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Raul: Sean has us at the boutique.

Billy: Just you and Rianna?

Raul: Yeah, bummer, huh?

Billy: What about me and Mac? Oh, and your good buddies J.T. and Brittany?

Billy: I wish I never pushed Mac into this. I had no idea my mom would use this to get J.T. into the mix.

Raul: Get real, all right, if anybody should be complaining it's me.

Billy: Why's that?

Raul: Because Mac never wanted J.T., Rianna did.

Billy: That's ancient history.

Rianna: Hey, Mac.

Mackenzie: Hey.

Rianna: Remember what we were talking about other day when I asked you if it upsets you having J.T. here? Did you talk to Raul about that?

Mackenzie: No, but you never did answer me. Did it upset you?

Rianna: No. Not so much. You know what, I really think it's for the best.

Mackenzie: I don't get that.

Rianna: Having him around will be a constant reminder of what he did to me. I don't ever want to forget that.

Mackenzie: What exactly did he do to you, Rianna?

Come on. We've got to jam.

Okay. I'm ready.


Sean: I need a neck massage.

Jill: Good morning again.

Sean: That was quick. Went all the way home and changed?

Jill: Oh, I work fast.

Sean: You don't have to convince me of that.

Jill: Stop look at me like that. You're going to make me blush.

Sean: You didn't mind last night.

Jill: My God, keep your voice down. Shut up. Tell me the order.

Isabella: Hi.

Paul: Thanks for coming over.

Isabella: You found another set of books at cabin.

Paul: Yeah, I did.

Isabella: Did it prove James was involved in money laundering?

Paul: It looks that way. They were broken up into smaller accounts and distributed to different banks.

Isabella: What now?

Paul: Well, I negotiate to keep your name out of it.

Isabella: And James?

Paul: It will go to trial soon and he'll have more on his mind than harassing you.

Isabella: Amazing, Paul. This is finally behind us. Oh, you're back.

Lynne: Tell me where to start.

Paul: It's easier if I explain it.

Gina: Well if it isn't the party meister.

Malcolm: How ya doing, Gina?

Gina: Guessing from the smile on your face, I can imagine it was wonderful.

Malcolm: Using the private dining room was so perfect. Thank you.

Gina: No, you don't owe me. I just found the place. You're the one who deserves all the credit.

Malcolm: Oh, I took the credit all right. Yes, indeedy I did. Oh, little man, where’d you come from?

Nate: Right over there.

Malcolm: My day keeps getting better and better. Who are you here with, Aunt Mamie?

Nate: No, Dad, I'm here with -- .

Billy: Lower, lower.

Mackenzie: No way! It's my turn.

Billy: All right.

Brittany: Can't you even pretend you like it here?

J.T.: What's there to like? Everybody is getting it on except you and me. And I mean everybody.

Brittany: You mean those two? Well, even if it is I sure I can't believe she can ignore what's going on right in front of her face.

J.T.: Maybe she figures if you can't fight them, join them.

Keith: I can't tell you how much better I'm feeling. That call from your sister was like a real shot in the arm.

Tricia: Obviously she wants you to be at graduation.

Keith: I'm going to call her back and make certain she's okay with it.

Tricia: Wouldn't it be best to just show up and surprise her and tell her how much I wanted to be there for her special day?

Keith: I don't know, sweetheart. The two of us arriving at your sister's doorstep might be a bit too much.

Tricia: The two of us.

Keith: Of course. I'm not going alone. You're coming with me.

Victor: To answer your question, the last thing we want to do is alienate Tricia's father. Keith Dennison isn't the best source we have to keep tabs on his daughter.

Nicholas: Hey, Dad. I got that file you wanted. What are you doing here?

Sharon: I wanted to talk to your father again about the candy Tricia gave Noah.

Victor: We sent it to the lab.

Nicholas: How long do we have to wait?

Victor: Two days. One thing we can be proud of though, obviously you taught your son well and you told him not to accept candy from strangers.

Nicholas: Yeah, thank God he took that lesson to heart.

Sharon: If Tricia’s going after our son as a way of punishing us, what do we do to stop her?

Victor: Perhaps she will be. If that candy tests positive, I'll see to it the woman is locked up.

John: Connie said to come right in.

Victor: It's all right, John. Thank you for coming over.

John: You mentioned this is about Tricia McNeil?

Victor: Right now we don't know how significant it is.

Nicholas: She paid a visit to the coffee house.

Victor: She gave a piece of candy to my grandson.

John: So you're concerned it might be tainted in some way.

Victor: I had it sent to a lab to be analyzed.

John: Good, wise move.

Sharon: If the candy is tainted can we nail Tricia? That would put her behind bars for a long time.

John: Did you actually see her give candy to Noah?

Nicholas: But when confronted she did admit giving to Noah.

John: Wouldn't that suggest that she didn't taint it?

Sharon: Maybe she's playing head games with us.

Tricia: Dad, I don't think the doctor would approve. I would miss my therapy.

Keith: Well I'll certainly get doctor's permission. I'm sure she'll be okay with it. We're only going to be gone a couple of days and you'll take your medicine. Besides, weren't you telling me you were feeling a little bit house bound? This could be the break you need. Hold on. Let me call Dr. Burns and hear what she has to say.

Nate: Isn't this great, Mom, running into Dad? Can he eat with us?

Olivia: No. We have to go back home and pack.

Nate: I'm going out of town.

Olivia: We've already discussed this. Arrangements have been made. You're staying with Aunt Mamie.

Nate: I know you don't want me to see Dad when you're around. It will only be for a couple of days.

Gina: Nate, let me take you back to the kitchen. I've got a great dessert. Is that okay?

Malcolm: Go ahead. Olivia, Nate and I were bound to run into each other one of these days. Why do you have to be so unpleasant about it?

Olivia: You could have turn around and left.

Malcolm: The boy saw me. What was I supposed to do, turn my back on him? You know if you don't ever want me to cross paths with him, maybe you should give me your schedule in advance.

Olivia: You're being ridiculous.

Malcolm: You are being cruel. You talk about how much you love this boy. Never mind.

Olivia: Go ahead. Tell me what's on your mind. Maybe it will feel better to get it off your chest.

Malcolm: I know you saying no to the boy staying with me is a knee-jerk reaction.

Olivia: Is that what you think?

Malcolm: The boy just wants to spend some time with me. Who is that going to hurt?

Olivia: I owe you?

Malcolm: You're doing everything in your power to delay this hearing even though we promised we would go to court. Summer vacation has started.

Olivia: So?

Malcolm: I'm doing everything in my power right now to hold my temper because I'm hoping against hope that you'll understand what you're doing to this little boy is wrong so please, for God's sake, change your mind.

Paul: All right, the first thing I'd like you to do is track down the name and number of the U.S. Assistant attorney in James's case. In the meantime I think I'll call Fred and see how he's doing on that security problem.

Isabella: Yes. Got a minute? I suppose so. There's something I want to say now that my case is close to wrapped up.

Lynne: What's that?

Isabella: I know you and I haven't gotten along very well. Now that we are probably going to be seeing a lot more of each other and we both care a lot about Paul, I was just --.

Lynne: Isabella, larks get the preamble.

Isabella: I was hoping we could bury the hatchet?

Lynne: Oh, were you?

Isabella: I know you don't like me very much and you think I'm responsible for what's happening between Paul and his wife, but the truth is that marriage was on the rocks long before I came to Genoa City.

Isabella: Mary Williams. She told me about the whole baby situation.

Lynne: You discussed Paul's marriage?

Isabella: She brought it up. Wouldn't it be better for everyone if we managed to get along?

Lynne: Look, Isabella, whatever Mary may have said the situation between Paul and his marriage was not cut and dry even before you came on the scene.

Isabella: If that's going to be your attitude, I guess there's not much more to say.

Paul: We'll adjust the software charges on the bill. All right. Good luck. Lynne, do you have the name and number for me yet? Okay, great. What's his name? All right. Can you get him on the line for me? Thank you.

John: At this point your questions are still hypothetical.

Sharon: If the past was any kind of indication --.

John: But that wouldn't be enough to convict her.

Sharon: I know you're trying to be the voice of reason here.

John: I think we should postpone this conversation until we get lab results.

Victor: Tricia McNeil agreed to limit her movement between her father and the hospital where she receives therapy.

John: She went to the coffee house. She broke her promise.

Victor: Would that be grounds enough to get a restraining order?

John: Absolutely. I'll look into it. Let me know the minute you get those lab results.

Victor: I will do that.

Keith: All right, doctor. Thank you very much. Bye, bye.

Tricia: Dr. Burns approved?

Keith: She thought it might do you some good spending time with your sister.

Tricia: I'm not sure about Megan though.

Keith: Oh, honey, I'm certain Megan will be happy to see you again.

Tricia: Dad, the issues she has with me, I don't know if she's ever going to be able to forgive me for what I did.

Keith: That was all in the past.

Tricia: You say that, but what if I go, she gets upset and I ruin her graduation?

Keith: Oh, nonsense.

Tricia: Dad, I'd rather not take the chance.

Keith: Trish, given your history with your sister I could understand why you're uneasy to see her again. But you know I can't leave you here alone? Why would you even suggest it?

Tricia: Okay. If you're against that, then I'll go.

Keith: That's my girl. I'm going to my study, call Meg and make the arrangements.

Tricia: Don't say a word. Not one word.

Brittany: Do you know where Raul and Rianna are?

J.T.: Maybe Sean will send us over there too, so we don't have to watch this never ending display.

Brittany: Nauseating, isn't it? I need something to settle my stomach.

J.T.: I'm going to change into my swimsuit, might as well get some exercise out of the deal.

Billy: Mac, I know everything but even those little freckles on your shoulder.

Sean: Hey.

Jill: What?

Sean: Can you go into the living room with me and check one of the feeds on the cameras?

Jill: Yeah.

Sean: Is it my turn to be subtle?

Mac: You know what, I think I'm going to go to sleep or something.

Billy: You're going to go to sleep, huh? Oh, okay.

Brit: So why did it take so long to realize what you were feeling for Rianna?

Brit: What about you, Rianna?

Rianna: What do you mean?

Brit: How come you didn't make the first move? Were you worried about it being a rebound thing?

Raul: She was dating somebody else.

Rianna: At least the first part of the summer.

Brit: Oh, I guess that explains it.

Raul: Oh, baby, look at the time.

Rianna: Oh, I hate to do this.

Oh, darn. We have to leave? It was great talking to you.

Same here. I can't wait to tell my friends I saw you guys actual any person. Come on, Stacy. We got to go.


Raul: See you guys later.

Raul: Strange talking about last summer, isn't it?

Rianna: Yeah. But let's not talk about it, okay?

Jill: So, there's a problem?

Sean: No, not really.

Jill: But I thought you --

Sean: I know, I lied.

Jill: Why did you bring me in here?

Sean: Because I could tell you were watching Mac and Billy and I can tell you were getting upset. Mac and Billy are in a relationship. That's a reality check. There's no sense in torturing yourself.

Jill: I can't just ignore it.

Sean: Think back to when you were Billy's age. If your parents told you were seeing the wrong guy what would you do?

Jill: I can't just pretend this isn't happening.

Sean: All right, fine. If you can't get that off your mind, can you at least try and make peace with her?

Jill: You expect me just to resign myself to this?

Sean: Better to accept what you can't control. Listen, I told you, if you flip out over this all you're going to do is push them closer together. What? [Sighs]

Jill: Sometimes you frighten me, you know that?

Olivia: Malcolm, I wouldn't let you spend a couple of minutes let alone a few days with my son.

Malcolm: Why are you being so unfair in this?

Olivia: You're the one that's been unfair.

Malcolm: Me? Please tell me how.

Olivia: When we got divorced you swore you wouldn't do this; you wouldn't fight me in court.

Malcolm: Yeah, I did, that's before I realized I would be totally out of the boy's life.

Olivia: What a crock. You have all these people fooled you are the victim. Not me, Malcolm. Not me. I know you.

Nate: Hey, Mom. Gina gave me a bag full of chocolate chip cookies.

Olivia: No, Nate. It's time to leave.

Nate: Bye, Dad.

Malcolm: Bye, little Nate.

Gina: She's not going to give an inch, is she?

Malcolm: No, no. No, Gina, she's not. But I tell you, this can't go on, Gina. There's got to be a way to stop her.

Tricia: Of what?

Matt: You're pushing too hard, babe. The man is not an idiot.

Tricia: I can't stand being on such a short leash. I had to do something to get some breathing room.

Matt: You did all that, and now you're paying the price for it.

Tricia: What do you mean?

Matt: You have to spend time with little sister.

Tricia: I can handle Megan.

Matt: Oh, can you? You have been apologizing to everybody up and down. You're going to have to beg forgiveness for what you did to poor old Tony.

Tricia: You know what, you're right. She's not going to be satisfied until I'm down on my knees.

Matt: That's all you have been trying to do, was save her from a life with a grease monkey.

Tricia: I still can't believe she got involved with that moron.

Matt: If you think about it that's when things went downhill for you, when Daddy split and left you. Bending over backwards to take precious of his little darling.

Tricia: Yes, a little too late.

Keith: I thought you were on the phone.

Tricia: No.

Keith: Were you talking to somebody?

Tricia: I was just giving myself a pep talk. So, what's up?

Billy: Mac, what's wrong?

Mackenzie: Billy, I want to tell you something. But promise me it's just going to stay between the two of us. I think J.T.'s being here is bugging Rianna.

Billy: Did you talk to her about that?

Mac: Yeah and she said it's no big deal.

Billy: It's hard talking about that guy, too, but she just shoved me down.

Mackenzie: Do you think I'm right?

Billy: Yeah, I think you're right. Look, Mac, I know you have your reasons concerning J.T. Since we both agree he's getting to Rianna but don't you think enough is enough?

Mackenzie: You want to get rid of J.T. Just for Rianna's sake?

Billy: Yes, I do. Why not?

Mackenzie: Because it will open a huge can of worms, Billy.

Billy: What do you want me to do?

Mackenzie: You're going to have to explain to Raul why he's kicked out, not to mention J.T. will totally come down on Rianna.

Billy: He'll blame her for being her ex. Think about if we don't do it.

Mackenzie: Look before we do anything I just want to get a better handle on things on my own.

Billy: Okay.

Mackenzie: Time for my web chat. I got to go.

Billy: Don't go anywhere.

Mackenzie: Okay.

Sean: I frighten you. How's that?

Jill: You make me doubt my own instincts.

Sean: And that unsettles you.

Jill: Of course that unsettles me. All my life I've been a person who follows her own inner voice. Now all of a sudden I'm hesitating.

Sean: I'm not going to take credit for that one. You can't tell someone what to do. You can only present options.

Jill: How come I’ve changed so drastically?

Sean: I don't know, Jill. Maybe you're re-examining your life. People do that now and then.

Jill: You just have it all figured out.

Sean: No, I think you started to take a different path and I happened to be around.

Jill: Oh, you happened to be around. You had no influence on me.

Sean: In this case don't worry about being a woman who doesn't follow her instincts. It's no crime. I just think you're still involved. I better get back outside. Before I go, one more thing about Mac and your son.

Jill: What?

Sean: Teenage relationships usually don't last that long. Especially if the couple is left to their own devices.

Jill: So you think I can take comfort in that? Who knows, maybe you have a point.

I can't believe what I just heard!

Yes, sir. I think this is all you're going to need. All right, I will be waiting for you.

Isabella: The Assistant U.S. Attorney is coming here?

Paul: Yes. He's anxious to see these books. He's on his way over.

Isabella: What next?

Paul: Well I meet with the man. I set the ground rules. Before I show him anything, I want to make one thing clear, there is to be no link between you and this evidence. No one, not your husband or anyone else will be able to trace this back to you.

Isabella: You think he'll go for that?

Paul: Well either I get a guarantee right off the bat or I don't show him the books.

Isabella: You can do that?

Paul: Ultimately, it's up to the attorney. But I can negotiate. The government wants to see these books very badly. So it's just a matter of who blinks first.

Isabella: Once they get the books, what happens to James?

Paul: Your husband will be in prison for a very long time and he will no longer be a threat to you.

Isabella: I can't believe this is almost over. You've lifted all the clouds that have been hanging over me.

Paul: All of them?

Isabella: To think how worried I've been. I should have trusted you from the beginning. You made it all happen and I don't know how I'm ever going to thank you.

Paul: Well look, I really would like to go over this material before the U.S. Attorney arrives. So if you will excuse me, I will get busy.

Isabella: What's the matter, Paul?

Paul: What could be the matter?

Isabella: Is there something wrong?

Paul: I just have a lot of work. That's all.

Isabella: It just seems like you've -- never mind. I'll leave you alone.

Mackenzie: Think I can talk to you about something, J.T.?

J.T.: Look, if it's about Brittany forget it. It's no big news. She's just being a pain as usual.

Mackenzie: This isn't about Brittany.

J.T.: Then what is it?

Mackenzie: it has to do with Rianna.

Raul: Bad memories?

Rianna: No. I just don't like talking or thinking about last summer that much.

Raul: Why look back, right?

Rianna: What's the point?

Raul: Everything is so different.

Rianna: Everything is perfect.

Raul: Well almost perfect. We still have to deal with J.T. and Brittany, although we don't spend that much time with them.

Rianna: You're getting at something.

Raul: Look, Rianna, Mac and I know you said you're fine having J.T. around, still I can't forget that he hurt you somehow.

Rianna: You know, Raul, it was a long time ago. There's no point in talking about it.

Raul: Yeah, you guys were together. It was nine months.

Rianna: Half the time it was out of habit.

Raul: What happened? Something made you finally break up with him. What did J.T. do to you?

J.T.: You want to talk about Rianna? No, I don't think so.

Mackenzie: Come on J.T., what's the big deal? All I want to do is have a friendly conversation.

J.T.: Right. You know when you try to tell me a lie.

Mackenzie: Okay, maybe I need a little more practice.

J.T.: Forget it. It takes a special talent.

Mackenzie: Anyway, back to Rianna.

J.T.: What do you want to know?

Mackenzie: Let's get away from here.

J.T.: Top secret, huh?

Mackenzie: I guess I don't like everything in public.

J.T.: What's on your mind?

Mackenzie: Well, I saw you two talking the other day and it seemed kind of tense.

J.T.: No, everything is cool. Why wouldn't it be?

Mackenzie: It just hit me you two used to go out and I don't know, I thought maybe spending so much time together would be weird.

J.T.: Mac, we dated a long time ago.

Mackenzie: But you two were pretty close, right?

J.T.: That depends. How do you define close?

Brittany: You're throwing in the towel?

Jill: Excuse me?

Brittany: I thought you were just laying low figuring out what to do next?

Jill: What are you talking about?

Brittany: Billy and Mac, of course. You can't just sit around hoping they're going to break up. Come on, Mrs. Abbott.

Jill: Don't you ever spy on me again and don't you ever talk to me this way again.

Brittany: I'm just saying the truth. You can't let people coerce you into accepting your son's relationship with Mac.

Jill: Oh, really?

Brittany: Yeah, you can't let people run your life that way.

Jill: Oh, my God. You have a lot of nerve for such a little girl.

Brittany: You think because I care about Billy?

Jill: You know, maybe it's time that I set you straight on a few things. I know you're desperate to get Billy back, but darling, I'm not your ally and I'm not your friend. In fact, I’ve never been particularly thrilled that you were going out with my son.

Brittany: But I thought you liked me.

Jill: I did at first, but you put an end to that.

Brittany: What did I do?

Jill: You practically let him die in the snow. You know what you were to me? You were never anything more than the lesser two of evils. You were never anything more than an outlet for a teenage boy's rampaging hormones. So you back off! You butt out of my business.

Sean: Hey, how's it going, Brit?

Brittany: Fine.

Sean: Whoa, whoa, whoa. What is it? What's wrong?

Keith: Good news. The trip is on.

Tricia: Meg said it was okay for us to come?

Keith: I think she's pleased we're coming.

Tricia: Both of us?

Keith: I told her we'd find a hotel and not impose on her. I'm really happy you encouraged me to pursue this, honey.

Tricia: Yeah, me too.

Keith: We're going to have to tread lightly because both of us have unresolved issues with your sister. You know, I think this is a positive first step to bringing our family together again.

Tricia: Right.

Keith: I'm really anxious to see Megan again, aren't you?

Tricia: Yeah, of course.

Keith: Good. Well I'm going to go up and start packing.

Tricia: Don't think I'm leaving you behind.

Matt: You couldn't if you wanted to. I am, as they say, a part of you.

Tricia: Okay, you shouldn't get cocky because you're not real and I can get rid of you whenever I want.

Matt: Are you sure about that? But then you'd be all by yourself. Nobody to talk to. Nobody to share your innermost thoughts and secrets with.

Tricia: Shut up. Besides, this trip may be a good idea after all.

Matt: Really. How so?

Tricia: It will give me time to focus on my future plans.

Matt: Which are?

Tricia: That's for me to know and for to you find out, if I decide I want to tell it to you.

Victor: Yeah, thank you. It's a good move getting a restraining order against Tricia.

Sharon: Except she doesn't have much of a track record when it comes to obeying the law.

Victor: He better keep a very close eye on her.

Sharon: Victor, I know you're doing everything you can, so please don't think I'm not grateful, it's just that I'm scared to death of Tricia McNeil and what she's going to do next.

Victor: Sharon, when I have the lab results we'll let you know, okay?

Victor: What do you think?

Nicholas: I'm worried about my wife, Dad. She was just starting to get back to a good place. Now she's stressed again.

Victor: She has every reason to be upset.

Nicholas: I agree. If Tricia is a threat we need to be on guard. If that candy was poison why would she admit to giving to Noah? If the results in the candy come back negative, isn't it possible she meant no harm? And what happened at the coffee house was done on impulse?

Victor: She has done things on impulse and twice with fatal consequences. Don't ever forget that. We've got to monitor every move she makes because we cannot afford that woman's surprises. She's a very, very dangerous lady.

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