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J.T.: Good burgers, buddy. Lighten up. We're supposed to be having fun, remember? So, you up for a little Frisbee later? Look, I'm really sorry about this mess. I know you think I apologized to you to score points with Mac. I didn't have any idea what you were going through then. I only realized that a couple days ago. The thing is, I'm wondering if maybe history's repeating itself.

Rianna: What are you talking about?

J.T.: Like right now. Am I missing the signals? Is there something I should know about?

Billy: So anyway, I know you have to upload some clips. We got a lot of footage of J.T., most of the stuff happened earlier here was way too personal.

Sean: You told me.

Billy: Yeah.

Sean: And I'll do my best.

Billy: Sean, I want you to do more.

Sean: I'll get back to you.

Jill: Thank you. I'll expect to see that memo on a daily basis.

Billy: Mom, can I have a word with you?

Jill: Of course, sweetie.

Billy: Listen, I need you to talk to Sean. I'm not getting through to him. You're his boss. You can lay down the law.

Jill: I have no idea what you're talking about, Billy.

Billy: There was personal stuff J.T. and Rianna talked about earlier. I don't want it uploaded. Can you tell Sean to edit it out?

Jill: Don't you worry. I'll handle it.

Billy: Thank you.

[Phone ringing]

John: Hello.

Colleen: Hi, Granddad, it's me.

John: Colleen, are you all right?

Colleen: I want to ask you a question.

John: Sure, what?

Colleen: My mother and father. How were they before they were divorced?

John: There were happy times, especially when you were born.

Colleen: After the divorce, Mom didn't want him around.

John: Unfortunately, that very often happens when marriages break up. Colleen, why are you asking me about this?

Colleen: It's weird not having any real memories of my parents together. I have a lot of friends whose parents were divorced but not until they were older.

John: Your parents were never ugly with one another. They were never cruel. Even when the marriage was breaking up, there was respect and affection.

Colleen: Why did they break up?

John: We shouldn't be having this conversation on the phone.

Colleen: I'm sorry to bother you.

John: You're not bothering me. I love you. I'm not the person to answer these questions. When you get a chance, you take these things up with your mother, okay?

Colleen: I will. Thanks, Granddad. I'll see you tomorrow.

John: All right.

Ashley: It was Colleen's idea to invite Traci?

Brad: She called her mom once and picked up the odd sound and asked if it was a good idea. It was perceptive of Colleen to recognize her mother could use R& R.

Ashley: If that's the only thing on her mind.

Brad: She misses her mom and -- she loves her mom and misses the heck out of her. I'm sorry I did this without telling you. Anyway, inviting Traci back here is not a big deal.

Ashley: It means she's accepting Traci is continuing to talk to Steve?

Brad: And she's comfortable asking something like this. She's feeling more at home here. What's wrong?

Ashley: I just -- never mind. I'm going to go out for a little while.

Brad: At this hour?

Ashley: Yeah. I'll be back.

Ryan: Looks like the coast is clear.

Victoria: I hope Miguel has the bag ready. Not that I like sneaking clothes out of the house. I haven't been spending a lot of nights here. I'm sure my mother suspects something.

Ryan: I know I'm a bad influence.

Victoria: Not a chance. Hi. Just got home from the office?

Nikki: Hi. No. I had a couple of errands to run. How are you, Ryan?

Ryan: I'm fine, thanks.

Nikki: Hi, stranger. What's going on?

Miguel: Victoria, I packed the clothes you wanted.

Tricia: Oh, there you are.

Matt: Worried, doll?

Tricia: Why would you think that?

Matt: Because lately you only talk to me what you have nothing else to do.

Tricia: I think you're imagining things.

Matt: I'm imagining things?

Tricia: Don't make fun of me.

Matt: Never. I used to be your co-conspirator. I could get a complex.

[Knock on door]

Ashley: Victor?

Victor: Did you come here to study my portrait or what?

Ashley: I think it's the eyes that make it so compelling.

Victor: What are you doing here?

Ashley: I'm here and I feel foolish so I think I'm going to leave.

Victor: No, you're not. Obviously, you're here for some important reason.

Ashley: I'm afraid I'm overreacting again.

Victor: Does this have to do with Brad's daughter?

Jill: Sean, I need to talk to you. Oh, goody, the lovebirds. Please don't make me laugh.

Jack: Is that possible given your persistently sour disposition? How's the barbecue going?

Jill: There's just a little bit of teen angst going on between Rianna and Raul.

Phyllis: They're teenagers. That's bound to happen.

Jill: If you want more details, I'll tell you tomorrow at the office.

Jack: Let's go out to the pool house and see what changes.

Phyllis: No, that's okay. I can see the pool house from our bedroom while I'm roaming through your briefcase and plotting against you.

Jack: If you need more inside information, you know where to get it.

Jill: It's Billy. He's afraid you won't heed his request.

Sean: Stop right there. I promised not to put any intimate conversations out for public consumption.

Jill: Why did I know you were going to say that? Billy isn't so sure. He even suggested I pull rank on you.

Sean: You pull rank on me.

Jill: Hey, I could, you know.

Sean: You could try.

Jill: Whoa, am I challenging your manhood?

Sean: Profoundly.

Jill: You're toying with me.

Sean: I'd like to. Come on, Jill. Everybody gets to make out in public but us.

Jill: Is that what you call it? We'll do it even better in private later, I promise. How's that?

Sean: I guess it'll have to do, for now.

Mackenzie: What were you and your mom talking about earlier?

Billy: Sean. Making sure he doesn't upload anything personal. Sean might be the hot shot web master but my mom isn't intimidated by anyone, especially a young guy like that.

Mackenzie: Just seems like he can hold his own, that's all.

Raul: Billy, need your help over here, man.

Billy: All right. Duty calls.

Colleen: Long day?

Brad: Hi, sweetheart.

Colleen: If I knew were you home, I would have come home earlier. Where's Aunt Ashley?

Brad: She had to go and take care of something. Before she left, she told me your mom called.

Colleen: Is she coming?

Brad: Actually Traci hasn't decided yet.

Colleen: You didn't talk to her, just Ashley?

Brad: I wasn't here.

Colleen: I think we should call Mom and tell her to come, not take no for an answer. She's been gone a long time.

Brad: I'm not going to push your mom. She's welcome here. She's considering it. Let's just leave it at that. So I understand you came across Abby's adoption certificate. I think we need to talk about that, don't you?

Ashley: Kind of scary how perceptive you are sometimes.

Victor: Please sit down. So what happened?

Ashley: I keep telling myself this girl is only 14 years old. Whatever she's thinking or doing or thinking of doing, why am I even concerned about it?

Victor: It's upsetting you.

Ashley: She thinks now is a good time for her mother to come back for a visit. She got Brad to call her and invite her. Something else kind of happened that disturbed me. She found Abby's adoption papers.

Victor: Oh. This is the first time she realized that Brad's not Abby's biological father. Why does that bother you?

Ashley: I can't put my finger on it.

Rianna: Hey, I'll take that.

J.T.: Things getting any better?

Mackenzie: Nobody's in the mood to party.

J.T.: Thanks to me, you mean.

Mackenzie: I didn't say that.

J.T.: It's true, though. I talked to Rianna. You're right. She's really hurt. If someone would just tell me what's really going on with her. Maybe I could help.

Mackenzie: J.T., I can't talk about this with you.

J.T.: You did the other day.

Mackenzie: I know. I wish I hadn't. It was a mistake.

J.T.: I don't get this. You made it sound like whatever happened between Rianna and me was over. Why is it causing trouble now?

Mackenzie: Hey, how you doing?

Rianna: I'm miserable. Raul will not even look at me. Mac, I can't stand this. It's killing me.

Victor: You're not a silly woman. Something bothers you as much as this obviously does, there's got to be a reason.

Ashley: I guess if you think about it, this young girl finding out, as she put it, that my baby isn't her sister but her cousin, that really had an effect on her.

Victor: Yes, I guess it would. Why does it bother you, though?

Ashley: I don't know. I don't know. I can't put my finger on it. Just a feeling I have. Maybe she has no agenda whatsoever. Maybe she's young, going through a rough time. She's probably just trying to make sense of it all. Maybe that's all there is to it.

Ashley: I should probably go home. The way I took off, Brad's probably wondering what's going on and what I'm thinking.

Victor: May I give a piece of advice? If Traci comes back to town, don't let her stay at your house.

Ashley: You're probably right.

Victor: Why is this something you can't discuss with Brad?

Ashley: It's kind of a sensitive subject.

Victor: I guess it is.

Ashley: You're right. I should talk to Brad.

Victor: Whether you do or don't. I'll always be here for you.

Ashley: Thanks. I'm grateful for that.

Victor: Ashley, you'll always be a very important person in my life.

Ashley: Well, thank you.

Jill: So a few days ago, Billy told me how much he appreciated how I had been handling things this summer.

Sean: Are you not making problems for him and Mackenzie?

Jill: I've been trying hard not to. What?

Sean: Jill, I couldn't be happier for you. Don't get me wrong. Billy doesn't have a clue about you and me, does he?

Jill: I have to find the right moment to tell him. It won't be a big deal. Billy will be fine with the two of us being together.

Sean: Hear anything interesting, Brit?

Miguel: Victoria, I'll put these things in the car.

Victoria: Thanks, Miguel.

Nikki: Well, I guess that answers that.

Victoria: I suppose I should have told you about my plans before now.

Nikki: Does that mean you're moving in together?

Victoria: No. But I'll probably be spending a few nights a week there. So I needed some extra clothing. I assume you have a million questions.

Nikki: Well, you know normally I would. But this isn't exactly red hot news.

Victoria: It's not?

Nikki: Victoria, even with our crazy schedules, I have been very aware you haven't been spending every night here. But I would like to know more about where your relationship is headed.

Ryan: It's okay with me if it's okay with you.

Victoria: Sure. Be my guest.

Ryan: Well, as you know, my divorce papers have been signed. The hearing is set for next week. After that, things are going to be official. All that's left is the waiting period.

Nikki: And then what?

Victoria: We're playing things by ear.

Nikki: What does that mean?

Victoria: It means we're not getting engaged any time soon.

Nikki: What does your father think about this?

Victoria: Well, we haven't gotten into it with him.

Ryan: He does know we're seeing each other.

Nikki: But not that you're practically living together?

Victoria: It hasn't come up.

Ryan: Though if you run into Victor, it's okay to tell him our news, right?

Victoria: Of course.

Nikki: I don't run into him much these days. I doubt there would be any explosions. He wants you to be happy. Okay. Well, I'm tired. It's been a long day. I'm going to go upstairs.

Victoria: Okay. Good night. All right. What is it?

Ryan: I was thinking about the hearing.

Victoria: You haven't heard from Tricia?

Ryan: That's not what concerns me. What concerns me is I haven't spoken to Keith to see how she reacted to the news of the hearing. I hope it didn't set her back.

Tricia: Listen to me. I'm not in the mood for your wisecracks.

Matt: What's the problem?

Tricia: I'm still stuck in Boston. I wanted to scream when Dad wanted to stay on in Boston.

Matt: Besides, this is family time. Think of all the quality sharing you're doing. Didn't you say you wanted to use the time away to scheme? No better opportunity than right now, right, babe?

Brittany: This is too weird. Why would  someone like you be with someone like her?

Sean: Careful, Brit. I might take something the wrong way.

Brittany: She roasted me the other day.

Sean: At that time as I recall, I was way out of line.

Brittany: I suppose. Sometimes the truth stings. Not that you meant to hurt me. You were just doing it for Jill.

Sean: Jill and I are different people.

Brittany: Which is evidently part of the attraction.

Sean: You are a very precocious girl, Miss Hodges.

Brittany: Is that good or bad?

Sean: What do you think?

Brittany: I'm curious about something else.

Sean: What?

Brittany: Did you mean it when you said you had been in the same position as me, about the kid not getting enough attention from the dad?

Sean: My experience was similar enough that I could tell where you were coming from.

Brittany: Well, I guess that's where the parallel between us ends. Unless I decide to start a hot romance with someone much older than me. Think about it.

Phyllis: Don't you just love pushing Jill's buttons? You know, she's so sure I can't be trusted.

Jack: Isn't that amazing? I'm so sure you can be. It's so nice to be alone with you.

Phyllis: Yeah. So we should talk about this engagement party.

Jack: I have been thinking about that. I think we should go formal, do it really big. Corral everybody we know together and get it all over with.

Phyllis: Get it all over with. That's a lovely sentiment.

Jack: I didn't mean it that way.

Phyllis: Yes, you did. It warms my heart the way the Abbott family views me.

Jack: You have been referring to this announcement as dropping the bomb. Listen, any issues my family has with you will be gone once we're married.

Phyllis: Right. And the next thing you're going to tell me is your father --.

Jack: Shh, don't, don't. Don't go looking for trouble, please. We are great together. This is going to be perfect. I promise. I promise.

Jill: Okay. Sean gave me his word there would be nothing personal about Raul and Rianna on the website. I told you I would handle it.

Billy: Great, Mom, thanks. I knew you could handle it. Is there something else?

Jill: Actually there is. Let's go over there out of camera range.

Billy: What is it?

Jill: It's about Sean and me. How do I put this?

Billy: Just tell me.

Jill: Sean and I are together. We're seeing each other.

Billy: Seeing, like dating?

Jill: Yeah.

Billy: How long has this been going on?

Jill: Not very long. He's a terrific guy. We have a lot of fun together. Would you excuse me, sweetie?

Jill: Never say I never do anything. I seized the moment and told Billy.

Sean: And?

Jill: He seemed taken aback but he didn't offer any objections.

Billy: Hey.

Mackenzie: You okay?

Billy: I don't know. My mom just told me that she's dating Sean. How weird is that?

Colleen: I wasn't snooping.

Brad: No one said you were.

Colleen: I was looking for paper to jot something down and I saw Abby's adoption certificate.

Brad: We weren't hiding it from you. It wasn't a secret.

Colleen: Ashley said some people know already.

Brad: It's true. We didn't feel a need to make a big announcement. It saved the trouble of having to answer a lot of questions.

Colleen: From me you mean?

Brad: No, of course not. You're family. You are okay with it, aren't you?

Colleen: I do have some questions though, like who Abby's real father is.

Brad: Did you ask Ash?

Colleen: She said it was some man she knew briefly. I could tell she didn't want to talk about it. But I am curious. Does Abby's biological father have anything to do with her at all?

Jack: Okay. I know what will put a smile on that gorgeous face.

Phyllis: What?

Jack: I saw the perfect place for us to announce our engagement. The private dining room at the Colonnade. I will call first thing in the morning to see if it is available.

Phyllis: The Colonnade room?

Jack: It is gorgeous. You will love it.

Phyllis: Jack, that's a horrible idea.

Jack: It is?

Phyllis: This is a very important announcement. It should be warm like the Abbott living room. You're thinking something impersonal like the Colonnade room.

Jack: I swear I had no idea you'd react this way. For starters, I didn't want to have it here because of the Glow by Jabot house. And the fact is, many an important, intimate Abbott celebration has happened at the private dining room.

Phyllis: All right, fine. I'm sorry. We'll have it at the Colonnade Room.

Jack: Too late. We'll have it here at the house.

Phyllis: Okay, good. What about the Glow by Jabot House?

Jack: We won't shoot that night. There's nothing more important than my bride to be.

Phyllis: You are a wonderful man.

Jack: You think?

Phyllis: I do. What should I give you for being so good to me?

Jack: Can you read my mind?

Phyllis: I can't, no. Why don't you tell me?

Jack: You have so many powers over me, I figured you could read my mind. Goodness.

Phyllis: Ow, ow.

Jack: Hey, what's wrong?

Phyllis: Oh, nothing. I had this little twinge but it's gone now. It's fine.

Jack: You sure?

Phyllis: Yeah, yeah. I'm under a lot of stress at work. It's fine.

Jack: Okay. Old smiling Jack is good at relieving stress. I have just the thing.

Phyllis: You do?

Jack: Yes, I do.

[Phone ringing]

Matt: You want to get that? You don't want to wake Daddy dearest.

Tricia: Hello.

Ryan: Tricia.

Tricia: Ryan, what a surprise.

Ryan: I hope I'm not calling too late.

Tricia: No. I was just reading.

Ryan: So how are things going?

Tricia: It's been a very worthwhile trip. Meg and I are making progress.

Ryan: Good, good. Glad to hear it.

Tricia: I owe you the credit.

Ryan: Me?

Tricia: You got me in the hospital. I really feel I'm on the road back now. You didn't say why you called.

Ryan: I was hoping to speak to your dad.

Tricia: He's asleep.

Ryan: I'll call back in the morning.

Tricia: Does this have to do with the divorce hearing next week? I understand why you're not comfortable bringing it up to me. If that's why you called to see how I reacted to the news, I'm fine. I'm fine. Although I will always feel regret that our marriage is ending, but I know that's what has to be. More and more I'm aware of that.

Ryan: So you'll be back next week.

Tricia: I'm not sure. Our plans are up in the air. My dad talked to the lawyer and he can take care of everything. I don't have to be there. So I hope you're reassured.

Ryan: Well, I'm really glad to hear your trip is going so well.

Tricia: Thanks, Ryan. Who knows, maybe I'll decide Boston is where I should stay.

Ryan: Okay. I'll talk to you later then.

Victoria: It sounds like everything is okay.

Ryan: Better than okay.

Brad: Honey, I don't think we need to discuss Abby's biological father even though I consider her my daughter in every way.

Colleen: Still there's that other man.

Ashley: Hi, you two.

Colleen: Hi, Aunt Ashley.

Brad: Everything okay?

Ashley: Everything's fine.

Colleen: I think I'm going to turn in. I'm really tired.

Ashley: Good night, sweetie.

Brad: I could use a drink. Join me?

Ashley: Sure. I heard what Colleen was asking.

Brad: Yeah, it kind of caught me off-guard. You too?

Ashley: Uh-huh.

Brad: I guess it's not surprising she's curious about Abby's biological father. She feels the situation parallels her own.

Ashley: It doesn't.

Brad: I know that and now Colleen does too. End of story.

Brittany: Hey, everybody, want to play some foosball? Billy? J.T.?

Mackenzie: You're on.

Rianna: You're really enjoying this, aren't you Brittany?

Brittany: I'm trying to be a trooper, help your boyfriend's family.

Mackenzie: Yeah, I --.

Brittany: You blaming me for what's going on between Raul and Rianna? Come on, Mac, tell me what's on your mind. Give me your best shot.

Mackenzie: Okay. There you go.

Rianna: I know you're upset but we need to talk.

Raul: I don't think so.

Rianna: With everything we've been through.

Raul: That's it, Rianna. After everything we have meant to each other, I'm not so sure.

Victoria: You're saying it's possible Tricia might stay in Boston?

Ryan: Maybe we shouldn't talk about this.

Victoria: We don't want to jinx things.

Ryan: Genoa City is her home. She lived here her whole life.

Victoria: It could be a start. There are first rate therapists there.

Ryan: Victoria Newman, the eternal optimist.

Victoria: It could happen. Let's get going.

Ryan: Something tells me this woman is eager to get out of here.

Victoria: I'm eager to get back to your place.

Ryan: For a game of scrabble?

Victoria: I have another activity in mind.

Ryan: So do I.

Matt: That went well. Ryan's sweating big time?

Tricia: He's worried I will show up at the divorce hearing and refuse to free him from his shackles.

Matt: Come on, doll, not only did you tell him you wouldn't show up at the hearing, you gave him the impression you would be here for a while.

Tricia: Did I? I wonder why I did that.

Matt: Keep the enemy off-balance.

Tricia: The less they know, the more vulnerable they are.

Matt: Which is exactly what you want.

Tricia: They think if I move to Boston that will be better. Their guard will be lowered. When it is, that's when I'll strike.

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