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Sharon: Nick, did you hear me?

Nicholas: Yeah, I heard you. You're pregnant.

Sharon: Yeah.

Nicholas: You sure?

Sharon: Positive.

Nicholas: When'd you find out?

Sharon: This morning. After I dropped the kids off, I picked up a pregnancy kit. I missed a period. Then I had this déja vu.

Nicholas: What do you mean?

Sharon: It's hard to explain. It brought back memories of what I felt like when I was carrying Noah. I didn't think it was possible.

Nicholas: This is unbelievable. How'd this happen?

Sharon: You really need me to explain that to you?

Nicholas: No. I just know that you're not on the pill anymore and we had been using other methods.

Sharon: Which obviously are not foolproof.

Nicholas: Obviously. Wow, we're pregnant again.

Mackenzie: I wonder where Raul dragged Rianna off like that.

Billy: Hold that thought. J.T., Raul did not need to hear that garbage about Rianna.

J.T: I have a feeling the chicks are bent out of shape about something and I have to keep that a secret?

Billy: You cannot cause trouble between Raul and Rianna. They are too close.

J.T.: I have to go.

Billy: I'm not done with you.

J.T.: I am.

Billy: I'm warning you, dude.

J.T.: What? What? Any time, man, I'm ready.

Mackenzie: Guys, guys. J.T., get out of here! Billy, what's going on?

Raul: Why the hell didn't you tell me? I found out you and J.T. had a nice talk at the boutique the other day.

Rianna: You think I'm not being honest with you? I told you J.T. treated me badly and I feel a little uncomfortable around him.

Raul: J.T. made it sound like a bigger deal than that.

Rianna: Ignore him. We decided we wouldn't let him ruin our summer.

Raul: We did but --.

Rianna: Then just drop it. It really hurts me you don't trust me. It hurts me a lot.

Chantal: It's sad, isn't it?

Michael: What?

Chantal: The end of a marriage.

Michael: Talking about Christine's petition for divorce?

Chantal: I shouldn't be surprised. She and Paul were separated for so long and she extended her trip in Australia.

Michael: Christine is a woman of her own mind, Chantal.

Chantal: What about your partnership?

Michael: That's the last thing I'm concerned about, Chantal. But the more I think about it, the more I'm convinced she and Paul did not speak while she was in Genoa City. I wonder why.

Chantal: That'll hit him really hard when that petition is served. Poor guy.

Isabella: I'm all set. I just have to grab my coat. It'll only take a minute and I'll be out of your hair for good. What's that?

Paul: Petition for divorce. Why now? Then it's signed by Michael Baldwin and not Chris? What the hell is that about?

[Knock on door]

Neil: Yeah. Hey there, counselor. Uh-oh. You look tired.

Alex: Kind of a rough day.

Neil: Yeah, well, how about I get you some coffee?

Alex: Thanks. I never thought I'd find you in such a good mood.

Neil: What do you mean?

Alex: You haven't talked to Malcolm.

Neil: No, I haven't. Why? Should I have?

Alex: Thanks. We have a bit of a disaster on our hands.

Neil: Disaster? Maybe you better start explaining it.

Alex: You knew Olivia was leaving town.

Neil: For the medical convention.

Alex: I told you Malcolm was taking Nate to the Cubs game.

Neil: You were talking him out of it, right?

Alex: I thought I had. He left for Chicago anyway.

Neil: That's why Mamie was so anxious to reach him.

Alex: He and Nate barely made it out of Genoa City when she contacted him.

Neil: She convinced him to come back, right?

Alex: Not in time. Olivia's flight was delayed. The whole thing unraveled.

Neil: What was my brother thinking?!

Alex: He wasn't, Neil.

Neil: I wonder why I haven't heard from him.

Malcolm: Heard from whom?

Mackenzie: Billy, what's up with you?

Billy: J.T. is being a jerk as usual.

Mackenzie: You can't do that kind of stuff, not here.

Billy: We had an argument, big deal.

Mackenzie: You act like it's nothing.

Billy: Sean and my mom said conflict would be more interesting.

Mackenzie: That's funny. What did J.T. do?

Billy: Went to see Rianna, talk about their past.

Mackenzie: Great.

Billy: And then he tells Raul. Loads him up with all this garbage trying to get him all worked up.

Mackenzie: Judging by the way he hustled her in the house, he did.

Billy: I knew this was going to happen!

Mackenzie: What did J.T. say exactly?

Billy: We have been lucky with Brittany so far. She’s been cool. Now J.T. is pushing our buttons. I would love to sock that guy.

Mackenzie: I don't understand why Raul is upset.

Billy: He acted like he and Rianna shared some big secret. He said they had this big thing once and had to rub his nose in it.

Mackenzie: Raul is not going to let J.T. come between them.

Billy: I'm worried about Raul. He's upset with Rianna.

Mackenzie: Why?

Billy: Because she kept this from him. The poor guy is worried about a conversation that never took place.

Mackenzie: J.T. and Rianna spoke. It definitely happened, Billy.

Raul: I do trust you, Rianna.

Rianna: I hope so. I want things to be good between us. Please let it drop.

Raul: J.T. said there was stuff that was none of my business.

Raul: He said I should ask you about the talk you had with him.

Rianna: J.T. is going to be around us all summer. Am I supposed to write down everything he says and report it to you? I don't know what you want from me.

Raul: The truth, Rianna. Is it that hard? Don't you at least owe me that much?

Sharon: Nick, aren't you going to say anything?

Nicholas: Wow.

Sharon: Well, you already said that. How do you feel?

Nicholas: I'm surprised. How do you feel?

Sharon: I'm blown away, naturally.

Nicholas: You really didn't suspect?

Sharon: No, not until last night. Are you --?

Nicholas: Upset? I'm thrilled, are you kidding me?!

Sharon: Really?

Nicholas: Now I know why you were talking about how happy I am being a dad.

Sharon: Now I know.

Nicholas: You want me to say it again, baby? I meant every word of that. This is incredible and unbelievable. What about you?

Sharon: What do you mean?

Nicholas: You have to deal with being pregnant again.

Sharon: I'm excited.

Nicholas: You just gathered your strength after everything you have been through.

Sharon: Sweetheart, I'm fine. I'm better than fine.

Nicholas: What about the timing? Noah is still so little and Cassie … and we're going to have three. It's so much work for you.

Sharon: That's okay. I love kids and one more will make it that much more fun. My concern is you.

Nicholas: Me?

Sharon: Well, yeah. More responsibilities at Newman and the coffee houses.

Nicholas: Baby, I'll say it one more time. Family is the only thing that matters to me. You and Cassie and Noah. That is it for me.

Sharon: This is going to make our lives more complicated.

Nicholas: This little baby, bring on the complications. I'm going to say this again. Wow.

Sharon: Wow.

Neil: So hey, little brother, how's it going. You all right?

Malcolm: Yeah, I'm all right.

Alex: Where've you been?

Malcolm: I've been jogging, thinking things through.

Neil: What things?

Alex: I told Neil about your trip to Chicago.

Neil: Bad move, Malcolm.

Malcolm: I know. I never should have risked taking my son to a ball game. What I didn't say to you is Olivia was considering backing down anyway.

Neil: Mamie told you that?

Malcolm: Olivia was tired of playing the heavy. Starting to feel like this hassle wasn't worth it.

Neil: How does Mamie feel now?

Malcolm: Well, Mamie figures I blew it.

Alex: And you don't?

Malcolm: If I had any idea that Olivia was starting to mellow out, I never would have tried to take off with Nate.

Neil: Unfortunately, a little too late for that now.

Malcolm: The fact that Olivia was lightening up gives me hope. She’s angry now. Let her chill out for a while.

Neil: You think she will get by this?

Alex: Come on.

Malcolm: We're looking at a guy that was taking his son to a ball game. What judge is going to come down on me for that?

Neil: Alex, what do you think?

Alex: If I were Olivia, I'd go to court immediately, and she'd probably make the move.

Malcolm: Not going to happen.

Alex: I would bet my last dollar that chance is long gone.

Neil: You two hold on a minute here. We might have one more shot at damage control. I'll be back in a little bit.

[Phone ringing]

Isabella: Hello.

Lynne: Isabella, it's Lynne. May I speak with Paul?

Isabella: He's not here.

Lynne: Is he on his way to the office?

Isabella: I don't think so.

Lynne: Well, he has to be at the airport two hours early. Will you have him call me, please?

Isabella: Nice talking to you, too.

Marissa: What's wrong?

Lynne: Just hung up with Miss Isabella.

Marissa: Why are you talking to her? Paul's probably on his way here.

Lynne: She didn't think so. I have great news. Paul is going to see Chris.

Marissa: For real this time?

Lynne: He had me book a flight today. Things are finally working out as I'd hoped.

Marissa: What about Isabella?

Lynne: Judging from how weird she sounded on the phone, he probably told her he's off to Australia and that means that might be the last we've seen of that woman.

Paul: I want to see Baldwin.

Michael: Paul, I know you're upset.

Paul: This is one of your tricks. Yeah, the divorce petition with your signature on it.

Michael: Because I have your wife's power of attorney and she asked me to sign it!

Paul: Yeah, right.

Michael: Look, Paul, I'm not looking for a fight here. Will you allow me to explain?

Paul: Go ahead.

Michael: Christine called me this morning.

Paul: From Australia.

Michael: She wanted this handled immediately.

Paul: What happened? A divorce, just like that?

Michael: Apparently so. Look, she didn't want to wait for the paperwork to go back and forth. She asked me to use my power of attorney to handle it.

Paul: I'm not buying it.

Michael: Why not?

Paul: If she had come to this decision, she would have phoned me first.

Michael: I don't know what to tell you, Paul. I was surprised too. I'm sorry.

Paul: I'm sure you are. Get my wife on the phone, will you please?

Mrs. Williams' office.

Paul: This is Paul Williams, her husband. I want to speak to my wife.

Mrs. Williams said you might call.

Paul: Put her on please.

She asked me to give you a message. She said the divorce petition speaks for itself.

[Doorbell sounding]

Olivia: Neil.

Neil: Hi. I thought I'd stop by.

Olivia: Depends on your reason.

Neil: I came to see you, of course.

Olivia: You heard what Malcolm did.

Neil: Yeah, I did.

Olivia: Maybe, you'll finally realize I was right about him all the time. He's turned around and does something like this.

Neil: I understand how you feel. This must have been a huge shock. Malcolm did a stupid thing.

Olivia: Very stupid.

Neil: You must realize this battle could escalate. Why put yourself and everybody out about this? You were beginning to soften your attitude.

Olivia: I just resigned myself to the possibility that the odds were stacked against me.

Neil: There's another name for that. It's called being in touch with reality.

Olivia: Apparently your reality is different than mine. He was distant. He was hardly speaking to me. Why? Because Malcolm was seeing him behind my back. He and Mamie were trying to undermine everything I was trying to accomplish.

Malcolm: Where do you think Neil just ran off to?

Alex: I have no idea.

Malcolm: I guess you think I really messed up, huh?

Alex: I know you're hurting, Malcolm. I admit Olivia's jerked you around. But I don't want you to delude yourself.

Malcolm: You don't think my chances for visitation are good.

Alex: I know we have all been coming down on Olivia. What you've done will make things worse for your son, for everyone.

Malcolm: Alex, you think you can give me some good news?

Alex: I wish I could, Malcolm.

Malcolm: Baby, it's really that grim?

Alex: I've lost whatever confidence you had in winning this case.

Malcolm: Oh, okay. So what do I do, cut my throat? Hmm? Hmm?

Alex: No. You try to bargain. And I'll talk to Michael Baldwin.

Malcolm: You are not talking to Baldwin. That man won't work with us. Olivia takes a hard line, he has to do what she wants.

Alex: Last time I talked to him I got the impression he doesn't agree with Olivia. It's time for you to compromise.

Malcolm: That's admitting I'm wrong.

Alex: It's not losing any chance at all getting to spend time with Nate.

Malcolm: What's your idea?

Alex: Ask for half the visitation. One weekend every other month, a night every other week instead of every week.

Malcolm: Oh, my God. Look how easy it was for you to say that. Come on, be happy with a couple of days every couple of months. You know what, Alex? He's not your son. You lawyers amaze me. You toss out these numbers. I have to fight to get through each day. I miss my kid so much it hurts. Don't stand there and tell me what I have to do.

Michael: So Christine confirms what I told you?

Paul: When did you say you spoke with her?

Michael: Today. Look you have had no communication from her lately, no idea she was going to take this step?

Paul: If I had, do you think I would be standing here in your office?

Michael: I suppose not.

Paul: Somehow I can't shake the feeling you're at the bottom of this whole thing.

Michael: Paul, I understand your need to blame someone, if it helps to make me the bad guy, be my guest.

Sharon: You think we're ready for midnight feedings and all those diaper changes and all those things that go along with having a baby?

Nicholas: It's not like we haven’t had experience.

Sharon: It was different with Cassie and Noah. They'd even let us sleep in once in a while.

Nicholas: Now you have little helpers. Cassie will be crazy when she finds out she will have another little brother or sister.

Sharon: And Noah won't be the baby anymore.

Nicholas: I have to ask you something but promise me you won't get upset.

Sharon: You still don't think I'm back to normal emotionally.

Nicholas: You're just getting over that whole ordeal with Matt Clark. Now you're dealing with Tricia and it's not easy. I understand if you feel overwhelmed.

Sharon: You have to stop treating me with kid gloves. I'm a lot tougher than you think I am.

Nicholas: I know you are. I promise I will be right there with you. You won't get stuck with all that work.

Sharon: You are darn right I'm not, Mr. Mom. You're going to be with me and our newborn every step of the way.

Nicholas: You bet I will. You know what?

Sharon: What?

Nicholas: I can't wait.

Neil: Olivia, Nate missed Malcolm.

Olivia: The only thing Malcolm's done is convince me he's irresponsible. No one knows what's good for my son.

Neil: That is only your opinion.

Olivia: A mother's opinion. I wasn't going to put Nate through a hearing, not for no good reason. I was tempted to back off but not any longer.

Neil: What the hell has Malcolm done? Try to spend time with the boy he loves and loves him back? Why are you so stubborn?

Olivia: All of you think I can't see the truth. It's the other way around. Malcolm has you convinced he's a wonderful father. He got my aunt to lie to me.

Neil: That's something right there.

Olivia: Mamie was the one person I could count on and he got her to conspire against me.

Neil: I bet he didn't have to twist her arm.

Olivia: Because you're on the bandwagon. My son lied to me! Where do you think he learned that? Do you think Malcolm taught him the technique? This is how you lie to your mother. Make sure your voice doesn't quiver and make sure she believes everything you say. Don't you dare stand there and tell me he put me in a position he had to teach my son to lie?! There's no excuse! There's no excuse! I don't want to talk about this anymore. Just get out and leave me alone.

[Cell phone ringing]

Michael: It's Michael.

Isabella: It's me.

Michael: I figured I'd hear from you.

Isabella: Is Christine's petition for divorce for real?

Michael: Why do you ask?

Isabella: I got the impression Paul didn't think it was.

Michael: It's legit.

Isabella: Why didn't you tell me about it before?

Michael: It happened after you left. I got a call from Chris.

Isabella: Timing was incredible. I was ready to walk out of Paul's for good when the petition arrived.

Michael: It changes everything, doesn't it?

Isabella: I don't know about that.

Michael: What are you going to do?

Isabella: I don't know. I was going out of town but --.

Michael: As long as you remember not to say --.

Isabella: Don't worry. I won't say anything I'm not supposed to, although it would be a lot easier if I could tell Paul everything.

Michael: Don't even think about it.

Isabella: I have a lot at stake too, Michael, okay?

Alex: Malcolm, I understand why you hate what I suggested.

Malcolm: Oh, do you?

Alex: Yes. I'm not just a lawyer. At least I was under the impression I was a lot more than that to you.

Malcolm: Baby, you are. But this is entirely different.

Alex: No it isn't, Malcolm. Listen to me. I have feelings for you. When you're unhappy, I'm unhappy. That is why I'm trying to get you out of this mess. So please let me talk to Michael Baldwin.

Malcolm: Alex, what part of no do you not understand? You're not talking to Baldwin.

[Doorbell sounding]

Isabella: Hi.

Mary: May I come in?

Isabella: Yes, of course.

Mary: I brought you tomatoes from my garden. I know you'll make something magical with them. I think you know why I'm really here.

Isabella: Actually, I'm not sure.

Mary: It's about the thank you dinner you gave for Paul. I'm dying to know how it went. Is that yours? What's going on, dear?

Isabella: I don't even know where to begin. Paul decided to leave for Australia this morning and talk to Chris about saving their marriage. But before he could leave a process server came and brought him a petition for divorce.

Mary: Oh, no. How's Paul taking it?

Isabella: He's shocked, naturally. He just took off.

Mary: Because of this you're leaving?

Isabella: It's obvious he wants to salvage things with his wife.

Mary: You think it's inappropriate to stay, now Paul's going?

Isabella: I don't know what his plans are. This might motivate him to go Chris and talk her out of getting the divorce. It doesn't matter.

Mary: Why would you say that?

Isabella: The fact that he wants to see her tells me where I stand with him. What happened doesn't change that.

Mary: Have you spoken with him since the papers arrived?

Isabella: Not really.

Mary: If this divorce petition turns things around.

Isabella: Then why stay and leave myself open to the possibility of more rejection?

Mary: You're obviously hurt.

Isabella: And I won't stick around for more.

Mary: You're not alone. Everyone involved in this has been hurt.

Isabella: You don't think I should leave?

Mary: My opinion maybe doesn't matter. The important question is can you stand back from the hurt and anger that you're feeling enough to look into your heart and find out what it is you really want? Tell me what's in your heart, Isabella.

Billy: You're telling me J.T. and Rianna had this big, intimate conversation.

Mackenzie: It's partly why Raul is upset. I promised Rianna I would talk to J.T. and keep his mouth shut.

Billy: They spoke. It isn't like they had a big secret to talk about anyway. Wait a minute. Mac, don't tell me you're buying in J.T.'s B.S., the guy's a born liar.

Mackenzie: I need to know, what exactly did J.T. say about his conversation with Rianna?

Billy: He made it sound like there was more to his relationship than anybody knew, like he had some kind of hold on her even now.

Mackenzie: Those were his exact words?

Billy: No, but that's what he implied. He talked about how strange Rianna acted around him and we were all blind if we didn't notice something was up with her. You know what really bugs me?

Mackenzie: What?

Billy: Rianna was handling J.T. fine until she was forced to spend every day with him. You know whose fault that is?

Mackenzie: Whose?

Billy: Well, Mac, you were the one that insisted on him being part of the group.

Mackenzie: Billy --.

Billy: Mac, I warned you this would be a mistake. Now look what's happened.

Mackenzie: That's not fair. Stop making this all about J.T.

Billy: This is all about J.T. Damn it, how can you stand here and defend him after he dumped all those lies on Raul?

Mackenzie: Because they're not all lies.

Billy: What?

Mackenzie: That's what I'm trying to tell you. J.T. was telling the truth.

Raul: Don't cry.

Rianna: Everything is ruined.

Raul: No, nothing is going to come between us as long as we're honest with each other. I love you. You know that.

Rianna: I love you, too.

Raul: Is that it? There's nothing else going on with you? Just tell me and I won't say another word, I promise you. I won't let J.T. get to me.

Rianna: He's already gotten to you. If he hadn't, you wouldn't keep asking.

Raul: Honey, I keep asking because you keep avoiding a direct answer.

Rianna: Look, J.T. and I were kids. It was just a romance. To J.T. it was just a game and my feelings got hurt.

Raul: And that's all.

Rianna: What else could it be?

Raul: How about details?

Rianna: Why?

Raul: I was with Mac, and that was a game too and I got hurt. But I'm over it. What did he do to you?

Rianna: He talked to other girls. He didn't care. He didn't listen to me. I don't know. I didn't take notes. It was just dumb stuff mostly.

Raul: Mostly.

Rianna: What do you want me to say?

Raul: You realize how you sound, right? It's almost like you're almost answering my questions but not quite.

Rianna: There's nothing left to say.

Raul: Really. Look, Rianna, you know what happened between Mac and me. All the lies I was told. For my own good, they said. And you know what that did to me. You were the one that saw me through that. You were the one that kept telling me you should always expect honesty from someone that you care about.

Rianna: You're not going to let this drop, are you?

Raul: No, I'm not.

Rianna: All right. If you have to know, I feel so terrible, I was a totally different person back then.

Raul: Rianna, what happened?

Rianna: I slept with J.T.

Raul: Oh, God no. Oh, God no. Are you kidding me? With J.T.?!

Rianna: Are you happy? You wouldn't stop with all of your damn questions!

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