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[Knock on door]

Nikki: Yeah.

Nikki: I'll be right there.

Paul: That's all right. Take your time.

Nikki: Paul, I didn't know it would be you. Are you all right?

Paul: Not really.

Nikki: What's happened?

Paul: Well, I didn't make it home last night. I crashed on the couch in my office. I just didn't get much sleep.

Nikki: Why not?

Paul: Well, it has to do with Isabella. And Chris, I guess. I don't know why. I made a mess of things. And I’ve got no one to blame, but myself.

Isabella: I'm aware you're married, Paul. But your relationship was in trouble long before I came to Genoa City.

Paul: You're missing the point. I should have called Chris and told her where I was today.

Isabella: I agree.

Paul: Then you understand.

Isabella: No, I don't. Why are you feeling so guilty?

Paul: It's one thing to end my marriage and --.

Isabella: Because we made love?

Paul: She deserves to be treated with respect.

Isabella: Tell her about us if it'll make you feel better.

Paul: I sincerely doubt it will, but it's different now. I have been unfaithful.

Isabella: I don't mean to be cruel but your wife left you. She's on the other side of the world.

Paul: What's your point?

Isabella: Where is all this coming from?

Paul: Look, let me make one thing perfectly clear. This is not about you. You've done nothing wrong.

Isabella: I never said I did.

Paul: It's me. I try to live by a moral code and I broke it.

[Phone ringing]

Isabella: Paul, is that you?

Michael: My goodness, things sound frantic over there. What's going on?

Isabella: Paul didn't come home last night, and he's not on a case.

Michael: How do you know?

Isabella: I asked Lynne.

Michael: His faithful lackey doesn't know where he is?

Isabella: If she did, she's not about to tell me.

Michael: Then something's happened.

Isabella: I can't tell you over the phone.

Michael: Then come to the office.

Isabella: Damn it, Michael, I --.

Michael: I have something at stake too, so either you come here or I go there. I need some information and I need it now.

Billy: Anyway, when Mac was doing the chat last night, a girl mentioned her full name and Genoa City and St. Louis.

Raul: So?

Billy: That's all the information she needs to track her down.

Raul: I don't see the problem unless there's another reason Mac fears the woman. If Mac needs protection of any time, I'm there.

Billy: I'll take care of it. You should look after your own girlfriend.

Raul: What do you mean by that? Is there something going on that I don't know about?

Mackenzie: I thought we were meeting in the pool house in half an hour.

Rianna: We are but I needed to talk to you without everybody around.

Mackenzie: Are you upset about anything?

Rianna: Damn it I'm upset. You broke my confidence. J.T. came to see me at the boutique and talked to me about your little chat.

Mackenzie: Oh. Well, I don't know what J.T. said to you. I did talk to him about your relationship, but I didn't say anything I shouldn't have.

Rianna: Whatever you said made him apologize.

Mackenzie: Well, that's great. Isn't it?

Rianna: No, Mac, it's not. Because he didn't do it for me. He did it for you.

Ashley: Hi.

Victor: Hi. What a surprise.

Ashley: Do you have a game?

Victor: In half an hour. Just warming up.

Ashley: Do you play here often?

Victor: You jog here regularly?

Ashley: A morning ritual. How have I missed you?

Victor: I have no clue. You look wonderful.

Ashley: I don't know about that.

Victor: Look at that baby. You take well to exercise, don't you? Yeah, yeah. A special time for you, isn't it?

Ashley: Yeah, yeah, it sure is.

Victor: I never said it before, but I have never been so aware of how motherhood becomes you.

Ashley: Well, having this child is definitely the best thing I have ever done. I'm very happy, very content.

Victor: Look at you. Look at you. Yeah. How about your sister Traci and her divorce proceedings?

Ashley: It's not quite to that degree yet.

Victor: How about Brad and her daughter Colleen?

Ashley: My concerns about her are totally unfounded.

Brad: Franco, I agree with that. Production line is expensive. 24 hours. If you haven't resolved it by then -- that's right. Get back to me. Hey, look who's up. Good morning. Sleep well?

Colleen: Yeah. Who were you talking to?

Brad: One of our distributors in Rome.

Colleen: It must be exciting being in charge.

Brad: There's several chiefs at Jabot. Ash is one of them.

Colleen: Did she leave for the office?

Brad: She went jogging with your sister. It's just you and me, kiddo. How about I whip up some eggs and bacon?

Colleen: Great.

Brad: Really? You're pretty brave. All right, I'll be back in a flash.

Michael: That was fast.

Isabella: I didn't want you to come over to Paul's apartment.

Michael: What if we're caught together?

Isabella: I'm in no mood.

Michael: Curious how you ditched your bodyguard so quickly.

Isabella: I don't have a bodyguard anymore.

Michael: Why not?

Isabella: Paul found another set of books to nail James for money laundering. My case is over.

Michael: Which should mean a great big step forward in your relationship with Paul. Clearly it doesn't.

Isabella: The books aren't the only thing Paul found.

Michael: There was more.

Isabella: James kept the binder from the massage parlor with all the photos.

Michael: That's not good.

Isabella: It was the worst moment of my life knowing that Paul found those photos of me. Then what Paul did was too good to be true.

Nicholas: Hey, babe, is that you? Hey.

Sharon: Hey.

Nicholas: Kids get off to camp okay?

Sharon: Yeah. They had a nature hike. I'm surprised to see you here.

Nicholas: I had a business call to deal with. Why, did you think I was going to waylay you like I did yesterday? You know, that certainly can be arranged. All right, what's going on? What's going on in that beautiful head of yours?

[Cell phone ringing]

Traci: Hello.

Colleen: Hey, Mom, it's me.

Traci: Colleen. Hey, sweetheart, how are you?

Colleen: I called to find out how things are going with you.

Traci: Well, honey, I think I told you it's hard to put a timetable on things like this, but you should know your dad and I are trying very hard to work this out.

Colleen: You sound really tired.

Traci: I'm okay.

Colleen: Would you tell me if you weren't?

Traci: Well, things are tense but I'm holding my own. We both are. Now tell me, how's everything with you? You sound so much better than the last time we talked.

Colleen: I took a dance class yesterday.

Traci: Really. How was that?

Colleen: Cool. I was rusty at first.

Traci: That's the very best reason to keep up with your lessons. You don't want to waste all that hard work you've put in. [Doorbell sounding] Sweetheart, can you wait a minute? There's a messenger at the door.

Colleen: That's okay. Breakfast is ready. I will. I love you, too. Bye.

Brad: I see you called your mom. It sounded like a good conversation.

Colleen: A lot better than the one we had before. Not that I don't still have a problem with Mom trying to work things out with him. Something else is bothering me.

Brad: What?

Colleen: Mom said she was okay but she sounded really tired.

Brad: Yeah. Well, I'm not sure there's anything we can do about that, sweetheart.

Colleen: I was thinking maybe there is.

Brad: What?

Colleen: This whole thing is taking a lot longer than Mom thought it would. If there's any way we can get her to take a break.

Brad: You want me to talk to your mom and see if she wants to come back for a while.

Colleen: You wouldn't mind?

Brad: No, as long as you understand I'm not going to pressure your mom. It's her decision.

Colleen: I still want you to call. I have a feeling if anyone can get her to do this, you can.

Nikki: Apparently, things became more complicated since last we spoke.

Paul: Nikki, if only I took your advice. I should have talked with Chris before I got any deeper with Isabella. I didn't and I guess I'm just paying the price.

Nikki: Things happening quicker than you expected?

Paul: I wrapped up with Isabella's case and told her I had some issues to resolve before we got any more involved. I don't know what happened. One thing led to another and things got out of hand.

Nikki: Paul, listen, you're not the first person to find yourself in this situation.

Paul: Don't make excuses for me, Nikki. What I did was wrong. I just I realized that before I made love to Isabella. I certainly do now.

Nikki: I certainly won't preach morality to you. Lord knows I made mistakes. You have to keep in mind how long you have been alone. You are a healthy, virile man. It was your wife who flew off to Hong Kong for months. It's just by chance a beautiful woman showed up at your doorstep. People do have needs.

Isabella: This wasn't just something physical, was it? You're worried about deeper feelings. That's what's really troubling you.

Raul: Out with it. What do you know that I don't?

Billy: Chill out. I was reacting because you're being so protective of Mac.

Raul: What, are you jealous?

Billy: No. Geez, what is with you this morning? Anyway, Mac was freaked out because her whole name and everything else was out there for everyone to see. But it had to happen, it's the perfect time.

Raul: Yeah?

Billy: When we got back to the Chancellors' place, John Silva was there with official papers making Katherine her official guardian. That calmed her down, made her less insecure.

Raul: Good. What's going on with Rianna?

Billy: Who said there is?

Raul: You said I should be looking out for her.

Billy: I was just making an example.

Raul: What's going on?

Mackenzie: I was trying to be sensitive.

Rianna: It's a campaign to show you how much he changed.

Mackenzie: I didn't let anything slip.

Rianna: Why did you talk to him about me at all?

Mackenzie: You're my friend. I'm worried about you.

Rianna: I told you I was fine.

Mackenzie: I don't know who you're trying to convince, me or yourself. I was trying to help you deal with being around the guy all the time.

Rianna: I don't need your help. How many times do I need to tell you that?

Mackenzie: Come on.

Rianna: You're making it worse. You have to back off.

Mackenzie: Fine, I'll back off. You should know I'm not the only person who's realized how uncomfortable you are around J.T.

Rianna: What are you talking about?

Mackenzie: Billy picked up the same vibes. How long do you think it will be before Raul picks up the same vibes?

Rianna: I talked to him about this.

Mackenzie: And?

Rianna: He accepted my answer.

Mackenzie: What did you tell him?

Rianna: Being around J.T. makes me uncomfortable because of the crummy way he treated me when we were together. I haven't thought about him in a long time.

Mackenzie: But you're thinking about him now. Why?

Rianna: I don't know. Mac, I broke up with the guy almost a year ago. I saw him in school every single day without giving him a passing thought.

Mackenzie: Probably because you were focusing all your energy on Raul. You buried what happened with you and J.T. inside without ever dealing with it.

Rianna: It's just seeing the two of you together I told myself that he was a terminal jerk. Watching him treat you with consideration, in way that I never did. It makes me wonder, the way that he treated me, was it something that I did?

Victor: She's staying with you.

Ashley: Colleen thought she would be more comfortable with us because a lot is going on. With the Glow by Jabot kids she felt she was in a fishbowl.

Victor: Brad must be delighted with his daughter's decision to stay with you.

Ashley: I was the one that got the phone call and got the go-ahead from my sister.

Victor: You feel all right with her staying with you?

Ashley: She's not even 14 yet, staying away from home. She's lonely and vulnerable and her parents are probably splitting up. Brad wants to help out. That's the most natural thing in the world. I figured how ridiculous would I be if I was threatening.

Michael: Isabella, I understand you're upset.

Isabella: Of course I am. I never thought Paul would found out.

Michael: The record was dropped.

Isabella: James had one more trick up his sleeve by keeping those photos. Damn him. I hope they will throw away the key.

Michael: I'm sure they will, but let's focus on Paul's reaction.

Isabella: He was upset because I wasn't truthful by not telling him I worked at the massage parlor. Then at first I found that hard to believe until he convinced me.

Michael: You're not telling me that you two um --.

Isabella: I thought it meant as much to Paul as it did to me. Apparently, it's something that happened in the heat of the moment.

Michael: What makes you say that?

Isabella: The next morning he was different.

Michael: How's that?

Isabella: He barely touched me. He was so uncomfortable. He claims it was because he wasn't honest with Christine about his feelings with me.

Michael: And you don't believe that.

Isabella: I know he meant otherwise. It's what he said after that. Damn it, Michael, if I lost him.

Michael: Don't even think about that.

Isabella: I'm trying not to. Please tell me you're thinking of a way to salvage the situation.

Michael: All right. You say Paul and you were together two nights ago and the next morning he talked about Christine and you left. It was yesterday morning he needed to speak to his wife. I spoke to Christine yesterday morning and from her mood I assumed she and Paul had talked.

Isabella: I can care less about Christine's emotional state right now. You can't or won't help me. Thanks for nothing.

Nikki: I'm right, aren't I? This was more than a physical thing which I can understand.

Paul: There's no denying it. When Isabella walked into my life, my life was in shambles. It was in no way hopeless.

Nikki: You think there's a way to salvage it?

Paul: There was a way for us, Isabella to stop hurting Chris.

Nikki: You know how much I like Christine. But I have to say a woman doesn't leave her husband for this amount of time if she truly puts her husband and the marriage first. Absence doesn't necessarily make the heart grow fonder, especially when you're working intensely every day with someone who obviously is interested.

Paul: When Chris asked me to come to Hawaii, I flatly turned her down. What does that tell you?

Nikki: You were very busy. You were handling a case.

Paul: I could have gone, Nikki but I didn't. I could have had her come here, but I didn't. I was already turning toward Isabella and away from Chris without even knowing it.

Nikki: Will you stop this? You can psychoanalyze yourself until you're blue in the face. The truth is there's no one answer to any of this. It happened.

Paul: I should have stopped.

Nikki: Still, I think you might be going overboard by how much Isabella affected your judgment. It's very complicated. Whatever or whoever kept you from doing the right thing, it's not really the issue.

Paul: No, you're right. There's something I should do. Especially with what's happened, it might be too late but I have to give it a shot and the sooner the better. Thanks.

Nikki: Take care.

Sharon: Sweetheart, don't worry about me. I am fine.

Nicholas: You're sure?

Sharon: Think something is wrong after the last few days we've had? So you want to know what I'm thinking, I mean in the world.

Nicholas: I love being a dad, baby. It's very important to me, being part of a family. Now what do you think of my husband skills?

Sharon: I love that, too. Plus I love how in touch you are with your feelings. Not many men are comfortable showing that side of themselves.

Nicholas: Hold on, little lady. Let's take our time.

Sharon: It takes a strong man to speak about his emotions. That makes me a very lucky lady. How many women can say their man is macho and really tender at the same time?

Nicholas: What is it?

Sharon: Nothing. Nothing, Nick. I'm just very happy.

Billy: Raul, you're making too big a deal out of this. Besides, let me ask you a question.

Raul: What?

Billy: Mac and me and you and Rianna.

Raul: Yeah, well --.

Billy: It doesn't bug you?

Raul: I was more concerned that Rianna was really uncomfortable having J.T. around.

Billy: Is that what you meant about protecting my girlfriend?

Billy: I know how much Rianna means to you.

Raul: Which is why I'm glad we talked alone at the boutique. I told her I thought she was acting weird around J.T. She explained why.

Billy: She did?

Raul: Yeah. She doesn't like spending time with him because of the jerk he was and how he was treating her when she was his girlfriend. We straightened things out again. Not that I wasn't worried. I was beginning to think J.T. did something really awful to her and she was keeping a major secret from me. It wasn't anything like that, thank God.

Nicholas: Just say the word and it's done.

Sharon: What is?

Nicholas: I am this close to calling work and canceling everything and just hanging out with you.

Sharon: No, sweetheart, don't do that. You have way too much work to do at Newman, plus I detained you the other day.

Nicholas: You sure did.

Sharon: You have my permission to come home early.

Nicholas: Okay. You can count on it. So you want a ride into town? I know you have a lot brewing at the coffee house.

Sharon: No, no thanks. I just have some things I want to deal with here.

Nicholas: What?

Sharon: Nothing. I'll tell you later, I mean if there's anything to tell. Anyway, you go on. Go to work. Have a nice day, handsome husband.

Nicholas: Bye.

Victor: So you're telling me you have this teenager living with you, a child your husband had with your sister years ago.

Ashley: Yep, why?

Victor: I was surprised you'd take her into your home.

Ashley: You should have seen her. She looked so lost. I couldn't help myself. My heart went out to her.

Victor: That's very compassionate of you.

Ashley: But?

Victor: Taking on a troubled teenager with problems.

Ashley: You know the bond between a father and daughter. I'm sure Brad wants to capture some of that.

Victor: Oh, come here, come here, come here. Yes. You're sleepy. How pretty you are. Look how pretty you are. You're a beautiful baby, yes.

Brad: That's why I'm calling, Trace. Colleen said you sounded tired. You're not denying it. Look, I don't mean to pry.

Traci: No, Brad, that's okay. You're not. I appreciate your concern.

Brad: How's it going?

Traci: Honestly, I don't know.

Brad: I certainly wish you luck. You sure you don't need a break?

Traci: Something tells me our daughter feels I do.

Brad: She loves you.

Traci: I have a feeling something else is going on.

Brad: To stop a reconciliation in its tracks?

Traci: Do you?

Brad: I don't know. I think it's more about Colleen wanting you here. She misses you, Trace.

Traci: It has been too long.

Brad: Does that mean you are coming?

Traci: It means I want to think about it.

Brad: All right. Keep in touch and let us know how things are going.

Isabella: You look exhausted.

Paul: Isabella.

Isabella: Making some tea. Would you like some?

Paul: No thanks.

Isabella: Where were you last night?

Paul: I, um, slept at the office.

Isabella: Because you couldn't bear to face me?

Paul: You know, please don't put words in my mouth.

Isabella: It's true though, right? You're treating me like this because of what you found out about my past.

Paul: I told you that's not it. I just have a lot to sort out. I've decided to book the next flight to Australia. I need to speak to my wife in person.

Mackenzie: Rianna, I don't like what you're saying. It's like you're saying there's something wrong with you.

Rianna: I don't mean to get all weepy. It's -- well, he needed to know what was wrong. He expects that. Everything is fine now.

Mackenzie: What?

Rianna: Do you think he has more questions?

Mackenzie: I'll back off if you want me to. I'll tell Billy to forget about it, too. But I think I should warn you that Billy is looking for any reason to kick J.T. out of the group.

Rianna: No! No! Mac, he can't get fired because of me. If Raul got wind of that, he would be even more curious.

Mackenzie: Rianna, come on.

Rianna: No. If J.T. wants to leave the group on his own, that's one thing. But otherwise, this is the way that it has to be.

Rianna: When you talked to J.T. did you learn anything?

Mackenzie: Um, a little. But mainly about you, not him.

Rianna: What do you mean?

Mackenzie: Rianna, this is a little bit awkward.

Rianna: What exactly did J.T. say to you?

Mackenzie: Yes. Not exactly. He didn't want to talk about it but it's pretty obvious to me. It was your first time. Raul doesn't know. I know I'm not exactly an expert, but seems to me that the first guy that you're with, that is a huge deal. And even if you're not together with the guy anymore, it's something that a girl never forgets, right?

Rianna: What are you getting at?

Mackenzie: Is it possible you're still upset around J.T. because he was your first and you still have certain feelings that you haven't been able to shake even after all this time?

Raul: All right. You ready for another brutal day of work?

Billy: No one's in the chat room yet but they will be. Will you turn that camera on?

J.T.: I knew I should have sucked out an extra 15 minutes.

Billy: What are you talking about?

J.T.: No one's here.

Billy: You wish.

J.T.: I wish.

Billy: You were supposed to do a chat. You split. You keep it up Sean will can your sorry ass.

J.T.: I didn't cut work. I was in the boutique.

Raul: I was there all day. I never saw you.

J.T.: I was there to see Rianna, not you. What, I can't talk to the girls without your permission?

Raul: What were you talking to girls about?

J.T.: Us. Are you satisfied?

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