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Sean: What is it? What's wrong?

Brittany: Jill said some hateful things to me.

Sean: She knows how to push your buttons, huh?

Brittany: I guess.

Sean: What, she said something that really hit home?

Brittany: She just gets off on other people's insecurities.

Sean: It's a funny thing about those. When someone says something like that, hits one of those soft spots, it makes us doubt ourselves.

Brittany: So you're a shrink now?

Sean: No, I'm just saying when you get whacked on the side of the head like that, that makes you feel like you're feeling. I don't know, maybe we can take it as an opportunity to learn about ourselves.

Brittany: I learned that I really hate Mrs. Abbott.

Sean: Well now, that's not productive. What did Jill say to you anyway? Did it have something to do with Billy?

Brittany: So you're a shrink and a psychic now. Lucky me.

Raul: What did J.T. do to you?

Rianna: What do you mean?

Raul: What made you finally dump him?

Rianna: I thought he cared about me and I realized that wasn't the case.

Raul: And that's when you broke up with him.

Rianna: I wish.

Raul: You stayed with him when you knew he didn't care.

Rianna: Pretty stupid, huh? Especially when I knew he had a thing for Brittany. My best friend at the time.

Raul: You're kidding.

Rianna: No, I think he was hanging around me to get closer to her. I wouldn't admit that to myself.

Raul: What a low life.

Rianna: He was hanging around the Abbott pool house all summer. I was hoping he was there to see me, but he was there for Brittany.

Raul: You must have felt hurt when you realized.

Rianna: I would probably still be in denial if I hadn't fallen for you. Just being around you, it was so missing with J.T. You were everything he wasn't, and so when the light bulb finally went off, I was able to realize I was in a terrible relationship and just walk away.

Raul: That's it then?

Rianna: Yeah, that's it.

J.T.: What do you want me to say? Yeah, we were close physically. Why are we talking about this? Rianna and me had some fun. No big deal. Rianna felt the same way I did.

Mackenzie: Were you her first?

J.T.: You sound like a journalist, Mac. How do you want me to answer something like that?

Mackenzie: I should have thought about something like that.

J.T.: Yeah, why? You think it was a big deal to Rianna?

Mackenzie: If she says it wasn't, it wasn't.

J.T.: Then why are we having this conversation? Did you think I did something wrong, Mac?

Mackenzie: You know it's none of my business at all.

Billy: Mac.

Mackenzie: Billy is done with his chat, I think you're next.

Alex: Well, it should be me, Mr. Newman. I understand you're due back today.

Victor: Actually, I wanted to see you.

Alex: Oh?

Victor: Sit down. I ran across a document that was on my desk stating that you had asked for a hearing on the Lawson matter.

Alex: Mr. Newman, you are something else. Everything on top of your plate and you're still on top of our lawsuit.

Victor: Why don't you tell me about it?

Alex: Frankly, I feel a bit awkward discussing it. I wanted for Neil to be here first so we could tell it together.

Victor: I'm sure Neil would appreciate it. Considering my schedule, I would like you to tell me about it now.

Alex: All right then. I'll tell you upfront. Very good news.

Malcolm: Listen, I need two bottles of developer and three boxes of apex and high gloss stock. You got that? Okay, great. I'm going to be here all day, but I need it as soon as you get over here. All right, thanks. Peace.

Malcolm: Hey, Mamie. How was what?

Mamie: You told me you were planning a big surprise for Alex.

Malcolm: Oh, yeah, Mamie, thanks to you telling me to get up, as you put it.

Mamie: So if you don't mind me asking, what was involved?

Malcolm: I took Alex to her senior prom. It was one she missed back in 1988.

Mamie: How did you manage that?

Malcolm: Oh, Mamie, a little magic happened at the dining room. Made the whole thing happen to the last detail: limousine, photographer, D.J., brand new dress, corsage. You saw the groovy disco ball.

Mamie: My goodness, Malcolm! You are one of a kind. How did Alex react?

Malcolm: She loved every moment of it.

Mamie: Then I take it things are good between the two of you.

Malcolm: Our relationship is at whole new level these days.

Mamie: I'm so relieved to hear that. When I first came in you seemed a little down, and I thought your plans didn't go well.

Malcolm: No, Mamie. They were better than perfect. As a matter of fact, I was able to get my mind off of Nate for a while. That was until this morning when it all hit me in the face again.

Mamie: Why? What happened?

Malcolm: Oh, I went over to Gina's. Well guess who was there? Nate and his oh-so-pleasant mother.

Mamie: Oh, no. How bad was it?

Malcolm: Mamie, I'm not going to lie to you. The good news is Gina saved the day. She got Nate out of the way before Olivia and I got into it.

Mamie: So I take it you and Olivia argued.

Malcolm: Mamie, don't ask me why, but I gave it another shot to try to reason with that woman.

Mamie: And?

Malcolm: And I slammed right into another brick wall.

Right, reservations for 7:30. See you then. Bye-bye.

Neil: Hey, Gina.

Gina: Hi!

Neil: Look at you. You look great.

Gina: Well, thank you, sir.

Neil: Gina, I've been out of town. I came from the airport. I'm craving one of your famous provolone --.

Olivia: Hi, Neil.

Olivia: Gina, when I was here earlier I forgot my order.

Gina: I'll put your order in. You want that to go?

Neil: Please. Thanks. My, my, glad I ran into you. I was wondering about the HMO case, Liv.

Olivia: Didn't Alex tell you?

Neil: No. Did you hear back from Lawson Medical?

Olivia: Better than that. A representative came to my office, told me all about their illegal practices.

Neil: Are you serious?

Olivia: Alex was behind my door. She heard the whole thing. She was delighted.

Olivia: Now you have the smoking gun you need.

Lynne: Paul, the assistant U.S. attorney is here.

Paul: Send him in. Paul Williams.

Mr. Manning: Mr. Manning.

Paul: Nice to meet you. Have a seat. As I mentioned on the phone, I have what I believe is valuable information.

Mr. Manning: The Franklin case.

Paul: Yeah. But before I would get into anything I would like to set ground rules.

Mr. Manning: Excuse me. Mr. Williams you're dictating terms to me. I have a ground rule subpoena for this matter.

Paul: You can play hardball if you want but you know better than I do you're not going to get the evidence without a foundational witness. My client is that witness. However, she's in great danger and needs protection, plus immunity from prosecution.

Mr. Manning: If that's true and the evidence is as useful as you say, there should be no problem.

Paul: I don't mean to be hard-nosed about this but I do need a guarantee.

Mr. Manning: You are being hard-nosed, Mr. Williams.

Mary: You're telling me your case has been resolved?

Isabella: The nightmare is over.

Mary: Isabella, that's wonderful. Wonderful. How did it happen?

Isabella: By going through these boxes. Paul found some receipts and that led -- I'm not going to bore you with all the details, but just know your son is a fabulous detective.

Mary: That, my dear, isn't news.

Isabella: He's meeting with the federal prosecutor right now. He's going to turn in evidence that will keep James from ever threatening me.

Mary: Oh, my dear, you must be so relieved. Congratulations.


Isabella: Oh, I'm expecting a delivery.

Mary: Oh, fine.

They arrived and I checked them out.

Isabella: Thank you. I'll take them.

Mary: Oh, my. Looks like you're planning to do some cooking.

Isabella: I'm going to cook your son a meal he'll never for get.

Mary: Sounds delightful. May I join you? I'd love to share in the celebration.

Isabella: Mary, would you mind if I had you over another time? I just really want to thank Paul tonight one-on-one.

Neil: So Liv, would you care to sit down?

Olivia: Sure.

Neil: Great. This is absolutely fantastic.

Olivia: I'm glad you're pleased.

Neil: Are you kidding? When I think how long we have been waiting for this, but I didn't figure you'd hear back from them for at least a week.

Olivia: They called the same day you left, apparently. Apparently, Lawson doesn't waste any time when they have a live one.

Neil: So you met with somebody.

Olivia: Good luck he called me.

Neil: Good luck for us, bad luck for them.

Olivia: I wanted to wait until you got back, so Alex thought it would send the signal. She kept pushing until I backed down. I have to give the devil her due. That woman is tough.

Neil: I can't tell you how grateful I am. Without you none of this happened. What?

Olivia: It just galls me a little everyone is so astounded I would help in this. This is a total injustice. Of course I would do everything in my power to right this wrong.

Neil: Hold on a second. No one is saying otherwise.

Olivia: I don't know about that Neil. There are certain people who think I'm cruel and selfish. Maybe this will prove this isn't the case.

Neil: You know what I'm hoping this is a turning point for all of us.

Olivia: Meaning?

Neil: If we take the same effort and will power we put into this project and apply it to our personal lives, perhaps we can bridge the gap that's come between us. Liv, I miss our friendship. And some of the walls have come down now. But I'd like to ensure that they don't go back up.

Mamie: Malcolm, I'm so sorry.

Malcolm: Yeah, Mamie. You and me both.

Mamie: I have to be honest. I didn't just come by here to ask about you and Alex. I really wanted to discuss something else with you. Just not sure now is the best time.

Malcolm: No, Mamie. It's okay. Go ahead.

Mamie: Now there's a baseball game in Chicago next week and you were planning to break the news to Nate about not being able to go with him after all. I was wondering when you plan to do that.

Malcolm: Yeah, yeah, you're probably right. I should do that soon. Mamie, he's going to be so bummed out. I know how badly he wanted to see that game. Listen, I was hoping you would take him to that game. Would do you that?

Mamie: Oh, certainly. I'd be glad to. You know, it's not going to be the same for him.

Malcolm: You're right. Itís not going to be the same but at least he won't miss out. The Cubbies are his favorite team. So just remind me later and I'll get you those tickets, okay? Oh, Mamie, I'm just dreading to even have to lay it on him like this.

Mamie: Well I can talk to him or --.

Malcolm: No. I appreciate that, thank you. This is something I got to take care of myself. See the thing is, I don't want to do is, I don't want to do it over the phone, but I don't want to risk seeing him again, either.

Mamie: Wait a minute. Olivia is going out of town tomorrow. For a conference.

Malcolm: Yeah, I know. Not that she told me. Nate asked her if he could stay with me while she was out of town. I bet you could picture how well that went over.

Isabella: I want to thank your son from the bottom of my heart.

Mary: Where does it leave you?

Isabella: I haven't thought beyond this moment.

Mary: Hmm. Yes, well, it must be a lot to absorb; a terrible burden hanging over you.

Isabella: It is. That's not really what I was thinking. I'm curious about Paul. He didn't seem quite himself when he gave me the news earlier.

Mary: Well how so?

Isabella: Maybe a little in shock that it was all over? I don't know how to explain it. What could be bothering him? We have been waiting for this, for so many reasons.

Sean: No, Brittany, I'm not psychic. But there is something else Iíve been wondering about.

Brittany: Here it comes.

Sean: Why were you so intent on being here this summer?

Brittany: Do you know how many girls will kill to be in my shoes?

Sean: Sort of. It's a great job. I think there's something else.

Brittany: Last summer ended so disastrously.

Sean: So you thought you'd come back and make everybody feel warm and fuzzy again.

Brittany: Well, we were all friends at one time.

Sean: Oh, so you came back to preach love and forgiveness while you watch your ex-boyfriend get it on with another girl all summer? Sounds kind of masochistic to me.

Brittany: What's your point, Sean?

Sean: My point is: A, either you're not in love with Billy the way you say you are otherwise this would be unbearable. Or --.

Brittany: What?

Sean: Or B, you don't accept defeat very well, because you have to understand the fact that Billy is a lost cause. What Jill thinks is beside the point right now. Billy and Mac are in a relationship. So if you think you're going to do some victory dance --.

Brittany: I'm not going to discuss my personal life with a stranger, give me a break.

Sean: So much for vulnerability, huh?

Brittany: Vulnerability bites. It's not my style.

Sean: You know, Brittany, I have a feeling something else is going on here. What is it? Is it that your parents are divorced and you don't get to see your dad that often? Or is it that your dad is around, but he doesn't even notice that you're there.

Brittany: You know you're way out of line for talking to me like this.

Sean: Maybe I am. In case you're trying to figure out how I guessed that, it's because Iíve been there. And another thing, you're not going to find what you're searching for in another unavailable guy.

Brittany: If that's what you think I'm doing here, then you're the one that has a lot to learn.

Mr. Manning: Very little likelihood it will go to trial.

Paul: Meaning no one needs to know my client cooperated.

Mr. Manning: Correct. Did you put pressure on Mr. Franklin? Testified for someone he worked with.

Paul: The drug traffickers.

Mr. Manning: Cut a deal with us, serves more time and we'll put him in a witness protection program. Your client will never flare him again.

Paul: Good.

Mr. Manning: Your client is lucky you won. The way you cracked this case, negotiated on her behalf. She must be thrilled you're handling things.

Paul: Well, that's what I get paid for.

Mr. Manning: I'll be in touch.

Paul: Thanks.

Lynne: Everything work out all right?

Paul: Yeah, it's all taken care of.

Paul: See you tomorrow.

Olivia: You paint a very pretty picture, Neil. But if you're honest with yourself you'll realize I'm not the one responsible for building all those walls.

Neil: Olivia, I'm not saying that.

Olivia: There's a reason for this tension. It's because you've sided with Malcolm against me. I suppose I don't blame you. He's your brother. On the other hand, I don't really know why we're rehashing this, because nothing has changed.

Neil: May I remind you that you have taken an extremely hard line. Are you sure you want to continue? You see once the hearing takes place which will happen any day now, right? There's a very good chance the judge will grant, Malcolm's request. You will not be able to keep them from seeing each other. My suggestion is you drop all of this hostility. Do it for your son. He's the one who is getting hurt.

Olivia: Sorry, Neil. I have to go. For the record, I did tell Alex I would be happy to testify in your HMO case. At least that's one area you and I can agree on.

Victor: You're telling me Lawson Medical doesn't stand a chance.

Alex: No.

Victor: You know this is going to make waves.

Alex: It better.

Victor: Every HMO in this country will be put on notice their illegal practices will no longer be tolerated.

Alex: I thank you for giving me that opportunity and having the guts to go ahead against Lawson. That's a huge commitment and a very risky one.

Victor: Somebody had to take them on. Anyway, I very much appreciate what you've done. Very impressed. Congratulations.

Alex: Thank you, but I'm not the only one who deserves credit.

Victor: Oh?

Alex: Neil, the superb staff that you hired, and not to mention Dr. Olivia Winters, the doctor who came through for me.

Victor: I'm glad you and Neil managed it to work together so beautifully.

Alex: That we did.

Victor: So are you planning to go back to Minneapolis?

Alex: That was the plan.

Victor: Now you've changed your plans.

Alex: Possibly.

Victor: Why, did you find something interesting in Genoa City?

Alex: Yes, it has its charm.

Victor: In that case, donít do anything else, let's discuss your options, all right?

Alex: I'd like that.

Isabella: Here's your tea, Mary. I put some lemon in it.

Mary: Oh, thank you, dear. You know with Paul being distracted, he has a lot on his mind. In fact --.

Isabella: Oh, here he is; my hero. I have a special dinner planned for you. I'm going to get freshened up before I start cooking.

Mary: It looks like you have a treat in store, son.

Paul: Is that right?

Mary: I hate to admit, it but I'm a little jealous of how well she cooks. Isabella was telling me what an excellent job you did. I'm so proud of you, son.

Paul: Mom, listen, I really need to speak with Isabella alone. Do you mind?

Mary: Well, I was just on my way out. Say good-bye to Isabella for me, will you?

Isabella: Did your mother leave?

Paul: Yeah.

Isabella: I hope she wasn't upset with me.

Paul: Why would she be?

Isabella: She sort of invited herself to dinner and I told her as nicely as I could I just wanted it to be the two of us.

Paul: Did you?

Isabella: I have planned a very special meal with you. We're starting with some chilled gazpacho and chili with lamb and rice. Are you listening?

Paul: Sounds great, Isabella.

Isabella: You don't seem that enthusiastic.

Paul: Oh, I am, completely.

Isabella: You're tired.

Paul: Not really.

Isabella: It's not my imagination. Something is bothering you. I don't understand. I've been waiting for this day for so long.

Paul: So have I.

Mackenzie: Oh, J.T., Remember?

J.T.: Yeah, quick on the wink. I'm out of here.

Billy: So it looks like I rescued you.

Mackenzie: What when you walked out of the pool house?

Billy: Yeah. Obviously you and J.T. were talking about Rianna.

Mackenzie: Yeah, I'd rather not talk about it.

Billy: Rather not talk about J.T. Fine with me.

Mackenzie: Or Brittany.

Billy: What, she tick you off?

Mackenzie: Yeah, yeah. So much for her weíre all professionals.

Billy: Yeah, Brittany was getting on everybody's case about being mature and not letting the campaign suffer. She did that the other day at the store. I looked up and she was gone. Not a word to anyone.

Mackenzie: Can't say I can complain. But I do feel bad for Sean.

Billy: How come?

Mackenzie: Web site.

Billy: We'll have to hope something interesting is going on in the boutique.

There you go. There's some ice. Just the way you like it.

Thank you.

Raul: Get this bad taste out of your mouth talking about J.T.

Rianna: Are we done with that yet?

Raul: Look honey, I know it makes you feel uncomfortable talking about it. You can't tell me he hurt you and not expect to go and find out.

Rianna: I know. You had to make sure I was okay.

Raul: I thought maybe he had cheated on you or said something horrible to you.

Rianna: No, it was just J.T. Me and J.T.

Raul: Yeah, stupid; self-involved. Hey. I'm sure it made you feel lousy. Okay, there wasn't anything -- I'm glad for your sake it wasn't anything worse than that. Hey, are you sure you're telling me everything?

Rianna: Do you think I'm not being honest with you?

Raul: Itís not that. It's just when I think of that idiot doing something really bad to you, it makes me feel happier about our getting together. I got you away from him.

Rianna: I'm so glad J.T. is not a part of my life anymore and that I'm with somebody as amazing as you.

Mamie: Well, there is one bright spot in all of this.

Malcolm: What is that, Mamie?

Mamie: I'll be staying at the apartment taking care of Nate. While Olivia is gone you can come by there and talk to him.

Malcolm: Well yeah, yeah. That will be better than trying to meet him in public somewhere. Mamie, it's such a shame what precious little time I do have with my son. I hate giving him bad news.

Mamie: I certainly don't like putting the boy in a position to deceive his mother, but maybe we can set up a couple of visits. Maybe it will be a lot more pleasant for you and Nate. Olivia won't be back for another week. It might give both you and Nate something to look forward to.

Malcolm: Did you say Olivia won't be back until next week.

Mamie: Yes, why?

Malcolm: Nothing, nothing. I didn't realize she would be gone so long.

Mamie: Well, I better let you get back to work. Did you want to give them to me now?

Malcolm: Actually I just remembered. They're not even here, Mamie. I'll bring them to you next week.

Mamie: Okay, fine. You hear?

Malcolm: Oh, I hear you, I hear you. Thank you.

Victor: Once again, I'm very happy about the news. Now don't forget to invite me to the victory party.

Neil: Victory party. What party is that?

Victor: Hello, Neil.

Neil: Hello, sir.

Victor: I'm on my way to another meeting. I'll let your colleague fill you in.

Neil: If I'm not mistaken Olivia already filled me in on good news.

Victor: She wanted to wait to inform me. Don't forget we have another meeting.

Alex: Yes, sir.

Victor: Congratulations. Job well done both in Atlanta and headquarters.

Neil: Thank you, Victor. I appreciate that.

Victor: You two have a nice day.

Neil: You too. You know, Alex? Something tells me you're going to be receiving a job offer.

Alex: Think so?

Neil: Victor knows when he has a gem. He's not about to lose you, not after this fine performance you turned in. So how are you going to handle it, if I'm right?

Alex: We'll just see when the time comes.

Neil: Yes, we shall.

Alex: So when you spoke to Olivia, did she happen to mention what she's been up to on a personal level?

Neil: Oh, you mean with Malcolm and Nate? No. I started to pitch the idea this all working together to try to solve the problem, the way we have on the case.

Alex: That's the last thing on her mind. She's doing her best in a plain situation.

Neil: What are you talking about?

Alex: Remember that bargain she made with Malcolm.

Neil: Yeah, asking him to delay the hearing until Nate went back to school.

Alex: She went back on her word. Now she and her lawyer maneuvered to keep things on hold as long as possible.

Neil: Oh, no, no, no! Why did she do that?

Alex: I don't know. I don't know.

Neil: How is Malcolm handling this?

Alex: Not very well. Quite frankly, I don't know what he's going to do.

Billy: It's bizarre, don't you think, a bunch of strangers following our relationship?

Mackenzie: I know every time I'm on a chat that's all they want to talk about. Who is together and how it's going.

Billy: Those two girls at the boutique went on and on about Raul and Rianna's first kiss. I'm starting to wonder maybe if there's a bunch of people rooting on for us.

Mackenzie: They know we're together.

Billy: Maybe our kisses arenít as memorable as Raul and Rianna's?

Brittany: Where's J.T.?

Billy: He's in the pool house doing the chat. Is something wrong?

Brittany: Like you care.

Brittany: Not here. It looks like everything is falling apart. I'm going to go log on. Better than watching you two.

Billy: Quite the chat.

Mackenzie: J.T. doesnít seem to be in a much better mood.

Billy: Was he upset? Was the discussion about Rianna really intense?

Rianna: Okay. Break time is over.

Raul: Wait. One more thing, okay? Then I promise I'll stop. What you said about J.T. having a thing for Brittany. Who knows? Maybe they'll get together. And wouldn't that be classic? Ever know two people who deserve each other more than that?

Rianna: It will be interesting.

Hey Raul, a shopping bag.

Raul: Oh, I'll go upstairs. I think there are some in the boardroom.

Okay, thank you.

Rianna: Hey.

J.T.: Hi. What's going on?

Rianna: Did Sean send you over?

J.T.: Where's Raul?

Rianna: He went to get more shopping bags.

J.T.: Good. Look, I'm glad we're alone, Rianna, because there's something I want to say to you about the two of us.

Isabella: Paul, what's wrong? Talk to me.

Paul: You have no idea what put me in this mood.

Isabella: Should I?

Paul: Now there's a question.

Isabella: Stop, it all right. You're scaring me. Why are you acting like this? Did you hear from Christine?

Paul: No.

Isabella: Well whatever it is tell me. We can work it out.

Paul: You think so?

Isabella: Let's just get it out of the way so we can get on with our evening.

Paul: All right. After I found your husband's books I happened to run across something else. Tell me, Isabella, do you recognize this?

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