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Victoria: Hi.

Victor: Sorry if I startled you.

Victoria: That's okay. What are you doing here?

Victor: After I left you yesterday, I got a call from the doorman of your building. Tricia Dennison was there.

Ryan: What?

Victoria: That woman won't quit. It's a good thing you beefed up security and they got rid of her.

Victor: No. I asked them to give her the key to see what she would do. She went inside and I went inside. I learned some interesting information. Her father had a stroke.

Ryan: Oh, no.

Victor: He's in very critical condition.

Ryan: I'm sorry to hear that.

Victoria: Yeah, me too.

Victor: Our first line of defense is gone. For now Tricia Dennison is on the loose.

Matt: Tricia. Tricia.

Tricia: Damn it, go away. I said I'm not talking to you anymore.

Matt: Tricia --.

Tricia: Shut up. You can't make me listen. You're a figment of my imagination. I can make you go away whenever I want.

Matt: But you won't. I am no figment, baby. I'm your voice of reason. If you don't listen to me you'll end up back in that hospital faster than you can say frontal lobotomy. There you go. That's more like it.

Tricia: It's just so you will shut up. I don't buy that stuff about the hospital.

Matt: You're so sure I'm wrong. You shouldn't have gone to Ryan's apartment. We would still have options. You blew it, Tricia! You slammed the door shut right in your face.

Brittany: Okay. I need a screen name. What's this? Little kiddies left her name. Okay, Glow by Jabot chat room. Here I go. Only five people are logged on. Hi, guys. I hear people are looking for personal info on the kids. Don't hold out on us, cutie. We go to the same school. Should I dish the dirt? Go for it? Okay.

Jill: Good morning, Mackenzie.

Mackenzie: Good morning.

Jill: This is the day of the end of summer campaign.

Mackenzie: Yeah, should be interesting.

Jill: I'm sure you're aware of our last minute change?

Mackenzie: We're not doing the overnight. Sean told us. The way things are going, probably just as well.

Jill: Glad you're not disappointed. I wanted to clear the air about something. The other day when I talked to Billy and he was so upset about seeing Sean. I got on your case about it. Things were going so well between me and my son, it bothered me he was upset.

Mackenzie: As usual, you assumed I was behind it.

Jill: I owe you an apology. I will stop jumping to conclusions. Anyway, about the project, boy, we sure got some fascinating responses.

Mackenzie: That's one way to put it.

Jill: I know you and Billy are very happy and I know Raul and Rianna are having their problems. Interesting about Brittany. She went the whole summer without causing any problems.

Mackenzie: It's amazing.

Jill: Is it distracting? Does she have a young man or something?

Mackenzie: I don't think so.

Jill: She doesn't have a boyfriend?

Mackenzie: Not that we're best buds or anything but I think we would know. Are you thinking she's going to hit on Raul and Billy?

Jill: I'm not looking to cause any problems here.

Mackenzie: Why would she risk alienation? With Brittany, anything is possible.

Jill: That's true. I better get to the office.

Mackenzie: Hey, about this whole Sean thing. I know it's not in Billy's best interest to have a bad relationship with you. I've been trying to get him to take things in stride.

Jill: Mackenzie, what is his problem with this? Why is he having a negative reaction?

Mackenzie: You want the truth?

Jill: I think so.

Mackenzie: He's just afraid his mom's going to get hurt.

Billy: Hey, man.

Raul: Good morning.

Billy: There's some coffee.

Raul: No thanks.

Billy: Look, I'm glad we have a chance to talk before everyone gets here.

Raul: Why? How come you're looking at me like that?

Billy: Mac told me what happened with you and Rianna the other night.

Raul: Great. This is gossip central. I suppose by tomorrow it'll be all over the internet.

Billy: Didn't sound like you at all.

Raul: You think what I did was pretty disgusting. I wanted Rianna to prove she cared about me.

Billy: By asking her to jump in bed with you that minute?

Raul: I couldn't think of any other reason for her to prove she was over J.T.

Billy: This isn't you talking.

Raul: Yes, it is. Now you think I'm a jerk too. Spare me. I don't want to hear it.

Rianna: Thanks for not being upset I canceled our plans at the last minute.

J.T.: Come on, Ri. Why see a movie you know you're going to hate?

Rianna: You're not upset I went home?

J.T.: As long as you're not upset with me for swinging by to give you a ride to work. You were so down last night, I wanted to make sure you were okay.

Rianna: Look, J.T., don't take this the wrong way. I can't believe you're being so sensitive.

J.T.: It's too hot out here.

Sharon: Hey, what are you could doing home?

Nicholas: Hanging out, what are you doing?

Sharon: I left the kids up at the pool with Miguel.

Nicholas: Nice.

Sharon: You didn't mention you were going in late today.

Nicholas: What can I say? I'm a spontaneous guy.

Sharon: You know, this could be risky. There's no way knowing how long the kids will be swimming. They could just pop back in.

Nicholas: You're right. So much for that idea.

Sharon: Are you going to get dressed now?

Nicholas: What do you call this? I'm dressed.

Sharon: I mean dressed for work.

Nicholas: Oh, yeah. Yeah, eventually.

Sharon: Spill it. You obviously have something up your sleeve.

Nicholas: Baby, what do you think that could be?

Sharon: I don't know, presents for the kids. Maybe something for me.

Nicholas: Presents, yeah. Maybe.

Sharon: Tell me. You're driving me crazy.

Nicholas: This is much more fun, you trying to figure it out, not having much luck. [Knock on door] Right on time. Hey, Hartford, come on in. Any trouble finding the place?

Harper: No, not at all, your directions were perfect.

Jill: Hurt? For heaven's sakes. I'm a big girl, Mackenzie.

Mackenzie: I'm not saying it'll happen. Billy's just worried that --.

Jill: What?

Mackenzie: It's none of my business.

Jill: Worried somebody more appropriate would come along?

Mackenzie: As you said, you can take care of yourself.

Jill: Yes, I can. Thanks for your input. My lord, if it isn't Miss Nosy herself. Did you get a nice earful?

Lauren: You fascinate me. It's so amazing to me how you can manage to make so much out of so little.

Jill: Well, at least -- oh, just forget it. It's not worth it.

Mackenzie: You are one of the few people that seem to rattle her.

Lauren: That's good. I take that as a compliment.

Mackenzie: I am glad you're sticking around.

Lauren: Just for a day or two. I want to take you to Fenmore's and work on your school wardrobe.

Mackenzie: For real?

Lauren: I take this fairy godmother thing very seriously. Tell me about this Sean guy. Kay and Jill had a few choice words about it.

Mackenzie: Esther thinks he's a hunk.

Lauren: But Billy is worried his mother's heart will get broken.

Mackenzie: He's trying to get used to it. Plus Sean's a little bit younger than Jill.

Katherine: He's a hell of a lot younger than Jill.

Lauren: Really.

Mackenzie: Oh, gosh. I have to get over to the Abbott's pool.

Katherine: Make some happy memories today.

Lauren: All right. Spill it. What kind of a generation gap are we talking here?

Brittany: Okay, okay. Calm down. I'll give you three juicy tidbits. First of all, Billy is the star for a reason. He's related to the people who own Jabot. That's nothing suspicious. Next Brittany. She used to be way cool. After Billy dumped her, she kept hanging around him. No more Miss Popular. I mean, talk about pathetic. You're happy about that? Creeps. And then there's Mackenzie. What that girl from the shelter didn't know, not only did Mac find her grandma, the old lady adopted her. Adopted? Well, Mrs. Browning, if you're out there, I have a feeling you'll be coming out of the woodwork.

Raul: It's getting better and better.

Billy: What's wrong?

Raul: J.T. and Rianna showed up together. It's going to be a long 24 hours.

Billy: Didn't Sean get a hold of you? The overnight has been canceled. The end of the day is the end.

Raul: Why did they change their mind? Because of Rianna and me? I don't give a damn. I was counting down the hours when this nightmare was over and it just got shorter. That's all that matters to me.

Victoria: Dad, Tricia Dennison is a dangerous woman. She can't be roaming the streets.

Victor: I put her under 24-hour surveillance.

Ryan: What if I can still have her committed?

Victor: You're divorced. You no longer that have power.

Victoria: They must realize how disturbed she is.

Victor: She unfortunately had a very plausible explanation. She said after her father's stroke she was so distraught, she went back to the apartment she once lived in.

Victoria: Let me guess. It was a mistake. What about her sister, Meg?

Victor: According to her roommate, Meg is in Europe, can't be reached.

Ryan: We're safe in the apartment with Tricia watched around the clock.

Victoria: Can you guarantee there's nothing for us to worry about?

Victor: No, I cannot. I don't want to sugarcoat it. You two have a meeting to go to, don't you?

Victoria: Yeah. I just have to grab a report. Talk to you later.

Tricia: So Victor knows about my dad. I have to go to my therapist and keep up appearances. At least I'm not under constant scrutiny.

Matt: You think old man Newman is going to let this go. You are so deluded. Did you see that car parked across the street?

Tricia: I noticed it this morning.

Matt: Victor's having you tailed. All our plans are in the toilet.

Tricia: I will find a way to get to the Newman's.

Matt: Really. Then tell me, Houdini, because I'm stumped.

Tricia: Yeah, that'll work.

Matt: What? Hey, where the hell are you going?

Katherine: Let me put it this way, when Jill was Sean's age, Sean wasn't a twinkle in anybody's eye.

Lauren: Wow, that really is robbing the cradle. Is that why she's keeping it under wraps?

Katherine: Possibly. Maybe for Billy's sake. Who knows how that woman's mind works.

Lauren: If he's half as wonderful as Esther believes, you would think our aging manicurist would be putting up billboards all over town.

Katherine: Yes, she would.

Lauren: It's a no-brainer on her part. I wonder.

Katherine: Lauren Fenmore, I know that look. I think you're slightly intrigued.

Lauren: I certainly am. Does she bring the guy over here very often?

Katherine: Jack Abbott is going to have a party next week and the stud muffin should be there.

Lauren: You don't say.

Katherine: Maybe you should just stay around a little bit longer, hmm?

Lauren: You think?

Katherine: Yeah, I think.

Lauren: I guess I could. I have a dress I just picked up in Paris. It's a shame to leave it in the closet.

Katherine: I'd stay and wear it.

Lauren: Yeah, okay.

Jill: Well, you don't look any worse for wear.

Sean: Hey. Come here, you.

Jill: Good morning.

Sean: Good morning.

Jill: I didn't think you would be quite so --.

Sean: Awake?

Jill: You said you were working until really late last night.

Sean: I worked until 4. And everything is on target.

Jill: You better be careful. In addition to the other ways you changed my life. Now you have me following your advice in very personal matters. This morning I actually made an effort to bury the hatchet with Mackenzie. I think we connected a bit.

Sean: Does she have anything interesting to say?

Jill: No, not really.

Sean: I'm glad to hear you made the effort. Billy really wants you to get along with Mac. I know what your relationship to your son means to you.

Jill: That's true. It's not just the relationship with Billy that matters to me. This is your cue to say something back to me.

Sean: I forgot my lines.

Jill: God forbid I put words in your mouth.

Sean: Hey, you okay? [Phone ringing] Fantastic. It's ready. Extra charge. I got that. No, no, I'll come pick it up. The eagle has landed.

Jill: Brittany's birthday cake.

Sean: How'd you guess?

Jill: Isn't that a bit much?

Sean: It's a visual thing. A big, beautiful cake will look great on camera. Brittany's 18th birthday is kind of like an event.

Jill: Bully for Brittany.

Sean: What? You think we should get something out of a box in the supermarket? We're making a statement.

Jill: Oh, yes. Yes, Sean, you certainly are.

Billy: Caffeine straight up.

Rianna: Thank you.

J.T.: You hear from Sean? He didn't come out and say it, but the real reason is they didn't want to make you feel uncomfortable.

Rianna: You think so?

J.T.: They realized it would be cruel and unusual punishment to make you spend more time with you-know-who.

Brittany: What a gorgeous day. Where's the cake? Sean decided to celebrate my 18th birthday. It should be a lot of fun. Guys, don't worry about presents. I'm not expecting any.

J.T.: That's a good thing.

Brittany: Happy last day.

Raul: You can say that again.

Brittany: Checking things online?

Billy: What the heck is going on here? The chat room is going crazy. Somebody posted a lot of personal stuff about us.

Brittany: What are they talking about?

Billy: There's some stuff about you, Brittany.

Brittany: I can't believe that. That's a bunch of bull. Who could have written that stuff about me?

Billy: I don't know.

Brittany: That's a total invasion of my privacy.

Raul: What else?

Billy: They know I'm an Abbott. Oh, no. They're talking about Mac and her mother. Damn it.

Rianna: Later.

J.T.: You're going to look like a lobster.

Rianna: You would like that too much.

Mackenzie: Hey, guys.

Rianna: Hey, Mac.

Mackenzie: Where's everybody else?

Rianna: Inside.

Mackenzie: Could I talk to you for a second? How you doing?

Rianna: Fine.

Mackenzie: What's going on with J.T.?

Rianna: Nothing. He's being my friend. Before you say anything, I'm glad.

Mackenzie: Rianna, I don't really think you --.

Rianna: What am I supposed to do? Crawl into a hole and die?

Mackenzie: No. With J.T. and Raul around?

Rianna: I know you mean well. I don't care about Raul. Right now I don't need a lecture from you.

Nicholas: Hartford, this is my wife Sharon. This is Hartford Longley.

Hartford: Nice to meet you.

Sharon: Likewise.

Nicholas: We have three bedrooms and we're going to have three kids. Something doesn't add up.

Sharon: You're thinking about adding on to the place?

Nicholas: I have done more than think about it. I hired Hartford to design a nursery.

Sharon: What a perfect idea!

Cassie: What's a perfect idea?

Nicholas: Hey, guys, come in here and find out.

Miguel: You have a couple of Olympic swimmers here. Would anybody like some coffee?

Nicholas: We're okay, Miguel. Kids, this is Mr. Longley. He's going to design a room for the new baby.

Hartford: They plotted a survey. After reviewing them, I think we may have a problem.

Nicholas: I don't want to hear that.

Hartford: You indicated the new nursery should be on the other side of the master.

Sharon: So the baby is near us. I like that.

Hartford: Unfortunately we have trouble building on that side. There's a layer of bedrock. It's a big production. It could require some blasting. The structure wasn't built with this kind of expansion in mind.

Nicholas: It was the old caretaker place.

Hartford: We could build it on this side of the house. You want the addition off the master.

Sharon: When Noah was born, we were using the downstairs room. It's now become our home office and I hate to lose it.

Cassie: I may have an idea.

Sharon: What, specifically? Go ahead.

Cassie: Well, Mr. Longley is saying that the new room has to be sort of far away from yours, right?

Hartford: That's right.

Cassie: The room I'm in now is right across the hall.

Hartford: That's correct.

Cassie: So why don't you put me into the new addition and make my room the nursery?

[Phone ringing]

Victor: Yes. Yes, Connie. Put him through. Yes. You mean here in the building? Tell you what, escort her up to my daughter's office, all right? Right away. Thank you.

Brittany: What are people saying about Mac's mom? Okay, fine. Sorry I asked.

Billy: Nothing too specific. Still, I hope Mac doesn't overreact to this.

Mackenzie: Overreact to what? Billy?

Raul: I'm going outside.

Mackenzie: Raul what's going on?

Brittany: Oh, sorry. I guess I'll go check the house and see if Miss Martinez is making my cake.

Mackenzie: Hey, why do you look so worried?

Billy: I guess one of our classmates got on the website and put personal tidbits on the website. There's some stuff about me and Brittany.

Mackenzie: What did they say about me?

Billy: Not much. Somebody said that your grandmother adopted you and that got people speculating about your parents.

Mackenzie: What?

Billy: Calm down. Nobody knows anything about your mom or your stepdad, no details anyway.

Mackenzie: Except for Browning and St. Louis.

Billy: It's okay. You have nothing to be worried about. No one can hurt you, Mac. Katherine is your guardian now.

Mackenzie: I know. I know. I don't get why this is happening. Who would do this, Billy? I don't understand.

Billy: Whoever it is is out to get us all.

Mackenzie: Me, especially. This has happened twice now.

Billy: I can understand why you'd be upset. Today is the last day.

Mackenzie: Thank God. I've learned my lesson. Being in the public eye is not my thing.

Nicholas: Talk about thinking outside the box.

Cassie: Does that mean you like my idea?

Sharon: That's certainly one answer.

Cassie: You didn't think it would work.

Sharon: I know how much you like your room.

Cassie: It's okay. I'll move.

Nicholas: Sure you're okay to be further away from us?

Cassie: And I'm old enough. I know the baby has to be closer to you.

Sharon: I think it's a terrific idea. You are a very unselfish and creative little girl.

Nicholas: You will have one awesome room. We can put in that skylight for her, right?

Hartford: You bet.

Cassie: I can't wait.

Nicholas: Remember, we're in a time crunch.

Hartford: I won't forget.

Sharon: Thank you. Thanks for coming out.

Nicholas: Thanks again.

Sharon: Are you absolutely sure about this?

Cassie: Totally.

Nicholas: We don't want you to feel you have to move on account of the new baby.

Cassie: I don't. I told Mommy in the beginning I wanted to help any way I could.

Sharon: Well, this is a big, big help.

Nicholas: And we are very proud of you.

Cassie: I'm glad the family's getting bigger. I can't wait for my little brother or sister. So I already have a great brother. I'm sort of hoping for a sister.

Nicholas: We'll see what we can do.

Raul: Ri, I hope you're having a lot of fun with J.T.

Rianna: What are you saying?

Raul: You ran right back to him. You need a guy around, any guy.

Rianna: What is your problem?! I am sitting here minding my own business and you're acting like I'm doing a terrible thing. J.T. is my friend.

Raul: That's what I was to you last summer when you were getting over him. You could have saved us all a lot of hassle if you stayed with the jerk.

J.T.: Get lost, man. You heard her.

Rianna: J.T., shut up. I don't need that from you either.

Sean: What's with the attitude? It's the cake. What, is it the extra expense?

Jill: No, no. The idea to do anything to make that little brat's ego any bigger than it is.

Sean: I had to do something. The board members went with this.

Jill: Why Brittany?

Sean: At the risk of repeating myself, she kissed me.

Jill: You threw the tape away, and you're adding a tier to her cake.

Sean: This is ridiculous. This is business!

Jill: Now I'm ridiculous.

Sean: You think I'm secretly hot for this girl.

Jill: Are you? She's 18. She's not jailbait any longer. Is that why you're so high on the celebration?

Sean: Jill, for --.

Jill: Don't, don't.

[Knock on door]

Victor: Come in. Hello, Tricia.

Tricia: Mr. Newman.

Victor: You can go, thank you.

Yes, sir.

Tricia: They wouldn't let me up here alone. I had to be escorted.

Victor: How's your father?

Tricia: There's no change.

Victor: Did you see him in the hospital?

Tricia: No. Just seeing him lying there, I just -- anyway, it's not going to do any good having me pace in his room. They will call me on the cell phone.

Victor: Why did you come here?

Tricia: I have been thinking about my situation and I'm sure you have too.

Victor: Your situation, as in?

Tricia: I don't know that much about strokes. It's my impression they're not something you recover from in a matter of days or weeks. God willing, my father will be fine but it's going to take time.

Victor: What else?

Tricia: My living arrangements have to change. I have a number of options.

Victor: Tell me about those options.

Tricia: Certain people would prefer I go back to the mental hospital. It's my call and I don't want to do that. After being free, I feel it would drag me down and undermine my therapy. I'm sure none of us want that. As far as living at home, I can't do that either. I barely got any sleep last night. It's not only the place where my father had the stroke, there are other bad memories there too. It's just depressing there. Plus I want to be available for my dad if he needs me.

Victor: What else?

Tricia: Well, I have been thinking about other places I could go. I know how suspicious you are of me. Despite my efforts to prove myself, you still need assurances. My father obviously can't watch over me anymore. Basically, I need to focus on two things. My recovery and my father's. And I think I’ve come up with a solution for both those problems.

Victor: What's the solution you have in mind?

Tricia: What would you say to my moving in with you?

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