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Ryan: I can't believe this.

Victoria: What is she doing here? Well, at least she's not unchaperoned.

Ryan: Tricia, Keith.

Tricia: Hello, Ryan.

Keith: I'm sure you weren't expecting us.

Ryan: Frankly, no.

Tricia: I realize I don't need to be here. It was mainly curiosity. I just wanted to get some closure.

Keith: I want to speak to your lawyer. Excuse me.

Ryan: A signed divorce decree would have done the trick. You think this would have been easier?

Tricia: To pick up the pieces and move on for me, yes. Do you understand?

Ryan: I guess I do, although I -- well, no. Forget it, it's fine.

Tricia: I'm sorry, I --.

Victoria: This is part of the closure, right?

Court is to come to order. Judge Hall presiding.

Phyllis: Explain to me why I canceled my day to come to a doctor's office.

Jack: Humor me, would you? What is it?

Phyllis: Go away, go away.

Jack: Me?

Phyllis: No, the pain. You're still here. Good.

Jack: That looked like it hurt.

Phyllis: It's fine. Listen, if you want to play doctor, why don't we go home?

Jack: We're sticking around long enough for the doctor to give us answers. Listen to me, I'm going to look out for you even if you don't look after yourself. Capisce?

Phyllis: The things you say to me sometimes, no wonder I love you so much.

Jack: You okay?

Phyllis: Mm-hmm. Yeah.

Traci: Ashley, you want me to come home?

Ashley: Yeah, this would be best. Your daughter is getting a little too vulnerable.

Traci: To Brad.

Ashley: For her situation, I don't want the situation to escalate.

Traci: Why can't you send her back to Dad?

Ashley: I suggested that.

Traci: And?

Ashley: Brad doesn't feel it's a good idea. I don't want to make a big deal about this. You would stay with Dad and no question where Colleen would stay. When you return to New York, we'll keep the status quo.

Traci: This is sounding a whole lot like playing games. Wouldn't it work better if you told Brad how you feel?

Ashley: If I had a better solution, I wouldn't suggest this one. Besides you can use the break, right? I know Dad and Colleen would love to see you.

Traci: Can I at least think about it?

Ashley: Of course.

Traci: I hear what you're saying but I have to get a fix on things with Steve.

Ashley: Of course. Maybe a breather will help. Who knows.

Traci: Your point is taken. I have to get back to you.

Ashley: Thanks.

Colleen: I really think if it was up to Brad he would love to be my father in every way.

Billy: You're not down on him anymore?

Colleen: No way. I got to know him and Brad's a great guy.

Billy: Why wouldn't he be?

Colleen: I admitted it didn't matter to me at all.

Billy: He wasn't in your life at all.

Colleen: We couldn't have a relationship. I told myself everything. But even then, there was still that connection with Brad. And then this summer --.

Malcolm: I have to do laundry.

Alex: That can only mean one thing.

Malcolm: Be my partner in crime and we cannot sleep without them.

Alex: You are really excited about your visit.

Malcolm: Oh, girl, this is just the first of many, thanks to you. I have my son back.

Alex: And I'm so happy for you, Malcolm.

Malcolm: Thank you, baby. You listen to me and you listen close. Baby, I did not know there was hope until you told me. Look at me. Nate is a part of my life again! He's coming over! Because of you. Believe that. You believed in me, and I can't thank you enough for that.

Alex: I appreciate that more than you know. As long as you're handing out thanks and praise, make sure you include the good Lord because he gave you a son who loves you so much.

Malcolm: Alex, every day of my life, always, believe that.

Alex: Good. It's true, you know. You can't fool kids. Nate was willing to speak out in court about his feelings for you. You obviously mean the world to him. It's just a shame Olivia can't see that because it's good, it's a good thing.

Malcolm: Yeah, baby, it's great.

Olivia: All ready for camp?

Nate: They're giving out trophies. Wouldn't that be cool? They have blue gills and catfish.

Olivia: That sounds like fun.

Nate: The best part, whatever we catch we're going to cook it for dinner over at -- are you mad, Mommy?

Olivia: Why would I be?

Nate: Because I'm so happy to be spending the night at Daddy's.

Olivia: I'm not mad at you, Nate.

Nate: The judge said you have to stop being mad at him.

Olivia: Her Honor said Malcolm gets to spend time with you.

Nate: The judge said you were wrong. How can you still think you were right? [Doorbell sounding] I'll get it. Hi, Uncle Neil.

Neil: Hi yourself.

There is a petition that your marriage is irretrievably broken. Can you tell the court why?

Ryan: Your Honor, I don't have anything negative to say about my life. We're not bad people. We just can't be married. I believe my wife is in complete agreement with me on this.

Mrs. McNeil, your husband alleged your marriage is irretrievably broken. Do you agree?

Tricia: Yes, sir.

I don't need to hear anymore. Mr. McNeil, you may step down. No children, is that right?

John: Correct, Your Honor.

Has provision been made for the property of Mrs. McNeil?

John: The parties have entered into a marital separation agreement.

It's satisfactory to my client.

Have you prepared a decree?

John: I have, Judge.

Give the documents to the clerk. I'll examine them in chambers.

All rise.

Tricia: I guess that's it.

Ryan: I guess so.

Billy: So, are you enjoying this vacation?

Colleen: I'm really glad I came. That was before I found out that my dad was a true jerk.

Billy: I realize what happened is hard to take, but your mom and your dad are working hard to sort things out. That has to be a hopeful sign.

Colleen: I don't see it that way. I don't know what they're talking about but it's a waste of time.

Billy: How can you say that?

Colleen: He was with another woman. I don't know how she can be in the same room as him. How can she believe or trust him after what he did to her. No way.

Billy: In time --.

Colleen: I can't talk to him again. I wish Mom would accept that because then she could move on like I have.

Brad: I can't believe what I have just heard. You want Traci to come back here to separate me from Colleen.

Ashley: I tried to talk to you but I can't get through. It's not about you. It's about what's best for Colleen. I have an obligation to my sister, Brad. I asked for assurances. I know in my heart I'm perceiving the situation directly.

Brad: She's adjusting too nicely to being here.

Ashley: I think you're being sarcastic.

Brad: You have crossed the line! You have no right.

Ashley: I have no right? I'm your wife.

Brad: Why don't you act like it?

Ashley: Are you listening to us? We don't argue. We hardly ever argue now we argue every single day and the tension is just increasing. God, Brad we need a break from this, don't you think?

Brad: What does that mean?

Ashley: I love you and our life together. This situation is so intense. I don't think you can see this situation objectively any longer.

Brad: Based on what? Why are you so uncomfortable with Colleen staying?

Ashley: Why can't you accept the fact that I'm doing this because I think it's best for everybody concerned! I'm acting out of love, Brad! I have no other agenda, none!

Brad: I wish we could agree on this. I really do. I honestly don't think you're being any more objective than I supposedly am. What did Traci say?

Ashley: That she's going to make every effort to come home.

Brad: I know you think you were acting with the best intentions. But it was the wrong thing to do.

Ashley: Why's that?

Brad: You know it was for a different reason!

Phyllis: It feels so good holding you. Is there a lock?

Jack: Yeah, yeah.

Phyllis: Are you sure?

Jack: Cut it out.

Phyllis: We're in a doctor's office. Let it all hang out.

Jack: Just a second. Stop. I'm serious.

Doctor: Should I come back later?

Jack: No.

Phyllis: Jack was concerned about my health and I want to show him I'm a-ok.

Doctor: I see.

Phyllis: Sorry about imposing on your schedule, doctor.

Doctor: No need to apologize, Miss Summers.

Phyllis: Phyllis, please.

Doctor: Why don't you tell me about your symptoms?

Phyllis: It's not a big deal I get some twinges down here.

Doctor: Pain?

Phyllis: Sometimes. The last couple of times have been pretty intense. It's probably just a female thing. It's not a big deal. Jack, I told the doctor everything, are you satisfied? I'll make another appointment with you.

Doctor: Phyllis, as long as you're here, I'd like to run a few tests.

Malcolm: It is time to bring on my little compadre. You know I've been doing some thinking. You might have to do some chaperoning.

Alex: Something a little more -- this will do.

Malcolm: This is my son. He has to be trip and trendy. He has to reflect a cool breeze.

Alex: Good idea, Dad. Honey, what is it?

Malcolm: Alex, I can't help thinking of Olivia and how much she resents me. It wouldn't surprise me she would use Nate against me.

Alex: Why would she try anything at this point? Don't you think she got the message?

Neil: Hey, everybody. Good morning.

Olivia: Morning.

Neil: Slugger, you off to camp?

Nate: Uh-huh.

Neil: Got everything packed?

Olivia: No offense, Neil, why did you stop by?

Neil: I stopped in to check on you and Nate. Not the best time?

Olivia: Please, Nate.

Nate: I'm going downstairs to wait for the bus.

Neil: See you later. I'm sorry.

Olivia: Neil, whatever it is you have to say, this is not the day.

Neil: Still a big wall between you and Nate.

Olivia: Why wouldn't there be without everybody telling him emphatically his mother is wrong.

Neil: You're going to have to get over this sooner or later.

Olivia: According to who, you?

Neil: You can't keep fighting this. Every person in your life you cared about points out you have to adjust your attitude. I think it's time you start listening.

Olivia: You know what I keep hearing? I, Nate's mother don't know what I'm doing. My friends and family think they're justified in betraying me including my aunt Mamie, the one person I could count on. I don't plan on getting over this any time soon.

Keith: Are you ready to go, sweetheart?

Tricia: I'd like to wait till the papers are finalized.

Ryan: I think I'll wait, too.

Keith: All right.

Victor: Hello, Keith.

Keith: Victor.

Victor: How was your trip?

Keith: I'd say it was a good one. Watching Meagan graduate from college was very rewarding.

Victor: You look tired.

Keith: No, no. I'm fine, Victor. We're back home. Tricia's going to therapy this afternoon. So we're back on track.

Victor: Are we, Keith?

Keith: What are you getting at?

Victor: You weren't too happy when my family showed up at the coffee house.

Keith: Your point?

Victor: That you were coming back in time for the hearing.

Keith: I didn't tell you when we were coming back because I wasn't sure myself. I was up until very early this morning.

Victor: Who's idea was it?

Keith: Why are you questioning whose decision it was about coming home?

Victor: I heard your daughter say she wanted closure. She came back in time for the court date. Did she not tell you that before this morning?

Keith: Of course. I wanted to keep her away from these proceedings.  She felt strongly about being here.

Victor: I'm concerned you are giving in to any of her whims. Is she still seeing Dr. Burns?

Keith: Victor, Tricia is still my daughter. I trust we can make this decision without professional input.

Victor: Therapy is a delicate matter.

Keith: You don't feel she's handling this in a mature and rational manner?

Victor: You all right? If you recall, Keith, I offered any help if you needed it. I know looking out for Tricia must be tiring and exhausting. If you'd like me to hire someone, I'd be glad to do it.

Keith: Thank you, Victor. I can handle my daughter. I have to get some coffee.

Ryan: I expected the lawyers to be back by now.

Tricia: Taking longer to get the papers than it did the divorce. I guess you two have things to discuss. I have to get a drink of water.

Victoria: She's certainly trying to be brave. I'll give her that.

Jack: How'd it go?

Phyllis: Well, he wasn't gasping and screaming when he was checking me out. That's a good sign.

Jack: What did the doctor say?

Phyllis: He said he wanted to run tests and we have to wait for the results. We can leave if you want.

Jack: I called Jennifer and told her to clear the day. What is it? You seem a little anxious.

Phyllis: I hate hospitals, Jack. I avoid them like the plague.

Jack: You're kidding.

Phyllis: It freaks me out. I have a phobia.

Jack: If these twinges turn out to be nothing, I will take you out for a wonderful steak dinner and make it up to you, okay? Honest to God, I had no idea. I didn't want to upset you.

Phyllis: That's okay, you just wanted to help.

Jack: Look at it this way. In the back of your mind you must have been concerned.

Phyllis: Way, way, way in the back of my mind.

Jack: Now you can leave with a clean bill of health.

Phyllis: I'm not worried.

Jack: I'm over-protective. Guilty as charged. We have a very momentous decision to make.

Phyllis: What's that?

Jack: This Latin band we're going to hire.

Victoria: Sitting here in the courtroom makes we remember another divorce.

Ryan: Ours?

Victoria: I remember how I felt back then. It makes me feel kind of sorry for Tricia.

Ryan: Maybe we shouldn't hang out here.

Victoria: You think?

Ryan: Well, I don't know. It's important she get closure but I can have the papers mailed to me. She might feel less awkward.

Victoria: All right. That's a good point. Let's go. I feel kind of guilty but I am so excited. We are free. We can do what we want.

Ryan: That's true. Now that this hearing is over --.

Victoria: I can move in with you.

Ryan: Today?

Victoria: You read my mind.

Ryan: Now are you sure?

Victoria: I have never been so sure of anything in my entire life, and I have never been happier.

Ryan: I feel the same way. Let's go.

Tricia: I thought you were going to wait.

Ryan: I'm going to have them mail me the decree.

Tricia: If that's what you want to do.

Ryan: Well, good luck. I hope things continue to go well for you.

Tricia: Yeah, good luck to you.

Ryan: Thanks.

Victoria: Where is my dad? It's weird for him to have left without saying goodbye.

Ryan: Maybe he had to go to work.

Victoria: Was he here to make sure everything went well? Or was there some other reason?

Billy: Sorry, I don't know what to say. I don't have any words of wisdom.

Colleen: I'm not looking for any.

Billy: You have to keep an open mind.

Colleen: Why?

Billy: Steve's a good guy. Yes, he screwed up big time. He's been your father since you can remember. Doesn't he deserve a second chance?

Colleen: It's easy for you to say forgive and forget.

Billy: I know if I were in your shoes I would be upset. If you didn't care about him so much you wouldn't be mad at him.

Colleen: I'm mad at him because he hurt my mom.

Billy: He hurt you too.

Colleen: All the more reason I want him out of our lives.

Billy: Maybe you don't feel there's room enough for both so you have to choose sides.

Colleen: I've always had to choose before.

Billy: Maybe you don't this time. Brad's a part of your life again. Isn't that a positive thing?

Colleen: Definitely.

Billy: Your mom and Steve can patch things up, that's a positive thing too. You would be in a great place. Your family would be together. You would have two dads. How cool is that? You would be better off than you were before.

Colleen: Yeah, I would be better off. But I only need one dad.

Brad: Maybe Colleen is wondering with me more than we anticipated.

Ashley: You know, I think we expected too much from her. It's only natural she would reach out to you given what's going on with Traci and Steve, you know?

Brad: Yeah. That's why I see nothing wrong with it.

Ashley: What?

Brad: If Colleen wants to have a relationship with me, her biological father, she deserves to have it. I lost years with her, Ash. Almost her entire childhood. I don't want to lose anymore.

Ashley: What are you saying, Brad?

Brad: I'm saying I want to be close to her. It's as simple as that.

Ashley: There's nothing simple about this situation.

Brad: I understand why Traci did what she did. Colleen was very young when she remarried. My daughter's older now. I think she can handle having more than one father. Kids today, they have parents, step-parents, blended families. So she's transferring some of her affections for Steve to me. Is that really such a bad thing? On second thought, I'm glad you called Traci. I think it's time we re-assess my position in my daughter's life.

Neil: You know, Liv, all I can say is in a situation like this, you have to go with your conscience. I know that you believe Malcolm is a bad influence.

Olivia: Neil, stop it. Will you please go?

Neil: No, I won't.

Olivia: Excuse me?

Neil: I still haven't told you what I'm really doing here.

Olivia: Yeah, you're lecturing me.

Neil: No, that's wrong. I came by to tell you're having dinner with me tonight.

Olivia: What?

Neil: I realize I'm not at the top of your favorite list. You feel I betrayed you. That was never my intent.

Olivia: Nevertheless.

Neil: I did what my gut told me was right. I'm sorry that pushed us so far apart. Now about dinner, I'm not taking no for an answer.

Malcolm: Alex, come on. That message was delivered to doctor know-it-all for how many months? She still didn't get it.

Alex: I think the judge has a lot more authority. You have to take the high road, Malcolm. If Olivia wants to be bitter, so be it. You have to focus on Nate.

Malcolm: Yeah, okay. Okay. I will be civil to his mother. Don't ask me to forgive and forget what she put us through. I will not chat with the woman when I pick up my son.

Alex: Enough about Olivia. Let's discuss the wonderful time you're going to have with your son.

Malcolm: Hey, hey, you are always on point as usual. You're not going to let anything bring me down, are you?

Alex: No, I'm not. Just so we're on the same page, about tonight, don't be offended when I don't stop by.

Malcolm: No, no, hey, listen to me. I won't. I agree with you. Since this is Nate's first official visit. Don't think I'm going to hide how I feel. I want my son to know how very important you are to me, all right? I want to ask you something. We put off living together on account of the hearing. That's over now. So where does that leave us? I mean, if Olivia were to find out you spent the night when Nate was here, could she make an issue of it?

Alex: I know you don't agree about Michael Baldwin. He would discourage it.

Malcolm: I don't like having this sword hanging over my head. I put my life on hold for too long now.

Alex: It's about priorities, Malcolm. Yours have been in the right place.

Malcolm: Maybe I have but at what cost? Whoa, whoa, whoa, what is the matter with us? The answer is staring us right in the face.

Alex: What are you talking about?

Malcolm: I'm talking about something I asked you before, and I think right now is the perfect time to ask you again. Alex Perez, will you marry me?

Jack: Okay. We're agreed. We will serve sangria.

Phyllis: And margaritas. We can have virgins for those who don't partake.

Jack: You're in your element.

Phyllis: What is that, virginity?

Jack: I was thinking of partaking.

Phyllis: We spend our time wisely even though you wouldn't --.

Jack: Partake.

Phyllis: Yeah, exactly. You know how to cheer me up even in a place like this. You're amazing. You know that?

Jack: Thank you, nurse.

Phyllis: It's about time. It's about time. I'm sorry for jumping on you earlier.

Jack: You're forgiven.

Phyllis: Listen. You're probably right for bringing me here. Stop it.

Jack: Well, listen to this.

Phyllis: I don't think anything is wrong. I know you have my best interests at heart. Thank you.

Jack: You're welcome.

Reese: Sorry for the delay.

Phyllis: No problem. What's the verdict?

Reese: Phyllis, I need to run some more tests. I'm going to admit you into the hospital.

Phyllis: The hospital?

[Knock on door]

Victor: Come in.

Victoria: Here you are.

Victor: You all finished?

Ryan: We decided not to wait. I'm having the decree mailed to me.

Victoria: I was a little curious why you came to the hearing today.

Victor: I talked to Nicholas at the coffee house. He told me after the hearing you intended to take a significant step in your relationship. Is that true?

Ryan: Yeah. As of today, we'll be living together.

Victoria: I'm moving in with Ryan.

Victor: I'm not so sure I like that idea.

Keith: Tricia, sweetheart, are you sure you still want to stick around here?

Tricia: Dad, would you mind? I really would like to walk out with the decree in my hand.

Keith: I can think of a lot of other ways I would rather spend the day. Frankly, I have a feeling it would do you good to get out of this place. All right, sweetheart. We'll stay. If this is what you feel you need to get closure then this is what we'll do. We all want you to put this divorce behind you and move on.

Victoria: Ryan, I’ve never been happier. Never been happier... happier... Happier happier... Happier... A done deal...

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