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Victor: What are you doing here?

Tricia: I came here --.

Victor: This is no longer your home.

Tricia: I know. I just couldn't --.

Victor: Where's your father? My secretary tried to reach him on his cell phone. A woman answered and then she hung up. It wouldn't have by any chance been you, would it?

Tricia: I can't talk about this.

Victor: Wait, wait, wait. Stay here. I have some questions, all right?

[Doorbell sounding]

Katherine: I cannot believe it.

Lauren: It's me!

Katherine: Lauren Fenmore, it's wonderful to see you.

Lauren: It's been too long.

Katherine: Yes, indeed. I assume you're in town checking on your store.

Lauren: Yes. First I thought it was going to be a short visit but I think I will stick around for a bit.

Katherine: What changed your mind?

Lauren: I saw Paul. He's not doing well and I want to make sure he's okay.

Katherine: I heard about the divorce. My heart goes out to him and Christine. Please, sit down.

Lauren: It's a very complicated situation. I hope the talk we had gave him clarity.

Katherine: Mm-hmm. I'm sure you have been very helpful.

Lauren: Time will tell.

Isabella: Are you even going to begin to understand what you're doing to me?

Paul: Yes, I do.

Isabella: You're not accidentally torturing me, but doing it on purpose.

Paul: Isabella, I hate the way I've treated you. I wouldn't blame you if you walked out that door.

Isabella: Tell me why I shouldn't.

Paul: Something I haven't allowed myself to think about. Today I was reminded and as badly as it hurts, I found it very enlightening.

John: Well, since our web master called this meeting, I'll turn it over to you, Sean.

Jill: We're going to have the meeting with three board members present?

John: Nicky still in Brazil, and Bradley --.

Ashley: Has something else to do.

Jill: Is it personal?

Ashley: He's not going to be here. What difference does it make?

Jill: Excuse me for asking. What about Jack? What's his excuse?

John: Jack is occupied elsewhere.

Jill: Is that personal too?

John: Jill.

Jill: I know you told me to cut Jack some slack. If he's cavorting with --.

John: Jill, that's enough. Sean, you have the floor.

Michael: I don't want to interrupt the creative process.

Malcolm: Baldwin, what the hell are you doing here?

Michael: Skip the pleasantries.

Malcolm: Why don't you do us both a favor and slither back to where you came from? I was at the hospital earlier.

Michael: What's your take on this situation? Is it over between Jack and Phyllis? If it isn't, it should be.

Phyllis: I want you to take this, Jack. I'm calling off our engagement. You're free.

Jack: That's not what I want.

Phyllis: Jack, take --.

Jack: Phyllis, I am not taking the ring back. You are not thinking clearly. I know I love you. I know you love me. That's enough for me.

Phyllis: Maybe it's not enough for me. I need to know how you see our marriage now, how you see our life together now without a child.

Mackenzie: Don't tell me, you're getting another order of fries.

Billy: Maybe this time I'll let you have a few. Mac? What?

Mackenzie: I'm sorry.

Billy: You're thinking about Raul and Rianna again, aren't you?

Mackenzie: Tomorrow is the last day of the summer campaign. In the beginning they were so close. And now they couldn't be further apart.

Billy: Mac, you do know something happened to us. Nothing is going to come between us ever again. All right?

Sean: That was the plan, to end our Glow by Jabot summer campaign with an all-night web cast.

John: Same as we did last year.

Sean: Checking out the tapes, seeing the heavy duty tension between Raul and Rianna --.

Ashley: We're better off not forcing the kids to be together.

Sean: Exhaustion and bad feelings can be a lethal combination. I say we pump up the final day, make an event out of it.

Jill: Haven't we said drama and tension are good things?

Sean: This could end up a shouting match or even worse.

John: I think Sean is right to be concerned, Jill. The last thing we need is to have this campaign end on a sour note.

Ashley: This all-night web cast isn't do or die.

Jill: I want to know what you have in mind for the big final day event. I assume you have something up your sleeve, Sean?

Sean: What about a birthday party? Our gang getting together for one last time celebrating Brittany turning 18 tomorrow.

Jill: Brittany's turning 18 tomorrow? How do you know that?

Sean: She told me. I was thinking we have a BBQ. It could be just the send-off we're looking for.

Jill: Are you forgetting that Brittany isn't that well liked?

John: I think it's a winner.

Ashley: I think it's the boost we need.

Sean: That's what we're looking for, going out with a bang.

Jill: What do you know? I'm outnumbered again.

John: Anything else, Sean?

Sean: No.

John: Then meeting adjourned. Ash, I have a report to go over with you.

Jill: Why don't you finish here and I'll swing by Gina's and pick up dinner?

Sean: I'll probably not even make it home tonight.

J.T.: Hey, princess, what's going on? Is there some place else I'm supposed to be?

Brittany: You bolted from the boutique. I thought you were trying to find your sweet little Rianna.

J.T.: Rianna and I had a pretty cool talk.

Brittany: About?

J.T.: What flick we were going to catch.

Brittany: You took her to a movie?

J.T.: The one we wanted to see was sold out and she went home.

Brittany: Surprise, surprise.

J.T.: I don't need your comments now.

Brittany: I have more things on my mind than your pathetic sense of romance.

J.T.: I know I will hate myself for asking.

Brittany: The all-nighter is tomorrow night.

J.T.: So?

Brittany: When darkness falls.

J.T.: I know, you turn into a werewolf.

Brittany: Maybe you will have better luck then. I know I will.

Isabella: You were reminded of something from your past?

Paul: Yes.

Isabella: I'm supposed to know what it means?

Paul: I don't know how you could. I'm still sorting it out. Something happened when Chris and I were engaged.

Isabella: An indiscretion?

Paul: She was involved with someone who played a major role in her life, and it was someone I thought she had put in her past.

Isabella: But she didn't.

Paul: I was sick inside. I was devastated. I wasn't sure if I could get beyond it.

Isabella: What does this have to do with us, Paul?

Paul: Chris asked me to forgive her. As bad as I was hurt, somehow I found it in my heart to forgive her because I loved her. I guess what I'm saying is people aren't so quick to close doors if there's love involved.

Malcolm: Baldwin, where do you get off saying something like that?

Michael: Phyllis is my friend and I care about her.

Malcolm: So do I. You're a sick bastard.

Michael: Jack pressured Phyllis into agreeing to have children. It's not something she wanted to do. I'm not crazy about the guy. She convinced herself she should go through with it.

Malcolm: You seem to think she's fooling herself.

Michael: She was getting herself into a bind. Now she's out of it. It's a blessing in disguise.

Malcolm: Are you really this heartless? You've seen the woman. She's suffering, man. Get out of my studio. Get out of my face before I rearrange yours.

Phyllis: Why are you hesitating, Jack?

Jack: A lot's happened. I haven't had a chance to work through everything.

Phyllis: You're so sure our marriage can work. That doesn't make any sense. How can you be sure?

Jack: I believe in us!

Phyllis: Stop dancing around this issue. I need you to be honest! I need you to tell me how you feel after everything's that's happened!

Jack: Settle down. Settle down.

Phyllis: Well?

Jack: Exciting. Exciting. That's how I see our future. We can build a dream home, a castle. I can fly all over the world. We will experience life and then some.

Phyllis: Without children. Jack, the most important thing to you is family. Would you ever consider adopting?

Jack: I don't know. I haven't had a chance to work through all the details.

Phyllis: When did a child become --.

Jack: I'm saying. Let's see how we feel down the road, how we both feel. Look, you asked me how I saw our future together.

Phyllis: And you painted a beautiful picture. Except you left out the most important thing to you. And that's having your own son or daughter.

Jack: Phyllis, please.

Phyllis: It's true, Jack. Big houses, trips around the world, that's all great, but you'd give that up in a heartbeat for a chance to hold your own little girl or little boy in your arms. That can never happen so I have to end this Jack. I have to end this now.

Katherine: Oh, Lauren, it is so wonderful, wonderful to have you back. There you are.

Esther: The guests are ready, Mrs. Chancellor. Do you need anything else?

Katherine: No thank you.

Jill: Would you watch where you're going please? Well, good Lord. What are you doing here?

Katherine: Lauren is going to be our house guest for the foreseeable future.

Lauren: I hope it's okay with you, Jill.

Jill: It doesn't matter if it's not.  I couldn't care less.

Katherine: I have been so blessed having so little contact with that thing.

Lauren: Really, why's that?

Katherine: She's seeing someone.

Lauren: Really?

Sharon: I am so happy for you.

Victoria: Thank you. Seeing Ryan again, living with him. I couldn't be so happy in my life. Don't be surprised to have an invitation soon.

Sharon: For what?

Victoria: We want you and Nicholas to come over for dinner or something. Don't be shocked if the doorman gives you the third degree. Dad bought the building and installed a new security system. It would be so much better if Tricia were in that mental institution.

Sharon: I agree.

Victoria: There's nothing we can do about it but keep our eyes open.

Sharon: I ran into Larry Warton. He said he would do anything to help.

Victoria: He said the same thing to Ryan and me. I don't know what he can do.

Sharon: While we were talking he told me how Matt Clark got Tricia. He slipped her a roofy and then he raped her.

Victoria: Tricia was raped? Sharon, what is it? Is there something else?

Tricia: I'll call the police.

Victor: Tell them how you entered this apartment illegally?

Tricia: It wasn't like that. I wanted to be alone and this is the first place that came to mind.

Victor: You said you needed a place to think. Think about what?

Tricia: I don't know what I'm doing here or what to do. I don't know where to turn because -- well, my father had a stroke. He had a stroke.

Victor: What does that have to do with you being in this apartment?

J.T.: I know that look. You're up to something.

Brittany: Me?

J.T.: Yeah, you. It's Sean, right? You think you can hook up with him.

Brittany: He will be there all night. I doubt Miss Abbott will have the stamina to last the whole evening. J.T., haven’t you learned by now? Never underestimate me, especially the last day of summer.

J.T.: Like last year? We know how that turned out.

Brittany: Don't knock it. Billy and I had a great time, while it lasted.

J.T.: You want to know what I think? I think this whole Sean fantasy of yours is a diversion. Well, speak of the man.

Sean: Hey, you two. I figured I'd find you here. Brittany, J.T., we need to talk.

Brittany: Hey, Sean. How's it going?

Sean: The all-nighter has been scrapped.

Billy: Raul and Rianna, right?

Sean: We're worried the all-night web cast could be dodgy.

Brittany: You're canceling it last minute?

Sean: We can't risk it, not on the final night. If this helps any, we decided to celebrate your birthday.

Brittany: Great.

Sean: I have tons to do including touching base with Raul and Rianna. Anybody know where they are?

Brittany: Not together, that's for sure.

J.T.: Rianna's at home.

Billy: Raul's probably home too.

Sean: See everybody tomorrow.

Billy: We should split too.

J.T.: Don't leave on my account, Abbott.

Billy: No chance, loser.

J.T.: Looks like last night of summer is a bust, princess. Not that it's a total loss. Your fantasy Sean is throwing you a birthday BBQ. Although, you have to share it with your favorite couple, Billy and Mac.

Isabella: I'm not sure where you're going with this.

Paul: Isabella, Chris and I have been separated for months. Don't get me wrong, I haven't -- I don't make excuses for having messed up. Chris's reaction, the fact that she wouldn't speak with me, wouldn't listen to me. I get divorce papers shoved in my face. That alone should tell me something. And when I look at what's been going on since the dead of last winter, there is a situation going on here and I'm not entirely to blame for that.

Isabella: Christine is the one that decided to take a job thousands of miles away.

Paul: Someone told me she was sending me a message.

Isabella: You didn't believe it.

Paul: I didn't want to believe it. Chris has decided our marriage is over.

Isabella: I know it hurts.

Paul: What choice do I have?

Isabella: We always have choices, Paul.

Paul: Maybe so. But I am tired of blaming myself for everything that has gone wrong.

Isabella: What are you trying to tell me?

Paul: What has happened is unfortunate. I am filled with regrets. But I'm not going to beat myself up anymore. I am not the only one who has made mistakes. People who care work things out. People who don't send divorce papers.

Isabella: It's for real?

Paul: Isabella, I don't have any definite answers. All I know is that I don't want to close the door on us. And I wouldn't blame you if you told me to go to hell.

Isabella: I don't think that's what I want to say.

Sharon: I don't know if I want to get into this.

Victoria: You don't want to or you can't? Sharon, whatever you say stays between us. I promise.

Sharon: Matt told me he slipped a roofy into my drink the night we had margaritas.

Victoria: Do you think that's true?

Sharon: Given how awful I felt the next morning plus the fact I had only two drinks.

Victoria: You think it's possible.

Sharon: I thank God that --.

Victoria: Thank God Nicholas got there in time.

Sharon: What happened to me and what happened to Tricia are not the same thing. After hearing what Larry said, I can't help but feel sorry for the woman.

Victoria: Yeah. I understand. But Tricia has been a mess for a long time, way before she met Matt Clark. What she did to Tony is proof of that.

Sharon: What she did to Matt probably pushed her over the edge.

Victoria: I agree. It makes me wonder. Can she really be cured so quickly?              

Victor: So you're saying Mr. Keith Dennison is registered as a patient in your hospital. He suffered a stroke? Thank you. Yes, thank you.

Tricia: Now you know I'm telling the truth.

Victor: What happened?

Tricia: I went to his room this morning and tried to wake him. But he was just lying there still. So I called 911 and the paramedics came and they rushed him to Memorial. I didn't know what was wrong. I stayed there while they ran some tests. I would still be there now but I just wanted some air. Look, I realize now I shouldn't have come here, okay? But I was upset and I just didn't want to go back home where I found him. Look, I'm sorry. I'll never come here again, I promise. Here's the key. Now, may I go? This is not a very good day.

Victor: Why do I get the feeling you're not telling the whole truth?

Tricia: I just want to go.

Victor: I'll call my driver. He'll take you home.

Tricia: That's not necessary.

Victor: Wait downstairs. He won't be long.

Tricia: Thank you, Mr. Newman.

Isabella: I think we're making some progress.

Paul: Me too.

Mary: Hello, son.

Paul: Hey, mom.

Mary: Isabella, I'm so sorry you didn't feel you could join me.

Isabella: You enjoyed it?

Mary: It was lovely. But then again, maybe it's just as well the two of you stayed here, hmm? I'm going to make some coffee.

Paul: Come here, you.

Isabella: Your mother's timing leaves a lot to be desired.

Paul: Yeah. Listen, we acted so impulsively last time and it got us into trouble. This time, I want to take things slowly.

Isabella: Slowly meaning?

Paul: Let's enjoy it. Enjoy what's happening. Okay?

Isabella: I'm not even sure what is happening.

Paul: Neither do I.

Isabella: You want to find out?

Paul: I do.

Isabella: Starting now.

Paul: Listen, I was invited to a party at the Abbott's next week. Would you care to join me?

Isabella: You're asking me out on a date, I mean a real date in public?

Paul: A real date, in public.

Isabella: I'd love to.

Paul: Wonderful. All right. I'm going to take off.

Isabella: Your mother's going to have some questions.

Paul: You can handle her. Tell her I said goodbye, okay?

Isabella: Paul.

Mary: Did I hear the door?

Isabella: Yes. Paul said to say goodbye.

Mary: Oh, you had a good talk?

Isabella: Very good. He invited me to a party at the Abbots next week.

Mary: Christine and Paul, their wedding picture. What happened?

Isabella: It was broken.

Mary: Yes, I can see that.

Mackenzie: My grandma did not tell me my fairy godmother was coming to town.

Lauren: I showed up on her doorstep and she took pity on me.

Katherine: She is going to be our house guest.

Mackenzie: Great. I have so much to tell you.

Lauren: All to do with this young man?

Mackenzie: Grandma filled you in?

Lauren: You and prince charming stayed together.

Mackenzie: Actually we're back together.

Billy: It's a long story.

Mackenzie: Did Grandma tell you the wonderful news?

Katherine: I was going to let you do the honors.

Mackenzie: Okay. Well, my grandma here did an incredible thing. She's my legal guardian now. For the first time in my life, I feel safe and at home.

You ever going to get off that thing? The Glow by Jabot website?

They're not doing the overnight after all.

This is a big deal or something?

Everybody was totally looking forward to it and look what's happening.

Well, I'm sure that'll end. We have to get going. We have to be at Chuck and Kel's. Come on. Let's go.

Hey, everybody. I have an idea. They never tell anything personal about them.

What about that girl from the shelter, the one who knew Mackenzie? She knew Mac's last name was Browning, that she came from St. Louis, lives in Genoa City now. Someone must know some real stuff. How about sharing it. Oh, yeah, you'll get an earful tomorrow. I promise you that.

Michael: Malcolm, you misconstrued everything I said. I know Phyllis is hurting! I'm sure Jack is too.

Malcolm: I can see you're real torn up about that.

Michael: The point is, being forced to deal with this issue of children now, today, they're saving themselves a whole lot of grief down the road.

Malcolm: How do you figure that?

Michael: Those two would be confronting this problem at a later time.

Malcolm: What made you wake up today and have the nerve to come over to my studio and lay this all on me?

Michael: Well, Phyllis is my friend. Maybe she shouldn’t stay with the man that will walk away from her.

Malcolm: You are sure Jack will dump her. No, Baldwin, I don't buy it for a moment. I'm sure that man is hurting just as much. You already signed the funeral papers on this relationship which is the last thing Phyllis needs right now.

Michael: How can you be so optimistic about this?

Malcolm: Phyllis could use our support more now than ever.

Michael: You have no concern about Phyllis whatsoever.

Malcolm: I'm worried Phyllis loves Jack so much, she will make the ultimate sacrifice. She will walk away from the best thing that happened to her.

Michael: What if she does walk away?

Malcolm: Baldwin, it will kill her. She won't realize what she's lost until it's way too late.

Jack: You're misreading me.

Phyllis: You're in denial, Jack.

Jack: You're so certain I will never change.

Phyllis: I know how much having a child means to you.

Jack: You doubt what I feel for you. Give us some time to adjust to what's happened.

Phyllis: I don't know if you will be able to adjust to what's happened, Jack. Maybe now, but down the road you might not feel the way you feel at this moment.

Jack: You won't take a risk?

Phyllis: I can't take a risk. As much as I love you, and I do love you, the reality is you can only build so many houses. You can only take so many trips around the world. But what's going to complete your life? You have to hear the pitter-patter of little feet, Jack. You have to have your own baby, a son or daughter to tuck in at night. You will never have that with me. You're just going to have me. I can't kill that voice. Our marriage will never survive. And I couldn't bear to lose you. Not then. I'd much rather lose you now. So that's why you need to take this ring, Jack. Please, you need to take this ring now. Yes, I want to you take it. Then get out of here! I don't want it! Please leave!

What's going on in here? Sir, you're going to have to leave. Sir, you have to go now.

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