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Sean: So that's the game plan. Any feedback?

Billy: Sounds cool to me.

Raul: Me too.

Mackenzie: Let the newcomers ease into things.

Billy: You're a pro at this.

Mackenzie: Maybe behind the scenes.

Billy: Relax. You'll be terrific. You already are.

Sean: It looks like this is going to be one romantic summer.

Billy: You got something against romance, Sean?

Sean: If there are no more questions from the peanut gallery.

Sean: I have one.

Raul: Shoot.

Sean: Brittany is supposed to be here by now. Any idea where she is?

Ned: You want to help out here at the homeless shelter?

Brittany: Yes, very much. My friend Mackenzie, she volunteers. She even stayed here for a while. It's quite a story, isn't it?

Ned: Yes, it is.

Brittany: She sure is an inspiration, the way she left home, lived on the streets, made a life for herself. I really admire her. Not that she talked that much about what happened before she came here, at least not to me.

Ned: I'm surprised. You sound close to her.

Brittany: I am. I know she went through something back then I might be able to help her with. I just don't know what it is. Do you?

Jill: You must be wondering why I wanted to see you.

J.T.: Actually I heard something; to be part of the Glow by Jabot House.

Jill: Brittany told you. Anyway, you had a chance to think about it. How does the idea grab you?

J.T.: You mean did Brittany convince me to sign on?

Jill: You hardly need convincing, J.T. This is a dream job.

J.T.: The way I see it, this dream job seems like a bad idea.

Brad: You say your mom's not home.

Colleen: She went to Jabot.

Brad: I was just there. We must have just missed each other.

Colleen: She should be back shortly, if you want to wait.

Brad: I understand you're a big fan of the Glow by Jabot House.

Colleen: Yeah.

Brad: It must be neat being related to one of the stars.

Colleen: Yeah. Billy's neat. So is the rest of the gang.

Brad: You should check them out at the pool. I think the summer campaign is cranking up today.

Colleen: I saw them out my bedroom window.

Brad: Did you go say hi?

Colleen: I don't feel like seeing anyone.

Ashley: Do you think Colleen will stay here if you go to New York to work things out with Steve?

Traci: I can make her think it's for the best.

Ashley: It's very difficult for the two of you to work things out if Colleen's there.

Jack: Besides, sweetheart, your nerves are already raw. To see your daughter hurt more.

Traci: I don't think I could take it. I feel if I left Colleen behind, I don't want her to feel deserted. I don't know how much time I'm going to need with Steve. My daughter has never been apart from us for very long. If I leave her behind with all this going on, I don't know what to do. Oh, you guys, why is this happening? Why is this happening?

Neil: Alex, you're back. [Phone ringing] Winters. Yes, Victor, what can I do for you?

Victor: Neil, something has come up. I need to see you immediately, all right?

Neil: Fine. I'll be right there. If you'll excuse me, ladies, Victor needs to see me. I'll be right back.

Olivia: I hear you went to see Dr. Kimbrough.

Alex: Yes.

Olivia: A lot of good that did.

Alex: Let's put it this way. After talking to him and turning the screws a little, he won't get the smoking gun from Lawson. The man was too nervous and I don't think we can trust him to handle it.

Olivia: Really. Funny, I recall telling you the same thing. I guess it went in one ear and out the other.

Alex: I wanted to try talking to him one more time, Olivia.

Olivia: Because you didn't believe me?

Alex: My gosh, where is this attitude coming from? Or maybe I already know.

Jack: Honey, that's why you're going to New York to see why this is happening and see what future your marriage has.

Traci: Unless there is a future.

Ashley: You don't know anything until you talk to Steve.

Jack: You have to get everything out in the open without worrying what Colleen will see or hear.

Traci: I don't want to do anything that will cause that little girl more harm.

Ashley: Of course not.

Traci: It will be hard to leave her behind.

Jack: We will make sure that everything but New York is on Colleen's mind. If you two are able to reconcile I think she will be a lot less bitter toward her father if she's not in the thick of things. If you go alone, I want you to know she's welcome at the homestead. She likes Billy, right?

Traci: She idolizes Billy.

Ashley: She'll be occupied by the Glow by Jabot House.

Jack: Colleen stays here and you go get answers. Unless there's something else going on here or should I say someone else?

Traci: I don't know what you're talking about.

Jack: Certain people have an issue with Phyllis being in the house. You don't know the woman.

Traci: I know her divorce from Danny was a mess and it was mostly her fault.

Jack: She's a different woman now. She will not be a problem for Colleen. You have my word on that.

Traci: If she doesn't stay with you and Dad, what are her options?

Ashley: She could stay with us.

Traci: I appreciate the invitation but I don't feel comfortable with her staying with you and Brad.

Neil: This is a full-blown crisis.

Victor: That's why I want you to be on the way to Atlanta within the hour, Neil. This has to be taken care of immediately.

Neil: I had no idea this had gotten out of hand.

Victor: I put together materials for you. By the time you get to Atlanta, you should be up to speed.

Neil: I'll call my support staff on the plane.

Victor: What's happening with the HMO case?

Neil: I have potentially good news thanks in large part to an unexpected source.

Victor: Who's that?

Neil: My former sister-in-law, Olivia.

Olivia: You're very presumptuous, Alex.

Alex: That's not the way I see it, Olivia. It's obvious you're upset.

Olivia: You're convinced you know why.

Alex: Neil explained everything to you.

Olivia: New change in strategy.

Alex: We were looking after your best interests. We wanted to save you from something you wouldn't be comfortable with.

Olivia: Why wouldn't I be comfortable? It was my idea. I came to you.

Alex: I'm very aware of that.

Olivia: You could have fooled me.

Alex: We were very thrilled to finally get a breakthrough in the case, Olivia. We felt we steamrolled you into going undercover.

Olivia: I heard that story.

Alex: You think I'm lying? All right, look, you know let's start this whole thing over. First of all, I'm grateful for being given the opportunity to wrap up this case. I'm extremely hopeful that you will come through with your offer.

Olivia: I'm sure you are, now that your other option is no good. You know, I have a good mind to tell you to take a hike.

Alex: You know, Olivia, if you don't want to do this, you can leave. Shall I lay out what's involved? All right, step one you apply to Lawson.

Olivia: I already did that.

Alex: Completely on your own without consulting me?

Olivia: That's right.

Alex: Kimbrough gave me the name that's a great place to start, a man that's part of the bonus scheme.

Olivia: I thought I should get started.

Alex: You might have slowed things down instead of speeding them up, but let's move forward. Someone from Lawson will call. They may want to interview you. You'll say you prefer to speak to a Mr. Warren Ingersoll. Hopefully he'll be available and will agree to meet you at the hospital, and I'll be there listening in.

Olivia: You make it sound so simple.

Alex: Well, I don't mean to because a lot could go wrong. We may not get what we need from the first interview.

Olivia: I'd like to try.

Alex: Fine. Let's go over what you have to say to the interviewer.

Olivia: What if your Mr. Ingersoll does not call?

Alex: You have to tread lightly in case that interviewer is in on the scam. For example, you can say, I'm eager to hear about any incentives the company might offer. Of course, since you have a good practice, we have to justify your need for money.

Olivia: Like I'm about to embark on a very expensive lawsuit where my son is concerned? Is that justified, counselor?

Ashley: Gee, Traci, why don't you really say how you feel about Colleen staying with Brad and me?

Traci: I have looked hard and long to make sure Colleen looked to Steve as her father. I still feel that way. I didn't want to confuse my daughter with two father figures.

Jack: You realize she's at an age she will start making those decisions on her own.

Traci: That's why I was taking seriously Brad wanting a relationship with her. The timing just isn't right.

Jack: You don't want her to look to Brad as a substitute father with all this anger toward Steve.

Traci: Complicating an already complicated situation.

Ashley: That's all Brad wants too.

Jack: Junior isn't too happy with the way things are going either.

Traci: In what way?

Jack: I think he's disappointed that you haven't come to him and told him what's going on between you and your husband.

Ashley: I filled him in, by the way.

Traci: I see. Now that he's aware of the situation, perhaps he will be careful about not over-stepping. I'm not saying he can never see his daughter. I think under the same roof it might be a little too close.

Jack: Okay. It's decided. Colleen will stay here while you're in New York. We're not rushing you to spend time with Steve before you're ready.

Traci: I understand, Jack. If I have any chance of salvaging this relationship, it better be sooner rather than later. I guess I have to go talk to my daughter.

Jack: It'll be all right, okay?

Traci: Okay.

Ned: Mac never volunteered any information about her past.

Brittany: And you didn't ask?

Ned: It wasn't my place. That's not what we do at the shelter. A lot of the kids that come here, the runaways, they have tragic stories. It might be helpful for them to talk about it. It's never good to press.

Brittany: Still if Mac was having problems at home with one or both of her parents, which is why she --

Ned: Again, Miss Hodges, I never asked details about her story. Well, now it's time we get down to business. Here's the application for volunteering. [Phone ringing] One moment. Genoa City Shelter, Ned speaking. I hope you have good news. The mayor came through -- oh, man, that's exactly what -- yeah, yeah, I'm still here. Yeah, tell me everything he said. Board members all signed off on this? Good, good.

Jill: I trust you're going to explain your less-than-enthusiastic reaction to my offer of a dream job?

J.T.: Let's say I can think of better ways to spend my summer.

Jill: The chance to be a star, hanging out with beautiful girls all summer doesn't appeal to you?

J.T.: I didn't say that.

Jill: What are you saying, J.T.? Look, I don't know what Brittany told you but all I'm trying to do is strengthen the summer campaign. We're at a critical juncture here. We can't afford to make mistakes.

J.T.: I don't follow you.

Jill: I assume you know Mackenzie will be on camera this summer.

J.T.: So?

Jill: She's not the most alluring figure. I'm not imagining boys logging on to see her like they see Brittany.

J.T.: Why are you letting her be part of the group?

Jill: You know why. My son. My hands were tied. In any case, we have more girls than boys. I'm looking to add a good looking man to the cast, someone the girls want to log on for.

J.T.: You think that's me?

Jill: Please. Let's not try to be too humble. It's not like you. I understand you're someone who is very confident in your ability to attract the opposite sex.

J.T.: You know that we're not exactly best friends.

Jill: I also know you used to date Mackenzie.

J.T.: We weren't dating, just hanging out.

Jill: The point is whatever the friction between you and my son, I expect things will be civil. Although a little friction in the group is good for drama.

J.T.: I don't know about this.

Jill: You know, you wouldn't be passing up all this money and these perks if you weren't afraid of something.

J.T.: Afraid? Me? What would I be afraid of?

Jill: Of losing out again.

J.T.: I don't follow you.

Jill: You exactly follow me. I may not know you, but I know a fighter when I see one. When you don't get something you want, you wait for a second chance. Hang on to your hat, boy because round two is about to begin.

Mackenzie: The sun kept reflecting off the pool so she moved it.

Sean: My predecessor isn't infallible after all. We created competition. She thrives on one-upmanship. Phyllis had one thing going for her.

Mackenzie: What?

Sean: A very bright and energetic assistant. I'll miss you behind the camera. But I know a guy that's very excited to have you in front of the camera.

Billy: Brittany bought us gifts?

Raul: She was on her best behavior.

Billy: Don't tell me you're buying her act.

Rianna: Hold on a second. Brittany caused a lot of trouble but she's asked us to give her the benefit of the doubt. If we're suspicious of her all summer, it will ruin the summer.

Sean: Brittany, Billy, Rianna, come over here for a second.

Raul: No second thoughts being on camera?

Mackenzie: After the news this morning, I feel very comfortable.

Raul: What news?

Mackenzie: My mom left St. Louis, no forwarding address.

Raul: You're kidding.

Mackenzie: She's out of the picture.

Raul: That has to be unsettling.

Mackenzie: To tell you the truth, Raul, I don't want her in my life. Not ever again.

Neil: That's how it happened. Olivia got this doctor to talk. Now we're using that information to expose Lawson Medical.

Victor: Sounds like you're getting close.

Neil: They're not on the ropes yet. But with Olivia, we have a lot of ammunition.

Victor: It seems to me it's a question of time.

Neil: That's what we're hoping, yeah.

Victor: Convey my regards to Olivia and tell her I appreciate very much what she's done.

Neil: Of course I will.

Victor: Not that I don't realize this would not have been possible without you and Alex Perez. I'm just very glad after a relatively rocky start in your relationship that things seem to be going very smoothly. [Knock on door] Yes, Connie.

Connie: Excuse me, Mr. Newman. The material you wanted.

Victor: Thank you. Neil, on your flight there, just take a look at these, okay? Once we have assessed everything, give me a call.

Neil: I will do that.

Victor: I appreciate very much the progress you've made on the HMO case. It's something that's very close to my heart.

Neil: Thank you, Victor.

Alex: Actually, that'll work well.

Olivia: My exorbitant legal fees.

Alex: I'm sure we can find another reason for money.

Olivia: If it weren't for you egging Malcolm on, we wouldn't need to get off track.

Alex: It's obvious from Dr. Kimbrough. All right, maybe you have a right to be annoying. As much as this case means to you as a doctor to remedy this horrible situation at Lawson, this case has been my life for the past eight months. I had to exercise all of my options. To be quite frank with you, I'm happy I went to Roland Kimbrough because I got vital information out of the man. I'm not going to apologize to you for doing my job.

Olivia: No one's asking you to. You could have given me the courtesy of telling me. This case being your life? Give me a break! You latched on to my ex-husband, stuck your nose in my business, that makes you the worst kind.

Jack: I have to admire Traci, the way she's handled this whole thing.

Ashley: It's been good especially for her daughter.

Jack: I would love to strangle that husband of hers.

Ashley: Shut up, Jack. Whatever you're thinking, forget it. The last thing Traci needs is --

Jack: I won't do anything. I will restrain myself for my sister's sake. I know what that's about. You don't have to explain it to me.

Colleen: What did you want to talk to Mom about?

Brad: Just some stuff.

Colleen: You know what my dad did to my mom. I never want to see him again.

Brad: Look, Colleen, you have to just --

Colleen: What? Are you going to be like Mom, tell me I shouldn't say things like that?

Brad: It's complicated.

Colleen: It's simple and ugly and complicated. I hate him. I hate him. I hate him.

Traci: Brad, what's going on here? Brad, what's going on here?

Sean: It won't be much longer now. As soon as I get this last camera set, we will be ready to rock 'n' roll.

Raul: Hey, you zoned out on me, man. Something the matter?

Billy: No.

Raul: You sure?

Billy: Okay. Look, um this is going to sound totally crazy when everything is great between Mac and me, but when we were debating whether to let Brittany stay in the group, she mentioned J.T.

Raul: So?

Billy: They were tight for a while, right?

Raul: You know why she was hanging out with that guy, to get a rise out of you.

Billy: That's how it started. Now it seems different between them.

Raul: Different how?

Billy: When she invited him to go to Hawaii over spring break. What was that about?

Raul: She wanted a friend to go with her.

Billy: Come on, man, a friend? She's so protective of him which I don't get.

Raul: Hey, come on. You don't think Mac and J.T. --

Billy: I don't want to think --

Raul: Then don't. You mean everything to Mac and she means everything to you. Nothing will ever come between you guys again, ever.

Billy: You're right. I'm being crazy.

Mackenzie: Crazy? Who's crazy?

Billy: Me. Me, me, me, me. I'm crazy in love with you.

Neil: Well, looks like I got here just in time.

Olivia: I have a few more things to say.

Neil: Don't, okay?

Alex: I can handle myself.

Neil: If you change your mind, that's okay.

Olivia: I didn't say that. I don't want Alex second-guessing my every turn.

Alex: I told you I have been immersed in this case a long time and you can't come in and expect you'll dictate everything that will be done.

Olivia: I'm not trying to tell what you to do.

Alex: I'm trying to be --

Neil: Wait, wait. That sounds reasonable, right, Alex?

Alex: Of course. This is definitely a group effort.

Neil: It's a group effort, right? I'm glad we have this resolved because I have to leave town right away.

Alex: What? How long will you be gone?

Neil: A few days, I guess.

Alex: When do you leave?

Neil: Immediately. The company jet is waiting. Victor needs me to handle this.

Olivia: What if Lawson Medical contacts me about my application before you get back?

Neil: You think they will?

Olivia: Typically, it could take a week.

Neil: I should be back by then.

Olivia: I thought you were coordinating this thing, Neil.

Alex: For heaven's sake, Olivia, lighten up on the man.

Neil: We all know the basic approach, right? You try to get Lawson Medical to talk about the incentives.

Alex: I will be in the background taking notes.

Olivia: I would feel better if you were there.

Neil: I'm very sorry but I have to leave. Olivia, I can't thank you enough for what you've done. Alex, take care. Good luck, ladies.

Olivia: I should be going. [Cell phone ringing] Hello.

Male Voice: Dr. Olivia Winters?

Olivia: Yes, who is this?

Male Voice: Warren Ingersoll from Lawson Medical. Your application was forwarded to me and I'm calling to see when you would like to meet.

Brad: Glad you're here, Trace.

Traci: Sweetheart, are you all right?

Colleen: I'm going up to my room.

Traci: Well, you just couldn't wait, could you?

Brad: What are you talking about?

Traci: Ashley filled you in on Steve and me and you rushed over here to comfort Colleen.

Brad: I came here to see you. Colleen told me you would be back soon. I thought I would wait so we could talk.

Traci: I know what I saw when I walked through that door. Colleen is clearly upset. You pushed her to talk about Steve?

Brad: I didn't. She brought him up.

Traci: Now you will say you didn't say anything negative about my marriage.

Brad: I didn't.

Traci: You have to go.

Brad: I will go after you hear what I have to say. For years I have been in the background and it has been hard not being a part of my daughter's life in any real way. I'm not saying I'm trying to barge in and replace Steve. I wouldn't do that to Colleen. But I do love her and care about her very much.

Traci: I know you do, Brad.

Brad: Maybe you can understand how much it hurts to be shut out this way. My daughter is going through the most difficult time of her young life. All I'm asking is to let me be here for her. Just in some small way, Trace.

Ashley: And just what do you think you know?

Jack: Brad and I had a powwow about Colleen. It wasn't a particularly friendly conversation.

Ashley: What else is new?

Jack: I didn't start this one.

Ashley: You never do.

Jack: Brad is upset being cut out of Colleen's life.

Ashley: He's partly responsible for that. He abdicated parental rights to Steve.

Jack: Now Steve is messing up royally. At least we agree. This is not a good time for him to push being involved with Colleen.

Ashley: He could be frustrated by the situation but he knows there are limits. He's always respected Traci's limits.

Jack: And that's not always easy. Still moving in with you two would only complicate things.

Ashley: I agree.

Jack: I'm glad. Traci already has enough problems where Bradley is concerned. I think it's the last thing in the world she needs on her mind while she's trying to work on her marriage.

Brittany: What do you think, guys? Does he look cool in his new shades?

Billy: He looks like a dork.

Brittany: What about you, Mac?

Mackenzie: It's nice, Brittany.

Rianna: What about my bathing suit? It shows of my gorgeous tan.

Billy: What tan?

Rianna: The one I will have at the end of the summer after using Jabot products.

Sean: I am about to flip the switch and get the summer campaign under way.

Jill: Hold on, Sean. Not so fast. Our summer campaign doesn't officially start until our latest star has arrived. Here he is now. 

Olivia: You're responding to my application already, Mr. Ingersoll?

Ingersoll: We conduct business quickly at Lawson. The internet makes it that much more easy.

Olivia: What happens now?

Ingersoll: I looked over your references and credentials. You're a very attractive applicant, our kind of doctor.

Olivia: Thank you.

Ingersoll: I'd like to set up an interview.

Olivia: When would you like to do that?

Ingersoll: How about now?

Olivia: Now?

Ingersoll: We don't like to waste time. Are you available to meet now or do you have a problem with that?

Brad: Shutting me out isn't fair, Trace. Not to me, not to Colleen. You see that, don't you?

Traci: Brad, there's more going on here than you're aware of.

Brad: Meaning?

Traci: I've made a decision. I'm going back to New York to see Steve. I'm going to resolve things with him one way or the other.

Brad: When will you be leaving?

Traci: Right away. And I don't know how long I'll be gone. But while I'm gone, Colleen will be staying here with Dad.

Brad: Does that mean that it's all right, me spending some time with our daughter, to help support her?

John: Ashley, have you heard from Derek?

Ashley: Not yet.

John: We need a response by the end of week.

Ashley: If we don't hear by the end of the week, the deal is dead.

John: Do you have any idea what your sister intends to do?

Ashley: She's going to New York today.

John: What about Colleen?

Ashley: Well, she's going to stay here. You're okay with that, aren't you?

John: Of course. I love being with my granddaughter.

Ashley: But you're worried.

John: It will be difficult for Traci to leave Colleen behind.

Ashley: Her whole world has been turned upside down. When she finds her mother has gone to New York maybe I should be there. Traci shouldn't have to deal with this on her own.

Jill: Come on, folks. Isn't anybody going to welcome J.T. as our newest member? Brittany, you're never at a loss for words, dear.

Brittany: Hi, J.T. Good luck.

Billy: Mom, you're joking, right? You don't expect us to work alongside this creep.

Jill: I do and you will. It's a done deal, Billy.

Billy: No way. This is not happening.

Jill: Excuse me? I happen to be a member of the board that is in charge of this project, and I say it is happening, period.

Billy: What are you trying to prove?

Jill: I'm trying to keep Brash & Sassy putting us out of business, Billy.

Billy: This is all about money.

Jill: Our whole objective is getting girls interested in Glow by Jabot. Now, the two of you are wonderful. With Mackenzie here, we need a new male face.

Billy: Fine, fine. Why J.T.?

Jill: Brittany and J.T. are friends. It will keep the audience tuned in to see if a relationship may develop.

Billy: Mom, can I talk to you in private?

Jill: Absolutely.

Billy: J.T. and I hate each other’s guts. Raul feels the same way.

Jill: Then this summer should be very interesting.

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