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Nate: Mommy, please don't be mad. I was at the movies. Daddy was there, too.

Malcolm: Little man, it's okay.

Olivia: Tell me, sweetheart, is this the first time you've seen Malcolm behind my back?

Malcolm: Olivia, this is --.

Olivia: I'm talking to my son.

Gina: Is everything okay here?

Olivia: Nate and I are leaving. Will you do me a favor and wait by the door?

Nate: It's not Daddy's fault! I wanted to see him!

Olivia: Wait by the door, okay?

Mamie: Olivia, I can explain.

Olivia: I trusted you with my son, and you betrayed me. I thought you were the one person I could trust.

Nikki: So would you like to join me?

Larry: You're serious.

Nikki: Well, it would be considered rude for me to eat in front of you.

Larry: I could always leave.

Nikki: Have you had dinner?

Larry: No, but my break's not for another hour.

Nikki: Well, take it early. I would like to continue our conversation about why you don't feel comfortable with the other employees.

Larry: Can't figure that out, hmm?

Nikki: You don't exactly strike me as the shy type.

Larry: Mrs. Newman don't you think this all part of the new recruit initiation where you stuff our stomachs and then shrink our heads?

Nikki: I have a vested interest in your success, Mr. Warton. If you have trouble fitting in, that could be a warning sign.

Larry: I guess that makes sense. But as long as my work is cool, that should be all that matters. What I do on my own time, my own business.

Nikki: That's true. Apparently, you're turning down my invitation. I won't push you. Have a good evening.

Larry: Have you got any egg rolls in there?

Mackenzie: You don't want to let people in on this. You're being modest. Think of what a great role model you are, you, Mackenzie Browning. Oh, my God. Oh, no.

Billy: Mac, what is it?

Mackenzie: Look.

Billy: Your last name.

Mackenzie: Says she knows me from the homeless shelter. What do I do?

Billy: Try to change the subject.

Mackenzie: Have you stopped by the boutique yet?

Brittany: Nice try, Mackenzie. Are you being modest again, Mackenzie? You should be proud of what you accomplished in Genoa City. Leaving St. Louis was a smart move.

Mackenzie: Now she's telling everybody where I am. I'm going to end this right now.

Brittany: Darn, chat room closed? Just when it was getting good.

J.T.: What are you grinning about?

Brittany: Wouldn't you like to know.

J.T.: Not so fast, Brit. What are you up to?

Billy: Who was that?

Mackenzie: Is her real name Jenny?

Billy: Contact the shelter.

Mackenzie: Why would she mention my full name?

Billy: It could just be bad luck.

Mackenzie: It has to be more than that.

Billy: What are you thinking?

Mackenzie: I know I said I would be on camera, but now I wish I hadn't.

Yeah, it's on the counter.

Sharon: It feels so good about being caught up.

Nicholas: How about giving your husband a kiss?

Sharon: Hi, honey.

Nicholas: Cody, can you be here early tomorrow to meet the delivery guy?

Cody: Yeah, you bet.

Nicholas: Someone took their vitamins today.

Cody: I don't know what got into her. She's been like that all day.

Nicholas: I think I know. With everything she's been through with Matt, I was worried she would come back too soon. Obviously this is exactly what she needed.

Mamie: Malcolm, I don't know what to say. Of all the times for this to happen.

Malcolm: Mamie, no time would have been good.

Mamie: No, that's not what I mean. She was coming around. Olivia was having second thoughts about you having visitation.

Malcolm: Mamie, what are you saying?

Mamie: You were so close to getting what you wanted. But now --.

Malcolm: Oh, my God. Oh, Mamie, what have I done? No, no.

Mamie: Where are you going?

Malcolm: Mamie, this isn't over yet, not even close.

Michael: Next time we better get a signature on delivery.

We can't get it lost in the mail.

Olivia: So much for reassessing my position.

Michael: I thought you were on your way out of town.

Olivia: I changed my plan.

Michael: Chantal, why don't you and Nate go to the vending machines?

Nate: No.

Olivia: You don't want a snack, fine.

Nate: Me and Daddy --.

Olivia: He's not your father.

Nate: We were going to the baseball game.

Olivia: Baseball game?

Nate: You ruined it.

Olivia: Tell me Nate, would you like to --.

Nate: Leave me alone!

Michael: All righty. Let's hear it.

Olivia: I have never been so furious in my life.

Michael: What did Malcolm do now?

Olivia: Look, that man just blew any chance he ever had of getting visitation. I don't want him anywhere near my son!

Cassie: Hi, Mommy. Hi, Daddy.

Nicholas: Hey, gang.

Sharon: Hey, nice.

Cassie: Miguel took us to the county fair after they picked us up from camp.

Noah: I went on the Ferris wheel.

Nicholas: Was it your first time? Was it fun?

Sharon: Did you remember to thank Grandma Doris and Miguel?

Noah: Thank you.

Cassie: Thank you.

Doris: You're certainly welcome.

Miguel: It was our pleasure.

Noah: I want one.

Cassie: You want one because I want one.

Noah: Can I make one?

Nicholas: Okay, but I should supervise.

Cassie: We all should supervise.

Miguel: I have to make a quick call and I'll take you home.

Sharon: Miguel, you can use the phone in the office, if you want.

Miguel: Thank you, Sharon.

Sharon: Sorry I couldn't go to the fair with you.

Doris: You'll have plenty of opportunities. Are you okay? You look tired.

Sharon: Yeah, I guess I am little tired. Maybe I'm just getting old.

Doris: I think it's more than that.

Sharon: You think I'm pushing myself.

Doris: Are you?

Sharon: No, Mom. It was just a busy day.

Doris: Did you say something about this to your husband?

Sharon: He just stopped treating me like a china doll. I don't feel sick or anything. Actually it feels like --.

Doris: What?

Sharon: Nothing. Never mind.

Billy: Look, I wish this Jenny person never said all this about you on the internet, but you can't let it scare you.

Mackenzie: What if it was my mom?

Billy: You said she doesn't know how to use a computer.

Mackenzie: What if somebody who knows her saw it?

Billy: This is a website for teens. How could they contact you? You didn't leave a forwarding address.

Mackenzie: Can we get out of here please?

Billy: Let's grab a coffee or go see a movie.

Mackenzie: Would you mind if I just went home?

Billy: No problem. Sure. I'll drive you.

Brittany: Let go, J.T.

J.T.: Are you going to be straight with me?

J.T.: About your latest plot against Mac.

J.T.: I saw you.

Brittany: When?

J.T.: This morning with the letter.

Brittany: Oh, that?

J.T.: Why are you trying to get a hold of her mom? She told you she doesn't want to be reminded of her past.

Katherine: Do you hear that, Esther?

Esther: No.

Katherine: The sound of a very peaceful evening without Jill around.

Esther: Sure, but at what cost?

Katherine: Don't go there. Don't, don't, don't.

Esther: Sean Bridges is polite, smart and a total hunk. What could he see in Jill?

Katherine: She cast a spell over him.

Esther: That's why I'm reading about herbal potions. Maybe I can slip something in his food and beat Jill at her own game.

Jill: Another stimulating evening at home alone? You two are made for each other.

Katherine: I'm sure with that look, nothing will last forever.

Esther: Maybe Sean wised up and dumped her.

Nikki: So howís the food?

Larry: Brilliant.

Nikki: You want some more of anything?

Larry: You have any of that fried rice left?

Nikki: So getting back to our earlier conversation.

Larry: About me not fitting in around here.

Nikki: You're a man who knows how to deal with people.

Larry: You learn a lot behind bars.

Nikki: That was a much tougher situation. If you could deal with that, then working at Jabot should be a cinch.

Larry: In prison either you do the hassling or you end up being hassled.

Nikki: It had to be more complicated than that.

Larry: In this place, I have to listen and think twice to each and every word to figure out the hidden meaning.

Nikki: You're being much too suspicious. Just because someone is talking about something that's foreign to you, it doesn't mean that they're insincere.

Larry: You're talking like I'm better than them.

Nikki: You think they're better than you because they wear suits and fancy clothes?

Larry: It's complicated, okay?

Nikki: Believe me, Mr. Warton, a bigger vocabulary, education, travel, money, those don't make life any easier.

Alex: Oh, my gosh, Malcolm. Thank God. I was afraid you had taken Nate to that baseball game. I was so worried. What's wrong?

Malcolm: Olivia's flight was delayed. She came back to the apartment.

Alex: Please tell me you weren't there.

Malcolm: No. No, I wasn't. I was on my way to Wrigley Field with Nate, Alex.

Alex: I thought we agreed you weren't going to do that.

Malcolm: We did, okay? Alex, you were right. I'm sorry, I was not going to let my son down.

Alex: Why aren't you in Chicago right now?

Malcolm: Mamie got a hold of me on my cell phone and bought us some time. She said Nate was seeing a movie with a little friend. Nate and I turned around and came back to Genoa City.

Alex: Then what happened?

Malcolm: We were at Gina's figuring out our next move. That is when Olivia came in and overheard us. You know, Alex, Iíve seen Olivia mad but never like this. She just grabbed Nate and stormed out of there.

Alex: Probably straight to her lawyer.

Malcolm: This is -- this is bad, isn't it?

Alex: You handed your ex-wife a weapon.

Malcolm: Whoa, whoa, wait a minute. I just thought of something. Olivia didn't see Nate and me come into Gina's. She got there after Mamie did. We could have run into each other. Think about it. Olivia can't prove I was alone with Nate, right?

Alex: Stop it right now. You're on the stand, you have to tell the truth. Michael Baldwin already has enough to use against you. Don't add perjury to the list.

Olivia: And everyone's been hounding me that Iíve gone overboard and I have been unfair, including you. The minute I turn my back, this is what happens.

Michael: Malcolm was taking the kid to a baseball game, not a strip club.

Olivia: Are you on my side or not?

Michael: Yes, I am on your side.

Olivia: Then act it. In the eyes of the law this is the same as a stranger abducting my son, right?

Michael: Technically, yes.

Olivia: Then that's all that matters.

Michael: None of us doubt what Malcolm did was stupid.

Olivia: And illegal.

Michael: He wasn't risking Nate's life.

Olivia: All I want to know is does this help our case?

Michael: Yes.

Olivia: How much?

Michael: It strengthens it for a great deal.

Olivia: I have a good chance of winning and Malcolm only has himself to blame, as usual. What?

Michael: Nothing.

Olivia: Damn it, Michael, tell me.

Michael: Fine but you're not going to like what I have to say.

Doris: Sharon, whatever it is you're feeling I wish you would talk to Nick.

Sharon: It's nothing to be concerned about. I'm a little run down. All I need is a good night's sleep.

Doris: I worry about you.

Sharon: I know you do, Mom, but I'm fine, really.

Cassie: Mommy?

Sharon: Yes, sweetie.

Cassie: We need you to decide something for us. Tell us which smoothie is better.

Sharon: Which should I try first?

Cassie: Mine.

Sharon: Mmm. Mmm. I taste strawberry, banana, something else.

Cassie: Coconut.

Sharon: Perfect combination. You're next, Noah.

Nicholas: Here you go.

Sharon: What's in yours?

Noah: Raisins.

Sharon: Raisins.

Noah: Which do you like better?

Sharon: I can't tell.

Noah: Have some more.

Sharon: It's such a small glass and I know Daddy would like to try some.

Noah: Here, Daddy.

Nicholas: All right. Now that is good. You did a good job.

Larry: Look, I'm not saying you people don't have your own set of problems. But you can hang out in your slick bars after work and shoot the breeze about art and politics and your golf swing. How am I supposed to relate to that?

Nikki: You are being too hard on yourself. People don't want everyone around them to be the same. You have a lot to contribute, Larry.

Larry: Oh, yeah. Yeah, Iíve got some great prison stories.

Nikki: Come on.

Larry: I appreciate what you're trying to do, I really do. What do I tell them when they ask me where I went to school, huh? What do I tell them, San Quentin school of Fine Arts?

Nikki: Yes, most people that work here do have degrees. It doesn't mean they're geniuses.

Larry: They know a lot more than I do.

Nikki: About some things, yes. You can hold your own. Earlier you talked about football. You play?

Larry: Sometimes.

Nikki: How did you learn to do that?

Larry: I don't know, I watched a few games.

Nikki: You watch, you learn. You learn a role and jump in. You apply the same rule to people who work here.

Larry: You're saying I should keep my mouth shut, not say anything?

Nikki: Pay attention. Listen to what they're talking about. What TV shows do they watch, movies they've seen. Then you can watch them and you have something to talk about.

Larry: It's really that simple, is it?

Nikki: Well, it's worth a try.

Jill: You and Esther were talking about Sean and me when I walked in, weren't you?

Katherine: Get over yourself, Jill. As if Esther and I care one whit about your life.

Jill: Of course you don't, with you being so full and rich.

[Phone ringing]

Katherine: Hello. Yes, John. Of course, that would be fine. Yes. See you soon.

Jill: John Abbott?

Katherine: Silva.

Jill: What are you and your lawyer conspiring about now?

Katherine: It has absolutely nothing to do with you.

Jill: Good, good. You won't mind if I'm part of your powwow.

Katherine: And when he comes, you will make yourself scarce, understood?

Jill: This is about you becoming Mackenzieís guardian.

Katherine: How ironic. You didn't think my granddaughter and I would become more close but we have.

Nicholas: That is one sure fire way to tell the kids had a good day.

Sharon: How quickly they fall asleep?

Nicholas: Yep.

Sharon: I am beat.

Nicholas: Come here then. Feel good?

Sharon: Yes, fantastic. What are you laughing at?

Nicholas: I was just remembering Noah and his raisin smoothie he made for you.

Sharon: Awful.

Nicholas: You were a good sport about it.

Sharon: You could have told me what was in it.

Nicholas: I could have done that. But where's the fun in that?

Sharon: Now what are you thinking of?

Nicholas: I was thinking about how upset I was when you told me I was going to be a daddy. You know, I thought it would change everything. But it did. It made my life so much better.

Sharon: That's the thing about having kids. You think you know what it's going to be like. Then when they're born, nothing like what you imagined.

Nicholas: I was so worried about what having a baby would do to us. I never had to share you before. I had you all to myself.

Sharon: Nicholas, I hope you're not getting down on yourself.

Nicholas: No, I just realized how wrong I was. It's not as if you have a limit to the amount of love.

Sharon: You're right. After I became a mom, my heart just got bigger.

Nicholas: You mean so much to me. You are an amazing mother. And an even better wife. I don't know how I got so lucky to get you.

Katherine: Jenny claimed to know you from the shelter?

Mackenzie: Yeah. Do you remember her? I don't.

Katherine: I wonder if Ned has any idea who she is.

Billy: We can call him up tomorrow and find out.

Katherine: Darling, please, I know you're so concerned. But not to worry, hmm?

Mackenzie: I'm really tired of being afraid all the time.

Billy: I know you don't have to worry about your mom.

Katherine: Billy's right. You're safe. You never have to be frightened about Amanda ever again.

John: It appears my timing is perfect.

Katherine: I didn't hear the doorbell.

Esther: I met Mr. Silva outside. He has good news.

John: I have what to put your mind at ease.

Mackenzie: Is this what I think it is?

John: The final papers. Katherine, you are legal guardian.

Mackenzie: Thank you!

Katherine: Oh, thank you! John, that's wonderful.

Billy: You heard?

Jill: Yeah, I heard. You must have some choice words for me, huh?

Billy: Mom, Mac and I are a lot happier to keep our relationship a secret.

Jill: It hasn't been easy seeing the two of you together.

Billy: That's why I want to say thanks.

Jill: For what?

Billy: I know there are times you thought I was interfering but you've kept your distance. That means a lot to me. Look, I know I can't ask for your blessing but I hope we can keep things the way they are, not just for Mac's sake but for ours too.

Larry: So you really think Iíve got what it takes, huh?

Nikki: I most certainly do.

Larry: I can see it now, Larry Warton, me, rubbing elbows with Jabot's movers and shakers, huh? So tell me, what else can I do to fit in?

Nikki: How are you at current events?

Larry: Not so good.

Nikki: I suggest you pick up a newspaper, read a few magazines. That makes for great conversation.

Larry: I'm not really into reading.

Nikki: Stretch yourself. Or go online. There's lots of websites devoted to -- I was on one this morning.

Larry: It's getting kind of late. I still have some floors to do. I better be getting back to work.

Nikki: Wait a minute. Everything was fine. You were going along with this until I mentioned reading.

Larry: The truth is I'm not so good with words, okay? There, I said it. You happy now? Are you satisfied?

Nikki: Sorry, I didn't mean to --.

Larry: Thanks for the chow. I really appreciate your help, but I'm outta here.

Malcolm: Alex, don't you know by now I will do anything for my son?

Alex: Of course, but lying under oath?

Malcolm: If that's what it takes, that's what I'll do.

Alex: Are you prepared to ask Mamie and Nate to commit perjury, too?

Malcolm: We're probably worrying over nothing. The judge will realize Nate wants me to be in his life, that Olivia is putting her hatred for me before my son.

Alex: Malcolm --.

Malcolm: Don't. Before this happened you said I had a good shot. Please tell me how I can get that back.

Alex: There may be something. I'll have to discuss it with your lawyer.

Malcolm: Okay, okay.

Alex: You delayed the hearing at Olivia's request.

Malcolm: She pushed it back farther.

Alex: If your lawyer hammered it home enough to provoke you --.

Malcolm: What about the other times I saw Nate?

Alex: You're afraid the judge will find out.

Malcolm: Should I be?

Alex: These things have a way of being revealed in court.

Malcolm: Then I have to hope he doesn't ask me about that.

Alex: He's a very smart attorney. For him to overlook something like that, let's put it this way. It's not very likely.

Malcolm: All right, Alex. I want you to be straight with me. We can spend all night talking maneuvers and strategies. When it comes down to it, I'm dead, aren't I? Olivia got me, didn't she?

Olivia: Please don't tell me I'm overreacting.

Michael: There's no question what Malcolm did is out of line.

Olivia: He conspired against me with my aunt. He had my son lie to me.

Michael: Your son doesn't share your opinion.

Olivia: I know what's good for him.

Michael: Olivia, Nate wants to be with Malcolm.

Olivia: I don't care what Nate wants! I am doing what's best for my son. Michael, are you my advocate or not?

Michael: Yes, I am. As such, I feel I should issue a warning. You think before you go down this road. I just saw the look of pain on that boy's face. If we win in court and Malcolm is out of Nate's life, that boy may never forgive you.

Brittany: Chill out, J.T.

J.T.: Not until you tell me what you're up to.

Brittany: I was curious about Mac's past like everyone else.

J.T.: Has to be more to it than that.

Brittany: Truth is I was hoping Mac and her mom had a simple misunderstanding. I thought if they could reunite then she could slither back where she came from.

J.T.: Whatever happened had to be pretty major.

Brittany: Maybe, maybe not.

J.T.: If you use this to hurt her --.

Brittany: I told you I won't. I'll even prove it to you. See? It's like I said before. Dead letter. Dead end.

Nikki: Mr. Warton --.

Larry: I'm back on the clock, ma'am.

Nikki: I'm glad this came out. Now we can address the situation. Okay. You don't have a diploma. That doesn't mean you can't learn.

Larry: Yeah, right.

Nikki: What's the last grade you completed?

Larry: It doesn't matter. Before I quit, I was slipping through the cracks for years. Teachers didn't want to deal with me so they passed me along and made me somebody else's problem.

Nikki: There are remedial courses you can take.

Larry: I'm on a budget, ma'am.

Nikki: We have an employee education program.

Larry: Everybody around me is in a different world. You can't see it.

Nikki: You think so? You think Iíve been part of this world all my life? I haven't.

Larry: Born in a small mansion instead of a big one?

Nikki: Hardly. I didn't go to college either. In fact, you know what I was doing when I first met Victor Newman? I was working in a bar. You know what my job was? Stripper.

Larry: Yeah right. You're yanking my chain.

Nikki: I am telling you the absolute truth. I've walked in your shoes. I know what it's like. I know those hurdles seem insurmountable but you can overcome them if you work hard enough. Oh, and another thing, it doesn't hurt to accept a helping hand when it's offered to you.

Billy: You're like a whole new person.

Mackenzie: What can I say? It's your kisses.

Billy: Are you sure it's not that piece of paper John Silva gave you?

Mackenzie: He was right. Timing was perfect. Knowing my grandma is my guardian makes such a big difference.

Billy: Your mother can't do a thing to you.

Mackenzie: I was probably just being paranoid anyway. So my full name was on the internet for a few seconds. Who cares? By tomorrow, everybody will have forgotten about it.

Brittany: Okay, Mackenzie. Let's see if people are talking about you.

What did you hear? Her name is Mackenzie Browning. She used to live in St. Louis and lived in a shelter. Now look where she is. You think it's true? Wow. What a story.

Brittany: I got you, Mackenzie.

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