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Tricia: Don't you want the candy?

Noah: What kind is it?

Tricia: What kind do you like?

Noah: Chocolate's my favorite.

Tricia: Well it's chocolate, but it's really special. It's got the squishy stuff inside. I'd bet you'd love it.

Nicholas: So Cassie is staying with a friend tonight, and our son is going to be with your mother.

Sharon: Yeah.

Nicholas: So I got you all to myself tonight.

Sharon: You want to go out to dinner?

Nicholas: Sure. You want to go out somewhere special?

Sharon: Wherever you want.

Nicholas: I'll call you later.

Sharon: You have to leave?

Nicholas: Yeah, there's someone I got to go see. Hey. Are you all right?

Sharon: Yeah. It's just this thing about Tricia. I'm trying not to let it bother me.

Nicholas: But you can't help it. We're going to stay on close alert. Make sure Tricia doesn't cause any problems.

Tricia: Don't you want it?

Noah: Is this candy any good?

Tricia: Mmm, delicious. Try it you'll see.

Malcolm: Hey you. What's the matter, beautiful, cat got your tongue?

Alex: I don't know what to say. What is all of this?

Malcolm: All of this, well, do you see this sign over there? It says class of '88, right? Well that was the year you graduated from high school, am I right?

Alex: Yes, that's true but --.

Malcolm: And you, my little lady, were not fortunate to go to your high school prom.

Alex: How did you know?

Malcolm: I got a clue from a little conversation the other night. You wouldn't let me see your prom picture.

Alex: Yeah, but I never said I didn't go. How did you figure it out?

Malcolm: Are you going to stand there and ask me a bunch of silly questions or do you want to go with me to your prom?

Alex: My prom? It's my prom?

Malcolm: The music is right and hopefully this handsome young dude standing behind you is right. Alex Perez, welcome to 1988.

♫ Ooh, heaven is a place on earth. ♫

Nikki: Isabella. Hello. I don't know if you remember me.

Isabella: Yes, I do. Good so to see you again Mrs. Newman.

Nikki: Call me Nikki.

Isabella: Paul is at the office? If you want you can wait.

Nikki: Oh, Mary hello.

Mary: Hello, Nikki.

Nikki: Good to see you.

Mary: My goodness. Can I get you some tea?

Isabella: I'll get it. Please have a seat.

Nikki: Thank you.

Mary: Obviously, you've met Isabella before.

Nikki: Yes, I have.

Mary: She is really lovely, don't you think? I'm quite fond of her.

Nikki: Well I'm curious about Paul's feelings. Is he fond of her too?

Colleen: Like what?

John: How about going to a movie with Billy and his friends? I stopped by the boutique and he told me his plans and he said he'd like for you to come along.

Colleen: Really?

John: Why don't you call him? That's probably Billy.

Tracy: Hi, Daddy. It's me.

John: Tracy it's so good to hear you. Colleen wants to talk to you.

Tracy: Good because that's why I called.

Colleen: Mom, hey.

Tracy: Hi, sweetie.

Colleen: Are you on your way back here?

Tracy: No, no. I'm still in New York.

Colleen: Have you and Dad talked?

Tracy: No, but we need more time to work things out.

Colleen: I don't understand. What is there to work out after what he did to you?

Tracy: It's complicated.

Colleen: Until he convinces you he'll never do it again. Come on, Mom, please, don't fall for that!

John: Honey, I'm sorry, Colleen just ran upstairs. I'm afraid that's a very difficult time for her.

Tracy: I hate what this is doing to my little girl.

Sharon: Well, there's my big boy. We're going to be going to Grandma Doris' soon.

Noah: Good.

Sharon: So I'm going to go over a couple of things with Trevor and we'll be on our way. Honey? That's right you are. Did someone give you something? A candy. Who gave this to you?

Noah: The lady. Can I eat it?

Sharon: No, you cannot eat anything a stranger gives you and you shouldn't be talking to strangers Now who was it? Is she outside?

Noah: She's gone now.

Sharon: Right. Let's go back inside.

Mary: Well I hate having to rush off this way, but I'm meeting a friend. Bye, bye, dear.

Isabella: Bye, Mary.

Nikki: Well I hope she didn't leave on my account.

Isabella: Why would you think that?

Nikki: Sometimes I think I can be a little direct.

Isabella: To Paul's mother.

Nikki: Yes, yes.

Nikki: Well I'm glad that we have the chance to talk alone.

Isabella: You want to get to know me better. Or is there something else?

Nikki: What do you mean?

Isabella: You're wondering if me staying here is good for him. That's what's really on your mind, isn't it?

Malcolm: Hey, pretty lady. You follow me. I take your breath away. Right about now you are -- girl.

Alex: Thank you. Huh?

Alex: Oh, my, Malcolm this is so beautiful.

Malcolm: Welcome to paradise.

Alex: Oh, my God.

Malcolm: Come on. We'll come back.

Alex: This is beautiful!

Malcolm: Come on. My man.

Malcolm: Come on, princess, put your glasses on. Why don't you check this out?

Alex: Gosh, this is really taking me back.

Malcolm: I hope so. I hope to take you back to 1988.

Alex: Wait a minute. Everybody on this list is from when I graduated.

Malcolm: We have Michael Jackson, Richard Marx, Debbie Gibson, all the way. I can't take credit for you. My man here. Sure you are. That's right, baby.

Malcolm: Anything you'd like to hear? It's all yours, baby.

Alex: Yeah, about 50 of them.

Let me help me out.

Alex: Okay, okay, help me out. Go for it.

Bam, bam, bam.

Malcolm: Girl, wait a minute! That is my jam! Check it out. Whoo!

Alex: All right now.

Malcolm: Wait I got one for you. Wait a minute.

Malcolm: Oh, hey, hey, you were not supposed to see that.

Karl: I'm ready.

Malcolm: Well this would not be a high cool prom if we did not take prom pictures. You know we have to be the best looking couple in the year book.

Malcolm: Girl, you're definitely not 18 anymore.

Right over here. By the balloons. Welcome to your prom.

Alex: Thank you.

Big smile.

Noah: Can I eat the candy?

Sharon: No, sweetie. The lady is gone and I didn't get to meet her.

Noah: She was real nice.

Sharon: What did she look like?

Noah: She had hair like you.

Sharon: Did she seem real nice, did she say anything else?

Noah: She asked if your name was Sharon.

Sharon: So she knows us.

Noah: Is it okay?

Sharon: No, you can't eat something a stranger gave you. Eat your cookie instead.

Tracy: Oh, Daddy I was afraid Colleen would react this way.

John: Look I can get her to talk some more.

Tracy: No, no. That wouldn't do any good. She's just too upset right now. Be honest with me, completely honest with me. How are things with her?

John: Pretty much as you'd expect. She's not happy with the situation, but she is hanging in.

Tracy: Will you tell Colleen that I love her?

John: Yes, I will.

John: So? How about the movie? Should I call Billy?

Colleen: Thanks Granddad, but I don't feel like it after all.

Nikki: Apparently, Mary feels you're good for Paul.

Isabella: She's a very dear lady.

Nikki: So I'm not sure everyone shares her opinion of me.

Isabella: I'm sure if you talk to Lynne lately --.

Nikki: And then there's Paul's opinion.

Isabella: You two have talked about me?

Nikki: Did that concern you?

Isabella: Should it?

Nikki: You care a great deal about what Paul thinks, don't you? I guess that look is my answer. What's going on?

Ryan: I think Victoria told you Tricia is out of the hospital. You're every bit as upset as your sister.

Nicholas: You can't be surprised.

Ryan: I can understand your concern and Vicki's. But going on the attack --.

Nicholas: I'm not here to do that, man. I want to hear your take on things.

Ryan: If it were up to me she would still be in that facility getting care. Her release has created so much chaos.

Nicholas: Especially now my father is involved.

Ryan: What did Victor do?

Nicholas: He went to see Keith.

Ryan: What happened?

Nicholas: Basically, he thinks his daughter needs to be recommitted.

Ryan: I'm sure he’s confused. Damn, it, I wish Victor would have talked to me first. I could have told him how he'd react. Did your father speak with Tricia, too?

Nicholas: Oh, yeah.

Ryan: Great. That's just great. She probably freaked out.

Nicholas: He didn't go to upset her. After everything that happened he had every right to.

Ryan: I'm not denying that, Nick. Nor has she not done terrible things. She's worked hard, and I wish people would give her a chance. Remember what you told me when this whole nightmare with Clark was over? After I had helped you? You told me if you could ever repay the favor you would. And I'd like to call on that favor now.

Nicholas: All right. What do you want?

Ryan: If you could just get Sharon to back off. Come on. What do you say? Can you help make this happen? [Doorbell]

Sharon: Sorry to interrupt but I need to talk to Nick right away in private. It's important.

Ryan: All right. I'll step outside.

Nicholas: What's wrong?

Malcolm: Work it out! That's how we do that.

Malcolm: You have to be little slow and low for me and you. Come here, you. I'll always love you for the rest of my days you have won my heart.

Alex: Malcolm. No one has ever done anything this special for me. Then again, I've never known anyone like you.

Malcolm: You deserve it.

[Clearing throat]

Jacques: Excuse me sir.

Malcolm: All good.

Jacques: We're ready for you.

Malcolm: Oh, really? Well then, let the games begin.

Alex: What?

Malcolm: Shh, shh.

Alex: Oh, my God!

Alex: I was looking forward to bragging about my fine date, you know, to all the cheerleaders. They get very jealous.

Malcolm: Well guess what, they're just going to have to eat their hearts out. [Laughing]

Jacques: Can I pour for you, sir?

Malcolm: Actually, Jacques, my friend, I've got this covered. Thank you.

Alex: Thank you.

Malcolm: Voila! Hmm?

Malcolm: Now listen, I know all about you. I can only have one drink per date. I know it, I know it. Not only did I remember, but I've got this one covered. You know how? Because in my hand I'm holding the best bubbly in town. I'm talking vintage 1988. Now if I may do the honors, I would like to propose a toast. Alex Perez, happy prom night. I hope it's everything you could have possibly imagined and a whole lot more.

Tricia: Fine.

Dr. Burns: That's a vague response, Tricia.

Tricia: Well I guess I haven't been out that long.

Dr. Burns: Still, it's a big step.

Tricia: I have a different bedroom, different place to eat, but it's not that different from being here.

Dr. Burns: You're being less forthcoming than usual. I think I know why. You're talking about your home as if it was a hotel, but it was a place where you grew up. How do you feel about being back in your childhood home?

Tricia: You think it says something apart from my life after my breakdown. Look, I really wish you would -- you're wondering if I see my return home as a symbol of my marriage.

Dr. Burns: Is there any validity to that?

Tricia: Maybe. Probably. Even though I know my marriage is over, it still hurts. I feel bad that I couldn't make Ryan happy, that I didn't succeed as his wife.

Dr. Burns: It's hard to admit that.

Tricia: But, I have to if I'm going to continue getting better. I am so grateful to you, doctor, for keeping me honest and not letting me hide things. I just hope someday I can face who I am and what I've done without guidance from anyone. Not now.

Dr. Burns: Not now what, Tricia?

Tricia: I just meant not now. I'm not ready to do that alone yet.

[Phone rings]

Ashley: Hello?

John: Honey, it's me.

Ashley: Hi, Daddy, what's up?

John: Tracy just called. It looks like she'll be staying in New York a while longer.

Ashley: So Tracy and Steve are talking.

John: Apparently so, but Colleen sure isn't happy by it. She was just on the brink of going to a movie with Billy and his friends and now she doesn't want to do anything. Look, it's just the two of us here. You think you and Brad would want to come over?

John: Is there a problem?

Ashley: We're trying to keep Abby on an early bed time schedule. Is there any way you and Colleen could join us?

John: I'm not sure. Hold on. Maybe she'll agree. Oh, Colleen, honey, how about humoring your old granddad and joining me in going over to Brad and Ashley's for a while, huh?

Colleen: Okay.

John: Well, we will be there.

Ashley: Great. See you soon.

Brad: Is he going to come?

Ashley: Yeah, what do you know? Looks like the talk this morning will be paying off.

Brad: Let's hope so. It's encouraging. For several reasons.

Paul: So this is the first time you two have had a chance to talk?

Nikki: Actually, I think I learned quite a bit about Isabella through our little chat. I have to be going.

Isabella: Goodbye, Nikki. It was nice seeing you again.

Nikki: Yes, you too.

Paul: I'll walk you to the door. So you've checked her out.

Nikki: She's very beautiful.

Paul: You already knew that.

Nikki: In the mood for some advice?

Paul: Go ahead.

Nikki: It's obvious she cares a great deal about you, Paul, but soon her case is going to be over. You're going to have to make some decisions about your marriage. You start down the road with Isabella it's going to be too late for Christine and there won't be no turning back.

Nicholas: Okay, so this woman who gave Noah the candy was not on the patio when you went out there?

Sharon: Right. I took the candy away from him.

Nicholas: That's all that happened?

Sharon: Do you think I overreacted?

Nicholas: No, you have been stressed lately.

Sharon: Maybe I did go overboard.

Nicholas: Hey, I'm not blaming you a bit but you can't let this thing with Tricia run every aspect of our lives. It's not healthy. Look how wound up you are.

Sharon: Meaning what? You think I'm obsessed with Tricia McNeil? Is that what you're saying, Nick?

Ashley: Dad, is everything okay in there?

John: Yeah, you’re a huge help.

Ashley: All I did was stir the sauce.

John: Sweetheart, are you all right?

Colleen: Yeah, sure. Why shouldn't I be? You told them about Mom's call, that she's still in New York and how I reacted.

Ashley: Don't be upset with your grandfather for thinking that, honey.

Colleen: I'm not. Everyone knows everything anyway. I just wish --.

Brad: You wish your mom hadn't gotten back with him.

Colleen: I can't believe it after the way he betrayed her.

Brad: Colleen, it's complicated. I know you've heard that before.

Colleen: I can't talk about this anymore!

Ashley: Dad, want to help me finish up dinner in the kitchen?

John: Good idea.

Brad: It's going to work out, Colleen. Just give it some time. Things will work out.

Alex: Malcolm, I can't remember when I felt so wonderful.

Malcolm: That must be the chocolate talking, huh?

Alex: I think it's a lot more than the dessert. The night is so incredible I don't know if I should ask what's next.

Malcolm: Oh, but I think you just did. My man! [Horns]

Alex: What's that for?

Malcolm: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages it's time to announce the queen and the king. Jacques, envelope please!

Alex: Malcolm, you think of everything!

Malcolm: Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of the 1988 Hennenson High School queen and king prom are -- oh, it's the one and only beautiful, sexy Alex Perez and the most handsome Mr. Malcolm Winters.

Alex: So we won! I can't believe it. What a shock!

Malcolm: Girl, with all the competition, nobody even came close.

Alex: What? I don't get a crown?

Malcolm: Oh, see, I've got you covered my little diva. If the lady asks, she shall receive. [Claps]

Alex: Oh, my God!

Malcolm: A crown for the beautiful lady.

Alex: Thank you, thank you. [Laughing] Oh, thank you! Okay! Oh, my! Whoo!

Malcolm: Well look at my beautiful queen. Well. Your royal highness I am truly and utterly -- I will give you anything your heart desires right at this moment.

Alex: I'd really like to dance on the balcony.

Malcolm: Well then dance on the balcony we shall. My man! Can you give us some mood music?

Malcolm: It doesn't get better than this.

Alex: I know.

Malcolm: So my beautiful little queen. How am I doing so far?

Alex: You need to ask?

Malcolm: Well listen, I know this whole high school prom is a little far out, but Alex, I just wanted to do something to show you just how very special you are to me.

Alex: Well you succeeded. I really do feel like a queen.

Colleen: What do you mean?

Brad: Oh, come on. This is where you spent the first few years of your life.

Colleen: When you were married to my mother?

Brad: Yeah, that's right. We used to put your playpen right up there by the window and you used to love to watch the birds splash around in the birdbath. And right there, right there is where you were born.

Colleen: What?

Brad: Your mom went into labor unexpectedly. There was no chance to go to the hospital, so I delivered you.

Colleen: You're kidding.

Brad: No.

Colleen: You actually delivered me? I was born right here?

Brad: Right here.

Brad: Let me tell you something, that was the most incredible experience of my life. You were so beautiful. The first time I held you in my arms, I fell in love. Pretty wild, huh?

Colleen: Yeah, I'll say.

John: Hey you two. Dinner is ready. You know Ash said you made a little headway with Colleen this morning. Guess what, I think you made just a bit more?

Isabella: What is it, Paul? Did you find something?

Paul: Yeah. All these grocery receipts.

Isabella: What about them?

Paul: Well they're from a little store in De Pere. I've driven by it. It's a small town just outside of Green Bay. What were you doing there?

Isabella: James and I used to go to a cabin there on the weekend.

Paul: I didn't realize you owned another place.

Isabella: It belonged to his cousin. He rarely used it so he gave us the run of the place. What? Is this significant?

Paul: You bet it is. This could be the break we're looking for.

Dr. Burns: You seem a bit anxious, Tricia.

Tricia: Do I? Actually I feel pretty good.

Dr. Burns: I'm glad to hear that.

Tricia: You know, this is getting easier and easier for me just to let everything out.

Dr. Burns: Good. We have to stop now. My session is over. Be right back.

Matt: Keep me out of this. Where do you come up with this stuff, Tricia?

Tricia: Are you enjoying my performance?

Matt: What do you think?

Tricia: I think should have been an actress. Among other things.

Matt: Don't get too overconfident. You have to stay focused, remember?

Tricia: Keep my eye on the prize.

Matt: Yeah, speaking of which, what was that whole caper you pulled at the coffee house with that kid? Are you going for broke?

Nicholas: No, I don't think you're obsessed, but like Ryan said.

Sharon: Wait a minute. Were you guys talking about Tricia?

Nicholas: He did manage to convince me that -- babe, what is it?

Sharon: When I asked Noah about the woman who gave him the candy, he said that she was my age and my hair color and she even mentioned knowing us.

Nicholas: Okay.

Nicholas: Sharon, what are you doing?

Sharon: Noah, sweetie, is this the woman that gave you the candy?

Noah: Yes, is she a friend of yours, Mommy?

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