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Victor: Trevor.

Trevor: Hey Mr. Newman.

Victor: I'm looking for Nicholas and Sharon.

Trevor: They left a while ago.

Victor: Will they be back?

Trevor: I think so.

Victor: Thank you, thank you.

Larry: Look, in case you're wondering I have permission to be here. Look Mr. Newman, I don't want any trouble.

Victor: Don't leave yet. I want to talk to you.

Larry: It's not about my job at Jabot, I hope.

Victor: It's about Tricia McNeil.


Keith: Nicholas. Sharon.

Nicholas: Keith, can we come in?

Sharon: Or is this a bad time?

Keith: No, no, please, come in. So what can I do for you?

Nicholas: We'd like to see Tricia.

Keith: Really. Why?

Sharon: We'd like to speak to her.

Keith: About?

Nicholas: Keith, is she here or not?

Keith: She's at her therapy session. It should be over now. She comes home directly after the hospital.

Sharon: Are you sure?

Keith: Why are you challenging what is a necessity?

Nicholas: We'd like to get into this with Tricia privately.

Keith: All right, look, I haven't had a chance to say this to you, but I deeply regret the role my daughter had in your trouble. I don't know why you want to speak to her, but I don't want to upset Tricia.

Sharon: We did not come here to agitate your daughter. The reason we did not suggest that she come straight home is that she didn't. She stopped by the coffee house.

Keith: She didn't.

Nicholas: And there's more. Much more.

Tricia: Dad, I'm home! We have company. What's going on?

Paul: Could be.

Isabella: Why?

Paul: What was the cabin used for?

Isabella: We would go there on weekends. James would hunt. What does this have to do with money laundering?

Paul: Tell me about the cousin. Did police talk to him?

Isabella: No.

Paul: Are you sure?

Isabella: Trust me, Paul, if he did I would have heard. He thought the family would bring him more shame.

Paul: I think there are other reasons why your husband didn't want his family questioned.

Mary: Oh, Gina your guess is good as mine.

Gina: Surely by the end of summer.

Mary: Who knows?

Gina: I feel so bad for them to be separated like this.

Mary: Heartbreaking.

Gina: You mean for Paul.

Mary: For everyone concerned, Christine included. You know I really believe they will be able to work this out. But in spite of everything that's happened I still think Christine is a very special woman.

Gina: She is, Mary. She's one of a kind. It's just so wrong for her work to be coming between them.

Mary: It's not just her job.

Gina: Well you're closer to her than I am. I was just hoping they would be able to find a way to weather the separation and get back together again.

Mary: Gina, a woman doesn't stay away from her husband that long, not if she values her relationship.

Gina: You're right. She's just asking for trouble.

Mary: It's been a terrible experience for my son. The only silver lining is the young woman he's met, Isabella Brogna. She's truly been a miracle for him the way she's been able to lift his spirits. I don't know how he would have done it without her.

Gina: I'm sorry this whole thing happened.

Alex: I want this night to go on forever.

Malcolm: Well I don't know about forever, but I can manage till dawn. How does that suit you? Because I was kind of thinking we could watch the sunrise together.

Alex: What do we do in the meantime? Hit a couple of keggers, all-night at some hotel room?

Malcolm: Baby, the sky is the limit as long as we wrap things up by 8:00 a.m.

Alex: Why?

Malcolm: Because I might turn into a pumpkin and Iíve got to return this Liberace suit to the store. Do you know I got $25 late charge? [Laughing ] But you know what, that's enough questions out of you. I've got another question of my own. You ready, because this one is a biggie.

Alex: Go for it.

Malcolm: Okay. If we get home after your curfew, your mama is not going to chase me down with a pot, is she? After all it is the senior prom.

Alex: She'll have a problem all right, especially with a smooth talker like you.

Malcolm: Smooth talker, who?

Alex: You. Yes she would. I'll call her and tell her we're going to spend the night at a girlfriend's. Then we can do whatever we want.

Malcolm: Now that is the right answer, because you know what? I'm not letting you out of my arms until somebody pries you out.

Alex: That might be a long, long time.

Colleen: Yes, it was good.

Ashley: Dessert, anyone?

John: Maybe later, sweetheart. I am stuffed.

 [Phone rings]

Ashley: Hello? Oh, hi! Well yeah. The reason he's not over there is because he and Colleen are over here. Oh, really in for how long? Well okay, okay. I'll give him the message. You too. Some unknown reason Jack is in California?

John: Really? There can't be business there.

Ashley: He was very mysterious. He had to rush off. He couldn't talk.

Colleen: Oh, speaking of Jack, I met Phyllis the other day. She seemed really nice. I recognized the Glow by Jabot thing. She offered to give me some internet tips. Maybe I'll take her up on it.

John: Well I'm going to clear up the table.

Ashley: No, you're not. You sit down and relax.

John: You did all the cooking. I insist I'm going to clean up.

Colleen: I'll help you, Granddad.

Brad: The look on your Dad's face about Colleen hanging out with Phyllis.

Ashley: He wasn't too thrilled. Still I think it's a good sign.

Brad: The kid is showing interest.

Ashley: Well yeah, it's a start.

Brad: We just have to keep her pointed in the right direction.

Tricia: It's true.

Keith: Why did you go there?

Tricia: I was on my way and --.

Sharon: Suddenly you had a craving for a cappuccino.

Tricia: I wanted to see Nicholas. I didn't have a chance to apologize.

Nicholas: For what?

Tricia: Part of my healing process is to apologize to the people Iíve hurt. That's what was on my mind. I pulled over and came through the patio. Then I was wondering if it was a good idea. Sure enough when I saw you, Sharon, I lost my nerve. I didn't know what to say. I couldn't let you know I was there so I left.

Keith: So you didn't actually speak to Sharon?

Tricia: No, Dad.

Keith: I don't understand. How did you know Tricia was there?

Nicholas: No, Keith, she didn't drop by and just leave.

Sharon: We want to know her intention where our son was concerned.

Mr. Winters.

Malcolm: Yo, what's up, my man?

What would you and Ms. Perez like to hear next?

Malcolm: Ms. Perez?

Alex: Did the music stop? I didn't realize it.

Come on, give me a request.

Malcolm: I don't know, man. You have been doing a great job all night. You have been casting a spell with all that music.

I think it's that beautiful lady that's casting a spell. As a matter of fact, I feel you feeling this. Check this out. [Laughing]

Malcolm: Well feel on, my brother. See, see, I like that. Come here.

Malcolm: So my precious, about our plans for the rest of the evening, well I have a limo parked right out front. I'm talking about one of those long stretch numbers and it will surely take us any place we like to go.

Alex: Awesome.

Malcolm: Okay. You are really '88. But I'm going to let that slide. [Laughing] So we can stick with the theme and go to an all-night and get our grub on, or we can turn ourselves back and go to the club and shake our moneymaker. Hmm?

Alex: Another night I'd say all of the above. But you know what I really want to do?

Malcolm: Talk to me.

Alex: Go back to your place.

Malcolm: You must go down to the rec room and play some tapes. Of course we wonít play them too loud because we might wake up our folks. We might get grounded, girl.

Malcolm: Let's go.

Alex: I'll never forget this, Malcolm, the prom you gave me.

Malcolm: My man. Great job. You were the first you'll be the last wherever you go I'll be with you whatever you want I'll give it to you...

Tricia: Intentions toward your son?

Nicholas: Are you denying you spoke with Noah?

Sharon: And you gave him this candy?

Tricia: No, and I don't know why you would be so upset. What did you guys think? Were you worried? I just grabbed a couple of these on my way out. When I saw that cute little boy I thought maybe he'd like one.

Keith: Are you accusing her of trying to harm your child? You people are going way overboard.

Tricia: Dad, it's okay. I was wrong. Think about it. A stranger should never give your child anything. Of course, I'd be alarmed. And to find out the stranger was me. I'd have questions, too. Listen, I am so sorry. I wasn't thinking. It's very insensitive of me. I hope you'll accept my apology.

Larry: Tricia McNeil? I hardly know that flaky chick.

Victor: Is that so?

Larry: Yeah, I seen her around. Talk about a nutcase. [Laughing] I mean, she didn't really like me that much. What little contact we did have wasn't very pleasant.

Victor: But you observed her while she had a relationship with Matt Clark, didn't you?

Larry: Yeah.

Victor: What do you think of her?

Larry: The main impression I got was that her elevator didn't go all the way to the top floor, know what I'm talking about?

Victor: Sit down. What else?

Larry: Well, to be honest with you, Mr. Newman, I feel a little weird right now. I'm wondering if you're not trying to get me to incriminate myself like did you in Milwaukee.

Victor: When I decide to come after you you'll know about it. I just need some information about Tricia McNeil. I want you to supply it. So. What did you think of the relationship between Tricia McNeil and Matt Clark?

Larry: She was being jerked around big time. He always liked to keep her off balance. I guess that's one of the ways he got his kicks. Romance her all lovey-dovey into it. Then the next minute treating her like dirt.

Victor: Did he ever beat her up?

Larry: Not that I know of. But I can tell you this that I don't really think she knew which end was up. Look, if you don't mind me asking, what's with these questions? Is there something up with that woman?

Victor: Nothing you need to be apprised of.

Larry: Well that's fine with me. Is there anything else? Well I guess I'll be on my way then. You know, Mr. Newman, she told you she was pretty much kept out of it and in the dark. Once she found out Matt was going after Sharon she just didn't sit by and let it happen. I don't think she was a victim at the end driving her car off the road and everything.

Victor: You're right. She was not a victim. Thank you.

Keith: I believe my daughter has been quite clear in the explanation of this candy business. Now is there anything else?

Nicholas: No, we can go.

Tricia: Again, Nicholas and Sharon, I am so sorry for upsetting you. The only reason I went to the coffee house was to apologize. It obviously made things worse.

Sharon: You had to know it would have been inappropriate for you to talk to Noah.

Tricia: I saw this cute confident little boy. I had some chocolates with me and I offered him one.

Sharon: Really, it's that simple, huh?

Tricia: I didn't mean any harm. There's no reason I can come by again. I'll keep my distance from you and your family.

Nicholas: Yeah, I think that's best.

Keith: I can't believe they thought there was anything wrong with that candy. At the same time, I have to ask you, what in the world were you thinking going into that coffee house?

Isabella: You're being so mysterious. What are you thinking?

Paul: Isabella, bear with me here. How often did you and James go to the cabin?

Isabella: Quite a bit.

Paul: Did he ever bring work up there with him?

Isabella: All the time. It really bugged me.

Paul: Why?

Isabella: Because we were supposed to spend time together.

Paul: Money laundering would have required a different set of books.

Isabella: And the authorities haven't been able to find them.

Paul: By searching your home and all of your husband's business from top to bottom.

Isabella: The cabin.

Paul: Exactly. Did the police know about it?

Isabella: No, they certainly don't. Wait a minute. The police searched all of these boxes. There was an officer asking about these receipts.

Paul: Did you tell him about the cabin?

Isabella: I didn't want to for Marty's sake.

Paul: Marty is your husband's cousin.

Isabella: He's a nice guy.

Paul: Isabella, the more I think about it, the more I think what we're looking for just might be in that cabin.

Gina: I've met Isabella.

Mary: She's very talented in the kitchen.

Gina: She ordered from me once. She had me shaking in my boots.

Mary: If you knew her any better you'd realize she's anything about critical. As a matter of fact she's very warm, charming.

Gina: She's quite beautiful, too.

Mary: Hard not to notice.

Gina: Has Paul noticed?

Pardon me. Your contact is on line one.

Gina: Mary, you have to excuse me for a moment.

Mary: Oh, of course.

Mary: I don't recall asking you to join me.

Michael: You didn't. I couldn't help asking you questions.

Mary: My, you have good ears. It must come from years of eavesdropping.

Michael: I'm aware of the unfortunate state of their marriage.

Mary: That is none of your business.

Michael: Christine is my partner. We run a law firm together.

Mary: First mistake Christine made, working for you.

Michael: What is this woman like? This devout, beautiful, Isabella?

Mary: I have no desire to discuss any of that with you.

Michael: Well fine, then I'll discuss it with Christine.

Mary: You would, wouldn't you?

Michael: For your information, Christine is not only my colleague, she is my friend. And if there's anything I can do to protect her from being hurt, make no mistake I will.

Mary: Well then, running off to your friend it's the cruelest time to -- let me set the record straight. Isabella is a client of my son and there's nothing untoward going on between them.

Michael: A client who is lifting his spirits. That must be a fascinating case.

Mary: You can --.

Michael: I've done no such thing, Mrs. Williams. Obviously, your son is smitten for this woman in his life.

Mary: Stop twisting my words.

Michael: You have it your way.

Mary: If I had my way, you'd be -- never mind. You're not going to make me say terrible things. Now would you please leave? I have people joining me for dinner.

Michael: You know, Mrs. Williams, I find you fascinating. I think I'll stick around. Here are your two happy meals, enjoy your lunch.

Malcolm: I noticed you didn't want to -- thank you very much.

Alex: No, no it's just so corny. But it was truly an amazing effort. Every detail was just absolutely perfect.

Malcolm: Wow, perfect is good. I grabbed a couple keepsakes when you weren't paying attention.

Alex: Oh?

Malcolm: Oh, yes. Let's take a look here. Hmm. Oh, I think this right here is the glass you drank out of, isn't it?

Alex: Yes.

Malcolm: What else? Oh, I think we have a Colonnade matchbook. Can't leave home without it.

Alex: No.

Malcolm: And we have the napkins I doodled our initials on.

Alex: Inside a heart.

Malcolm: No less of course. Last and surely not least, you know I wasn't going to leave this behind. Bam!

Alex: I said no.

Malcolm: We're talking top-of-the-line bubbly. You know I had to ask some grown ups to buy it for us being we are under age.

Alex: That's right. We're so bad.

Malcolm: So what do you say, beautiful? I know you must have worked off that first glass of champagne by now. Do you think you can break your little rules and have another glass of champagne with me?

Alex: Well I want to make a toast.

Malcolm: Look at that. You ain't got to tell me twice. Lady wants to make a toast.

Malcolm: I do not want to change your mind.

Alex: I'm not. One for the lady. Just a little bit because we don't want to you drink and drive. And since I'm at home and I can handle my liquor, I'm going to fill it on up.

Malcolm: All right. Talk to me, beautiful.

Alex: I hardly know where to begin. This night has meant so much to me. No one in my whole life done anything like this. I've never felt as close to anyone as I do to you right now.

Isabella: I can tell you how to get to the cabin but I don't have the keys. I'm not sure how you'll get in.

Paul: Don't worry about that. Tell me what I'll find.

Isabella: It's more of a house.

Paul: Any idea where I should start the search?

Isabella: Small setting in the back. That's where James spent most of his time.

Paul: I'll begin. Then I'll leave first thing in the morning. Something the matter?

Isabella: No. It sounds promising, but it's not a sure thing. What if you go there and you don't find anything?

Paul: Let's just think positively for now. I'm going to believe that somewhere in that place we're going to find the proof we need to give you your life back.

Isabella: Paul, it's what I want more than anything. What are you thinking?

Paul: A friend of mine told me that you and I would have a conversation after this is all over, only it would be very significant.

Isabella: And that disturbs you.

Paul: Well, it brought into focus where things stand. For better and for worse. It's such a difficult thing. If I could ease the burden somehow. I've been lucky. Things are already in focus. Whatever concerns I had at the beginning they're behind me now. Far behind me.

Paul: Well, I have a full day tomorrow. I'll get to bed. 

Malcolm: I like your toast. I think I'm going to have to come up with a toast of my own, huh?

Alex: I don't think so.

Malcolm: Why, don't you want to drink anymore?

Alex: No.

Malcolm: Oh. You know what? It is getting late. You're probably ready to go home. And it is a workday tomorrow. Oh, babe, I just wish we could have done this on a weekend.

Alex: Malcolm, Malcolm, I'm going somewhere, but not home.

Malcolm: What do you mean?

Ashley: Honey, it's a lot better than I thought it would be. Really well. I think she's turned a corner.

Brad: I do think she's beginning to realize how important family is, especially when you're going through something like this.

Ashley: You should be pretty proud of yourself.

Brad: Oh, yeah?

Ashley: Yeah. You're the one who made the first breakthrough.

Brad: Colleen knows Iíve always cared about her. Now she's seeing it in action. I think it will speak volumes.

Ashley: I think you're right. I know it will bring her comfort knowing we're all there for her. Just when I thought this evening couldn't get any lovelier.

Mary: Mr. Baldwin, Iíve wasted enough time talking to you.

Michael: Waste a little more.

Mary: I want you to leave.

Michael: Time and time again you have brow beaten me about Christine neglecting her husband. You didn't give a damn about that marriage. You didn't think Christine was good enough for your fabulous son. Whatever she did you found shortcoming. She was not loving enough. She was a great daughter-in-law, but too independent. She wanted to be an incredible lawyer that built her own career and you managed to make that a failure, too? Why? Because she didn't follow your timetable for becoming a grandma.

Mary: Oh, how dare you!

Michael: Guess, Mrs. Williams, you got your wish. Now pursue somebody worthy of him. Now who knows maybe this Isabella is the real deal. Apparently, she's got your stamp of approval. You know, one has to wonder how long it's going to last, because you know what, Mrs. Williams? The truth is there is not a woman on this green earth who is good enough for your precious little boy. I pity the poor unfortunate woman who falls in love with your son.

Mary: Look you, get out of my sight!

Michael: I'll see you in church. Everywhere!

Sharon: How so?

Nicholas: Tricia definitely seems different.

Sharon: Yeah, she's different. Nick, you don't believe her story about why she was here, do you?

Victor: There you are.

Nicholas: Hey, Dad.

Victor: I want you to know the steps regarding Tricia McNeil.

Sharon: I heard. I'm so sorry Keith was opposed to committing her.

Victor: How did you know about that?

Nicholas: We just confronted Tricia at her dad's house.

Sharon: She was here earlier. She sneaked in the back way. She claimed to come here to apologize. That's not even the half of it. Before she could leave she went to Noah and tried to feed him this.

Victor: She offered the boy candy?

Sharon: Yes.

Nicholas: Look, I realize you're alarmed and you have every right to be but don't you think it is at least possible she was trying to be nice to Noah?

Sharon: I don't like the idea she can show up without warning and try to feed our son candy when we were assured she would stay away.

Nicholas: Who knows what she might do next?

Victor: You mind if I keep this? If you don't mind I'm going to send it to a lab and find out exactly what's in it.

Nicholas: Thanks, Dad.

Tricia: Dad.

Keith: I know it makes you uncomfortable but it's something we have to discuss.

Tricia: I go from here to the hospital and straight back home again. No detours into hostile territory.

Keith: Which is exactly what the Newman coffee house is.

Tricia: I know I made a mistake and I really don't have anything to say, except it is kind of a catch-22.

Keith: Meaning what?

Tricia: The drugs and the therapy are working so well. And I'm suddenly aware of all the terrible things that Iíve done. It just makes me want to make some sort of amends to the people Iíve hurt. I am feeling so much better and I just assume they'll think I'm sincere. People just don't know that Iíve changed. For me, they think they would react any differently. I guess it's a little bit selfish to approach the people, especially the Newmans who want nothing to do with me. Believe me Dad, I'm being honest. Is there something else you wanted to say to me?

Keith: No, no, I'm tired. It can wait till morning. Good night, sweetheart.

Tricia: Before I forget, did you have any luck with the --

Keith: I guess we won't know until more mice show up. As I understand it they bring it back to the nest and crawl away to die once they eat it. Good night.

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