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Victor: I appreciate it. Would you kindly bring me a glass of water? Thank you. So you're going back to Australia?

Christine: I am.

Victor: So soon? How long have you been here?

Christine: Too long. A little bit too long.

Victor: You want to go somewhere else and talk?

Christine: I'm fine.

Victor: If you don't mind my saying so, I can sense you're very upset.

Christine: It's just the jet lag.

Victor: You know I know better. Is there something wrong with your husband?

Isabella: I can't understand.

Paul: It's just we took a huge step last night.

Isabella: It was wonderful.

Paul: I'm not saying it wasn't.

Isabella: What's wrong? We have feelings for each other, Paul. We have had them for some time.

Paul: I know, Isabella. That couldn't make it right.

Isabella: My case is over.

Paul: It's not the case.

Isabella: I know you wanted to sort things out before we moved to the next level.

Paul: But not with the -- with just the two of us.

Isabella: What are you telling me, Paul?

Paul: I am not free. I am still a married man.

Sean: What's the matter, Jill? You scared of the boogie man?

Jill: I just wanted to make sure we were alone.

Sean: Didn't you get enough last night?

Jill: Sean, I think it's a good idea around the office if we kept a low profile.

Sean: I'm your back street lover now?

Jill: No. I don't think it's wise to advertise our relationship.

Sean: Why don't you want -- why do you want to keep it a secret?

Jill: I want to keep it from a certain someone - Phyllis. I know she's a friend of yours but certain things were said and I don't want to deal with it is all.

Sean: How long are we talking about here?

Jill: I was hoping Jack's infatuation with her will wear off.

Sean: You think their relationship is going down the tubes?

Jill: At some point he will come to his senses and get rid of that lunatic.

Jill: Impressive.

Sean: What, the number of hits on the Glow by Jabot site?

Jill: And we're getting more everyday.

Sean: You sound surprised.

Jill: I shouldn't be considering how gifted the web master is. Don't you ever knock?

Nikki: I didn't realize this was a private meeting. Have either of you heard from Jack?

Jill: I for one couldn't be happier.

Nikki: His secretary said he's out of town.

Jill: I hope he's hundreds of miles away.

Nikki: California far enough for you?

Jill: What is he, surfing?

Nikki: Actually he's in Silicon Valley. Does that surprise you, Sean?

Sean: No, there's a big internet conference this week. I almost went.

Jill: What would Jack be doing -- oh, no.

Nikki: What's wrong now, Jill?

Jill: Phyllis.

Nikki: What's wrong with that?

Sean: It's possible she's attending.

Jill: That means he's following her like a lap dog. That's great. That is just great.

Phyllis:  Have you ever seen anything more beautiful? 

Jack: I have.

Phyllis: You have?

Jack: Yes, I do. You.

Phyllis: You flatter me.

Jack: I hope more than that.

Phyllis: I like this together forever stuff.

Jack: Wait a minute. I did some shopping. I picked up a little souvenir for you.

Phyllis: What is it?

Jack: Just a little something to remember our trip by, a little trinket.

Phyllis: A little trinket? Is it a charm for my charm bracelet?

Jack: Open it up and see for yourself.

Jack: Listen.

Phyllis: What?

Jack: Silence.

Phyllis: I almost had forgotten what it sounded like.  

Ashley: Colleen is terrific with Abby.

Brad: Pitter-patter of more feet running around this house.

Ashley: How many pitter-patters are we talking?

Brad: Oh, I don't know. Half dozen or so.

Ashley: Really.

Brad: Big house. Might as well fill it up, right?

Ashley: Easy for you to say.

Brad: Like that husband of yours.

Victoria: Thinking about making a call?

Ryan: I was thinking about Tricia.

Victoria: You're supposed to be thinking about me. I'm glad we had that talk. Things are going to be different this time.

Ryan: Oh, they already are.

Victoria: I'm not a kid anymore.

Ryan: Your father isn't out to break my legs.

Victoria: It's different from when we were first married.

Ryan: Are you expecting a proposal?

Victoria: We already covered that.

Ryan: You might want to pack some clothes and leave them here.

Victoria: That sounds like a good idea. I was thinking of going out to the ranch right now.

Ryan: Need a hand?

Victoria: No, but I wouldn't mind the company.

Ryan: Let me grab my keys.

Victoria: They're over by the phone. Ready?

Ryan: You know what, before we go, I think I'll try Keith again.

Victoria: It still bothers you they weren't home when you called earlier.

Ryan: I just can't imagine where they'd be.

Nicholas: Okay. Mission accomplished. Kids are at camp which leaves us very much alone.

Sharon: Good. We both had busy days.

Nicholas: Yeah, well, I don't have to be at my meeting until later.

Sharon: I have to do inventory.

Nicholas: What you have to do is kiss your husband.

Sharon: I think I can manage that.

Nicholas: Okay.

Sharon: We really need to get going.

Nicholas: If you prioritize a little bit, you can set some time aside for yourself.

Sharon: You mean kick my feet up, have a cup of tea?

Nicholas: I was thinking of something a little more satisfying. We on the same page?

Sharon: Always. Honey, what is it?

Nicholas: It's nothing for you to worry about.

Sharon: I can tell something's on your mind.

Nicholas: Nothing but making you happy.

Victor: Thank you. I don't mean to pry, but as an old friend, I have to ask you this question. What's going on between you and Paul?

Christine: You have problems of your own, Victor.

Victor: And you're evading my question.

Christine: I don't know where to begin. I'm very hurt and angry.

Victor: You have been away for a long time.

Christine: You're saying I shouldn't be surprised there are problems in my marriage.

Victor: Right.

Christine: Have you met Isabella Brogna, a client of Paul's?

Victor: Do you think their relationship is something other than professional?

Christine: I know it for a fact. My husband is involved with another woman.

Isabella: I'm aware you're married, Paul. Your relationship was in trouble long before I came to Genoa City.

Paul: Isabella, you're missing the point.

Isabella: Then explain it to me.

Paul: I should have spoken to Chris and told her exactly where I stood.

Isabella: I agree.

Paul: Then you understand.

Isabella: No, I don't.

Paul: It's one thing thinking of ending my marriage, and it's another telling her.

Isabella: Then pick up the phone and call her.

Paul: It's a little late for that, don't you think? Chris has been my life for so long. I need to treat her with respect. I need to speak to Chris. It's different now. I've been unfaithful.

Isabella: I don't mean to be cruel. Your wife left you. She's on the other side of the world.

Paul: What's your point?

Isabella: Where is all of this coming from?

Paul: Look, let me make one thing perfectly clear. This is not about you. You've done nothing wrong.

Isabella: I said I did.

Paul: It's me. I lost control. You see, I try to live by a moral code, and I broke it.

Sharon: Now you have me intrigued.

Nicholas: Hey, it's no big deal.

Sharon: If it's no big deal, then why don't you just tell me what's on your mind?

Nicholas: Because I don't want to worry you.

Sharon: You must be talking about Tricia.

Nicholas: Okay, yeah. You know for a while I was concerned she might become a problem.

Sharon: Of course she's a problem.

Nicholas: I meant for the two of us. You know, because it might remind you of what happened.

Sharon: Nick, I'm fine. I can say his name. See? Matt Clark. I'm fine.

Nicholas: It doesn't bother you?

Sharon: Not like it used it. Of course, it makes me furious that woman is running around. She stopped by the coffee house. She gave Noah a piece of candy.

Nicholas: We will get the lab results back.

Sharon: If they find a trace of evidence there is a trace of anything in that candy, I swear --.

Nicholas: We're on guard now. She can't hurt us.

Sharon: We spent so much time worrying about that crazy woman.

Nicholas: Well, we don't have to. We can think about other things.

Sharon: Believe me, Nick, I want to.

Nicholas: Okay. Then just do it.

Sharon: It's not that simple!

Nicholas: Of course it's not that simple. The more we talk about her, the more she becomes a part of our life.

Sharon: I admit, I'm angry, okay? I'm stronger now. I'm getting stronger every day.

Nicholas: You're the strongest woman I know. I mean that. I love you, and I'm so proud of you. I'm glad you're my wife.

Victoria: Answering machine?

Ryan: Where the hell could they be?

Victoria: Does Tricia have therapy this morning?

Ryan: You're right. She does. Yeah, hi. This is Ryan McNeil. I was wondering if my wife is with Dr. Burns? What do you mean she's not there? She's supposed -- fine. I'll try later.

Victoria: She's not at therapy?

Ryan: No. Where could she be?

Nikki: Why do you even care where Jack is?

Jill: If he's with Phyllis, we should all care.

Nikki: He can't be taking a crash course in internet marketing?

Jill: He's taking a crash course all right.

Nikki: Whatever the bottom line is, whatever Jack chooses to do with his life is his business.

Sean: They're a couple, Jill. They have been for months.

Jill: In the sack maybe. Now he's traipsing around her like a lovesick puppy.

Nikki: I haven't noticed the walls falling down here. So what if he goes to Silicon Valley for a couple days. It sounds like an interesting place.

Sean: It's a Mecca to anyone who's into high tech.

Jill: And that's Jack to a tee.

Sean: I have to put out a fire. Suggestion, ladies. Drop it before things get out of hand.

Jill: Well, I have an appointment.

Nikki: Not so fast, Jill. I'm not quite finished.

Jack: Go ahead, open it.

Phyllis: I just remembered, I don't have a charm bracelet.

Jack: I wouldn't worry about that.

Phyllis: What kind of charm would they make for Silicon Valley anyway, a computer chip?

Jack: Would you just open the damn box?

Phyllis: Sorry. Oh, Jack. Oh, my gosh, look at this. It's gorgeous. Oh, Jack. I -- does this mean --.

Jack: This means we're engaged, officially. May I put it on? It's a perfect fit. Look, if it's not what you want, if you have something else in mind --.

Phyllis: No, no, no. It's beautiful. I just -- I didn't -- I didn't expect --.

Jack: Well, that's me. Full of surprises.

Phyllis: Okay. So it's official. We're engaged.

Jack: Hey, don't tell me you're starting to get cold feet.

Ashley: There you are.

Brad: It's so quiet up there, I thought you had both fallen asleep.

Colleen: You leaving soon?

Ashley: Yes, we are leaving soon.

Brad: You okay staying with Abby?

Colleen: Yes. One question, those dance classes?

Brad: Thinking about taking them after all?

Colleen: It depends. When do they start?

Brad: I don't know. Let's take a look. You're in luck. There's an advanced class this morning.

Ashley: Quite a coincidence.

Brad: It means it's meant to be.

Colleen: What about Abby?

Ashley: We can get Heidi. She lives down the street.

Colleen: You don't mind?

Brad: No, I'll call her right now.

Colleen: Thank you.

Phyllis: Just a trinket. Just a little trinket you said. When did you do this?

Jack: Oh, I’ve been looking.

Phyllis: You've been looking? When?

Jack: You have been at this conference you came to attend.

Phyllis: Just a few hours.

Jack: When you were gone I had to do something, didn't I?

Phyllis: So you went shopping for an engagement ring?

Jack: Yeah, I did.

Phyllis: Yeah, you did. It's gorgeous, unique.

Jack: I found this guy in a small jeweler shop. I told him what I wanted. He said he's a designer and he made this for me.

Phyllis: You made this for me? Jack, you have excellent taste.

Jack: I have excellent taste in women.

Phyllis: You're flattering me again.

Jack: I just tell it like it is.

Phyllis: I'm suddenly so excited. I can't wait to get back home and dazzle everybody with my ring. How are you going to tell everyone?

Jack: I followed you out to California, I begged and pleaded with you to marry me and against all better judgment, you said yes.

Phyllis: I think we should tell everybody all at once, don't you? Instead of a bunch of small little explosions, we should just drop the atomic bomb for one big blast.

Jack: I don't know if it'll be that big of a news.

Phyllis: It will be that big for some people.

Jack: What are you talking about, a party?

Phyllis: Have a party. I'll get to do some entertaining and what better occasion.

Jack: If that is what you want, I am game.

Phyllis: I'm game. When?

Jack: Let's decide when we get home but soon, soon.

Phyllis: Okay. No better time like the present to share our joy.

Jack: This is going to be one incredible ride.

Phyllis: I'm counting on that. I love you.

Sharon: Honey, I love the kids so much.

Nicholas: Of course you do.

Sharon: But sometimes it just seems like we don't have any time to be alone, you know, to reconnect.

Nicholas: Yeah, to be husband and wife again.

Sharon: Promise me you'll never forget.

Nicholas: I promise.

[Knock on door]

Sharon: Who could that be?

Nicholas: I guess I could go over there and find out.

Victoria: Hi.

Nicholas: Hey, guys, come in.

Victoria: We saw your car and thought we'd stop by.

Nicholas: What's going on?

Ryan: We set the date for my divorce. I wanted to speak to Keith and make sure Tricia was okay with it, that there wouldn't be any last minute snags.

Nicholas: Okay. And?

Ryan: Well, I tried calling the house a couple of times and even tried the hospital.

Victoria: Tricia's not at the house, not at therapy.

Sharon: What? Where the hell could she be? What is that woman up to now? [Phone ringing]

Nicholas: Hello. Keith. I'm glad you called.

Brad: Okay, great, thanks. All set.

Colleen: Thanks.

Ashley: I don't know how you feel about this but I would love to see you dance.

Colleen: Today?

Ashley: Do you have a problem with that?

Colleen: I'm rusty.

Brad: I walked by your room and I saw you. How often do you work out?

Colleen: Twice a day.

Brad: Twice a day and still keeping up your studies.

Colleen: I better go change.

Ashley: Wow. Pretty amazing.

Brad: She's coming around.

Ashley: You deserve a lot of credit.

Brad: We both do.

Ashley: One thing's for sure, honey. Having Colleen come live with us is definitely the right thing to do.

Brad: Yeah.

Ashley: Isn't it?

Nicholas: Okay, Keith, I appreciate you calling.

Victoria: Why was Keith calling here?

Nicholas: He promised to keep Dad informed. He couldn't get a hold of him and called me instead.

Victoria: What did he say?

Nicholas: They're in Boston. Meg is graduating from college.

Victoria: Did he give a number where they can be reached?

Nicholas: Yep, hotel in Boston.

Victoria: Maybe they'll make up and move to Boston permanently.

Ryan: Stranger things have happened.

Nicholas: You can say that again.

Victoria: Mystery solved. See you at the office.

Nicholas: You okay?

Sharon: I don't buy it.

Nicholas: You don't buy what?

Sharon: That Tricia could move to Boston and be out of your lives for good.

Nicholas: We can always hope, right? I have to run upstairs. In my briefcase I have a bit of work.

Christine: I'm sorry for laying this on you.

Victor: Don't be silly. You're a friend, okay? So what's bothering you?

Christine: Well, it's just that it's a little too late to save my marriage.

Victor: Really.

Christine: It would be very easy for me to put all the blame on Paul. The fact is I made a lot of mistakes myself.

Victor: You're referring to your trip to Hong Kong.

Christine: It made sense, the two of us going away to work on our marriage. It didn't stop me. I went alone. Paul and I weren't in a good place.

Victor: Is that why you left in the first place?

Christine: I was trying to make my problems disappear. The difference between Paul and me has grown and I let it go too far. And now the people that I work with have offered me a new job.

Victor: In Australia, right?

Christine: Yeah.

Victor: It must be a major commitment?

Christine: If I accept the offer, my marriage is over.

Victor: My goodness. This is serious stuff, isn't it?

Christine: I had to come home and talk to Paul. I couldn't let everything slip away without at least making the effort to save it. So I got on a plane. I arrived last night. And then when I saw him --.

Isabella: I'm sorry that you feel you've crossed the line. It's not like we expected things to happen this way.

Paul: Come on, Isabella, we both saw this coming.

Isabella: Why didn't you call your wife?

Paul: I have no idea. All I know is I handled it poorly.

Isabella: Are you being straight with me, Paul?

Paul: What do you mean?

Isabella: I thought we had something special and now you're backing away?

Paul: With good reason.

Isabella: Really? I wonder if you're giving me excuses.

Paul: Why would I do that?

Isabella: Last night you told me what I did for a living didn't matter. But I have to wonder. Are you upset because you broke your moral code or because I don't live up to it? I'm good enough to sleep with but not good enough to have a relationship with?! It's not true. Paul, your marriage has been over for months, and you finally turn to me. And now you're getting cold feet. What the hell am I supposed to think? You tell me.

[Phone ringing]

Christine Williams' office.

Paul: This is Paul Williams. Is my wife in?

I'm afraid not.

Paul: Will she be back soon?

She's out of town.

Paul: Where did she go?

I'm not at liberty to say.

Paul: Well, maybe I didn't make myself clear. This is her husband calling.

I'm sorry, sir. Ms. Williams gave me no authorization to give that information out to anyone, even you.

Victor: So when you met Paul, things didn't go well.

Christine: Let's just say he made it very clear where things stand.

Victor: You think this Isabella woman is a factor.

Christine: Yes, I do.

Victor: I'm sorry to hear that. Be that as it may, I think it's a good thing that you came home. Perhaps in time, it'll get better, you know?

Christine: No. I'll always have regrets. I'll always wonder if I waited too long to tell Paul how I feel. I really should be getting to the airport.

Victor: Take care of yourself, okay?

Ashley: Okay. I'm on my way.

Brad: Problems?

Ashley: Last minute conference call.

Colleen: You have to leave?

Ashley: I do, sweetie. I wanted to see you dance.

Colleen: That's okay. Next time.

Ashley: Okay. Have fun.

Brad: See you at the office. Drive carefully.

Colleen: See ya.

Brad: Looks like you and me, kid. Sorry about the classes?

Colleen: It'll be cool.

Brad: I realize there's a lot going on at home. I want you to enjoy yourself here as much as possible.

Colleen: I am.

Brad: That means a lot.

Colleen: It does?

Brad: Sure it does.

Colleen: Can I ask you something?

Brad: You bet.

Colleen: Why did you and my mom break up?

Nikki: Why don't you just get a life?

Jill: I beg your pardon?

Nikki: Getting in Jack's affairs is pathetic.

Jill: What's pathetic is you passing yourself off as a business woman.

Nikki: Excuse me?

Jill: If you realized the first thing about this company you'd realize personal and professional affairs go hand in hand. It's a family company, especially when the chief executive officer is sleeping with the enemy.

Nikki: Are you saying Jack is so stupid and gullible that Phyllis will take advantage of him?

Jill: Judgment clouds the mind, Nikki. Jack is making a huge, huge mistake. I will do whatever I can to put an end to this ridiculous infatuation.

Nikki: Leave it alone, Jill.

Jill: I don't take orders from you.

Nikki: And you don't listen to common sense. You might have years of board room experience but you haven't learned a damned thing. All you do is create conflict. You alienate everyone.

Jill: I don't have to listen to this.

Nikki: Jack has finally found happiness and you won't let him enjoy it because you want everybody to be as miserable as you.

Jill: I am not miserable.

Nikki: I am not jumping up and down with it but he's a big boy. He can do whatever he wants.

Jill: Those two are a bomb waiting to explode. That is a disaster for Jabot. It's all very touching listening to you defend one of your many ex-husbands but I, for one, put this company first.

Nikki: I am just as concerned about Jabot as you are.

Jill: You better hit your knees, lady, and pray those two break up before it's too late.

Jack: Once we make the big announcement, how long do you think we should wait to get married? I'm not big on long engagements.

Phyllis: We can't just throw a wedding together.

Jack: Especially a wedding like this.

Phyllis: We need something spectacular, something that make people stand up and take notice.

Jack: Nothing too flashy.

Phyllis: You can't picture me with a train carried by 20 attendants?

Jack: If that's what you want, I want to give you that.

Phyllis: Okay. How about a winter wedding?

Jack: Winter? Winter seems so far away.

Phyllis: Too far away?

Jack: How about fall, early fall. I'll give you three months.

Phyllis: Three months, woo-hoo! Thanks. You're eager.

Jack: Yeah, I am. I'm eager. I can't wait to get on to phase two.

Phyllis: What's phase two?

Jack: Kids. I can't wait to start a family with you.

Phyllis: Kids? No one said anything about kids.

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