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Ashley: You did exactly what I asked you not to.

Brad: You are seeing problems that don't exist.

Ashley: Did you hear that Colleen asked you and only you to watch her dance class?

Brad: Why are you determined to put a negative spin on everything?

Ashley: I'm being cautious.

Brad: When it comes to my daughter, cautious about what?

Ashley: It is only human to respond. I don't think it's in your best interest.

Mary: Are you sure? It's very unusual for Paul to be sleeping at this hour.

Isabella: He canceled his trip yesterday.

Mary: He's not going to Australia? Thank you, dear. How was your walk, dear?

Isabella: It was nice. A lovely neighborhood.

Mary: That was Lynne on the phone. Paul canceled his trip to Australia.

Isabella: His trip or his flight?

Mary: You think he might still go.

Isabella: Anything is possible. I think it's best if I leave Genoa City.

Mary: I didn't think things were through when I invited you to stay here.

Isabella: You're concerned about Paul's reaction if he learns I'm staying here.

Mary: I'm afraid he would get the wrong impression.

Isabella: I don't want to stay here the way Paul feels about me anyway.

Victor: Thank you. Sorry about that.

Miguel: Mr. Newman, [speaking in Spanish].

Victor: [Speaking in Spanish] This was a treat.

Nikki: I'm glad we had breakfast together.

Victor: So am I. Would you like me to take you into town?

Nikki: I want to talk about this Tricia Dennison thing. You say she's a threat to Victoria?

Victor: Well, she's always resented Victoria, deeply. Now Ryan McNeil is divorcing Tricia Dennison.

Nikki: What can we do to protect her?

Victor: I talked to John Silva about the possibility of getting a restraining order and under surveillance for 24 hours a day. Given Paul's personal problems, he can't do the job.

Nikki: Has something happened that I should know about?

Victor: Have you not heard of Christine's and Paul's problems in their marriage?

Nikki: Yes, unfortunately I have.

Victor: I talked to Paul yesterday. Christine is filing for divorce.

Katherine: So Mackenzie, you're getting the day off.

Esther: You have the day off.

Mackenzie: Yeah, I guess.

Katherine: I can tell something is bothering you. Come on. Are you and Billy having problems?

Nate: Daddy.

Malcolm: Hey, hey, hey, little man. What's up?

Nate: Are you okay?

Malcolm: Yeah, yeah, I'm fine.

Olivia: Nate, I want you to come here this instant.

Malcolm: Nate, it's okay. You have to be with your mama right now. It's okay. Nate, I'll see you when this is all over, all right?

Nate: Will you?

Malcolm: I really hope so, kid. I really do. Go to your mommy. Go on.

Hey, partner, ready for some reading and coloring?

Nate: I want to stay here.

All rise. Court is now in session. Judge Donna Brainerd presiding.

Nikki: Christine asked Paul for a divorce. How is Paul taking it?

Victor: He's devastated.

Nikki: I can imagine.

Victor: You don't seem surprised.

Nikki: It would be odd they would throw in the towel now.

Victor: He gave no indication when you last spoke?

Nikki: He intended to reach out to Christine.

Victor: Maybe it's too late.

Nikki: They're a wonderful couple. Now they may be ending things.

Victor: I have to go. Can I give you a ride?

Nikki: No thanks.

Victor: I enjoyed being with you.

Olivia: Honey, you need to go with Julia.

Nate: I want to stay.

Olivia: We talked about this. Go on.

Nate: Hey, Daddy.

Judge: Is there a motion to exclude witnesses?

Michael: Other than the child, no Your Honor.

The petitioner has no objection to witnesses remaining in the courtroom.

Judge: Anybody want to make an opening statement?

Michael: Yes, Your Honor.

Your petition.

May it please the court, my client, Malcolm Winters, was married to Dr. Olivia Winters. Dr. Winters had a son from another marriage, Nathaniel, also called Nate. Nate's father was deceased and a bond immediately grew between Malcolm and the boy. Nate came to look upon Malcolm as his father. Unfortunately, Malcolm and Dr. Winters were subsequently divorced. At the time Malcolm did not petition the court. There was an informal arrangement between the parties that worked well. Nate was happy and the relationship between Malcolm and his son prospered and grew. Then suddenly, without warning, and totally without regard for the effect her actions would have on her son, Dr. Winters cut off that visitation. She had no valid reason other than a desire to punish my client.

Olivia: No valid reason?

Michael: Take it easy, Olivia.

[Doorbell sounding]

Nikki: Paul, are you there? Paul, it's Nikki. Please open the door.

Paul: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm here.

Nikki: Hi.

Paul: Hi. So, I'm really not in the mood for company.

Nikki: I talked to Victor.

Paul: He told you that Chris filed for divorce?

Nikki: Yeah. I'm sorry.

Paul: Me, too. Come on in.

Nikki: So obviously you found out before you left for Australia.

Paul: I was on my way to the airport.

Nikki: You and Christine have had a terrible time.

Paul: I don't know if I would have gotten on the plane.

Nikki: Last time we talked, you were determined to see her in person.

Paul: Things have changed.

Nikki: It doesn't mean you can't turn it around.

Paul: It's not just the papers. Did Victor tell you he ran into Chris?

Nikki: She was here?

Paul: Previously. She ran into Victor briefly at Gina's.

Nikki: Was that before or after you saw her?

Paul: Neither. I never saw my wife.

Nikki: What do you mean you never saw her?

Paul: What Victor doesn't know and what I just put together recently is that Chris came to the apartment.

Michael: When there was need for the young male figure in his life, she would love to have that figure in his life, a reliable, mature man in which he can bond and enjoy world experiences. Unfortunately, Mr. Winters, as he's repeatedly demonstrated and as the evidence will show, is irresponsible and immature. We concluded last week, and convinced Dr. Winters that his lifestyle showed glamour to Nate, it was the antithesis of what a nine-year-old boy needs. We are confident once Your Honor has heard the evidence, you will agree that Mr. Winters has been and most probably will be a corruptive influence in that boy's life. The court's issue is whether Dr. Winters will be compelled to abandon her well-reasoned view and appropriateness of Malcolm Winters a role model merely because her son likes and may even love Malcolm. We will maintain that once Your Honor has heard the evidence, it will be self-evident. Thank you.

Call your first witness.

The petitioner calls Mamie Johnson.

Mamie: That is correct. Malcolm absolutely sees Nate as a son.

By that does that mean Malcolm has the concern for the safety, education, and welfare of the child?

Mamie: That's absolutely what I mean. The boy worships him. There's no doubt in my mind that Nate thinks of him as his father.

Have you had an opportunity to observe Nathan and Malcolm after the divorce, but when Olivia forbade Nate to see Malcolm?

Mamie: He was coming along very nicely.

Had you had occasion to see your niece when that arrangement was canceled?

Mamie: Yes. It's bad enough he could possibly lose his father but his relationship with his mother could be permanently damaged as a result of this as well.

Thank you, Miss Johnson. Your witness.

Michael: Miss Johnson, your description of Mr. Winters, of a caring, thoughtful, wise, responsible, well, flawless individual, is that an apt description of your opinion where this man is concerned?

Mamie: I never said that, Mr. Baldwin.

Michael: Let's start from the beginning, shall we?

Mackenzie: Everything's fine between Billy and me.

Katherine: Something's wrong. I can tell.

Mackenzie: It's Raul and Rianna. They're having a tough time. And Billy found out about Jill and Sean.

Katherine: How did he react?

Mackenzie: He didn't freak or anything.

Katherine: Maybe not. He was surprised.

Mackenzie: Can you blame him? Sean is so young and Jill is so --.

Katherine: Old.

Mackenzie: Do you think Sean will dump her?

Katherine: If he has any sense he will one day dump her. As for your friends, Raul, Rianna. Darling, please don't let their problems bother you. Do you understand how happy you have been lately? Darling, I just don't want anything, anything to ruin that.

[Doorbell sounding]

Mackenzie: I'll get that.

Katherine: God knows Esther won't.

Mackenzie: Hi.

Billy: Hey.

Mackenzie: Guess who's here?

Katherine: Good morning. I understand you and Mackenzie have the day off?

Billy: That's right.

Katherine: I have a board meeting I have to attend. Mackenzie, enjoy, darling. And Billy, talk to you later.

Billy: All right.

Mackenzie: Are you okay?

Billy: Yeah, I guess.

Mackenzie: Do you want to talk about it?

Michael: You agree, Miss Johnson, Dr. Winters had ample reason to maintain control of the contact between Mr. Winters and her son?

Mamie: All I said was some upsetting things had happened.

Michael: Like when Malcolm's girlfriend was attacked by a thug.

Mamie: Shortly after, the girlfriend left town.

Michael: And my client cautiously allowed contact between Mr. Winters and her son.

Mamie: Yes.

Michael: Until recently.

Mamie: Yes.

Michael: Do you believe Malcolm Winters is a good influence on Nate?

Mamie: I believe the relationship is good for the boy.

Michael: Has he taught Nate respect for the law?

Mamie: I don't believe he taught him to disrespect the law.

Michael: How often has Nate had to lie to his mother?

Mamie: I don't know.

Michael: You don't consider a person who teaches a child to lie to his mother a good influence?

Mamie: Children know how to lie, Mr. Baldwin. They do it themselves.

Michael: It's generally accepted that they disapprove of the child lying, do you agree?

Mamie: That's the abstract.

Michael: Mr. Winters had been seeing Nate behind Olivia's back, hadn't he?

Mamie: Yes. Malcolm didn't have to twist my arm.

Michael: He convinced you and the boy to conceal from his mother the fact they had been seeing each other, right?

Mamie: He didn't have to persuade either of us.

Michael: You and Malcolm entered into the scheme because it's something you wanted?

Mamie: Partially, yes.

Michael: The two of you, both adults, let a nine-year-old decide what was best.

Mamie: Of course not, no.

Michael: Because that's a mother's job, isn't it?

Mamie: Yes, Mr. Baldwin, it is. But in this case, she is flat out wrong.

Michael: Miss Johnson, you made a fundamental mistake. Not you, not Malcolm, not even little Nate can say she's not. No more questions, Your Honor, thank you.

Mary: Isabella, do you really believe that's the best answer, for you to just walk away?

Isabella: Mary, I'm not sure how Paul feels about his wife or even if he knows. He either wants to turn from the past or misses his wife, neither is comforting.

Mary: Don't you think you should talk to Paul one more time?

Isabella: What's the point?

Mary: Maybe I should talk to him. Maybe he will open up to me.

Isabella: Or resent me more.

Mary: Don't you think it's worth a try before you close that door forever?

Isabella: I don't want him to know I was here.

Mary: You wouldn't have to tell him.

Isabella: If I were to go to Paul, it would just get my hopes up and I can't handle any more disappointments.

Nikki: Paul, what are you saying?

Paul: She saw Isabella and I together.

Nikki: Are you sure?

Paul: I spoke to the doorman and she was here that night. She was here, Nikki. She arrived, she was in a good mood and five minutes later she was completely shell- shocked when she came down. Now you understand why my marriage is over. There's no point in pursuing it.

Nikki: What about Isabella? I know you have feelings you were trying to put aside when you dealt with Christine. Where do things stand with you two?

Paul: I haven't given it much thought. I haven't gotten past the shock of what's happened.

Nikki: I'm not suggesting you start a relationship with this woman.

Paul: It's not like I have a choice anyway.

Nikki: Why not?

Paul: Isabella left town. I have no idea where she is.

I see. Obviously, Mr. Winters, you had the opportunity to observe the relationship between Nate and your brother.

Neil: Oh, yes.

Describe that relationship for the court, please.

Neil: The child idolizes Malcolm, Your Honor.

How did he introduce him to a stranger?

Neil: As father and son.

As for your brother's influence on the boy?

Neil: I would have to say very beneficial.

How do you respond to Dr. Winters' allegation?

Neil: I would be suspicious of a parent who never claimed to make an error in judgment.

Did you talk to Dr. Winters about her decision to deny my client visitation?

Neil: At great length. I tried to get her to see the harm and damage she's doing to her own relationship with her son. Unfortunately, I haven't succeeded.

Have you observed the effect this state of affairs has on Nate?

Neil: Yes. Nate has nowhere to turn. That little boy has been angry and depressed. This is not a good situation for the boy. Your Honor, it is my strong belief that Nate should be allowed to see Malcolm on a regular basis.

No further questions. Your witness, counsel.

Michael: Talk about your brother for a minute, Mr. Winters.

Ashley: Happy to report our angel is sawing tiny logs even as we speak.

Brad: She's a wonderful baby. Is that what this is all about, Ash? Are you afraid, less room in my heart for her?

Ashley: It has nothing to do with Abby, Brad. When Traci agreed to have Colleen stay with us, it was for you two to get to know each other better. Traci did not want or expect to you step into the role of father figure. If you get too involved in Colleen's life, you will confuse her.

Brad: What's too involved? We're talking about my daughter.

Ashley: That's exactly my point.

Brad: The only thing she's confused about is why I have been out of her life for all these years.

Ashley: If that's true, then isn't it enough to deal with Traci and Steve whether they are splitting up?

Brad: I can let Colleen know no matter what happens she has a port in the storm. Why you have a problem with that, why you're so anxious to ship her back over to your father's, I don't understand.

Ashley: Whether you admit it or not, you have a stake in the outcome. If Traci and Steve don't stay together, you see yourself having a completely different role in that girl's life, and you know it.

Brad: It's something that Ive wanted for a long time, to have a relationship with my daughter. And I guess I have been closed off to it, I didn't think it was possible.

Ashley: Honey, you're making my point. My father is much more objective in this situation. And I think it's a healthier environment to be over there.

Brad: She asked to be here. She's enjoying being here.

Ashley: It doesn't mean it's the best place for her to be here.

Brad: So you made up your mind, huh? You want her sent back to your father's house?

Mackenzie: I'm sorry, Billy, I don't mean to push.

Billy: No, it's all right. The less I talk about Sean and Mom, the better. Besides, I'm really worried about Raul and Rianna.

Mackenzie: Me, too.

Billy: You know what really gets to me is J.T.? Don't worry, I won't attack you again for standing up for J.T. Being part of the group. I shouldn't have taken it out on you.

Mackenzie: Thank you.

Billy: If she still has feelings for the guy, it's bound to come out sooner or later.

Mackenzie: I wish I could do something to help them.

Billy: We are not going to get all heavy.

Mackenzie: Billy, it --.

Billy: Mac, this is our day off. Let's not spoil it.

Mackenzie: What do you have in mind?

Billy: Well, you and I are going to do something we haven't done in a very long, long time.

Mackenzie: What?

Billy: We're going to have a date. Since we got back together we have been busy with the Glow by Jabot House, pool. We haven't had much time for each other.

Mackenzie: We're going on a date, huh?

Billy: You free?

Mackenzie: I think I can squeeze you in.

Billy: Lucky me.

Mackenzie: What are we going to do?

Billy: I don't know. Whatever we do, I'm sure it's going to be perfect.

Mackenzie: As long as it's just you and me.

Billy: Yeah, you and me.

Michael: Mr. Winters you want us to believe your brother is a model parent. You also believe he's a model citizen?

Neil: I don't know what a model citizen is, Mr. Baldwin.

Michael: In the course of his life, has he exhibited a great deal of discipline?

Neil: It depends on what you mean by a great deal.

Michael: Has he exhibited discipline at all in his life? Isn't your brother notorious for having no self-restraint?

Neil: I wouldn't say notorious.

Michael: You describe yourself as children or young adults.

Neil: I know what you're talking about. Malcolm was wild, goofed off. Does that disqualify him as a parent?

Michael: We are debating. Isn't it the truth that even today he's remarkably undisciplined, wild, if you will?

Neil: I don't believe that. He's come a long way.

Michael: Then, can you tell me if when confronted with a decision, your brother can be counted on to do the right thing?

Neil: I feel he can.

Michael: Do you trust your brother can make the right decision? Do you feel it is the responsibility of parents to teach their children certain values?

Neil: Yes, of course.

Michael: Like telling the truth?

Neil: They have been faced with extraordinary circumstances.

Michael: If you mean remarkable, I agree with you, Mr. Winters. Who do you feel is responsible for these extraordinary circumstances?

Neil: I'm sorry, but there's no doubt in my mind it's your client, Olivia Winters whos responsible.

Michael: That's exactly what I expected you to say. No further questions. Thank you.

[Doorbell sounding]

Mary: It's your mother, Paul.

Paul: Mom, I'm really not up for this.

Mary: I know what you're going through, son. That's why I'm here.

Ashley: I think we should break this off and talk about it later where it isn't out of control. I will not force Colleen to stay with my father.

Brad: That's what you meant.

Ashley: Looking at it rationally, it would be a better place for her over there.

Brad: Sweetheart, I hear what you're saying. I just don't feel it's a problem. Colleen is going through a very rough time right now. But she doesn't have an agenda. If she did, we're in charge. We're in control. It's not going to get out of hand.

Ashley: You know what I think? I think it already has, Brad.

Brad: I'm trying to create a relationship with my daughter. It mystifies me you don't see what that means.

Ashley: You realize you could be changing a girl's life. She and Steve have always been extremely close. Don't you think they have the chance to maintain that?

Brad: I am not getting in the way of that.

Ashley: You have blinders on.

[Abby crying]

Brad: I'll go get her.

Ashley: No, no. I'll go.

Judge: You may step down, Mr. Winters.

Olivia: Michael, what are you doing?

Michael: Hang on.


Malcolm: Yeah, yeah. Let's do this. You're not going anywhere, are you, baby?

Alex: Are you kidding? Come here. I am here with you all the way.

Malcolm: That's just what I needed to hear.

Judge: Counsel for the petitioner, call your next witness.

Lawyer: Petitioner calls Malcolm Winters to the stand.

Michael: One more moment, Your Honor. There's one more thing I must do. Miss Perez, this is for you. This is a subpoena. I'm calling you as a witness in this case.

Alex: You're what?

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