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Christine: Oh, it's just a dream. No, it wasn't a dream. How could you, Paul? How could you?

Lynne: Paul, you okay?

Paul: I'm sorry, Lynne, what'd you say?

Lynne: Wow. You were a million miles away.

Paul: Was I?

Lynne: Is there anything you want to talk about?

Paul: What's with all the questions?

Lynne: Occupational hazard. I work for a detective. Really, Paul is everything all right?

Paul: I'm fine.

Isabella: Good morning, you two. It's a beautiful day, isn't it?

Lynne: Actually I heard it's going to rain.

Isabella: Is it?

Lynne: I should be getting to the office. Are you coming?

Paul: I'll be there soon. There's some things I want to do here first.

Lynne: Okay. I'll hold down the fort.

Isabella: It shows?

Paul: What?

Isabella: How much last night meant to me. Paul, this is the happiest I’ve ever been. It's all because of you.

Victor: Well, hello Gina.

Gina: Victor, I'm sorry. I didn't see you come in.

Victor: That's all right. You okay, I see.

Gina: I had a very upsetting conversation with Mary Williams. Apparently, Chris and Paul's marriage is in trouble.

Victor: I'm sorry to hear that.

Gina: Did you hear she's still away?

Victor: I thought she was due back in the summer.

Gina: Paul doesn't know when she's coming back.

Victor: I didn't realize how serious it was.

Gina: If only Chris decided not to work with him.

Excuse me. You're needed in the kitchen.

Gina: Your table's ready.

Victor: Thank you.

Gina: I'll send a waiter over.

Victor: Thank you, Gina. Don't leave quite yet, Mr. Baldwin. So what's going on with your partner, Chris?

Ryan: Stop right there.

Victoria: Hi. Oh, Ryan hey.

Victoria: Now what?

Ryan: This.

Victoria: Good morning.

Ryan: Good morning.

Victoria: Do I know you?

Ryan: We were married once.

Victoria: You're right. I do remember now.

Ryan: That was ages ago.

Victoria: Years ago. We've changed so much since then.

Ryan: You are even more beautiful.

Victoria: You can keep talking.

Ryan: We can't live on confidence alone.

Victoria: Does that mean I'm supposed to fix breakfast now?

Ryan: There's cereal in the cupboard.

Victoria: I was thinking of bacon and eggs.

Ryan: I have had other things on my mind other than grocery shopping.

Victoria: Are you talking about Tricia?

Ryan: We agreed not to talk about her.

Victoria: We did agree not to talk about her, but it's hard not to think about her being in the apartment the two of you shared.

[Phone ringing]

Ryan: Hello. I see. Yeah. Thanks for letting me now. It's my lawyer. The date for my divorce hearing has been set.

Brittany: Where is everybody?

J.T.: Guess we're early.

Brittany: Gee, you think?

J.T.: What's that stuff?

Brittany: Mail from home. Time to go through it.

J.T.: And ignore me. Right, princess?

Brittany: If only that were possible. So you bolted early yesterday. You were supposed to do a chat. You trying to get yourself fired? What, you didn't think anybody noticed?

J.T.: I went to the boutique, okay?

Brittany: Why?

J.T.: To get some things straight with Rianna. She took what I said all wrong.

Brittany: Why would you even care? You treated her like dirt the whole time you were with her. So why this sudden attack of conscience?

Esther: What is going on with Jill? She didn't come home last night or the night before.

Katherine: For which we should be eternally grateful.

Esther: What if she's with Sean? Please, please tell me there's some other possibility.

Katherine: I can't think of one offhand, Esther.

Esther: How can she be with this beautiful young man? I can't believe it.

Mackenzie: What's wrong with Esther?

Katherine: Jill has not been home for a few nights and we assume she's with Sean. The very thought of that makes her even a little more --.

Mackenzie: Wait a minute, Jill is with Sean, Sean Bridges the web master from Jabot?

Jill: I hope you like Canadian bacon with your eggs.

Sean: Why?

Jill: Because that's what I made you for breakfast. Why the surprise? You don't think I have my domestic side?

Sean: Looks like you went to a lot of work. I'm flattered.

Jill: The cooking was the easy part. Putting up the card table, on the other hand --.

Sean: There she goes, insulting my furniture again.

Jill: Okay, I'll let it go. Breakfast is served.

Michael: I'm sorry, Victor, I have to get to the office.

Victor: I'll be brief, Mr. Baldwin. Has Christine's trip to the Orient been extended?

Michael: After her case in Hong Kong, she accepted a consulting position in Australia.

Victor: Was it you that managed to get her this job?

Michael: The word of Christine's work got to Cairns. It was Christine's decision to go. I have to go.

Victor: Why does the discussion of Christine make you uncomfortable?

Michael: Actually any discussion with you makes me uncomfortable. I never know if you are going to punch me.

Victor: I don't know why you're uncomfortable with this.

Michael: You know exactly why I'm uncomfortable with this.

Victor: I'm keeping an eye on you. I always am. You're up to no good most of the time. I don't trust you. Now Christine Williams is a good friend of mine. If it turns out you're up to your old tricks, I will find out, I assure you.

Katherine: I hope you're not worried about Sean. He is a grown man.

Mackenzie: I'm worried about Billy's reaction.

Katherine: You're worried about Billy? Oh, because it's his mother.

Mackenzie: She's dating a guy half her age. That's weird, don't you think?

Katherine: We're just assuming it is true about Jill and Sean, right? Hmm?

Mackenzie: So there's no need to tell Billy.

Katherine: Exactly. Since your young man has far more pleasant things to concentrate on than Jill.

[Doorbell sounding]

Mackenzie: I'll get it.

Billy: Hey, beautiful.

Mackenzie: Hi.

Katherine: Hello there.

Billy: Okay. I get the feeling you both were talking about me.

Mackenzie: Maybe because we were.

Katherine: It's been a wonderful summer so far, and I would like you and my granddaughter to enjoy this time because after all you're only young once, I think.

Mackenzie: Grandma?

Katherine: Hmm?

Mackenzie: What's wrong?

Katherine: Actually, I was thinking about the summer when I was 17. Things were much simpler back then. Do you realize we didn't even have one-tenth of the diversions you kids have today? No computer that you kids have today.

Billy: No computer games.

Mackenzie: How did you survive?

Katherine: We had a number of things to occupy our time. We played a lot of games. Games mostly to be played outside because that did involve exercise.

Mackenzie: What a bummer.

Katherine: No, not at all. We enjoyed spending a lot of time outdoors.

Mackenzie: Like picnics in the park?

Katherine: A stroll by the lake. It was just a gentler pace. Well, things are different now.

Mackenzie: Some things are the same.

Isabella: So, Mr. Williams, do you know how hard it was last night to stay in the guest room with Lynne when I wanted to be lying in your arms?

Paul: You know that wasn't possible.

Isabella: You didn't want your secretary to find out about us that way.

Paul: Lynne is more than a secretary.

Isabella: True. Still, we can't keep this from her, especially now that she's staying here. I don't think that's necessary now that my case is over. Anyhow, Lynne and everybody else will see how I'm looking at you, and they will know. My face will show it.

Paul: You are an amazing woman, Isabella Brogna.

Isabella: We're amazing together. Paul, I thought I knew something about being with another human being, but I didn't know anything until last night. How about some breakfast? Something tells me you're starving. You burned a lot of calories last night, detective.

Paul: Did I?

Isabella: How about an omelet, toast and fresh-squeezed orange juice?

Paul: You don't have to go to that trouble.

Isabella: I like doing things for you. Haven't you noticed?

Michael: My, my, my, look who's here.

Christine: Hi, Michael.

Michael: I can't believe you're here. Why didn't you tell me you were coming home?

Christine: It was a spur-of-the-moment decision.

Michael: When did you arrive?

Christine: I got in pretty late.

Michael: You slept here?

Christine: As I said, it was late.

Michael: Well, I guess, you want a week or two to decompress.

Christine: You should know I have been offered an extension in Australia, quite an extensive one.

Michael: We can talk about that I guess.

Christine: That won't be necessary. I'm not here to debate this. I'm here to tell you I accepted the offer. My mind's made up. I'm going back to Australia today.

Victoria: It is finally happening. After the divorce hearing, you will be a free man.

Ryan: Free to move on with my life, our lives together.

Victoria: So, I guess this means we can start talking about the future. Start making plans? I mean, even if we wanted to get married, we have to wait six months in this state. Wow, marriage, we haven't even talked about it.

Ryan: With everything going on --.

Victoria: I know. I know.

Ryan: If you're trying to figure out about you and me, thinking about taking the plunge again?

Victoria: Well, how do you feel?

Ryan: How do you feel?

Victoria: I asked you first.

Ryan: Well, it's no secret. When it comes to matrimony, our track record is not the greatest.

Victoria: I know. I can't understand why. We're bright, successful people. We should be able to make things work. I don't know. Given our history, I'm a little leery of another failure.

Ryan: You'd rather take things more slowly.

Victoria: Yeah. Don't you think we owe it to ourselves?

Ryan: I can think of something else we owe each other.

Sean: I have to say, you make one mean plate of eggs, Jill. I'm actually impressed.

Jill: Well, good. Then I expect one really big tip.

Sean: Sorry, ma'am, I forgot my wallet. Will this do? [Doorbell sounding] Who could that be? What do you think you're doing? You know what? I didn't order a silk. Did you hear me? I didn't order a silk.

Is that your name?

Sean: Yeah. I didn't pay for one.

Take it up with billing. I just deliver the stuff.

Jill: My, my, what a handsome couch. Whoever ordered that has handsome taste.

Sean: I should have known. I like my place the way it is.

Jill: Are you upset with me?

Sean: No, no. That's very thoughtful. Thank you.

Jill: You have no intention of keeping the sofa.

Sean: It's not like I go to your place and start to redecorate.

Jill: I understand where you're coming from completely.

Sean: You do.

Jill: I do. Sean, you have made such a huge impact on my life. I just wish I could make one on yours.

Sean: What are you saying? You don't think you made an impact on my life? You are so wrong. On the show, I think I will go so crazy.

Billy: So, Mrs. Chancellor, what was it like when you were dating at our age?

Katherine: Well, my first boyfriend's name was Charles. We used to sit on the front lawn, and we'd drink home-made root beer until we thought we were going to throw up. We listened to the radio coming from the house.

Billy: What kind of music?

Katherine: Big bands mostly. I still love big bands. Tommy Dorsey, Duke Ellington. And we just talked and talked and talked and talked.

Mackenzie: That sounds romantic.

Katherine: Yes, it was, in a very uncomplicated way. It was.

Billy: How do you mean?

Katherine: Well, you know, sitting there with Charles' arms around me, just this great feeling of contentment swept over me. I didn't think it was so extraordinary at the time. When you get older, you want to spend quality time with someone, it's really rare. And so fleeting. Not that it has to be that way with the two of you -- oh, gosh. Just let me offer some advice. Just don't let that old saying that youth is always wasted on young. Don't let that be true of you. If you let it, boy, that's a bummer. I'm going to run now. Okay?

Mackenzie: Okay.

Katherine: I love you.

Mackenzie: I love you.

Katherine: Bye-bye. Take care.

Billy: You know, your grandma has a good point.

Mackenzie: Yeah. Things are really great for us now. I should really take time to appreciate that more.

Billy: And not let the unimportant things like J.T. and Brittany get to us.

Mackenzie: Do you think we can do that?

Billy: I know we can, Mac. When we're together, we can do anything.

Brittany: You're not going to answer me? Oh, I get it, conscience and J.T. in the same sentence? It must have something to do with Mackenzie. Are you still trying to clean up your image for her? Because last -- damn.

J.T.: What's the matter?

Brittany: None of your business. I'm going to change.

Brittany: Don't touch that.

J.T.: You're trying to contact Mac's parents.

Brittany: Give that to me.

J.T.: I'll just show this letter to Mac and Billy.

Brittany: The only reason you're here is to impress goody-goody. What do you think she will think of our fling last summer? I'm warning you.

J.T.: I am warning you. If you mention anything about that to Mac, I will show this letter to her and blow you out of the water once and for all.

Michael: This is not up for discussion.

Christine: I like the work and the clients. The work's good for me there. What's there to discuss?

Michael: Okay. Well, before you commit shouldn't we negotiate with these guys, make sure you're not tied down longer than you care to be?

Christine: They made it clear they want me there as long as I'm able to be.

Michael: What timetable are you talking about?

Christine: A month, possibly --.

Michael: I can keep this place running solo a month, maybe two. That's working seven days a week.

Christine: If you need help, hire an assistant.

Michael: It's a partnership.

Christine: I have sent you my share of the expenses.

Michael: It's you and me taking on Genoa City's largest cases.

Christine: You are the one that encouraged me to go to Hong Kong. It will be better now.

Michael: You can't make these decisions unilaterally.

Christine: You want to terminate our partnership? Send me the papers. I will sign them. Either way, I'm taking the job. If you'll excuse me.

Ryan: So, we're on the same page?

Victoria: Mm-hmm. We'll spend the next six months together and see how it goes.

Ryan: No rush to get down the aisle.

Victoria: I do expect to be courted.

Ryan: Flowers, candy, the works, right?

Victoria: Right. You know, Ryan, things still can get sticky with Tricia.

Ryan: Don't say it. Don't even think it.

Victoria: Do you really believe it's going to work out?

Ryan: I'm very confident. Very soon we will move on with our lives and be together without any worries.

Victoria: Okay.

Ryan: Okay?

Victoria: Since you're not going to make an honest woman out of me just yet, what do you think about living together?

Ryan: You want to share an apartment?

Victoria: Well, maybe that's not quite what I meant. We need a place where we can be alone together.

Ryan: Someplace private, cozy?

Victoria: Yeah.

Ryan: Do you have any suggestions?

Victoria: There's always the tack house.

Ryan: Well, listen, this has nothing to do with your family. Being out at the ranch --.

Victoria: I know, I know. We'd be under a microscope. I'm not sure this is the right place either. If we give it a try here, I reserve the right to change my mind.

Ryan: So noted.

Victoria: Going to make a call?

Ryan: I was thinking of making one to Keith. I want to make sure there are no last minute snags.

Victoria: Okay.

Ryan: Hmm. That's odd.

Victoria: What?

Ryan: It's the answering machine. No one's home. I wonder where she and her father could be.

Christine: No, no problem. I'll pick up my ticket at the airline counter. Thank you.

Michael: Look, Christine, this doesn't make any sense. You come all the way here to tell everyone you're extending your time in Australia. After you've done that, you're back on the phone booking your return flight?

Christine: So?

Michael: What about Paul? Have you seen him? Have you talked to him?

Christine: I am not going to answer a bunch of questions that are none of your business in the first place.

Michael: Well, I assume you will be back here before you head to the airport to pick up your luggage for no other reason.

Christine: Obviously, you're not happy with my decision. If you need to sever our partnership, so be it. But this is something that I have to do, Michael, for me, whether you like it or not.

Isabella: Uh-oh, you don't like my cooking already?

Paul: What?

Isabella: You hardly touched your eggs.

Paul: It's great.

Isabella: I fully know what it's like and what it means. I'm glad you told Lynne you'd be late to the office. What is it? Am I coming on too strong?

Paul: Look, we need to discuss what happened.

Isabella: Why? We've been waiting for this for so long.

Paul: Really, Isabella --.

Isabella: What, Paul?

Paul: I don't know. I'm just not sure last night should have happened.

Sean: Look at you.

Jill: It looks like somebody made good on their threat to buy me new outfits.

Sean: How did I do?

Jill: It's scary how well you figured out my taste. The size is perfect, the colors are great.

Sean: First time at bat and I hit a home run. What was that for?

Jill: For being so thoughtful, among other things.

Sean: So since you are in such a good mood, I want to talk to you about something. It's about Brittany Hodges.

Jill: The kids again?

Sean: Remember I spoke to her after you had that argument?

Jill: She was boo-hooing saying I was mean to her but you set her straight, didn't you?

Sean: I'm concerned about Brittany's concerns. She talked her way into the Glow by Jabot House this summer. After all she's been through, why would she want to hang out there?

Jill: That's simple. Brittany loves the limelight.

Sean: She also hates Mackenzie.

Jill: That's a big secret?

Sean: I wouldn't be so cavalier about this, if I were you. Your son's involved in this too.

Jill: What's that mean?

Sean: If Brittany feels Billy wronged her the same way Mackenzie has.

Jill: She talks big but she cannot back it up. Really, if I couldn't make any headway in breaking those two up, do you think Brittany could?

Sean: You're forgetting something, Jill. You had constraints because Billy was involved. You didn't want to feel like you were alienating him. Brittany doesn't have everything to lose, which is exactly the reason I will be keeping an eye on her.

Jill: You do that but you're wasting your time. There is nothing that Brittany Hodges can do to my son.

Brittany: I want that letter back, J.T. Now.

J.T.: No.

Brittany: I mean it. I'm not playing games.

J.T.: Neither am I. You better watch your step, or else.

Billy: Hey, you two. What's going on?

J.T.: You want to tell them Brit, or should I?

Mackenzie: Tell us what?

Brittany: Nothing. Come on, J.T., I need your help with something.

Mackenzie: What was that all about?

Billy: Who knows? Who cares? Especially when we can be doing this.

J.T: The only reason I'm giving you this letter back is because it doesn't matter. Plotting ain't going to make it happen.

Brittany: Well, I'm not giving up. Not until I wipe that smile from Mac's plain little face.

Christine: Victor.

Victor: Christine. My goodness. How nice to see you.

Christine: It's great to see you, too.

Victor: My goodness. You have been missed, you know.

Christine: Well, that's nice to know.

Victor: How was Australia?

Christine: Good. You heard about my job.

Victor: Yes. I heard you're very much in demand. It doesn't surprise me, given your track record as an attorney. Care to join me?

Christine: Well, I'd love to. I can't stay very long. I have to get to the airport.

Victor: Sure. Are you going back to Australia?

Christine: I am.

Victor: Really. How long have you been back in town?

Christine: Too long, actually. A little bit too long.

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