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Nicholas: This is the projection of numbers as is. They're rock solid. Tell him I'm not taking no for an answer. All right. Keep in touch.

Sharon: Nicholas.

Nicholas: Hey.

Sharon: Why did you let me stay in bed so long? I have to get the kids to camp.

Nicholas: Been there, done that.

Sharon: You took the kids?

Nicholas: On the way back I picked up your prenatal vitamins.

Sharon: Sweetie, you did? Let me make you a nice breakfast to make up for it.

Nicholas: Hold on, hold on. Right here. Toast, fruit, cheese, coffee and juice. Everything you want.

Sharon: You made me breakfast? That is my job!

Nicholas: You're pregnant. That means I'm going to be doing a lot of stuff around here. Call me Mr. Mom.

Sharon: You're going to spoil me.

Nicholas: Any complaints?

Sharon: Not one. You know what? I think this is the happiest time of our lives.

Nicholas: We're going to make the most of every minute.

Jack: So you were saying?

Phyllis: I was saying since we have a little time before we go to work, why don't we talk about our party?

Jack: I have a caterer's menu right here.

Phyllis: I like that. A man who takes charge.

Jack: Voila.

Phyllis: Gina's?!

Jack: One of the best catering outfits in town.

Phyllis: I realize that.

Jack: She did Ashley's wedding. If you have a problem with that --.

Phyllis: I'll choose my battles. If I find any of the food tastes the slightest bit strange, she will have a case of salmonella.

Ashley: Hi.

Brad: Good morning.

Ashley: I fixed your juice.

Colleen: Did you talk to Mom before I went to bed?

Brad: Afraid not.

Colleen: I know you said we shouldn't push her to come out here. Don't you think we should check up on her?

Brad: Is there some reason you're so anxious?

Colleen: My favorite dance troupe from New York will be in Madison. If Mom's coming, I was hoping we could take in a performance. Maybe you'd come with us?

Brad: Even if your mom can't make it, Ash and I could take you.

Colleen: Yeah, I guess so.

Brad: Or, you know, you could invite Billy. I'm sure your granddad would love to come. He's really gotten into dance because of you. [Doorbell sounding] I'll get that. Oh, good morning.

John: Good morning, Brad.

Brad: We were just talking about you. Glad you're here.

Ashley: Good morning.

John: Good morning, darling.

Ashley: What a nice surprise. What are you doing here?

Colleen: I hope you're not here to take me to dance class. I have the day off.

John: I know that but I thought you wanted to hang out with the Glow by Jabot gang.

Colleen: I'm not sure.

John: They would love for you to join them.

Colleen: Are you going to be in the office all day?

Brad: Looks like it.

Ashley: We hired a sitter because we didn't know what your plans were today.

Colleen: Okay, I'll go. Will you think about calling Mom again?

Brad: Sure.

John: See you at the office.

Ashley: So do you think my dad picked up on the tension between us?

Brad: Your dad picked up Colleen because I asked him to.

Tricia: It's good to be home.

Keith: I'm glad we could catch an earlier flight.

Tricia: Dad, are you okay?

Keith: I'm just a little tired, a bit of a headache.

Tricia: Still?

Keith: Must be that cold Iíve been fighting.

Tricia: Just as well we came home early then.

Keith: I didn't sleep very well, which is one of the reasons I wanted to take your sister up on her invitation to go to the beach.

Tricia: I know how much you love the salt air. It would have been good for you.

Keith: Did you get the impression that Meg was disappointed?

Tricia: She's anxious to go on the European vacation. That was a nice graduation present. I have to get back to my therapy.

Keith: Normally, I like to unpack when I get home, but I think I'm going to take a nap.

Tricia: Dad, not yet.

Keith: Why not?

Tricia: My divorce hearing is this morning.

Keith: Why put yourself through that? You don't need to go.

Tricia: I need to put closure on it.

Keith: If it means that much to you, give me a minute to freshen up and we'll go.

Tricia: Thank you.

Matt: So, did you miss me?

Nicholas: Okay. I have to get to work. Somebody has to make some money around here. Anything else I can get for you?

Sharon: Sweetie, I'm fine. Thank you for making breakfast for me. That was so sweet. [Knock on door] Who could that be?

Nicholas: I bet you five dollars it's someone from my family.

Nikki: Hello.

Nicholas: Come on in. Figured you would be leaving for Brazil by now.

Nikki: My flight leaves this afternoon.

Katherine: And you're wondering what I'm doing here.

Nicholas: I will let my wife do the explaining. Mom, don't stay away too long, okay? Bye-bye.

Katherine: Well, it obviously must be good news. I haven't seen you in such high spirits in a long time.

Nikki: It is fantastic news.

Katherine: It is.

Nikki: Mm-hmm.

Katherine: Will either of you tell me or shall I consult a psychic?

Sharon: I'm pregnant. We're going to have a baby.

Katherine: That's wonderful. Congratulations!

Brad: Are you upset I asked your father to take Colleen?

Ashley: I'm glad you did. We need to talk.

Brad: I agree.

Ashley: It's been grim around here.

Brad: The distance between us seems to be growing.

Ashley: We can't let on to Colleen and we're always so busy.

Brad: Traci and Steve divorcing, the last thing Colleen needs is to be in a tension-filled house.

Ashley: Is that your motivation, you don't want Colleen to experience any tension?

Brad: What if it was? We're adults. We had disagreements before, we'll have them again.

Ashley: If it wasn't for your daughter, you wouldn't be wanting to move through it so quickly.

Brad: If it wasn't for my daughter, there wouldn't be an issue right now. Now you say I'm concerned I'm neglecting you.

Ashley: You make me seem like I'm a neurotic woman that doesn't have basis for my concern. You are failing to see the big picture.

Brad: I played by the rules. I have done what Traci asked.

Ashley: We didn't realize how vulnerable Colleen really is.

Brad: In what way?

Ashley: I don't think you're making an overt move to replace Steve. It's happening anyway. Colleen's loyalties are shifting from Steve to you. In the long run, it's not going to be good for anybody, especially your daughter.

John: Good morning, son.

Billy: Hey, Dad. You have a girlfriend with you I see.

John: I should be so lucky.

Billy: How you doing?

Colleen: Good. Can I hang out with you guys here?

Billy: Sure. We love to have you. Dad says you're pretty good.

Colleen: He's prejudiced.

John: I hope you might entice Colleen to do a guest appearance on the Glow by Jabot site.

Colleen: Granddad, please.

John: She's good.

Billy: I'll see what I can do.

John: I have to run to work.

Jack: If you need any more motivation using Gina, her presence will go a long way to easing my father. We want him as happy as we can have him that day.

Phyllis: No argument there.

Jack: You know about the two of them singing together Memorial Day.

Phyllis: I heard that.

Jack: Apparently, it was quite a smash. He hasn't stopped talking about it since. I approached him about singing at our party. I also talked to Gina.

Phyllis: You're kidding me, right? What was their answer?

Jack: I think Gina will be fine. My dad needs a little coaxing.

Phyllis: Hold on, lover. It's one thing to butter your father up so he's okay with our announcement. Please tell me you're not playing matchmaker?

Jack: What's wrong with him having a companion?

Phyllis: Companion, okay. Anything beyond that, Jack --.

Jack: Sweetheart, this is the only woman he's shown any interest in for years.

Phyllis: You're kidding me, aren't you?

Jack: No.

Phyllis: Having Gina as my mother-in-law? The minute that happens, we're finding our own house, you understand me?

Jack: In no time at all, we will have our own reason for getting our own place.

Phyllis: Huh? Oh, okay. That, I'm sorry.

Jack: Yeah, that.

Katherine: Well, you are fortunate, my darling, before you suffer from that morning sickness.

Sharon: That's one way to look at it, I guess.

Katherine: It'll be here before you know it.

Sharon: There's a downside.

Katherine: Such as?

Sharon: Had I known, I would have taken better care of myself. I went through so much with Nicholas in jail.

Nikki: Thank God you ignored my advice.

Sharon: What advice?

Nikki: Remember I suggested you get some rest? What a mistake that would have been, having drugs in your system at such a critical time.

So you want to tell me why I'm here?

Cody: Hey, you two, what can I get you?

Nothing, right now.

I'm good.

Nicholas: Hey, guys, what's going on?

Ryan: Exactly what I'm wondering. Your sister dragged me down here and I'm wondering why.

Nicholas: Mom did the same thing with Katherine. You could have told him yourself.

Victoria: I know.

Ryan: Told me what?!

Nicholas: Sharon's pregnant.

Ryan: That's great news. Congratulations, man.

Victoria: Cassie threw this surprise party to tell everyone the great news.

Nicholas: She couldn't wait.

Ryan: Well, it was just family.

Nicholas: Do you have anything to tell me?

Victoria: Not yet. It's just great that Cassie is so excited about the baby.

Nicholas: Yeah, she's very excited. Sharon said something that was really cool.

Victoria: What?

Nicholas: She said she thinks the baby kind of helped her through the tough times, gave her the strength to get through it all. Those times are over. Things are looking good now.

Ryan: For us too. We're heading over to the courthouse in a few minutes.

Victoria: Ryan's divorce hearing is today.

Nicholas: What's the latest on Tricia?

Ryan: Still in Boston.

Victoria: Nicholas is naive when it comes to divorce.

Nicholas: Thanks, Code. I intend to keep it that way.

Ryan: Her lawyer is taking care of it.

Nicholas: I hope she stays in Boston forever.

Victoria: My sentiments exactly.

Ryan: Congratulations again. My best to Sharon.

Nicholas: Good luck today.

Victoria: Oh, he doesn't need luck.

Nicholas: Bye, guys.

Tricia: Why weren't you on the airplane?

Matt: Because you shut me out.

Tricia: You could now.

Matt: What's the problem?

Tricia: I'm worried about my dad.

Matt: What's wrong with your old dad?

Tricia: He's tired all the time. Haven't you noticed?

Matt: Not really.

Tricia: Maybe I should forget about going to court and let him rest.

Matt: Suit yourself.

Tricia: What am I going to accomplish? I'm not going to change anything. Just to see if my soon-to-be ex-husband will have any regrets. My dad's right, why torture myself?

Matt: Are you trying to convince me or yourself?

Tricia: I don't even know if Ryan's going to be there and Dad looked really wiped out.

Matt: Go without him. I'll be with you. You won't be alone.

Tricia: I would love to explain that one. He needs to be with me or I can't.

Matt: He has to catch up on his shut eye. Check yourself into the hospital. He's sure to get plenty of rest without you around 24/7.

Tricia: What?

Matt: I'm a little sad is all. Is this the same strong willed girl who wanted to get back here, strut into the courtroom and blow everybody's mind?

Tricia: I did say that, didn't I? I'm not sure it's necessary.

Matt: Think of the stir it'll cause.

Tricia: My dad's well-being is more important.

Matt: Come on, babe. You'd love to see Ryan's reaction when you walk in there.

Tricia: It would be interesting.

Matt: Go for it. Your dad isn't going to die if he misses his nap. Who counts around here anyway, huh? We do.

Jack: Okay. Back to the party.

Phyllis: We should talk about decorations, music, flowers.

Jack: We should use the florist Ashley used for her wedding. She's very good and she knows the place.

Phyllis: It was beautiful, but --.

Jack: But?

Phyllis: Jack, this house is stunning. But -- how do I say this? It's a little stuffy.

Jack: Stuffy?

Phyllis: Yeah. If we dress it up for a formal occasion, don't you think people will know what's up?

Jack: That I buy. Stuffy.

Phyllis: Besides, the minute we drop the bomb, I doubt there's going to be a lot of celebrating.

Jack: Well, that's their problem.

Phyllis: It's their problem but none the less, we should have fun and get people mellow and toasted.

Jack: And clobber them with our news.

Phyllis: Exactly.

Jack: Lighten them up with wine and song and put them in a more generous mood.

Phyllis: Get the picture?

Jack: You don't want to tip your hand at all.

Phyllis: I want to have fun for as long as possible.

Jack: Any ideas how we might do that?

Phyllis: We should have it by the pool and decorate with lanterns and have a salsa theme. Have margaritas and bright colors. We should have a salsa band.

Jack: I don't think Gina has a Latin thing on her menu.

Phyllis: Let Gina get out the cookbook and do it our way for a change instead of pumping out her usual stuff.

Jack: You want to put her to the test, huh?

Phyllis: She's always bragging about what a master chef she is. Let her prove it.

Jack: I want to call her and warn her.

Phyllis: If she doesn't want to do it, we'll get somebody else. She can still come to the party and sing her little heart out with your father.

Jack: To a salsa band.

Phyllis: Yeah. If not, your father's going to have to sing Ricky Martin.

Jack: We're going to announce our engagement to the theme of living la vida loca.

Phyllis: Yeah. Don't you think? This is exciting.

Jack: Isn't it exciting enough being engaged to me?

Phyllis: We have to jazz things up here. You understand that?

Jack: I think so.

Cody: No kidding. Man, that is so cool. Congratulations.

Nicholas: Thanks, bro. Your workload just got a whole lot bigger.

Cody: More hours? A lot better reason for working late than last time.

Nicholas: You will definitely be compensated. It's the cost of doing business and one of the many joys of having kids.

Cody: I hope to find out about that some day.

Nicholas: Don't be in a rush. When you have a bunch of rugrats, it's totally worth it.

Victor: Obviously, you're not shy spreading the news. You should take an ad out in the paper.

Nicholas: I was thinking of hiring a sky writer.

Victor: I enjoyed our get-together.

Nicholas: You can thank Cassie for that. I took the kids to camp myself.

Victor: Good to hear.

Nicholas: I want this pregnancy to be as easy on her as possible.

Victor: I'm glad to hear that, son. The baby comes first.

Nicholas: The way you say that, is there some reason you might be worried about the pregnancy?

Katherine: We are going to have a baby shower. I insist it be at my house.

Nikki: Oh, Katherine.

Katherine: I will not hear anything about it. I will not take no for an answer.

Nikki: Once she gets an idea in her head, it's all over.

Katherine: As a matter of fact I am going to start shopping right now. Thank you, my darling. Get some rest, listen to music, Mozart preferably, and let everyone wait on you hand and foot. You, my dear, I will see you later. Love you.

Nikki: Don't you dare have that baby shower before I get back from Brazil.

Katherine: Don't worry. Just hurry home though.

Nikki: I'll try.

Katherine: Talk to you later, Sharon.

Sharon: Okay. She is such a character.

Nikki: Oh, yes she is.

Sharon: Nikki, is something wrong?

Nikki: Actually, I was just about to ask you that.

Jack: Things aren't spicy enough with just me?

Phyllis: Yes, they are. I refuse to live the stodgy, conservative life. I won't stand for that. You're just going to have to jazz things up.

Jack: Really.

Phyllis: You do a pretty good job with that.

Jack: Really.

Phyllis: Yeah, you do.

Jack: Is this another one of those twinges?

Phyllis: Yeah. Listen, it's no big deal.

Jack: On the way to work we're going to stop and see a doctor.

Phyllis: Please don't make a big deal out of this.

Jack: Nothing more to be said. Stop. End of conversation. We're going.

Billy: We have diet soda and water. What will it be?

Colleen: Water.

Billy: There you go.

Colleen: Thank you, uncle William.

Billy: No, no, no with the uncle stuff.

Colleen: I'm only kidding. When's everybody else coming?

Billy: Not for a while.

Colleen: You're having a terrific summer?

Billy: Itís not bad.

Colleen: What was that about?

Billy: You look different now. When you first got here, you were --.

Colleen: Kind of a drag?

Billy: Don't get me wrong. I understand why. You got some bad news about your father.

Colleen: Don't even mention him.

Billy: Sorry. I want to see you smile, get involved in things. You can't solve all your problems. Sometimes they don't go away by themselves.

Colleen: How did you get so wise?

Billy: You forget I have been there, too. My mom and dad got a divorce.

Colleen: You mind talking about it?

Billy: What do you want to know?

Colleen: You lived in New York, you told me your parents had a really bitter divorce. Well, I was wondering, when you moved back here, did you ever hope they would work things out?

Billy: No, no. Hell no. I didn't even want to come back to Genoa City at all. My dad sent me here to live with my mom and he went on that trip with you. I pitched a fit.

Colleen: You didn't want to see your mom?

Billy: She abandoned me. We get along fine now I guess. Back then I didn't even want to talk to her.

Colleen: It must have felt weird.

Billy: Yeah. My dad said he wanted to move back here. I really freaked out. I never thought of them hooking up again. That's the last thing I wanted. What is it? Are you worried if your parents get a divorce, you'll feel like that?

Colleen: I'm not sure.

Brad: Wait a minute, you think spending this time with me is harming my daughter?

Ashley: If we're not careful, you and Colleen will bond more than we want. In the end that will cause so much trouble. That's why we were careful at the outset.

Brad: We didn't want her hurt.

Ashley: What happens if they reconcile and she moves back with them and she's torn between you and Steve?

Brad: That won't happen.

Ashley: The signs are everywhere.

Brad: Like what?

Ashley: Colleen asked you to go to the dance recital.

Brad: I handled that fine.

Ashley: It's not you. She has this family picture painted in her mind with you and Traci.

Brad: Why don't you cut her some slack?

Ashley: I don't think she's an evil, manipulative child. She's vulnerable and confused.

Brad: All the more reason I can't desert her.

Ashley: It's for her sake I'm concerned more than anybody else.

Brad: You're great at identifying all these problems. But do you have a solution?

Victor: Listen, son, I don't know what you're reading into my tone of voice, but it has nothing to do with Sharon or the baby.

Nicholas: Good. To me things seem to be on the upswing for everyone.

Victor: How so?

Nicholas: I was just with Vic and Ryan. They were heading to the courthouse for Ryan's divorce hearing. Now are you cool with the fact that they're getting close again?

Victor: Sure. You know I have a new level of respect for Ryan McNeil. I mean, he risked his life to help you during the Matt Clark episode.

Nicholas: He's a great guy. The most important thing is he's putting a smile on Vic's face again. I have a feeling they're going to give it another shot.

Victor: I hope they take things slowly.

Nicholas: There's the cloud of Tricia Dennison hanging over her. She's still in Boston with her dad. Once Ryan's divorce is final, I'll bet there's another announcement in the Newman family.

Victor: Any mention of an engagement?

Nicholas: Just a feeling I have. You okay with that?

Victor: I'm all right with that. I just hope that they keep it quiet. Anyway, enough said, son. I have to get going. See you later.

Nicholas: Okay, Dad.

Nikki: I thought I picked up a vibe from you about your pregnancy.

Sharon: I don't know what you mean.

Nikki: Maybe it's just my imagination.

Sharon: I'm sorry, Nikki. I don't mean to be abrupt with you. It was all that talk about drugs and the effects on babies, it made me think about something.

Nikki: What? You didn't take the sleeping pills after all, did you?

Sharon: Thinking back, I can't be absolutely certain, you know, of everything I took.

Nikki: Sweetheart, don't worry about that. You have never been one to over-medicate yourself. The doctor said the sonogram is fine. I have to change. I have to get to the airport. Take it easy, and you relax, all right?

Sharon: I will. I will. And you know what? Have a nice trip.

Matt: You're letting good tequila go to waste.

Sharon: Actually I feel much better.

Matt: Finish your drink?

Sharon: Why not? I should be safe in my own home, right?

Matt: Exactly.

Matt: Come on. Come on. You going to scream like you did last time? Maybe.

Sharon: This isn't happening.

Matt: You don't recognize me? I hid it from you when I slipped it in your margarita. It wasn't just the tequila that made you out of it.

Sharon: Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

Billy: Colleen, I know your parents are going through a tough time now. You really don't think it'll be as bad as my mom and dad went through.

Colleen: It's not my parents I'm thinking about.

Billy: Then what?

Colleen: Brad and my mom. They didn't have a bitter divorce like when your parents split up.

Billy: How do you figure?

Colleen: Brad gave me up when I was little and my mom moved to another city.

Billy: How right you are.

Colleen: For the longest time I thought Brad didn't care about me. He said he did. He would come to New York when I was little and bring me presents. After a while that stopped. I felt like he abandoned me.

Billy: How do you feel now?

Colleen: Since I've been here, he made it clear he didn't want to give me up at all. He did it for Mom's sake.

Billy: And now?

Colleen: Now, I think if it had been up to Brad, he would have been my father in every way.

Ashley: Quite frankly I think it would be better for everybody if Colleen moved back in with my father.

Brad: It's not necessary.

Ashley: Are you going to fight me on this?

Brad: I'm going to take a shower.

Ashley: We're not finished talking about this.

Brad: We are.

[Phone ringing]

Traci: Hello.

Ashley: Hey, Traci.

Traci: Hi.

Ashley: How are you and Steve working out?

Traci: It's pretty much one step forward and two steps back. But we're still at it. Ashley, thanks very much for checking up on me.

Ashley: Yeah, sure. Have you given any more thought to taking that break?

Traci: No, I haven't decided yet, Ash. You know, you sound really tense. Is anything going on?

Ashley: For a lot of reasons I think you should come home.

John: Good morning.

Victoria: I hope you don't mind, I wanted to come.

John: Not at all.

Ryan: Have you heard from her lawyer?

John: Called me this morning. It looks like this hearing should be very brief.

Ryan: She's heard from Tricia?

John: Tricia's last instructions were not to contest the divorce.

Ryan: That's a relief.

John: Things should go as expected. Anyway, I have some work to do here. We'll probably start in a few minutes.

Ryan: I keep pinching myself. I can't believe it's for real and everything goes smoothly.

Victoria: I hope it means Tricia is finally letting go of the past.

Ryan: Letting go of the past isn't always the best thing. You're my past and more and more I think you're going to be my future too.

Victoria: Dad, what are you doing here?

Victor: I wanted to make sure there were no surprises.

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