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Rianna: Mac, I don't want to talk about J.T.

Mackenzie: You have to talk to someone.

Rianna: Why, it's over.

Mackenzie: J.T. was your first. It must have meant something.

Rianna: Not.

Mackenzie: Why do you go crazy every time J.T.'s name comes up?

Rianna: It won't, Mac, okay?

Mackenzie: You want me to back off, I will. I keep thinking of that conversation we had. You said if I slept with him it would change everything. Obviously, you heard that once he slept with you, things will never be the same.

J.T.: Are you deaf? I talked to Rianna about us. I picked up a vibe she didn't want me around.

Raul: So what?

J.T.: That's between her and I. It has nothing to do with you.

Billy: Don't let this get to you.

J.T.: If you haven't figured out something is bothering her. Let her tell you about the talk we had. Just get off my back.

Brad: I got here as quickly as I could. What was so compelling that you were up half the night?

Nikki: I was working on a new idea.

Brad: Yeah, Project Amazon.

Nikki: A whole new line. An herbal skin care treatment nobody knows about it yet.

Brad: This could be major. How did you find out about it?

Nikki: I read a blurb about it in a magazine. They discovered a new species of plant that has possibly restorative powers.

Brad: It was buried. Take out the word "possibly" and you have big news.

Nikki: Got them on the phone and what they said blew me away. I think they have a secret ingredient.

Brad: Have they talked to somebody else?

Nikki: No. We are the first.

Brad: You want to try to make a deal while they're still in the field?

Nikki: I think I should go. We should go and check them out first.

Brad: I or we. What's it going to be, Nikki?

Victor: Look at you. Look it. I could be your babysitter, couldn't I? Yes, yes. How lucky your mommy and daddy are to have such a beautiful girl.

Ashley: She's never fussy. She's such a good baby. Chivalry isn't dead.

Victor: There will always be knights in shining armor rescuing damsels in distress.

Ashley: Big girls have those fantasies, too.

Victor: Yes, yes. You want to go back to Mommy?

Phyllis: If it isn't my favorite ray of sunshine.

Chantal: Ditto.

Phyllis: I just got back from a trip. Aren't you glad to see me, Chantal?

Chantal: With no appointment. Let me pencil you in a year from next February?

Michael: I'm sure we can squeeze her in earlier than that.

Phyllis: Squeeze me in?

Michael: Your timing is perfect.

Phyllis: Because I'm so happy?

Michael: I figure you patched things up with Jack.

Phyllis: He followed me to California. We spent the whole time together.

Michael: That's sweet.

Phyllis: Don't knock yourself out being happy.

Michael: We have to talk about me because something ainít right with Christine.

Phyllis: Because nobody drives you crazy like she does.

Neil: Well, all work, Nicholas.

Nicholas: Thanks, man.

Neil: I predict Victor will be very pleased.

Nicholas: Keep the boss smiling, right?

Neil: How are things going with the missus?

Nicholas: They're so great.

Neil: Good to hear it. After all the trauma you went through, I was worried about you.

Nicholas: It was dicey there for a while.

Neil: You feel you turned a corner?

Nicholas: Knock on wood, man.

Isabella: You're going to Australia?

[Phone ringing]

Lynne: Paul Williams' investigation.

Paul: Lynne, it's me. I need you to book a flight for me.

Lynne: Sure, boss, where to?

Paul: Cairns, Australia.

Lynne: When?

Paul: As soon as possible, this afternoon if possible.

Lynne: I'll get right on it.

Paul: Do you think you can get it done?

Lynne: Trust me, start packing.

Isabella: You're wasting no time.

Paul: I see no reason to put it off.

Isabella: The sooner you can beg her forgiveness for what you've done.

Paul: I can only be honest with her.

Isabella: That's great.

Paul: I know you are upset. There is no way to predict where it's going to leave us.

Isabella: "Us", meaning you and your wife. It's not too ambiguous where I'm concerned. I'm out of the picture. You hope Christine will take you back. You may not have been sure what you wanted before. You're sure now, aren't you?

Rianna: You make it sound so simple, Mac. It's not.

Mackenzie: I know.

Rianna: I believed that he loved me. And that meant something.

Mackenzie: It did.

Rianna: To me. Not to J.T. I've been wondering, what's wrong with me? Why can he still push those buttons? Because I let him.

Mackenzie: You still have feelings for him.

Rianna: God, I'm stupid as heck. The way he treated me, just another horny and insensitive guy. Finally I decided that I couldn't deal with feeling so used. I broke up with him. That's what, to move on.

Mackenzie: But you couldn't because he still mattered to you so you had to hide what you really felt.

Rianna: You know what really killed me? The way he acted toward you. The way he still obviously cares about you, Mac. Meanwhile, I gave him everything and he walked away as though it was nothing. That's what I'm not over, Mac.

Mackenzie: You okay?

Ashley: It's wonderful to see you with her, the way you react with her.

Victor: Maybe because I have a weakness for beautiful girls.

Ashley: He worked his magic on you, didn't he?

Victor: No, she worked her magic on me. She seemed pretty comfortable in my arms, didn't she?

Ashley: Yes, she did.

Victor: I had practice.

Ashley: Don't you have your soccer game?

Victor: In a while. Not yet.

Nicholas: As you can see, I have my work cut out for me.

Neil: Learning the architect's lingo.

Nicholas: Dad's expecting a lot from me.

Neil: That's why he gave you this challenge. You'll do fine. You probably already know that.

[Cell phone ringing]

Nicholas: Yeah, I do. Excuse me. Hello.

Sharon: Hi, honey, it's me.

Nicholas: Hi, babe. What's going on?

Sharon: Can I persuade you to come home for lunch? I know it's last minute but I really wanted to talk to you.

Nicholas: Something to do with what we were talking about earlier?

Sharon: Can you just come home?

Nicholas: You know I'm really kind of busy right now.

Sharon: You said before you left that you could change your schedule.

Nicholas: I'm in the middle of something with Neil.

Neil: You want to finish up later? It's fine by me.

Nicholas: You sure?

Neil: Absolutely.

Nicholas: Okay. I'll be home in a little bit.

Sharon: Okay, sweetie. See you soon.

Nicholas: Sorry to bail on you, man.

Neil: Your family needs you. You have to go. I hope nothing's wrong.

Nicholas: It's not that kind of visit.

Neil: Oh, it's one of those lunches. More power to you, man. Have a good lunch.

Nikki: I think one of our board members should go to Brazil and check it out before it hits the major media.

Brad: The person has to be you.

Nikki: Really?

Brad: It's your discovery.

Nikki: You think I can sell it?

Brad: I can sell ice to an Eskimo. This is a no-brainer. You want to go?

Nikki: Once I talk to these people, it will be very evident if they have something or not.

Brad: This is an excellent idea, Nikki.

Nikki: What, are you surprised?

Brad: No. No, I'm not. I love seeing you take the initiative like this. Not just because it's good for the company. I love seeing that sparkle in your eyes.

Rianna: Mac, I'm sorry.

Mackenzie: Don't be.

Rianna: For the way I came down on you before.

Mackenzie: Don't apologize. I knew you were upset about something.

Rianna: Well, I feel a lot better. Thank you.

Mackenzie: Rianna, I don't think we're done talking about this, now that we realize you still have feelings for J.T.

Rianna: Did, Mac.

Mackenzie: You're trying to bury it. If you don't deal with these feelings, they're always going to haunt you.

Rianna: Even if you're right, what about Raul?

Mackenzie: What do you mean? This doesn't change your feelings about him, does it?

Rianna: I don't want to feel this way about J.T. Ever. If Raul picks up on this, I don't know how to explain it to him. He would be so hurt. If that would happen, I would hate myself.

Mackenzie: I know it'll be hard but maybe you should tell him. It's better than him getting all paranoid.

Rianna: You have to promise me.

Mackenzie: Okay, okay. I promise, I won't say anything.

Rianna: The situation is just so delicate. Maybe after the summer when J.T. isnít in our faces so much. But right now, God, forget it. Raul hates the guy. God only knows what he'd do if he found out.

Mackenzie: Knowing where your head is, being around J.T., it will get easier and you can relax a little and you don't have to cover all the time.

Rianna: Right. I told Raul there's nothing to worry about and that helped him.

Mackenzie: I have the big mouth. He's looking to make a big impression on me.

Rianna: You'll talk to him?

Mackenzie: Of course. I'll tell him not to breathe a word.

Rianna: I don't know what I would do without you. If you didn't force me to deal with this, thank you. Thank you.

Michael: While you were out of town, Christine came back. She showed up two nights ago. I didn't know about it until the next morning when I walked in here.

Phyllis: Just like that, huh?

Michael: Totally unexpected.

Phyllis: Where is she now?

Michael: Gone. She stuck around long enough to inform us she was extending her assignment in Australia.

Phyllis: That doesn't make any sense. She could have called you.

Michael: Exactly, on top of which she was very upset.

Phyllis: Obviously, because she saw her husband the night before.

Michael: I assumed that too when I realized that Christine and Paul didn't speak that night.

Phyllis: I don't get this. She flies all the way home. She doesn't see her husband. She's flipping out with you and she goes back. That doesn't make any sense.

Michael: Tell me about it.

Phyllis: Okay. This is your puzzle to figure out, Michael. I have never been able to understand the way that woman's mind works. How long is she going to be gone?

Michael: Indefinitely.

Phyllis: As in months?

Michael: As in maybe longer than that.

Phyllis: Oh. Well, isn't this delicious. I guess I should say mission accomplished.

Michael: What are you talking about?

Phyllis: Well, you wanted to drive a wedge between Paul and Christine.

Michael: Would I do that?

Phyllis: In a heartbeat. Either way you have to be delighted about the state of this marriage. I think there's one little problem.

Michael: What's that?

Phyllis: Even though the distance between her and Paul is growing.

Raul: You believe what that jerk just said to me? To make it worse, why the hell didnít Rianna tell me about the talk they had?

Billy: Because it's no big deal to her.

Raul: He shows up at the boutique. She doesn't mention it. It wouldn't rattle you?

Billy: J.T.'s a troublemaker. I want him out of here now.

Raul: I don't have a problem with J.T., it's Rianna.

Billy: Because she didn't tell you the guy was bugging her?

Raul: She didn't say a damn word about it. It disturbs me. She's there alone with this guy having a big conversation. She comes down and she doesn't --.

Billy: What, did she seem upset?

Raul: Not exactly. She was very emotional.

Billy: How?

Raul: She was upset. She wasn't herself.

Billy: I get like that talking to J.T. You cannot get all worked up about this.

Raul: J.T. stopped by. He bugged me and left.

Billy: When she came back, she looked at you and --.

Raul: I'm upset and you're making jokes.

Billy: It doesn't pay to get bent out of shape. Rianna loves you. She would do anything for you. She's always looking after you.

Raul: You're saying this is one of J.T.'s games.

Billy: Exactly. He's trying to push your buttons, man. That's his style.

Raul: How can you be sure there's nothing more to it?

Billy: A while ago you said I couldn't get upset about the things J.T. was upset about. Listen to your own advice.

Sharon: You got here quickly.

Nicholas: It sounded like there was a fire that needed putting out. Listen, if you feel bad at all dragging me home from work, don't. I'm more than cool with it.

Sharon: Hey, why don't we eat?

Nicholas: Now?

Sharon: Well, I fixed a big lunch because I thought you might be hungry.

Nicholas: Wow. You really went all out. I thought it would be a sandwich or something.

Sharon: Want me to fix a plate?

Nicholas: Yeah. You know, we could crack open a bottle of wine and do this right.

Sharon: No. I'm just -- I mean, not just right in the middle of the day.

Nicholas: Come on. It'll be great.

Sharon: You want some?

Nicholas: Yeah, I like tea.

Michael: Well, thanks for all your support, Phyllis.

Phyllis: If you're looking for sympathy --.

Michael: Go elsewhere, right?

Phyllis: I'm not trying to taunt you. I thought I would point that out.

Michael: You wanted to --.

Phyllis: This is where it goes beyond Christine. Usually you tell me I'm imagining things.

Michael: There is a lot going on, it might be imagery.

Phyllis: You would prefer.

Michael: I don't want to hear prefer. I don't want to hear about it, okay?

Phyllis: Michael, relax. I'm on your side. Don't be mad. I hate it when you're grumpy. You're no fun. You know I love you.

Michael: Yeah, blah, blah.

Phyllis: If you want me to stay, we'll talk this out.

Michael: Go to work, Phyllis. Out.

Phyllis: We'll talk later.

Michael: Out.

Phyllis: Thanks for the water.

Phone ringing]

Michael: Yes. Christine.

Michael: I understand, Christine. I'll get on it right away. Bye. Would you come in here a moment please? Thank you.

Chantal: Yes, Michael.

Michael: Get Ben over here right away.

Chantal: Starks, the process server?

Michael: Yes. That's right.

Chantal: Okay.

Isabella: Since you're not denying it, fix your marriage. Fine, so be it. Before I go, I hope you'll be honest with me.

Paul: About what?

Isabella: This abrupt change in your attitude was not because I kept my past from you. You freaked out. To you I'm a tainted woman. Never mind we made love. I let myself become vulnerable thinking it would make us closer. I know this is why you're turning away from me.

Paul: I was telling the truth. Those pictures mean nothing to me.

Isabella: What is it, Paul? Don't tell me you're reminded of your wedding vows.

Paul: Our relationship and my feelings for you clouded my judgment where my marriage is concerned. I let it get in the way of trying to salvage of what I had with Chris.

Isabella: After we made love this fog of desire was suddenly lifted? You want your wife back, is that what you're saying?

Paul: Whether you believe it or not, I don't know what's going to happen in Australia. Damn it, I don't even know what I want. I do know that this is something I must do. I have to speak with my wife! And until I do that, I am not free to move in any direction! I don't see why you can't understand that.

Victor: What a lucky baby you are. What a lucky baby you are. What a future you have. Probably become just as beautiful as your mother.

Ashley: You are such a flatterer.

Victor: I hope I didn't upset with all the questions about Brad and his daughter.

Ashley: Of course not. What is to be upset about? I did a complete 180 from last time we spoke. I think I just lacked confidence in my husband's judgment. He's handling the situation so carefully, it's allowed me to be more supportive.

Victor: You're so cute. Well, just keep your eyes open in regard to his daughter. That's all the advice I can give you.

Ashley: Okay. I will.

Victor: Yes! Well, I can see everything is going very well in your life. How about the rest of your family?

Ashley: Everything seems okay. I was a little worried about my dad. He seems to be okay, too. The only dark cloud is my brother's relationship with Phyllis Summers.

Victor: Jack and Phyllis.

Ashley: You knew about that.

Victor: I thought that ended.

Ashley: They're back together and stronger than ever. They're living together at my father's house.

Victor: Nothing your brother does surprises me. I hope they live happily ever after.

Nicholas: Baby, that was awesome.

Sharon: Glad you're enjoying it.

Nicholas: You know you're spoiling me rotten.

Sharon: I was thinking about our conversation earlier this morning, what a great dad you are, how important it is you being a father and being part of a family.

Nicholas: I meant every word of it.

Sharon: Did you really?

Nicholas: Of course I did. Why would you question that?

Sharon: I know you were going out of your way to make me feel better.

Nicholas: I hope you know I don't say those things to get a smile on your face.

Sharon: I guess I knew that. But I just couldn't help remembering a time in our marriage when you didn't feel that way. Like when you found out I was pregnant with Noah. You weren't happy at all.

Nicholas: That was a long time ago, baby.

Sharon: You're right. We were so young. We hardly had time to enjoy being newlyweds.

Nicholas: Why are you talking about this? Why are you bringing all this stuff back again?

Nikki: You've been my staunchest supporter.

Brad: I have always had faith in you, Nikki.

Nikki: Even when others didn't?

Brad: There was only one time I questioned your decision. When you hired Larry Warton. I was wrong about that. He seems to be working out just fine.

Nikki: He has his moments.

Brad: I don't doubt it. Anyway, it was a gutsy move. No doubt you have taken your share of flack for it.

Nikki: Now you're talking about Victor.

Brad: He has very little use for the guy.

Nikki: He was upset I went against his judgment. I guess we've agreed to disagree.

Brad: You got Victor to agree to disagree? Wow. That impresses me more than your performance around here.

Nikki: You give me a swelled head.

Brad: You deserve one. Nikki, I'm very happy things are going so well in your life.

Nikki: I'm not the only one. Look at you. How are things going with Colleen?

Brad: To tell you the truth, better than I ever expected.

Nikki: Does Ashley feel that way too?

Brad: It may sound strange but having my other daughter around, well, it's actually brought us even closer.

Nikki: Isn't that wonderful.

Brad: I can't believe the way Ash has embraced Colleen. It means so much to me.

Nikki: Well, family is the key to happiness. I've learned that.

Brad: Well, you get no argument from me. I'm a lucky man, Nikki, a very lucky man.

Ashley: I know we have kept you way too long.

Victor: I don't suppose you'd like to watch part of the game?

Ashley: I'd love to but I have to get to the office.

Victor: Maybe next time.

Ashley: I don't have to ask you to play serious.

Victor: Player coach actually.

Ashley: Now I know I'm keeping you. Nice running into you, literally.

Victor: Things are going well with Brad and his daughter.

Ashley: You said that thing keeping my eyes open. What do you mean by that?

Victor: You're taking on the problems of a teenage girl on the path of a family divorce. That's important.

Ashley: Which is why it's important to be supportive right now.

Victor: Anyway, I've got to go.

Ashley: Duty calls?

Victor: Yes. I hope to see you again.

Ashley: I will come watch you play one of these days.

Victor: I'd love that. Bye sweetheart. Bye, sweetheart.

Ashley: You take care.

Billy: Yeah, I'll tell him. J.T., pack your stuff up. You and Brittany are working at the boutique.

J.T.: That's the best news I heard all day.

Raul: Me too.

Rianna: Hi.

Raul: Hey.

Rianna: Something wrong? Hey, you miss me? Raul?

Raul: We need to talk about something. Right now.

Isabella: That's your story and you're sticking to it, fine. I hope this isn't a way to keep your options open. I'm not going to sit around while you are running off to your wife. I will not be a consolation prize if she turns you down. No matter what you think after seeing those photos, I have my pride. Before you get on that plane today, I will be out of this apartment and out of your life.

Singer: You are the reason my heart beats like it does, you are the air I breathe the sunshine above, you are the dream I've had a million times or more yeah, you show me time and again what I'm living for hold me, just hold me don't ever let me go you are the miracle, body and soul tell me, just tell me you'll always be here to let me whisper I love you forever, my dear you are the morning the first day of my life you are so beautiful I can't believe my own eyes ♪

[Doorbell sounding]

Paul: Yeah.

Paul Williams?

Paul: Yes.

For you.

Nicholas: Baby, we're in a completely different place now. I mean, I can't even relate to the way I was feeling back then.

Sharon: Really?

Nicholas: Yes, really. I mean, sweetheart, you can't possibly be insecure about how much I love you and the kids. This is coming totally out of the blue.

Sharon: Nick, it's not.

Nicholas: It sure seems that way to me.

Sharon: I'm not bringing this up because of any doubts I have about your love. It's because --.

Nicholas: Because what?

Sharon: Because I'm pregnant. We're going to have another baby.

Nicholas: We're going to have another baby?

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