sucked in?

Mackenzie: Raul, we didn't see it either. Whatever problems Rianna had or has with J.T. her feelings for you were sincere.

Billy: You have to take our word for that, man. She was for real.

Raul: Even if you're right, I'm not sure if it makes me feel any better.

Mackenzie: Well, it should. Maybe it will.

Billy: Hey, I know it looks like she slammed the door on you, man. I honestly believe things were the way they used to be with you. You know, if that's true, in time, who knows. It's the one material that helps preserve the earth.

Malcolm: Baby, please tell me you like it.

Alex: It is the most beautiful ring I've ever seen.

Malcolm: Thank you, Lord. I can breathe now. See that ring right there? That's the reason I was late. I went to the jewelry store, right? The ring I had originally picked out, I don't know, it just didn't seem perfect to me anymore. You know me, I've got to do it right, right? I check out a couple more places until I found the right one. That ring just spoke to me.

Alex: It's speaking to me too, loud and clear.

Malcolm: You sure? Baby, if you want to pick out your own ring, we can take it back.

Alex: Over my dead body. I don't think so.

Malcolm: I was hoping you would feel that way. If I may do the honors. Let's see your beautiful hand. A perfect fit. I love you, baby.

Alex: I love you too, Malcolm.

What the heck is this?

A bunch of teenagers wearing swim suits.

That helps cosmetics.

I guess you watch, get hooked up on the kids.

If you want to waste your time watching half naked kids, go ahead. I've got better --.


That face. The girl with the brown hair.

What about her?

She looks like -- no. No, it can't be.

J.T.: You okay?

Rianna: I don't know.

J.T.: Sorry about what happened earlier. The last thing I wanted to do was upset you.

Rianna: J.T., the summer started out so perfect. Now everything is just horrible.

J.T.: Come on, it's not all that bad.

Rianna: Name one good thing that's happened.

J.T.: Well, you and me. We found our way back to each other, although this time we're in a better place, as friends. That makes me feel pretty good.

Rianna: You mean that?

J.T.: Yeah, I really mean that.

Rianna: J.T., we really shouldn't have done that. Please tell me you're not going to do that again.

J.T.: Well, I'm not sure that I can. But I can make you this promise. I won't kiss you again until you want me to.

Brad: I hate hearing you talk that way about your father. We were just communicating, having fun.

Colleen: Yeah, until he called.

Brad: Hello, ladies. How is everyone?

Ashley: Good. We're in agreement.

Traci: So, I have a great idea. Why don't we all go out and get a bite to eat, the four of us. My treat. How does Chinese sound?

Colleen: My favorite.

Ashley: Sounds good to me. What do you think, Brad?

Brad: Yeah, works for me.

Traci: Good. It's settled.

Brad: By the way, Trace, Steve called.

Traci: Maybe my cell phone’s off. Thank you. I do need to talk to him. Could you excuse me for just a moment?

Ashley: Sure.

Ashley: We all want what's best for Colleen.

Brad: I'm glad to hear that.

Ashley: At this point I hope my concerns are completely misplaced.

Victor: Come in. I'll take it from here, thank you very much. That's quite all right. Thank you.

Victoria: You look surprised to see me.

Tricia: I am a little.

Victoria: I must admit I'm against the arrangement but my father convinced me it's for the best, so good luck.

Tricia: Thank you.

Victor: Tricia, you will be staying in this room right here, okay? Now I must go to work.

Tricia: I can get settled in.

Victor: There you are.

Victoria: I almost choked on those words. I hope you know what you're doing.

Victor: Stop questioning your father. I know exactly what I'm doing.

You think you recognize this girl?

Is there any way to get information about the kids in this pool?

Yeah, in the chat room.

Mackenzie: Time for one more chat.

Billy: Isn't it Brittany's turn?

Mackenzie: Like she cares, really. It's almost over.

Billy: Hallelujah.

Mackenzie: You know, when we're done, we should make some plans.

Billy: Definitely. I can't wait to spend some time alone with you.

Mackenzie: Yeah, me too. Though seeing how upset Raul was, I wish we could get him to come hang out with us.

Billy: Yeah. I don't think any of us are going to miss this place now that it's done. Looks like someone asked a question. Hey, everyone, I'm logged on, first time. I want to know the name of the brown-haired girl in the white and blue swim suit. Hmm, I wonder.

Mackenzie: Okay.

Billy: Come on. Come on. This is your last chance to be in the spotlight.

Mackenzie: If it's me you're talking about.

Mackenzie. An unusual name. You're acting weird. Why do you care so much about this girl's name? What's it to you, Amanda?

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